The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 06, 1896, Image 2

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lie a j s * , r» conlixlly invitod. PlSDALCE. M. W. 1 0. O. K.—COLUMBIA LODOP. S • MaouKreryTuradayEronlnaxtl. Mall. mrmbm Incited to atl If SIGHTS OP-LABOH ASSEMBLY NO. 9 I f ETHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH- SER- pATHOLIC, CHURCH—SERVICES AT S COUNTY OFFICIALS. County Citric”and Rrcordtr. M. TBHIAn.T. County Attorney, sidxev M. LooAX. Clerk of Dprict Court. A n dee * V.. S waxet . Countr Trminm. A. J. Ktxo. County Snpt. of SchnoL. P. N. B eexaed . CouMy Aaaoaaor, J. B. Qinaox. County Sheriff. H. II. B aldwix . Public AdminUtraCor.^Huon S waxet . • ' ore, KALtarEL, Moxr.] E. L. P eeetox . Troy. M Columbia Falls, Jan. 30, 1896. TOWN AND COUNTY. Cheap money (o loan on improved farms. J. H. E dwards , Kalispell. G. W. Knee, the shoo man was in town yesterkay. Not a marriage license during tho past woek, nor any symptoms of ono. Hogs reached the low i^ico o f£2.50 per 100 lbs live weight in Kalispell this week. , _____ , Mrs. F. J. Com b^^paaid Tues­ day from-a week's visit to friends in /Kalispell. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Newcomb, of Libby, are visiting friends in Flat- head valley. Read the advertisement of Chap­ man & Sons on page 3, if you are in­ terested in fruit culture. * Main & Co., aro at the front again with an ad on page 3 announcing some big spocial bargaius. Mrs. C. A. Goodrich of Kalispell, who has been ill for the past two weeks, is reported on the road to re­ covery. Boys suits from ¥1 to $1.75 reduced from $1.5L'4o {6.50, H. S. Cannon, Kalispell. Thomas Lang is down from Tobac­ co Plains, having been drawn as a juryman for the present term of John Sams, a nativo of Austria has declared his intention to become citizen, Otto Lauffer, a German did likewise. H. S. Cannon, tho Kulispell clothier, departed on Tuesday eveniug for businoss trip to tho cost. Ho will bo gone several_yveeks. Sleighing parties are the rage just now. Four horses and a sleigh-box that will hold a score of people is the rig most in demand. Forty-seven people from Columbia Falls are said to have attended the revival meeting at Fairview school house Sunday evening. Deputy Sheriff Georgo Stowe wi iu town yesterday with subpoeneaes for witness in tho Gatvoth case which comes up next Tuesday. Mrs. McGie, wife of the Master Mechanic at Havre and a daughtci of Col. Moore, ended a visit to Kalis- pell on Tuesday evening and depart­ ed for her home. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Sully and daughters departed on Tuesday ■rings, train for Rockford, 111., where thoy will visit for a fow weeks .relatives and friends. Seventy-five, $1 and {1225 under­ wear for DO, 76 and 90 cents at clear- - ing sale of H. S. Cannons, Kalispell. A party of twenty-two Kalispell young and old married folks sur­ prised the Morgan Household at Foy’s lake on Monday evening, and the result of the unexpected visita­ tion was a delightful dance. The clerk and re* order has replied to the state commissioner of statis­ tics with the following figures regard­ ing bounty certificates: Wolves 8, Coyotes 130, total 138 ati{3 each, {411.00. The Salvation army lias found Kalispell a fine field for its work, and, to judge by the number of war­ riors now in tho service, many brauds have been plucked from tho burning. Tho weather has been exceedingly mild during the past week, the ther­ mometer registering from 125-to 62 degrees above. East of tho moun­ tains the zero mark has been tho rul­ ing figure o f tho weather report. The board of appraisers consisting of H. C. Keith. C. F. Fullerton and Orville Denny, will meet on Feb. 17. The commissioners will hold a ses­ sion at the samo time. Mittens from fifteen cents to uine- ty worth from 25 cents to {1.50, H. S Cannon, Kalispell. Threshing machine reports now in this office indicate that the total amount of grain threshed for 1895 will reach 800.000 bushels or por- haps a little more. It is estimated that at out one-half of the valley’s total grain yiold was threshod. We need the money and you can have the goods at wholesale prices at clearing sale of H. S. Can­ non, Kalispell. R. W. Main returned Monday from a week’s visit to tho oast side, taking in Harlem and othor points. During his stay tbore tho thormomo- ter registered 10 to 18 below zero. Business in that part of quiot, just as it E. Trout, arresttd by Constable Hilton for stealing a watch from T. Conklin’s son, was arraigned be­ fore Justice Garr Tuesday morning and pleaded guilty to tho charge of petit larceny. He was sentenced to ~:x months iu tho county jail. Laumlry Work. Leave bundles for Kalispell stoam laundry with J. M. Grist at post office. Bundles will bo sent dowu weekly ou Monday’s train and returned Friduy evening. Reports from the BlackfooTreser­ vation and tho Cutbunk rango aro to tho effect that rango cattle are iu prime condition, and that cattlemeu expect to go through the winter with very little loss. Tho eighth birthday of Willie Mc­ Bride, nephew of Mrs. Frank Miles, celebrated yesterday by a sleigh- riding party to Columbia Falls. Mrs. Baldwin aud daughter, Mrs. Miles, Miss Fennimoro, Mrs. Randall, Messrs. W. D. Lawson, A. Melville, aud Val. Deibold comprised the party. _______ Mining Notes. J. C. Ritchie and J. C. Jeuson liavo located tho Lady, Montenay lode claim ou Yakh river, two miles from Fourth of July creek. William Watson has filed affidavit of $100 worth of work on the Key­ stone. Thomas M. Dunne has filed his affiidavit of work on tho Diamond Joe to the amount of $200. C. F. Smith has located the Swan­ son Placer, situated in the old town of Libby., THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. v. It. Croon Will Feed the Poor- Rpiitfuc Business. Tho following is the report of the special session of tho county com­ missioners, Jan. 22: The board proceeded to examine and cancel county warranty paid aud returned by county treasurer for tho moutb coding Dec. 31st, 1895. The bid's of W. B. Green, H. H, Baldwiu and Mrs. E. R. Webber for are supportaud mainenanceof the sick, poor and iuiirui of the coun­ ty of Flathead wore opeued and ex­ amined bVthe hoard. Tho bidsNd W. B. Green being fouud the best lie was awarded the contract at $5.00 per week for poor and infirm, and at $6.00 per week for sick, and was notified to furnish bond iu the sum of $1,000 with sureties, and all other bids were re­ jected. Came before the board C. I. O’Neil for the B. & M. Com. Co., asking that said company bo rebated for share of on six million feet of logs claim­ ing two thirds of which were not ownod by them March 1st, 1895. It is hereby ordered that tho Super­ intendent of Great Northern Railway bo notified to build crossing on a cer­ tain county road established March 18th, 1895, running across tho tracks of tho Great Northorn Railway nt a point between the ne} aud so} o f ue} 31 tp. 28 n r 22 w iu Smith Val- Application was made by tho board for tho admission of Fanuie May Green to the state Orphau’s Homo, and it is hereby ordered that a war- tip issued on poor fund in tho proper sum to H. H. Baldwin for transportation of said Fanuio May Green to said Orphans Home. Tho annual financial statement of County Clork for the fiscal ^ a r end­ ing Nov. 30!h, 1896 was approved and ordered printed. Tho main i of this report appeared iu T he C ol ­ in last week. is hereby ordered that a special session of the board of county com­ missioners will be held Monday Feb­ ruary 17th, 1896 at 10 a. m. for (ho purpose o f conferring with tho board of appraisers, and such other uiat- irs as may come before the board. SOME LEAP-YEAR MATTERS. HE IS A LITTLE SNOB. lint is What Com ...... Folks Think or Laiiieatc Alfred Austin. Numerous societies of workingmen throughout England have denounced tho appointment of Alfred Austin us laureate. A radical pupor of Loudon voices tho sentimeut in tho following stroug words: ‘The most contemptible of the queen’s January honora is thut given to little Alfred Austin, a uiinor poet and tory hack-writer, who is lifted in­ to the position. A more miseiablo job than this would bo haTd to malch aro to regard the lanreateship any real seuso a national insti­ tution. It is evident, however, that future this office must be taken ns merely a court fuuetion to be held by toady of royalty, and from this point of view little Alfred Austin will be quite an ideal laureate. He is just tho kind of littlo snob to cele­ brate in verse the births, marriages and deaths, the tea parties, luncheons and laying of foundation stools, hich we associate with the dull auu stupid progeny of Queen Victoria. His place will be with the royal foot- aud lndios’ maids. To such depth has tho position once honored by Wordsworth and Tennyson fallen at last. ’ WOODLAWN CEMETERY. Columbia Falls, : Montana. CEO. R. McMAHON. Prop. Parlies desiring lots may purchase them of Freeman Wedge, opposite tho cemetery, whore plats may be at auy time. Awarded Highest Honors— World’s Fair D R . Y W R w CREAM RAKING P 0 WME MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Pro torn Vmmonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 YEARS THB STANDARD. Death o f Mrs. A. E. Pni vianec. Rumors of the death of Mrs. A. E. Purviaoce were heard in Columbia Falls last week, and wore c by R. W. Main, who met Mr. Pur- viance. Tho death of Mrs. Purviance •as the result o f an operation which she had gone to Chicago to have per­ formed. Grave doubts were express­ ed as to tho possibility of survival af­ ter the intricate surgery. The opor- atipn was performed on Sunday, January 19. The first dispatch re­ ceived by Mr.. Purviance was that the operation had been successful and that the patient was doing well. A lator mossage convoyed • the sad jws to Mr. Purviauce that his wife as dead. The remains wore shipped to the Iowa homo of Mrs. Purviance, and tho husband started for that point. Mr. Purviance has any number of friends boro who sincerely sympa­ thize with him in his bereavoment. Music aud Pictures. At the entertainment to be given under the auspices of the Junior Ep- worth league ou Feb. 7, the follow­ ing tableaux will be presented: “Before and After—July 4 and July 5;” “Smiles;\ “Sit Still and Look Pleasant;” “ Villago Choir;” “Joan of Arc f “Jepkthu’s Daughter;’ treat Me Not to Leave • Thee;” “ Will You be My Valentine?” “Starlight;’ “The Guardiau Angel;\ “Hallowed be Thy Namo\ aud \Birthdays. The music will bo under the super­ vision of Nettie Claire Lewis and frill include solos, duets and choruses. The full programme will be givou next week. The prices o f admission have been placed at the low rate o f ! ten aud twenty ceuls, tho former for’children, tho lotter for adults. This has been done iu order to en­ able tho little ones, fur und noar, to attend in a body, as many of the tableaux have been arranged with tho Bpecial object in view of pleasing mo“' ” ',ent. the younger .generation. There may be some surprise at the statement that some ambitious geu- of the county seat bavoatthis early period touched a match to the kiodliDg wood under tho political pot ofFla thead county, and that from now on tho blaze will grow until the boil­ ing poiut has been .reached. T ile C olumbian would fail iu its duty nows disseminator if it failed to give an inkling of some things now going on in tho local political field. It is stated positively that W. J. Breuuan has Bcrved notice on tho republicans that bo expects the nomination for county attorney. The gentleman who gavo this information says that the chiefs of the party are slightly miffed at Bill for shying his castor into the ring while the snow is deop, but Bill is something of a believer iu the pro- vorb bearing on tho incident of the early bird and the worm that arose from its couch in tho groy dawn. Ho propose to take any dog-day changes, knowing full well that polit­ ical procrastination is often tho thief of glory and nominations. A very prominent populist gives T he C olumbian a tip that the present county atloruey, Sid. Logan, actiro candidate for tho district judgo nomination, and that several of the populist high chiefs aro already iug Logan medicine. Tho samo gen­ tleman informed the writer that oral othor Kalispell citizens wore mixiug Logan mediciue, “ but tho kiud they are mixin* is iutonded to mako. him Bick,” said he. From vory reliablo sources comes the statomeut that some pretty activo training for the judgeship is now going that the Kalispell republicans huye three moo whom, they say, just tit tho chair now occupied by Judge Pome­ roy. Knowing ones are predicting rodbot time in tho next republican convention, whore many delegates will carry knives in their right sleeves. A Snow Slide amt a Shortage. News of a fearful snowalido reach­ ed Boise from Rocky Bar. Two men, John Andrews und Robert Brainard, caught, but Andrews managnd to get out just as the slide started. Brainard was carried down. Fifty mon worked two hours, uftor finding where bo was, to get him out. Thu remarkublo feature of tho case is that Brainard was unhurt. It is the first instanco ou record in Iduho in which anyoue escaped after being buried ii a snowslide, even of a foot or two Braiuard was undor more tban sixt; feet of snow. Officials o f tho Haillov laud office have developed another shortage in iccouuts of T. E. Starrh, e ceiver of tho laud office, and o the best known mining uieu it part of tho stutc. His original short­ age amounted to $2,200. It now de­ velops he received $640 from a farm­ er iu payment of fiual proof on a desert claim und appropriated the money to bis own use. The farmer waited some time for the patent, and investigations at hoadquarters de­ veloped the fact that Starrh nevor turned in tho papers. Starrh is uuder indictment for the first short­ age. ___________ ONLY ONE GRADE. Drugs. T o is ill wai ‘grade—The Purest and Best. That is the only grade wo keep. Our pre­ scription businoss is ou the increase. Wo think the reason for it is Re­ liability in tho Prescrip­ tion Department aud tne use of only tho purest iugrodieuts. Iu other lines our store is head­ quarters. Perfumes and .Toilet Articles, in Sta­ tionery-wo have staplos and daiuties, a couipleto stock of Patents. In fact overything usual iu the first class ^>rug Stores can be found here. Or­ ders and Prescriptions by Mail receive prompt and careful attention. LIGHTHALL, KALISPELL. r Publication. lr“o‘ni>.“ ' d P.Mctlniror, An«u>t (inlorncnu, <J« ror, John \\. Todd, all of I.oluu I. EVANS. r H L 'E R B I S A . T I D E In the affairs of men when certain affairs must be en­ trusted to others; which should be attended to with sympathetic delicacy. R. J. FORREY, Funeral Director, KALISPELL. H E A R 9 B . B M B A L iM X N Q . A good appetite aud refreshing sleep at this season indicate a condi­ tion of bodily health. These aro given by Hood’s Sursaparilla. It makes pure blood aud (food health Hood's Pills are purely vegotablo, harmless, effective, do not pain or gripe. DRAWING GOLD FOR AMERICA Tho prospect of gold going from Loudon for the American loan caused a slight hardening in monoy i but the Bank of EDgland has such an immense stock o ' gold that such exports are unlikely to causo a dis- turbanco. The stock exchange was still sensitive during the woek to out­ side influence, blit tho tendency was good. Further favorable dividend aunouucemeuls caused a further sharp advance in the home railroad securities, while tho settlement of the Scotch striko helped the upward Mines were inactive, awaiting developments in South Af- Tweoij-five cent oa,h,n,r« * • * » • \ • « » « • *\*• for ten cents at cleaning sulo of H. i Bulgarians advanced on rumors that S. Cannon, Kalispell. ; Russia would appoint au agent SI, doll., on-rcoat lo, «.5 0 .1 1S06” ' * • » * • . . »«>» 8™ out clearing sale of H.S. Cannon, Kalis j improved outlook, bflt business u pell. restricted. FRANK DAROSIAR. who mads OS. No-WI tot U>u jk 1. arc. 1* |lHo luin tho' follow! n* witoowioai^to^p johoph (iangtior of Columbia Falla, Mont Michof Therrinultof Knliaprll. Montana. Tl Montana. JOHN M. EVANS, Roglat Strayed or Stolen. Ono yearling Clyde colt; bay with black mane aud tail and black poiuts; heart-shaped white spot iu forehoad; One black yearling colt; right hiud foot white; no.brand; common stock. Suitablo reward paid forthoir return or for information leading to their recovery. II. W. H unting , Columbia Falls. Tho thoroughbred Poland China (Wilkes Strain) ELMER C. No. 10, will do service this seosou at the J. W. Modesitt ranch, 2 miles south of Columbia Falls. Terms $3. PEDIOREE. IER C. No. 10. Date of furrow, April fi. JOSEPH TAENHAUSER. bruRtcr and Patrick M s i s a l s Notice for Publication. La ml Office at MiMoula, Montana, la hereby ulren that the fu'llowin. ■tiler hiu> Hied notice of hia intaotio final proof in rapport of bin claim, an l-i-t-,f will !-• m ule t-’fore 1 ). K.Snhtl ,el Berunner. John Flynn, Leri n^Sotlierlnnil^Iowa. ^Reeold to E™ iuy'wilSea T. No. SUffit. ownrd'by B. ■ Second, bred by O. W. MrFnddnn A Son; .’likes Second by Oeor«o Wlkea i No. 14,481 Whit '.,re N.. M.sts. I .. I li> E. hie,or. kMrtnejrJhhd No._SX.MS (bred ^by J.^H. ! bred by XL B.°Meeker. “ra ‘ r s i s s s s ___ a No. 29.613; bred by (i. W. Swallow, of Bridsewnter 8.1). PEDIOREE OF ELMER CVS SIRE. OUT WILKEST. No. SSaKS-farrowod March owr^Bred ^f'^Pndden^A Sun. Wort Liberty\ f.-i !■: Vilkaa N Kinc recum-en Dam. Co 1 . II. Reboot) .1 ' dam - wi S : >wned by MeFa, ■red by l'eninal i low MICHAEL HERUNNKR. Notice for Publication. '\.fllrll n'Jticl CHARLES JOHNSON. « Spot!.. L. A. Wllvm nn•! David on of Columbia Falls. Montana: J r’ ° ' JOHN kL EVANS. Kcgiatc NOTICE TO CREDITORS. r of l inn I> 1. SSIITH,Adanl!datrat • ext ate of Frank T.McPnrtland.dix I at Flathead County, Montana, Ji 11. 1o l n 3 buarx. Brad I E . ! ; in. Went Liberty, lo; .rwf'hy^Bl'le Benaoo! Fuither information regarding tho I rain ou application. Full pedigrees lay be seen at my house. Pigs o f this strain for sale. J. W. MODESITT. Established 1877. Incorporated Juno 16,1893. C A P I T A L , IS OO.OOO. Jas. McMillan& Co. MAIN h o u s e : ( incorporated ) 200- 2 12 First Ave. North, M I N N E A P O L IS , - M IN N . FURS HIDES B H . A N O E C E S i HELENA, MONT. VICTORIA, B. O. WINNIPEC, MAN. CHICACO, ILL. CAREFUL SELECTION. Largest Danloro In North America Immediate Remittance. Courteous Treatment. PELTS WOOL SHIPPING TAGS AND ROPES TALLOW, FURNISHED FREE. C IN8ENC A SENECA Land Office. Mireoula. Montann. I • Notice i. hereby iriven' that tVe fnllowlmr named settler ha. filed notice of hi.^intention that mild prooVwiil bemaSobafora D?F. Smith, a United State circuit court commU>foner for • U section 26. tp 31 a. ° i<«'ph*T. ifatcbinaoa, Waaler O. Huteldnaoi Ephraim P. Wetw-I and Patrick McCarthy, a d. E vaxh . Roiiister. : FINE RANCH FOR SALE. ■ One of the Finest Farms in Flathead County is for sale cheap. 160 acres; 120 ; acres ui(der cultivation; 20 j acres seeded to timothy, j One-fourth mile from good | school; half-mile from post- [ j office. Fine dwelling, barns, j , granaries, hog houses and jtw o good wells. An 'A l l I ranch. j Price, 85,000. 81,000 in Cash; balance 1, 2, 3 and 4 j years at 10 per cent. T. O. WALLIS. Columbia Falls. Leads as a Newspaper. It is Going to Lead in MAKINfi CORRECT RATES. UNTEI^W\ j l R A T E S . Many people believe that $2.50 and $3 for a weekly paper is too much these hard times. It is, no doubt, true. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the price ot The Columbian so that every one in Flathead County can have the pleasure and profit of a Good, Newsy County Newspaper. THE NEW RATE, FROM MAY I. If paid in advance, per year, : : $ 1.50 If paid in advance, 6 Months, : : 1.00 If NOT in advance, per year, : : 2.50 These terms ought to suit everybody. If you owe for the paper it will be money saved to pay up to May 1 and start again on the new rate. Those who have paid in advance will receive the paper at the new rate, and the credit carried forward. The Columbian will be improved constant­ ly. It is the only “ all home print” paper in the County and therefore a strictly home en­ terprise. It is not the organ of any political party or clique. It is absolutely independent, and prints The News without fear or favor. SEND NOW FOR ■ Jfic G 0 3 L , T j r d V E B I ^ I < r , COLUMBIA FALLS. N E W T Y P E The Columbian has just received some handsome new type for Job Work.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Feb. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.