The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 06, 1891, Image 3

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••••.•-• • . •.••••••• Am**. • --••••••••••• •-••• ••••11,11 ••• ••••••••••• 41. ••••••••••••••••••••••• 40— •••••••••••••••i...•••••• •.•••••• TWO PROCESSIONS ••••••• o ne ....1111.1••••=n0••• Led by a i'itrt Containing Effigies of Alan, W eaten 111111 Bally. he '1 ' 111 4 her Fallow lair ell Thell Wits Mortal of ik 1101111 11111 11111 Err - liar 11 entail. 1$ was high H111111114tr on the motor land. I tardily yet, wins the opened; lank n111)11441 no 14114 g 'lit* 1 /I pink on the g11441 spinw. Rai, the heather was in its first glory of Wotan purple in steno 'thesis, l'Itiowlwro tall mid rose flushed. And slowly over all the evelling was falling. 'rho brown fritillaries that all day flitted toyer the heather welt , gone now; awl the bites W1411 1411,111. TIWI'll Wits streak ttf silver It , I .1 1% 11 , 11 the 114 , 11 t1110W04 1 Ill II iiai tow lino. 1111/1 sigh 'loot onot whim a it nigh cart track ran, awl where it. disap peered the sunlight gloarilisl 'al 11 11110 vvallm tif vottages. Thal. was Veit Instill, 10111 front l ' entreaillo a /41'1111g0, 111041111 11 intsiemmioll was setting forth (0 tweak upon the toilet of III.' m ime Nude. An old ;, , ,Tity liill?wg eiroW eitieg glifillg13' over the rutted way a heavy cart that ',hook Steil jolted. It was coated with mull, that ittsamotolation \ of . 1 ears, nail hail beim 1041 101‘eti i y from ',mini ill feinishell stmill farm, ' Llott harness was also old ant I wirff y_t • Ipto. III the ratan Sid of rude g41111111 7 :4 1041 1114'11 0144'1 PI 1. Itorefrom two figure-, Onto was the effigy of ii mita. The of her wino ill III 1 111/1 11 . 14 Kurt), Rail onoloracosl with straw stuffed altsives, it smaller effigy, as id a lathy. Tie, figures awayed and jostled one smother as the earl moved ruin !monody from rid lit rill or Iii ii' 144'II forward over a g,reat to hile spar half minket' Iii the $oil. Then till. l'I'lw\%41 that hollowed the rail shouted etturse comment and the titttoi that 411o81t Its theil hark lot or his shoilliler, gui tang at (lit' figto:..a For it girl had sinned and t 11111' 111111 lived near her eere iset upon it demonatrution of their wrath. The cart jolted and shook, awl Nome of the crowd blew II. rns or bola t#i Cm 'tuts nail Itith lots as they ((litmus! tientam the moor hind. ' 1.ija)u Tregenza utts !toothed f ill fifty ly by 1 leo v ;Bowers when he colooti load. Inuit \foleign parts. \ Ile had latest working in 11 eopper mine at Tally warn, wide), is a gotsl settle iii ittile:t front l'entrontli, witl lie bosight It wife with him. When ' ItOjoth wait killed at I ' t o nt reat It con(ii.' Widow lived still in the helve! rented, and she eel) hv t .lit i t mottusta she found food for hersclf tied Linn. %Viten it w,i.t ..1,0 worked al the mine. She ettriii i• lout on the waste' aids and madelii of them; she picked lolacklairrie i iti seaman and sold them to 'inch hulk its 111111 110 C10111041 10 pick the fruit for pamst Moe. Often Au starved. But Una had always enough, fuel lvhile that was the tavie the 184,1 her was content, though she grew ,4,1 110 fore her time, and I hank's! i oil thily• that '1,ijah did tett like to how her beauty load fathod. This beauty lived again in Una; mod the mother felt once more in her daughter ' s emneliness the joyous pride that had been hors in the dap+ Of Tally warn. She had a real personal pleasure in seeing Linn prettily dressed; and in Iii,' course of years the child repaid her. For at she grew to the ago whereat ehildren naturally Reek for themselves companions of their own years, Linn grew friendly by degrees with the childe u of the village, whither she went sometimes on er- rands. She was queen of them nil ere long, and presently their parents marked her prettiness, and wore led to a new friendliness toward her mother. Then, of course Linn went to work at the mine; for no man can do effect - natty the work of a girl in smashing the \lode stuff,\ fresh from the shaft, to such a size as will fit it for the \stampm\ that are to powder it. There, also, in the long, rough shed, with its eobblisi floor, amid gray piles of ore, Line was supreme; and when they walked home at nights after the day's toil was done, it was her voice that sounded clearest in the songs they sung and the curious winding hymns. On Sundays Line sat in the choir gallery at the little chapel, anti there, through the noise of the instruments and the throaty voices of the boys who sang alto, her singing came sweet rind clear. \The Rose o' Sharon an' the Lily o' the Valley both to wance\--that was how Peter Gurney described her in an unguarded mo- ment, and if he was promptly rebuked for \makiu' a jest o' the bible,\ he had often afterward the pleasure of hearing his phrase quoted, with an added \as Peter Gurney 'd say\ that freed the speaker from all responsi- bility. Peter was one of the crowd now, and as they moved slowly across the moorland he grew more and more uneasy. Hie phrase came back to him, and ionitivretrittnr Affluent; of the Aire ) the dim expanse of the heather, he iad- a certain mysterious sense of outerilege committed. l'erloaps this vague disquiet wen born of a linger- ing regard for Linn; only the fool can rumple wit hold a thought %alma the Inultea lily that °nee was hei t iodul, At all tweets, Vette. Gurney follewod Ile' earl, with a growing dread el tst fast rt Itint, Alt fill' list, others they load no moils Hi isgivings. Luta It consist mime lime before to work at the mine; nor die, slat come Ray 1014.Tior to the chapel. The 11101 her, too, WM Minn illUr(mmii latr twal ; Mid Mut aVoi(lci I (1111 iusglilitirs )101Ni:-11 Mit ly Pit) 1 1114 l'illinkcity watt balked o f ihitis.t oviu t ti t Then, of etninte, iii ii little elide the jest of )101110 1111111 1)011111111 I 1111 141111 1111111 talk. At last it watt told flint it child load beton born ill the 1111 111g11, alai Hut rhino II( Iii, , Was Montag', 1)1 that o 11 1 no I his itim youth procession was the tionbodi 1111111. 1.01311 11101111 0 Itl1 Iii 1st and 1.01000 1 1010 till (1 1 0 111001 111101, dill 'Alights wee to Ist burned. Iltel her pallier in eiti lit 4 , 11 know it Iii.' villagers woodol limit been content eith visiting the gui cottage noel lei I ifying her with noise and brutal tootoeltery; the burning would hare limas 4111114, fl oo r 1 honse. But Linn had kept. siltilitat. Not tw ',it l ' apteott earbin, tile chapel ',toa wrd, tile, /Intl ill1101 Shit N o 0 40 0 1• 11 mi d 1010'11 10 (1114111 la 1 1111 )11110 1111111110 1'0111 14 1111 11111111114114111 W01111'1, had !wen Itlillt Ito make litor the mote ' s name. She 411,01,1bear (lit' potin, nitwit lie load e it to; /Ind II/ 111.1' II,.. 1111'1'0 )111111110 0t 0 010 411. 0 144,0,1 enough. For she hail hoist through all I !Will Mullahs klli owing that lit, hull lushhe to t, and ill , 111111 (.1111.01 It pi' Igot )Iit. caii Huffer only to 11 tiertain cdeoit, acid I.ina wan 1111141 It aware of 111.4 ;111,iiiii• a it sill. st,.. Was sileal, awl 1 lc- t , had 1 !till' it lu 141111111 her. voltage i.tii il 1,) I hit road Ilial from the %dingo to l'etitkite 'tive. PritrotalUs I !icy tRio. ii sighl tif it, iiu,iI Ilion 1 . 1.1 or 111 ocy restrain himself no it,' nil pionsl them not to go tin. \There (grit mato of '04% bla d' mind lite time when Ow wits the prettiest 111 maid iui,ill rut rat Ite, 1111' the ; tut ' tof you can ' t say that no longer, then ou may tki g of 1 Mid rut tostlill , Hough to 1 war it ' read. 'I' I'll I ' point . II 1,, au ' they II ' say, to.,, flint lite altlI I etrot lout a whisk, ICI thing, au ' w..:1111 lit.' lour, ' 4.41 441 . 11 'I hi Ito wil.4 nil outbreak oof haughltir. voi.t (;iir on,, or tit10, 1)11 . 111 11:4 1,..! . .lm,.if llitt 'jet out ' 1111':+ moro'is itt, I of us Ev.ta iti, to. 01 tif you 41 1.!!...\ 111.. uiiiiiu l'cf••, I ;'li it (lin% of di p.tir, apt :wiolio It..!.loor . limires ;led tine ;moths. :it cart movt I 'I') it' cottage was very near now. 'Co Nista turd the thatched roof i.kiped 1111111E.1 hi 1 groan& j,11 1 11 dour Alms! /s•htocti (550 ranall wi ti the,ys ; Red thi s d oor % %v., % t i t l e open. ' Ilicro 155114 au sigii of 'unto it. moo.) . 0, ro,ot ti1 t h. litap of gardeti ground with 1114 tov.,loroad wall of black slag. Then it stood still, and there was au awed silence. Something, it magnet', had Imj toses! whereby to the two women dwelling t Item I he demonstra- tion of the villagers had 1114411110 11 thing Of 110 aceount. And then from the distance came a sound that shocked and thrilled them. A woman was wailing some where in utter abandonment of grief. Peter Gurney stared down the road - way toward the eove. The t•aetto f on ,. boding he had felt was justified. \F\or God's snake,\ he (Tied, \hulk° those 'ere thim, , s away.\ Ilia there was no time for retreat. Along the road that Its1 up from the sea a cart came slowly toward them. One or two men, bareheaded, walked beside it, and in the cart a woman mat cry- ing out and wailing over a dead girl's body. Lina'a baby had died that day, and the girl had felt free to lay down her burden of life. The avenging crowd stood help- lessly about the cottage door, but Peter Gurney had leapt into the cart and torn down the dangling effigies, tramping them under his feet sav- agely. The other cart came on slowly. It stopped and they saw the rigid body carried into the house, the mother following it, wailing, crying out against the heaven that had killed her pride first, afterward the daughter she might only love. She turned at the door and waved back the men who had found Line's body, and would have stayed with her at the cottage until some of their womankind should come. Then, as the door closed upon her desolation, the cart was turned back toward l'en- treat!), and night darkened over the moorlitiel.—Nationel Observer. Cedar Shinzles, The Columbia Falls Shingle com- pany are prepared to furnish you with shingles at the lowest prices at your own door. Mill running night and day. Call on or address, ,L„Lzwitt., MOW% Columbia Falls. Subscribe for TUE COLUMBIAN. olimr.•••••••: ••••••••••••I -w ....NOV •• • • •ir. •••••••••••••••••;•••••••••••••••••••• DEAN & COWEL, OontruoLorta and launders. Phew awl iipecilitititiotoit On Oil /1 I. lit/live Mal RI W114011111 oh, I Illeot. GIVE US A CALI,. cm. R. Nit Mallon, mollmaillossminh. and. Mm.loaliner. Mulles (Ilk.' ii charge sof anti Shipped. ()Idols I lootogli Vtill.o) ilI it' catits. 1'1°1111)1 Al hut it'll. Co1111111hin, Falls ettnietery one usuili' west oh t Melkftditou ' ro 11.F. 55, 111, II I. I 14.0i • SMITH & OLIVER, REAL ESTATE, „„d A,„.„,s. et11.1 11111 1.1.14, \ I'. .111(42;(., Plasterer, Stolle anfl Brick Masa 1., (Hi, 4, I,,, 1 1,114111.1 I 1 1.1.. MorsT N Viol.. KENNETT, .1. II. T. Its MAN, Vivi+ l'res, (1, A. , ( The Weston! Molltalla Nittiothtl D/liosoula, Montana. i'11•11.11, 111'1.! Ai. li I )IifS,1 i l4t1. Deliveries iniele in ally Quatititim Desired. °okra left at TIIE COLUMBIAN Offic0 Will r1 44`i VP pr. 1111)11 at tu'ntiuni. THE BIG FOUR. 0 0 0 If you want a Live Republican Dai- ly Newspaper, subscribe for the Hel- ena Daily Jourtml„the organ of Montana. IV mail $9.(N) per year. If you want a live Republican Weekly Newspaper, away from bons', subscribe for the Jleients AVeekly Journal. By until $200 per year. 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W• tun tarnish pus y * ou l lotTru whertrter you Sot •••••. arm W. start you. No rt.k. Can wort' 1,1 f t ore nr all Oa Ilme. InC.r- mutton gillthe •s• eV C40.. el 1.1 4. .4 41%0. to. 3 OA TEAM I 1 outd.,sitia. to 'minty touch any fairly Intelligent p.r.,n of either we who eau mil and write, e rg who.'arler luelniettaa, will week IndwIlnensly, Anne to tens Those ilemweasd re a t•stiu hat, 'ma lw altars. wherever Ow, Ihre.1 will.).. /andel) the eleato km at employ neut. all Whleh you run ear,, that eau , t. ilaasewty for marshals , IIIIIMINAkkAthatel,kkukft.IMA vaskAgAisoWd• LAselsolui 000 !HAWArent nth M oretric( Cflonil. I ha.. Illtu b le& tau g ht wed in.,, idyll nut.• m i lk., u43 .•t a Immr num who MY male, over $011011/ • p.a. t att. I. 'NEW a k01•10. tot' 1 ortt, ',Ian JP it IF: E. A raft••• at,..'., Le IL% ALLEN. Boa itAtt. Altattna e 54111t. Traylor, 03.1 - v - er & Martin, HOUSE -PAINTERS- SIGN I'A IDIi.IZ. I I A NG II:IZS. Columbia Wall u, .1.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••/1/1.0•Maa ( 4 1 1 rry 1 I 1 1 J) 1 )1'1 1 111 ' MC.)11t£1,11rt. \\• :III I fi n 1) ,, r, mi d :1 it, di) :III ‘, ill % 55,'1t 1 11 1 I It '1:1 „ NO TRUE ECONOMY CAN PRACTICED iv( A HOUSEHOLD UNIMF7J, A COPY OF THE \ElklIER5' Q(1113E” Cf,iNSULI ii) •••• MN. flln' '. ••••• 44‘ / 1 1 rt • .1 . 01t1 I•1 .1 .1. Is 4 1 - padits11(0. Kind 10 (0111.111u \DICTIONADY OF VALUES\ l dr . 0 1011.111) fifily 1.•.),.: i. • .1 J. .., ,•: .i..-., 1 1411141PS to pay charge,. on 111111 o r 7 um worst wittiomi. 14V MONTCOMERY WARD h CO., III to 116 MIcOivill Ave.. C11-4 IC A CD C3_ FRASER & CHALMERS, CT noAGia. L. C, TRENT, Gen. Western M;m:440r. Salt. Lake City, Utah; Holona, Monrana. MINING MACHINERY, And Nlaellittery for the Systenitit Ihduet,,,,, of I hes by Anieltetnisti ,, e, Ciiiteeet rat itte, Smelt Mg mid tif the Ilistieslalte, fi r/m itt, Doom 1,1111011011, Ailar. , 11(111. Iwx 111 0 4 ) 11 , Mid Itiduct ion \Vitas, Iltoisting t ;eared awl 1 1'11)4110cl 111ff awl Di.voluping 1 1 , ..cAl‘, I hiileltirs of 1 'nitro% 1 Air Compressors and Wire Trauma yi., Ft fill Almi. 'II l':11111111 1111viit odors. 14:1 ,1 4 ( ' I ( I( N1( )'1'( )1 tS. Nhlg Whathi a, Arvid 14 . 4 IIV(I . VV( )( ) ( I I I( )iSt ii IL I,I1f41 1 1( b S, And Tyler 11'irti 1Vork., I)itittile I 'limpet, Mining (loth. Electric Light Plants. Cutl , l a ilelstelilig 1 /tills. Coliquiralioil Mills, Electric Elevators, Shay PaIeol Locomolins. S:ly the Best job Printin..), ill Ihe l'hitheml Re- gion is Obtained at ((>1,1r,v1111AN ()I FICE• GREAT HOEHN LUMBER COMPANY, Columbia Palle, - - Montana. ---MANUFACTURERS OF ALL GRADES OF --- Common, Dimension, Flue Finishing, Seasoned, - - - • - - Kiln -dried ad Surfaced Lumber. White Pine, Yellow Pine, Fir, Tamarack, Cedar, Birch, Spruce. Ow FLOORING, CEILING, LATH, SHINGLES, SIDING, TIES, BRIDGE TIMBER, R. R. TIMBER. ( inlitsat Ilernit %%hill to Antiow,iiiii Ilya they are prepared ,u supply Its it'. iii any etittistitioh I/esired. TIIM COLUMBIA 111,141; BRICK 1 .1 1111l1 III I 11101 .4, 1111 1 1 ito , i old at r , ,t1i , 11:0 101 y 11 1(1 / 1 111., 1 of Ninth A101• 1, 1 ,:..t ii. I h,14 It'd!, 1: .1, at, lit, tit. Noo. 1,ittioli i St. Peter' Archie ; )(A ( lik•ilpt, 111 mlii II I bon, ( '..1 milieu rail,. and : '4' uu 1 al mid (lit SiliAV .11 ' I lit. e. Colutlill Fails, MODIRIIR, I I 4 )1 i I .4 • on I1.1, 1,10, of oh', (11. - ... 1 No, fc in Railway sail :it 111 , i Ili's , ' of ion ol •,,,• flat le•os1 If sirt! 1 10 . C., ( 4.•y,ho, 4 I, 1 114• '1011111 it. tdai , li II.• luau. •.(• of 'Aral Nliae,:t1, lii whiell the surrounding country aloolinds, alictt cowl. for isianitfact lire and tuar ket., (Iii',. 'I ft)riiiing tlet larg'\ , / 41 \ 11 Isinat.iini of miter'sl rettotiree i•r 1:1101V1i il1 Columbia Falls, with it immense water poe•er awl natural location for business of all dcseripCons, is the only town in the Flathead Valley with a future assured, and for bah: awl per - nutrient investment. Columbia Falls has espended with- in the past thirty days $50,000.00 for Businese Buildings, while contracts am already made for over fifty Business Buildings more, at a cost of $1130,000.00. UrSpecial inducements offered 'to manufacturers. Coltulitil :Falls, GALEN H. WHEELER, U. D. DEPUTY LAN D AND Milleral Surveyor, 11V141 ;1 MA 1.1:. (1 111 4 1,,i Vitt.1 111 Iltr1 VA Li 4. it,, 1,. (1 1, I NT011, AIt ) I IK y 1 I I 0 ,1 w 1.1 , .11 5.11III' I I , I. A t - 1 . 1.1 '‘ 1.1 Orik tgiOlit A4.4 1•031 Ulf ICS. 1 ). , ,,ig,criv 1 1 , .1. LAW ANI1 1111:All lor, I II i Ni. t , ',I , Rioilp,c11, A'1\1( )1tN I ti• , 1 11,1 Life li t Ail le t• Wi Olen, 1i''II I I:f ti I ANI) /IA/. ' , 0.4 ' ' 1 ,A kV] 4 LI... P , INA N A N. I lit%t• 1110%441 1.0 IL - 11 O'W Skit/ till ,10.1 A %1 . 11111 . till. I ,tit Ii Mt!\ y 1111W Ii, trid .N fill, ( V IE111 1 ,1',AL BLAcKaITHING, 1 11111 !4,1o, kat ',wee um1 tag ‘1,.hg .1. liorseshoeiliv is Our Specialty : D. J. HEYFRON, ••••• ft•avalli, - Mont. •••0111/1 Tit ANSINitiAT ION TA.crmi\TITI ••••••• till I , ;l' l!'/A4 tii•fi .111141 1\) I 101 10011. 111101 Itog 111 fleitt. 1.;110l. hl lek 'hint! awl Salt.: Arrival „ (iiiarauteed. 11..1. 111 . .:YFIION, Mont. . looitmotf.v. w. If. WINDSOR HOUSE. Recently Open, ld. New Fur- niture, New House. GORMELY & SMITH, Props. The Ift.n.te , is nifw and offers the beoit amounoodafiona in the eay the traveling public. - NUCLEUS AVENUE COLUMBIA FALLS, -. MONT. SECOND AVENUE BLACKSMITH ---1N).)— WAGON SHOP. All Work Neatly and Promptly Done. HORSESHOEING AND PLOW - WORK A SPECIALTY. FursiTrat REPAIRING NEATLY Dona' IN TUE NVoicoN &JOT. „pap , tty our location at the junction of all floatable streams of the Flathead Country, we are able to secure the best quality of all kinds of timber. Shipmeute made promptly by steamer to all Itivtr and Lake points. • RICKARD & LA PAGE cart .1t :I. , . .• • •

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Aug. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.