The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, December 03, 1891, Image 2

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The Columbian. PrIll.tfl!IE: , Itle JrTO. W. :2.A.OITI. •- A 'WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTt: It TO THE INTERESTS Or ThE FLATHEAD ItiEO1ON. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, BY MAIL: Three Dollars per year to ii ,y Ail,1PCSS. If Paid in Ad% alley por Year. Six MIIII1 IlS, ill llihallet!. $1 :ta. • Three Months, ii advance, 75 Cents. Singh% copies It) cents. TIIE COLUMBIAN illA HOS its patrons and friends to send illuns of all kinds regarding improvenients, and occur- rences which are of interest to the people of the flathead. Address all letters to Tan COLUMBIAN, Columbia Falls, Mont. WiTERED AT I OLUS11111 111.1.5 PnsTOFFICI: AS SI:CON II (SS MAIL It )T'rsot. ALL A DVERT1SINO BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF DWI{ MONTIL Tilt' I? SD A Y, DEC. 3, 1891. WORTH READING. An Offer You Cannot Afford • to Overlook. is at this time of the year that, people select their reading matter for the coming ts inter months and for the coming year. The publisher of Tut: COLUMBIAN eall ofTer rare inducements to reading people for the next few motif To every ptTson sending $2.50 we will send to their address Tim ColUM- BIAN from receipt of order t January 1, 1893. For $3.25 we will mail Tint COL- umaLtiv and St. Louis Weekly Globe - Democrat front receipt of order till January 1, 1893. For $3.25 we will send to any ad- dress TILE COLI , MBIAN and t he Chicayo Werkly Times until january 1, 1893. For $4 we will send you THE Cm, UNIBIAN BM! the Helena Weekly hole - from receipt of order until January 1, 1893. Look Here! nowt you want io -end ono I .1- 'ewe copies of the Mummy e.u.1 . :41;1.1s ti l your friends in other states? If so you slmuld lie Ili/ OHIO ill Milling OW 1://7.lIP and address to this office. The IhiLto,ty en!..I'M III AN will be mailed front flits office, post paid, to any address in Ifillted St Mots at TEN CENTS per copy. Rettders of THE COLUMBIAN will re- ceive the president's message in full. It will appear next week. Fonseca has been ousted front the Brazilian dictatorship, and his suc- cessor will, if omens count, have a brief official career. _ He who shoots and runs away may live to shoot some other day. Shelby Eli Dillard is reported to have dis- appeared after his shooting affray at Red Lodge. How delightful is the peace and contentment of Americans when com- pared with the turbulence., revolutions end political turmoil of South Amer- ica and the Asiatic countries. This is the season of foot ball con- tests, and the eastern college boys look as though they had been run through a cornsheller. It is sport, and a dozen broken noses cut little figure. _ The people of the Flathead valley should have at least $25,000 appropri- ated for the improvement, of the river. They deserve it, and should insist upon Montana's delegation in con- gress getting it. A bank at Milford, Mich., has just, been closed by the state bank exam- iner, and the available assets were discovered to be $34, although the bank had deposits amounting to $140,000. The dispatch fails to state who got away with the $34, the bank- ers or the examiner. Major Maginnis has returned to Montana after a long sojourn in the east. The major is mineral land com- missioner for Montana. During his absence he made a few speeches in New York. Some newspapers, such as the Inter -Mountain, are not giving the major credit for carrying New York for the democrats, but he de- serves the glory. While the major's speeches are the Jonah of the Mon- tana democraey they may have the opposite effect on the easterners. Montana conk! spare the major if New York wants him real bad. Recent earthquakes in China killed nearly 5,000 natives and left many provinces in distressed condition. Add to this the reported invasion of China by Russian troops and China's cup of woe seems to be filled to overflowing. It is little wonder that the distressed millions of China and Russia, bur- dened by excessive taxation by royal- ty and unbearable exactions by church to America.' It is not humane to keep them out, but \self protection is the first law of tyltuto \ After a gallant fight Minneapolis won the republiean national conven- tion to be held June 7, 1892. This is a recognition of the great. northwest. which pleases every man. Politicians have heretofore acted on the prineiple that the territory embraced in the northwest was of little value. The selection of Minneapolis as the place for a national convention is convinc- ing evidence that a just estimate is to be hereafter placed upon the influ- ence, intelligence and political ttliter- priso of this great section. The re- publican party will lose nothing by it. action -it may gain more than its leaders think. Commissioner Carter of the general land olive ;stet ives a salary of $5.01I0 per an sum, whichis nearly tri per day, and the people exp-et him to at t moil earn his 1:alary. days of last week Mr. Carter spent in New York, wh,s, N%;.-: entertained hy the nits chants, geld 1,ng, and t-Ilver haters of the eastern mus. rtipolis. Duritet his absence the oilice of eom- loi , -ioner was prartically varatd nevert helms Mr. Carter will draw his salary for labor which was tmver performed.- -Mitt.' Miner. \Ve failed to notice anything in the Mite'r about the Hon. Martin Magin- nis' vacant office of mineral land com- missioner for Montana, while that gentleman was stumping New York for Flower. There is a consistency possible in all things. Both .Carter and Maginnis had a right to a vaca- tion if they desind, so long as publie business did not suffer. Politics should not blind any paper to reason. . _ At Carlyle, ill., an expansive law- suit. over the possession of a turkey has just been eoneluded. Two broth- er3 named Zachary quarreled over t he tr.vitership of the bird. One forcibly seiztal it, the other rtplevined, and the circuit court \Vat.; ;11)1w:dm . ' to, in- volving 8200 lawyers' fees t e s t th e ex _ penses of over forty witnesses. This reminds us of a trial that occurred at Oroat. Falls involving four tame decks. It co , t, several thoutamd dol- lars, and one fellow went to the peni- tentiary for perjury. There is little sympathy for men who go to court over trivial matters. Judge Scott, brother-in-law of Pres- ident, Harrison, says that the presi dent and Mr. Blaine have an under- standing that neither will talk poli- tics before the national republican tanivention. This will relieve a great, mental strain under which several score of newspaper editors seem to be laboring. It must I a prodigious relief to realize that neither the presi- dent nor Mr. Blaine will refuse the presidency in advance of being asked to accept it. The New York Press prints an in- teresting estimate of the vote no year. It, estimates that nearly 12, 000,000 votes will be cast, for the pr , '- ident, mid that of these 2,0(k),4 611. be maiden votes in a national contest. It, also figures that 4,010,000, or one- third of all voters, were born since Fort Sumter was fired on. ^ The distressing !tecident at the North Fork bridge last Satt 1 Y will delay the Great Northern ixack from two to four weeks. But the \iron boss\ will arrive at Columbia Falls by December 25, and probably end here for the winter. J. Burrows, the People's party man of Nebraska, has written the Missott- la Alliance that the Nebraska Peo- ple's party is not dead. The Alliance man should be careful about taking J. Burrows' word for it. VIP. POWER or Tim l'ILL.`:S. \If you hadn't squeezed me so,\ said she, 'I wouldn't have answered 'yes.' \ \That shows in a simple way,\ said he, '\rho mighty power of the press.\ The muffs were marked eight dollars, hut It stametl that ;trice was high, For while the ladies looked at them, None seemed inclined to buy. But soon those muffs like hot cakes went, The ladies in lino To get them, for they'd been marked down To seven ninety-nine. Watts-- I suppose that the French Will now erect a bronze statue to Bou- langer? Potts -Dunno. I should think 4 cast-iron Gaul would perpetuate him better than bronze. Tramp (after receiving a biscuit) --- Where is your woodpile, lady? Lady- -Out in the shed, sir. How kind of you to offer to split some wood. Tramp -I'm not going to split any wood. I want to find the ax to split this biscuit. \What do you consider the height of rudeness, Mawson?\ \Well I should say it was the height of rude- ness, even in a deaf man, to say 'hey' to a grass widow.\ Spatts-That man seemed to be pleased when you called him \Old Sport.\ Is he much of a sporting man? Bloobumper--No; he's secretary of the Young Men's Christian associa- tion. \To come to business at once,\ said the spokesman, \we will give you $50 if you will vote as we desire on this measure.\ \Gentlemen replied the alderman from the 'Steenth ward, his eye ablaze and his whole frame swelling with in- dignation, \you insult me beyond the power of words to express by presum- ing to think I would sell my vote-- for'PT, A DRE.13I. Ill till Mut myself long after death, lit Katun vart dart:m.3s walking ull alone, Atitl straitt my every sense and hold my breath Hoes e each step berme it unknown ; If, till .•.rotivid, tile darkness blank nnil still and thick With Phapeloss dread Awl I !el ,.Ve`O OP, Wit hunt, my will, lit hj, 111,t. :Alm nor even turn iny bead, lint t rouildo. iuk with terror. lust I may .1t in -I ant cower In 11.4/1 thn clutch Of somet blew (hat bus followed all lite 'nay -- 11 tient thy stitl , 1..ta hand nty tAittultlor touch, I ' d ig it no ; sl i tuldhl• ; Ittlezed for touch :old I tear. lii,slittahl I lail to know .< yosi limo? There are 280 chess clubs in the United States. Ex Senator Ingalls did not fancy Major McKinley's speeches, because they wore not ttTsatile enough. The vicissitudes of fortune show that they were versatile emsigh to carry the day. It is dangerous to acquire promi- nence in South America. Dr. Rafael Nunez, a lawyer, was made president. of Colombia in 1874. Since thou he has been banished, recalled, dis- graced, and is now restored to honor and the presidency. Subseribe for THE coLummAN. I/1 , 0:411111 liii Nol bre. hol icy is in.roby given tlint the partnership Ii If' I.X 1St 11111, IM•hl,1•11 J111114.4 111,111.1 and SI, M. Quirk_ meter It. Brio fla1111. of & Quirk has 'mull di.. olved by inn( Itil (ousnnt, int, ine, r • eo!. innet) by James Dotter, who lia l “.s 1/11,1 etplifTt s all )11I(11 ill ConlinzAlillt)r Block. Al. SI. (Plum. Columbia Falls, Siontanti, Noy. 17, 1591. ( Falls, • Montana. WO Nett) 'ZIA I.. THOS. H. WHITE, I Lato of Virginia City and ltutte.1 fA.I1 1II 11 AND - NCYr.A.R.V . FITY131-410. COLUMBIA l',11.1,/;, M0N1 151. Next to Windsor Hotel. L. A. FAIMEI, ARCHITECT, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. Estimates Furnished on all Kinds of Hidings. Plans : g : Ronal - lac : Rates. (Ilk , over l'ostollico. \ ILLS, : \Jo,: 1 A A. A. H. BURCH, i)EN TA 14- - - SURGEON N111,1,1'41: I-? I W 1 1 \rlV r - Ii - 1 -1 I . Law, Conveyancing, Insurance and Surveying. 011iees in Conlin -Miller Bloek, .1. K. MILLER, .Ittorney-at-Law and Notary Public. Columbia Falls, Montana, HALEN II. WHEELER, I'. 14. DePtitY Min”ral Snrynyor, 1 Ca rrie,s the Largest and I3est Assortment of Hard- ware, Stoves, Crockery, Tin- ware, Etc., in the Flathead':' There is not a Man, Wo- man or Child who cannot answer this. AATITO We Have just Received Our 1.1) CAR OF STOVES and It was just Six Weeks Longer . in Getting Hero than We expected, and They MUST BE SOLD This Fall, and They Will Be Sold, if Low Prices Are Any Object. In Addition to This We Have Received Large Invoices of Hardware, Guns, Ammunition, Cut- lery, Saws, Ares, Rope, Tackle Blocks, Tinware, Grani Le Ironware, Lamps, Glassware, Crockery, Etc., and They Must Go if' Cheap Prices Will Sell Them. WE ALSO HAVE THE ONLY Fl RST-CLASS TIN SHOP In the Valley and Carry a Stock of PIPE AND FITTINGS and Are Prepared to Do Any Kind of Work in that Line. To come and see us is to buy, as we can save you from 25 to 50 0 /0 on anything you want in our Thanking you for your liberal patronage in the past, we remain, Yours Respectfully, THE RISSORA MERCANTILE CO I DEMERSVILLE, MONTANA. _LOOK OUT FOR, T E HOLIDAY COLUMBIAN - SA.T.1-1'101-1 A.PP'E.A.R CH RISrtMAS WEEK. !ZIG . ‘ 1 11.14V4 •••••Sso/ONON.M.^ '‘?\.t \ ` 9 .4 r \AI!: I 414 .414- RAMSDELL 0 S \1:1 Isic; 41.:4 clf4 4).F MY% iA Cf4 gfg- ;41)\ '41.6 ?AS' MV. '414: fa• ft. 4r, HEADQUARTERS FOR IS•OSNIS.11^/I1oOke•No/Sook. D RY GOODS,' CLOTHING, BOOTS SHOES, G ROCERIES, HARDWARE, HAY GRAIN. We are Now PrmEtc_l_LLEILe Prices Lower than Ever Before. Call and Examine Goods IMIONRIMEMED Before Purchasirm . COLUMBIA FALLS, Wk\l' .S)4 -1.P .i .l nlEyaraEWZMEZW - Sk : r-ir r -WMP 7 2: 1- 6MVS A CW 1-- '2/ _ 1••• .11 OW ▪ MONTANA. TH 4 mu A P ig 'V P \lbArCgi r iff iv y \ Y - 1 :tut! PURE AND FRESH DRUGS, Patent Medicines and Chemicals. Perfumery and Toilet Articles, - Fine Wines alld Lima foi'liediGifol Use.. Is Tobacco, Cigra rti, Stationery. Everything in Druggists' Sundries. 1451 - Prescriptions Accurately Compounded. Night Calls Promptly An- swered.. 1.. .1. 1 )().NA 1,1)50N, Prop. Ta.ylor, Illa.rtin. only iinemt qunlit) 4 LIQUORS and CIGARS. - \Wet Your Whistle\ at The Arcade, The Proper Advice For All to Follow. JAMES HOLLER, Pam% First Door North of Postoffice. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. .1. WAI.S1-1., -19101PRIZTOSIO OW - HOUSE 'PAINTERS-' SIGN THE DELTA SALOON, PAPER 11ANGERS. Colui.ribia. Montana,. We ( 'arry our own stock of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Wall l'aper, and are Pre- pared to do all work without delay. Nucleus Avenue. CHOICE WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS. MILWAUKEE BEER ON DRAUGHT. COLUMBIA FALLS : : : MONTANA. F. C. OORMELY. W. II. SAIITII liltErligiOlig iillfOitiliglit WINDSOR :-: HOUSE. C it in hitt Falls, • : loutana. • STOCKHOLDERS: FIRST NATIONAL BANK, BUTTE, PARROTT COPPER CO., BUTTE, FRASER & CHALMERS, CHICAGO. OFFICERS : PPESIDENT, JAMES A. TALBOTT, BUTTE; VICE PRESIDENT, L. C. TRENT, SALT LAKE; TREASURER, ANDREW J. DAVIS, BUTTE: SECRETARY, FRANK LANGFORD, COLUMBIA FALLS. OiivrTs .ArTr) opmp,A.rrzs: LANDS, 1IILLSITES, WATER POWERS, TOWNSITES, COAL, LUM- BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRIKVAL- Recently Opened. New Fur- niture, New House. NEELY & SMITH, Props. The House is new and offers the bat accommodations in the city to the traveling public. NUCLEJS AVENUE COLUMBIA FALLS, - - MONT. 00000. 00 • y eel lit,. !mg tlAde by Jobe R. tiooeln h., wont for oa. Heade !nay n,.t malt e a.anch.blit v. can teach you quietly how to Wig in,., IFS to ins • 4,,, 00 the Wart. owl more a• yon go on. Both wae•Alll Sin, •ny pan or SOlstriGO. JOS MS toga - toot at home, grOisig all yeas elene,oe spore mon/rota only to lb• work. All la nen. //teat ley Mal fir every work- er. W e inert you, fbrniabing even. thing. E %OILY, SPEEDILY leanstnt PASCUA LAU Irkff.K. _Address o4 5501 A CO., minim RAUL i ll • Fifty-six columns of matter de- scriptive of the Flathead region. In the Flathead and Kootoilai Countries, 4. once, GOO immaammomaimaimmam Mid per nert,and more •11•0 • maw experlener. We can 10.01.'. yea •ot1/1.91.0. mad will tenth yoll free. WOWS'S your own kcal. by. ss berover you Hew. Emma On asS.1111 W. aunt y Wo 11,1. fan • evil. actna /eltte:. WU!: MO

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 03 Dec. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.