The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, July 16, 1891, Image 2

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:\••• • - e Thc Columbian. renuallED fly JrTo. W. PACE. A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE FLATHEAD REGION. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, BY MAIL: Three Dollars per year to any P.O. Address. If Paid in Advance .5&) *r Year. Six Mouths. in advance, 1.:10. Three Months, hi advance, 75 Cents. THE COLUMBIAN invites its patrons and friends to send items of all kinds regarding improvements, and occur- rences which are of interest to the people of the Flathead. Address all letters to THE COLCMBIAN, Columbia Falls, Mont. ENTERED AT MONACO POSTOPPICE AS SECOND CLASS MAD. M ATTER. ALL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. THURSDAY, JULY 16, 1891. Ma rcu sDaly has engaged a :ookey at $18,000 a year to ride his horses next year, and the Montana string will be heard from in the big turf events of 192. . _ There is a split in the Mormon church at Independence,Mo., and tie organization is threatened with dis- ruption. Without splits there would be little left of the Mormon church. News reaches us that the survey of this end of the valley over which there has been so much delay, has been accepted, and that the patient settlers will have an opportunity to gain a home in title as well as name. Recent advices indicate that a ha- ven has not yet been found for tl,e emigrating Jews. Baron Hirsch, Herr Franzos and Dr. Karanda, after a conference in Vienna, decided that the Argentine Republic was the most inviting spot visible at present. . . _ Butte and Helena pap( r are always engaged in a controversy. This time the question is. \Do the Montana republicans favor Harrison or Blaine?\ From this distance it is probable that if the fight goes, Louis .hmitt, the fat pioneer of Helena viii have a solid delegation. It, keeps the average man busy counting the various \political waves\ now sweeping the country. President Harrison took his wave along with him, and Mr. Blaine started his wave shortly after. The republican fear is that the tw.; waves will meet, while the democrat is fearful that there will be no collision. _ The Big Timber Pioneer is about to establish a police column in which the names of,all offenders against the peace will be printed- -the list to em- brace not only those convicted but who should be convicted. We are glad to note the proposed enlarge- ment of the Pioneer to the size of the ew York World. The superintendent of immigra- tion at New York reports that 405,- 664 immigrants arrived there during the year ended July 1, as against 328,- 691 the preceding year. That is a pretty bad record, and the turbulent tide now coming will soon trample under foot the freedom of this coun- try. In the apparent absence of any other means of punishment, a duck- ing in the river or a coat of tar and feathers would be a good medi- cine for some of the petty thieves who are now operating throughout the Flathead valley. There is an end to the patience of the most Job - like citizens. Two literary gentlemen, Col. Mc- Clure, editor of the Philadelphia Times, and John G. Nicolay, are en- gaged in an unseemly controversy through the newspapers over the question \Did Abraham Lincoln pre- fer Johnson or Hamlin for the vice presidency?\ The matter is unim- portant, at this time, and the airing of the views of McClure, Nicolay, ot al. will have no effect except to stamp them both as a pair of long eared po- litical jacks. At this time its nobody's business who Lincoln preferred. The Kallasspell Laphie has seen fit to open an unneccessary warfare upon Mr. G. H. Wheeler, a competent surveyor, and a man who commands greater respect in the Flathead val- ley than tho Laphic man could if he lived 100 years. To every citizen who is informed upon the survey, the at- titude of the Laphic shows a dense ignorance of the subject. Mr. Wheeler cannot be censured for re- fusing to prolong a controversy with an ignoramus. --------------- The four Murderers condemned to die by electrocution were executed at the Sing Sing prison on July 7. All present were pledged to secrecy but broke their word to the extent of de- claring the affair a success in every particular. Reporters were absolutely barred, so it may be some tinm; before the public is edified by a story of horrors similar to that printed on the death of Kemmler, but truth will out, and if the execution became fytelent the nevi spnpers will the fact. The young men and women of the Flathead valley who are desirous of an education should not overlook the offer made by Tim COLUMBIAN. It is a glorious opportunity for some de- serving young person to gain a blisi- ness education. ---• The Kssoula Gazette has been la- boring faithfully to ° impress the im- portance of the Missoula -flathead railroad movement upon the minds of Missoula citizens, but it seems . 8 hopeless task, so far. When the trade of this new region passes east through the mountains, or west to Spokane and Missoula is left with the sack to hold, the average citizen will awaken to the wisdom of the Gozetic's efforts. . . '1'lle AV011 Route. The citizens of Helena are rustling for the Avon route to bring that city into railway connection with Colum- bia Falls and the Flathead valley. It is a natural route for a railway, easy grades, and passes through a region that guarantees support to every mile of rails laid. It is by all odds the moEt feasible plan for the North- ern Pacific to tap this region. The line as now projected leaves the Northern Pacific at Avon, running up the Big Blackfoot, thence to the Big Fork, have a line as straight as an arrow; from the Big Fork to Colum- bia Falls, thence twenty miles up the North Fork to the grmtest coal meas- ures in Montana or on the Pacific. It is one of the most practicable railway projects ever started, and one that is certain of paying from the moment trains begin running. It means that the smelting men of Montana have learned that the equal of Rock Springs coal is near Columbia Falls waiting transportation faculties, and by obtaining it they release them- selves from the yoke the Union Paci- fic has so long made them wear—be- cause Rock Springs coal was esson- Hal to smelting. It means that Hel- ena and Butte want the trade of the Flathead country and are going to have it rather than see it go out through the mountains of St, Paul. WITH THE EDITORS. A Great Truth Lightly Spoken. The Butte Miner has printed a handsome boom edition for the Flathead country. Should some of the influential angels get hold of a copy of the paper, after reading the account, they will hold a caucus and (rive notice to the ruler of the m Uni- verse of their resignation to take ef- fect immediately. Reason: \No com- parison between the Flathead coun- try and heaven, anti we as a flock of angels don't propose to take the worst of it.\---Monarelt. We Didn't Feel That Way. Now is the winter of discontent for the man who celebrated. The ordi- nary Fourth of July celebration is a gun that kicks, and its reaction sets in about twenty-four hours after the fireworks. ---Miner. Proud of 1114 Children. Listen to what Professor Price, of English literature in Columbia col- lege, New York City, says: \To state my opinion frankly, there is not in our American literature of to -day, either in books or magazines, or in published sermons or lectures or speeches, any body of written En- glish so strong and effective, or even so correct, and in the true sense, clas- sical in point of style, as we find day after day ill the best editorial writ- ing of our American newspapers.' He surely received a copy of the Stinking Water Prospector, the gem newspaper of the Rocky Mountains. —Red bulge Picket. Journalist IC Courtesy. The throwing of 25,000 men in Wales out of employment, according to the Leader, a big game of bluff \of the Welsh tin-plate trust.\ 0 tem- pmx t! 0 mores! 0 rot!---Greyt Falls Tribune. They Never Have Before. Charles Stewart Parnell, the erratic Irish leader, has finally married Kitty, the recently divorced wife of O'Shea. It is not stated where the bashful young couple intend to spend their honeymoon, but no one would be sur- prised if they should go to Dublin, Couricr. A Wonderful Freak of Nature. J. H. Price, of Philipsburg, is the gentleman who on the 24th day of each July, between the hours of 3 and 9 o'clock p. m.. sheds his skin- -- slick and clean. Mr. Price leaves on the 8th of July for San Francisco, where he will remain with several em- inent physicians until his annual shedding, when they will sail for Eu- rope to be examined there by the medical fraternity. For this trouble $2,500 has been deposited with the Hyde Banking company, at Philips- burg, which will be paid over upon his return. Mr. Price is 47 years old, and in fifteen years has never been sick except three hours each time be- fore shedding, *hen he is very sick, having veils of vomiting, and very high fever. Physicians say that it is perfectly natural with him, and that there is not another case of • this kind on Irecord. It/cat/her Corfu, II News. WHEN FAIVElt CARVES THE DUCK. We all look on with anxious eyes, '11 hen father carves the duck, And mother almost always sighs When fa'her carves the duck. Then eli of us prepare to rise. And hold our bibs before our eyes. And be prepared for some surprise - When father carves the duck. He braces up and grabs a fork Whene'er he carves a duck. And won't allow a soul to talk Until he's carved the duck. The fork is jabbed into the sides, Across the breast the knife he slides While every careful person hides From flying chips of duck. The platter's always sure to slip When father carves a duck, And how it makes the dishes skip7 Potatoes fly amuck The squash and cabbage leap in space, We get stone gravy in our face, And father mutters a Hind.° grace Whene'er lie carves a duck. We then have lear .ed to walk around The dining room and pluck From off the window sills and walh• Our share of father's duck; While father growls and blows and jaws, And swears the knife was full of flaws, And mother jeers at him because He couldn't carve a duck. —Boston Transcript, TH E WOE I,D'S NOTABLES. D. B. McKinley, who represents Hawaii as counsel at San Francisco, ir a brother of Major McKinley. The house which -Lord Revelstoke was building previous to the Baring failure is now the property of Baron Hirsci.. Max O'Rell will once more confront the lecture going people of America. He will start westward October 1. M. Zola assures the public of the propriety of his forthcoming novel, \La Guerre,\ by saying that it hasno women in it. Lietenaut Colonel William Hewitt is one of the four surviving officers who took part in the battle of Water- loo. He was but twenty years old at the time, and served as junior captain of the:Fourteenth British regiment. Librarian Spofford, of the Congres- sional library, says that to the oft -re- peated question: \Do you read all these books?\ he replies: \Do you read all of your dictionary? A great library is the scholar's dictionary.\ Foreign papers announce that an engagement has been arranged be- tween the young king of Sema and Princess Xeina, the (laughter of the Prince of Montenegro. The young lady is only eleven years of age. It has long been known that the Czar favored such a match. The Queen Regent of the Nether- lands and her daughter declined the offer of a public reception during their recent visit to Amsterdam. They requested the city officials to use the money collected for the re- ception in feeding the poor. Conse- quently more than 30,000 poverty stricken creatures received presents of food and money, and 35,000 school children were provided with a break- fast. Each child also received a pho- tograph of the young queen. A Senator at a Prize Fight. Among the audience which wit- nessed the Kilrain-Slavin fight, one party was made up of Senator Stew- art of Nevada, ex-Congressman Dor- sey of Nebraska, and Congressman Hayes of Iowa. Senator Stewart's stalwart figure, his sombrero like straw hat and patriarchal snow white hiskers make him an immediate ob- ject of curious attention. Few per- sons in the great crowd, however, knew that the senator has a record as a fighter himself. In the old days when he was wield- ing shovel and pick in the mining camps of Nevada it was a frequent thing for differences between men to be settled by fiat fights. Senator Stewart was considered then to be the biggist \knocker out\ in the re- gion about Gold Hill ; and won his reputation only by many hard fought contests.—N. Y. Press. A SPLENDID OFFER An Elucational Opportunity For a Young Man or Woman. Every boy or girl realizes the im- portance of Education. Every day business transactions require a knowl- edge of business methods, and the person lacking education seldom wins in the race with educated competi- tors. THE CoLumalax has made ar- rangements whereby it can offer to some young man or woman the op- portunity to acquire a business edu- cation. The terms of this offer are so easily complied with that only energy is to quired to reach it,. To any young or woman who will bring in 100 yearly paid up subscrib- ers to THE Com - stmAN, we will give a paid up scholarship in the Helena Business College. This scholarsWp calls for any branch or branches desired, includ- ing Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Teleg Mathamatics, Penmanship or Languages. It is an opportunity that young men and women cannot afford to miss, and can be earned in two weeks faithful work by any_ener- getic young man or woman. 10'4 this office for further parti( Wars. ‘,Listijn, ts.. 011 J. Langford, Law, Real Estate anti Fire Insurance. NUCLEUS AVENUE, liclumbia Falls. Montana, TONISOILIAL. THOS. H. WHITE, I Late of Virginia City and Butte.] BARBER —AND -- NOTARY PUBLIC,. 4 . 4)1,t'AIMA FALLS, - - MONTANA. Next to Windsor Hotel. L. A. FARMER, ARCHITECT, CONTRACTOR AND BUILEER. Estimates Foraisned 011 311 Kinds of Buildings. Plans at Reasonable Rata. Office over Postoffice. COLUNIBIA Al.I.S, f MONT A x.. A. H. BURCH DEN TA I ----SU R GE ON up STAIRS P. 0. BUILDING. Columbia Falls, - - - Montana. Bum Salon. Rilikert & Bryant, Props. TIIE BEST OF WINES, LIQUORS, AND ('IG ARS. Naraois BELLAIRS BELMGNT eM BRAYER Whiskeys. Milvokee Keg and Bottled Beer HENNESSY AND CALIFORNIA BRANDIES. Nucleus Avenue. Columbia Falls, Mont. HELENA Business College. AN INSTITUTE OF Shorthand, Telegi•apliy, Penmaitship. And ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINo. SEVEN YEARS BEFORE' THE MYRRH% SUPERIOR TEACHERS FROM THE EAST AND ABROAD. - - NO VACATIONS —Students admitted at any time. Expenses Moderate. Special BoARDINO AreogmouaTtoss for Students from Abroad at Stu h. H, me. LESSONS BY MAIL in THE CELEBRATED PERNIK PHONOGRAPHY. Cost of Complote Text Book ................ 2 50 Full Course, by Mail 25 00 rjr•Referencee: Business and Professional Men of Montana. Write for Terms, or read 'Business Educator.' Address, PROF. H. T. ENGELHORN, M.A. PRIN. HELENA, MONTANA. NORTHERN PACIFIC BETWEEN MISSOULA, GARRISON,HELENA BUTTE, BOZEMAN, BILLINGS, LIVINGSTON, GLENDIVE, MILES C1TY. AVD ALL POINTS EAST AND WEST. There Is nothing better than the Dining Car Line. Through Pullman Sleeping Cars and Furnished Tourist Sleepers Run Daily Between Points in MONTANA AND St. Paul, Minimal's and Chicago. PASSING THROUGH MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, MONTANA, IDAHO, OREGON AND WASHINGTON. Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars, First and Second Class Coaches, Pullman Tourists' Cars, Free Colonial Sleepers. THROUGH TICKETS are sold at all coupon offices of the Northern Pa- cific Railroad to all points North, Sast, South and West in the United States and Canada. Time Schedule: Leaves Ravalli daily for Helena, Butte, Boze- man, Livingston, Bismarck, Fargo. St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Chicago and all points East Itt 9A a.m. Leave Ravalli daily for Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland and all western points at 9:14 p. rir-Yrains stop at Ravalli only on signal. For Rates, Maps, That. Tables or special infor- mation apply to Agent of Northern Pacific rail- , Ifftaittitta, et to CHAS. S. FEE, lieu. Patio. and Ticket Ageni. Paid ,M ate. From This Day We Have Concluded to Run Our Business On a STRICTLY CASH BASIS. The Missoula Mercantile Co., has a Complete Stock of Goods at the Store For- merly occupied by the Ramsdell Bros. People in the Vicinity of Columbia Falls can now have the benefit of Low Prices. MISSSOULA MERCANTILZ COMPANY. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. THE MISSOULA Kennedy & Mitchel!, Props. A Now How ad is Strictly First-Oss. Just Opened—All Modern Improvements. R.s.tes 2. 30 to t..4. O. Missoula, Montana. Racket Store. Demersville, Montana. We have an Agency in New York City to purchase our stock, in order to enable us to sell at lower prices than others. Our agent has instructions to watch every Auction Sale. Call and see what we have in the line of Hardware, Tinware, Sporting Goods, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes. A new lino of Hats, all the latest, styles from New York, 25 per cent off. Stationery and Notions of all kinds, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit and Confec- tionery. WWhat is the use of wasting a dollar when you can save it? ALLEN JOHNSON, Manager. C. F. W. HALL, Prop. 1-1CaLT. 1. HOLLER. \. \Tile ArCRiE\ Keeps only the finest quality of WINES, LIQUORS rand CifiARE. _ \Wet Your Whistle\ at The Arcade, The Proper Advice For All to Follow. First Door North of Postofli , .e. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. The Model ilostallrallt B. P. BARTLESON, PROP. Next door to Ruth ( 1 / 4 3leDonald's lodging house. First -Class meals from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Columbia Falls, Mont. Demeraville, Montana HUNT & HARWOOD, : PROPRIETORS. COLUMBIA BAKERY. THE LEADING HOTEL OF THE FLATHEAD COUNTRY. ' Firs t ' A \\\• D. S. COBURN, Proprietor. Well Furnished Rooms --Excellent Table. Bar and Billiards. ALL BOATS AND STAGES LAND IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. Nortliorilllitorntimmilorovomut COMPANY\. Columbia Falls, : Montana. [Formerly of the Missoula Bakery.; Best of Fresh Breal, Pies, Cakes. PASTRY MADE TO ORDER. WALSH & MURPHY, PROPRIETORS THE DELTA SALOON, NuclAus Avenue. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, BUTTE, PARROTT COPPER CO., BUTTE, FRASER & CHALMERS, CHICAGO. CHOICE WINES, LIQUORS, AND CIGARS. MILWAUKEE BEER ON DRAUGHT. OFFICERS: PPESIDENT, JAMES A. TALBOTT, Burrs; VICE PRESIDENT, L. C. TRENT, SALT LAKE; TREASURER, ANDREW J. DAVIS, BUTTE: SECRETARY, FRANK LANGFORD, COLUMBIA FALLS. OWNS A.117:1 OPERATES: • LANDS, MILLSITES, WATER POWERS, TOWNSITES, COAL, LUM- BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES COLUMBIA FALLS \ \ AltriTANA. RUTH & McDONALD, Have Opened Their New Saloon and Keep the Best of Liquors • and Cigarev a mar - unearth Subscribe for Tilt: (_OLUMI3IAN. Ill the noted Rdnetellai Comities. They Have Furnished Rooms for Lodgings. The.Best of Beds. WAlek,Mikt.1146560£1400 Eirst Ave. West, - COLUMBIA FAIASI.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 16 July 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.