The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 05, 1896, Image 1

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THE COLUMBIAN. SIXTH YEAR. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MARCH 5. 1896. NUMBER 10. COLUMBIA FALLS IS SURROUNDED BY MORE NATURAL RESOURCES THAN ANY 'CITY ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. B A N K COLUMBIA FALLS, Columbia Falls, Moat. A RED HOT WEEK Carter Set the Washington Tongues (Joiner ainl there is Some «lir -Split” Talk. UNCUS SAM WILL HELP. CUBA. The Senate Almost Unanimously Pusses the' Sympathy Bes- olutiou-Chat. A, J. Davis, James A. Talbott, J. E. Gaylord, : B. Tibboy L. C. Trent, : Bfitto, Mt. Butto, Mt. Butto, Mt. Suit Lake. \Vm. K K A D , Coalilei i j j j j u - j j j w a u j j ’j 'jju w j'ja ju -jt: I T H E I EEE HIVE I I STORE. SELL AT LOW PBICES ! 5 CROCKERY, | TINWARE, 3 Wooden Ware, j Kitchen Utensils, l Lamps, Etc. £ J ! Call and Look Over Our j Stock and Get Prices. J § V 'M A IN STREET. |, Columbia. Falls. Montana, fc 8*MrLrr,pn»ir.nrr.nEr.r.Bcnr.B»scS PROFESSIONAL CARDS. D. F. S M IT H , Attorr\evj-at-LaW, COMMISSIONER U.S.CIRCUIT COURT COLUMBIA FALLS. MONT. A. Y LIN D S E Y , ATTORNEY AT LAW, N O T A RY PUBLIC. OlSer lu P. 0. Ballilinc.' A. H. BURCH, — D E N T IST — Offices: Conrad Block. KALISPELL, : MONTANA. DR. J. A. GHENT, Consulting Physician. Kaliapell, Montana. THE COLUMBIAN LEADS IN JOB PRINTING. REMEMBER ---- — ■ Thntyou can bavo the Cincinnati Semi-Weekly Enquirer aud T ub C olombian both one year for just Three Dollars. Both ore Inde­ pendent Froo-Silver Papers nnd Lead in their respective fields. Try them! Begin Now! On Friday a special to tho Record from Washington says: “The remarkable spoech of Senator Carter in the senate, taken uection with that of Sccrotury Car- lisleattbe Manhattan Club in New York i few days ago, has started a good deal of tulk about a reorganiza­ tion of (b^>ld political parties and a division of the people upon liues. Both the republicans and the democrats seem almost hopelessly divided upon tho same issue, and that tho most important before the American peoplo today. The.parties united upon evory other issue. More than half tho democrats in con­ gress declare that thoy will not sup­ port the candidate to bo nominated at Chicago unless ho plodges him­ self to free coiuage. A considerable portion of the republicans say tho same concerning (bo candidate to be nominated at St. Louis. Theu why, sskod, con not those in both par­ ties who thiuk alike get together and i who agree with thorn! A great many peoplo believe that if dis­ cussion and division continue much longer (hat will .happen. “Senator Carter says: ‘We are go­ ing to got together bofore tho St. Louis convention. The sUver men st are going to bolt the re publican party. There are many- other issues upoy which wo all agree, and they would hold us together, no matter how much we might differ on the money question. Nevertheless, western fellows intend to have something to say about the manage­ ment and the policy of - the party. We don’t propose to let New Eng­ land and Now. York lead us around by the nose.” By the overwhelming voto of 64 to the senate on Friday adopted current resolution favorable to Cuban belligerency and independence. Tho resolutions adopted are da follows: Resolve.', by the senate, the bouse representatives concurring, that tho opinion of congress a condition of public war exists between the gov­ ernment of Spain aud the govern­ ment proclaimed and for some time muiuUiued by force of arms by the people of Cuba, and that tho United States of Aiperica should maintain a strict neutrality between the con­ tending powers, according to each all the rights of beligerents in the ports and territory o f the United States. Resolved, that the friendly offices of the United States should be offered by tho presideut to the Spanish eminent for the recognition of the in­ dependence of Cuba. Many splendid spoeuhes followed the eloquent and patriotic address of Sonator Vest. Lindsay, Sherman, aud others joined in the debate. The crowd in tho galleries applauded tho announcement of the vote. RUPERT K. JORDAN’S CASE. Miss Mary Elizabeth Gibson testi­ fied that she was 18 years old at the time of the killing of Young; that Jordan came to her father’s house at about f o'clock on the day of the shooting aud remained on tbe prem- uutil about A o'clock; he then wont dowu to a spring noar by and set down; that soou Morgan Youn^; came to their house aud said that Jordan was after him to kill bitn; that Young then, avoiding Jordan, went to his own bouse, about 200 yardu distant, and Jordan, following, went behind Youug's stahlo; that Young soon came out of his bouse and while he was standing by the i, Jordan who was behind tho stable, rested his pistol on tbe corner end fired at Young; that Young bent over and went hurriedly towards the com field across the creek. where ho found dead tbe next morning. Hor brother gave testimony to tho earao effect. John Wright aud others proved that traces of blood were found from tbe rail-pen, through the bars across tho creek and into the cornfield, tho spot where the body was found tho next day. Young was killed July 10,1886 Y Tho scuato committee on public buildings aud grounds authorized Senator Mantle (o make a favorable report on the bill for a building at Butte City, Mont. Washington special says: Beyond a question the United States is nearer than it has been for rnauy years. The temper of congress is strongly in favor of active intervention for the independence of Cuba, aud without a doubt is prepared to commit this government to extreme measures in support of that position. Members of tho aenate and house have been -■helmed with expressious of lympatby from evory kind of organi­ zation and from hundreds of thou­ sands of individuals, indicative of oagoruess of the liberation of Cuba, aud not a man on the floor of either chamber bos tho slightest fear of of­ fending his constituents iu goingto tho extreme in this direction. The American spirit has boeu so thor­ oughly aroused that it is only a ques­ tion of a few days when there will be an open declaration to tho -ffect that Spain must oithor terminate hostili­ ties on tbe islund or admit tho inde­ pendence of the iusurgents. That tired fooling should be over­ come at once or it may end most so- riously. Tako Hood's Sarsaparilla now nnd prevent sickness and suf­ fering later iu the season. From sovcral copios of the Harrods- burg, <Ky.) Sayings is fouud the fol lowing history of the trial of Rupert F. Jordau, rocoutly taken from Flat- lioad county to answor to the charge cf juuder in Mercer county, ii On January 5 a motion to admit Jordan to bail was argued and de­ nied. February 22 a motion for change of venue, based on the claim that prejudice throughout Mercer county against tbe Jordans was suffi­ cient to preveut a fair trial of the ac- cusodwBS mado. The stato intro­ duced ten witnesses to prove that ;uch prejudice existed, and the ino- ion W8s deuiod. On February 15 the trial was cotn- meucod iu the circuit court, lastii days. Five promiuent attorneys - in the caso. Tl.o jury was u bio to agree, and stood five for quittal, six for a pouitentiary s teusl and one for tbe death penalty. A second jury was empanelled, aud. trial ordered. The defense al d tho absence of important wit- es, and the caso was continued to the May term of court. Jordan as remaudod to jail. The Harodsburg paper of the evidence brought out at the preliminary hoariug, when bail wsb donied* Jordau testifiod that ho had worked i bis tobacco all of the day of thi difficulty until about 5 o’clock p.m and then be went for the cows; that on account of tbe then prevailing drouth the fences bad been left down so that stock could run to tbd creek; that tbe creek wua i- tbe public rOad; that when he got to tbe spring neat Morgan Young's bouse he saw the cows runuing towards him, followed by Young's dog; that be shot at the dog once on the highway and twice after ho had crossed the fonce and Young's field; that ho then wont down on tbe creek aud found of bis hogs so badly torn by the dog that bo could not drive it home be weut to Young’s stable aud tho t him aud he again shot at mi- ^ ifiTT The Hearing of a Horse, is a well-established fact that horses have a very much keener i of hearing than man. Noises which we with the greatest attention could not hear, are sufficient to startle these intelligent animals. Tbe Elo- veur, a French agricultural paper, effims that loog before the great earthquake of the Riviera last year horse* gave signs of restlessness, which continued for several dayr Whilo tbe people did not hear any Lubterrauoau noises uutila few sec­ onds before the first shock, horses had for more than soveuty-two hours before manifested tbe restlessness and nervousness peculiar to tbeso animals when hearing a noise which they do not understand. Notice. Plats of the following townships aud fractional townships bavo boon recoived at this office aud filings for lands embraced therein will be re­ ceived on aud after March 26,1896. Township 31 north, rango 36 west. “ 35 a 36 >< Fraet. tp. 31 “ If you want to grow seed peas at a profit write to or call on L. J. Chap <S Sens, Agents L . L. May &Co. MR. CARTER'S TALK He Warns the Republican*That Tlieir Drift ou Finance Will Leiul Them to Defeat. HIS .NOSE IS GETTING TIRED. And He Does Not Propose to he Led Around by Now England and New York. Cartor then reforred to the finan- lal and tariff legislation favored by the administration, paid his respects to the republican senators and repre- ' itivos who co-operatod with the democratic administration to bring about the repeal of the Sherman sil­ ver law, and in npeakiug of the sug­ gestion of the president that green­ backs should bo retired, said we bear tho republican mag­ pie chatter. A horde of presidential aspirants rushed to political auicido yelling ‘^ound money’ is the cry, and under cover of this cry the president protected himself and his adminis tratiou from just criticism for the most shady and iniquitous transac- in public iiuauceu the world has over knowu. (.Referring lo tbe peal of the purchasing clause of the Sherman act.) “Iu due timo the proseut congress assembled and the president does not coll for more revenue, insisting the revouue laws aro all right, but calls for authority to issue bonds to facili­ tate the retirement of greenbacks and his operations in the ii tho public debt. There is some doubt about the success of tbe opera­ tions. Muttering-- ire heard about previous bond sslo, when, lo and be­ hold, there corno-j auother exhibition of genius. The venerable dispute concerning a strip of swamp land ii Venezuela is rushed upon the coun try with a warliko demonstration, are proudly reformed that the samo bwfltl that authorized the tearing down of the flag at Honolulu will sustain the government at all hazards, even unto tbe horrors and terrors of war. “By this time tbe republicans of tb« east became used to bobbing up and down -alike a cork on wator, at tbe suggestion of 'be president, and instantly we see a resolution passed appropriating $100,000 for a cornmis- to advise tbe executive on points ou which ample facilities for informa­ nt tbe time, at his disposal. In the midst of the warlike excite­ ment following, another messago fol lowed, in extract renewing tbe call for tbe retirement of greenbacks and authority to issue bonds. Conserva- iwept off their feet. The lust messago adroitly referred to the first and an impressive warning was suggested to tbe country. Who could think of party principle with such a juncture! We were per­ suaded war was upon us. “Uuder pressure of this artificial, but exacting aud exciting situation, revenue and bond bills were passed by the house to insure speedy relief. Republicans dropped their own principles on economic legislation lieu thereof accopted three distinctly democratic heresies on tbe tariff: Horizontal revisions, ad va lor- dutiee and tbe Wilson bill as framed for a revenue scheme. “The bill reschos llic senate aud a substitute is reported for it. Certain patriotic republicans, forgetting the platform of 1892 on tho tariff qi to have the republicans of this chamber, who are devoted to bimetallism and protection, two ele­ mentary principals of faith, put in such a position as to apparently be­ come compelled to rote against oue of their principles in order to secure of tbe other. Somo gen­ tleman who preteuded to understand tbe situation refusod to co-operate. To tbo candid judgment of honest I leave tbe determination ol the republicans in this senate to their parly principles. is high tims that the republi- wbo claim to be within the party should take .their cues from tho party platform rather than from the white bouse. If it shall occur that this senseless crusade against tbe re­ publicans who believed in good faith iq the Minneapolis platform wheu it declared for bimetallism and protec­ tion, shall be carried to such an ex­ tent os may result in the adopliou of President Cleveland's scheme by the St. Louis conveuliou, I submit that republican success will be rendered utterly impossible. If the platform of 1896 aqiiQunoea to tbe country that t|io plank on bimetallism adopted at Minneapolis was a delusion, a fraud /IIIM M A T n U?UT\ W UV1JI and a snare, it would bejustaswell v n i l i f V L f i l l ! / 1 i i LilU for the republican party not to moke any nomination at St. Louis 8TATE EXHIBITS. A Word About Montana's Showing at the World’s Fair. Bancroft’s beautiful Book of the Fair is completed and Tux C olum ­ bia :! is in receipt of the last five numbers, each ono vieiug with the othor in literary, pictorial and typo­ graphical excellence. Part twenty oue deals with tbe stats exhibits of the west aud the Pacific slope. It has this to say of Montana’s contribution: “ In tbe collection and organization of Mon- -xhibits woman plays a promi­ nent part, and a liberal share of the appropriation was set aside for her five lady managers having charge of all matters pertaining to dairy products, poultry, pantry stores, ueedlework, floriculture, and suoh of tho ‘lino arts, plastic and ornamental, os aiu tho prry*' woman’s hands. * \ * * » “Tho fitate u ' .ig • • ti„ structure of Rom esqu., design, ■ arched vestibule with marble floor, i front vhicb is a trophy of preCioi n mated by Within are parlors ui ception room iu the form of a rotun­ da, the architectural foaturo of the iuterior beiug its heavy Roman pilas­ ters with massive caps and bases. The rotunda, which is octagonal in shape, is finished in native pine, tho upper panels deco, u ? with (he beads of buffalo, elk, bum and other animals iudigenous to the ^jstate. Light is admitted through tbe stained glass roof of a doom beneath which paintings that spook of the pic­ turesque scenery and mineral wealth of Montana. The walls are tinted olive green. * * * Back of the main reception room is a banquet hall * * * and elsewhere are smoking and reading rooms supplied with desks, tables aud easy chairs. * * * • In a broad gallery surrounding tho rotunda are specimens of Montana's fruits, natural and preserved, to­ gether with samples of femiuino handiwork.'' Tbe illustrations include a view ol the building, glimpses of the exhi­ ts in the rotunda, a lifelike proson- lion of tbe interior of a hunter’s bin, the vision of a corner devoted native auimals and sheaf grains, d a picture of Mrs. Clara M’Adow. Butcher Weyler’a Time Book Shows that 20,000 Meu Hare De­ serted His Cause. CUBANS WIN. ANOTHER VICTORY. Some Bits of News Gathered From All Farts of this Big and Growiug World. BAD MARCH WEATHER. a Dose Tbo Weather Man Has Mixed for this Mouth. While the weather sharps v l the month of Fobruary, sc this month is coucerned, they again make a stagger at the weather aud predict as follows for the coming month: March 2d and 3d aro the centers of storm movements, on or about which barometer will fall, tempera­ ture rise- both, of coureo. develop ing first iu western parts of the country—and storms of will mark the passage of storm conditions eastward. So far they guessed it, but here is tho other part of March. Two or throe days of much colder weather will follow. About the 8th to Uth is a storm period that will bring marked changes in the ther­ mometer and barometer, the former rising and tho later falling, and storms of rain and snow will across the country. Almost without exception, March 10th to 11th brings many electrical and atmospheric disturbances. The reactionary period is central 1-lth and 17th. Within forty-eight hours of that date, and if not on it, storms of great energy wiU occur in many places on land and sea. A cold wave will follow. The 19th to 22d is the passage^ f the vernal equinox, blended with a regular storm period. Watch itl Cold, for the season will follow. The 20th to 28th will bring many storms. Moon will be full and in perigee on the 28th. This means many violent storms and gales on and about that date. A special to a St. Louis paper from New York says: A dispatch from Havana says 15,000 Spanish sol­ diers are missing in Cuba. The fact has been communicated to the Mad­ rid government aud tbo search for their whereabouts is going on day and night. Official circles state of alarm, for 15,000 men, with “ j ! 15,000 rifles and 500,000 cartridges, is . . enormous item to tbe Spanish -my. The disappearance of the men will ultimately be traced to either death iu battle, the number of which has been concealed to hide Spanish lossos detailed to positions in various parts of the island, of whi- h no record has boon kept, desertions to join the insurgents. The Spauiah records show that entire garrison, aavo joined the rebels with their arms in every province on thi island. \n order was issued by Gen­ eral Wi j ler soveral days ago for a report ol the number, position and condition of the army. Tbe responses to this, it is said, have increased the confusion, and there are roporta v from reliable sources that there 20,000 men, instead of 16,000, to be accounted for. WHIPPED THEM EASILY. Cabans Pluck a Few Petals from the Flower of Spate. Friday's mail from Cuba brought three letters from different eourcoa auuouncing tbe outrages stated in tbo dispatch given below: 'In Quato, seven miles from the suburbs of Havuna, on February 22, 300 Spanish soldiers entered the towo, murdering non-combatants to the number of twenty-two. Among them were two Spaniards, sick men, boys of fifteen years and an of 72. \The details of the battle of Palo Prieto, between Santa Clara and Placets, about February 20; have ar rived. The outcome was the great­ est triumph tho Cubans ever bad, Tho Spanish loss being 700. Gener­ al Polanco was severely wounded. In their fight many Spaniards threw themselves into the river. The Span­ iards attacked a small detachment of scouts, who soon overtook the body and after a short fight the fearful machete charge was made, prostrating hundreds of Span iarda boneath their onslaught.” Kentucky is fur Silver. Harodsburg, Ky., Sayings: The senate of tho United States is body and coul with tbo free silver men. They not only voted a free silver sub­ stitute for the house bond bill, but have now up for consideration, on re­ port from their finance committee, a froo silver substitute also for the tariff bill. The free silver inon every where are terribly iu earnest and the signs oLtbo time (joint, with answer­ ing directness, to the early triumph of the ooly truo American financial policy—tbe free, unlimited and in­ dependent coinage of both silver and upon terms of exact oqttality, the present ratio (16 to 1.) BRIEF BITS OF NEWS. The bill authorizing and regulating land leases in Arizona was passed rer the president’s veto by a vote of W to 38. At Moscow, Idaho, Frauk Smith as convicted of murder iu the first degree. Chief Crowley, for forty years the San Francisco police work, has resigned. Turkish police aro busy tracing conspiracies against the Sultan, dozen or moro schemes have been exposed. An imperial irade has been issued to Miss Barton, president of tbe Cross society, permitting her to travel in parts of Turkey and dis­ tribute supplies. The insurrection in Nicaragua against the government of Zelaya is being met and will be put down. At Fall River, Mass., the gallery of rink fell and fifty persons jured. Tho Iudiaua republican oditors at their annual meeting passed a reso lution against free-silver coinage. Tho Iowa house dofeatod the woman’s suffrage proposition. Groat Britain will recognize the United States Venezuelan/commis- and has the papers in tbe case about ready. Debs is iu tho south organizing A. U. lodges. He claims for the aground off Sandy Hook, and will have to be lightened before she can bo moved. BOOK AND MAGAZINE LOBE. Demorest’s Family Magazine for March contains a most interesting and instructive article on “The Boers, Their Country and Their Troubles,” by J. Herbert Welch. This particular number of the maga­ zine is also fairly bristling with bright pictures. The amateur photographic compe­ tition inaugurated by the editors of the Jonnoss Miller Monthly opens with tbe March number and bids fair to prove interesting to the public in general as well as competitors. Richard Harding Davis’ next pil- grimago, says Tbe Bookman, will take him to Russia, where he will be present at the coronation of the czar, and to Athens, where he will witness tbe revival of the ancient games under tbo patronage of the king of Greece in the spring. “Chapters from a Life,” Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’ autobiographical con­ tribution to the pages of McClure’s Magazine, is the most helpful and most refreshing document of that nature ever penned by human band. Admirers of Miss Phelps-’ books be- lovers of her personality im­ mediately on its perusal. The gentleman who. indulges in ‘Chronicle andCommout’in Tho Book- is a most delightful writer. For in­ stance just listen to this: “Alfred Aus­ tin's appointment to tho laureatoship serious matter, provided it be cloarly understood that he has poetieilTnlents, and that nobody worth speaking about maintains that Otherwise, our children might blame us for having loat all ■souso of poetry, and all discernment of what is good in literature. But the caso is not really so bad as that.” Miss Lillian Whiting’s little book, The World Beautiful, is now in its eleventh thousand. A second series of this work is in the press and will be published shortly. Laboring Men for Silver. A document which cannot fail to be of benefit to tho cause of silver in all labor union communities is the proclamation which has been issued and is signed by the principal officers of tho leading labor unions of the country. Copies of this proclama- have been received by B. Howell of Butte and they will soon be framed and hung up in the balls of tbe labor unions in this state as well as elsewhere throughout the*Tuitod States. The proclamation is ad dressed to “ the members of organized labor and all other producers and toilers throughout tbe United States.” It is signed by the executive officers of every important national labor or­ ganization. The Pope's Collection of Chairs. A pious American devotee has pri­ nted the pope with a chair of solid silver, probably tbe only one in the world and comparable in richness and value with the golden throne of Mahmoud faahioued out of the spoil of Somnautb, itself finally the spoil of other conquest, cast again into coins and scattered again abroad upon tho world. The collection of chairs occupied by the pontificate since the days of Peter, if it could be restored, would of the most surprising dis­ plays of furniture ever dreamed of. Voltaire tells of one brought out of the east jeweled and onamoled, with strange, undecipherable inscriptions running around it like a garland, found out at last to be .trauslatablo. into the declaration that “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed in his prophot.” A good many pon tiff:! had sat down one after another upon this inscription thinking it only conventional border or device, but after its import was found out .tho affirmations of the chair and its in­ cumbent were discovered to be in­ harmonious and the former was aban­ doned, disappearing as completely

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 05 March 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.