The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1941-1962, December 19, 1945, Image 4

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PAGE FOUR. THE DILLON TRIBUNE W ÌfoNESDAY, DÈCI 19, 1M5. M E N 'S STORE A N D V A N D R KEGLERS W I N THREE APIECE Men’s Store keglers defeated 1 th e Oasis three straight to break the tie they \had last week with that team. Eagle and Taah Rancher keglers, the two leading lights in the up-town league, each won two games from the Tribune and Paddock & Tyro respectively. V and R keglers chalked up three straight over Beck’s. The Ranchers served notice that they are no mean bowlers by cop­ ping all score honors. Paced by E . Taah, who rolled a game of “251 and tallied 598 for all three, the team had high single game of 995 and total of 2828. The scores: PADDOCK & TYRO—J. Schu­ ler, 141, 122, 126—389; Ferris, 121, 176, 192—489; N. Nelson, 123, 101, 137—361; Tait, 134, 162, 190 —486; McMannis, 159, 152, 173— 484. Handicap, 111, 111, 111—333. Totals, 789, 824, 929—2542. 169, 192, 148-509: H. Taah, 151, W A R VETS FILE NOTICE 158, 167^-476; B. Taah, 184, 155, O F SERVICE RELEASE 156— 495; E. Tash, 178, 251, 169— j (Continued from Page 1) 598; Sanners, 219, 175, 164— 558. ' discharged at Camp Swift, Tex., Handicap, 64, 64, 64—192. Totals, I Dec. 8 ; served since Feb. 2, 1945. 965, 995, 868—2828. j , j Charles Jacobs, Morristown, OASIS—Wagner, 181, 108, 183— & D- discharged at Fort Lewis, 452; Monger, 90, 180, 116—386; Hignight, 174, 216,116—506; Dum­ my, 124, 124, 124—372; Dummy, 113, 113, 113—339. Handicap, 120, 120, 120—360. Totals, 782, 861, 772—2415.. MEN’S STORE—Quick, 167,180, 184—531; Williams, 132, 144, 172 —448; Stanohfl'eld, 182, 198, 190 —570; Dougherty, 135, 162, 179— 476; Cornell, 157, 164, 163—484. Handicap, 55, 55, 55—165. Totals, 828,903,943—2674. EAGLE BAR—L. Schuler, 213, 145, 137— 495; Poe, 142, 155, 148 —445; Bond, 115, 156, 170—441; Vandegrift, 178, 176, 212— 566; Smith, 170, 212, 162—544. Handi­ cap, 47, 47, 47— 141. Totals, 865, 891, 876—2632. TRIBUNE—Erickson, 173, 155, 162—490; Bates, 182, 156, 153 Wash., Dec. 17; served since Oct. 1, 1942. At a meeting of the Selective Service board Tuesday, the follow­ ing classifications were assigned in addition to the 1-C disciharge list whose names have been pre­ viously published. 2-C, Erwin M. Marchesseau. 1-A, Robert F. Gosman. 1-C Reserve, Robert J .Erwin, and Fred Burtoft. Notice to Ranchers There Will Be N O H O G S SHIPPED M ONDAY, DEC. 24 Regular shipping days every Monday thereafter beginning Dec. 31, E. W. (Zeke) Stocker, TASH RANCHERS — Sanborn, j 4gi ; c Smith) 179( 125 , 191—495; Harris, 162, 127, 140—429; Lang- dorf, 197, 172, 157—526. Handi­ cap, 64, 64, 64— 192. Totals, 957, 799, 867—2623. VAUGHN-RAGSDALE — Wal­ ters, 159, 166, 174— 499; Raymond, 188 ,159, 192—539; Holloran, 121, 157, 149—427; Steele ,119, 143, 135 397; Crowley, 166, 193, 179—538. Handicap, 77, 77, 77—231. Totals, 830, 895, 906—2631. BECK’S — Morrison, 164, 142, 155—461; Nye, 108, 142, 190—440; Casterline, 132, 149, 147—428; Dummy, 135, 135, 135— 405; Dum­ my, 106, 106, 106—318. Handicap, 150, 150, 150—450. Totals, 795, 824, 883—2502. HARTWIG Wednesday, Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE -G-M WCTUM W O R L D W IDE NEW S Batter Cover Cut a square hole in an oil silk bowl cover and bind the edges well. Place this cover over the beater of your electric mixer. This will keep your batter from splashing all over your table and woodwork and will save a lot of extra work for you in the end. CH A R L E S F. LLOYD DIES AT FAMILY RESIDENCE (Continued from Page 1) Livingston; three sons-in-law and daughters, Mr. and' Mrs \John F. Stenson and Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lavelle, Butte, and, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Martineau of Salt Lake City; eight grandchildren and nieces and nep'iews, Mrs. Edwin S. Wihitworth, Miss Evelyn Lloyd of Dillon, Keith Lloyd, Seattle, and several others. The remains are at the Rrun- dage funeral home. Arrangements have not been completed. u H a v e You Said \MERRY CHRISTMAS' To M ontana i C rippled Children? ★ You can give them the best possible gift—a chance for health and strength—by mailing your donation with.the coupon below, -f It will help build a hospital in Billings for treatment of all unfortunate youngsters. MAIL THIS COUPON Receipt w ill come from Billings Orthopedic Foundation Box 1764 Billings, Mont. M y Christmas gift for crippled children is the enclosed $ ............ H ü ? ame .............................. _............ St. or Box ............................................ T o w n ......... . ........................................ ★ The name Orthopedic Foundation is connected with np other fund-raising campaign. This is a separate drive. DON'T LET MONTANAS CHILDREN DOWN MRS. G. F. LYONS TO HEAD CO U N T Y M A R C H OF DIMES (Continued 1 from Page 1) N a t i o n a l Foundation supports large grants to outstanding med­ ical laboratories seeking a means of prevention of polio, known as the “White Scourge,” and also aids in local emergencies. A con­ siderable contribution was made in the Billings area during the epidemic this fall, Sheehy re­ vealed. Dance and Program At Blacktail School House Friday Evening, Dec. 21 Tickets $1.00, Including. Supper THE CITIZENS' COM M ITTEE wishes to express appreciation to the following business firms, organizations and individuals for their assistance: CHAPTER A D, Mrs. R. D'Evelyn, Secy. M O O S E BAR EAGLE BAR CLUB BAR AN D R U S HOTEL H A N S OSTERC5ARDE HAZELBAKER IN S U R A N C E R- M. BARRETT BECK'S FIRST N A T IO N A L BANK H E R M A N PETERSON DILLON HOTEL M IRRO R BAR BUFFET BAR M O R R IS BURWELL W . E. TALENT METLEN HOTEL FRANK M A D D E N ED CLA R K EDW IN W HITW O R T H W ILLIA M L O G A N CRYSTAL BAR PHEASANT BAR ST O C K M A N BAR Biggest Holiday Rush on Long Distance Long Distance will be busier than ever this Christmas. So please do not make any but necessary calls on December 24 and 25. % THE MOUNTAIN STATES TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. For the Best Xmas Ever Give a Gift for the H O M E just Received for Your Special Gift Buying! Walnut Bookcases With or without glass doors. $10.50 to $27.95 Walnut or Maple Kneehole Desks $39.95 M A G A Z IN E RA C K S — Walnut. An attractive and useful gift for the home. Sturdily built. TELEPHONE SET in Walnut..’ _______ ________ ______$8.95 BEDROOM SUITES _________ _ _________ $139.50 to $189.50 LIVING R O O M SUITES__________________________$149.50 INFRA RED LA M P __________________ _ ____________ $6.95 Give a Gift Certificate for a GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR These are beginning to come in fast now. FOR THE YOUNGSTERS N E W FULL PANEL NURSERY CRIBS. PLAY PENS. PLAY PEN A N D H IG H C H A IR P^DS. CH ILD R E N ’S ROCKERS— $5.95. DOLL BUGGIES. R O C K IN G HORSES. W I N N ’ S The Store With the Christmas Spirit

The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 19 Dec. 1945, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.