The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1941-1962, August 21, 1957, Image 2

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! PAGE TWO THE DILLON, M O NTANA, D A ILY TRIBUNE W E D N E SDAY, AUGUST ZL, 1957 “ T* -À. The D IL L O N 'D A IL Y TRIBUNE —Published B y - Tribune Publishing C o . E. C. Townsend . . . . . Editor PHONE 66 (Subscription Rates in Advance) Montana Rates: Per Y e a r _________ $100 6-Months ____________ ;— ;— 2.25 3-Months ------------ --- — L25 X-Month ................... .50 Out of Montana: Per Y e a r --------------- .$6.00 6-Months ---------------------------- 3.25 3-Months ------ ----------------------- 1.75 1-Month _ ___________________1.00 Entered as second class matter June 12, 1896, at the jpostoffice at Dillon, Montana, under the Act of March. 3. 1879. National Advertising Representa­ tive: Inland Newspaper Representa­ tives, Inc., 641-642 Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago; 11 E. 42nd St., New York; Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis; 310 Board oi Trade Bldg., Kansas City; 1963 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit; 1001 Georgia Savings Bank Bldg., 84 Peachtree St. N. W., Atlanta, Georgia. WISDOM NEWS • Mrs.' Mary Cottrell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Observe Birthdays Battle Field Is Being Improved CLASSIFIED ADS HELP W A N TED The Monument o f the Big H ole Battle Field is now included in a N ational 10 year program, from 1956 t o 1966, for the improvement o f y . S. National Parks and M oru - _ . . . . . . . „ , merits called “Mission 66\. This Birthdays o f Mr. and Mrs. Bart year a part o f its budget has been Lawrence which were on Saturday allowed to the Big H ole Battle and Monday, were observed S u n -, Monument and a supervisor w ill b e day at a dinner in their hom e .1 assigned for 12 months to work out Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. , the project and gather the history Lawrence Bacon, Mr. and ¡M rs.'0f the Battle. Recent visitors at Larry Bacon and son, Mr. and Mrs. the Monument were Assistant Sup- Eddie Bacon and fam ily and M r s .; erintendent W arren F. Hamilton o f Alice Montgomery of Great Falls. | Y ellowstone Park, M errick Smith, Landscape Architect, WODC and ceiient condition, $35. May be seen at M erle Mattes, Regional Historian 526 No. Pacific St., after 5 p. m. 0f Omaha. Their visit was to look FOR SALE: Plano and saxaphone in over the grounds and recom m end excellent condition. Ph. 342-J. the im p rovem ent program . Im - — , , . ------ -- ------ - — 1 provem ent of the Battle Field be- FOR SALE: Bunk beds, refrigerators, „ „ . m . 10 ■qvnnc* TVm Crosley elec, stoves, trash burners, £ an August 12 when Ernest Den- washing machines, oil heaters, laun- ny and Bob DeLoure o f Wisdom 2ry , tubus; ° ld., corner cup- began work on the parking lot, board, child's desk with chair, dining mTnrd rail*; and trails room set, Olympic 21 inch TV set, old bridges, guard rails ana rraus clocks, small radios, Homelite chain which will be finished before snow saw, small motors, dishes. Ph. 624, flies, open til 9 p. m. Steve's Second Hand Store. LADIES WANTED at Beaverhead Laundry. •. FOR RENT 10 FOR RENT: 4 room and bath nicely furnished apt. Heated, private en­ trance, adults, no pets, 1200 East Sebree, Mrs. E. H. Cantrell, Ph. 669-M. FOR' RENT: 3 room modern house, fur­ nished, near college, Phone 162. FOR SALE, MISCELLANEOUS 11 FOR SALE: Upright piano, cheap. Phone 826. I FOR SALE: 1 yr. old Austra-Whlte hens. $1.00 live, $1.25 dressed. Phone . 096-J-l. FOR SALE: 1 2-wheel trailer, $35.00. 1 4-wheel trailer, $40.00. Also nylon airplane tires and rims, sizes 10, 14, 15 & 16 Inch. Inquire at Cushman Service, Twin Bridges, Mont. FOR SALE: Spin dry washer In ex- F O O D S A L E S a t u r d a y Sponsored by Jan© Selway Circle Starting 11:00 a. m. ROBERTS FOODS FOR SALE, REAL ESTATE 14 Cy Hall enjoyed a visit over the weekend o f his brother, Frank B a li Sr., o f Hoise Creek, Calif., who f o r SALE 4-room inodern house, was accompanied by their cousin, Ph°di09OCat ° n' *5,00a eaay rms‘ Ralph Hall o f Rupert, Ida, W hile they were at dinner in the restau- FOR SALE 532-J. Income property. Can rant, two more cousins walked in and surprised them. They were FOR SALE: New 5 rm. modern home Mr. and Mrs. W a lter H a ll o f Poca- plus utility room & att. garage & tella Tifa, \ o’head door. Complete furniture with wall to wall carpet, H. W. floors, deep freeze, elec, stove, elec, refr., complete builtlns In kitchen, oil fur­ nace, bedrooms have large wardrobe closets, everything complete Inc. TV set, beautiful yard with thousands of flowers, cement walks & driveway. Small down payment and you set your own payments on bal. Less than F.H.A. terms. Contact Dillon Real Estate Mart. FOR SALE, AUTOMOBILES IS FOR SALE: '49 Ford 4-door, radio and heater. 15” tl^es. 744% Kentucky. FOR SALE: 1949 Olds., a bargain at $235. Call Clayton Schulz at 879-W. MISCELLANEOUS ¡7 FOR SCHOOL clothes to outfit your family from kindergarten through high school try the M & M Dress Shop In McCarthey’s War Surplus Store. Phone 38-R. CANVAS DAMS: Ready made or made to order, any size, plain canvas to chemically treated rot resisting can­ vas. Johnson Harness Shop, Phone 1-W. YOU saved and slaved for wall to wall carpet. Clean It with Blue Lustre. Ellel’s. A GAY touch will help so much. Gleaming hl-lustre Glaxo for linoleum ends waxtpg. Dillon Implement. Guests o f Mr, and Mrs. Roy Oliver over the weekend were Mr. and 'Mrs. W ilson W h itebill o f Long Beadi, Calif., who were joined in Butte by Mr. and Mrs. Dell Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rutledge and daughter Theresa of Livingston and Mrs. Rutledge’s parents, Mr. and Mrs, E. F. M oore o f Colville, Wash., arrived Friday on a visit to relatives in W isdom and vicinity, Mrs. H a iry Rutledge and M r. and Mrs. Fred Rutledge and daughter Lanna and son Jerry. Mr. and Mrs. Earl W illey and son D ick left on a vacation trip to Portland. Saturday. They were accompanied by her mother, Mrs. M argaret W h ite and will visit her brother, Christ Schluneggar, who lives in Portland. Mrs. Russell Smith o f W a lla W alla, Wash., who had been visit­ ing with Mr, and Mrs. Don Anson and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith, fo r three weeks, left lasit week for Missoula. Guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Mark Clemow and son, Monte, were Mr. and Mrs. B ill Garrison and fam ily o f Glen and Bob Hemmingson and James Bartoglio o f Butte. In wide ribbed rayon faille Attend Funeral At Deer Lodge Relatives o f the late Fred Vaughn, living in the Fishtrap neighborhood, who attended his' funeral in Deer Lodge Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. .Jack Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Anderson and James Anderson. The men are nephews of the deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bacon were also pre­ sent and she is a niece o f Mr. Vaughn. 2 2 « W E GIVE A N D W E REDEEM UNITED TRADING STAMPS s i m p l e * o r a n g e j u i c e a n d l a * , BARANOF VODKA «0 PROOF Baranof Vodka Distilled from 100% Grain ' Neutral Spirits • Product of U.S.A. Clear Springs Distilling Co., Division of James B. Beam Distilling Co., Clermont, Ky. M r. and Mrs. M elvin McDowell, and children Jock and M elva left Sunday to attend the wedding of a cousin, H o lt Dandridge, in Los Angeles, expecting to be absent about a week. M r .and M rs. Russell Anderson, who ¡bad been vacationing in their trailer home in the Fishtrap neigh­ borhood fo r two weeks, returned to Anaconda Monday. ' I Jim Dallaserr o f Butte was a guest at the Lester Else ranch Sunday where Mrs. Dellaseer, Mrs. Else’s sister spent the haying sea­ son helping her feed the hay crew. I S h e returned home with her hus­ band. | Mr. and Mrs. John Brown and ! daughter. Denise o f Butte enjoyed their Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Frank W ilkey on their ranch. DEL’S POULTRY W ILL BOY ALL YOUR OLD HENS AND SPRINGERS Experienced Culling Done Free Truck W ill Call - Phone C ollect PHONE: JACKSON 2-0808 IDAHO FALLS Its Plymouth’s greatest y e a r - and “Operation Snowball” is your greatest chance to save on thé one car that w ill s till be new next snowfall! Right now is saving weather at your Plymouth dealer’s! Plymouth sales are storming ahead at a record rate . . . snowballing to an all-time high. 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THAT COMPETITION £5 THE FUEL H J L W J Ê È ÎA OF LOVE!? I MERELY WANT ut,n ÜM OA~ ' 1 SILLY BOY!» »DON’T YOU KNOW THAT COMPETITION 1 THE FL “ ‘ OF LOVE!? I MERELY WANT HELP YOU AET HER BACK! A [9 7 i.“'S

The Dillon Daily Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 21 Aug. 1957, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.