The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 27, 1891, Image 4

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• : 41 NEW'S OF '1111; \V FF 4 • • • Preaching at the city hall next Tuesday evening by Elder Snider. Cream of Roses, every bottle guar- anteed, at the Model drug store. A. S. Lanneatt and Mr. Gregg, two Ashley men, were in the city yester- day. Drugs and patent medicines at F. Fullerton's. W. T. Marsh, agent for the Mis- Fouls Gazette, was in town yesterday soliciting business for his paper. Jack Cox and George P. Durham visited Columbia Falls Sunday. They are looking for it location for an el. a tric light plant. Wall paper, house lining and for store fronts at C. F. Fulhoe,m . A teat of the water worka was tin', • yesterday, and a three-quarter !a reatio of water was thrown 100 fan. Th • ( pressure WWI shown to be ettllic.ei make a strong defense egainet firm . n . oa. tee nee: field • .•aigating. Gents' furnishings, hats, retpe,boots and shmos at Fulhorton's. Saab. dot r. tst • i a general lints of laSidere' material et C. F. The first not no of final proof in Fidltorten'e. Rakovitz eurvey is that of A.C. Shel- don, which appears in Till: Coci- , 1- 1iaThg I i„, , I i t , 1„11 (h .„ :, , , • DIAN this week. The list of Mime; !•: earee :I t •el esa l e e r a El•std:. growing daily. I I bet!: t.:1 taria le It, :1. NV. !herpes, Twenty per cent discount ()it (lows and doors to clot' out this lin at C. F. Fur.i.i.aT(e:s. Jack Moor, the v e rsatile a t m reg , and real estate man. returned to (V- umbia Falls yesterday, aecompanie.1 by Mrs. Blow, whom ho met in Nts.).. York, upon her arrival from Ihte1sml. On the western trip Mr. and • Bloor visited Niegara Fall many other places or note enti est. U. S. Conunissiontor Savaney, !em- bus his office in Columbia Faits. tiers making filings and final / ore should see him. The chicken Klima eN have he having a harvest, and any fellow v is marksman enough to hit the l'elem! • .1. li.:Her r , gee; Nvire ;eel ti a , arth• 1 .\ by tie , ey it; ! ; of a house can get a few birdstt : 1 - ,vill cortaiely attract enthesiaetie at - half day's hunt. It is rare spa-.. bet * 1 i ilethead rt••_•. ,::. • tontion to the plane of the Northern at the rate they are now going the • -rieg.: e e . meeenees t . a. o • • f r I :wa! fur putting a railroad over 4111 hunting will not last long. sateal e! ...-g.: or ef votes . v. el: I l ,, , li13 WO oral route. Our fell stock of gent's furnishieg goods will arrive soon. Bought in the eastern market at bottoth figures. Wttit for it. MONTANA CASH BAZAR. George I. Bumbatigh and George J. Chilson left on Fr:(!ay last for an extended trip through the Kootenai country. They are looking around. sizing up the ri%ion and exiunini , such mining propositions as may come under their notice. K. Reed is also a mnnber of the party. Look on our window shades for something artistic at the postollice. Saturday evening Cc nit motors Deal! & Cowell turned over the keys to tile Clingau block. It is ono of the neat- est structures in the valley, and the interior is (especially attractive. Ti first stery in divided into very pleas - Mineral ea South Fork. Several riptdes ef excitement have been caused oreently by elan -to of good finds oti lite South 'lurk of the Flathead river. One man returning said he found a number of Chinamen engaged in placer mining on one of the small creeks, and that they were taking out gold in paying quantities. 'three woe!: s ago speeinems of gold and silver rock were sent. away, and the lowest returns received on any Aampho e„., four onne,e; of silver and S.I.00 in :\hl.: Other assaya showed tlespel 3letoting. thei preei•115 metals exieted in tinan- title; Cre wee'el pay to ehip with railreeti tritieh \Sill N. lit'r0 ill it r.,\. '[ho south Fod.: 1;4,, ar. , ! hnv , xviII pwa,h. and in the service will be e. II it talHeet to jte leg assisted by Rev. J. M. Eastland, \veil l e . a , ielati known in the .Firanead valley. A •*''• na: cordial invitation is extended to the I ha! pull it. 70 Ui tend. 74 Of A Harvest Dance. A hop is announced to take pltwe at Egan on Friday, September 4. It is to be a \harvest dance, - and the name is very appropriate, for truly People would care little for terpsi- chorean pastime if they refused to dance after such a harvest as has been just been laid by on the East Bedding, dry goods, gents' fur- nishing goods, hardwve and tinware at Sully's. Land and mining law a specialty. LANt0 , 010) tk: 111.001i. The Schaal. Professor Leach, who will take charge of the public school which is to lit o opened September 1, lees nearly eompleted the census of this school district. lie NABS Sittlitit'asi to find that there are nearly 150 children of school age in the district, and the prospocti goo(t f h' it very large at • Mj!rh 10 1 ) tteelituce the largest in the valley. 1 : 1 -°:\ 111 :-f• (•:\\'\;\•\:\. opm•haps. Parents ere taking an en- irterest in ties matter, and mess Cooks t'llarlre „ ht. , / , pi o ar d i: - NV. 1 1.-1:••'eme. Allem a. NVegner. :her U. Bevel!. !flee a don't see cell for anti NYt. _ Ii roa ie ' p i e se pti e n ; . tt • e it at Fullerton's. i • em mrel eke Itolice of To the Coal Fields. • ''•t I. preofs, Survevors who have been inveeii- gating the Avon route have passed tIt.- Big Fork, and are tem work- ,. Mg in the Flathead 'Valley proptor. •:iii preliminary :epee:: will exteed , creel Avon to the coal meastirea On : ;le- Nigth Fork. F1'he engineers were m • • mem ' ' eamowhat surprised at the absence Of • t 'so - !ro Or grades, aml t ho road can he \ built nitwit cheaper than was at first • stated. The ii 'in of the engineers arttinsl re)(1. rivel It r leces me •: io in - Neat ti, ; ' geere is le. • e'r!•••• ' • tle•• eri ,••••1_ „e.• ie kelettii t,e.t1 ilea , etem!e ;re: eo i teeltig- (lies •.•s • la Hie e veel tim e. -et . me1ter t;1•• 'earl .•!1 an giettl will' tieo lime% r g eh r e.: i)roltict for :;11••••: , ::•4 \iiIlkr isw pii(t 11;1 c . :: . ..;•:!(•. Try the Ave , , t,H cigar at the Nlodel drug se o...• tht Flaw l'r flee, e. egeme mee . C10: ant office rooms and suitem and the teeetites have first floor contains two large and well arrateed Fri - lighted store rooms. each of which is provided with a commolioei ba-es- meld. It is one of the best ap- pointed buildings in the valley. Call at Fullerton's and examine i t -a.'. those boots and shoes. Deg stock , g a te e p,,ja ••. • lujk- in the city. Post office building,. i ng prepesta- with e • e e Mrs. L. L. M. Cooke, who owns and (!t(! bur:- manages one of the best raiwites ii ,..' t ;ten the Flathead Flathead valley, was a visitor in hated, and limy • • ce•e:ee.e•Itere the Columbia Falls yesterday. She say.: 1); t • -'a gen- • elo ere, East Skiers are lookiug fortvard g • c h , • the completion of the big bridge to ;! e.getred. across the river here, when commute le• , ication will be easier. Try Donaldson's; cnann of rwara for ; chapped hands and face, at the \ Model drug store. Hereafter the Indians in this vieia- ity will be prosecuted for violating, the game laws, the same as white men are. Law is apparently- the only thing an Indian fears, and hereafter he will observe it, or suffer its conse- quences. People hero are tired of having the ragtag and bobtail of the Flathead tribe turned loose to exer- ciao their passion for theft. Homestead and pre-emption filings, also proofs made on the same. A. W. SWANEY, Commissioner U. S. Court. Columbia Falls. People from all parts of the valley are making preparations to attend the Sunday school picnic at Venue's mill next Saturday, Aug. 29. It is an affair in which all denominations have nnited, and the people of Demers - vine, Egan and C.dumbia Falls will attend. It promise:4 to be a most pleasant affair. Get your prescriptions filled by Donaldson, the pharmacist, at the Model drug store. Dr. Piedalue was called up the lino yesterday to set the limb of Robert Lindsay, a tie maker ill the employ of the M. M. Co., near Nelson's camp. The day before a heavy piece of tim- ber fell, catching Lindsay's leg. Dr, Piedalue found a very bad fracture, but thinks Linksay will come out all right. We are prepared to fill all preaerip- '• ovniaacaute.atattke,imeirte414-aatalemotouge piety. Monet, DRUG STORE. Building Notes. Tito Fulhorton leuulduimg ie rapidly neariag completion, and the brick pert givae it a very attractive appear- ance. The brielt veneer on the Ilotel Gay - 10111 has noached the seeond story, and is going along nicely. The brick front reeently put in the building formerly thanpie:1 by Evans A; Berta at. ek e: it it 'poet suits:et:Alai and ortetmemal appearance. Three new residence buildings have been commenced in the north port or t,) , ,va. The odd hall is nearing completion, and vil roon be ready fire oectipancy. The stock in the Odd Fellows Pailiding Association will soon be Lamed to subscribers. The Odd Fellows of Columbia Fall:; are thoroughly in earnest, and they haNao earned the honor of erecting the day \c\ a: tittp,„ ..1, Ict Whieh the first buildin g in the valley for fra- puhrs. Colt:nth:et Fall:: dant ms ere eenieg eUrt`, and a good time 'ah.• :• The attnottneement is made services will be held at the hall on the evening of September 1, (next Tuesday). Rev. S. E. Snider, presiding eider :r4 the Helena district terual pitigioaae Competition greater, Pricee lower, real es- sales larger, At Fullertoe'e. that city Montana News Notes. Jonathan Goon died in Great Falls. He was an old timer and member of Sheridan Pail, G. A. R. Francis Murphy, the temperance evangelist, has opened a series of meetings, in Butte, to peeked houses. Hartle Martin, the Black Pearl t from Minneapolis, keoeked out Geo. -a) rip. . Gannon, of the Pacific coast, at Pie- T ., :ti (Hut u.- at Meee•-• e'reeelev, Aug. \ in t s • Thomas Mulholland was badly in - 2,! Leona , at the grove eeeej i)y jured by the explosion of giant pow- Sh der caps ia the Champion mine, at A. O. tesl Fe wily went to 1 ; • NYZIS the Big For!•: and were re- warded by a tie,- • :ring of fish and nine prairie elliele•e -. young mid fat. Several Dentere.;!'.• • ports ware over here hunting . 0, day, Jack Clifford and Dr. ee.elera. Immeese ceops are I eher harvested on all sides of Eagan. it.... •I tie- farm- o are well satisfied :,. It the year':; work, anti the proepeets for a pros - prosperous fall. The East side is winning laurel 4 this year as an agricultural region. Juotoo. C. V. Sully has opened his store on NUC!CIIS 1011.1 iS ready to sup- ply every customer. Two good sized buck whose industry had long boon driven out by the laxity ofg,overnment alleged control were in town last waoek try- ing vainly to sell their squaws. One big fellow welded e*,\20 for his better half. She was quite handsome for a Flathead squaw. The other one was anything but prepoeseesing in ap- pearance and was offered at $10. Buyers could not be found for the squaws, and the buelte departed rather sadly. A sound threshing would be splendid treatment for bucks who think so lightly of human flesh, etc. Our stoves e ill commenco to arrive this week. Get our pitices before buying. C. F. 1A7LLEUTON. Martin tiiii - 4;;;Fit — first-class jewelry store at Demers - yule. Repairing promptly attended to. Champion. Peter Welch, of Butte has brought suit ;against the Montana Union Rail - meal company fgt. $10,000. The com- plaint allegve that the plaintiff was permanently injured while in the em- ploy' of the company through gross negligence. United States Marshal Furay has received instruction from the attorney general at Washington to deliver the nine Chinamen now in custody at Port Benton, to the collector of the port at San Fr:melt:co for shipment to China. WANTED, THE COLUMBIAN wants its subscrib- ers to send in items of interest that may occur in their neighborhoods. News of the people, their movetnents, aceidents, deaths, births, and in fact every sort of news and gossip that would be admis3ab1e to the columns of a newvaper. We arc willing to pay for the service, if necessary to get it. We especially want corres- pondents at Egan, Sheldon, Ashley, Hill apd McCarthyville. Will some geutleman or lady at each place re- ply to this request. LEAD! LEAD! r i l r l l I I F. o r„ 4 s, i s r sa•i•Mi 311,R A. ne , 1A•e CASH BA,/ CJ a Nucleus Avenue EU F.\ FIT 0 N. THE MODEL Tot•,ciI'. Columbia Falls, Montana. I)10.:(S, PAINTS ,'‘,1\ 1) ( )11,s, Peg, Toilet Articles. StatIORHY. 1 ThOg [1.11d ftif Medicinal Nooses. A rtt..4t.:.;;-; , te• mport et - 1 -:- (.1( ; )onics)ic. Prescriptions Aceurat. 1:: ( '• •• ! , or Day. I a. .1. 1 ).)\ A I Y. -A( )N I 't.(q). FRASER & CHALMERS, CHIC..13a0. L. C, TRENT, Gen. Western Manager. Salt Lak-i City, Utah; Helena, Monrana. MINITSIGr i MACHINERY, And Machinery for the Systematic Reduction Ores by Concentration. Smelting. and Leaehing. Builders of the Homestake, Granite Mountain, Dr. .., !:. A se••• Blue Bird, Lexington, and Hoisting Engines, Cleared and Direct Acting. WHITE 67, MURPHY, Prot Prospecting and Devehsoite. ! i• * Builder) or Improved Air Compressora and Wire Trantwaye, Frier Vane! 2J:telt:nee and Etehrey Concentraters. rECT - Z 1( \1O'1( ) I We.tera Agent for GALEN H. W,'\! '\ ' 1.4.A.1\f'D AND Mineral Snrveyor, A srttl 1.1:4 Orrice& liesimesee. Cora -max FALLS. R. L. CLINTON, Attorm'y at Law. LAND AND MI'.. Nil PT? ICTICE A tilli.r1 I LTV. ONE Doon EAST POSTOFF10E. IDE;tmers3Nrille, : meexatterest. J. K. Miller, LAW AND REAL ESTATE. Orrice: Neer.; Columbia : O. J. Blodgett, ATTOIZN - 14, - V. •11' United States Circnit Cow. ilento,tond. Pro-Pmpt ion end Voiln r Culture Proof Aladt... ITOME:STEAD FILINGS. tn. tt t;r:DyFy. inn!. COLL:META PA • • M. oa sem ) Noll(' • tor l'ithitgat 1,ttnti (hike al 10,issonla. :1Tootana, .1:1 t Ni ire I. Itorl n 'o ty ,t1 that floc followin g ' ci t ler has fill ie,t to notli,• Ilnal , e,of oros,rt of liii that said proof will 1, 1,otor,. A•nit t.v.ttott 3 ', 4'. S. thretti 1/i-Itie! Mita.anti. rohin0 cc, 1:01,, Mc.n. tana. :at I 1 -A. Ili: :1:bort Sie-1,1on. Ilontostoarl plit•ati,,;; N... :•1;q. cor the '(l ii ;:.'. an't ,\ ' t SY. ; • o.1 township N to• Pate.\' -11 t iotit,t•- t!.,• :oft.% IIiS rel/.1 -t,,-''_ and 4•oit of :rd.! t:.1 , 1 l'roston. Mtltet, T. Sil,:01 anti Set ,tt, all of Sliel•It in. YI, t? ti, • fit'' /W. ; ../:1•11! f`tr. tc.• ;ill or,f),,r• 11.6' :Li Iii,•1 1 joifir 111. %1 1 .11•!:111110.11t. :Ira ,.t !Or r a! of thgt sulo :.titi, ci :,:, 1.'011 -ac, r• ,,.h_! 0.• %pr. T, • ' , II I I. I t nt. 4.; : 1 .• t.1 k • Fire an! Life In-;urucc k.m. '‘ IlANCIIES BOI IT AND st )1,D. , ,„, r • • ••• that . • it-t-cribod . . ( ', !1.1 - .!1BIA : ' `. LI S. s •fri - r. W . ,.:: t 'roc•ii where . .. ,,ttie.:,- et -t,; :t. a ,•.. ' Ito' to' •:., .•-•,,,.:!..rtt 1,,, - t twe.,... t ., t.,.• VT Ci ., •-! • ,.. , 7 ).. 74.,. A. T3: i'-',..C..1.1,. .. .T 1.1,...•:. 1::•!•.,!•.. I .., .,\• ,.:, :' . 'r: ti l l t••••:. ha,. . l, : ot.- t;:i!•• ....;tit, ,-., ''',1:, l• ..11 iii.: :I:I I a'' ;:oat' t...•:,., , . :,•. 1 ..., eij 1.•:•;, irr I ,..•.fIr':, •I;. . , :ii•: i.o.,: itt r 'el::: ltottt :, : -, t, tt' ' '''. ,. .' . ..S 1 1 . , is .-ni. c .....,.k. •I• :,.. s,;'.I tr.ett .-r re : :••• • er pee,: stret :we ,•.: eett t!.tt:,n.toto: foet .:: tt•••••rilo,1 IM, i;,..,- , '!\..••;:t.11 . :••1.' 7 :I .,:'.11 , 1 • :\. 1 0 1 ,0 1 .4;1 :: ': :.•IJ :I : :,•• cc, I I.• ;•.•.:0“ I I . :-... • ,t!.. ( .4 .111113, N. , !II:17 , 'i, • -•:! .'..:::. •:. 7 . 1..:07 I;•;: .`.. • .....i •••1 1 , 0N. or .%;,pii,..o.1.•:: fo , ' l't -it 1, t..10. Vlit.l'or oil t Ito l'10,11 , !,-: to!, 0:* t'o. I . ni..,i __. Pnr --.1.0. t , t•:,..t!iort t. 1::,'..,: and Ilo•.talatiorn4 pi-otnot,tot-t1 to .t.- ro tt•.,--in • :',•.nt !ta t .- of tio, i:1- . : t .: .,. 1- • l. I, iii • toniersignisi, n •a-0.......yo t.ot.;,...• t t...1 :....- •:,: t .' 0 tys !root no, I ;,•,: oa , .•,,,,, ,,i' this io,, i,-, .1 v, ill tinthe w rit. t.',,,,I;,•,...;.ti, to tho tl,,not all- S••cret :try' t,f tit, Int,•rior'n.r !It,. riglo , pia% ilo g y tool tint \ ., A ..o D -- eliveri , •.; ettele ht tiny Qttatititie.: i !',..,', 1 „\::' 1 . !` l \.' - '''''' \ I ••, ,at a , _chi:\ t Eit.h., - - ,., ': . a :lio Fo.'!\•! 1)c:iir( , (1.:.;,.•;•.n,-• , .-•.- p !-: , ..I l',. , ...•:.:11 -t , • ,..r 1 , 1,, - I: 01. ,.- ;: .1 , H. r. , , I ' i'• 1 . 6 c.r I itII•1 ',Of 1. , .•1.11 ''H--.; .i!.: . i'...:1 : cc'11: • .:14 , :r.••..9 o f tt.irty :: .H.... Orders left at 'Fut: Cot.teirsat; °flier. . ..-••ed Cr,:-'• is: , ,„ .- l • ,,. -,-,..•, • -..,,, tt , ,,,,;',. '. , ': i .:: , ', 1 i,,, u •i' 0 , -. ,:,.ii;. ; ..‘ .. :.',...1,.;' i_-;',•: . ':%.:',:',:: ':- . . 1 , 1 ,:, i :::,:::';','.::: Will D ((ill' i)ro/lIpt littention. of , amtirad. - .. sai I lc - c c,' it. lt,;. , .....i itt :.!!-,,, tila. c,itit'y. 7.1 , -,:.- T.. 1- 11:.4.0. Buy Your Meats IT THE of Amalgamation, Ligerwood Hoisting Eno - ines, And Tyler Wise Work,: Double Cr:animal Mining Cloth. Electric Light Plants. Di:Intend ('ore Prospecting Drill-i. Concentntion Kills, Einiric E1ovat9rs, .Shay Patent LocomaliTeg. • IT I r k Voods, Tor not? 1):•a!rtr in Rough and Common 1 3 1 4 1 vric, the 1_4()N. t. Columbia Falls, Montana. GREAT NORTHEN yilvippg sr -La di I COMPANY, Columbia. Falls,- - Montana. --MANUFACTURERS OF ALL GRADES OF--- The Coltuilbia Conlin. .5,,; Berne -a - i•-h it ite, • • thet. they 1110 1MT:tn.:I - Ilnica in any '1:;.:,i Ii:-.. itHE COLUMBIA FALLS BRIC Are Fgeal, te me- '• te m.\0 • mai YARD One Block eret of Street. t: kV% 0:11;tEES With E. A. Mai itc.,vs. at t. Nor. Lumber C't).'s IWhs.. D. GOLDBERG, Connivii..s!oN DEALER • IN - BUTTER EGG$ EA CHEESE OREGON CIDER, Candy, Nuts, Notions, Fruits, Tobacco and Cigars. Common Dimension Fine Finishing, Seasoned, - Brick Front Next to COIllillbiiill. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT 1N.1. • • Kiln -dried aad Silt NI I -III\ itithudf. White Pine, Yellow Pine, Fir, Tamarack, Cedar, Birch, Spruce. \ u Cl(11.Stie A mon.s..11.4..lin.....1....11118M111•1:1111•11MM681a1101.....1. FLOORING, LEI LING, LATH, SHINGLES, SIDING, TIES, Fs/ ; E a •s - LA I R. R.TViBEr1. 1=17 - By our location at the junction of all floatablo streams of the Flathead Country, we are able to secure the best quality ef all kinds of timber. Shipmeuts made promptly by steamer to all River and Lake points. Business Men will find that the COLUMBIAN has the Latest and Most Attractive Type - for 'Artistic Job Printing. .,• •••• :7. 1:11: • ..\1 ta fr.* T..rttilt t T,t7,- \t*: 1.• ;It I •::it • ' ' 1. ia 1.: _ I t.11:1 : •,-. . 1 t••••: . • I ii \:1 , •at Li, a. ca. I 1 ., ot scatty ti.tys • 11:1. • 1: 1. :- . .tET!. . . :: 1 tt ar. “1:t _ . ... No; ' ttic , i'rain, 4 : itt I .111,...).11--oola 000toy. i •1 .1. r ..:t4.0,,0, , ,:‘,....t in to et ..:a.t:dto,l, LI tion g .;',Itssottia conoty, 1‘1nt,131.1, in itnsto-vo i o,1 town - rhiP :II 11 I an,o• :!/ v.., which. claim is ro('orded it: tin. ..Wok' of tilt,. county recorder of 5lissoula couuty, 3lontana.:111(1 described a, follows: Stirs o t No. ::,t71, c,tnn aericitn: at cornor No. I. whetift, L . 5, lUellI • 10:1 monument No. : boar, N li:: Ilea 2:, mitt W Pita t•e\..'t ; thence S 41 dog 21 min W :• fget to cor No. 2; thence N re dt.g 31 Mi.: \V 0,:.:!.2 ItS.t li1C0I No.3: thence N 41)flog II min 7: 1:,::... h•ot to cur N... -I: thence 524 deg I.,..17:tiE VAriluv c)r S3I017E1l'S ARTIcI.ES. I.: E Iste.:i feet to cot* No. I. the ',laco a ho - g inning. ••:ithearit,„; E.'S: ri,ro-, it i oo l w hi c h a _ notice of tail applik .V.I. , III.Vio , jo, , :.... , • - l. ' lli•• Wt.j..i.tliti4 c lai nta ttt, to t too., liten,i,o4 (I\' nit the V.P.I. -11EVt No. :;.::::-. itl.wor. Fr.Let. Lang - f‘ rd o: at. clotin.to4 , . 1:011.Ellf FISHER. Nel.‘oa ..: S.qt1•••-. iiogister. o Attrnt• s for olnittrinti. It I. lit•reb ) ihrecto.t tit\ aliovo notice, Ir. pn1,11slit.1 at tho ex i , of claimant above nannsi in THE Col.t-YrutAte, a aewspu t s p tr ub- lish: N w I •-t•!;ly at 4'44u:tibia Fittls, Mo ctazia , cli d nearest to oaitl claim, for On! reriott Of sin ) days from Its flret publicatiou. lloncoT Itsimn, Rot.;ti.,tr. First publication Aug. 2i. oct2;. - - No. O. ..; pito:Olen for Paten?. United Si atos Land CIfIlc o . , t. la. ;Moatan,a. Ationst ts. l't-el. Not ., • :,;,y :,.,•,11 \ ',-t. I r..• '; of C. ,. - , :, lontana. anti \ '. . . Hister Dow count s ',I' - .,..\. till :i t iplicat ion for 1 , :: • t. . , t..,._. laws of I 'ow:retie. for ii., ;1..-tt I; .,- .- ..:Inim.; clam i, b g earin g old. - • :7'n'..J!..: 1 .. . :III . 120.11 mining district. Mute..,.:., e.atii , ..•I -: ::ina. in net , itrreved town - shin al cu ;v. tA Ilieli Claillt is recordist in the otlico of tilt. comity rogorttor of Miosoula county, Montana, heti illesa.ri7te1 as follttwe: Survey No. ltria; C0111111111Cilig at th,‘ NW c, .r No. 1, whence IT, s. 10l.i..:11111 natnion,nt No. ;ter. hears N 42dt:41min 11 .1.-,t11.3 feet ; t hent•i• S de,.; Iti tnin IV 706 feet to cer No. .; : I \l•ntre S de g It> nth, W a'490.6 feet to cer No. 3; thence S CO do g 35 min 1-: 179.•.:1 feet to cur No. 4; thence N NO dog 47 min E foot to rot No. 5; Mauer. N 0 , , ! , 14 EI Will W It 11;.:, feet to cor No. I, the photo o r Te.. ; i nn a nt , embrang' ci 131.::5 azro3 upott which a no; n.o ..f saiti appligati0:1 'Was posted. Tin , adjoinin 4 claimants to titese in -otiose,. are On til0 ‘u, :•*:. :4IfV. j No. :'.:: r.. Frank,,-ford. ot al. top ; iii lit”iL141 1 I:ilia:R. Solt...m.1;5,-J.... Register. Attys. for 'Applignitt , .. 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The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 27 Aug. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.