The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 06, 1891, Image 2

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____________ *VSflipr • '11\6\adadh.\44141 .••••••.•••••.. • The Columbian. ruithiseno ni JNO. w. 1='.A.CE. A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE FLATHEAD REGION. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, BY MAIL: Three Dollars per year to P.O. Aildi esti. If Paid in Advance $2.50 per 'Year. Hs Months, in advance, $1.511. Three Months, in advance, 75 Cents. Tim COLUMBIAN illVitOS its patrons and friends to send items of all kinds regarding hnprovements, and ()ma - ngiest; whirl' are of interest to the Iwople of the Flathead. Address all letters to TIIF: COLUMBIAN, Columbia Falls, Mont. ZWIEMED AT MONACO 1.0MTOFTICli. AM SECOND CLASH MAO. MATTER. ALL ADVERTISIN0 BILLS P 1.IILE THE 151 0F EACH MO \ THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 1891. Maryland democrats have ex- pressed themsAves solidly for Gor- man for president. Francis Murphy, the leltilwrance worker, is gathering sinners in Hel- ena. He will remain there some time. The field is immense. Mrs. Mary Hopkins Searles, of Methuem, Mass., died and in her will left all her millions to her husband. This is a new style in wills and should become popular with all hen - peeked men. THE COLUMBIAN received seven let- ters in one mail from eastern people asking informat ion about the Flathead country. That is fair evidence that Columbia Falls is known in the land east of the Mississippi. • From all indications the present City ceameil of Missoula will become as unpopular as the celebrated Don- ald Bradford regime did in Helena. Inactivity is the greatest crime a mu- nicipal body can be guilty of. l e Long Island still raises a class of in people who look at a circus with mouth open and popping eyes. Dur- ing a recent street parade a bank at Sag Harbor was robbed. The cash- ier had not traveled much. The Rock Island road has sued Jay Gould for $10,000 per day for every day that Gould's Omaha bridge was closed to the former company. Jay will hardly miss $10,000 a day, if he loses the suit, but he has a habit of winning. The man who says Butte is dull is luny. It has hoss races and the Pa- via will case going on at once. Among the notables present are Bob Wade. Bob Ingersoll, Cyclone, Nathaniel Meyers, Nettie S. and J. C. Sconce. it's Butte's inning. Several heavy capitalists of Denver have recently gone to the wall, owing it is said to the decline of real estate values. They should have bought Montana dirt. It gets richer and better every year, and the fellow who hasn't any of it is the one who fails. - • Montana MPH are going on an ex- cursion to the Coeur d'Alenes, aud get acquainted. That ' s a good plan. Idaho and Montana should pull tc- gether. Their resources and interests are identical. Good fellowship is sential to the progress of both. - - - - Several English statesmen are agreed that prize fighting shall not be revived in England, and parlia- ment will probably enact laws that will make Charley Mitchell et al. hunt new pastures. However, En- gland can abolish prize fighting by letting Sullivan whip a dozen or two of their best men. Jews are being driven out of Rus- sia in hundreds, and those arriving in America tell pitiful tales of the hardships they were put to in the hell of which the czar is the Mephis- topheles. If another bomb explodes under the czar's throne, little sympa- thy will go from these shores or those of any other enlightened coun- try. _ The Helena Journal is authority for the following, which is of interest to lumbermen: In advertising the notice of application for cutting it is necessary that they should be in- serted four times to cover the period of twenty- one days, which is the law. There have been S good many notices sent in with the instruc- tion to insert three times, but in all such cases they will have to be republished. _ \Reflections Thoughts and Max- ims \ is the title of the book Boulan- ger is about to spring on an unsus- pecting constituency. Dollars to doughnuts the two latter are not worth the penny so freely offered in the old adage, but his past career ought to offer food for some enter- taining reflections. Land Commissioner Carter has ruled that any application for permis- sion to cut timber must not only be submitted to the department with publication notice and affidavit de- scribing land, and kind and amount of timber desired, but that the party making application must await the department's order or ho maw risk pso.i.cittion and rejection of applica- tion Stanley ' s contract with the Amer- ican publishers of his book called for $40,000 in royalty. It is now author- itatively stated that he has received from them the additional sum of $11- 000, and that Maj. Pond paid to him $90,1X10 as his portion of the proceeds of the lecture tour, all of which goes to show that the greater the hum- bug the faster will the Amerivan pub- lic fly (4) chip in honest dollars toward its support. Matthew Q.may ham resigned the chairmanship of the Nat ional repub - lican committee. While the usual resolutions were passed, the republi - cans generally feel grateful to him for having stepped down and out of such ',arty prominence. It is not necessary for republicans to believe all that is said of Quay to rejoice at his resignation, for it is a matter of public importance that 110 IttililtS1 man should stand at the head of either of the great parties. A Washington special says that ex -Senator Ingallshas solved the question which everyliody is asking by consenting to become one of a party which is to make a tour through Southern Europe and the Holy Land. The party is to consist of twenty live persons, if the projector of the excur- sion can get that menbor of desira - ble tourists to put up the amount. of money that he requires. This looks like a scheme to swindle the guileless hayseed and twenty-four other fish out of water, by making them pay dearly for the privilege of being chap- eroned. A BREATHING SPELL. Several 1114 , 11 have called attention to the fact that for the past three weeks arrivals in the Flathead vall y have been fewer than during any pe - riod sites , March. It would be rather strange if any other condition existe There is a splendid reasonfor it. All the western and middle states art , in the midst of one of the most bounteous harvests known in years. Crops are larger than before in ten years, and the agricultural prosperity extends from ocean to (Wean, including the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas, in %%licit a crop is badly inmsled. This splendid harvest makes business for everyone at home, and farmers, bank - ers and merchants have no time to in- vestigate the attractions aml resources of new countries. When the harvests are laid up, then the westward tide will swell. Moneyed mensminufacturers,farmers, merchants and prof..ssional men will have time to take a trip, and then Montana will have her share. The Flathead valley will be the magnet that draws, and new faces, new men and new money will be here seeking investment and employment. The present is only a breathing spell. THE JOKES OF sIXTY-THREE. - - It makea no mortal ditTer-nca How new your jttke may hi, You'll find some .11eck smart who heard It batik in '6:1. A little whiskey114W and than Is relished by the best of men, It smoothes the wrinkles out of care, And makes ace high look like two pair. Teacher - What was Washington ' s object in crossing the Delaware? Tommy Traddles To see if the peach crop was a failure. St. Peter --- Where are you from? Applicant - I left the metropolis at 5 o'clock this afternoon. St. Peter - - What was the score? Friend -How's real estate in the suburbs to -day? Real Estate Agent (emptying the muddy water from his boots) --Out of sight, sir- simply out of sight! Mrs. Slimson (to little Willie Slim - son, who has been taking in the ball game) --So that's where you've been, is it? You just wait 'till your father gets home, young man, and he'll give you a good trouncing! Willie -Ho won't be home for yet a while. He stayed for the last in- ning. I have invented another machine. It is a labor-saving contrivance tor mothers, being a self -rocking cradle, baby spanker and clothes wringer in one. The baby spanker works like a paddle wheel, the loose paddles doing the spanking. As many as five babies can be spanked at one time. All you have to do is to drop a baby in the slot and the machines does the rest. -Pittsburg Dispatch. \I hope, Jennie, that you have given the matter serious consideration,\said a lady to servant girl who had \given notice\ because she was to be married that \day two weeks.\ \Oh I have, ma'am,\ was the earn- est reply. \I have been to two for- tune tellers and a clairvoyant, and looked in a sign book and dreamed on a lock of his hair, and been to one of these asterologers, and to a meejum and they all say to go ahead, ma'am. I ain't one to marry reckless like, ma'am.\ Fine toilet, soaps, combs and brushes at C. F. Fullerton's. Teeth extracted and filled by elec- tricity. Perfectly painless, perfectly safe. By Dr. Robinson, the popular dentist, now at Demersville for one month. For fresh butter and eggs call on the Missoula Mercantile Co. TEMPTATION. - - -- I met Temptation Inn wood; She reached bar tender arms tome, And, 01 her eyes were warm and dark, And. 0! her lips were sweet to see; Her unbound hair was flecked with gold, Like stiniight trembling Om' the leaves, Anil. 0! her voice was soft and low, Like winds among the harvest sheaves. Her breast seemed pure and white as snow, Newfallen on seam mountain height. n• tally SHOWS 1/11 Willie 1,1101%1 , fall. Fr011i night to pay, from day to night. Iler slender waist was girdled round With purple poppies. erimsen-tipped ; 0 !her breath was like red wine, And, 0 ! she was (tendons lipped. The light was dint within that wood, I kissed her, nod I knew no more Unt ii I heard the sail sea waves Breaking their Isparta against the shore. And moaning like some living thing That could not bear its weight of woe; Then I remembered of her ties, all reinorseful, prayed to go, Hut, lo! the arms that lull 1110 ClOSO Ware hot es tire, t .0ttig as death ; Her golden hairs more hands of steel, And bur ll i ll g, SC.:wiling was lwr breath. The ptaaties, 41) i ii al her waist, Petal by petal, fluttered down; Her lilas were dry NISI parched, and lbw eyes were shad( „ by it fr.DWYI. The night was black within that wt Mill still the waves sobbed u,n t Ii, in'. \Temptation prayed I but she laughed - \Temptation is your hive iii. wore: Temptation, having won you, tired, .tiel gave you me; my name is Sill, Am! I will hold roO CioNt, till death- - Bele ild: Tempt at ion is my twin.'' The night wax black ; t114. sad sea waves Still beat in grief tigninst the shore; That luau- I knew t hat Sin anti I Were wedded fast forevermore. JBANHTTI: W. LoCKWOOD. 111T11 'HIE EDITORS. The Standard hooks Fey au Etodus. The New York Press asks: \What is in the treasury r.114 , re may In , a pair of socks or a treasury clerk's old collar, and the Press is right in mak- ing inquiry lest the republican party should forget something. It might as well make a clean job of it. -Stan- dard. Chang,. ii iimul Thing. \Honest\ John Bardsley had hardly donned the stripes before efforts WP: made for his pa:don en the gro ind that he is suffering from paresis. It is curious how soon great crimina'.s are attacked by fatal maladies after conviction. It is well, however, to try a change of residence and (bet for a time, at least. - /m/cpsittheit. Thinks It a Fake. \A bottomless lake of jet black water and 3,000 volcanoes \ is a pretty attraction for Lower California, and the man who invented it should be knighted, or gartered, or crowned, or hung or something.- -Miner. Then. Was Witter en the Seat. The gentleman who occupied a buggy in front of the Ta•ibotne Ohs. last Sunday while the funeral service was being held in the Odd Fellows hall, will do this office a favor by re- turning the umbrella he liorrowts1 from it, to shelter the lady from the rain he had seated along side of him. €'f (Mile Tribune. A MD -SUMMER Arrival of HOT WEATHER GOODS () SPECIAL m ilICEMENTS To Buyers. We are so situated that we can do buminessa at all seasons of the year, and the Time Worn Chestnut of other merchants that trade is dull, shall not, and will not hold good with um. We find from past, experience that LOW PRICES are bound to make business. and we shall hold out such inducements to our patrons, which we feel confident will meet with their approval and patronage. Respectfully Yours, NEW YORK CASH BAZAAR. HICKMAN&LINDSLY, ,E DRUGGISTS And Dealers in WALL PAPER, PAINTS, BRUSHES STATIONERY, PERFUMES, FANCY GOODS. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO PRE- SCRIPTION WORK. No. 6. W. Main St. MISSOULA. EVANS & BARNETT. The - Sento - Saloon. -- Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Open Day and Night. ---:- NUCLEUs AVENUE - - COLKEZIA FALLS. • 11'0.1SIS(1111A1.. THOS. H. WHITE, I Late orVirginfik City and Butte .A. :1? ' 13 1i. t -AND- IsTOTA.R.:7 PUBLIC. COLUMBIA FALLS, - MONTANA. Next to Windsor Hotel. L. A. FARMER, ARCHITECT, CONTRACTOR AND BUTLER. Estimates Fornisned on all Kinds of Buildings. Plans : at : Romantic : Rates. 011ice over Ptist , .:Fee. COLL:Nil:I.% I' . A : MONT.% N A. H. BURCH DENTA 14 - ) _ _S j lk (• ) UP STAIRS I'. 0. BUILDING. Columbia Falls, • - • Montana. Breery St0111 Thant & Bryant, Props, THE BEST OF WINES, LIQUORS, AND PELLE NuLsos 1110.LAIRS BELMf iNT 1 0 .111111.1YER 'Whiskeys. Milwankoe Keg and Bottled Beer AND CALIFORNIA Nucleus Ave ttttt Colombia Falls, Mont. HELENA C011(gC. A!: IN:711111T OF S11( )11 1 U! 11(1, TeletzpapIty, And ARCH IT EtT SAL DRWlN SEVEN YEAES 11E10111.: P111111c. SUPERIOR 1 THE 1: A.1.0 A111:0 %D. Nt) V.i.CATIONS !•, ;•ta I * IMO. EXIM,p-i•S 1,• I 't k. • ‘ , 111NiAtl/illATi, r1/1\ iitt,i, a.! • .:,1 SttilitaitS LESSONS BY MAiL isTHC CELEBRATED PERNIK PHONOGRAPHY. Ciist of I 'omit:etc. TI.7.1 Book ...... 2 :10 Full Course, by VIJ terliefereuces: Ete,inees nud ProfesAonal Men of Mot,ttnitt. W'ritt• for Terms, or renal 'Business Etlacator; .tddress, Piton H. T. ENGELIIMIN, M.A. HELENA, MONTANA. NORTHERN PACIFIC BETWEEN MISSOULA, GA RRISON,HELENA BUTTE, BOZEMAN, BILLINGS, LIVINGSTON, GLENDIVE, MILES CITY. AVD ALL POINTS EAST AND WEST. There is nothing better than the Dinh vg Car Line. Through Pullman Sleeping Cars and Furnished Tourist Sleepers Run Daily Between Points in MONTANA AND St. Paul, tflinneapolis and Chicago. PASSING THROUGH MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA. MONTANA, IDAHO, OREGON AND WASHINGTON. Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars, First and Second Class Coaches, Pullman Tourists' Cars, Free Colonial Sleepers. THROUGH TICKETS are sold at all coupon offices of the Northern Pa- cific Railroad to all points North, Sast, South and West in the United States and Canada. Time Schedule: Leaves Ravalli daily for Helena. Butte, Bon -- man, Livingston, Hibmarck, Fano,. St. Paul, Minneapolis. Duluth, Chicago and all Points East at 3.40 a.m. Leave Ruyan daily for Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland and all western points at it :II p.m. ar\Trains stop at Eavalli only on signal. For Rates, Maps, Time Tables or special inf..r- mation appl to Agent of Northern Pacillc rall- y/Ink Measwers, -we 4s. CHAS. S. FEE, lien. Pam and Ticket Agent, St. Paul,Minu. MISSSOULA MERCANTILE COMPANY, 4 1 / 1 0•MMIS.S•••• •INIINNIIII.31•••••0101...111•1, 0.• \'A. VMS ...NEM. Discount S 11111111MREDMIIIIM I I a \Till : f..;\ i Ver y I MIX hue of the following goods, we have decided to offer them for the next thirty days at a discount of from 2() i() .7o per cent: 40 dozen summer shirts of varied style and material, positively sold at cost. 25 dozen men's,women's and chil- dren's straw hats at half price. 5 dozen men's canvas shoes, good ,/ stock, marked down from 51.50 to_ 90 cents. 10 dozen men's balbriggan under- wear marked $3 and $2.25 a suit, selling at $2.15 and $1.40. 10 dozen two-L;uckle pioN A I at $1.10. We are carying a full line of Gents' Furnish- iw.4 . Goods, Clothing, Groceries, liard\ydrt'apd building material, which we are oficrifr.;i. - very close prices for cash. Qiir)ecl , T y R • Is sr 7 p 1AT !1.7 A f.”. 1 ,V!!,,* 1. 4 MIS&dbIA,fi 57. ; I VI L I. Al l .1 1 la k t. 1 \ H C L. I.; B F P. I, L,S, o . r ; • • 1 ' 1 <ktek Kennedy tv., A Now ifillso 5.ild SifiCtlY • - i S5 k l 0 - 1 1 e:70•• Just Opened -All Modern Imp tc. Ra.tct 2. ELO to 04.50. Racket ‘3'CS t . Demerevilie, Montana. --- We have an Agency in Nev York City to pircht to enable us to sell at low('r prices than othcrs ( :' : ........i!. to watch every Auction Sale. Call and set. NVIii;!. Hardware, Tinware, Sporting Goods, Gents' : I • . ,T • :!, ! Shoes. A new line of Hats, all the latest styles from Now York, fi:t v ti off. Stationely and Notions of all kinds, Cigars, Tobacco, Fria :set (')at',' tionery. 14Y - What is the use of wasting a dollar when you can save it ALLEN JOHNSON, Manager. C. F. W. HALL, Prop. ' • ! Demers - vine, Montana HUNT 6; HARWOOD, : PROPRIETORS. THE LEADING HOTEL OF THE FLATHEAD COUNTRY. Well Furnished Rooms -Excellent Table. Bar and Billiards. 'WI. BO •-•' ' L.\NL IN FP,LINT OF THE Ei a!:. Norillorlibitontholigimpcovommit h. c!!\s.5. 'I A* - n . o, ri I5 i; J:ii!P r f r1, -, f1 rift+ 111 , , • all - - I3O14i[i0.11 - B. P. BARTLESON, PROP. \cext to lic.t.11 ( 4 .; .MeDi j nald's lodging house. First - Che:s meals from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Col'uabia Fails.31ont. COLUMBIA BAKERY. First D. S. COBURN, Proprietor. f Bakery. I a Best of Fresh Broad, Pies, Cakes. PASTRY MADE TO ORDER. WALSH & MURPHY, COMP.A.ITV. t c(thiiiihia : Alinitana. THE DELTA SALOON, Nucleus Avenue. erroCICHOLDER.S: FIRST NATIONAL BANK, BUTTE, PARROTT COPPER CO., BUTTE, ! FRASER & CHALMERS, CHICAGO. CHOICE W:NES, LIQUORS, OFFICERS: PPESIDENT, JAMES A. TALBOTT, Burn; VICE PnrsintNT, L. C. TRENT, CILUMEIA FALLS : : : MGNTANA. SALT LAKE; TREASURER, ANDREW J. DAVIS, BUTTE: RUTH & McDONALD, Have Opened Th4.4r New Saloon and Keep the Bt.t ,.,f Liquors and Cigars. AND CIGARS. MiLWAUKEE LEER ON DRAUGHT. SECRETARY, FRANK LANG FORD, CGLUMEIA FALLS. OWNS .AND OPERATES: LANDS, MILLSITES, WATER POWERS, TOWNS ITES, COAL, LUM- BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES 11-Kotimai Uffitries. They Have Furnished Rooms for Lodgings. The Best of Beds. Um( Av e . wy,t, - CULUX1111 rALL.b..

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Aug. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.