The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 19, 1896, Image 3

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— PICK AND PAN BOYS News of Wliat is (inlnir on Anion? tl Minors of the Greatest of Jlininir States. Flatlicail County Men Preparing for a Season of Steady 'Vork. ’—Records tills VTeek. Robert Russell has deeded to the Troy Mining Power aud Improve­ ment company all his interest in the Missoula. Snowball Fraction, and Troy placor claims in supposed town­ ship 34, r 32 west, a patent for which hns boon recorded. Consideration $ 100 . George D. Potter has deeded iLn fTw,p Mluinrr* 1 this nasty looking (no matter how really innocent) hubit has never be­ come fashionable in this country. It is of course all a more question of eti- quetto, but lot us fervontly pray that Englishmen when they meet with or purt frodft their friends will novor got to think it tho correct thing to kiss one another. Etiquette in parting varies all orer tho world. In Ameri­ ca tbo men shako hands and the women kiss one auothor aud some­ times cry, for the American ladies are champion weepists. In Franco and Italy even ihoro tho women weop. whilo tho men ‘ kiss ami hug one an­ other almost vigorously ns if they woro in a wrestling mutch. An Eng­ lish woman shakos hands with a man of hor acquaintance, whilo in Spain sho always gives hor hand to be kissed. It makes tho sumo sensation in Madrid for a man to take a wo­ man’s hand aud shake it as it would in London for a foreigner to seize a lady's liaud and kiss it.” ABSOLUTE SAFETY A T SM A LL COST. That describes tho Great Northern Exi'H ess M oney O rder . Y ou do not have any rod tape to go through, but you pay your money and get an or­ der good for its faco anywhoro in the U. S. or Canada. European orders at lowest rates. Two money order offices in Columbia Falls. One at tho depot and tho ono down town at The Columbian office. S w e e t P e a s . Mixed Varieties u>,$SSiun!. Brldo of Nla'eara, t Queo VICKIS Abar\dor\ed Gases. On tho 2-lth of May i Victoria will bo seventy-seven years | old, and on the 20th of Juno next sho j will have reigned for lifty-nine years longor than any king or queen in the history of England, and but for tho fabulous tales of the ancients longer thau any monarch in tho his­ tory of monarcks. ft. In Time to Music. In England tho cycling, boom still goes on, und ono of the latest fads is what they call \musical rides,” on the same lines as tho equestrian rides of tho crack cavalry regiments. It requires skillful riding, but there number of lutlios now who can rido around obstructions like tho posts placed for training polo ponies. Tho sight of a lot of hands-me gills bicycles wiudiug, turning and twisting, in and out, in the smallest spuces, going in time_ to music, is a very pretty one. bike Her Brevity. Dr. Aberuethy, tho famous Scoteh surgeon, was a man of few words, but ho onco met his match—in woman. Sho colled at his office Edinburgh ono day and showed a hand badly inilumed und sivoll* lie following dialogue, opened by tho doctor, took place: \Burn I\ \Poultice.” Tho next day tho woman called again and tho dialogue was “ Bettor?” “More poultice.” Two days later tho worn mother call, and this com occurred: “Bettor?” “ Well. Fee?” “Nothing,” exclaimed the doctor, •Most sensible woinuu I ever met!” The pioveuicut in favor of cremation os uguinst earth burial is growing in Kpolund. The other day Mr. Willinm Rathbuuo, ex SI. P., stated in public that ho had made provision for croina- ............. a cuso on principle aud with a view to promcl iug tbo reform. At this moment a new crematorium is ' almost ready for uso ut Liverpool. It is j a neat building of red sandstone, simple ' nud chaste in design. Tbo main door j opens into u small clmpol. From this i '10 coffin will bo carried after the ! iprviec is read into a small apart- I __ _ ___ _ ______ f ! rneut beyond and there placed upon an | \„ ! f TL’ mLhiLrv Tl..’- irou frnme running on wheels and rails i ^ in a lino with tho furnace aud pushed j noiselessly into the abodo of dames. From tho chapel tho clergyman, fol- j lowed by tbo relatives of the deceased, ! ••• ' ........ opposite side : Packet 25c. l-iaif packet 15c. CRIMSON ♦ r S bl E r * Only 15 contu. These Floral Novelties nr.e dracniied in .■ Tlu P ic a tc r Seed Catalogue,\ Vick’. FLORAL A comparatively largo number of iscs which nr* so successfully treat­ ed by Comjionnd Oxi/yen are what are known as abandoned ordesperato eases, many of thorn of a class which no physician of any school would dortako to euro. They arc, in p such as have run the gauntlet of exper­ iments within tho regular schools of medicine, and of quackery without, until between disease and drugs, the patient is reduced to the saddest and mast deplorable condition, and ono from'which relief seems impossible. I No treatment can lie subjected to a severer trial than is offered in these | cases. The marvel is that Do Stuney tc Palcn can effect a cu. _ so muiiy instances. If yon need the ■ help of such a treatment, write for 1 information in regard to its nature and action, and it will bo promptly sect free of charge—our book of 2C‘ ♦ ROSC Rochester, N. IJAWIES VICKS SDKS GUIDE 'Cu^Japorl - nrtUt. Vorthy tc MrmMthnt DEMoS^'si^tlmudi romplott | Family Ururaiinn imbU»l.<xl. wmibinh^all die * USE CO • i&ism S 5 f i l l i . r o (Iniightora iilc'mline tfi- \furnWifna gjgpd Kurina lk ibrni.lvrina, bric-a-brac, it T de W S ? : R . W . M A I N & < f 2 have opened a Complete Stock o1 NEW GOODS, annauaaaaaBaaaniia'aaaaaaaag CASH PRICES AND fc SMALL PROFITS . fe . ARE MAKING . t . MANY NEW . £ CUSTOMERS. fc u jj j j u j J^JJUJjr.nrr.rri. For SPRING and SUMMER Wear. pages. I Homo treatment is sent by express | to lie used ut home. Office treatment is administered hero. Consultation, cither personally or by letter free. I A competent corps of physicians ii ' attendance. Dn. STARKEY & PALEN, 1529 A rch St., P hiladelphia, Pa. Katun- mitwcribing fur n Magsliac fee tbo Be DEM OREST’S AN UNPARALLELED OFFER SOB ; mo *ur»cnoeraciuiuu *DEM0REST'S MAGAZINE FREE! ilcmporariM. I l)o«on Manalicr* in mother*, i and domestic life. tho Troy Mining, Power and Im­ provement company his iutorest in tho HorykBba placor claim, 133 acres, pntonted and recorded July 27,1895. Consideration $1. Lyman Johnson has rocordod tho Cougar lode claim ou the uorth side of Fourth of July crook, one-half milo west of Yakh river. M. C. Doran of Loonit, Idaho, has deeded to P. Ryan i interest in the Great Northern claim situated on the wost side of Yakh river. $500. Captain N. W. Napier of Chicago has located a valuublo lodge of gold quartz about two miles from Ban­ nock. The surface assays give re­ turns of $9. Nows from Wisdom in the rag Hole district confirms the reported rich strike made by Charles May nard. Tho oro assays to $1,000 — free milling.- alrTMay- nard will erect :a milling plant of some kind to treat the oro. The Bi-Metallic company lias cured a very valuublo property Morse creok from John Cndol. Tho consideration named is $60,000, part of which has been [laid in ad­ vance. Tho leads nro very large, ' which the pay streaks are fully o foot in width. It was oxpoctod that on the return of John W. Opp, manager of tho Alps Gold Mining Company Philipsburg, that work would bo sumed at once. It is now announced that work will not start before ; month or so. Mr. Opp has been oas for tho past few weeks. There is a now striko reported ii tho Curlew rniuo, but its extent und' valuo has not yet boon determined. However, it is the beat yet encount­ ered in the property. Tho company has about fifty men at work. Since resumption of work tho stock of th' company (tho Holona and Victor) has increased considerable in value. It is reported bore that Tyler Bros, of Logging creek have made portaut luiuerul discovery o grim creek. They claim to have struck a lead of ore_lbat carries ail- vor and gold, und assays as higli as iweuty per cent in copper. Tho loud is u large one und thoy feel fident that they have a bonanza. Thoy have five claims located and havo boen working quietly for somi time ou them, having devolojsd them sufficiently to satisfy them­ selves that there is a rich thing' Norman L. Hall reports fivo car-1 ^csoin' loads of machinery for tho Anaconda ’ buriul Milling company at Melrose, Mi tho destinuti ing Camp Creek, some ten miles of tho railway. At that point the | ompauyhas a copper properly in which, at the depth of sovouty feet in - ■ m ,, , , , ... from ilia door by which tbo colHu lias tho shuft, tho voiu has widened until becu removc(l iuto „ *ma]i KaIlery mer­ it is now sixteen feet between walls looking the door of Ilia furnace. From! with the quality of ore iuproving as this gallery tho service prescribed for I depth is attained. The output will ‘ ! \ 5 m . u i ftbe.! , , ,, , , , , , . era will take tbo lost look of tbe cofltu ! be bandied at the company s plaut in ns „ di„appcari) wjti,iu tbe furnace, j Aliacoudu, aud in Mr. Hull’s opinion Tlic situation of tlie crematorium at An- | tho property will -dovelop iuto a very I field i« wisely chosen, being in the heart prin c ipal feature o f our agricu ltu ral operations, during heavy producer ’ I of a pretty suburban neighborhood nud - | Kj In reviewing the work being done1 S ^ V ^ ^ t r ^ l a ^ f ^ ' t h o w h ich tim e w e have experim e n ted quite exten s ively w ith W in the various mines of Neihart, tho i caretaker attached, at theentrance gate. ! . . _ • T q determ ille w h ich Of the m a n y “ condition of tho different properties ; The croniatorinm will be opened for on0 Ohjec ' — varieties o f small fruits are best adapted to the climatic conditions o f Flathead valley. In this we have so far suc- do not hesitate to recommend to our former patrons and those interested in horticulture, the following: A charming assortment of Percales, Sea Island Shirtings, Lawns, Ducks, Satine^, Ginghams, Prints. Laces and Embroideries. These are the very newest and latest styles. Very ap­ propriate for Summer Wear. L A T E S T !N\ O V E 3 L T I B S In LADIES' NECKW EAR. SH IRT W A IS T SETS, Belts, Belt Buckles, Belt Pins. Hair Ornaments and Notions. A NEW LINE OF UNION SUITS F O L ! S U M M E R W E A R \\for\ LADIES, MISSES and CHILDREN. b o a L e a d i n g F e a t u r e . o f O u r ? iM u ture. S m a l l i P r o f i i t s a m i Cs .sh 1 ' r i c e s w i l l lix*sin e s s in.tb Demorest P u b lishing Co., 10 Fifth Aronue, : NEW YORK. CHICAGO: BEACH: HOTEL. Harvey S. Denison, Manager. AT 5 1st STREET AND LAKE SHORE. C H I O A G O . ILLINOIS CENTRAL AND RAPID TRANSIT. A j a x B i c y c l e s . $ 1 0 0 , $ 7 5 , $ 6 0 , $ 5 5 , $ 5 0 . Juveniles, $ 4 5 . With MORGAN & WRIGHT QUICK REPAIR TIRES, Punctures Repaired in Five Minutes without Removing Tire. IR,. ’W . <&. c o . , C O L U M B I A . F A L L S , M O N T A N A . For the past seven years we have made horticulture the and the class aud amount of shipped from tho camp, the Minor of Thursday says: I ufaTuanuoia inter*. The oro shipiuouta from Neihart Tho first rivers mentioned in anthentia I - * \ * » » * \ » “ * for nearly a your. Thoro wore seven-1 and tbo ruphrates, which are said to teen cars scut out, eleven of which havo flowed from the garden of Eden, came from tho Broadwater. This is Various attompts have been mado to not as many as w re regularly W ^ y « ^ t r e a n ^ but no agreement shipped from tho Broadwater during its most productive days, but it is nearly double what was being loaded from that mine before thn lower tun­ nel was finished. Tho most gratify­ ing thing about the Broadwater shipments is that thoy are being in­ creased right along now, aud in n abort time tboy wiil be equal to, if not in excess, of any in tbo history of tbo mine. Tho Gull has been ship­ ping four cars a week during the past week or two, which is about equal to what it was doing during its best days before the crash. These shipments will new bo ^topped us all production of ore at the Galt has I IS? One'Euglishman’H Views. An English journal prints the fol­ lowing: “A vety disagreeable hubit of tho king of Portugal is that bo kisses his malo friends. The princes of our reigning tiouso nil do this, and of course it is common enough abroad; but, thank heaven, so fi * C IK Best of all Cough Medicines is Dr. Acker's English Rem­ edy. It will stop a cough in one night, check a cold in one day, prevent croup, re­ lieve asthma, and cure con­ sumption, if taken in time. It is made on honor, from the purest ingredients and con­ tains neither opium nor mor­ phine. If the little ones have croup or whooping cough, use it promptly. * * Three Sues—25c^ 50c. anJ $! pzrboffiz. At INusri’-ti- AC-CER MEDIQNF. CO „ _. 16 and x3 Chambers Street, New io —. BLACKBERRIES. Ancient Britain. RASPBERRIES. Cuthbert, Loudon, Thompson’s Early, Marlboro, Golden Queen. Scliuoffer BLACKCAPS. Conrstli, Older, Nemaha. Vay: CURRANTS. Prolific, Victoria, White Grape. GOOSEBERRIES. Downing, Smith’s Improved. -STRAWBERRIES. Crescent, Wilson’s Albany, Warfield, Boderwood. 'lipping, Sharpless, Havorland, Lovett, Aroma, Parker Earle. jarALl stock guaranteed truo to name. I In addition to the above we are prepared to furniah Asparagus plants (1 year old), Rhubarb, Horseradish and Sago roots. L. J. CHAPMAN & SONS, 1 r ,«i, . ............. ... ........ . Holt, Montana. Extension of Time to Many persons having failed to get the Cincinnati W eekly Enquirer at the special clubbing rate, w e h a v e succeed­ ed in getting the arrangement contin­ ued till June 1. The Columbian and the Enquirer both one year for Reguiar Columbian subscribers have the Enquirer for 30c.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 19 March 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.