The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 06, 1896, Image 6

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. General ilarriso* rimoniul nomination lio goes after the ► Insion at St. Louis. If Mr. Cleveland feels that ho can­ not recognize the Cubans he might conpromisc by recognizing tho Mis- ratlin newspapers ns belligerents. It is u.fniri mid-winter reflection that\^hencvor Mr. Mathew S. Quay plays tho' fiddle the Pennsylvania republicans proceed to dunce. Mu- then' is n fine political fiddler. ■ York’s i made a speech on the Monroe doctrine. From the number of speeches Mr. Dcpmc. makes.overy day ono may well won­ der when bo sleeps. Spokauo has expressed for tho. Cubans. If thoso ing for liberty could swap thoir surplus sympathy for a ton of powder and load their causo would •e bopefu). Thanks are due to Constable B. A. Hilton for his very efficient work in breaking up the army of petty thieves that has afflicted this valley. Let the good work go on and let all hon­ est citizens lend a hand. Senator Dubois is in very poor business making speeches to and jol­ lying thoso “ forestry resbrvo” idiots. If tho forestry theorists had thoir way. tho iniuers of the west would bo denied tho priviledgo of sufficient timber to work a mine. Mr. Dubois coidd bo in better compauy. Mr. Austin, England’s freshest laureate, is tho poetic butt of-the world’s ridicule. His poetry causes 'that tired feeling,'which makes the patent medicine man rejoice. Deal­ ers in. tirod-fpohng-curos can distri buto Austin's poems and feel sure of reaping subsequent profits. It would bo worth the price of ad­ mission to lot Arizona, Oklahoma and Now Mexico into the union just to see tho spasms of those Boston newspapers over the \daugeroi crease in the number of silvor tors from tho west’s pocket boroughs.” Wouldn’t Bo3tiQg snort, though, and wouldn’t Wall Stroot wall! MONEY BAGS MEET.. National. .Manufacturers As­ ia dosed u meeting in Chica­ go Friday.- It was lemnrkci.l that at this mooting there, were more mil- mires than had over been gather­ in'! his country. It. was a mooter busters of trusts.auri the orguniz- Of huge combines. Of course the resolutions adopted expressed tho sentiments of the millionaires, uud they ombodiod n strong endorso- uiont o f tho McKinley \high tariff. Tho average reader might guess that they liked tho system undor which became millionaires and trust trustees. Tariff orators have told tbo farm­ ers of this laud about the beauties of protection, yet'we have not beard of auy formers who .wore “protected\ enough to make them rich. But who manufacture tho 'articlesthat farmers buy grown to millionaires tinder tho: system, and $eo these saute millionaire! .•lamoriug for more Mt-Kinloyisin. Tim C olumbian is in favor of “ pro- ; lection” in its best the kind of protection tliat benefits tho farmers - the produciug, world] do not want auy me of the kind of “ protection\ that giv New Euglimd hud .Atlantic states tho chance to fleece all the rest of uiaukind. John Sherman says tho silver issue is dead, but tho impression is gencrul that John is not in us good political health as Ore silver issue. The anti­ quated corruptionist and servant of gold barons is very badly nettled be­ cause the senate is not solid forguld- bugism, us ho is- unable to realize ou his “ great influence as a financier.” Semi toy Mantle in a Cboteau sheep-owner pulIs merino-scoured wool ove said sheepmau’s eyes 01 quoatiou. “Canned cayuso” coming an iufant industry i west, we hear, aud we hope stirring resolutions iu the national re­ publican platform about thobcuutios of protection us applied to that infuut industry. Tile thousands of silver miners of the west cuu wait until the few woolgrowers and, tho cuyuse meat have been protected. Thun this little silver matter cau bo taken OUR FOREIGN AFFAIRS. There is any amount o f dining and wining arid; bowing mid sernpiug in Euglatid just now in which tile American ambassador, Mr. Bayard, mid British dignitaries are indulging (or the purposo of showing how friendly English and Americans really are. Every day and every night Mr: Bayard accepts an invita­ tion to Lord Nobody’s or Prineo Somebody's house, -aud the hobnob­ bing is ueasptod as- bearing on our' international -affairs. Perhups Mr. Bayard's society gourmand izing is going to settle some mooted quasi ion, wo really must be pardoned for igoornuco if wo suggost that American waistband bushed to i wonted fullucss by British plum-ptid- iliug is not likely to settle anything. There ore now pending- betwi England and America several import- tbaf involve vital princi­ ples of international law, nnd which contuin the elements of loWer to a conatbiit cavil. ■ It would bo wise to some line litivo 'tbeso matters settled ono \va> 9r tho aforo- ortho other. Business men with n the tariff claims against each other, do not is bo- hngglo and treat and discuss for “ P- _____ Tho Moutnna republican papers that were, making state slates havu suddenly ceased . operating in that direction. They, are, waiting till mail arrives from Washington bear­ ing on the conduct there of Governor Rickards, who is special Cree. Indian Commissioner. The uews comes that the Moutnna 'senators did .dot liko tho gqverqOr’3.'visit-and <ihat tboy chillod him until lie was sc bod. Montana'1 citizens who Washington on any sort of business should first get a' permit from the \ delegation, and tbero- years and decades. They sat tie. matters one way or tho other b y ’re­ sort to competent tribunals, and there is no reason why international differences should not lie settled by business methods. There are any number of disputes between Uncle Sum and other nations that have dragged along for years and years, and-lire no nearer settlement than (hey were at first. We select ambas­ sadors uud mimiuot-H fur tlio scallop they can cut in the swagger of for­ eign courts, and thoir ability to dine with nobility every evoniug without sleeping uudc'r the table. - Ou any pretext wo scream about patriotism and when the incident has passed fiud that we hud nothing to scream about or tbut tho nation's great diplomats do not really know whether or not it was tirno to scream. At any rate it is about time that some plain business ways wore ap­ plied to those foreign affairs. If it is a fight let us have it aud end it. But iu all leusou, let the fluuky ---------- coruciatious, i functions and diplomatic tomfoolerv and denunciations. |giv0 way to a reign of horse sense. ' I the New York j . . . . . Boys’ overcoats from $1.75 to->1. 75, World are tho only newspapers that I formor prices from $2.50 to $6.50. II. J to take $100,000,000 bonds of |S. Cannon Ivalispoll. George A. Scott, manager of the subscription department of Munsoy'i Magazine, reports tho December in­ crease of new subscribers at. 29,863 uud places the January businoss at 18,000. Stories by Robert Louis Stevenson, luu Maclaren and Anthony Hope will appear iu McClure's Mugazii for February. Anthony IIopo’s wi be'tlie last of his Zends stories, at will tell how the Priucess ,Osra, by tho aid of a. young student university, of .apparently huuiblo brigiu, finully learned for herself FruidTA^Mu!*• cy^TTa* - p u reh asod u lot in New London, Conn., and will er^ct a seven-story, fireproof building, 92x112. utu cost of $300,000. The manufacturing pluut of Muusey’s Mugitziuo will l>e moved there on May 1st. It is said that the sprightly “ Bab,” of syndicate journalistic fuuio, Isabel Mnlton, the fashion writer.,and Ruth Ashmore, who writes “goody goody” advice to girls, arc ono aud tbo same. That clever little nickel magazine of short stories recently launched under the name of “ Black Cat,” named iu memory of the famous \Lo Chut Noir” o f Paris, loug a reudez- for artistic Bohemia, has somo Very clover little illustrations. Tho monogram signature to these menus to thoso who know that they work o f Mrs. Littlodalo L'mbstoatter, ifo of the editor of tho “ Black Cat.' Barrie's serial, “Soutiineutal Tom y,” now running iu Scribuer’i Magazine, has already von tho af­ fections of thousands of readers. Tho February installment contaius one of Barrie's finest pieces of humor - description of the way iu which Tolnuiy aud his friend Shovel guinc-d admittance to u banquet given for re­ formed criminals, add mag Notice. To nil thoso parties who aro chop­ ping- down trees wherever they please on tho lands of the X. 1. I. Co It will be well to. make arraugomonts at tho office of tho company if you desire to out in these lands, and after this duto parties cutting without leave will bo liable to prosecution. X. I. I. Co., W ji , U b K d , Secy. Nov. 15,1895. Better watch our clubbing offers. Danger Signals Mm than half tbe Victims of eonsnmfr- liuii do iiol bucrx Iter bare it. Here is a list of symptoms by which consumption can certainly be detected:— Con;b. one or two slight efforts on rising, recurring during the day and fre­ quently during the nigh!. Short brea’Kng afier exertion. Tightness of tbe ebest. Quiet pulse, especially noticeable in the evening and after, a Toil meal. Chilliness iii the evening, followed by Slight fever. Perspiration toward morning and -Tale face and languid In the morning. Loss of vilalilr. If you have these symptoms, or any of them, do not delay. There are many ' preparations which claim to be cures, but Dr. Rclihi€:jl!iS fitaedyfor.Consumption •has the highest rndorsemtms^ and la' stood the test of years. It will arrr.-t con- sumplion in its earlier stages, and drive away the symptoms named. II is iraliu- faciured by the Acker Medicine Ox, 16 and IS Chambers St.. Few York, aud sold by all reputable druggists. IS MARRIAGE A FAILURE? Some say yes, but more say No. It is more like­ ly to be a success if the contracting parties get some ol the handsome Invitations and Cards that Tho Columbian can furnish on en hour’s no­ tice. We have the very latest Styles in Wed- . ding, Regret, Announce ment and Calling' Cards, At the Lowest Prices. Mail orders Promptly Executed. TH E COLUMBIAN. Colum bia Fails. Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California. Steamer Connections for A laska , H a ­ waii , J apan anil C hina . Solid iu construe! ion, modern iu movement. Presents More attractions to • ilists, Mill Men ill Imklm THAN ANY POINT ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. Columbia Fulls is the most import­ ant lumbering point in Northwestern Montana. . ping point betweu Grand Forks and Spoil: Palace Sleeping and Dining Cars, . ' Buffet-Library Curs,. Dmnily Tourist j Situated at tbe junction of the three jdO bu., Fo Sleepers, and' high-bin* seated day logging 8trMms it |ias practical ] a numlwr distance traveling. j advantages overt in Meals served ou “ pay for what you j \ J . . . / oat” plan. tuua in Lumbering Through grandest scenery iu the j , , world liy daylight. i ° Reaches Hue hunting, fishing, pleas-. is an abiindaui . ;o and health retorts-Heieun aud . , c „ . , .. Boulder Hot Springs, Luke MeDou-jlmo, Fir, Tamarack, Spruce. Bireh | reside aid. the Kootenai, the Columbia, d C(x]a|. v,’itl, water power that i«Paci fie slope this locality offen Lake Chelan and Puget Sound. j Columbia Falls is in thogreat Flof- iead valley, the richest of tho rich is the chief grain ship-. valleys' of the iiitermountain region, tho Great Northern R y .! The crops of 1834 averaged approxi­ mately: Oats 50 bu. tier acre, wheat otuloos :JC0 bu. Tlioro are 'f farmers who have raised : i Mon- j 80 to 100 bushels of pats per acre. . T'ribti- Irrigation is not niroihkl. Mho crops } found it ready sale, . . To that class of people desiring to. lenqierate climate of the long ull thre*. LnkoChelni Round trip excursion tickets to. points east and west, with stop-off i privileges and choice of return route.j bo easily developed Columbia • vulled advantages Falls offers especial attractions to (2500 feet, situated o cjultitudp of * ell drained Baggage cheeked to destination. I factories, especially those working iu j Iwnch, Columbia Falls. Las the w ell-' Connects in season of navigation i 1 • • with the magnilieent steamships: wood. North West and North Laud running 1 between Duluth uud Biitfulo. >333. Trains Leave Columbia, fails: Going East ......................... 9:20 p.iu. Going West ....................... 12:16 p.m. For maps, tickets and full informa­ tion call on or address C. H. SELVAGE. Local Agent. Or F. I. WiutNEV, G..P. A T. A., St. Paul. Miun. SAVE WOOD AND TROUBLE BY. USING Wooden Tho advantages fou | hero for such enterprises are not sur passed ou tho Pacific slope, i Just north o f tile city are tho grea j coal measures of the North Fork j pronouneed liy experts to be I he hog lost coaljdeposif on the Pacific slop, | It is similar to Rock Springs coal ii quality, and is the only smelting <‘o:i uow known on the 'Pacific slope, iim will always lie iu demand. i reputation id | town > healthiest. Duriug | tie winter;just passed the tjiormomo- [■lor vouched the zero point on live oc- ■ oasiyiis. o iu no entire day was the j0 mark rrav■hod. Stock wintered on- ! the ranges ivi! bout care. ! Columbi!i Fulls has a handsome ; bridge nonIBS the Flathead river, u isitl.CPO Svr.V •k s-iv-ii house.,a flouring mill of i50.bV>>'L <TuiIy capacity, wu- I ter works, lind gooiLrailroiid fucilitien' IT ALWAYS LEADS I News, Eaterpiise anfi- Circulatiott. 11 SUBSCRIPTION PRICES:, tCr-All Portmwn-m. ADVANTAGES: It requires less — than any. other, stove. It-will chips, trash or chunk's. It is absolutely Bafe. It eau bo closed aud will keep firo for 2-1 hours. It is the cleunest, cheap&sUnnd host boater for the home, store, office or nurserv. Made in three sizes. Call and see I them. SOLD BY | LORD BROS., | COLOMBIA FALLS. - MONT, j O F F I C E R ' S : JAMES A. TALBOTT, B utte ; V ice P resident , L. C. TRENT S alt L ake ; T reasurer , ANDREW .1. DAVIS, B ette : S ecretary . WILLIAM READ, C olchmia F alls . C T W I T S -AJSTD O P E R A T E S : LANDS, MILLSITES, WATER POWERS, TOWNSITES, COAL, LUM BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES « T : ™ ' C o u n t r i e s . 09065575

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Feb. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.