The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 19, 1896, Image 4

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betrothal won announced. fered to place SO steamers at the dis­ posal of the government. The disorders have ceased In this city nnd the s t a t e d Madrid has been tran­ quil since the university was dosed. HILL NEVER STOOP TO INSULT and her young sister Josephine has been actively preparing the former’s tros- scau. It will be of ehtirely French and Belgium manufacture, the personal gift of Queen Henrietta, and by her desire almost entirely composed of white gar­ ments, made by the flnost baptlste. In­ stead of silk, nnd trimmed with Vn- lenclenne. As royal trossenux usually are, that of the future duchess of Ven- domo will be very modest, for the cost Princess D u k e 'of Vendome and Henrietta, London, March 8.—The Madrid cor­ respondent of the Standard noting the fact that the utmost energy of the au­ thorities falls to prevent demonstra­ tions of hostility tqwnrd the United States, says the press everywhere dep­ recates that these Impulses may soon be needed for energetic ncllon, a s Spain will sooner confront any contingency, however dangerous, than stoop to In­ sult. SK E T C H OF TH E frlend- Thc Infanta Eulnlle has sent u . ........ ly message to the New York World. Ten thousand persons were engaged at Valencia In a demonstration organ­ ized and led by well known republic­ ans. They made a noisy display before the French consulate nnd public build­ ings befdre going to the-American con­ sulate. when the civil guurds opposed Itself. Shots were heard and the guards responded with their carbines and charged repeatedly before they dis­ persed the mob. Those arrested were found to be chiefly republicans. The affair has caused great alarm. The police also dispersed an Imposing gathering a t Saragorsa. Washington, March 9.—Senator Mor­ gan Introduced In the senate a long document In the shape of a resolution embodying his Ideas fit a plan for the reorganization of the Pacific railroads. It Instructs, the committee on Paclflc railroads to report the bill introduced by Senator Morgan giving Jurisdiction to the courtof anneals of the Dls^fct of Columbia In cases brought by the United StatcB Involving government liens on railroads. The resolution also Instructs the committee to report a bill, - either as on original bill or an amend­ ment. containing provisions for refund- Ing'lhe outstanding government or Pa­ clflc railroad bonds held by bona fldo — — -a t Indebted to the first mort- efundlng bonds to It Is long since \Petit Pnrls.\ as sunny Brussels has often been called, because of Its superficial resemblance to tnc r renen capital, has had the pleasing excitement of a royal wedding and the townspeople look for­ ward eagerly to the nuptials of Princess Henrietta and her French cousin, the due de \Vendome. In spite of the fact that they have nil been both beautiful and highly gifted, the women of the Belgian royal family have been sliigularly unfortunate, espe­ cially In their matrimonial relations. The terrible fate of the empress of Mex­ ico. who has been a hopeless mndwoman since 1886, has always thrown a shadow over court life a t Brussels, the more so that the king and queen are tenderly attached to her, and always make a point of paying her frequent visits. FORAKEIt WILL OPEN THE Cincinnati, March 8.—The republican convention of Ohio meets a t Columbus Tuesday afternoon for temporary or- as chairman will deliver the keynote speech. He says his speech will be for the nomination of McKinley of Ohio, and that he will not discuss Issues. It Is expected that temporary organ­ ization will be made regular on Wed­ nesday. when delegates aud alternates at large will be selected for the St. Louis convention and a state ticket se­ lected. \It will be a commendable circum­ stance that these submissions may be made by bodies of those affected. \The teachers of divinity who. with­ out arms, shall come under the same circumstances will be Immediately transferred to the encampments, forts, towns and, In general, where they may be under tho Immediate vigilance of the troops, and all tne teachers shall be under tho control of the commandants In whatever Jurisdiction they may be assigned. A record of those so attached to each column, encampment or fort will be kept, a n / their superiors will make every 15 days concern­ ing the conduct of the teachers and will determine the time a t which they will be permitted to reside In vjAUttafa place It may be deemed advisableFtc> conduct them, placing them under the lupervlslon of local authorities. \In the meantime they will become permanently attached to the military forces and will give their attention to the dying and will be entitled to such rations a s troops In the Held. •These directions will not go Into ef­ fect In the provinces of Plnar del Rio and Havana until those provinces have extended to them the prevailing law In the case of those who deliver themselves up to the authorities. WEYLElt.\ ANOTHER PROCLAMATION. The following proclamation has also been Issued: •'Proclamation of Don Valeralno Weylcr y NIcolau. marquis de Tcne- riffe, governor general, captain general of the island of Cuba and captain gen­ eral of the army: I make known to our harassed troops and to those who at­ tempt to demoralize them os they pur­ sue eastward the rebel p riles, more nu- erous than those whom they leave In the provinces of Plnar del Rio and Ha­ vana, that the time has arrived to pur­ sue with tho greatest activity and rigor the little bands, more of outlaws than Insurgents, who remained In the said provinces, and to adopt whatever meas­ ures are necessary for . the Immediate carrying out of that Intention I hereby erder: \First—That the troops bo divided Into columns to operate In both prov- Unlted States, and also gage bonds, **■“ —*—' NewAJ'ork. March 8.—The World to­ morrow will publish tho following copy­ righted dispatch from Infanta \Eulalie of Spain: \Sweet remembrances of the affec­ tionate reception given me by the peo­ ple of the United 8tatcs when I went' tp their country, repiesentlng my own it the festivities In honor of Columbus, lives nnd ever will live In my heart. During those festivities strong proofs of mutual esteem were given by both countries. I became convinced and still Sm persuaded that never, never should that traditional friendship be broken, much less should pence be disturbed. Being apart from tho affairs of state, I can only pray God fervently that cor­ dial relations between tho two countries of the whole will not exceed 820,000, but she has. already received some priceless lace from the king, her uncle, and among the bridegroom's gifts Is a ruby studded corselet said to have once be­ longed to Marie de Medici. The Due de Vendome, Prince Phlllppr Emmanuel, Is the only son of tho Due d'Alencon, and the favorite nephew oh the enormously rich Due d’Aumule. He differs In every particular, from Ills fast nnd unpopular cousin, the Due of Or­ leans, and hna, It Is said, signified his Intention of not nsklng him to his wed­ ding. In accordance with a quaint old cus­ tom rarely followed nowadays. Princess Henrietta hopes to be allowed to go Into retreat for a week before her marriage: In Nwat case, she will retire to a con­ vent for the prescribed seven days, and spend the lime In praying, fasting nnd silence. It Is. however, doubtful If the king will accede to her request, for there Is no doubt, that his doing so would greatly irritate the Belgian radicals. Had It not been that January has be­ come the traditionally unlucky month of the Belgian royal family, the wed­ ding would have taken place carts' In the year, for the countess of Flanders has a superstitious horror of long en­ gagements. As It Is, everything has been done to hurry the settlements, and it has been arranged that the young couple shall take up their residence In Paris Immediately after the honeymoon. __ ___ __ _ ______ the option of government and subject after fO f t — to bo called in and paid by the United States nnd to bear Interest at tho rate of 3 per c ent The refunded bonds are to be held by the United States treas­ ury and be exchangeable for old bonds. They arc to be secured ns the present bonds are. A sinking fund is pro­ vided for, to be deposited by the com­ panies a t the rate of 6 per cent per an­ num to pay the Interest of the bonds If not paid by the. railroad companies. Direction Is also given for taking possession of the roads by the govern­ ment under the provisions of the act of 1895. In that event tho United States la to operate the roads ns Its property, the present board of directors In each road to bo superceded by others con­ sisting of nine citizens to be appointed by the president No person now an officer or stockholder of the roads or of any railroad or transportation or telegraph company or a member of cbngress of any official of the govern­ ment Is to be appointed on these boards. The board of directors Is to manage the Central Paclflc nnd the U/ilon Pa­ clflc and branch roads as one line and have power to fix rates. No dividends are to be paid on unregistered stock and the stock Is all to be reduced to correspond with the value of tho prop­ erty. The functions of tho present of­ ficers of the road ore to be suspended, and the books, papers, contracts, deeds, etc., arc to be turned over to the new board of directors on penalty of line nnd Imprisonment for refusal to turn The document closes with a declara­ tion that the government Is possessed in its own right of all the property of the Paclflc railroads; that It holds it ns the means and instrumentality of national government and of Interstate nnd International commerce, but it is necessary that the roads should be con­ solidated a s one through, line; that the government will preserve the property ns fnr ns Is consistent with Justice for the pnymont of all lawful debts, and when the roads are freed from debt will permit the owners of stock to share In the ownership according to the value of their property. 10 year It Is expeotod that Foraker, BuBhnoll. Grosvcnor nnd Mnrk Hanna will be the four delegates a t largo and that the occasion will be a McKinley celebre- GHASTLY i barrel and covered with a d rags and cotton, the dead gray-nnirca man nnd a new were found In an alley In c today. In consequence the working on what the consldf' REPORTED taken place In the central portion of Matanzas province. Colonel Vicunas reports he met a force of Insurgents numbering 7000 nnd led by Maximo Go- mez, Antonio Macoo, La Crete and oth­ ers. They were dislodged from their position and made a precipitate flight. The insurgent loss is reported to bo 70 killed and 42 wounded. The loss of the troops was three killed and 19 wounded*- Four hours later the barrel with Its ghastly contents was dlsocevered In the rear of a house a t No. 482 Indiana avenue. The description of tho man tallied In almost every respect with the description furnished by - tho myster­ ious woman over the telephone. In the R e p u b l ic .1 Walla Walla, Wash., March 8.—A meeting of the republican county cen­ tral committee was held yesterday af­ ternoon. a t which matters of import­ ance relative to the good of the party, were discussed. The special feature was a resolution which was passed and forwarded to tho s'.nto central committee, asking that Walla Walla bo designated as the point a t which to hold tho next conven­ tion that will select delegates to the na­ tional convention a t St. Louis. The prospects for Walla Walla secur­ ing this plum are bright, a s It is under­ stood the oply competitor for the con- Senator Austin's Estimate of the Amount Left In the Palouse. \How muctr-whjat Is le f t in Wash­ ington nnd north tilalw f^Tlsked a Spokesman-Review reporter yosterday of ex-Scnator C. G. Austin, the well- known grain buyer of Seattle. \Probably no more than Is needed for seed and.Jiomc consumption. Addi­ tional shipments will be made by sea. but it will be a t the expense of the lo­ cal milling Industry. A largo number of the mills will be unable to run be­ cause of a lack of grain. I should say there Is about 500,000 bushels remaining In the Palouse country, all of which will be needed for home consumption and sls|ant chief Inspector of the state of ghastly contents was discovered In tho Interests of the Sulzer bill, now pending In tho house of representatives, and which has for Its object the appli­ cation to and enforcement of Inter­ state regulations affecting the carry­ ing on of manufacturing In tenement houses. Yesterday afternoon and even­ ing he conferred With representative trade unionists, and this afternoon spoke a t a mass meeting of organized labor In Central Music hall, which has been called Jointly by the- trade and labor assembly and the Chicago labor congress. Next week he expects to visit Cincinnati. Milwaukee, Minneapolis and probably Denver. ________ BLACK BASS ARB HOT IS FAVOR \Second—The commander of each xone or the corresponding official who may be otherwise characterized In each place shall bo the commander of the native army, and shall have municipal powers, but In less degree than those he St. Louis, March 8.—A disastrous col-, fission occurred this afternoon on the- nowly completed Kirkwood railroad which connects Kirkwood with this city. It Is a single track road, and tho cars pass one another on switches. While one car heavily laden waa waiting for another to pass, the switch became turned In some manner, throw­ ing both together. Both curs were bad­ ly smashed a rd 36 passengers received Injuries more or less serious. Five of these are thought to havo been fatally hurt. Four men were probably fatally In­ jured, 29 badly h urt and between 20 and 30 others less seriously Injured. The fatally Injured are: J. A. Aiken. A. M. Smith, motorman. J. L. Jones, claim agent Richard Lonagen, Insurance agent. The Kirkwood electric railway has Just been completed, nnd crowds were taking advantage of its being Sunday to patronize the fine. Every car was crowded. When the collision occurred, passengers were thrown In a pile by the contact, which was terrible. J. A. Aik- en, the motorman of the castbound car, nnd Smith, motorman of the westbound car, were taken out of the wreck with many bones broken. It Is thought they will die. Among the passengers th« most badly injured was J. L. Jones, claim agent for tho M. & T. railroad, nnd Richard Lonagen, an Insurance agent. Neither can Uvo, it Is thought. They were all residents of SL Louis. Twenty-nine passengers were taken out. some with limbs broken and bodies bruised, but It Is thought that no one will die as the result of the Injuries re­ ceived. Between 20 and 30 others re­ ceived less serious Injuries. Help was sent from Kirkwood. Web­ ster Grove and St. Louis, and the injur­ ed were taken to hospitals, or to their homes In this city and surrounding towns. : A. p. BURLEIGH'S FATHER DEAD found In Belgium alone. Tho princess Is devoted to her mother; together they walk, drive and ride. She Is an cxqul- slto musician and a fair amateur artist. The due de Vcndomo's bride-elect has led a for brighter life than that of her cousins. The count and countess of Flanders seemed, till the death of their eldest child, Prince Baldwin, to have' escaped the fate that apparently be­ falls all those connected with this royal house. Tho countess Is .a German by blrth, being the only daughter of Prince Charles of Hohenxollern. Highly ac- lompllshed and devoted to painting, she still takes lessons from any leading artist brought by pleasure or business within hall of her home. Both sho and her husband have made It their one ob­ ject In life to prevent their children— and especially the daughters—from sharing, or being overcast by, the gloom which hangs like a pall over 'all their nearest relations. The Princesses Josephine and Henri­ etta arc both pretty, gentle-looking girls. During the last 19 years the count. hlB wife and daughters have spent a good deal of their time a t Ame- rols, which Is a fine castle not far from the French frontier, and which Is sur­ rounded by the most lovely scenery In the Ardennes. Princess Henrietta Is the namesake and godchild of the queen of the Belgians, and her majesty may be said to have been In every sense of the word a second mother to her brother- in-law's children. Speaking of them, sho once observed: \I love them as If they were my own,\ and she has In every way proved that this la Indeed the \What Is the outlo •The acreage of t will be double that i age of 1895 was less an average, but the Washington, March 8.—The present policy of the United States Osh commis­ sion relative to planting black basB In the streams of the state of Washing­ ton Is strongly antagonistic. This Is set forth In a letter from Herbert A. Gill, acting fish commissioner, to Mr. Doolit­ tle. relative to the request of O. H. Bal­ lou. of Columbus, Wash., for a supply of bass for some fresh water reservoirs In the vicinity of the Columbia river. •This commissioner,\ says Mr. Gill, \Is opposed to the planting of black bass In waters adjacent to or connected with the Columbia river or Its tributaries, as we believe that the Introduction of bass Into rivers on tho Paclflc coast would result In serious Injury to the salmon fisheries.\ ________ FOR SILVER AnU PROHIBITION The authorities of the villages who will show themselvea friendly Within a term of 10 days and those of the vicin­ ity of tho snmo and all those within Its limits that are engaged In the insur­ rection are warned to surrender them­ selves within the space of 15 days from the publication of this proclamation, otherwise they will be subject to arrest, and well disposed persons will be held to their civil responsibilities. “If In the case of Insurgent parties who have robbed, sacked, burned or committed other outrages during the rebellion, any one will give information as to the participation that such per­ son may have had in them, not only those who may have Decn In the rebel ranks, but also those who succeeded them or who have not remained In their homes, they will be fittingly pun­ ished. Rebels who may not be responsi­ ble for any other crime who. within th» term of 15 days, present themselves to the nearest military authority In both Pittsburg, Pa., March 8 —Delegates are already beginning to arrive for the national conference of reform elements, which Is to be held In this city for sev­ eral days next week to consider the de­ sirability of organizing a new party, to embrace the prohibition, silver, social­ ist and municipal reform elements, and with the view of placing a presidential ticket In the Held next July in the event of the candidates on the prohibition and populist tickets proving unsound on vi­ tal questions of reform. Letters receiv­ ed by General Secretary Swoger dur­ ing the past two weeks Indicate a large attendance from the eastern, western nnd southern Btatcs. The feeling among tho local committee Is strongly In favor of calling a national convention to meet In this city on the date set for the pro­ hibition gathering, with a view of bring­ ing about a coalition of the two forces. liens of 821,775,000 upon about 1190 miles will remain undisturbed, but the total indebtedness will be only about 825.000 a mile. Annual fixed charges of the new company will be 21.853.270. as compared with 82.788,675 for the old company. This reduction qf charges Is accomplished by converting half the present 810.894.- 000 consolidated lives Into non-cumula- tlve A Income bonds. Likewise half of the 23.476,000 Utah Southern general nnd extension 7 per cent mortgages. The other half gets 5 per cent bonds, and by converting 813,000.000 collateral trust 6 per cent bonds Into non-cumulatlve B bonds to receive Interest, If earned, of 3 per cent for three years and 4 per cent The B bonds have two directors in the company. Any Income from Navi­ gation stock is to secure their own 3 or 4 per cent Income, and no lease of the new company can bo made without their majority consent or a guarantee of their Income. No lien ahead of the A and B bonds can be created without a majority of each. The present 826.- 180,200 of common stock pays 812 per share In 4 per cent Installments and re­ ceives therefore the new consolidated 5 per cent bonds and 5 per cent stock In the new company, the other half ol the stock going to the holders of 214,- 370,000 consols and Utah Southern bonds In the ratio of 100 per cent of their holdings, making the total stock of the new company 827,460,100. mcnceu lasi mununj. r.a,o - ---------- _ tlneL The engineer corps Is In charge of O. W. Horner. Tho hcadgato will be at a bend In Asotin creek upon tho farm of James Thornton. Tho line keeps along the rocky bluffs on the west side of tne stream. Crossing Maguire gulch tho total distance to bo trestled will be about 700 feet .The holght of tho trestle at one place will-be between » and 90 foot. The width of the flume will be six feet, with a depth of three and a half feet. The width of the ditch at the top will bo 16 feet, and at the bottom six feet with a depth of five feet. It wifi carry over 100 cubic feet of water per second. The flume will be about MO feet above the level of the village of Asotin and will give that town excellent water service. From here on the ditch will follow along tho Snake river bench lands until three miles be­ low Asotin, at Dry gulch, another stretch of trestle and flumo will be necessary. The promoters of the enterprise oxpect to have the canal completed and supply­ ing water'hbout tho middle of May. Con­ tracts for furnishing lumber will be let Pittsburg. March 8.—The arrange­ ment for the national conference of re­ forms to form a new party, which Is to be held In this city on Tuesday, have been completed. A meeting of tho ox- apprehenslon of any one guilty of the foregoing offenses will not bo molested. All the authorities or civil functionar­ ies of whatsoever kind who do not hold a license for attendance upon tho sick and who are not found at their posts after the end of eight days In both pro- New York, March 8.—Rear Admiral Henry Wnlko died In his home In Brooklyn at 3:05 this afternoon. Henry Walko was bom in Virginia 8S years ago. His father, Anthony Walke, was a college student a t Yale with John C. Calhoun. In 1827 he became a mid­ shipman In the navy, being assigned to the frigate Alert, under the command of Lieutenant Farragut. He was present at the surrender of Vera Cruz, during the Mexican war, be­ ing executive officer of the brig Vesu­ vius. During tho war of the rebellion he commanded tho gunboats Tyler nnd Lexington, and protected General Grant's army while It was making Its Hon. E. E. Nevans, Marla Freeman Gray, J. C. Elliott and other national leaders will be present. A large portion of the reformers who are In the conference movement favor tho call for a new party convention In this city on May 20. Indications point to a union of reform­ ers on the basis of free silver Independ­ ent of other governments, and tho abol­ ition of the liquor traffic, other ques­ tions to be settled In the convention. each great reception the countess of Flanders and her daughters play an even more prominent part than docs the Princess Clemintina. This has -given both the royal fiancee and her young sister a thorough knowledge which Is likely to Bland them In good stead should their brother Albert ever become king of the Belgians. Princess Henrietta Is tall and slender, and has masses of fair hair, and bright blue eyes. She Is 25 years of age, two years older than her flance. Prince Phil­ ip Emmanuel, but he looks 10 years older than he Is. Notwithstanding her moth­ er’s Gorman birth, the young princess has always been very French In senti­ ment, nnd Is fortunate, for It would havo been fnr more easy for her to-flnd a husband In any but the Orleans fam­ ily, owing to religious difficulties, for tho Belgian royalties are ardently Cath­ olic. Court life a t Brussels Is far more sim­ ple than that of Windsor or of Berlin. The queen Is fond of foreigners, espe­ cially of Americans, and among her fre­ quent visitors are Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Stanley. Occasionally a curious cere­ monial entitled a \white reception.\ is held by her majesty, to which only la­ dles are admitted, and the bride of to­ morrow being the queen's goddaughter nnd nnmesake. Is often chosen to assist Yankton. 8. D., March 8.—W. A. Bur­ leigh. one of the best known pioneer politicians, died hero last night of par­ alysis. a t the age of 75. Mr. Burleigh came to Dakota as an appointee of President Lincoln. Hla ability was readily recognized and ho was repeatedly sent to congress, the legislature by both Dakotas and Mon­ tana. and was during his time a suc­ cessful stegmboat owner -and govern­ ment contractor. He Is the father of A. F. Burleigh, receiver of the Northern Pacific. ________ ■hip to Marquis De Rndlnl. Rome, March 8.—It develops later that the formation of the cabinet has been undertaken by General Rlcotti. King Humbert conferred with General Rl- cottl a t 7 o'clock this evening and.charg- cd him with the formation of a cabinet The result was a cabinet made up, as already cabled. General Rlcotti yielding to the Marquis D1 Rudlni the premier­ ship and himself assuming tho portfolio of war. General Baldlsscra has been authoris­ ed to withdraw the Cassala garrison should their position, become endan- Washlngton, March 9.—The examina­ tion of C. P. Huntington, the Pacific railroad magnate, which has been pur­ sued by Senator Morgan several days In the senate committee, will be shifted Wednesday to the house committee on FRUIT CROP NOT BADLY INJURED Denver. March 8.—A special to the News from Delta. Col., says: The sheep men In the western p art of Delta county were notified last night by a party of masked cowmen thnt their sheep must bo moved a t once or they would be killed. The sheep men have occupied their present range for 10 years, and their right to It has been generally con­ ceded. It was decided a t a meeting held to­ day to have Huntington appear. Chairman Powers desired that the committee should begin at once work framing it*, bill, but'the majority ruled otherwise. The fruit crop along the Snake river Is found not to havo bc*n Injured ns much as' waa first supposed. Several fruit men from Lewiston were In the city yesterday and said that there was llttls or no damage around that part of Ibis country, except perhaps with apri­ cots. They had telephoned up the river and found about the same state of af­ fairs to exist along the Snake. They say the crop this year will be as largo If not larger than last year. es leading to the bull i held a meeting In the ; f slego was proclaimed, b '8.—Several military MEANING OF \CANADA.\ Canada Is said to have obtained Its Denver, March 9.—This evening an unknown man snatched a tray of Jew­ elry In which were 40 diamonds valued at 26000 from a show case in Gottesle- ben's Jewelry store on Sixteenth street Engllshr those members of the Belgian nobility who have signified their Intention of paying their respects a t the palace. The royal wedding will be but a semi-state ceremonial. Brer sin os the THE Havana, March 8.—Captain General Weylcr has issued the following cliv\- lar: •T have promulgated *n order :: the teachers of divinity of the provinces of Matanzas, Puerto Principe and Snn- - tlago de Cuba who confessedly have in- ken part In the movements of the rebel: ‘ II be pardoned on making their sub- mission, surrendering their arms one placing themselves under tho survell- in u, fni ■iithnritv. urovtded TO OPERATE THE A STEAMER IS MISSING It Is Feared Pacific Mail Liner Rio de Janeiro> Is Lost. Morgan W a n ts Uncle Sam to Be a Railway Magnate. oral of Cuba Issues Proclamations. 156 PERSONS WERE ON BOARD dAS BILL 7 0 INTRODUCE TEACHERS OF DIVINITY

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 19 March 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.