The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, October 01, 1891, Image 4

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NEWS OF THE WEEK. The school books have arrived at C. F. Fullerton's. Mr. and Mrs:Win. Read have pro- cured the cottage recently built by A. C. Thompson and are now bona fide residents, comfortably settled. Cream of Roses, every bottle guar- anteed, at the Model drug store. C. F. Fullerton. has been confined to his honw for the past week with lung trouble, but is reported to be progressing Vo‘ry satisfactorily. Try the Agnes Booth cigar at the Model drug store it's a dandy. Toni McLeod was in town Satur- day, and the formal transfer of the M. M. store to Ramsdell Bros. was made. Mr. Ramsdell took charge Saturday morning. Get your prescriptions filled by Donaldson, the pharmacist, at the Model drug store. Messrs. Hatfield and Drake re- turned Saturday from a prospecting trip of two weeks' duration. What they found in the way of ore has not been made public, but they brought back a large and elegant bearskin as a trophy. Land and mining law a spcialty. Ietseeoau & BLOOR. Mr. and Mrs. Galen H. Wheeler arrived in Columbia Falls, Saturday, and took tip permanent quarters in the cottage on Ninth street that Mr. Wheeler built last summer. They are \at home\ to friends after Oct. 1. Sully wants to quote prices on all gcods in his line. See Min. Remember the school books have been adopted by the legislature for six years, and only therm can be used In any part of the state. C. F. FULLERTON. Charles Ramsey and J. \V. Martin have opened a chop house in the Windsor Hotel (lining room. The place has been fitted up elegantly, and the place will be run in first-class style. A side entrance has been ar- ranged for the accommodation of The Boss of the Road riveted over- alls for $1 at Fullerton's. Chas. Greenlee, who has been man- ager of the M. M. Co.'s store here. left Saturday night and Vill visit Missoula before returning to the Flathead val- ley. N. P. Shaw, who has lwen man- aging the Nucleus Avenue market. also left for a trip to Missoula. Try Donaldson's cream of roses for chewed hands and face, at the Model drug store. William Roubidottx brought in a fine bear Monday, and the hide of a half-grown mountain lion, as the prizes of a few days' hunt. Judge Conlin purchased the hide for his mansion on the wet nwl of the ground on which the mile track will be laid out. Has no equal. The Boss of the Road overall. C. F. FULLERTON. John Cowel and family departed on Friday for the Kootenai country. and will reside at the new town on Libby creek, in which County Com- missioner Sheldon, T. H. Dean and E. L. Revd are interested. Mr. and Mrs. Cowel had a large circle of friends in this vicinity who heartily wish them success in their new home. Fresh candies just received at the Model Drugstore. T. H. White, the pioneer barber. has his new bath rooms fitted up, and they are about as neat as can be found in Montana. The tubs are finished in tamarack, and show splendidly the quality of the wood for finishing purposes. Four rooms are fitted, and arrangements have been made for the accommodation of both ladies and gentlemen. The MOMS are centrally located, and are first class in every respect. They will be popular when well known. George P. Martin has opened a first-class jewelry store at Demers - vale. Repairing promptly attended to. Judge Shepard. Judge Re 'yes and R. L. Clinton, all members of the bar, were in town Thursday. They came to assist in a trial, but the case was dismissed without giving the gentlemen an opportunity to put on their fighting clothes. It is said that Mr. Clinton, Grant Swaney and Judge Reeves have formed a partnership for the practice of law. The combina- tion is surely a strong one. Fine line of confectionery at the Model Drug store. Ed Bass returned Monday front a trip to the Bitter Root valley, and brought with him several samples of Montana grown apples. He says the Bass orchards have this year borne over 1,200 bushels of apples, and the quality is unexcelled. One Alexan- der apple on exhibition at this office has attracted much attention. It is as pretty as fruit can grow and well illustrates the possibilities of fruit culture in Montana. We are prepared to fill all prescrip- tions; our stock is fresh and com- plete. Montt. DRUG STORE. Homestead and pre-emption filings, also proofs made on the same. A. W. SWANEY, COMIlliseioller U. S. Court. Columbia Falls. R 4 MS DE L L BROS. The Popular Merchants are Again in Trade and Mean Business. On Saturday morning Ramsdell Bros. took charge of the store here, and will hereafter conduct the busi- ness. The affairs of Ramsdell Bros. have been so shaped that they resume business upon a better basis than ever before. Speaking of the recent. trouble, W. R. Ramsdell said, \While we had ample property to pay all in- debtedness, we found that. a tempo- rary transfer to the Missoula Mercan- tile Co. was the bee way to protect every creditor. While the M. M. Co. may have been a little hasty in bring- ing matters to a crisis, I have found them just, and can say that the busi- ness here has been conducted in a very satisfactory manlier. We take charge again, and the affairs are in better shape than ever before. We intend to have our share of the trade of the Flathead valley. We shall quote prices that will be entirely satisfactory to the buyers of this region. We shall keep the stock up, and make it absolutely complete.\ At the election held in Demersville last Friday, two tickets were in the field, the Peoples' and the Citizens'. D. J. Clifford, the father of the town, was elected mayor by over 200 ma- jority, having practically no opposi- tion. He ran on the Peoples' ticket. C. 0. Ingalls, W. F. Hubbart and Fred Langerman on the Peoples' and G. H. Adams, Ed Skinner and H. S. Cannon on the Citizens' ticket were elected aldermen. Bedding, dry goods, gents' fur- nishing goods, hardware and tinware et Sully's. THE COLUMBIAN this week received a few samples of potatoes that beat anything yet produced. Three from Oscar Fierstein's place which average over two pounds each. Six from the ranch of \V. C. Harbin, on the east side. They are of the \New State\ variety and are smooth and equal to any variety yet seen. They are firm, and seem to be worthy of careful ex - tun inut ion. Time Montana saloon keeps the very finest wines, liquors and cigars. Try them. John S. Wise, the east side ranch - man brought over eight potatoes, the product of one hill, that weighed 91 pounds. They are of the Garnet Chili variety and are beauties. S. H. Butler returned Saturday from a trip to the Kootenai country. where he acemnpanied Right -of -Way Agent Wilkinson in a notarial capavi- ty. He says the road is very well along, and the contractors are push- ing matters, He thinks there will be a good town !somewhere in that coun- try, but as yet nothing has transpired to indicate where it will be. He says a person appreciates the Flathead country more after seeing the Koote- nai. The line goes to Spokane by way of Bonner's Ferry. it is strictly a mining country with no other ap- parelit resources. The Model drug store looks like a model indeed. It has been finished in white, and an elegant prescription case, in similar finish, makes the store the prettiest one in the Flat- head valley. Mr. Donaldson has re- ceived goods almost daily, and his stock is now complete, new awl at- tractive. The ranch contest between Ed. ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. The Flathead Valley Coal & Iron Co. to Begin Work. Monday evening Messrs. J. A. Tal- bott, J. E. Gaylord e C. A. Nuss, mem- bers of the Flathead Valley Coal & Iron company, and Benj. Tibbey, ex- pert, returned from a trip to the coal measures of the North Fork. The object of their visit was to determine what, development work the company would do now, and where to begin. A member of the party said: \The first work to be done will be to open a new trail over which supplies may be taken in. The veins of coal be- ginning with the Emerson vein will be opened up. During the winter from ten to twenty-five r•ten will lw kept busy developing the properties. All veins will be opened to ascertain distance, so that we may determine upon what particular veins to sink and put in machinery. \The stockholders are very well pleased with the outlook. They lind more coal than they expected, and a country thoroughly deserving of all the development that can be given. The coal is all that can be desired. It is a smelting coal of unexcelled quality, and equal, if not superior, to Rock Springs coal, which has been used in Butte smelters for years. \The railway project for the North Fork is progressing favorably, and is assured. Helena, Butte and all towns where smelting is done, or coal in any quantities is used, are active for the line, and the coal of the North Fork will lw shipped by rail within eighteen months of to -day. We feel certain of it.\ Every member of the party was well pleased with the tri:i and the North Fork country was a revelation to them, and they found it even better than had been represented. The de - velopmeut of the North Fork mines means much to Columbia Falls. This is the season when every Flat- head farmer can produce sample potatoet that are a credit to any country. During the past week speeimens have been brought to this ()thee which are the perfection of vegetable production. Mrs. Cooke sent over two that weigh over two pounds each, which have been placed in THE CO).1•301/AN collection. To the farmer bringieg the largest. potato to this office. we will give one year's subscription to THE CoLUMB1AN. We are after the king of potatoes, and will send it where it may be com- pared with the product of much ,ilder countries. Neat Job Printing at this Office. ON OR ABOUT Monday, Sept. 28, OLSON. JOHNSON & Will be Prepared to Furnish Floorim.4, And Everything in the BUILDING LINE. Cor. Seventh St. turd Third Ave. Colitinbitt JttIi. Ai 1. No. 1. Application for reset. O'Brien and Ed. Chasseur, led to te S. Land Office, Missoula, Montana, Aug ust the arrest of the latter on u charge of 19 .P 491 . Notiow i loo•e•by g iven 1 hat Frank Langford. perjury. The arrest seems to have or ran, enseeds remity. mestithe been s'ery inueli in the nature of s a .`\i!st A y i .\.;1. 4 .7i'la;!it. ) i i!?tIt''a!'i ii r s ot s t - t I fil( S •(11 ‘4 r pirc7- spite work. The trial was set for Tikursday last, and Chasseur had en- \ 1 '\ 1 , 1 ,''' ‘ '.\'\31 i ,n 1 .,„\ i \ i \lf gaged at and was preplinst to i No • r i fight the nut ter to a finish, when . county'. Montana, and de:writes( as 101 - Blodgett, O'Brien's attorney. 'ouunsucing al eerier No. 1, whearn U. S. lo- movill that the case be diemissed at the met of plaintiff. The case was diszeiesed, awl the (4 /Si .4 assessed against the plaintiff, which happened to be the \State of Montana.\ or rather Missoula county pays the bill. amounting, it is said, to about $2thi. This is not the first time that the county has had to foot the bill to allow some one to work out a little revenge, anti it is about time it was stopped. eat ion jilt No. sate Mara ...t..11lo g I 11114 ‘k . 3:10.0.3 r(v•t . thenee S o 2.a min W feet I.. vow No. 2: thence S 7. 1 de.: 49 W :40 1 .1 (cc , to No. thence N deg le min W fret cm. No. . then, e N ii de g _I lo un sf {mit cor NO. 't thin'.. S m 11 in I: lisse.2 feet I.e.. No. 1, the plotee of be g innin g , (entire:sing 1,7.76 : W ry, Tilt' adjoining 10 preini.e. ars- o n t o•zt-t the Di g it liar Placer. and ton the to,1 1110 Provido nee Placer, Freilli Langford, 4, al. dant:ants for both. Houma FisnErt, Neleal & Sen n Ms. Re g ister, .1efez l er licants. / It i• :-/-by directed that the above not :co he published at the eXp011st• of ClaintantS ithitVIt 1111:11041, it THE Col.VMM Vs. it new , paper pub. fished weekly at Co m lubia Fall.. atotititiont, end ,.,-a rest to said claim. for the period of 'fiat ) . ; days from its first ',Odic:item. Roettar Fisilsa, Register. ocs2. Intol ie,t1 ion Atti.r. 27. q 00 vr„ \r N & • 2 Wish to Announce that they are Receiving the Most Complete Stock of Groceries ever Brought to the Valley. Buying of First Hands and Shipping in Car Lots Guarantees the LOWEST PRICES. Best Hard Wheat Flour, Granulated Sugar, $7.5o COM AND SEE DS. : : WE MEAN BUSINESS. ODD FELLOWS' BLOCK. Columbia Falls, Montana. 3 PURE AND FRI-3,SII DRUGS, Patent Medicines and Chemicals. Perfilifiri allti Toila ------- fine Will 0Sii1. Limps far Meqicied Use. ci g nrs, stilt i„nory. ( - etvtIiitu in . 1 )rwr,ri&41s'Stiii(lries. :41 - Prescript Accurately ('ompeinded. Night Calls Promptly An- swered. .1. 1)0N - A I I)tiON . 1 '1.(>1). rank. Woods, ' emit:let arer of atel Dealer in Routh and Common IAJ I3 1)1.ic( Low - e:-.41. Col u 1)1a : 1\1 oniana. Notice for Publicatoll. Notic , 3 for Publication. Land terce :.! Mi• -,.• ' • `foss Netiee is hereby civet, ii„, 11:11110 , 1 S.0.1.- has We.' c.a., • .1 I : as. too nuoloe preof . • o I ••\ .e... a , • that said m em' {VIII Is• ,it It: • •• Sv.•ao:ey. f .• ! . foor the disn ict ales' .o o F a i le oil -; n . s. Edward M. Cootiloo , 11 4 s i.• • s • ..! • S. No. as. for the ii ,• 1:- , . . law' a sec. 211, tp 30n. r west. He names the following %int , - t , , pro 1, cont inuous re,ioloma• 1110(1 all,: ill I,,t. tt: Faidli11141.tii10•4‘1 , r. Alls•rt 1., lace. Itelmid Watts. Iitct a:I of Coda - bia Fels. „Any' Iserao ho n w olesires to protest against the allowance , of such proof, or who knee.. of :It o aulistaittial reason. muter the law and the r....ry.- hitions of the Interior Iteparttnent. oltelt proof 'should not la adoeved. all] Is , m ien an opportunity et the :Move mentioatool I1»:•• azel mace to cress-ex:intim. the wi(ness, •s or sea ie offer evidence ill rebuttal of thet aubmitte•I I,i claimant. • ROI1ERT IASI{ 1:11, Ito - s ister. Sandford & 4 rub)), at tortoeys. tat publication fa ct . 1-6w. Notice for Publication. 1.111111 Office at Misseula. 51font. September, by e lv 2s Notice is hereen that tho• foflooving name] setter has tiled notice of his iio:o• to intake final proof in support of his claim, end that said proof will be ninth , before Andrew W. Swaney, ii countioissuom•r of the . 5. 4 telllt coutt. I list net of M4 , 11::11111, 111 1 . 011111111111 F ails, 3 , 14ontaria. mI Nioventher 7. I-91. viz: I 'Modes Reodei. 1. 4 111i1 4 1e 1 , 1 -4 Y -1 •1111 11 1 4,1 1 S. No. 27. for the low', awl s' : of iii-', See tip : 0 II. range :.:It west. Ile minies the 1,11••eing witmosses to prove 16. - emit limos resiohonce •to awl IOU at,eid laud viz Ja • mes homwalv. William I ' tonlin. .1. IL Hat lio , loi. Illeer ee Ruth. n114.11 oilumbia Farts. Mei-Jana. Any pa n rso alio desires too preto•-t against the allowance of such proof, or who kao....,of atos- substant hit reason. moiler tle• law and the !aliens of tin Interior IN•part inept. why sue!' proof showld net Ise allowed. a -ill be given an (opportunity at the above mentioned tinno• place too CrOSS - 1 1 X11111ille the WitIleiliieS of said claimant. and 10 offer evith lice in rebuttal of that submitted by cltiiii• ant. FIS111:11. Re g ister. Sandford & Grubb, .1ttoorneya. 1st publication Oct. Notice for Publication. La u d lattice i is. M. )11t.. September 2s, leel. Notice is hereloy given that the fulloowin g named sett1er has tiled netiee ef his iuteut a in to make limit pr000f-in support I.f his claim, and that said proof w made IsoFOre An Ire',',' W. Swaney. at Cimitni, , siinter of the S. circuit o curt ter the distriet of Montana, at Columbia Falls. Mont- on Nov. 7. la01. viz: viot Patter. who ma pre-c•mi , th 1)a s m de on D. S. No. 32. for the n'l FN.\ ' SW' t, WA\ .1. FOC. 7 *1 , 3' ii, r 20 weat. 11111111, t lie following wit newses I. prOVO Ills continnim. , re:dilence arm and cultivation of saiol land. viz: TM ellaS DOItgall. William iret- zinger. tWerg o , McMahon, James Ke n nedy, all o f elonubia ail,. Mond. Any pe-son who o desire: to proo:o•st a i zainst tho , \Ilhev anc e oof such Iv . ' oi. or who. knows of any substantial reason. under the law and the ro a m lat hew of the Interioor Departlooent, why such proof should net be al!,,weil. will Is. given nit op o ortunity at the above mentioned time and place to erase -examine the u.4ttoosses of said claimant, and to offer oe-nolence it, butte' of that Submitted by elainiate. f 1st publieat ion Oc I t I) . 13 1-6% I.1. .. Moutana. on November ale htil. viz: William Coedits who made pro•-emption D. S. No. :t1. lot' the se 1, sec. Is tp 311 n. r 251 west. He aames the bottom in g witness,- to paiove Ida continuous resido , ace upon and cultivation or said land. viz: o• °rise Ruth. (oe.e s e• I. Ruin- ban g li. James Kennosiy and C. a\. Retaler, till of }MI.:, Montana. Lund 0117co• :it Misses:de. Ifforit., Columbia Fella, Montana. .1ity person who desires to protest against the Septo , inber 9, Issol. Any is -re.,, wino de sir o p es trotest a g ainst the allowance of such prowl'. or who ktioaa of any Notice is hereby giventhat the following allowance of such t onere or who knows of au y substantial re a son, lender the law and the re named se e , ttler limo tiled notice of his intention substantial reason. under the law and the reg- ulatien. of the Interit or Department, why such 1 to make tinal proof in support of fent elaim.anoi ulations of the Interior Department, why sect) proof should not be allowed, will be given an o that atiiol proof will he made before Andrew W. proof sl Id not he allowed, willlw mien an op- fo iportunity a t the above m entioned time and I Swaney, corn. 1% S. circuit court. dist net portunity at the above mentimied time and • ' Montana. at 4•01(iiitbia Faille, Mord., ..n )(goober phtce to cross-examine the witnesses 4.1 . said claimant 1111.1 10 offer evidence in rebuttal of that sub -witted by claimant. ROBERT FISHFR. Realster. t , t ht.,. Oct. 14tw. VVE4 4 r 1 1 I JL LE AD! LEAD! C. F , V11 Fill• • 'I 1 11 FNizi BAUR. Fu IL.2 . 7.111 Ft - roN. Nucleus Avenue - - - Columbia Falls, Montana. TIE MODEL DRUG STORE A Laroe. and Sslected Stock I t 1 tto ' tt-s,.;11,, Moi,; / ot••,t , • I • ie f o: :/•-• \: 4. , -- • ' ,ve emio , .L. • • •••• and o•o It i. a: ion ef I. :J. ti IL N . :01SO int., :411St'S 1. I t , /. 1. t. , I , ,-.ti-ii., F. I.. if I oloinibia Falls, Mont. esem tele, detdres to pretest against the of such proef. or who knoows (of ally soils, elm i reason. ander the law and the sego- latioms ot the int erioor department. why stieli Is Ottl S11.111.1 110 , :tt• 1:110We I. Will 110 gi V011 lii ON/10:unit y tat Os- tt! m,•ntione.iCnte and Cave too co•sseeetatitie tho , witnesses oof said to offer midi ace in rebuttal of t!aot Moine to :I by elaimane ROBERT i 1 ell En. it, ti t 'him ion, Se:••••rr,6,-r - Notice for Publication. Land Office at Missoula, Mont. I September 13 5 . fs91. Nootie:s is hernsloy gis en that the foll.owin g named •ettler has tiled notice if his Mt ention to inek.• final proof in se,pport lois claim, and hat said i ontof will be made befoore Andrew W. SW11/ley. eimaintesenwr U. S. Circuit court. Ihs- . trice on Montima, at Colunibia Falls, Montana. :1111.10 pre - emption I). S. No. aa. f. -r the of nekt 114 ° 1 and hit I. ' see 19. and be s. see ls. tp tkt r20 West. hie natees the fo114,Willit witnesses to provellis in - ti'',,.- r- , idenee and cult it ation sai•I land. 410: Matt 0 Neill. EilWard II. Con - :ells, Joh', Whso. Root:mot Watts, :\11 of Colum- bia 4. ells. Mo n it o re. .0: 3 person 0110 tilIsilltS 10 prote,t against the or who knows oof a n y ler the law and the r o an s lailoon • oof the lido -nor 'Apartment, ally such • t umor should not be allowed ill le , eiven an oo deormility at the :Move mention, 1 time and pl;e 2 o• t4. cross-exai .. i ll e the inesso, of said el:tenant, an41 to ofifor evidencoo in rebuttal tof that submitted by Oahu:att. 11011ERT /ISMER. Register. Sanford & tirebb, .attorneys. 1st publication Oct. 14M. Notice for Publication. I 0I1We at Missoula. Murnt.. I awptientow 25. i No t i c e is he r ehy given that foil, owing • to make Ilnal ion of in supp ort ef his nmi that. said proof will I/0 made before Andrew W. Swaney. a conunissiomer of the C. S. circuit :sonrt (' ' clip. ' district of afontana, at Columbia Falls. Mont., en Nov. 1, 1a9.. viz: liarles W. 114e.kelonen, who emote pre-emption D. S. No. lee. for the sw'o noo n , stes nw' 1 , ne' s n os.' ,, , sec. :13. tp n, r west. im.t(atties Ow hollowing witresse , t pr.ove 'continuous resiolowco , upon and cultivation of Said land. viz: John N. Lynch. William R. Itatnadell. .11)iter W. Homoper. William Conlin. all tot Columbia Fulls. Mont. .1ny : tenant whoo desdres too n eatest :l e aned the al owaace Of such mint' if, or who him, .a - .' if any sidle ential reasen. under the law lord the rem,- latioms (of the Intesior 1)epartment, why such proof mimed set is., will he g iv( it an opportunity et the fib4iVe 111eIlthilled 61114'11:111 Mare to cross-examine the wittiest:4.s (of said claimant. mid to etTer evioh , nce in rebuttal of tleit submitted by claimant. ROBERT FISHER, R(•gister. 1-: t oothlicatien Oce brow. Notice for Publication. Laeol azo, Iii -aila. afent. Septendwr h'111. I Nootioe riV101 111:11 litt• 1111111Willa Notice for Publication. Land Offico , at Missoula. Mont.. Septeniber 26. lael. naried settler Isis eleol t IC010 11111011t1110) to Notice is lien -by givezi that the folloowing make final prosof ii support 4of 1 i.- claim, and named set tlow has filed notice of his int .-at on t!tat said l ined v, b•• made before Atulrew W. too make tInel pr,. .1 ini support of 16, rhoite and anti. a Ct..;itui,siotler of the I:. S. Circuit that NMI proof will be made before A. W. court ior the i of Montana, at Columbia Swaney, Ceoramissimier of the C. S. Circuit Falls, Mentana, est November 7, 1,91, viz: 'mire District of Ihont anti, f 'olumbia Falls. John S. in a. st hut made prewmpti 1). S. No. 29, for the to' 1 of ne'.1 ne' s and ne' s se' s sec :In, tp n. ranee ftl west. Ile names the following witnesaes to prove his continuous residence 1111011 and cultivation of said land, viz: Gustave Heller, W. H. Haldsin, John Wiles, Robert Savage, all of Columbia A. W. SWAN EY, ( »I NIISSIONER illlited States Mail Cout. Homesteaol. Pre-Emptien and Timber I 'Moire Proof Made. HOMESTEAD FILINGS. OFFICIAL PLATS OF RAKOVITZ SURVEY. Postodlice COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA Not lee for Publication. Laud 011We at 5lissoula, Montana, /. Au g ust 21, 1 • 4 1 1. ) Notice is hereby given that Oni following named settler has tiled notice of his int eutioni I,, nutke final proof in support of his claim, mid that said promo,' will be made before A m i r e w w. Swaney U. S. Circuit Coourt Commok•siener, District' of MOntalia, at Columbia Falls, al.:ou- tline. on October 2. tail:, vie: Albert t• Sheldon, who made Homestead Ap- plicatital :Inn. for the S' SE' et NW', 5F', section 33, and SW', SW', section t own ship 29. Noorth it Rang e 20 Wo•st. lie names the hollowin g witnessea to prove his continuons rwsidooncio 11111111 and cultivatioat of veld Intel, viz: Oscar H. Lewis, Orthiel II, Prevotoon. Milton T. Sinall and Nathan Scott, all of Sheldon, Montana. Ally t a•rson who desires to protest against the allowatico• of such pried., or who knows an y sub - state MI roast on under 1 ha' law antl regulation of the Interior bepartment, why atich proof stela/41 Mit, Ice allowed, will be given an °Mer- 1 unity itt the above mentioned time 'mot adace to crooss-examine the wit misses of said clement and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that sub- mitted by claimant. ROBERT FISHER, Re g ister. First pub. Au g . 27-6w. foct3 Notice for Publicattion. e.sen OFFICE AT sa, s. ? .0 et wt. 26. 1411, Noe ire is hereby gisen that the ((dhot i -M a - han -OA SOtt1I-1- has filed notice of lois intention to make thud proof in support oof lois claim, and that said proof will be emolo. IN'forlt:111/11'00\ 1% . Swaney. Commissioner of the le S. Circuit Court, Ili,triet of alontana, at Columbia Falls. on October 9 ,, Sidney Itutler, Preemption 1). S. No. la, for the Loot I, See 17, Lots 6 anol 7. and NAV' SE'1. Sec Ps township :10, Noorth oof Range 210 West. lit` 11111110S tlie f01111Wing WillIttSseS tO prove hia continuous residence upon met cultivat bon of. saiol land, viz: John Myers, John W• ( . 111Y - t1111, Ilf Ashley, about:um: Joseph Gan g ner, Edward Ihs- f oill, of abotoucto. Montana. Ally person who do•sires to protest asetinst the allowauce of such proof, or who knows if any suhstointial reason. under t he law and t he regu- lations oof the Into , rioor 11. , partment, why ',Itch p r ow( shoontol not be allowed, will be g iven 1111 iopportunit s at the abose mold iooned time and Mare to cross-exatilino• the witnesses of said claimant. and to Ilfivr evidence in rebid tal ot that submitted by claiwatit. ROBEIVI• FISHEIL Re g ister First pub. Sept. aosii Notice for Publication. ()flic(• et Missoula. Mont., ? Sept. Is 1491. i Notice is hereby given that the foll,iwing namosol settler has tiled notice of hi , tntoantion ti mako , final proof in support of hi , ehihn, and that !aid proof will be made befoor• A. W. Sao:envy. Com. C. S. circuit court. .li-t Set oot 314mtaint, at Columbia Falls, Mont.. Oct. 21. 1591. viz: Robert Sesa m e, who made pre-emption I 1.S. No. aro for lie tie' s sec. :19, awl a', SW‘. 1 111111 tiwl i SW'. 1 See. 20,1 . 11:if e, r w. lle names the following witnesses to prove hia continuous reaidetwe upon and eultivati llll of said hinol. viz: N. Scoot t, alattliew John Wilos e Roolbutol Watts, all of Columbia Falls, :tient. Any poorson who desires to protest against (he allow :owe of such prood, or who know, o f any reason. under the laW and the rogil- la • , of the interior department. why suelo proof should mot he allowed, will ano• e iven nto o m pert unity a: 1110 alS/Vit nt/t/11ittrittd 0110 and plave to ei,,:tallli110 CIO s of said elainetne :1 , 1.1 to offes evidence . • ;., that sebianor 1 '-v el:Ohlant 0, J_ Pio:Igoe I. atterao e s Fir s t pelancet hon September 17 Noticc for Publication. • • aPs-mile, Mont. r ,•1 , 1.• 1. C i • 4-- - I • 11 0 ha! IAA ••• of sail la• -1 ./ 11 1: el. 11:1.11,•:,, . bin Fall-. atom. • 1..i ..f !or ..10 , 11h1 E..• ,I /0.1111:i1 at I :do 00 /1 I.' V.11t..• • o clailomet. moot to ell. r ace that submitted loy 4.1;Mminr. !ASHER, 1' 1 Iffed g eot. attorney. First t oehlio et toll Sem eilliew 17. Notice for Publication. L31111 1 111 ,, ai S. n ot. fo. 1 , 91. Nfffice is her:.1 , Y given that th.• ladles • . settler Ina - tiled emir, oot lois Miele:so; to make Med proof in om m aort of hi- eiain e :ow! that F11111 proof will be neele before .1. NV. Swatio.y. cons U. S. eirritit court. district oof siontiina. at Columbia Falls, Mont., 011 Oct. .d. 1-91, viz: Joes e oli Igiolenbers f er. who 1111141, pre-empt loon I). S. NO. ttl, for t he a 1-2 nool-4 nwl-1 sow. 21. and lot, 5 and ti. sec. IT, t p n, r 20 west. ile names the hollowing witile -,, s tio Prov , ' ids contintiontio ro•sidence (1 m M and ellItivat i..11 Id' said land, viz: .tlbert M. Lovelace, He n ry Barrett, InAwarol M. Connell), 4 tustave Heller, all of Codumbiti Falls, Moine All) loeraoli who desires to bredest against t allowance (of such proof. 1 , r who knees, of an s . substantifoi reason, litioloor the law and ti,e romp lathe's of the interioor departneent, ally -nolo Proof &Medd not he allowed, will be eiven an 11pp,•rt unity at the above meat jelled :hue end place to cross-exatnine the witnesses of aaitl clnimant. :owl to Mier evidence in rebuttal oof that submitted l o claimant. 1101IERT Ito• g iater. O. J. 11114,(Igett, attOrlley. • poi blierkt ion September 17. Notice for Publication. Land Office a: Ili: soonila, 5loont.. Sept. 9. Not kw i • herlihy giVell 111;11 the felhowilig Pawed me; ler lets tiled notice el lois inloaltion I,. make final proof in a•ippoort of his claim, lint that saiot proof will be notole before A. 1V. Ssvano•y, eons I:. S. circuit court. district 1.1 stout., at 4 aoluinbia Falls, 3loont Oetolier 21. Viol. viz: Matthew O'Nf•ii, who made pre-empt i,a, 1). S. No. 95, ter the nwI-I sec, tt):11111. r 20 we -t. lb. names II,' followin g wit ioesses to prone. Ili!. Clint ill11(111S 111,4,11 11114 flat iVilti4,114 , 1 • land, viz o Hebert Savage, Nat ban iel Seta?, JO,S1'01/ Landenberger. Ai. Lovelace, all of Coln:tibia Calla, l•lont. Any pelliti11 Who desiree 14) NI ot cat agaillS1 the allowanco• of such proof, or who, knows oof eny stole:01MM: reason. muter tho , law anol the regu- lations of the int,.riw• oleparteimit, why such pr0000f should net be allowed, will he given an opportunity at tlw above mentioned time mid place t o 0E0as-examine the witnesses of sitiol claimant. and to offer evidence M rebuttal of that submitted Iry elaintatit. KOBERT FISHER., Reghter. 0. J. Blod g ett, attorney. • pio blieal o n so l o t e m ber E\. Notice far Publication. Land 011ice :it : wt.. Sept. a, tato'. Noah.\ is hereby g ives) that the fellow ing nameol aettler has tiled notice of his into:Mimi I., noike final proof in support of hos claine t hat hail, proof will be made before .1noirew W. cern. U. S. circuit court, district of Montana, tit Columbia Falls. Mottle, ont OCtoher Robertson Bairol. who ma de pre-en d ot ion 1).S. No. 31, for the to -1-1 s , c. w 1-2 sw aow. 5, ne1-1 set -I sec.'', t o o 30 n. r 20 w. lie names the follow:lu g witnesses no o o woove lois cont barons reeidence m esa afirl en/tit-aft/on of said land. viz: 111e41rge I. 111114thiowb..14 ,111 , L itch, Thomas Iteegitti, Jamea homeo , o1Y. :111 o Columbia Halls. Mont. Any le ers, on who desires to 111-01itst ;14aiftst the allOWnne0 of Null proof, or who et any substantial reason. under the law awl the roam- latioons of the interior 41( 1 ,110 mem, why ,tteh ' woof should not be allowed, will la , given an 1 op i aortunity at the r111101. 11110111011101 Sinn. 11101 continuous residence Upon and cultivation of said laud, viz: Geor g e 1. liumbaug..11, Jahn M. Lynch, Thoinato Deegan, Juines Kennedy, all of Colunabie Falls, Mont. Any peraon who desirea to proteat against the allowance of such moof, or who knows of any sUbstantial reason. under the law and the re g ulations of the interior department, why su c h proof should no t be allowed, will he g iven an opportunity at the above mentioned time ane place to cross-examine the witnesses of atiid claimant, and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted by claimant. S. ROBERT II:41E1R, Re g ister, First publication September 17. Notice for Publication. Land Office at Misamtla, Monte t September a, Pee. Net ice is hereby g is en that the following mimed settler has tiled notice of his intention Ii, mako , finall preof Its sti r T ort of his Haim, and that an proof a ill be made hat, 're Andrew W. Swaney, Coln. 1'. S. circuit fume, district of Montana, at colunihia Falb,. Mont., on October 230aill, 1 homes Dee g an, wino mad: , lionnestead eati4oll No. 23, fur Ow 14-2 secei, e nd tol-a net -1 See. t :10 1' 20 Wept . Ile names the c4,iinwing witnesses t o ' , hove hiil continuous resiolence m ien and cultivation of said latel. viz: 1)avid 1). Patteraon, Geor g e itilth, Robert son Baird, Janwif Kennedy. all oof Columbia Falls, Mute. .0 0 ; persee who oleaires to protest againat the IllloW1111Cli of Snell proa, for who knows of any aulost ant ial reasoolt. tinder the law and the m e te hat ions of the interior department, why such proof 1410U141 1101 he elbowed, will be giViti l aft 1,rportikuit at tho , ;Moore mentioned time and place to cross-examine the wit td . sa i d el:lino:me and to. offer evidence in rebuttal of that sehinit Psi by claimant. S. 114111ERT FISHER, Register. First publicat i, Se t emptier 17. Notice for Publication. Land Illiee at !Missoula , Mont., 1 September 1.4 4 1. ( Notice is hereby given that tho• following named scttler ha. tiled notit'e,f his intention tti Ma l:0 111011 proof in support of Iiis claim, and that said proof will be made before UM fow W. 514 any, coons U. S. cireuit court, .51-1 rid of Meetana, a: coolumbia rails, Mont.. it, iitql/bPr F`: 1 1. .11)111 - r IV. loo m wr, si I11:11 pre-empt hon D. S. No. 37, ter I lie a 1-2 aw1•1. sei-1 1-1, swl-I se1-4, sec. :tf, t o 31 r 20 w. He names the tollowine wit110SSOS to prove his contintioms resiolenco, Upon 1001 cultivation 4of said Intel, taz: Ifenry Sheridan, John Reuter, .'august Ortel. Charles W. Heil...bean. all 4of Columbia Falls Mold. .1 ny 14 nt1.11 Willt ii' ire, to protest against the allowance of mull 1.rond, tor who knows of tiny sub:midi:II reason, meter the law gnit the re g m !Idioms oot the intei low departmefft, why such pr0000f should not Is, allowed, will be given an opportunity it the above intmlioned time and place ti croafeessuniow the witnessis oof said claimant, and 1,i idTer evidence in la:Mitt:it of I lett sidne it os elaiinfint. S. 1701(ERT FISHER, Register. First inzblicat :Sem-elbow 17, Notice for Publication. Laud 111Ease at iasoula, Mont.. t Sept. 9, Isle. Notice is hereby given that tlie followin g named settler Ims Ill. .1 notice (of his inG•zitiont to make final proof in su s port of his claim, and II said proof Will 1,4. Hunk before A. W. Swaney, cont. I.'. S. irenoit court. district of Mentana, at Columbia Falls. en Oci. 24. viz: Gustave Ili , ller, who lietole prosempt hilt 1). S. Ni, for the nel-t. see. 2e, t o 39 r 211 ra-• fle names the ream, eseee to prove Ilia cowl:moons residoewe no , on tool cultivati llll said lanol. iz 7 EllWard 51. I 'oorono•Ily, Jelin Wise, IL liari.o , 1. 0, Level:tee, all of Columbia Falls. Mont/ Any 1 , 01,01 W Int tSlitits III protest against the all. oa ,..11011 er who knows of any s , :io-naoio ial rem .0,, inel,•r oil, law awl the reeu- la: ioms of Ilt•• hoterier departmen t , why su c h eteef shoed, ' !not aaoned. will be given an ep e e:lenity at Ow aleove mentio n ed t i me anti itfile0 141 C1 . 414:-.4 , x,i,Itline the witn„.„,„ \id 111:41 1 4, OLT i•Viill . /1e , in rebuttal of that ,Ilbniitlo.1 Is Chlinialit. 110 1 11Art 1.'1)111 Re g ister, 0. J. Illoel e ett. at to.reey. irst publieatieso Septomilier 11. Notice for Publication. f esta l tallee et 1ifissoonla. aloont. t n'el,leintoer Ill, lest. o Notice is 1. ,, roeto s . eiven tIte fellowin g : Immo. 1 sett 'tow hes el, not lea of Ms intent M il t eeet ion . Ne s t lois claila. • 1 ; •,•1 le• 11,;;40• Audrey: W. U. 14. ilk. • ..•, \ ;If 1 . 4111111:11/:1 I ' tt ,,i,tit.t, It. 5, • mst thfi :••• s if ittly ere: :::•• iss a u• , ,Ioefi io • ; •., a•os• I -------- ee •ses et ,tiol -•; ..e • eo . •:• , 11!: , 1 oaf eese. I Is 111.1: 1:. • • Notice for Publication. 1.• 'el (; , 1‘ 4 11 ;'.1 . ,, ,, )1 ,1 !1 , . :A.:II,. 1 •-• , •.;Af , 1111,r...- III. i . 11 ;i1 :••.i :trf,t••• 40 . 1W.•;,; i.0; tot !, ;•!. :l11.1 • f 7ilontai .1 1 I Li-. , f 2.1. 1.01. viz : Wilit noado• t ote-, oe a., • lot. • \I holt ', tot, ts prove loia r.c.• and cultivttlioll i see e esse [Iasi,' tells-. l e, e.sehee '11,11,s., till of Cel• mood:, I all-. n11!,,:, • Ui, .1n0 itsoll NI Ito tit sir, to pro! , airninst allonvareo , seelo p. eel'. or v.11., 1111r lto,0 , t'lltIo7 II, law : o a f hi- mien s latioria oof the Intel iez 1 1, 1 .0 w e nt , v ,by sec t, pit000f sh000d,1 lea ellew, ol. a ill le , eiv , 11 /it: opportunity et the aloes • 'someone! t me t 1,1are I., cto,. -.•xataiti.. m, it fie,. s sniff 0111ill1:10t, nnil eft, !es, thus o , alowitted te. - eh. intim'. 5. /11!..1r1 Isli. Itega.ter. 1st t ouhl nem os 7' c'. - — Notice for Publication. 1.and at Missoula. Itoait, I SOW/tit:1MT 20. 1591. NOtitat liereLy that the folloW1111: 1111111W, settler filed native of 16.-• intention to make l'eal ' woof in support oof his eleion. anol ,,, th\ISI\d ,/ \\4 , Wi , 11 I \ - ',\\‘, 1 \!\; 16,1 ; ', -%\'ir\\*„‘Y' iiiiiir r i e: of Mon ta n a , ;g/ 1'011ln:hitt !IlielitZ41111, 011 NoVItIllillItr 1 -4 . 1 1, 1). 1% . .1 ; I , 11.2i77. firout dal; mi.'', net , s , s• n r weq. Ho MOW,. • 10101111W WI riP,,,s to min,' Ilia CitlititillollS residence ' m en mod ennivution ef said land. viz: Penjamin Graham, James Fitz- patriek. P1611: 1 , Flemin g and Thomas Lee, all of Cehmohia I. all-, Ile:It:ma. a ( t ,r o O k s t , t if 1 4 0 . soils-taut:MI reason% Mete: . 111 , 111W 11114 the re/g11 • !Mime: oof the Interior Depart!liellt. why such proof slooniol loot lie Will he given an 44,tior :11 the :Nee nielttiotti41 time and phwe too cross-examine the witnesses oof saiol el:Him:int. and to 01Ter eVidene.. in odnittal ut that ,i1bMitted clallaal.t. Ill illt,hi'l' I. I:41 Ro st iodo,r. 1st public-a:len (let. 141w. Notice for Publication. Land Office at Missoonla. Mont. ) September 26, 1411. r Notice is hereby gisen that the foollowin g named net (ler has fled notiee a lois intention I,, make tineh t oned' suppoort hia claim, and that satol pr000f will be made before IV. Swaney. I on inisfifewr C. S. 'trot it o•ootart, lais- triet oo,' Montana. elumbie Falls. Mont., ott Nos'. iliho.r 7. ;ell. viz : Denni- 0 Leary. *ale, anole pre..eraptioo D. S. NO. 111. foe. the tie. , ; oe1 n . 11W 1 i and the noos inw e see hi. 1;. r we,t. lie name. the folio wine witites,,,s to prove his resniellee flpfm, and cultivation of, Sant 1,1141. Willi am IL/ A t/0511, of Cohoolyia F/111S, S14 , 11t•; John Stoll:yam of Sloo•loten: Frank Coaomba, of Columbia Falls. Mont.. allot Richard Eckel - berry, of Cultimbia Falls. Mont. Atly t e•rson who fiesireof to protest aealn.t t110 IIIIIIWIlnett of sech tin'.' .1. or Who 10,,,ws of tiny reason, nude , the 1:4W /111 , 1 the regii- lattions the Int, , rioor Department, why such I shonh1 not be elbowed, will be eiVell nn •oppoortuutty ut the a bove mentioned titne and I M ee to cr00 0 ;: , -ezanotrie tho witnesses of aaid dal:nett, .old to offer eviolence i n re b utta l e t that submit fed by chatiliant. ROBERT FISHER. Regiater. 1st publication (let. 1-6w. Jzinies Judge Mace to) ermeeseramine the witnesses of claimant. and to offer eiloWnce in rebuttal oof Oi s e! submitted l i fy i( e ) l i a t i : tr ial t. isif First publieation, Sel,t4.11110.1\ IT. Plagerer Store .r -le Brt Notice for Publication. I!'st • Furnislod • COLUMBIA FALLS. : : MONTANA. place to cross-extintine the witnesses of said claimant, and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted by claimant. ROBERT FISHER. Re g is• (or. Sandford' & Grubb. Attornfoya. 1 d m,IlhhtClI I iotc Oct. 1-4W. 24, P641 viz: 8e 31ary , 31inieli. Who mail,. pre-el e pstoni D. S. No st Job Printing in the Val- , ill, for the twist nw1-I sec. 4, and 014 SUI-1 ley Executed at the Colum , - ael-1 few. 5. Win n, r w. She names One fellea in e -vitae( t•• a • 'a o blan

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 01 Oct. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.