The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, January 30, 1896, Image 6

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and frionds to send items o regarding improvements, ana occur­ rences which are of interest to the peoplo of tho Flathead. Address all fetters to T he C olumbian , Columbia Falls, Mont. THURSDAY, JAN. 23,1896. Aro you thinking about a now homo industry for Flathead valley! The Morion Iwoiu, liko it§ owner, will bo two feeble to stnnd alone by Juno. Mr. Cleveland will not nm fora third tchu. That is lSehy—for Cleveland. less surplus and created multimil­ lionaires in tho “ protected\ industries. No good American objects to a tariff on imports when such a-tariff is nootl- ed for the maintenance of tho gov­ ernment. Those Boston editors who nro now writing • anli-silVor editorials aro lither ignoramuses or contomptiblo knaves. Statements uioro abvarianco with the truth could not bo imagined. Decept men must have contempt for ise—the gol quires positivo fal^ajiood to bolster up. 1 will grind feed at my mill iu Col- -jnbia Falls on Wednesday uud Sat­ urday of .each week until further notice. E. P hilips . white tlimiiliilit wai *. Mr. J. Sherman of Ohio is nearing tho end of his pllieial career. Then come.the fireworks. Thu Morton boom, the Allison boom, tho McKinley boom have all been lauuebod, but whore is tho Tee Bee Reed boom! TherC ought to bo a law to pro­ tect clean, innocent Helena uldermun from the coutuininatiing influence of wicked, awful men. HOME MATTERS. Flathead county's tnon will see isior times when a few more homo­ helping, homo-supplying homo in­ dustries are in activo-( peratiou. When Flathead county mills began grinding wheat and making flour for Flathead use right there an outpour of thousands of dollars annually was stopped. Tho experience iu that ono direction should have lieenjin impe­ tus to tho building of other indus­ tries, and perhaps it was to sonio de­ gree, but not to tho extent that is possible. But there is u sign of other county industries. A creamery company hns been formed—whether it menus business or uot remains to bo set'll.' This puner hopes that the now company will have a'first class creamery iu operation at the earliest date. -It will keen hundreds of dol­ lars iu tho county thut now go out, for there are scores ' of people who believe that the choicest ranch butler cannot equal the creamery product. If properly managed, and fair treat­ ment accorded to patrons'tho creum- ory will succeed. Homo-made croatn- •erv butter, home-made flour and home-made beer aro three homo dustries. ney spent iu a uatioualA'Ouviui^ T he C olumbian has always be '■ , to tho foreign\ lievod that n starch fnctoijy wouTd be paying investment iu Flothcud val­ ley, where tho potato crop is so large nod a market' for it so Uncertain. Some information on tho subject has been gathered, and to look (be matter on its darkest side tho starch factory scheme appears prom­ ising. A starch plant docs not in­ volve so largo an outlay'of money some other manufacturing enterprises and, we believe, offers a field for co-operative effort among tho potato raisers. A county officer informs us that in Maine farmers coutrnct theii potato crop at 25 conts per hundred pounds and make it pay a good In Montaun where the crop larger and better the fannor c surely do as well. There ore other outorprises that could bo taken up, but ono t fficiout. Wo hope to starch lactory idea discussed among business men and farmers until iti feasibility has been settled. IT CAN UK .MKMU'.li. I thoughtlo Mr brother1 „ c To twin hi t lip I will, love*. niypli,-. .poll; Anil iliroucti t ho coniine >-oar to lire hrotur!, cvrry i»=e.-inc day. 10 ej|j*e to The.-. MONTANA PRESS C'JJIMKNT. Great- Falls Tribune: For patriotic thrift the editor of tho Columbian ly takes tho lead among Montana :. In tho latest issue he says: e aro figuring with Grover to tako $100,000,000 of the now bonds and the delinquent subscribers will please This is a spirit that ihoiild lx> appreciated and reciprocat­ ed by tho subscribers to tho paper. r, if they do not respond. Brother Puce can tako ouo-lmlf and re the Bozeman Chronicle a'chance the other half. Brother Yerkes will be delighted to embrace tho op­ portunity. Inter Mountaiu: The fool killer is uot strictly attending to his job, its of'tho is. in the i j u d g i n g from the ^fgohl bng-' deu'.ocrutic p Forakor, \tho fire-eater” was yes­ terday choson senator in Ohio to suc­ ceed Brice. Foraker is nu improve­ ment over tho red-hoaded cuckoo, oveu if ho is a republican. There is .not a bit of doubt thut Grover Cleveland is at the present moment a candidate for a third term. He may change Iris mind before July 7—or on thut dato anyway. Tho Tho Cuban war is a tangle, more war nows ono reads the lr knows about the situation. Tho press associations seem to bo indulg­ ing in some Cuban “grape vine” at present. Tho Americans will .tako the $100,- 000,000 without tho aid of tho bond syndicate! That is good shows that the spark of patriotism has nguiu been fanned to a flame that shall light j he road to a bettor order of financiering. Chicago won tho democratic co veption on the 2&th ballot. It w a lively fight, aud no ono seems know just how tho windy city got there. That Is a characteristic of Chicago—sho gets there without stopping to usk any questions tho how or the wherefore. Tho first report of the Montana State University bus boon made by Prosidont Craig, and shows a total of 118 studonts attending the institu­ tion. That seems to us to bo a fair start. T he C olumbian hopos to the number of attendants reach 603 before 1900 ________ Tho goldbug republicans and the goldbug populists of the Kentucky legislature havo not beaten gallant Joe Blackburn yet. Silver will havo scored a tremendous victory if Black­ burn wins against tho combined forces of federal cuckoos, republicans, bankers and populists who disgrnco their party. You may save u dollar by sending to Chicogo or St. Paul for an article, but tho m'oneyha8 gone forever out of the'State. If tho local merchant has that dollar you stund a chan-o of getting it back again, but the eastern follow will not buy a cent’s worth of your product—not in a thousand years. . .The St. Paul Pioneer Press, always unfriendly to the west, is now having spasms over the possible admission of Arizona,'Now Mexico and Oklaho­ ma.. Forluimtely tho P-P's opinion is uot douco high among decent readers, as it is owned by English­ men and edited by mighty poor specimens of Americans. Thejudgosof the United States ■Supremo court,.nro highly indignant nfc.tho wido circulation of tho.state- nfept thut “ thoy. maintain u bar be­ hind tho $c«nos.’.' Probably some of their decisions gave rise to the story. The.income tax'decision, for in­ i',. might havo boon written by l ‘\pined a secret bar. She—Yes, I am very fond of pet: He—Indeed! What may I ask, your favorito animal? • She—(frankly)— Mau. “Waiter!” exclaimed tho man i the restaurant where they have n filter. \Yes sir.” “ Is this tho drinking water or tl consomme?\ Teackor—Aiid now, Tommy, why should we nover jeer at tho mau who wears ragged clothes? Tommy—Cause ho may have money in tho pockets of 'em. Master—Look here my uiou, you out of work? Dennis—Yes, sorr; I am that! Master—Well, I want n man odd jobs. I'll givo you ton shillings a week and your keep. Is. it a go? Dennis - It's sorry Oi sm, sorr, but i pau't accopt. Oi’ve got to march the procession ov the unouipl'ied poor uixt week, ycr honor. Bykins’ wife thinks hi dorful smart man.\ romarkod a friend of the family. ; it is a vary happy arrange­ ment. She thiuks he is a woudci fully smart man. aud ho thinks sh must be a very smart woman to n alize how smart ho is; uud they gi along beautifully.” Tncii 9 talking sense tariff question now—at least Rome of them are. Tbo pluu .raise by tariff taxation only sufficient to psy tho government expenses. That is belter than tho old \protec­ tion” business, that piled up a use- For balllo. caronzo nn A good appetite and refreshing sleep at this season iudicato a condi­ tion of bodijy health. Those are giv­ en by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It makes pure blood and good heultk follows. L l V t h I F E E D A N D S A L E S T A B L E S . DowDt-y, Cel. Rheumatism 4T Years Helpless, Had to U s ^ ' y M h e s Hood’s S a rscpar! : C::rcd-KO Crutches' ‘llood’a &irja;:r,haj*doce.woi '.era (or me, when doctors cud many other remedies lied failed to retie, • u. • from the pains of rheumatism, i rn tiered over 10 years, the ls-t S of vm I could not inovcfOTKhout crutches or £0 to bed without assistance, tu-h j olplors In IVly Lower Lbr/.-■ I cladly praiso Hood's Sar . lia, Which hns wrought a great ri.e •:» In u v.-.r, I have\n . - 1 . -I. Eight months «go I Uid uaiciu my crutches and Cun Now Walk without the aid of even a cane and c«n wait upon myself. IeUopwcUaud -owe * good appetite. lim a 'firm believer Hood’s ^'Cures in Hood’s Sarsaparilla.” Mss. C abo * Centrally Located. CONVENIENT * TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Horses anil Rip Attended to in First-Class Slope. New Rigs are being Added to •Meet all Demands. OPEN AT ALL HOURS. ARTHUR H A S K ILL, PROP. COLUM B IA FALLS. - M O N \ © F E N C I N G fiS 5 s»«g>-^ WlBE ROPE SELVAGE. £ The best investment—Flathead Valley. ■ Timber lands in. forty acre tracts, • covered with finest J Timber, at ten dollars per acre, with from J Twelve to Fifteen thousand feet of saw-logs Vi on every acre ^ The cleared timber lands have the blackest, @ The richest and most productive soil; these lands are near The railroad; and contain Pine, Fir, Birch,, Tamarack, Spruce and Cedar trees, in large quantities. . , Write to C. S. GARRETT, Reference: Columbia Falls, Montana. W m . R ead , Cashier, Bank of Columbia Falls. RAILROAD, FARM, GARDEN, Centelsry, Uv/n, Poullry and Rabbit Fencing. Larger aud more complete than 'or before, this is now a hundso book of 184 pages, with elegant col­ ored plates and hundreds of illustra­ tions from nature, desorviug its well- known reputation us “Tho Leading American Seed Catalogue.’’ While the price is_ tea cents, it ii free to all planters who narno Ibis paper and write lo the publishers, W. Allee Burpee & Co., Philadelphia. Beautifully bound, tho covor, painted in leu colors, appropriately shows on front llie Dwarf Sweet Pea, Cupid, the floral wonder of the age, liich grows only five inches high, completely covered with bloom. Tho back pictures a portion of Fordfiook Farm, above which is displayed tho well-known motto, “ Burpee’s Seeds Grow.” Whilin'—in, presented a good things- spread over' 184 puges, all woll worth readiug. An interest- _ account of Fordhpok—tho model seed farm of America—is followed by roviow of useful books on garden and farm topics,—free as premiums. Then como the choicest vegetables, best strains of each, iucludiug rare 'cities of unusual merit; improved furrn seeds and finest flower seeds, iucludiug many novelties of rich beauty;' tho celebrated Seott Roses aud other selected plants, such as cannot be had of tho local florist, but which cau bo sent safely by mail. Bettor watch our clubbing offers. SOMK LOCAL |UTS. Officers searched tho house of Jas. Young yestorduv and found many stolon articles. Windows from the Deer Purk school house, from R. Browne’s hotlso ou tho east side, from R. Jordau’s house, were fouud to be u part of Youngs boitsc. B. F. Sisson^ grindstone fixtures and win­ dow, together with mauy various tools clevises, etc., wore found. Young and Carter’s trial is oa today, i it couid not bo fiuiskod yesterday. Tho iufaut child of H. Barrett died yesterday aud was buried today be­ side. its mother, who tvss laid to rest week ugo. Mr. Barrett’s home tfferiug an unusual share of ufllic- ou. Miss Thompson, a relative of tire family is here from Gullatiu vnl and will, it is said, taka tho motherless children back with hi A COMPETENT PHARMACIST Is now in charge of my Drug Department, aud -ACCURATE PHECSIPTIOHS- ARE GUARANTEED. D r u g s , Paints, and Oils, Stationery, and Books. J A M E S K E N N E D Y , CO L U M B IA FALLS. - MONT. m n u ROCK BALLASTED NO I n i l DUST ACROSS THE CONTINENT R O f l T E G r e a t SViORTHERN V R A I L W A Y . . — T O St. Paul, Minneapolis Duluth and West Superioi Wlmrtl**. KnUsjirll. - Hood's gripe. Pills an> effectiv pure f fee Best * ^ o f -all Cough Medicines is D r. Acker's English R e m ­ edy. It w ill stop a cough in one night, check a cold in one day, prevent croup, re- lieve asthma, and cure con­ sumption, if taken in time. It is made o n honor, from the To all those parties who i: ping down trees wherov ........ .. please on tho lauds of the N. I. 1. Co I t will bo well to make arrangements at the office of the company if you, purest ingredients and con- desire to cut in those hinds, and after’ - this date parties cutting without leave will bo liable to prosecution. N. I. I. Co., W m . R ead , Secv. Nov. 15, 1895. Boys’ overcoats from $1.75 to SL75,! former prices from $2.50 to $8.50, If. i S. Cauuou Kulispell. Try The Columbian for 1896. tains neither opium nor mor­ phine. If the little ones have croup o r whooping cough, use it promptly. Tint* Sizes—25c^ 50c. and $1 ptrboltlt. At Druggist!. ACKER MEDICINE CO, xC and X8 Chambers Street, New Vorfc. I S MARRIAGE A FAILURE? Some say yes, but more say No. It is more like­ ly to be a success i f the contracting parties get some ot the handsome Invitations and Cards that The Columbian can furnish on an hour’s no­ tice. W e have the vevy latest Styles in W ed­ ding, Regret, Announce ment and Ca lling Cards, At the Lowest Prices. Mail orders Promptly Executed. T H E C O L U M B I A N . C o l u m b i a F a l l s , I 0 LUMBIA FALLS P r e s e n t s M o r e a t t r a c t i o n s t o isls, 1 1 1 to am THAN ANY POINT ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. AMI I.NTKItMKIHATK POINTS IN Minnesota, the,Dakotas, .Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California. M W Steamer Connections for A laska , H a ­ waii , J apan and C hina . 3 » 3 Solid in construction, modern iu inprovement. Palace Sleeping ami Dining Cars, Buffet-Library Cars, Family Tourist Sleopors, and” high-back seated day laches especially adapted to long stance (raveling. Meals served ou “ pay for it\ plan. Through grandest scenery in the i world by daylight. Reaches fine hunting, fishing, pleas-1 tire and health resorts—Helena and i Boulder Hot Springs, Lake McDon-1 aid, tho Kootenai; the Columbia, H p ,, Lake Chelan and Puget Sound. ]mKl C0<lllr- Round trip excursion .tickets to loan bo easily developed Columbia | vailed advantages. At an’nliituile of points east and west, with stop-off _ . I . , ,, , . . privileges and choice of return route. I fulls offers especial attractions to 2., 00 feel,.situated on n wdl drained Baggage cheeked to destination. [-faetorios, especially those working in ! bench, Columbia Fulls.-has the vv’c-11 iv>niiiu.iu in season of navigation r 1 J lificent steamships j wood, such ns Wooili \ ' * \ ’ Columbia Falls is tho most import- i Columbia Falls is in thogrekt Flat- out lumbering point in Northwestern j head \valley tho riehost of tho rich Montana. It is tho chief grain ship-j valleys of tho intermountain region, ping point o^iho Great Northern Ry. j The crops of 1891 uverugod approxi- betwen Grand Forks and Spokane.: niately: Oats 50 bu. ]ior acre, wheat Situated at the junetionofthethree 130 bu.. Potatoes :!00 bu. There are great logging streams it hns practical: a number of farmers who have raised advantages over ,sny point in Mon- j 80 In iCO bushels of oats per acre, i tauu iu Lumbering industry. Tribu-1 Irrigation is not uceiled. Mhe crops |taiy to the town along all three rivers. found a ready sale. abundance of timber iucludiugi To that clns3 of people desiring to , Fir, Tamarack, Spruce, Birch j ropdo in the tern pernio eTnm|toof tho With water power that | Pacific slope this locality offers- uuri- Oonuec with tho in North West and North Land running between Duluth and Buffalo. M J J Trains Leave Columbia Falls: Going East .............. ’. .......9:20 p.m. Going West.....................1246 p.m. For maps, tickets and full informa­ tion call on or address C. H. SELVAGE, Local Agent. Or F. 1. W hitney , G. P. & T. A., St. Paul. Minn. SAVE WOOD AND TROUBLE; B Y U S I N G The advantages found i lowi hero for such enterprises are not sur-1 tl e passed on tho Pacific slope. : icr i Just north of tho city are tho great J cusi, coal measures of the North' Fork, j 0 m; pronounced by experts lo lie the larg- l tho est coal'deposit on the Pacific slope. | It is similar tii |quality, and is tho healthiest in healthful .Montouu'. During inter just passed tho thennome- neliitl tho zero iniiiit ou five ik 1- is . on no entire duy wjis tho k rruchisi. Stock wintered ou ng“s without care. Coiuntbia Fulls Inis a handsome Rock Springs coal in ■'bridge uent»s Tho Flathead river, u tho ouiy smelting coal sni.coti i. :■i-k -ijliool Iimise, a flouring i tho 'Pueifiu s!o[s', am:;; mill of 150 barrels daily capacity, wit- ■ iu do in lr d. | tor wurks:and g»iod railroad facilities \THE filAHToftle ROCKIES” A N A C O N D A S T A N D A R D Daily I S PAGES, 72 COX j UMNS. I S PAGES 11Solumns C !Sunday N E W F E A T U R E S ! S P E C I A L W R I T E R S ! will always COME AND INVESTIGATE. O r w r i t e f o r i n f o r m a t i o n t o COMPANY. C o l u m b i a T r a i l s , : : M o n t a n a . ADVANTAGES: It requires less! earo than any other stovo. It will j •Him chips, (rash or chunks. It is I ,absolutely safe. It can lie closed and j IT ALWAYS LEADS IN I will keep firo for 24 hours, ft is the! . - . j cleanest, cheapest and host heater. News, Enterprise and Circslalion. ■ !■:' \\>e- '*T?.r O F F I C E R S ; i I’fKUMBw, JAMES A. TALBOTT, B utte ; V ice P resident , L. C. TRENT, S alt L ake ; T reasurer , ANDREW J, DAVIS, B utte : S ecretary . W ILLIAM READ, C olumbia F alls . ‘ Made i: them. Call ond s O W N S -A J S T D O P E R A T E S : SUBSCRIPTION PRICES: uMrAU PiLinnutcwand Newsdeal-rs arr SUBSORIBB N o A SOLD BY L O R D BR O S ., CO L U M b V a FALLS. - MtfNT. i LANDS. MTLLSITES, WATER POWERS, TOJVN'SITES, COAL, LUM • BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL . ' ENTERPRISES *. 1 In He Flatlieail anfl Kooteiiai Countries.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 30 Jan. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.