The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1941-1962, January 25, 1956, Image 3

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V / i ', s s ô <‘ ’/., •i -. ' ,‘ ' -, uy,»Ui.i'»ji!W ^ « ■PST ... i. i . % WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1956 THE DILLON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE THREE /WARY W O R TH’S FAMILY GLEN NEWS *C a r o lee Kambich ,W e ll, Pop, it seexns our lovely valley has turned into a place of m isery and woe. M ore folks seem to have 'been in and out o f the hospital than seems natural f o r a little community o f this size. Tom Simpson was a patient dn a Mis­ soula hospital. Prank Sconfienza and ¡his sister-in-law, Lillian Py- konnen w e re also in Missoula hos­ pitals. Mrs. Anna Lesage (the m other o f Mrs. G rogan), Lars K a lsta and ( m y self were dn hos­ pitals in Butte, and last, but not least, Mrs. Shirley Rogers o f “M illville” had a sojourn in Bair- rett hospital in Dillon. This was the only pleasant stay o f all, be­ cause a little girl was bom there to Mir. and Mrs. Rogers. Both the baby and m other are now 'back home. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Beltz are the proud grandparents. M r. and Mrs. Ashley Roberts and B ill Roberts o f Helena, Mrs. M. Roberts o f Butte, and Marian Lea Roberts o f Denver, «Colo., w ere guests o f M aggie and Janey Bryan a t th e ir ’ ranch a t Glen. M aggie Bryan has also been on the sick list and w e hope she, too, is feelin g 'b e tter. ’ Ferd Schmidit a ttended the Den­ ver livestock show last week. M r. and Mrs. Duane Reynolds w e re Butte visitors recently and also went to Superior, M o n t, to visit relatives. M r. and Mrs. Rudy K ruljac and M r. and Mrs. Bert K ruljac were callers a t the Duane Reynolds hom e at “M illville.” E a rl Rooth, B u tte photographer, m e t with a serious accident w h ile he and Mrs. R o o th were spending a weekend at their cabin a t Birch Creek. Mr. Rooth fell and a brok­ en rib punctured his lung. It was necessary to ca ll an ambulance t o m ove him to a hospital dn Butte, where ¡his life hung in the balance fo r many days. W e are glad (to r e - port_ that he -is: n ow o n the road to re c o v e r y . ... Joe Grogan m ade a trip to B u tte last week. M rs. Carl Kambich, Mrs. Bill Garrison and Mr. and Mrs. N ick Salvo w e re am ong those from this vicinity who attended th e funeral o f D r. Stanchfield. W e a il extend our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Stanchfield. Dr. Stanchfield wasn't ju s t your doctor, hè was your friend. The last tim e I saw Dr. Stanchfield w a s the very day he suffered his heart attack, and his last words to m e w ere an act of kindness. He t o ld m e he would be in Denver when I was, and if I needed him f o r anything, night or day, just call his address. Fate is very uncertain, because it turned ou t that neither Of us w e n t to Denver. W e w ill always remember the doctor’s many acts - o f kind­ ness to us a ll and never forget him. - The folk s a t Glen also extend their sympathy to the fam ily of O tto Boetticher o f Melrose. Sev­ eral folks from the valley attend- ed his funeral services. Carl Kambich and son D onnie' and Rudy Polish and son R obert spent Sunday afternoon cutting w ood fo r the Sagebrush Club fires a t Joe Grogan’s hall. The Grogans have been very nice about letting thè clubs use their hall and a ll the 4-H mem bers a p p reciate this a lot. Kenneth McGinnis, 'and his brother went t o Bozeman last week to visit their m other who was injured. • „ M r 'and Mrs. Gilbert Reilly w ent t o Butte Friday on 'business. 'The Edmontons o f “M illville visited relatives a t Sheridan. I t o . O. McQuiston, her son Glen and M r. and Mrs. George Reichle w e re Dillon shoppers, as w e ll as M r. and Mrs. Gene Roberts. Joan Emery has returned from her trip to Billings. Frank Mihelich o f Butte was down f o r a few days a t o u r place. He, too, has had the horrible virus that struck some o f us down and has shakey nerves as a result, too. S o the ordeal he had on the way hom e didn’t help the nerves any. H e was staked fo r several hours on the road to Butte and finally had to g o the rest o f the way on ^M u m p s are rearing their nasty big heads around our community ancl w ill no doubt visit -us all be­ fore too long. The McGinnis’ son seems to be the first victim , and w T h o p e he w ill feel better soon. I t o E ffie Cocanougher became severely i ll yesterday. H er daugh­ ter Mae was called from her home near Twin Bridges. _ The polio dance a t Glen was very successful and drew a 'la r g e crowd. A n announcement o f the amount made w ill,b e made by the chairman o f the 'drive soon. W e would like to thank id i the tolte who worked, donated and s<9d tickets tor this w orthy cause. W e ll Pop, the rest o f the news I had is too old, s o this w l l b e a k . Thank you fo r your lovely get- w e ll” card, and 'thanks also to the members o f the Dillon PEO fo r their beautiful card, as w e ll as to all the friends w h o extended itheir sympathy to m e tor going to the hospital instead o f to Denver. It was the w o rst blow o f m y l if e to miss the trip, but I am glad our agent, <Ed Atkins g o t to go, and hope he and the other three 'boys had a wonderful time. Mrs. Zèlia F lores represented W estern a t a regional meeting o f the N E A Commission on Teacher Education a n d Professional Stand­ ards, held in Salt Lake C ity Jan. 23-24. F o r several years this group has w orked tor higher* standards' in teacher training and recently has taken on the sponsorship o f jthe Future Teachers o f Am erica. Dr. John Camming and Dr. H arold Erickson are spending W ednesday in D e er Lodge, visiting schools and contacting the- gradu­ ates o f W estern, as a part o f a pilot study in the evaluation o f W estern’s teach e r -train in g pro­ gram. Elizabeth McFadden, Dillon, and M y rtle \^hitei, Butte, accom panied by Professors Ralph McFadden and, B rinton Jackson, w ere in Deer Lodge Monday evening t o present a m u sical program before the D eer Lodge W oman’s Club. Each one presented' a 'group o f vocal a n d piano numbers. LOCAL NEWS Beaverhead Chapter Order o f DeM olay played basketball w ith Ruby Valley Chapter a t Twin Bridges Sunday, Ruby - V a lley w in­ ning 52 to 32. The Ellen M ay C ircle o f the F irst Presbyterian church w ill m eet Thursday evening a t 7:30. Mrs. M ay M elton is ¡hostess. A joint meeting o f Lutheran W M F w ill be held Friday evening a t 8 o ’c lock at the home o f Mrs. Jim Scofield, 434 So. Arizona. The youth o f the F ir s t Presby­ terian church from sixth 'grade through ithe college age Will hold a banquet a t 6:30 Thursday eve­ ning, with th e fathers serving; Dr. W endell R. Poundstone is the speaker. Jaycees enjoyed a pot luck din­ ner. prepared b y the Jayceens and Jaycee w ives Jan. 21 a t the Legion hall. There were 27 members pres­ ent. Travelling bingo was played. Filing boards and aluminum covers a t Tribune. W estern w a s represented a t the University F a culty Council m eet­ ing in Helena Jan. 21 b y Howard Smith, chairman, John Garry and Genevieve Albertson, Several thousand circulars, ex­ plaining the w o rk offered a t W est­ ern, have been m a iled to (high school se n i o r s throughout the state. A rtist canvas f o r o i l painting at Tribune. F A R M B i S T i K E N O T I C E : W e R e c e i v e H - O - G - S AT THE DILLON STOCKYARDS E V E R Y O T H E R F R I D A Y Next Loading Day— Jan. 27th— Have Hogs In By Noon Norman Grant - Montana Livestock Auction Co. W E BUT A L L KINDS OF SHEEP EVERY DAY IN BUTTE w m w w i w w W C i A j A J i i i I T H A P P E N E D ! W e m a d e a b o u t 2 0 m i s t a k e s . . . a n d y o u e v e r y o n e ! Mistake N o. 1 W as $1735 M istake No. 2 W as $1425 M istake No. 3 W as $1450 M istake No. 4 W a s $1195 M istake No. 5 W as $1095 1954 CHEVROLET: S p o r t coupe, radio, heater, power- glide. Pow er windows, seat and steering. N O w ’ 1 5 6 5 S ™ , ’ 1 7 0 1954 FO R D : V-8 pick-up, % - ton; 4-speed. Heater, trailer hitch. NOW 1 2 6 5 £ 1 * 1 6 0 1954 IN T E R N A T ION A L : % ton truck. H e a ter, side mount tire carrier. ' $197K Yoa *17** NOW JLAlO Save l i t ) 1953 FO R D : V-8 pick-up % - ton, 4-speed. Radio and heat­ er. n o w $ 1 0 6 0 £ \ * 1 3 5 1952 STUDEBAKER: V-8, 4-door Landcruiser. O v e r­ drive and heater. NOW 8 9 5 £\ M istake No. 6 W as $935 M istake N o. 7 W as $895 M istake No. 8 W as $795 M istake No. 9 W as $895 M istake No. 10 W as $735 1952 FO R D : V-8 Mainliner, 1951 FO R D : V-8 pick-up, % - 1951 CHEVROLET: 4 -d o o r , 1951 CHEVROLET: Bel Air 1951 FO R D : V-8 custom 2- 2-door. Heater, radio, new ton, 4-speed. H eater a n d powerglide. Radio and heat- hard top. Radio)' heater, reg- door. Radio, heater, standard traction tires. Like new. traction tires. er. ular transmission. transmission. W 7 9 0 S : * i 4 5 n o w ’ 8 0 0 £ ™ * 9 5 n o w ’ 6 9 5 £ £ , ’ 1 0 0 N o w ’ 8 0 0 Save * 9 5 *°U$QK NOW U * ± V Save VO M istake No. 11 Was $725 M istake No. 12 Was $1095 M istake No. 13 Was $785 M istake No. 14 W as $635 M istake No. 15 W as $495 1951 FO R D : C y lin d e r , 2- door Deluxe. R a d i o and heater. NOW 6 0 0 You $1 O K Save JLruO 1951 PONTIAC i Catalina, hydrom atic. Radio, heater, new seat covers. NOW * 9 0 0 £ \ , ’ 1 9 5 1951 FO R D : V -8 Custom 4- door. Radio, heater, auto­ m a tic transmission. NOW ’ 6 6 0 You « O C Save LÙO 1950 BU ICK: Sedanet with radio and heater. NOW ’ 4 9 5 £ \ , ’ 1 4 0 1949 FO R D : 2-door, n e w paint job, radio and heater. NOW - * 4 0 0 You $ Q K Save v w M istake No. 16 W as $395 M istake N o. 17 W a s $295 M istake No. 18 W a s $245 M istake N o. 19 W as $125 M istake No. 20 1949 FO R D : 6-cylinder, 2- door. Radio, heater, over­ drive and nylon tires. NOW -’ 3 0 0 l o o H K Save 1948 PON T IAC: Club Coupe. Radio, heater, hydramatic. NOW -’200 you $ q r Save v O 1948 PLYM OUTH: 4 -D o o r sedpn with heater. NOW ,’ 1 5 0 You $O J t Save *fO 1940 FO R D : 2 - D o o r sedan with heater. NOW * 9 5 You $ 9 / 1 Save O U SO R R Y : The price was so low , w e gave i t aw a y ! ! Three D a y s Only - Thursday, Friday, Saturday -- Jan. 2 6 , 2 7 , 2 8 PLUS - - PLUS - - PLUS ...several others that we are ashamed to admit! Donft delay.. today. C O C H R A N E M O T O R S TELEPHONE 6 Your Car, Truck, Im plem ent Headquarters \ DILLON, MONT. o n In our tremendous selling campaign of the beautiful NEW 1956 fords during November and December, our sales force (bless'em) brought us so many deals we just lost our heads. Whatever the reason, WE HAVE JUST PLAIN GOT TOO DARN MANY USED C A R S . . . But our businss is selling cars— not storing them. So, in spite of the fact that we stand to lose our profit (and pur shirt),These boners have got to be sold, so prices have been slashed on each and every one because we must have sales action RIGHT NOW! , w e w e n t w r o n g . . . b u t y o u c a n ' t ! J u s t t a k e a l o o k a t t h e s e p r i c e s !

The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 25 Jan. 1956, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.