The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, September 24, 1891, Image 1

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YOU WILL KNOW THE ( NEWS ANO PROGRESS OF THE FLATHEAD RE - GION IF YOU READ THE COLUMBIAN REGULAR - SUBSCRIBE NOVIJ FIRST YEAR. Buy Your Goods of the OLD RELIABLE G. H. A 1) M S, ASHLEY AND DENIERSV1LLE. Call and Examine New Arrivals! Sunset !sing to al n o , Iloa. Pleasant ! PICTURES, CHAIRS, ROCKERS, PLUSH STANDS, EASELS, HANGING LAMPS, I Have tho I,;116`44 (LI. A 11,11:1,)'0y Always l'p to tin, Tiun.s Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Frd Grocorig and Provisions. ‘T ST IONEIti, o•NARE, AVALLBAI , Eit, Fi'l/Nisa ps' iNo I ;flo, IATs, Ever) think; to found in n tIcatern1 ItLITCHMT-J-4 G . 1 A.1 M S. EDWIN SINGLETON. Con ractor, Builder. 1. l'ontract and F.xectite Every Clams; of Buildings. s. taken for FAserottiona, and for (ha l'eustruction of All Classee of Buildings. Columbia Falls, : Alsnitams. 1)E. .10S. Pit:DAL( E., PHYSICIAN SURGEON. (Klee. Plocle Colear.sabira, 3.Paltra, Mont. SIDNEY M. LOGAI\I, U. S. COMMJSSIONER. BrF!\.• , .•;$ AT T ., Tc , W11'.1t.• C. , . NHS From rati, or I state or KALISPELL. : Mt tNTA'A.. t'tied in et.,lioe,•,i•.:1 Wi th•• •I iiia• of the laud:. Prairit• fires are burning hi North :,•11711. - . •../^....\ -..... , ..w....../...,-....\...... ,• 3 and Insurance Agents. Col.UMBIA VALLS, MOST. SUITI1 & OLI V EI ) s g D•ttese, Theteettele of bushels of n 7:7 p'tPIr• I. I,•,. ! • : ;eel I,Itiii1 gs, have •:: , ;tor- .• ; :le )eo• na•e lost 50., A AA rq ladies of 1,200 VivI iffis or ow flood at (!tinstiegra, Spain, have 154 , 11 buried. The town weare a most d es o- late asitect. The official report, sitya that 5141 buildings in Commegra have %•5tioislits1 from tlit•ir v, hilt! CM art! in it procaritott.! condition and need to be 17tai men art' mak!' arreat at (!eta•tiegra eletri..7ed vvith robbing the dead. m...i:oilag„ ( 1,„„, I, Iits , floods ..stitoRtpd tt al„,io :y-1,000,000. Tim. river Aniar- guilt°, as a, rwiltli. Of the 11e551, has changed its c5l5ir50 to a me:inter:dile exhatt. 1V4 )rkine51 who 11:1V0 berm engaged in int ovieg the (10114l and drowned eattlt• t! left in a body and positivel., ref to, .;• to re•aent! work. Tilt!). claim the !lt•tiell arising frtati the bodies IS SO :A.V0r0 dint Ill) IllillIltIl bviDg 1a1(110 Iliom. 1)isinfot.t is are being sent. for, :sad it is ex reefed the work of clearing II I ,' streets will be resumed. Tie! eountry around the floodtal (list riot is swarmila..!: with marauders. authorities are 1`111. plOyillg all available foree in stievor lug the destitute ani in attempting to ('!ear avvity the worst wreekage eintibering iii,' sot rots aml buildings. busin(!ss portion of the It mai of Needh•s, Cal a was deatroyed by fins with the exception of ;sue build The fin. originated in a restaur- ant kitchen. 'lino bosses are over i'?10,- 0.10. Pierre, S. is enjoying the noto lety of having a bacearai s:ossuitlal, iii numbor of proniittunt vier ehants and count.: and city ofileiaio-. are innolicated. Vire-, in Stutsinan aiel Eddy o ant tie:, N. D., have (II':,! i's 315 :ages of grain. .111. , rten broke the , sesid's stallion recoil' for a teiie. at Independence, ta„ ne t hi ne • tl•;• •s .1 5tH',' iii 2101. The prtio.•,..- the Arift‘ 4.iov,•ii of •• ti l e ;!:r:litthilite_!ilkt. of 5.t!'-. II itmria. :oral sist:g. Ow ea.pes; a. of G e r t ete... (Iii her mareiar , Is llo. crown pilaw silo J IM ! 1::S faith. % s 5 s. !f, of At h• •:: •. rt•ports, !•!:•• v.s1 loa•a• Is 0) t the ' Val a i:1 7 to W..1. Aitler:,en were att:te!wil to) ,:oti it'o Batt Lodge. The isittle had ',s e r i . .e •;• ranglag tia• ( 'now i•esen•at mai and Ia. 5 5 i a • (!lish•r county had ittea•.taotl them, but of this 11 . 1. , • A !,;;;;!•;, was unable to (-olivet any tax. • Dimly United Statea Marshal t• o ton ; • 'ley: .••,;:•. ;it t , ...511••, Iletena, trent to Great :5!I warrants for the arrest of -;••‘sorit j. k• Miller, LAW AU REAL ESTATE. OFFICE: NITLEUS AVENUE. Columbia Falls, : Montana. 0. J. Blodgett, A.171 1 0 I N EY. Fire aml Life Insurnce Written. R&NCHES BOUGHT AND SOLD. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT. A. 1. LINDSEY, LAW AND REAL ESTATE. OFFIC1: IN if. 0. !WILDING, aitzttirrhia rams, montana. L3nEford & Law, Real Estate and Fire Insurance. THE COLU).4BIAN. THE AWFUL FLOOD - — - - - - - - - - --- ('( )1 ,1 T 1 ; I A FA 1,1,S NIONTANA T I 1 1.7 RS 1 )A Y 1 ' , S \ M 11 F. It 24, 1 S9 1 . MONT.% NA IN BM EP. A man by the name Of Z Sheri %%.1.1 1c,/11,i 1111,1 kills'! ill a I, s. Dead Bathes 1'4 , 11%1 I! ' 31* I .,- hi , i1 ISIS - • 114' Constwgra. Spain, a Result i : heve been demented, I, Flood. b e ; l ass o ae . A :wet ion hand named \Vie. I :las. 11;e1 in the lwas.1 with is 32 ealibre piatol and death resulted immediately. NVood claims the deed witoi done in tot!Irdeftaisto. Frank Aleximtler, a jockey well known in Montana and 1)itkolit, died at Livingston of hemorrhage of the twigs. Mr. Alex:staler tame to Liv- iin.coilon about two year; nse, from the Black !lilts. Ile hits litsgt in poor ht.:dill and ha.- 1;.sei eenfined to his Inane a greatte• 1 ,...-1 tot . oho! time. ; (Io , • 1.,•'...I. •.•,, till' 1 . 101:14 :!, •.0c ;1 . 11 \WC!' preparing to leave Iii,'lareatotli 1 tot Springs hotel for Ciunibur, Charles lieight, sittesiber of the asaeviation, (Implied deed front an &lark of hear t thee:ea.. Ile 11101 been is sollierta. front Ling hind heart t rt addl., and !.vaa ised iii St. not to undertake ilia trip on a ccount of the Itigh altitude. r. Inight has bean agent, hor the 185' Ii, a M t ob O t•rly, M., for a ninn- bee of years pto,t, and was unmarried. The lint ‘ te polio! have arred s te Robert 1Viiat•itto and it mast as - Smithy\ for eemplieity in the bur- I.;:lary of the IV: 16 . 11( . 1! a .1.1V. I.';abis. 1Villiam II. Pattison svas arrested iii 1?avalli, and will be taken to NI tow- head, Mien., to ansvver to (ha (of siduction. Orders halo la•tai ree,•ivial at Fort Keogh to transfer all the Che n yene Indians from l'ine Ridge, now on the military reservations there, to the l'ongue Itiver ageney. Miller, a brake n ma (al tho• Mont:tea f'entral, fell under the w - lieels of a moving freight train at. Alhambra and was cruslital to death. III! tviet about 28 years of 11g.. and lived at St hit:n.4), where the hotly was ithippef. tt reside:as! of .101111 Atidri•sela 110111' reat l'alls, Avas (battle:cis! by '.';0 (!olild ISIS rendered and Ike ('II! 1,'l' V.11', ('(5115 51111151with its caatents. The owner I.van e sventy (ad, aud burned. 'Ile fire WW1 C:1115-441 by 010 ev i ihwion or a lamp. .Loss (!,, .1. Erickson, supposed to be or elirotitt• from Butte to St. Paid, 11 (local1i . 0 . 0, lcal 011 a Not th e - re '5,15'fl train mair Vermlitle, in, ass old hely •••taanita•••1 ,aii••11(• by hang - 7. Yd . !, earl, o;: of cattle Ir•long- The t•!:,- et . Ao•• Army t;c; ;lie ( . 11!'::1 , 1*!;1';'1, 1I1ii.,twonty-nee,ned a n- nual . .;;;•,a. ; , :eet;s1 General W. D. ll'ess.essea pea:dent. 'tesresseen I?. li. 1. Davitl- see la: - eppe:Ittiei ee as a a; senator by ills! gavernor to eueve:al. Call, of _Florida. Francis Patrick Slavic, of Aw5tra- lia, ‘vrites from London exproasing willingness to meet John L. Sullivan for :S25,000 a side and the champion - .ship of the world. Tons McCarthy, of 13oston, and Billy Smith, of Auetralia, heavy- weights, fought for :.: 4 1, 5 .X.I0 at San Fraucisco. McCarthy was knocked out in the eighth round. France has recognized the pro- visional government of Chili. Portland, Oregon, had a SI0,0(10 fire at the Southern Pacific ear shops. Tunnel No. 17 on the Southern Pacific near Bakersfield, California, caved in. The Chilian wheat market is glut- ted, flour being cheaper than in San Francisco. Miss Vera Ava has found her level at last. She is in a Cincinnati museum. She will receive ;i3300 per week. THE COLUMBIAN has a lump of North Fork coal from the Emerson vein, which shows the quality of the fuel in that locality. The piece is from the surface and cannot be taken as a fair sample so far RS looks go, but it is even then as good looking coal as can be found in Montana. According to a Japanese belief the Mikado is descended from the gods. being one IIIIIHITOd and twenty-first in direct line of descent. Vol) proiniTIt'llt, ranch men of ; county who have been f-te•;•••_!' ernmeat latel and per •••to • o - aacit- I Ill. n. John 1.)alton, a - • the Northern Ple•iiit• BALMACEDA DEAD. Ile Puts a Bullet Through Ilk Dun Brain Bather than Fare 1 tiarradat 1111. Sternly Exciting. Career Ends. 111111 ‘i it', it Closes a Chaplet. or .„ .. C. le. Sully has ()paled his store Olt Nocliaim nod ;:-; ready to stiti- ply teer . v cirronier. An artesian %yell near Albert, Lea, Minn., which ...pouts both oil 1511(1 St ater, often ele the pregramini, and :,••1111 ; tout a 1 iista ‘,1 s% holly aay hipocieti of fish faint1 in that %iv:11;1y. The New York //. nibra Valparaiso (•ablegrana Sept. 20, states that ex Stith waist:: to ettote prices on all President lialitiitissla, of Chili, :shot geo•l•-• in Is:. line. ;-.1.t• 5 hion , ;(•If tinting!s the t;andle iti his v410 •0: 0'0'h mielior platoon room itt, the Argentina legat'on th•• It5 : . • . I toas, the Salina:1.o on Saturday morning. Tle• 1111 0.\ 111' . 411.1 oil the(tots j';'. ;Opp, the roa d ea:, Etti feel. Jest var.( after story became klio‘vii Valparaisti Sat 11111/1.‘ ‘ V \ 11 id I I I . , • L .,: 1 , St I re \VIC - 5 strung iter(iss every hand etas 1:\ard I he t %Va: - ; brilliant ithi!itiliabd, and tat pa; n t p l t e i : n i fi r: te:e . tagn e nt. the ets•iiiiig the city It mew, seeilis that tie! ; tory that ; I t ) i l ! :./ 41 / 1 ( 8 1f , rejoieing. Balm:teed!' eseapad ti the ..1 popular 3laties tahee it: ; ; s; ..5, ;•': their Isetef; hiss r. Stales steamer San Franci;leo 55 5 5'5 1 . 5 disappeared te.vit la ,..t . its; rioneous, liati•gtd, lie loft Sae!, iaa . to freni Ills oily ;t %welt ago: 1 tiPt exh:biler55. Tt.- Auguel :t, in the !tope of s.:setspitte - - Lieetss , to marr:, wit traasted it.1100 itii,IllBoo • nien. %%omen and children in (;reat from the vountiy, but, lit:ding (eer)' (lay to :aka Ifenry \\ le elto r ;nal the hotel where they shopped r/ ,, , roratit, r'rates• tool Cierniany put avenue of egre ,s eltrictl, returned to f{, ) ;-;l iti f or o f ( emt pa: -.:;port taiaet tip its v, t pepulation of soy - (is o city en \s ph 2, and 'went Palk.\ (. \ 11 grat\htticll't \ill I)\ \'I'd , I'llt ss \I d \ 4 115.1114) Iti i eral niiator Enrol's is !MI6 'S ill 11555411 Is, lip Argent logo ;(Sn. 51) COLUMMAN hastens they %vent read . .. !to r ... ,A a jor I lately owl to. has in.,.11 to t , xtott i it' ‘‘.4,11 014' nian d,, ( 1 to I. ti,, :0151 Ills; lam] inel mining hats a speg.ialty. Lasoroise & 11t.txtri. No este 585 5' the r A g,ailinto minister ivh . a e lic of an y11101')' y ore definite infor friends couldn't lot'. s' their pitasporta. and gone (Alter wan, devoted to fiat mat ion. .1 . 111:4 1:1,1 ,, in lip. .1 . 1tv hishosts'!liom.p1-;•, with many bows Public 11(1 1(01. 1111100111. V4114 permitted t o s ,t a 1 11 m . slimmer that Mr. Wheeler bat 'CI 4 . 1\ , I 111111. 11110 1 . , 1;fP: , fin Saturday, (H. 3, at Abner Alstat S Saturday morning a a very neat re.;idenee, but no Pi'-ttol shot was heard hi Balm:teed:Cs coniMents. It is all al clear as day, room, and Senor I'. I. Itiburia nit le way. ing it:. fli:1!1 , 1 I hat. Ili' ex president An hivitistion re/s.ived, ann o tin e os had jest put a bullet into his brain. The jenta was notified, and a com- mittee immediately went to thin 1101181 , 1111(1 V11 1 1V1.11 till' us :15', t111 1 1111W,; spread crowds of people gathered around the Argentine legation. They cheered, hooted and nearly went into a frenzy over the death (of their Into enemy. Above all was heard shouts congratulating him that in taking his own lift! he had escaped a wors( fate at till' hand.. of the junta. lIalinaceda left u letter to his mother, and islao a etatoment to th.. New Yosk 11,-ruld. As almost the la -51 deelarations of the dying 111311 they are of speeial importance, lie eitya, among . other things: '•I :tete(' during the past. eigliteea needle; w it h he e(ae, Sat; at that I was right. I had no i/i10 in the army I could trust. Tit, generals he(15to flail IL... ° h a y e d my otalori I think the bait Its of Comsat would have resulted in the defeat or tits. enemy. My heart has been :yids Chili thisaigh the whole trouble. I sought to re•;o-ta, Tlie Itainy weatlit r intercoml with the uttt.omliuieeist the ball given ill (!el- sinsl)iit last Friday evening, but, fully twenty live couples !alive(' the elements, lind %%ere raw:In:oil by one of the most enjoy able ti1114”4 ever had 1st the Flathead et re i t Ey. 'Ile a.val her kept away quite it ntetiber of li,t pooph., lea Eck , 1 berry and flosten, and INlesent. Sner awl Lang, of Egan, wen , tattieed. \l'he music Iva.; 1.X0411/0111, ;1101 V.11, ap- preciated and conoputeentetl by I\ ers one. Altogether it Iv;sa 1 ,$) , S.! 1!: , ` tisoist 016i1/Yabli, I's • r (Its. 5.11 . 11 \)' and 0 51 5 tho:• , :o . !.!y 'rho :tt Bart I.. reit laarant AV:ri fls:Lt Ie •. I h. 7 %Va.: 1111.1 tI.' . 7( ,• passel!, the wedding of Mr. Wheeler, forSept. 23. Mr. and Mrs. 1Vheeles will be at hone , in this city after Oetober Notts. The handeottie store nions of.C. Fullerton, adjoining the pistolinge hita been completed, and is ready for (iectipaney. It is 0111) 01 110 11:111(1 1401110.4 blocks in the vanes . Alain & Co. let the contract for the how:dation of their brIeli bita•k, N11 0 1011S 1111;011110, 111 , 15 , 110 t110 I 'Ob.! (;;L . s lord. They w:11 erert a !solid !nick bitiek for their own or eepaney, collIpleIt. it itS 5(1,n1 as I'' The Improvement company's Wort. hits been hriels veni , ered atal is (me of the substantial Imildiegs in die visite% . h is oeetipied by the lifitees of 1!: , • ;. N. lautileer 'o., the ha- provement the Flathead ( 'oal Irtni Co., the Batik of Columbia Falls and Tar: Cest•misses. 'rite briek veneer of th ( )lillar building :vita yeater- A n otn e .r the le i• hS ISISpiViS iitg thron;di I PlaWa. I ht.. on his Way Is, I lif- •••,•••-5 ot its ;,. et the (le- feir:es o,f l'!rili••11 Celembia, is re - squint -Po for the o Port that it. I!; intention of the British government to materially add to the strength of the defense : of (7attatia, 1,0th on the At awl l'acifie, as well as eleng the frontier bordering on the Si. Lawry:we rivei• and great lakes. The effort to nada. ( 'amnia impregnable against attitei will not be confined, he says, to the laao 1 tlef• 11-1•54, as the ship., and armament, of the At !anti,. and l'aeilie equadrons will be.greatly strengtlee;e0. , II .1. 1.1a , I.;;;1; ell belief isi Englatel i thet troeble with the • • hoevii able, tulle Y.: the day. This ;!,-; ye so!id brick front - •:f bet ..ve1:11 'saadzi Fine Underwear.' Your Excellency, that the I rad& is I ,epet 'a ranch, four miles south of that. your 11:1111e, i.4 :%I‘r i• bia I 'all e on t he east aide, V.5. major almoat lisp)fit. Art01' r1•1 . 1)V1 . :' Foa..,••r %%id Itlf••r fur salt, at public ing he Laid there 55115 no Hebrew 'on', I. ca , 11, I carload of house- Wats! in him, mid that his family had held geode of $21;11 organ, been Americans for nine ginierations, furniture, etc., I .ler cow, 2 .fersey There were explanathar5, and the heifer:, I ,ated carriage, 1 pair major's passpert ess se. lusted Is,pace!: Suit Is'', I wagon, I earriage on the back Ili,,exapliffor having harness. and . other articlea too ninner- syritten t'Llitharan.\ (ilia to monition. I (‘ SW;111 0 Y, 110W ha., hi, .114, in (',,1111111,ia Falls. Set- tIrTs isalking filings and final proofs should my country lents foreign domination see of Jou feet teen Savetell etreet and tie , n.psteta e• -...a. - •• aild mane her the first reptileie !,, tete of glis...sse 1 s..!I 1 41\11 555s'. -;sty I The loiek e.orii. ley I. e :;••;'. nI•I• 51:. cruel. Cirritavaaiteo , co.:pelted „5 II' ii, ) 4 ,( .; ,!, 11 .••11%.1:: il;1.! .1:77711/1;:lg d 7 • :•!•• 7 ./ sanetieti eta lain ;tett, litit elaay 110,... o f t h,. rel.; attributed to nie I never lotevv (hefl OA\ t i! .. after they had pu bl ic a, I • atil the final ball le of .Placilla I !,.. „ 15110 put 1155(1 s , ,rong hop''.; of triumphing. 1') m(.1),iti;1d ;senerals assured int. of victory, lett 5r L.:: „,„i Ital. ell heti. I lotiav dee; L ee s . ; b., (S's St 1(1 ley ; I :1 the mene:....1, •. Tiniber, was nut es. r ale! I. All :lie ilota,e:. a work train. lie had 5.5,1 a my •5 e .:es. Your I es many tiev•-: • • • t ;els I••••. lie urgsl .1 , !parents ef a !, beO s . ! park is suspeadial, the annual isppre- ;et te ;;;; ,v110 oe- srtation of S150.1100 havang 1)5'. 'ii ex- litsuetsel. Andrew AV. Anderson was killed by a premature bliset :visite at work on Gosernmeni work on the National se laplf-r.:-;11:11'..1. t imlaina (ho toolltrw hig in fist: sit ien of ow. of I ',)! 1 ':5P, C./ %I\ • - ,.....\'\ w C BUSINESS MEN WILL t FIND THE COLUMBIAN'S LW JOB PAINTING OFFICE EQUIPPED FOR GOOD ORA. NEW STYLES ? Cr TYPE. N M I; Ell, 23 • -------- - - „ The glut of potatees ill Southern 1 1 1-11 1 , F ,AR ifl 11 GO , Califoritia continues. In one eection they are b••itig effereol at, 5 cents ii sault ill the ground. ' (I 1 \\ \' LH ' boston was (hey, ft so it: . sea:: en v;•et the sane; day treating the I.' V. of tha . 'Thos. 1V. Riley said out o.;:tlean !,or. o • anti fixtures to Geo. Bell. Mr. Bell ; eat. Britain weeld the elettrie light told power flume in tiu'AN 1(4 ' .15. i\ 1 \ga t \\I• ll l s r\\% - si . (anises highly sae .a:Inender! and ---o• by ! p6 . 11 1 F111,' near l'hilipsburg. He leaves a family the tteel et:, e!o;...e yes\ , eish him success. Me 1?iiay : ; a - ert ures or peace.\ ; , ! at Anaconda. • :memo; 10 -.tZtrt BahlriC 7 '.! )i aly has been zeinuved Egan will then have throe saloon. to the - • • • •: - al ei•metery. It was at'- Three couple-, front Egan attentiral by members of his family and friends. one of the constei-eionsra oak f l o e Trimble Bee:lase of Iii; Hebrew Naille. Canada Pons %Vat' Paint in 1111;111.4 - lion for a Preach 114qm I .55151 !la' 1 . ' 1110 4\c511151: . : t 1111t, 1,1;1511t. 10 Ell rope in 5.ts• 1,e •; of (0105151 Ii: ; 4 , 11. 15 1 1 :1 i 14 11ilt1'11 1/ . ., scj , cc . 1'. 1 liii. I . I, turned. ; o' el.!*i 1/c Skil h: • !.•1.I 1 •:k.' • ,I. A New Minitel Camp. . La Plata City is a new alining camp located near Ogilen, Utah, says the Salt Lake Sehlind. Discoveries were revently made in the mountains near there, and the camp now has a population of about SID people, nearly all living in tents. The entire coun- try within a eireuit of five miles has been taken up with mining claims, and every man is a prospective mill- ionaire. The town is situated in a narrow gulch, and on both sides of it the mountains rise in steep slopes. The claim from which the town is named is in the bottom of the can- yon, and even the sands of the stream contain mineral, and are being sacked for shipment. Business of all kinds in the way of supplies and pro- visions is rushing, and hack lines are doing a land-office business carrying specralaters and miners into the camp. A nce.vspaper is being talked of. The significant sign \Chinamen Take a Sneak,\ is posted conspicuously on the outskirts of the town, and thus far has been obeyed to the letter. A survey of the country is now in progress to determine lines and boundaries. Ogden and Logan are courting the new town in every possi- stravs4s41-444-44 , ftsiosslossLamps, date honors are evenly divided. • not sl hi.; e advice, for thought. h. , ;vas the influenee of this' junta. who (Ira, vver;• r..firs;• The celebrated Treadwell mine on Douglass Island, Alaska, keep 2 , 10 stamps going. The mine is an im- mense quarry of pay ore, enough be- ing in sight to keep the mill, said to be the largest in the world, at work for fifty years. It is four miles from Juaeau, a town of 1,200 inhabitants. President J. A. Talbott, and Vice - President Gaylord, of the Northern international Improvement Co., are expected in Columbia Falls within a few days. They are holders of much valuable Flathead realty, and are on a tour of inspection. Notice. UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE, MISSOULA Moyr., July 17, 191. Notice is hereby given that this offiee is i» receipt of certified copies of fractional township plats, as fol- lows, to -wit: Township 27, north, range 20, west. 66 44 28 44 44 44 66 28 if 66 21 , 64 ti 46 30 46 46 20, 66 Filings on the above townships will lx' accepted on and after August 16, 18°J1. ROBERT FISHER, Register. SAM. fintwdrd II I 'epdrrtmollt. Stoves and Tinware, Nails, Bolts, Screw's, „. Locks, Hinges, Hasp's. Rifles and Shotguns. Lilac of Crosscut Saws, Cv.r . i;c.faters' Tools, r :.; , ..!?..cens, Spring Hinges. Als!) hi - 1.112in of Sprilli Beds :2tatrip:so, lilniots, Shoots and Pillow CF03, TOMS, biaini. With PoRr, Etc. DON • T ; \-TEN To HAVE EV- '.s. Vcc• %VA% r, ‘Vitt thtnElt Fr c ,;: . 11iTt:11S .1N5: HAVE Jr f\;. ' FLW DAYS. des time being of the elate., of the treaty ss ltieh provided the. the naval forcea of eiteh governs:ea,: on the lakes should be limited to foto. vessels, , r the dance at Columbia Falls on the each of the vessels to be no more than A. ... • , • 18t11, and all spoke very highly of itve lona VoU r(1 ..n and each arrnt-d . F. SULLY. t: I, Y L A Moli's Famishing Der. Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Pants and Shirts, Gloves and Ties, Overalls and Jumpers, Socks & Suspenders HOUS3 and Sign T N ii.1 1) A I Ti lk Paper Hanging. 0.66,•••••,•,...6/WV.60 , 6. London. Shop in Rear of Odd Fellows Sharks are bothering the fishermen ill Long Island sound. The town of Argonia, Kan., is offi- cered and run entirely by women. London omnibus drivers gained $90,101 a year by winning their Ftrilat. 0\5+ business, and the public has boon ac- 1 / 4# CM MISSiO N DEALER ' A velocity as high as 2,887 feet per comnuxlated. The new bank s: - second has been attained by a pro - have a large field, and the opening of Hall. oca.ankcar..A. the courtesy shown them by tile e.;;. ean . e than 1S-poued zens of Columbia Falls. It WM the gulls. fineat party ever given in the valley. 4 - oN tENsATI0NS. Egan isn't in it any more. •- - • Mr. Geo. Clinton and wife started China is to ha e. a Hour for their home in Spokane on Mon- Our railroads emphsy day's steamer. Uncle Sam is worth 5262,701,000,000. Georgia has a woman train dis- The Bank of Columbia Falls is pateher. npw open for the transaction of a South Africa is shipping oranges to general banking business. The fix- tures of the new bank ivere delayed and did not arrive until Friday last, but workmen have been busy and the institution is now ready for business. During the past ten days Cashier Read has done more or less banking its doors will be an event ill the busi- ness history of the valley. It is, per- haps, the strongest financial institu- tion in Northwest Montana, and its official roster contains some of Mon- tana's best known names. Its solid- ity will at once place it among the leading banking houses of the state. D. GOLDBERG, jeetile from a rapid fire gun. MA Rad CHEESE, A company to insure tobacco plant- ers against loss by hail is one of the OREGON CIDER, latest schemes in Conneetieut. Candy, Nuts, Notions, Fruits, Glasscock county claims the voung- Tobacco and Cigars. est groom in Georgia. He is 13 years old, while his wife is 35 and has grown children. NUCI.. 1 .3 AVENUE, 'olombia Ladte-RIAnd_grat:6,ollic,5,alms lii h a nd at the Missoula Mereatiow . 1 . fastatia. White & Murphy, at the City Mar - Neat Job Printing at this Offiee. Missoula Mercantile eo. prices. From. Next to Columbian. het, Second Avenue West, an.. riumuuLdwiA—imt—scs:Riud. „o1,0 t cuLs: 3:113 t i tts.s.:4 - 1 - 'VARIETY OP S.3IOKER . R ARTICLES: A nice line of _Ladies' and Misses

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 24 Sept. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.