The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 27, 1891, Image 3

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••• • • •ter. COLATM 111 A FA 1 AI .H 1 ( )M M AN 1 )1N( I 1111111110WMINCIWACIFWARVIII=M11 ,1 1101 , ...4“.•4•0•1•••41 , • •••••••• •••••••,14 ..•••••••• R.- I •Ait ••• .4 1 • • ) \ ,•( •••••••.a - r - /707 . 4 ' Pi •# f•01. • 41 ' •-• V1.0 , 11 MEEK LITTLE MAN, 1111 . 11 • 1 . • r ing 1 . , ; ,,L' • h . , •.. 1 . 114.y III ) 1.1 I Nr;10, 11111 ;II , ' 111'111111t1g 1.1 177 , Ilarrowinir Tate of a kentarky i . ,„. i1 1„ fea bh : I de i n Who 1.',11:leiivore,1 to Please Everybody. His Rabbit Soul Privet' Out by that of a Itehl and Reckless Kim; of the Forest. r. Bradsley was editor and pro- prietor of a small country newspaper published in the hilly distriet of southern Kentueky, writes Opie P. Head. Ile \vas a meek little man with large ears and large that 1?espoke the patience of a cow. In the com- munity of Gray's Point he was a sort of father confessor, in that to him were brought all sorts of complaints and schemes of revenge. Honest, people who at least once a week made public profession of love for their fellow men would steal up the rickety stairway leading to Bradsley's office and whisper against a neighbor the insinuating words of scandal. Brads- ley's weakness was his desire to please everybody; not at once, for he knew that to be impossible, but to give each one his turn. He had personal grudge against no man, and yet no man in the country had as many en- emies as he. The Graysous had so influenced him that he gave the Tay- lors a rap in his newspaper, the Ban- ner of Freedom, and after that the Taylors hated him. Then the Whit - sons, not so influential as persuasive, induced him to slam the Graysons, which, of course, made them, regard- less of the favors he had formerly shown them, his sworn enemies for life. It was a thousand wonders people said, that some one did not kill Bradsley, and it was really a mar- vel; still he was too meek a little man. It was, doubtless, his meekness that \Sig H H.,.7 dot i t VA 1.1;111..1[FX( [NI Cq ThW1STEJI .))EITA ye, , L , • \ 't r•trN 0141 t • 1: 11 4 \e10 RICULVMA ‘l t • ree ITURAL LAND ., 1 Ii:' h.• .,,a % 1;,.;:, :.tal le norttlere(1 1 , r• r • ( 't )1111 ' . . 1 • 1 '• 1 , , i I Tlio : 1471,14 1,%.1 Olt i i l' • : H ' ‘ ; 'iarl. , no \‘ I', 'H. :4 • 1;::.' lie eould ev1;r 'lave 1 , v low..., the \sairt 110,7 , I•..:, 10iied , i,(.. t7 :;ieti.1 ef:ai: ,I.,i , ,,v. lit; turne41. (,! W ', t. , - li , ci. ,•., . ....alit 1 . set 1,.r1 1,:e.v did ';, , Ti . , front I ‘:- ea,f , . of tle.(11111 I Isom i.1 77. It \1115.• 1 1 / 1 1 1/0' . 1 Vi1/1.1:$.1/, 1 1 1 1. JIll! 1 1,1 1 .'•,1'.:*1'; :OA !11'1111/;4 0711. of the 114 4 11 O W 1 th crowd lie %talked iip 2 1„„, 1 „, „,„ H „, 1 i„,„,, tapped him on dr, slostIder and 111111:e 1 111' 01(1 1141111 !,, , irricol. i ' ,; , 1 c.,1111 III sop you a moment.\ 1).1 . ; li;;Iit 4541.:, ; , ' , 'I 11, •' '\'' wl , ' ; 'H I , Taylor looked around :old see- ,. anpleted. I :. , • , -dito: f 1,-1% ., ,, , .-1', , ,,p1 . 1 ,e,. bev:ao to tremble. lirtids- !. ,,. :,,• ,,,,- , 1 Iii- I; I: . . •-• .,1,,,, i •, ' ,\. him by the ear, 4401(11'0'd .77 I . % l..• j I oN..:! jf,:f r t, • I t ' I I hi' 41 4) 1 11 (if 11111 t4.111, 411111 1 ' 'I 111111 WO. lie turned to the ,..,1 a,:d • .aW itt' C. (.1f do. ( :•11t)' !WIN. '.-.. \:' ' II.' , . 5..!. , , I tip to 11(1114 111141 Said: 1, 1)1(1 feI • 1 Ls • 107 i,,- . with both of you. 1,777;e1... 1 he till high' ! a \i !!ail cultivate 2 • ans‘ven.d:\Go , ,; It was 00. •.• one had threatened 1);Kiol,\ salt! Bradsley, i 771;,1,• • vou it. CC1/1ft •• .,.d hitn t and tie of the htreet. COLUMBIA FALLS, ! for that . _ If. SM If 11011SE. Recently Opened. New Fur- niture, New House. (101111 4 ,ELY & I1TH, Prop. House is new awl offers the .i-eommodat ions ill the e7t2. to • ; ,I ti w editor. 'airs mal..e hint i'at Bob . Lyie:,;. u .1 rna•i l him into it IL (rtrg, and 1 can tiow see that he When was Bradshaw here?\ the editor H soon recovering lie no- a rit W!. Ali, and yonder is old asked, taking up a card. proached the, cage. :Sala !J. It (.7:•S not take a lion's \You are afraid Of Me,\ Said hat he is a hog% Hi, Ills' if 11 r • \: - tibserit)tion 1 \Jest a while ago.\ \What did he want?\ lion, \but no wielder at it i.;inee you - . • •. ' ' - v,-,,,),Ler 'HI h. e:11 tnid that infernal \Wanted to kick you down stairs, are a rabbit.\ Brad -Alto)? the people stare at he said.\ \Wily how did you know that?\ us'. my bravery and re - \What for, I should like to know?\ \Oh it is plain to be seen, and I vt•I;•-;‘' j ,111 ' ,1 What's p! , g \ \For giving the Bensons that slam. guess every one takes advantage of that J , tlo:e yonder? He's their cousin.\ it.\ he asked 0; a hurrying man. \A 1. !!;•w • j:1 7' t in t a man. and elv e n, b u t w i l y dosn't he go and \They do,\ said the (dit o r, speak- .;)•,...a: ;,!.:1 no p,•e-on shall arrest 7e.7‘ atriat that,\ said the !: • .; onward. The niur- (1.• . • .rfol fellow, stood in the . :It with a shotgun in his to,\ said the editor as he went into you something. I have been think- Without uttering a word the the sanctum. \I am getting almost big for a long time that I should like editof 'aped over the fence and ad - afraid to go to the postoffice. I am to force my spirit out of this cage vanced upon the wretch. The mur- derer ritied his gnu and fired. thoroughly convinced that I am a lido the body of 50111e poor, nbuselli Bradley sprung to his feet. The rabbit. Look at my ears, and look at man- --in other words drive the rabbit offiee boy had been pounding on the the fact that I am never able to eat out. of him and take its plaee.\ floor. had (bopped off to sleep saved him. At a time of anger we rabbit. See how I am frightened \Gracious alive!\ said the editor, • just after entering the - sanctum\ and are more strongly tempted to shoot a when I hear a dog bark. Now if I \it's the verv thing I've I had been dreaming. big man than a little one for we con- tent our selves with merely slapping the little fellow. Bradsley did not escape the slapping. Bless you! he had been slapped over nearly every available foot of Gray's Point. \Why don't you shoot some of those fellows that are constantly slapping you?\ a friend once asked. \I hadn't thought of that,\ Brads - ley answered, \Blieve I will.\ He didn't though; for that very afternoon when he wont out on the strent.winnn who had been prOftti\-441 a notice in the paper and who had not received it, slapped the editor first one way and then the other until he was quite worn out. 1..1111W 1' ‘I',111! 117 411/. Tlii` 1:4•.'. 1 1'1 1 ,••1' IV! 11 .. 7' •!1;;1:4' • ear. 1 :teHa11:, heEeve 111:4 I 1,,t)•• II ilull'the 50111 ,.5.74,• /1.,i . :MON t hat 11.111 I HI kill a, rabbit. • :,•-ao -.• I don't Irish toinlliel poni.!a-nt aho•, a member of my own lam; I . ). I !, I had inhotibs1 tile spi; it of a lion, and I ntil_dit just as \yell have d, 57 5.• :1, for there were no doubt a largo 111701 her of 'mem; 14)yet1 lion's spirit s at the time of in:: 111711. I wonder if flier. , isn't some way lo remedy tti;s. T!e. air all about me may be tilled )vitl n W i lions' 50 4115. Why ('14111 I ono to drive out the rabbit and taho 1 4 k place?\ \Are you talking to 1114', sir,\ tile ( Alice boy asked. \No Bradsley iinswered. \I'd like to !taro two tickets when the sliow comes,\ said the boy. \They say they've goi ever so many ani- mals.\ \I'n1 not talking about any show. kick the Pattersons? They were the cause of it.\ \He didn't say, sir.\ \Now I've got this to look forward lb. 1107'. e:7;;ei• for (1 , :11111 ben he , :o other him. i)eetiliar felt a strange thrill. i , • t h v e ro)ril 151111, , e:ii;i• of monkeys. shifald I , : • ine4mt, 1)y that It ti,;• \GA DO tip elosi.r awl I \\ill y(nt,\ 11.041 spran!..; bl io 010.15., ing ill a low tone, \171711 kiAed and slapped all over this town. I wish I were It lion.\ \Come up closer. Now, let me tell V f \What's the matter. Bradsley ex- - could only be a dog—anything but a for. But say, can such a thing be ' claimed. rabbit. I think though the lion done?\ I \Mr. Bradshaw is coining up the would suit, me better. When that \I think so. I will lie down here, front stairway, sir.\ . show conies I'm going to see what I and you must got around to the end \As I'm only a rabbit I guess I'll go dowai t ?t.? back stairway, can do. I'm going to study the lion of the Cage and gaze into my editor. ' said the any way. That last slapping I got and no matter how you feel don't rim Ile is still running his little paper. made me as drowsy as a frost bitten away. Wlusn my spirit is gone of mid I noticed the other day that in chicken. I'll sit. down here awhile course inv body will be dead, b utt his latest issue he had been indis- und wait until that man Bradshaw what do I care for that?\ creetly drawn into saying something I about the Smiths. comes around. I am afraid to go out. Bradsley stepped around to the I've got to work all night and I can't end of the cage and began to gaze sleep tomorrow for I want to see the into the lion's eyes. Suddenly he show. I reckon I might as well get felt a sense of extreme fright, and het as mite') work thnow_pomiltlejeore wsilib have , run :twat, had he not re- ' memb ,, red what the ii. 'II had told him 14,r . 46611 . chtinics Solicited. the traveling public. NUCLEUS AV:NUE. ' MO N r. SECOND AVLNU'i . E3LACKSIVIITH - WAGON SHOP. MI Work Neatly and Promptly Done. HORSESHOE ING AND PLOW - WORK A SPECIALTY. REPA !RING NEATLY DONE ri THE WAGON SHOP. RICKARD & LA PAGE. c,•nd 3.1-,•foo• IV. rInt: Third St\ect 14A WIIEN E 131JCIIA —N AX. James Judge, Have moved to their New Shop on Second Avenue and Ninth Street. They are now prepared to do all Kinds of Machine, ( • ' 'f DL 1T:4 I. : yr ) 4 ; la• •lii ene of Taylor, Qi±crer ck Martin. trPrr . T . ERs HOUSE - taiA I., Oo1un.a. 1a .7a,11s, r••••••••••••••/.1•011.11•M•111•111•11•1“11.1•1• •••••••=••111 SIGN Montana. \V( 1,111* (/‘‘\It 0-k or I ' ; , t j i 1 014 .1 AV a l I I ) :11)e•r, :411(1 'art:•- intr(•(i 1(1 ail \N - orii (II•in v. DEAN 64 COWEL, D.J. HEYFRON, Cor-tractc...r:.5 on short rates. Plans a,,(1 , , I 1•1•••• Ravalli, - Mont. Forwa rding W - 6 1 61'10N GIVZ US A CALL. TR Geo. R. McMahon, • ailci . GEIIE'RAL BLACKSMITHING. Ern.loaanaer. - AND-- ..A.C.3•ENT charges tolvaiieed and good:, delis . ,:‘t..d to the boat laud- ing at foot of Lake. I j ukk Time and Safe Arrival' Guaranteed. 1,1 ken el' and Addik , ss orders. D. J. ilEvFRON. Orders throng!' till'Valley will re- i:eIM tit - mil - int tont ion. otiraf4-. . • -- Bradshaw does come. John,\ he called, entering the composing room. \We've got to pull out if we expect to see that show. We'd better put the Suddenly a fluttering excitement arose in his bosom, and then- Brads - ley could h•eareelybefieve It bc knew t'nf.I t ‘f 1 t • 1 • 1•0.• HOPReShOCillV is Gig Sigility, Columbia Fall, t'i'lllo'rs one mile V411.I can :;et a bank or time . en IrMili.en's Rsnch. r

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 27 Aug. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.