The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, July 23, 1891, Image 1

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if • YOU WILL KNOW THE [ NEWS AND PROGRESS OF THE FLATHEAD RV GION W YOU READ THk: COLAIMBIAN FIEGULAn- LY SUBSCRIBE NOV , IIA ........-..........-............................. FIRST YEA It. 'cur Goods of the OLD RELIABLE C. II.ADAMS, ASHLEY AND DEMERSVILLE. Call and Examine New Arrivals! Something to Make Ihnne Pleasant ! PICTURES, CHAIRS, ROCKERS, PLUSH STANDS, EASELS, HANGING LAMPS. I 11.1441 111 , I Lillie 01 ; A t .„ 4 \ v . A ,„ Dry Goods, 13()01s, Shoes, Clothing - . Fresh Gioci'it iitl PITVkinS. :\•.1 1 I :./N1 1.1 , 1 1 , 1 hi r, ‘ k 1% it 1.'.1,111S41 11/111 1 / 1 , II 'Ars. IKvisollting hi toti,h Iii it 1 , iri 11..)1011,1 Morelutioli.i. Stock, MITCH - MI Li 'W,AQONS. (1. II. A I)A EDIVIN SINGLETON. CmiIracit Will Contract and Exissite Every Class of Buildings. Columbia Falls, :Montana DR. .1.1S.11 El). 1 LI' I:1, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. 1)11110.1ilit I 4.11 Oolurribna. c-frsoly Al /•NT:: 1 31 1 /.11',4 1 liE1.; K Eli 1/ f • - , 41 • .... S i / k 1,11 ( 1 eBottlillir Co. V(.1.sick s 1' 4 I't tss t \111 .1 1 11 I I.. 11 I I; 1 1\ r inCS I 1 , 1( 11 . S, Sodas and Mineral Waters. Pure Nlichigun Apple Fine Old Kentucky Whiskeys. Case tIroods, Erenehl'ordials. Mail Orders ((liven Prompt awl Satis- faction. T. S. WOODFORD, MANA0E11. 1L)el '1'SV 11 le. MO1 II. F. SMITH. R. L. OLIVEII. SMITH & OLIVER, REAL ESTATE, and Insurance Agents. ( ' 4 1 7.7 1 11414 FALLS, MONT. James judge, Plasterer, Stone and Brick Meson. Eititnetos Furniplod Chrerfullr. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. A. Y. LIN DSEY, LAW AND REAL ESTATE. OFFICE IN P. 0. BUILDING. columbia Motttatta. balliford & Bloat Law, Real Estate and Fire Insurance. TilE COLUNIt.31AN. (1)1.1 NI RI A FALLS, MONTANA, Tilt' USDA Y, The 11•11 IttwL 1'100011 unrivalled Iii sister ileum) Pre g ....— 4 4ne.trile- 11,111 1111. W 3) . 'Ilitinality morning of last week Mr. I. W'. iiiiiii, 'I'ii is building the briek Ithick (iplarsite the hotel, and myself, mounted tin (no geod saddle leasers slatted (III It trip along the hu l l o f tho (livid Northern railroad toward Two Medivine 1411MS. A fter ceissing t he 1\lathead river on the new ferry, tve Lanai oniseht.ti in a tine at rote!' of agi 'with Iii al coun try, but from etimber ot wt. hat! II .141, 1/141411 . 0 gelling to Ile , main road II 44 taut /401411 1 hal Ill'. 111110110111 Of 1 110 41114 hill(' 4Ii.: jut. 141 keep the traveling public 1st 'iii get ling to Columbia Fall• I hey go around le way tit Egan. After strikilig the main wagini road ee 10 ,, ,,341 sump Ili \ raise l i ,e s 11114 1 i'l•I 114111 1 11111111I, 111111 11/1/1i 1111111141• 111 the restaurant of 1'ii.inibs &I E1 bi, fore v1114.1'114; Ball Rook canyon. The joorees liming!' Bail Rock catiyen I4 w it II ‘ ,. r d lio . am, I11114•1111 for Mall 11114 1 1101A. 111111 ill an d in Ile. distance the Sentilsol places almost dangerous, but the %14 , 4% !Iw o :it /tins rear their 113ritittiIIlui f o rms, is siteld! ;toted, To the right the ti,, 'ii white tips reaching Iiii(VPIlwaril momilaies r;sii for hundred.; of feel far above the surrounding pealsi,, 11141)4 I. 3 ou 111111 10 !at 'may below whito (Aw l . to 1110 l'itin Iii,' ;111)41' the reel. rushes silen t s while hefts,i emisysl mountains of British Colton you rine the JH'ltkI 41 thi• Noekiiis bi a one you'd gaze on stela it 4•11 , 1 stretelling itwav . in silent grandettr; as this for hours. A lew further iteress the river ies till\ 1114'11 111 011 %%4 1 1 . 111/1iS0111 11 1110111111101 stream told esirk I111. (40111 N011110111 rail was a waterfall rivaling in beton . % the 141711111114 Its Mill V1411 /11 W14 1/(/1 III l'a11111 11/ 1114 ferry u, or the Yosemite valley; a trestle bridge( South Fork ef the Flathead Seer awl spites this gorge mid nt its further atter eressing. tho river plums - oil into a id s a.' fi n d II I ,. onidway gone and i t tho timber ahoy.. we rode tor wiles, : p m el,a , 111 ('111111') ugh us, Intl .1‘ and Ilion 14111111g it glint/nit+ of there is a it h..... about mix inch , iiii i 'Middle o; lit'. Flathead, width ovor %%hid( we lead our horses au 4/ it -ii 1;4 I , !, .1)11 141111 HMI /11'4' tit ill 1 :01(114. again. e. i..sing and i.. .111,' 111111 1 / a d ,hI I /II!, 1 ;1/11. 1114 11:rill been noting The 1111 , roail is lit. ..f the railroad, and from lets *ler inei. , i tha:i dosehlie, 4 0, 0 4 ., l er , seen of the e.ork if hut is, et' :11111T 0111 Isirses 154 .111111 cows rues', ts• feel eistain that the 1 :: 4 4 :4111 v 111)4% %.\1. „r 4., HI 1 , 1111/ 1 111 1 1 1 1 ./1 1 North- iosOs.! s! . s..!!•• i, ; !:soosh issipleted the S'Intlesel val 1,1 s s.• 3 ,! Sso,o I.! • !I! ill!!! 1.1 114 At camp we islet two flt•iii!i! i•ii •i I!! • :IL.. I ill. '010 111 1 011111'1 (011 - I %1111liy 14/ 14101 r ! . int ., t. the work (if grading, and the rill I /1 Ili 1: • ;'' i' a ii ill' 111411 mi 101111•011111 14101101 I !I: t: fo, arniy. [miller oi. wt lit or 2, a t 11,401,iiiartors 1::111 lily 1,:, our old never did a meal taste better Ilion that frionik, Roberts A. C4 t:n.01.. if Col within Valls, ileeid.• to 11111111 for t lie night. and I,;t il 1;116011 l'4li'4 1 of our le(r,e; and ebtaiited 1111 0%01'110111 7I11114..1* ploot•...1 the surianindiag III 1 Ill' Vil'illily of thli lhitlloviiqt bolo, hi,,stow of Sliepanl & Sims is located, also the railroad hospit al, and within a couple of miles is a tunnel 111111t1 1 1' Ii 1 11:41 . 1111 • 1i011 111/0111, :1(X) feet in length. Never having seen xvork 011 II 11111101 We WILIk011 the grade to the west end of the tunnel and found ovrselves in front of an almost per- pendieular wall of rock nearly 100 feet high; to see the tunnel we have to ascend this wall and cross to the other side of the mountain, and the means of ameent is a rope, stroug mus- cles and a steady head. Mr. Main goes up the rope in ad- vance, and as we go up 1414 prems our feet against the rock and cling to the rope for dear life, but when Mr. Main had got nearly two-thirds of the way tip and I was still near the bottom, we suddenly realized that the rope was slipping. I let go of the rope and tried to fasten to the crev- ices of the rock, but had no such chance and if the rope had let go he would have been precipitated over the jagged rocks and into the river 150 feet below. It was a situation to try the strongest nerves, but, thank heaven, the rope stopped slipping and we went on to the top, where we examined the rope and found that a knot catching under a root was all that kept us from a terrible fall. By a circuitous and steep route we descended to the other side and saw the men working away with pick and drill, expecting to complete the tun- nel in another month. It is needless to say that we sought another way back to the hotel, as we would rather walk over a dozen mountains than try that rope again. We did not feeT untirely safe until we arrived at the hotel. Before going to bed we had to take a look at, the natural refrigerator in the hotel yard, which is a sort of well dug about fifteen feet deep, in which ice forms every night and remains during the day; it is a remarkable and peculiar work of nature. We slept AVENUE, on a bedstead made from a very fine f: ;thu ia , rptalit‘• of coda! ..hieh abousel OVER THE SUMMIT] I l iS fti 4111' 110 covered with I he siti g t:e shown a line TOOK 3,000 VOLTS grain mid is 1111111g111 her Iho fi lo . ;1 Amu Interutititr Joitruey flyer wo 101444 over 1404 v ill jautu Alorphy 'fells a Story el Alter partakilig of an excell ent Agony Almost, Beyond II hr Extesishin tie: Crest N meal we saddled our horsioi and Iwo I luso Hittite'. orthern !la ilwn) cetshsl 011 1/111' . 101111117. ' ,C111 1 1l ay was 111/4% 4041 111011111 .11114, uremia pre e i III w 411111111g &Mal It OW 1 41 41 1 11 Of the iailroad 111111 144 411 14 Ill) 11111141,11:, 1'014 above our 11001/1. tain streams that give forth an icy rsrolness as ell INIS1-1, /11111 by nig g i g i trees that look as if they had stood for are 'the vi.11ey and all ;Jeep; the tvar. 010)1)41 11 11 11 I and :my isle win, (tool •. I he It resources of tlie Flat %alley it.. • lo lake a I'll Ii' 1 111011g 11 1 It . `\ 'CI 1011 10 1/1. 11111 Ill I . 1 11111 I 111/ io:,,,uf.e•tiare of iauiii her will he 1/114' 4/1 ' the nio (as! Wolfish's-, of the tutu!, for that bey(' of the %alley which poAsenset-, ifreal, , ..1 alder onus, 'olintibia Falls. Form the mountain soil 1,14)Iting north we I ;ems! 11114 1-11011 111111/1'd 1/11111414 of the Rockies mill the urand our of III.' '1014111 1,11 III/ prouch I ho summit. 1;.iiniiling IL betel in the river ee Selield 111114 id . 1 1114 141111/111.1,1 lots 14 1111/11'111;1/111.; 41 1111114 . 1 141 wit before litgreen one, though Doi bill 44 fare els not tilabonite an. hedishe, numerous. 1::4urything has to be freighted long dintaiwii to (Iii: point, and if lilt' I 00141 /1 great deal to keep men and horses, hay and oats costing 111 till' Nit . if eight cent per pound. A (s)1il disettvery has been 1111111 4 . near here. Aftt.r (limier tl,e return jtair- ney vommemsd 8 1 1 (1 we rinmag e d t o get baek as far as the to spend our seeond night of the trip, and the nitxt. day ill the afternoon found us again in ('o:tinibia well pleased with our trip, but hop- ing that next time we visit those re- gions it will be in a coach of the Great Northern. I). it Notion. UNITED STATLS LAND OFFICE, t MISSOULA Moss., July 17, 1891. Notice is hereby given that this office is in receipt, of certified copies of fractional township plats, as fol- lows, to -wit : Township 27, mirth, range 20, west. 46 6, 2i4 66 64 11 28 a sl 21, if 30 di 20, Filings on the above townships will be accepted on and after August 16, 1891. ROBERT FISHER, Register. 66 St ,1 66 Best line of cigars in the city at Fullerton's. 4 'Attorney for prosecution Ito pris- oner)- -What object did you have in view when you committed the brutal murder of your mother-in-law? Prisoner (stolidly)-- An ax. For wines, liquors and cigars call the Missoula Mercantile Co. Washing and ironing at the Cas- cade laundry neatly done. Mary Christman and Mrs. Emmes. 9 \I hear they are talking of putting up a monument to Johnson, the 'ad- vertising agent.\ \What is it to be ---brass like John- son?\ \No; a plain want column.\ Ladies' and gent's saddles always on hand at the Missoula Mercantile Co. A LI% nstiiris mitt ow Nil% Melling) of Eti...ittloto Is Ike E‘Irviiii. oil NVilliam 111 urphy, of lit. Louis, re velvet! all 0114'1 rie allot& of :1,11011 volts which is volts more 111111 %%AS 11:41111 lit 1 110 Sing Sitigf,U , Villi1/11:4, Hur rm , reol ..ribablii torment, 1111,11 prO 11 , 41111 11 01311 111111 luau 1/11 1110 I Ith of iltily to tell the ..t•n) of lii;i Min i illy a initplii).:(1 by the Minticipal I iteetile,.1 4 ight awl ever yowl hut) , liTes al 2-1 Smith Seventoinith r51 1141,, tin) H ilispatell Innis that oily. III' is about :10 years 014 I. Ile is a man of itood (-blest 14)14 111111 1111 l'Ap4.1.11.1111•11 1'11411 1110111, Al, nil two month ago he was repair ite; a wire al t lie cot ;ler of Si ‘I and Locus( : fleets %viten, ::411.1,• 111:111116.1', ill:, 114)11) lsi;mist'ul Ow 4..414111.4114m be 11 the ground and teerhead The 1 , el 1 11,111 2:1:I ly11116110 1111 4 - 11: 11, ail 211114f/11g threligh the wire if III,' lime, an amount equal 3,000 % ult, , awl lie the full fore., of it. Alitrphy ilium, I liko allot, and a faint odor of leo hing II, It perceptible. Not it ieti , .ele ton vt•ied a le. lay 1111 1 hit 1.frounil, awl n doctor w le. examined him said that life wits this, thid in the shirk I re- \hotteitted suleide at his 4 /11 \'IV\! I SI10 . 1•14.41 a thousand ileittki. Lookoot Mountain, Tenn., Its blow I %veldti rather die this minute thaw (lilt b;.' bruins. At a meeting of 4,000 railroad inn ployes at Paris, it was deciiled to order an immediate strike irking the lines of the live great railroads tsiter ing Paris. The Manitoba governmeet crop re- port shows the cop prospects the brightests known for Near:. There has 141.0•11 1111 4101111111.1i00 of rain. 1 las- v pit ing will begiu about the 15tb of time-, worse than neuralgia, and there Anglist• The Weekly l'llises, of Glasgow, was not a single spot on my body which was free from it. My head says Andrea. Carnegie, of New York, felt as if a big charge of dynamite 11 \ 1 \'\ !\ 1 \lil)1( 1 \f /t 1 - 6.4 11101 1104'11 MI1101114 ill 110 center of at Farr:dine, Rogers and Invergloy, illy b ra i n. Every organill lily i ss i y and it is believed it is Carnegie's in- tentien to settle down as a Highland felt as if it was being torn by hun- dreds of pointed instruments. I sup- haild• Nearly the entire business portion postl the shock lastml for less than a second, but it seemed to me that of Glasgow was de! Iroyed by fire, was praying for death for houra i s , The losses will aggregate $1:0,000 fore the pain filially left me. When with insurane\ of 05 ) 111 half. A dispatch from Fort Collins, Col., I recovered consciousness I thought. s a hail storm in tha section do- t was in another world. To Inv NV dazed mind it did not seem possible stro . % $50,000 worth of crops. It is stated that General Master that a man could sufTer sudi absolute Workman Powderiy, of the Knights agony and survive. Then I was afraid of Labor, has declined the appoint - and was going to receive another slim+, to get away from the spot. The burn missioners from Pennsylvania. on coin - to as one of the and I staggered to my feet in order on my arm has not healed yet.\ Frank Ellis, the eighth of the Mid - Murphy rolled up his sleeves and land disaster at Aspen Junction, Col., ay died Monday morning. Leonard and there upon his arm, about half w b etween the wr i st aw l e lb ow, . was a wife cannot live and Thomas and burn an inch long. The flesh had Mary O'Donnell are now considered healed once, but the wound had at the point of death. It is reported opened a f res h an d s till g i ve , hi m that none of the injured can survive. pain. At the editorial convention at St. \In view of your experience with Paul, W. S. Capeller, of Ohio, was 3,000 volts of electricity, what do you elected president, B. J. Price, of Wis- think of the execution of the four cow\ , vice Inveidcnt, and J. M. murderers at Sing Sing?\ was asked. Page of Illinois, recording secretary. \Why it was simply damnable,\ Captain Arcy, of the schooner which left Cape Haytian said Murphy, grimly. \Every one of Chapin , 1, confirms the reports that those men suffered as I suffered; each July went through the same, perhaps there is danger of a revolution upria- of cruelty. Suppose another 3,000 ing in Hayti. Nat, son of United States Senator greater torment. It was a perfection volts had been sent into my body and Jones, of Arkansas, was fatally kept surging through it for ha ilf a wounded in a quarrel with a school minute, as was the case at Sing Sing, teacher named Shepley, at Little of course it would have killed me, but Rock. inidergti 1114' agony again. Agony, it was worme.than agony. It was the Dirment of the lost. \I felt as if a red hot pinch- ers were tearing away on every one of my thousands of nerves, pulling them into shreds. The m o st i ll (41 11 S11 pain a man snit •rs from is probably acute neuralgia. 'Ile pain ill the shoek I received woo a million I T I 1\)\ ' P491 SAID DV ST.‘TE EDITORS. Don't Fool Mister. II is all nonsense for the Helena people to talk ills sit It rail road front A‘on to t1ii1 Flattest(' could ry, so as to liead oll becautat. they s• stuff etioiesh Its sink en artr.sitin well sill' it two Mel& at the .11i3nrest111411. A 11111111 1 111111 D10•1111/i 1 he hrs. ( 'herbs( E. I a o•kii, is uuiakiiug prepai al ions to again mend out mixt 141414:,, it (1114 El1111111 J111•11 4 ; ran d E li gli 8 11 ( ) 1 11 1 I tail . % Thal is vivid, Choi Ie. , Iles(' right Ito 1401111tlio, :11141 1.111114, /11.111,44 44 !III I 10.111. 1'44 pit. ai liuI In 10111 I 10101111, Willi I o see you. Ni..ernothi GI, .4 lb'. 1.111..i.1 WIltill he name of (1. Maine I., ilts'lltil)!)1441 ii toll east he people I I , • 1.1/1111` / 1111 , 1 11 11 11 1•111 1111.1/1tH111 1 11111 (1 1 / %1 ' 1/111 und tear up latge li% 11.• and iiiniatea ot a boleti,. him. It 11111 A 140 11 sort of tool liog tlieenl lull ;noun. 'I'll , ' men II :111 11/11141.11 of the vit.'', (night Iq lo •ii int 11111 rthilk this 1 11 • 1 0 1, mid less il l sad polities unit hot 14 I /lailli111.t. I ie 110911 ids 411. slier ‘101•114 1 4 11 0 111 in ili\ owiwito: , %Lit o tu_'t. Ill, liam arrivoil le a lip. liuttlun ., o , iniring the trip alone vomits for his reisnit brief . isit from I It'•I:ilt• Ow, tIlls, of yeas. The seitalts, Id••• l• .1(1 linter, iii steatite:A I ill. 1'110111 11111 NI. is (ma in the meantime, in the interval be- tween my first contact with the wire and unconsciousness, I would have suffered an agony which no one but All street railway employes in To- ledo have struck for an advance of wages. ' Boomers MEN WILL FIND THE COLUMBIAN'S JOB PRINTING OFFICE F.GUIPPED FOR 0000 WORK. NEW STYLES TYPE. THE NEW TOWNSHIP Columbia Falls and ‘irisilly Now Hat 1. Ile , Loitg Needed Tea it- sliip Organization. 551111111 coitus .1. F.. 1,..% is arc .110,11err, 1.1111.11 I. ..•1,1 I c. 110 In obedience to 1 111' ittlittS 'if the I'''I'' of Ilia• nipper Flathead valley, Ilsil I) 81(1 1.1 /linty vortiminsitmers Ill) NI. oil lir, last VI Vat. 1 Cl/11111116in 1011 111.iv a t , ,airapil WO in oll Iii.' 071 .1 by Joeko town. 11/11, 141 1 Iv , 111.1110 1011 . , eil 1 south by tlie dividing litie loy. 21) :t!i:1 :If), :11141 011 Ilte north 1, , Or ' '11:1 , 111111 11011111)ary. 1111 4,11 Fa. Ii 11101 V i . 111i/11:1 '11111i11 44 00. 211/i/1 /i 111,11 J 11.11 of the piniee, nool Keened), and .1. C. ihii.e,outistabli.a. The 11011 arrange 141,1)1 lias 1111111! 1104.11 prayed for by th\ pe , .iile lid , . po, lion 'of lite vat 1 „. 1 • ; ,, I I Intre been omptiled In and III man) eir.e:, they have loses pill 41 gr1•11.1 N 1 0 111 1111 , 1 1 'i 1 111 1 '. 11111 l• 0111i/14'1V loxii Ali ! ) i 1 , 114 Blid III.. eliminations of the pa -I , ;.t.elit to Ire al an pail. I I. .1. itioolgut 1111(1 1 •/• 11:1,411 1114,111' 1 ) 01 1 1 , 11/11111'1119`11 41116141 14 /111 hour after the arrival (of II,'' coin ef the Jurtiees. was ahead hi lading his cas iB i l . \ 1 1 , g y Pi t i l Suildeely, after Cgs. ambillants. letd lwe the to, I coiifortablo 1i:1111111P I \9.‘ IV\: .1111111111' In the alpines! or iweii (Idiot to carry the body to the climate of any part of the ;Ails% fie J “\;'.\ \ Him ' 1 \ 11 11 \ 1 Iffi ttti • I '' morgue, Nliirphy's lip:: opened and a a . ' In 8 14 1 \ifirld •fi eft //yr \ Ili. faint which r;o4 on became 14 oF THE ST,1'I . E. lowto or agony, ismmo rr4/III 1 /1.1 11111.11 N143VS Tim 11'ill11,1). 'Ile total receipts of %vigil ( 'at his teeth. Then kis vy1.1:4! , iiiiiv4 , 11.ii, awl the rigid fo . .abiri., 1 1 , 4 1 All appraisal of Ile e , tate the ; wen d ra „,„ h u b, b ar d , „f bile ‘Vilakill 411)1111 I he total value of Ilie 0,itate to f'.199,700. 4 suffering slimly to relax. N.•xt. I ellesL, swelled Tw° children °I . 4 'avtaili his eyes (yelled ale and contracted %%;.ii Ile , regular bolit 11 which Ivan comiti:.• a ryl going ii, liii, 11111 / 4 . III , raised his Mod, on which %%as a red spot %dein. the flesh hail been entirely horned av.ay, aud opening %vide I l ia month, look a long breath. In a nionesit more he had struggled to fool 117111 1110($1 11111 1 111•/1 4 , 1 ' 111 141111.3' 1}1111) :11111 1111111,1441 1141111H 111 his head. After it siiiirt time tahen of Sing Sings S. V., %%ore dro:i. nod 1,1 1 1 ) : 1 7 1 ; 1 11 . ; 1 7; 1 1 , 1 : H Y ‘%.Itile boat 1: 1 1:::;i1)71 1 .1 \ ;:v iY Ih ‘ a ' t f • i\cr .'\Ch 1114 ' lei Th.. 1 1 . , 11 ;: ii r : i 1: 4 11 1 1 :: 1 1 1 1\: 4 7: 4 1 1 0 ) 11 ;: p ‘ i: % :: r \ i/ I 4 ' 1111 \ L NI urphy d4.4 vi,ill carry Ito\ hag left 111 1/114i 1/1 /11/1111' in this 1 pry a Tla• tie . will . 1:: one 1 :::t i h i \ ,.. ‘ 1 , 1 :; 1 ::;; 11, 1 . 1 : 1 :7 . :, k ;. Hat 1%111NC, ie isemly, ()remit', 11111111 lily (11... \ 1 \ 11 t\ till' \ 1 \ gan are 1,1: ia-ss who n k li r l i t o l w ri t tie I P abinit tv.eke mirth of 1 1 4 , 0 1 . ./ 11/ 1111111 I'' • 1 111 TI. 11 j1,1 111111 11 It 0 ilibing winning melte/P. is rertaiii thin fernia :oaf about forty nidea '. I 11111 , 1y, le( /1111.1,1•41 111 1111 coast 110W 111/114111 Will 644'0 It 411101111H 11119i- NI'MBER 14. - - - - ' ,4 1 : 11 ei l it 1 1 1 :11 1 %%11 1 '1 6 ' AIL tool M rs. were tileepinff, Ilium bolls in William (hi -aunt escaped from the enmity jail at ostraiesi 1/4.1 1 11 1'111. i11111 110 jail Ionia 54.5t Is (rut, showing isinclusi%ely Ilutt I1114 ut. 11114 iriolith al, tvork (rein withitat. 114. %%A:. ( on% ielisl at 11111 1/1111 11'1'111 1/1 1 1 1 0 (11061 court al ISoulder fin sto :ttIin pled minder Iti•, partner It1. I Li A fall. A • ftle.1 the report Ill Jolt• county for Is91. With 11 pil•at , part of the railioad assess mina yet to be repoileil, the report. piliows the prement assinooddil vollia tion to be $1,701,40:: against. :114; het year. The real estate in Isfill %eat( ',Oa, thi n year it is $1,s6 1,136. A (idol iteeideol, occurred sit the Rocky Fork e•ail mines at !DO Lodge. Nlitt it miner, Wilt4 hall by a blast. Ile 01111i 54.511 114'11, 1)01 f/1111411 14/ gi ,.iit of the tvity. tiorlfrey Itemers,‘..lio hits hem) out iri e k r I:1,0011 ',owl for the killing of .1. It. Dik% 11, waq itm..14 , 1 IiIstI lodged 111 .11111 :11 11,41 ro, 21 Itial 4•Iii411 Or C111 211111 I, 4, 1,4 ii „r murder in the :0-4.0m1 11 , 4n . \• h\ Ail Pit ing Eret well, at. %tie ) . Deis.' ramp in the Flathead, la: t \I 7!',', 541414 overruled rit M\..• and W111 1 '11 1 '0 5484 114 1 / 1 111111114'11 by .liolge Marshall. It. wan eitell 1.1iN11. y oat •. cinifine meot Ile. slate pentletilialy. Whelesa le House. )11 '1 . 111.!,flny last. the wholesale liquor lo mat. of Murphy & %, was opeeed leadv for This house Ims started (nit to liateth• 14 line of 1.. , :oods that will tiaturally bri sir Invailess, nod one great feat 111i• II; I. the grade of whiskies. Mr. 1'. II F a ll s N /11 1•11 (1 1 1. 1 /1/1•11/11;! 111 4111 , 1 146 , :01.1it 111:1611:144/1 . 4 HiqtSibil foot tip to 1ii4.9111 pious's. spent tlo week Lonimville, Ill' Iti(Isni. Fenner an «III time Mo )Ii levied jest mtielt stiwk its le• %%antis! Iranian, died at and stroll as had tut ttle=.44110., g uario r tee as to purity. 'The line of cigars wan akto given atlesAion /4141 only goods of kiiievti value arid quality were purehase41. home, and it war: a liner tine: lieline A C hit\' l\P\r 1111S ho.,. 11 I ti m ,.„ % . 011.1)ill, W104 Wiwi/4.AI. I ji1OV1.ti Iti It.' recovered from the \ 11 ' 1 N\ V\nk Itutt\lq• einiiplete Pt IIES AND NOTED PERSON:. \I viol harilly listS4 Tits. the 1111 11 11 1 1 d: ft \ ); E lli t i: I Pri ll e ii h l a i l b r i g \ 4 7 1 1 j 14 % ' : .h i; it MI:Allister will Is, in retire his system reei•ivini. mnid. „ I l a w, Simpson Fayette, the \\'\ I ' 1 ° 1 -$\'\ he iuill'liIl', It, 10543 iiiuig The total assessed valuation of 11.11 Ill' ('(51111. lushly viujihicittisi. (I''4tltlt II\' \'nth to) b\ 928,353. This, shows a gain of $11, Brooklyn's st lt a :f li the t ' Y i brid l ;, 7 might iri\iliP l h ia t x ‘ :( f ) MO. Last year's asseasment W1314 BrI r k . I ...wis and ( 'lark comities is 1:32,1 I7,• 489,427 (luring the last year. been measured for the postilion. 1141 is .1. Robbins, nu employe of (lough- l is h e : 11 : ;I t Y1'-'l1i ' lifll \'\ %sli'L i islt61:1.11111L ; i W lli jai. 'tigit i the nsar's male at LivingstAm, had hi ts statement in it well known book of logs badly crushed while na..dling rftfertwed., makes her 71 yoars heat). timber. While around town at NI is- Nlajor .1. Farrell had his pocket picked of $41. James Coleman, the Vie -1i year old son of 1 ' O141 11181,14.1' ( .14 4 , 4111111 , a t Deer Lodge, while out picineking, was aceident ally shot in the hand and wrist. A l00 -yard foot rave was run at Livingston between Larry Patton and Frank 'rolhurst for $'25 a side. Tol- !oust won. T)itring it lisinderstone at Castle, W. A. Sykeman and W. G. Ross were killed by lightning. An English syndicate has bought the Lone Pine group of minee for $725,000. The properties are located ID the Vipowl district, Beaverhead county. Cornish, Winstanley & Toms of Missoula, have about, perfected the purchase of the United States Treas- ury mine at Spring Gulch, the price to be paid being .120,000. The assessment for Cascade county for 1891, according to the figures of Assessor Rice, is $12,512,226, an in- crease of over $1,(X00,000 over that of last year. Frank Shaubey, a resident of Coke - dale, died at that place of infiamation of the bolyels. He was about 35 years of age and unmarried. At Missoula thieves entered the cabin of John Williams, an old man who drives an express wagon, and se- cured a check for $PX) and 1.50 in cash. He stopped the payment of the cheek. E. S. Tutt, cattle king, was fined $25 by a justice at Stillwater for re- sisting an officer who was replevying a horse. Tutt will appeal. During the frightful thunderstorm that passed over Deer Lodge ettunty on the 17th, a bolt of lightnirlestruck the house of E. P. Thomas, a nitteher living on Lost creek, about four miles tram_ t1 4L and pa...sing down , Dimoil d wrian h an d at ths Hamlett's' its ide 1114. AI. • C of age. She deelares that she is ypt only Secretary rpf the Treasury Foster 1-, a famous whist player, and finds pleasant recreation in \taking tricks\ when his atteutiun is not coallned too closely to unraveling the problems of nat hand finance. John Stuart Blaekie, the !anion., Scotch professor of Greek and philos ophy, is a lively old man of eight -on\. lie puts in a full work day just as he used to, and is described as being as an a kitten.\ Ex • Senator Tabor of Colorado, will build a residence in Denver which is . expected to cost over $500,000, and eclipse anything else of the sort in that city. Active operations , will not, be begun for months yet. Harriet Beecher Stowe's physician' believes that she may live ten years' yet, although she is eighty. Her physical faculties are remarkably well preserved, notwithstanding her fail iug mental powers. She retains the greatest admiration for flowers. E. P. Weston, the famous heel and toe pedestrian, is now making more money out of financial schemes than' he did in his palmiest days on the tanbark track. Mr. Weston looks to . be sixty-five years of age, is fifty, and does more bustling than a man of thirty. The . senior member of the center party in Germany, Peter Reichen- sperger, recently celebrated the' eighty-first anniversary of his birth. For many years Reicheasperger was almost as powerful in the councils of his factions as the late Dr. Wind- thorst. He has been forty-three years in parliamentary life. Manager rurviance to make the New York Cash Bazaar attractive' 1414 gob& and the prices. The nime store opened to -day and you stasild call: NUCLEUS A nice line of Ladies' and Misses trimmed hats just received at the Minneole4iereseeile4le. Suhvri , ,e fa t Cor.r VRIAN, Ecliniin(1 Gale, of Demeraville, a fiend would compel the grestest keeps on lititfttlittite vIrcir villain ever born to undergo, deers and a. A rime line of single and double liar

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 23 July 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.