The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, May 14, 1891, Image 2

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S ll( '( ) 1(1111/ddil * abirjr ..1 INN 1.1 tin.\ 101 111011141.01410 ill 45.1..... Shook , Oslo 0114.1. Si 111.1.11t14. o. A party 5.f gmalemen %vo l e tattling 5,1 .1 . 2•TO. \NA/ I ' A C;11.:• rn4it a the rnvt , ft WV1:11t1.% NIAtt,r1ci.1( 1 is t.441 t.t,r4 • -4 v \vi' 1 ' 111 / 1 \ OR\. ouirrY 111 / \ 11 ii 1 listing conVorattlion olio t 1114111 I \WW1 I his1 .11'111 1 /I' lb It .14 on. They W1.111/ 111111111g III. 111 lo. 1 , 111111101411114114 s,.. i.r OWL Whet nil, 1,r r ,, 1k.fiWa or 1 - iussecnip1 junt •ifl.,i the clone er the DV MAIL: wnr, I remember Mime liveil In thin 11 \ 11 \ 1 \ I\'' )\\s 5 \ \\` '' A' 14. \'\* . ly ii nem wise iwoy waltio.1 'Elio Mon or boiling olio,' 1 WI I. 111.11 1 I 11 Pei , ' in %.1 !'.1 1 1 ,,,, ?At 51.,,i j,.' itl *I -di I Vl'Pee the 1#1eW hirt Hullo EMI, o who i. 51.111,1 111,1 1•,11 %Iola ,,, ,,,,, - 17,1'10110 farm ter 14 11%4 , 11111mA, ireelem11.41 tool lug ot 110 1.1111olo 1,1111 if' ..r si.av lost taboo i 1 „,,,„., os , reloe, neemiegly rundown 1111,1 monied ,.s1.1 II1 , V.11 I 1 , 11 / 4'11 tlifl I.41 I IL i 1144 /1 I Id I/ 101 Id , • , 1. 1.I 1 1.'1 1 I, ill' all 1411,51,, rel the hard Ilro Ito tinily 1,1 I ly 1,, welk and event !let at a fair pone. A. t. renown wan hot it. ermined with ,,iiy .4, I hwton oilman win walk hulk... l'1111 1 1 1.1.11 1 • I I 1 II! I I 1 I I .I .P1 1 , 1 1.1'1 1 ,, 11 I 11 I 111 . 1 . 111 %%1411 II MO 10010,1 sit 1110 Is,ji,stssisii110 . grnns.f11 1 / 1 1 /WW1 1401., fee • vei .011111 of Iwunes Having list'., 1.1.1. , • In ii,,. ii thin (tint hits judgemet Iii 00000 tern Ii, em. !twat Nsey thinies it. Is a ttttt 1114.14(11I lir slily if hiss 114 10.011 111111 1 o .11 11111 as..,...• hod., I'll .....'thy gss1414,.1 ittisi 1'1,4'1 I1 14.1l1/1 stish '1r 1111 WW1 everly 'shrewd 1110 111116 knew Loa 1.. eilar and haven time wle•ii iii II.; It III% iii, ii.• III/111A any nuccennr I I „se ry am rn , , swy yeti, II.. 1/ 1/44 110 1.,•104 , t aita 1144.npliers, Ii. m.• Islula 1111.11 1/041111 11 .,s 4 414 , 4t1 • .f 414 )n lu.iist n.h 111 , 1 Illot lot 11.11y 11 1 / 1 /111 11 I 11 I.11 MK tier, Ilni41.,4 iI.1 1. , 1.111( el thin Intent einholen that Iirr,41 lit,, it the 1.e.ty 1 . 1.111 t 1.1. Ii II.........ii .Itaw loi II.1 ml, 1 , 41 ateny from the hen v lent Ii i.t.t 11111 11.1111, 11/14V1/0 Iliorna poi In. At mat he went to havite redo lila Filo dil,lorn or !aloud, ar Ii Io / 4 \. 1 1 1 . ' 411111 1W 111141. elty, letv the limed pit. 1.1i4 , lo‘ 5111101 ollo1W 11.1111 leg 111 it fli141 1 / 1 1 / 1 , / ilepri.elIfie 455 it tllo 1/o1'11. Its Istria or It, t..' 11,1 linty who had in tool who no mon' all lloo • rts t Iliad,. soon( Is, ,I,itto slated lit,,, lit 11411011111144y as sit ('.TN, In. wi th I„ tt , m a m m a hay... 10•04i 111.01 CIA W10401111t011 W11.11 ./..1111 I,. t5i. 1111 5,. fet Clark stosito tool Mt algid. illiool,lotts. Ilto coition ii. 'MAIM 1 11 111111.rin,Iiililt'hint1.11 , V luny 414, 1.111 1,4•1 areal, Hu , y oho proopo1.,41 rattly writ, tont eveotimily With \m•I. 0 1 1\ 1 1 the Yoke oozy be meet mai 114,41 ILetlrhig rem, hut rm. the ntilionlit 'knottily ' , 1 too 11 solo lot wont 1.. New York w5 , ,h. 41 It woad tkociit that 161011.1 In. /111 111 11111' Inn, to d i o 11/1411111.1111. Titian It.. iloolothlo Ito re ot It I 1.3113,31,1. A414110.3.1 all toilet,. to, 'I u. %N. 'Imola,. Folic Meet. 1 11 N411 A 1' AWN o. 10 V .111 014 oi01, 11.60st 41611 0111411 MAY 11, 11491. 1111i1 it kill or 1'1'10 111 1.,ILIt IiIn 4 :111i111 1 . 4011.41% 11141.111.1 tus isolt:fmattl IV 11.4110 111111 111111 1111 , 11.11I 1.1 Jo 1111 11111 \i It.110.11 ‘1111y liiiktil I y .14 Pim I,. to II.. Lund% 'II 111:1111m. I:I 1 1 I 11'1 . I I le liii 1 1 I 11 I 11 III 1 IV, . 114'11': l\ 11 ii ii of. 1 loo 1 1 11.• 1110111111:1:11 , Tllo 11111 1411•4101110114 11111 I l oilo.. 101.1.1:1 . 11 S.. flOr5.:41/11 11110111 fOr 1111 11111 11111 1111111110/.10. Not the lett..1 newel; the of I lie 1111111111 y and itermattency .51 ( 'olissiden ,i,,• 111. ' 1011 .1%11 iNt101.1r 1, 111 1 91 1 • 1.41111... 1111.1. • /,‘ , %1 I. re •I It •.119 . It • , e• at 44‘ Omit. Ilea Ilse feat ..f 11,511.1,111 load& over Ile. New Or le.ti .111.1it woe never justified by the cod . kayo , locctiowil ii Ho, ',tel . % to I 11.11.11t.l''#.' litartilrY •.%,‘,11 Otto ono of nal!, mai import n i s ei, e o.ornally fallod lIlt lo A n lireacher, defog eilao..1 that Si')sill oce :.hall \rot r..lorion,\ will 01411111114hii 00000 sery where lade.... will 1141 111111111 1111 . WW1 , iterflive. at teed elairch. So far 'ill ION Oil. 1111W 4411 l 11111 emes , s \get rosligiom,\ th,.% als. , ,tity 1,3% KA, 11 11V 1111 1.31111 al O S lipy goiog to manage 111 11. 11111 11 Tle , S leorgin ',nate 0 1,,ry UI e p ee ISII nrniii in sill I fearful writhing,i i ill ',Ito.. horrors of this'S h.. orgin newo.poi s •1 11 /.111 . 4 T1111 11111111141 111/1/0)11.1111' , . 11No 1.111111g 1'14111 Of \Milt\ in MO 1 111111,1611111 114' 11110100 1 11111. 1111111.11111 pririprril,v pre vita:: in 111/1 111 of 11161 losorgia intellect. ( are 1 wettNistuitully a source .51 tvea1.11,-..4 rather Ilmit of el rem!th. England'.. coloniee haw 15,111 her in -hot %.• little, , linus thus' I ,71 , 6 to 111141kO an finpretation.- preseet difficulty with Portioral O , , only 45515 , of the intiny ameiyanees 00 I rierplosxities which foreign pow 3. • have inflicted ousel (treat Ifritaili dooriiig 1,0 past 3 oar or (Aro. !IAN') !lux ro wi Al II. t.Is it, Ii iii, 11 11 , 11111. WIIII the onagelimn eiIi ewe' lit Shot to rut inet tepetin, 11114 Ills 1 / 1 1 1111 fly hssiti loostssivil ell .1 I III liVer niece \ A I Iii.. susittesil vier II. plod' 144 Ors sir tit., I •••filifil in.111,41,1 In ttaviniiiiis tiers. A letnielei, ids•n141 , 411, volt.,1 ',tot y it,•too shore,s or that stork, fie, prelim I y 4.r A dam I nel.•44tietret , V11111, 1 11 / 1 1t WW1 ',lily a iiseager 11..1. er Isis it. emeidaliene The A,t ai n 1 his leishelfer (lust Heed In 1411111141 • I r rininikitsrea In I Wu ri oust y )'ens.. nw. Is iii .w' the p I that 111 v o mi t I 6411164 0:11, if net math My, it edition air., In Ile. meat pepolotin and wealthiest city In rho \II lo lift., it.. (siren raploininiwy im41111 6 1 4.6. I 1 us iiiii I P1111 l's• 111.. tool yell, It lit last thus. hint 1111. Itt Oh !tor tsar :5. rroir. Ils. hollow 14.1 boa s hull owl wei keit hi wit r Ile -sough adv.-rite 1.174111/11/11101,4/1 I .4 n peoti ton 55( 01', uiilh y owl Clew. II. in 4,11 it, them:tie tater 1411.\ :1:111 , 101tf1/111V111111( 4146/ I',. 004410. 1)r, 0, NV. Owens, of Detroit, makes the startling tolimaincement that le , has completed it perfect fla eon Slialo,sps.ars...1 551,110.4. lie alleg.454 that he lett 14 MO1111.641 proof that Bacon wrote the 111111 /11414 he Will pry's that. Bacon moor &red Shakespeare. Owens lilts WOrheIl on the matter for many years, rind is a riseivnizeil Shaksospearian schoolar. lie is wealthy. Some things make the Heti and the great marvelous revectAlsof 'senates. When William It. Vandosibilt disrov - ens!, on his Mediterranean trip a few days ago, that a pow sailor had the tanall-pox he quickly gave him this after cabin of his prineely yacht, stowed himself as far forward as he could get, and put back to New York franticus haste. It. doesn't tale nitwit of a case of small -pox to knock all the courage out of $100,000,000. It. is encouraging to note that. an easier feeling pervades financial cir- cles cast, and a more confident feel- ing seems to charorterize business t ransact ions generally. When money is easy and plentiful east, it makes times good all over the country. New enterloristsii are inaugurated, labor finds profit able emplo lyinent, and gen- eral prosperity follows. The truth of the matter is the eastern money mar- ket is directly influenced by the busi- nest' conditious MO crop prospects in the country at large. The eastern monied men feel the pulse of the country. If it is strong, healthy and roinlar, capital takes courage, tifildetk Its vaults and scuds money broadcast. If the opposite condition of affairs ex- ists, capital double locks the doors of its vaults and refuses to take any chances in years of business weak- ness and distress. Capital is very timid and easily frightened. A tiosol Mai too Copyltsa. I 1ily It 1111441 1 of 1411111111111 f110'11.1ry iii C11.011101 14111.11, or lie many pieces an nosy b., emennitry I4s i ket.11., 41.1iireil number or (11111141. curb ilso lif the hater Ismail tinge. When nixed. 14. take wet the cis all, sun riev..ral pleelli It 110 .0 44U11114 yr th/proughly that there shall he iso dry spent TIMi don., wring them out an dry AN ileIlknile the I N. New 11111.41 nal oil /divot Iii On Is 4441i awl the dolls thou% on. sisal Lilo 14401 41 llso 14 spy 111/0k ON thin. Nest lay Slim, letter er 111041111617111t 1111 thin. 111111 1r unlit low nli44/5 Is to) Is , etipifsil anether 4.11 Meet, a w41, 4114,1.11, the thyme hair, mid ie. oil foi am many 1111141N 1116 1111ors.. lofty 1 66 1 t o by thin Yi 'CPUS IUI many na twenty n11.44.1e illay is, copied Nueeminfully iii tint N Whii0 this. 1/10Ift expert with the hands, sir stay sittuilhir ileviee fist impletenitig (Ito Hann° lonVott, Will HOMO ii iii.' fell on at illitstio coley, Wit rettr.,41 leer hair ittol felt brush.% to make pima, for the Omen., cloth it itilirtiper of yearn ego. ror typewriter work nothing ez e0 1, 1 t!.5, 0,01. 5'14•Iir copier, tnny is, pro- caro.ol ow bong aim ther, his 41111brigh ink 1415 Dyeing It In said that the prociai741*-' rore:i to becombig 11. TO11 ttttt erati ye It, .,1,, ef indiuttry with English horticulteriate. instead of growing new varietie.i of rintea, which DI a pOeCI • 1114 yearn, thty simply grow ordinary white roses and dip them in a chemical witution which in it single hour converts them into the merit magnificent yellow tea mow, the rare aearlet red or the peculiar shade of blulith viulet which has been olio of the favorites of the season. In a similar way pink roe , * are turned into blottlionis of the doepent red. Some years ago, Ile - fore this branch of \floral chemintry\ WAS &Melo/toil, the first experiments were soccosstu ly made in France wit), the popular pink hortensia, which, by being watered with a aolution of iron, assumed a blue shad.',—London Lotter. Tha Vly Too Mg a Pool. Put a fly on the window and up he goes toward the top; he can't be made to walk duwnward. A St. Louie inventor hit upon an idea. Why not use that habit against them? Forthwith he made a window screen divided in half. The upper half lapped over the lower, with an inch of space between. As noon MI a fly would light on the screen ho would proceed to travel upward, and would thus walk straight out of doors. On reaching the top of the lower half he would be outside. Not being able to walk down he had no way to return to the room. By this moans a room can be enickly cleared of flies, which always seek the light.—New York Journal. Curability of Consumption. In a late series of experiments Dr. Koch found that certain bodies, such as volatile oils, and certain metallic ratite, such as nitrate of silver and preparations of gold, even in very small doses (1 to 1,000,000, and even loss), destroy the bacilli of consumption in n very short time, lie thutetere concludes that in the course of time some drug rt.ay he discovered that will cure the disease by destroying the bacilli without injury to the body.—Arkansaw Traveler. FARN1 Atil) flAIMEN. 1-11Nit'l /1A11) ANli 11Y WIDII AWAK1 A14111'111 1 WW1 1'1 4)5 '11.1 , 14.6111 skl II .1.01 45 Ire en.el 11'..116 4 , 411.01 110 • No.•• too S 141 1 Ia. 11101.0111010.1 foor 11,0 Old 4. 04181 ••3 So.,. • , it..... • A1.16,1 1.• '1 .',s ett • I. VIiti.Alt 1541tOrut Writ tittN. Tim tttttt ft tor it long I I sou antosto•I tlos le Ryon 41114441y I.. Ow hot 1111 or 1 lin won. Many or them 1110) Lay , . us Montt strap bowel tiouniet the bane or Oa. Imre', b. whirlt t11/1 tt1111.1•0 IVO ?Oil! 15 h,u sag Inland bonier ban Its Youto41 tut Into ovottionl ssts Into s in41114 Its thin 11111 III 1I /AWN from tbs. forolsen.I. is int41414441 1 .1 fitting armlet! Um 144.444 Ilt nhorfs t1444 11111 lout it y thitilin that, many 1,11141. 11.14/ WI ofk141 III y yokon wool.) is lo.rtioit il tboir pareta;t11 low their Islv it 1 1,1 1 1 WO light to Masai the, till1 %%ought et their awl their nii5,4,14144r,. are not straight 4 , all b. properly 11t tete this hew. T11100, 011101 011,1 do better work Iii the letriew, ellown Iti the mat and phe togrophisi by it New Jerney correalsead mit ter Rural Now Yerker. 'Mean °zee, It, iii claimed, have Item perfectly familiar with tit Ii hareem., and voirk nententedly In it Wu olior 4114 In this, )1161616. N11 11111110r11411411.11 11/4V11 IMM/11 111141111 to 416,14 , reulhaf, whether they ran hied it heavier huel with the collitra and trace.% lint It Its Itellowtsf/ I lint there In little dif- ference In this reepect. Sols,e15oo of Iloo Ill,... Itegin with IllormighlY siussl I•ccurst\il :undo hiven. Fan ttt t no bar e f pructi cod.% sul I tlititstanilari I 111 yen on the mar t o -t dmide sits f fail kind You Will have. This Iu luapustLiust for two fetus ain. Find, all Idiom. iii the name apiary ought to be procinely is.,. that all pairtii are int4,rt:hungeable.. Hec o rel, ft clutsigo lit lii Vett, idtor ono Its onus' cligegekl in 1/3/1 (1111tOrO. involym much time, labor fuel expemie. The 4.1.1 box hivea have leng Witco loam ti ',whined by intelligent saiiarints ter in ,11,144.1e comb hi yea, of which there as „ tw ,, t3 . 1 ;;;;•,- . 4)041,4 . 3'14sta et it box, in hang the fritincirvilitlie.b?ld the notiihr, The wljacent fratiten are am.arated that the combo% which j11141. till il. in, shall Le the proper distance &taut. In the other kind the ends of the friumst aro wider than the comb, niel when in position are 4:hato tAJgether, arid of themselvem form two aides of a box. Most, it tacit all, the standard liken in Kuwait use represent one or the other of these types. 'Flue titan' feature of the hive nhould he aimplicity, which excludett drawers Lush trapii of varimin kinds- it ought also to be made of good pitsi or white - weed lumber, thoroughly iteatannol. The :movable coin}, hive was invented by Langstroth about 18.50. The \Lang - strati,' with it varions improvens:ntv, is well known today throughout the en- tire country. Tho \fiiinplicity Lang- stroth\ hive and Cm \Ileddon Lang- atrotii\ are very favorably known. 'file latter is is favorite with Profeaaa A. J. Cook, wig) does not leasitate to recom- mend it to others. Mr. A. 1. Root in a champion for the \Simplicity Lang- stroth.\ The Ifeddon hive combines in principle the Langstroth and the old \Huber.\ The \Quitaby\ still finds ad- mirers,and is preferred by the floather- ington Brothers. --- Ilow to lake Off 16 Horse's Shoe. When a shoe is to be taken off it must not be violently wrenched at the risk of *titling off a large piece of hoof with it. Let the clinched end of each nail be first turned back. Then the shoe may be carefully meted with the pincers far enough to withdraw the nails, so that their heads may be taken hold of by the pincers and each nail separately drawn out,. The nails may also be drawn out one at a time, so as not to alter the posi- tion of the tip et' the shoe, and a fast nail made to exiu•tly fit the countersink in the shoe, and to pass through the same hole in the hoof, may be driven in its place.—Southern Cultivator. Milk and Oysters. Wood Althea. Tim dietetic, expert halt 0,114 1 Y7 ,4 1 tht Wo••.1 ashes f uriliah a \Blue Point,\ and finds that, bulk for first elms fertilizer for many crops, it bulk, the mollusk is equal to milk in ought to be bona, in mind that ashes are nutritive value. \Oysters he says, not a complete manure, being wanting in \come nearer to milk than almost any the nitrogenous element of plant food. other common food; their values for sup- A good supplement to unloached aught% is plying the body with material GO build raw bone flour, beteg strong in phosphoric up its parts, repair its motet; and fur- acid, in which ashes are weak, and fur- nish it with heat and energy are pretty rushing nitrogen of which ashes are desti- nearly the saine.\---Chicago News. tate. MISSOULA MERCANTILE COMPANY, IA II, 1\1‘1 AI I Alt IN tt I ,11., THE M I SSOU LA, A NE IN DEAL Kf!ritooly Ar. Mittludl, Prow,. A Not liollso aild is Strictly FirstilAass.sullscHllisouffro. .11int, ()fouled All Mishit:I Ititproviiimintit RA • ,r qb.1. r.r 5 1 / 1 ., ,s .1. 1.. c1,11 0 F0111). (;1:(). 1 . *. STANtiAltI), Notary (1,1 )ki) ( 4 c f . STANNARI), DEIIIISVILLE A .1 TWO DAILY STAGES 4,1 */. i 1 COLUMBIA FALLS DEMERSVILLE. Timm ,106/.10111 Ir'alla balky, iNte g VIA Vile., nreN•rhir NP, Itsmsrstills. at 12 rasa.. ...vs. 5 . •Ateril•Iss Yftlia at 2 'f• 5. lb •i• ri raw ski Iertravravslia ao. Is, -44,4 rowl/A tsP, 5:15 it in via .11,1,1a1. •r - ,,,, de •.lotr.lon E0114 Al. 12 u• ionivrot Isvar.nravilla 1..ssats, 116 Au. 4 o .i t (.1.•100. , 0111 Y01/ A './. *o is,, Tiae Fl - ut - ure C4-rea.t City Of EH r o,ciai Attwitvir, talc Wortl - i - west. Expreuu. (11 t,f. 1 ' 0/WI:NS/Nig 211 all the! ball rul advantages for & Motrepons, Tit:lustx for Sale at. OM reettal r i(71.1, Investors will litol it to their intermit to consult f.:oluttibia Fella, tool tit all Hotelit 15) Demerevillp. CLIFFORD & STANNARD lull Sal.• at 1,ri4. COLUMBIA BAKERY. Frir-F4t A-zelriuo. Proprietor. 11 1 10t 1)61111)10 OP Oft/ a S. IF C L ° , 0 , B ri t i T t L oilit Iii 1.4.:MERSVILLE, the Head of Navigat.00 of the Flathead Region. abio have this best ranches in the valley for sale. Being thortsughly fit Best of Fresh Bread Po Cates • 1 miliar with the unlimited resourees of this prolific and yowing Heetioe; parties Hooking lucrative investments mhould interview Clifford At Steamy!, Denotraville. Plats of Demorsvillo and Government plats of the valley can ! is, seen at our office. The most complete information touching our incalcu- PAST/CY MADE TO ORDER. bible possibilities will be cheerfully furnished upon application. 'WALSH & MURPHY. CLIFFORD & STANNARD DEMERSV1LLE MONTANA. Racket Store. Demersville, Montana. Wulaim au, •$,0%. ; lod< Ciy to purPhase oar ooek. iii (Air to enable us to son at lower prieos than others. Our agult 1....itructions to watch every Auction Sale. Call and see what we haw.; in the line of Hardware, Tinware, Sporting Goods, Ciente' Furnishing 6,4.orin. Tii.ty Have Furnished Rooms for A new line of Hats, all the latest styles from New Yorli, per off. LOdgings. The Bert of Beds. Stationery and Notions of all kinds, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit and Cc.nlec- tionery. • „VrWhat is the use of wasting a dollar when you caa save it. THE DELTA SALOON, Nucleus Avenue. CHOICE WINES, LIQUORS, AND CIGARS. M LWAUKEE BEER ON DRAUGHT COMUMBIA FALLS : : : MONTANA. RUTH & McDONALD, Have Opened Their New Saloot: and Keep the Best of Liquors and Cigars. slap, ii OAST, • • 5 C.1.(A , 1 /MAL

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 14 May 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.