The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 06, 1896, Image 3

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■ t p ' . IL L I N O IS S C E N T R A L A N D R A P ID T R A N S IT . Ancient Britain. Triumph,itmipb, DR. A. OW E N ’S APPLIANCES W C U R E \ j i IL L U S T R A T E D C A T A L O G U E CONTAINS MANY ENDORSEMENTS LIKE ABOVE. SEND 6 CENTS IN STAMPS FOR IT AT ONCE. \ ^ | | OWEN ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO, 205 TO 209 S T A T E S T R E E T , P H I C A C O , : . ' IL L I N O I DF.MOREST S MAGAZINE FREE! .. : . M. !.. * • I will tiuinNtlc life. Tr Demorest Publishing Co. I Flltli Avmuo, NEW VC Basin Times: These are nil rust­ ling, while far iu the dnrk recesses of bis tent, is noticed n ninu, dean shaven and sublime, who, to nil out­ ward appearances, remains quiet and passivo within tho foldsiof bis to-poo w|th no demonstration to forco-him- self forward. He is the muu, we bo- liovo, who is tho choice of three fourths of the republicans of this stato. He is noithor east nor wost, north or south, and should he bo the ^election of tho stato convention, we firmly boliovo ho coul<l be iudueed to accept tho nomination, and if olocted Montana would not be afflicted with a governor of a faction, but one for all Montana. His nauio is Hon. E. D. Wood. Great Falls Tribune: It is now- said that during tho comiug summer Mri Cleveland will make nu extended visit to the Pacific coast. If he duos ho will return to the east with ou­ larged ideas regardin tlie United Slates aud mo • ■asper r t for tho poc- plo of this see •ui than holitut hither- to exhibited. Butte Minor It is said * lint the Boors sold for $800,000 the African gold miuos hi. h nr now worth $800,000,000. No wonder they are \lighting mail Basin Times It’s mighty misty way they have iu Heh iu, among the politicians. )c spif in ono 'another’s faces and th u uot shoot. They take;such matters entirely too friend­ ly to suit us. Grout Falls Tribune: Since the marriage of Mrs. Alvu Vanderbilt, to Perry Belmont, her divorced bin- bond hus registered u ki<-k ngniii*! paying tho $150,009 per year hliinouy allowed her by the court. Ife evidently thinks llmt bo can spend his money without tho assistance of the gent Ionian who succeeded him as a bustwuu, uml. that-if 'Perry hud nerve enough to. marry Tie ought to have cash enough to take care of a The Alaska Miners AH-bahl to belli Serious Danger. Advices from the Alaskan gold fields received at Juneau stato that a scarcity of provisions is again threat­ ened before the opening of spring. As the first supply that cau bo look­ ed for would not arrive before about the 15th of June next, and as no fresh supplies will bo obtainable until about a mouth later, much suf­ fering may result to tho 1,200 or 1,500 men now wintering in the dis­ trict. In case of accident happening to the ocean vessel bringing the sup­ plies to St. Michael’s, or to tho river steamer taking them to the diggings' nothing short of actual starvation would staro all in tho face. On Sep­ tember 15th all tho Stores were out of potatoes, and it was feared scur- voy would harass many in conso- qncnce. To ward off such danger, one man. John McGregor, paid $100 for n sack of potatoes, and moose i:..-at *a* Felling at fifty cents per He ldi-d in Far Off Aslmntce While . On a OrafibiiurTrin. News of the death of Prince Ilotny of Battedlurg was teceived at Os­ born?, Isle of Wight, Thursday. Queen Victoria nud Princess Bcutrice were prostrated- with grief. It op pears tho prince had u» relapse of fever on board tho British cruiser Blonde, ou the way to Madeira and died suddenly. Tho Blonde then re- turuod to Sierra Leone, Wost Coast of Africa, from which place tho news was cablod. Prince Henry went to Ashauteo iu a special capacity and contracted o fever there. Ho wi . h tho third son of Prince Alexander of Bstiealierg. He was lioro October nth. 1858, and wo» governor of the Isle of Wight und Correal m o l The tfist I ok I of tb» uiiiniralty, after consulting with I he Queen, haa given instructions to tie Blonde to bring the Prince to England. Sor­ row iu inaiiifestcd throughout the Isle of Wight, end flogs everywhere uro at half-mast. Telepathy the 3ext Stage. Prof. Henry Drummond iu his re­ cent book, \Tim Ascent of Man.” says: \Every summit iu evolution is the base of some grander peak. Speech, whother by written or by spokou word, is too crude aud slow to keep pace with tho needs of tho now swiftly ascending mind. Man’s larger lifedomauds a furtherspeciali- zation of this power. .The mind is feeling about already for more per­ fect forms of human intercourse than telegraphed or telephoned words. * “ However litllo we kuow of it, how- over remote we are from it. whether it ever be realized or not, telepathy is theoretically tho next stage in tho evolution of language. What strikes one most, iu running the eye up this graduated ascent, is that this move­ ment is in tho direction of what one can only cull spirituality. From the growl.of a lion we'have passed to tho whisper of a soul; from the motive fear to tho motivo sympathy; from the icy physical barriers- of space, lo a uearness closer thao breathing; Clearing sale for thirty days at H. S. Cannon’s, Kulispell, twenty-fivo to hirtypor cent reduction. Watchmaking, ami Hcpalrltig. Parties desiriug .watch, clock or jewelry repairing done, or engraving of any kind may leave orders at Sul- ly’s store, where I call twice a week. HI . . . . . . All persons owiug accounts will pleaso call aud settle before tho sumiAnre placed iu tho hands of an ut torndy, Louis S oiobn . Masks’ Masks! I will have a full liuo of M^ks on sale for tho Masquerode Ball. Come and see them, l’ostoffice Store. • J. M. G rist . Try The Columbian for 1896. W h y wear v/ool ? , T o keep out cold ? No. T o keep in heat. If the body Is supplied with plenty of fresh air— oxygen— and proper food, It wiil gener­ ate sufficient warmth to pro. tect you on the coldest day— S c o t t ’ s E m u ls .o n of Cod- liver Oil. with Hypophosphltes, is the best warm th^Rod. Thin people, people with poor blood who are easily shaken by a cold wind take Scott’s Emul­ sion and it makes good blood, improves the appetite, In­ creases flesh, furnishes bodily warmth, and prevents the ill results from colds, coughs, and exposures. That describes the Groat Northern E xpiiess M onet O rder . Y ou do not have any rod tape to go through, but you pay your money and get an or­ der good for its fneo anywhere in tho U. S. or Canadu. European > at lowest rates. Two mouey offices in Columbia Falls. One at tho dopot and tho ono down town at The Columbian office. FARMERS (iKXKHAl. I’RFSS OPINION. Will the republican -party do tho handsomo thing aud make Gen. Har- risou a wedding present of the nomi­ nal ion t—Salt Lnko Herald. f Mr. Reed may have au active house on his bauds, but will bo hardly ablo to keep up with tho prayers of its chaplain.- Chicago Times-Herald. Tho attempt to crush Turkoy-with memorials to congress ir going to provo no more successful than the at­ tempt to froeCuba with Chicago reso­ lutions.—St. Paul Globe. McKiuley now has leisure, but there’s daugor the hum of industry may iuterforo with his hearing his country call for him and monopoly protection.- -Philadelphia Times. It is tho privilege of evoiy senator to make a speech ou the Monroe doctrine,of course; but those who re­ sist the inclination to do so will not bo blamed by the country.—Globe- Democrat. It is evidmit that siucc t lionet ire inout of Campos u more vigorous bund has takeu hold of tho telegraph office at Havana, for the Spaniards are now reporting three victories a day iustoad of one.—Sou Francisco Cull. Col. Ingorsoll wickedly observes thut ho feels toward those who have In-on praying for him as the girl did toward tho young man who squeezed her hand. She said: “ It pleases bin) and doesn't hurt me.\ Better givo him up.—Bostou Humid. After baviug secured u firm grip ou that seiiutorship Mr. Foraker finds he is able tpdispense with tho suppott of Maj. McKinley and does uot care wbothor Mr. McKiuley likes the presence of uuother presidential boom iu the Ohio field or uot.—Chicago Record. Senator Wolcott, who has tnken up arms against the Monroe doctrine; is a good niBU und weighs upward of 200 pounds. As he is still a young uiuu who hus already-achieved bis mil physical development, there is reason to hope that his future growth may tako place just beueath his hair. —Mai Fund Express. Harrison has a comparatively modest fortune. Reed is not a man of wealth. McKinley has recently passed through bankruptcy. Allison deponds on his senatorial salary to live on. Alger has quit iuvestiug in presidential chances. When it comes to the delivery of southern delegates at a national convention, who so powerful as Morton?—UticaObservor. sas City Oct. 30. 1895. has been lo cated at Fort Scott, loss than 100 miles awuy from Kansas City. A dispatch reached hero this aftoruoou from H. J. Rosecrans, youug Ster­ ling’s uncle, saying (hat ho had dis­ covered him and that full particulars were ou the way to Helena. Ster­ ling was woll and omployed. His disaponraneo was one of the most mystorious on record and has puzzl­ ed tho best detectives in tho country, who have been working continuously on the case. Sterling worked for his uncle in a Kansas City baDk. When he left his accounts were all right, he did not owe anything and was not known to havo had any trouble with any one. It was at first thought be bad joined the insurgent Cuban army aud au effort was made to lo­ cate him there. Detectives did not have a cine to work on, yet refused to believe ho was dead. Mrs Sterling, who is now in Iowa, was prostrated by her son's^sliauge disappearance. Ho had liv fl 'most of his life in Harry Sterling Found. Harry Storting, sou of Judge Frank 1’. Sterling of Heleua who mysteriously disappeared from Kau- (iold NViir Cheyenne. It became Ituown at Cbeveuue on Tuesday that u discovery of gold- bearing qourtz. assaying $200 to $100 a ton, had beeu discovered \at Table inouutaiu, 25 miles northeast of Cliey- enuo, uud u rush of prospectors to the pluco occurred at once aud is still iu progress. The discovery was made two'weeks ago by Cheyenuo who qui­ etly had tho district surveyed aqd filed on six claims. The ore is said to oxist in large quantities. They Can’t Come In. Plains l’laiusfnau: Arizona and New Mexico have for years been knocking for admission to tho uuion as states, but the decree has just gouo forth that their prayer shull be left uuanswored for nuother two years. They can tbauk tbo congres­ sional goldbug combine for (bis dose of disappointment. The combine deems it highly important that fur­ ther growth of silver strengthen the senate should be checked, aud the best way to do that, of course, is to prevent any increase of representa­ tion from western statos. Therefore tho committoo on territories will not report the bills for admission of Ari­ zona and New Mexico until to late for action thereon by this cengrcss. The mills of the gods, however, are grinding along. For $25,000. Mrs. George D. Sagle commenced suit iu Helena against the Montana Central railroad company for $25,000 for the death of- her husband, a switchman, who was killed in th* Butto yards Dec. 15, through the al­ leged negligence of the company. A G O : B E A C H : H O T E L . Harvey S. Denison, Manager. AT 51st STREET AND LAKE SHORE. C H I C A G O . Kennedy & Decker, LIVEHY.FEED & SALE STABLE First Class Rigs and Good Saddle Horses. B lacksmith Snor nr C onnection Third Bt. and First Are. Eut. CO L U M B IA FALLS. - MONT. F o r tho past seven years w e have m a d e horticulture the Prin c ip a l feature o f our agricu ltu ral operations, during w h icn tim e w e havo experim e n ted quite exton s ivcly w ith can i . V ' i i ; v iew , v 'z : T o determ ine w h ich o f th e m a n y varieties o f .imc.Il fruits are. best adapted to tho clim a tic condition!: ol' Flath e a d v a lley. In this w e have so far suc­ ceeded th a t w e do n o t hesitate to recom m end to our form er patrons and those interested in \horticulture the follow in g : R A S P B E R R IE S . Turner, Cuthbert. Loudon. Thompson’s Early, Marlboro, Golden Queen, Scbnoffer’s Colossal. B L A C K C A P S . Conrath, Older, Neuiaho. C U R R A N T S . Cherry, Fay’s Prolific, Victoria, White Grape. G OOSEBERRIES. Downing, Smith’s Improved S T R A W B E R R IE S . Crescent, WilsonV Albany, Warfield, Bedorwood, Epping, Sharpless, Haverland, Lovett, Aroma, Parker Earle. 35F*AU stock guaranteed true to name. In addition to the above we are prepared to furnish Asparagus plants (1 year old). Rhubarb, Horseradish and Sage roots. L. J. C H A P M A N & SONS, Price list flinched on applicixloa. H o lt, Montana. Extension of Time to Feb. 15. Many persons having failed to get the Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer at the special clubbing rate, we have succeed­ ed in getting the arrangement contin­ ued till Feb. 15. The Columbian and the Enquirer both one year for $1.75. Regular Columbian subscribers may have the Enquirer for 30c. IT PAYS THEM TO ADVERTISE IN THE COLUMNS OF T h e C o l u m b i a n When they havo Stock, Seed, Plants or Anything Else to Sell or Trade. To make room for our Spring Stock of SHOES we are closing out the fol­ lowing at less than cost: Men’s Emperors, 3 buckle fleece lined, best quality q - $2.00 Men's Arctics, I “ “ “ • ‘ \ - 1.40 Men’s Snow Excluders, 1 buckle, extra heavy - 1.35 Youths’ Arctics, 1 buckle, - - - 85 Misses’ Arctics, heel or spring heel, 75 Children’s Arctics, - - 50 Ladies’ Empress.^3 buckle black fleece lined, best quality - 1.90 Misses’ “ 3. “ “ “ “ “ “ - 1.60 Child’s “ 3 ........................................ “ 1.45 R. W . M AIN & CO. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA.. DF.MOREST’S AN UNPARALLELED OFFER CASI l = C A H H ' CASH CASH

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Feb. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.