The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 19, 1896, Image 6

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T h e C o lum b ia n . OWNED AUD rUDLUlHKD Bt J O H N ■W. P A C E . TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, It Paid In Advance H JO per Year. T he C olumbian TnvitGs its s o f i 5 , and occur- .torest to tho Address all _____ OLUMBIAN, Columbia Falls, Mont. THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 189G. An “international bimetallist” is a “Wall Street bimetallist\—a goldbug. Judas Iscariot took silver for his perfidy, but Carlisle insists ou gold. Italy has found a brisk markot for hor idle sons. Abyssinians just dote on Italians. Spokane is a town of conventions. An anti-squirrel convention is to be hold in May. _____________ * ' Tom- Reed of Maine might make a deal to furnish the hooppoles for Lovi Morton's barrol. Carter nnd Hartman havk each given Grover a kick, but whore is Mantle's' copper-toed boot all this timet _______ With 5100,000 deposited in the three banks o f Flathead county tho people of this valley cannot bo very \hard-up.” Mr. Clovoland thinks tho western states are naughty aud need Chris­ tianizing influences. Mr. Cleveland ought to know what tho west thinks of him. The effort to steal land from the African people cost Italy 5,000 lives. There is littio sympathy for tho thief who is shot while plying his dis­ honest trade. ____________ Romombcr tbnt the goldbugs would liko to see the men of the sil­ ver states divided into many political partios. Tho stronghold of honest money will fall with divided forces. The devil is up to all tho kinks and humps of science, and it is n chilly day when bo cannot offset tho cath­ ode X rays of gonius. Whiskey made from sweet potatoos is the latest lure. Chicago people aro talking of “ousting tho boodlers” at tho spring election. As tho boodlers have 90 per cent of tho Chicago votos- tho method of tho ’flusters is not appar­ ent, _______________ Butto ought to havo a municipal Footpad ticket this spring so that the issue may bo clearly defined. At present it is not plain whether the city administration is with tho slug­ gers or tho slugged. A Kalispoll contemporary intimates that Mr. J. J. Hill might sidetrack Flathead’s county scat if anyone at­ tempts to viaduct his tracks. Tho hint is sufficient to scare the viaduc- tors into a prolonged silence. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the New York Tribune, the Chicago Tiraos-Herald, tho St. - Paul Pioneer Press, all reflectors of republican sen­ timent intheir respective states, assert positively that the national repub­ lican convention will decluro une­ quivocally for gold-monometallism. Speaker Reed wants this session to be known as the business congross.\ Up to date tho business has not been visible, but no doubt Tom will get the appropriation mill running be­ fore timo for corn plantin’. From the numbor of McKinloy delegates being solected in various states it looks as though Reed's most urgent busiuoss is to rotiro from tho presi­ dential business. art nnd other bond dealers, who Cleveland is always peculiarly qnali- have usually been good for a million dollars in tho republican campaign fund, will not givo a cent this year unl^s tho republican platform de­ clares for gold monometallism. They need not worry. The g. o. p. will de­ clare for the gold-standard or dodge tho question entirely. >ovornor Boise, of Iowa, the only democrat who can carry Iowa, is not only in favor of the free coinago of silver, but takes the pains to say em­ phatically': \I want it, therefore, understood by every friend I havo iu that to the utmost extent of tho ability I possess I will do alM can to restore the financial system adopted by our fathers and guaranteed to their descendants in tho most soleniu form that human rights of any kind bo secured to a free people.” That is a good-enough platform for Montaua men. Governor McLaurin of Mississippi has sent a special mossago to tho legislature asking that a law bo passed making “gold aud silver legal tender for all debts contracted in Mississippi.” The governor gives good reasons for such a law to pre­ clude the “gold\ clause iu mortgages Somo Of the mortgage companies doing business Montana have, so wo are iu formed, u clauso stating that' the amount of tho debt shall bo paid iu gold. It is ridiculous proposition, and a state law making such contracts void would be a good thing. This paper has frequently said that>the kind o f protection advocated by McKinloyitos aud the mass of| republicans did not holp tho west bit. Tho protection of tho Mc­ Kinloy bill was a bonus to eastern manufacturers, paid by Montaua peo- plo aud by tho people of overy. wost- nnd southorn state. Now copies tho chairman o f tho national republi- committee and says exactly tho io thing—that tho protection be­ ing advocated by tho republicans in congress is solely in tho interest of Now England aud Xow York. The statement of Mr. Carter ought to set republicans to thinking. Colonel Sanders pleasure in swinging around tho goldbug circles of the east and de­ nouncing Montano men as a lot of free-silver idiots, but it is not hibition of very good taste. How­ ever, tho fact that Montana once sent the colonel to the United States sr ate may offer strong corroborati of a part of Mr. Sanders’ statement regarding “ idiocy.” The fair minded peoplo will havo little sympathy for Italy in tho loss of 5,000 soldiers in Abyssonia. Italy sent an army to Africa to grab terri­ tory from tho natives, and tho grab Droved to bo a fatal one. That ' history of Italy’s African venture, and there is little iu it to’demand sympathy. England has sc: amplo of Jand grabbing aud stealing from weak’ tribes that other Euro­ pean countrios ore trying lo follow. It is a system, tbnt must be regarded as dishonest. A SIGNIFICANT WARNING. Whatever the eastern politicians may say tho fact remains that the republican uud democratic parties consider tho silver question ns tho vital issue in the comiug campaign. Senator Carter, chairman of tho re­ publican national committee, with four senators, joined with tho douto- cratsin thosonatoiutlibimportnnt task of blocking tho republican schomo put tariff boforo aud abovo silvi Ou that occasion it was necessary for tho five western senators to not only denounce the republican party, but to join with tho democrats. While tho eastern inonaud papers aro shout­ ing at Carter and demanding bis res­ ignation as chairman of the national republican committee, they nisbiug indisputable proof that Mr. Carter told the truth when ho said that tho professed friendship of the republican party for silver « lusiou aud u suare.” While there are very many repub­ licans in tho west who aro loyal to silver tho warning of Mr. Cart* be considered as highly important. When ho tolls his fellow senators in a public speech that the republican party, as a party, is opposed to sil­ ver: that its tariff legislation is a scheme to enrich eastern manufac­ turers aud to doceivo tho western ! people; that tho republican platform of 1S92 on tho meuey questiou was a lio and a cheat -when the chairman of tho national republican committee publicly status theso facts it is timo for Montana mon in the republican ranks to do some heavy thinking. Every republican candidate for tfc presidential nomination is uu avowed gold-staudard man. Out of the forty republicans in tho souulo all but five were willing to sidetrack sil- for tho tariff bill which Senator Carter denounced ns a New England measure. Under this condition of affairs why j add Montana mon spend timo and money to strengthen n national party which, according to its own chairman, is unalterably opposed to honest monoy, nnd whoso tariff legislation is all in favor of New England aud the east! discuss peoplo. He was onco as far west as Minneapolis. Butte Miner: Tho next meeting of tho city council will bo held in n 24-foot ring down at the raco track. Tho chief of police will bo marooned abandoned shaft and Capt. Waters will havo tho entire forco ou baud to see that the crowd doesn't break iuto the enclosed space aud ipoil tho mill. Admission to the grpunds will !x> freo to thoso produc- g receipted tkx bills. Basin TimesYv Mayor Thompson of Butto has his okgle eye fixed upon Montana’s gubernatloinl chair, but his eagle oyo is about tho only portion of his anatomy which will tho aforesaid chair, thore harm iu allowing him to iudulgo himself to his* full capacity. It amuses him aud dou’t hurt tho If you want to grow seed peas at a profit write to or call on L. J. Chap­ man Si Sons, Agents L. L. May it Co Good Work Well Done. Tho founders of McClure's Magn- ne, all of whom are graduates of Knox college, Galesburg, 111., havo undertaken to ussist the college in establishing “Tho Abrnhnm Lincoln School of Science and Practical worthy memorial to Abra­ ham Lincoln. Boforo Lincoln was nominated for tho presidency Knox college conferred on him tho degree of doctor of laws, and at tho timo of tho famous Liucoln and Douglas debate, hold in Gulosburg, 1S58, tho students carried banners Inscribed “Knox for Lin­ coln.” The publishers of McClure’s Mnga- no have established 100 scholar­ ships iu this now school. .Each .-holarship entitles tho holder to all tho privileges of Knox college. A scholarship pays' the board, room at and tuition of any young man woman for a year. Tho publish- s of McClure’s Magazine havo also undertaken to raise an endowment fund of §250,000 for this now de­ partment of Knox college. On Oct. 7, this year, tho college ill celebrate the annivereay of tho Lincoln and Douglas debate. The oration will bo delivered by tho Hon. Clmuncoy M. Depew. IK WF. KM W. Could wo bul draw baefc-thr* cnrtalr Sou tlio'nnlKsl heart nnd iiplrit, t wo Uu«n- tho can* and trial*. Know tho effort all in vain, nd tho bitter disappointment. Understood the lis> and Rain. All the Koldcn icr A COMPETENT THAKHACIS t ' Is now in churgo of my Dryg Department, and -ACGDRATE A B E G U A R A N T E E D . Drugs, Paints, and Oils, Stationery, and Books. \ HAD MAN WITH A GUN. Dan Sweeney, living in tho Deor Park neighborhood, wont to a parly at Hyram Richards' place last night, and without provocation commenced to boat Mark Dugau over tho head with a guu, inflicting four bad cuts. J. Y. Hurringtoii interfered, nnd a byllett from Sweeney’S gun missed Harrington's head and nippodanear. ■ -Sweouev skipped out and officers are on his trail. Tho authorities in all directions have been notified to look out for him. The uffair i; pareutly an echo of the reeeut prose­ cutions. JAMES K E N N E D Y , COLUMBIA FALLS. - MONT. L I V E R Y FEED A N D SALE STABLES. IN REAB OF COLUMBIA HOTEL C e n trally L o c a ted . ONVESIENT • TO • BUSINESS • CENTER j First-Class Shape. restore the quality mu', lie blood aud thus give Head the following letter: THE MARBLE HEART. ’ BrP^.I.iR«^,tK.u'.art. May. before he .pealo. diwover If *lu-tin* a marble heart. ‘Take away woman,” shouted tho orator, “aud what would follow?” Wo would,” said a man at tho back of the audionce, promptly. Dou’t you think that Dr. Flowery- makes charming Lenten addresses?” ‘Yes; and they’re so appropriate, too. Thore's so little meat in them.” Citizen—Colonel, I want to ask you about that Patrick Henry you were alludin' to in your speech—tho one that said, “ Givo mo liberty or givo mo death.” Candidate—What about him? Citizen—Did he get his divorce? “Mr. Insito, give t he class your idea of optimist and pessimist.” \Yes sir. An optimist is a who is happy when he’s miserable, aud a pessimist is a uiun'who liserable when he’s happy. “Excuso me,” he said, “if I see to bo a little, impertinent, but my curiosity has got so much tho best of that I must venture a question.\ ‘What is it?\ rou a gentleman going gol , lady going bicycling!” moil noox . Mothers Anxiously watch declining health of their daughte rs. So many ap? cut off hv consumption i:i early years (hat there is real the early sta the reach of pnrilln will quantity of 1 good health. “ It is but Just to write auoyit m; daughter Cora, nged 19. Sho was com­ pletely run down, declining, had that tiret feeling, and friend, said .ho weald no - -e over three months. Sho had a bat. Cough and nothing seemed to do her any good. I happened to read about Hood' rilla and had her give it a trial, very first dose she began to s Alter taking a lew bottles slut plctely cured and her health bai best ever since.\ Mss. A ddie P eck , 12 Railroad Place, Amsterdam, N'. Y. “ I will say that my mother ha: stated my case in ns strong words would have done. Hood's Sarsaparillo has truly cured me and I am no C ora P eck , Amsterdam, N. Y. Be Bare to get Hood's, becauso Hood’s Sarsaparilla Is the One True Blond Portlier. Allilniggisl Prepared only by C. I. HoodaCo.. Lowell.: are niiroly vegetable. re- HOOd S P l llS liable and beneficial.‘.sc. TMuroc-Jerseys * $ S ! tIJS f-SS t KWKWKbKS Arotii* MOST PMKITAnLE^-.hi EARLY M A T U R IT Y . COLUMBIA FALLS Presents More attractions to Capitalists, 111 Men aai Mannfactnrers THAN ANY POINT ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. Columbia Falls is tho most import-' Columbia Falls is in tho groat Flat- ant lumbering point in Northwestern! head valley, tho richest of tho rich. Montana. It is the chief grain ship-i valloys o f tho ititennountain region, ping poiut ou tho Groat Northorn Ry. j Tho crops of 1894 averaged approxi- betwen Grand Forks aud Spokane.! mutely: Oats 50 bu. por acre, wheat Situated at tho junction of tho threo ; 30 bit., Potatoes 300 bit. There aro . groat logging streams it has practical! u number o f furmers who have raised i advantages over any |>oiut in Mou-; SO to 100 bushels of oats per acre, tana in Lumbering industry. Tribu- j Irrigation is not needed. Mhe crops tnry to the town along all three rivers j found a roady’ sale. is an abundance of timber including j To that class of peoplo desiring to Pine, Fir, Tamarack, Spruce, Birch reside iu tho temperate climato of tho and Cedar. With wator power that | Pacific slope this locality, offers uuri- TT . n - i u j a i 1 con be easily developed Columbia j vailed advantages. At an'altitudo of Horses 8 H(l RIO’S Attended l0.1D|Fllils o(rora special attractions to 2500 feet, situated on a well drained ] factories, especially thoso workit g in ! bench, Columbia Falls Ims the well I wood, such ns Woodou Wore, Furni- j reputation of being the healthiest N e w R ig s are b e i n g A d d e d to ; Lire, etc. The advantages found I town in-healthful Montana. During M eet all D e m a n d s. . |,oro for such pnterprisos'are not sur- j tho winter just passed tho thermomo- OPEN AT ALL HOURS. passed ou tho Pacific slope. j ter reached the zero point on five oc- Just north of tho city nro the great ensions. ■ On no entire day was the coal measures of tho North ForkJO mark rrachod. Stock wintered on pronouuced by oxperts to be tho larg -1 the ranges without care, est coal do|X)sit on the Pacific slope, i Columbia Falls has u haudsomo It is similar to Rook Sprifags coal in bridge aerosjf tho Flathead rivor, a i quality, nud is'tho only smelting coal j § 10,000 brick school houso, a flouring now known on tho Pacific slope, and j mill of 150 barrels dai^capacity, wa- will always bo in douiand. | ter works, nnd good railroad facilities ARTHUR HASKILL, PROP. COLUMBIA FALLS. MON- I S MARRIAGE A FAILURE? Som e sa y yes, b u t m o r e I sa y N o . It is m o r e lik e - | ly to b e a s u c c e s s if th e ! con t r a c t in g p a r ties g e t l som e ot th e h a n d s o m e Invitations an d Cards th a t T h e C o lu m b ian can j fu rn ish on an h o u r 's n o - ! tice. W e h a v e the v e r y : la test S t y les in W e d - i d in g . R e g r e t, A n n o u n c e i m e n t and Calling Cards, A t t h e L o w e s t Prices, j M a il orders P r o m p tly E x e c u ted . T H E C O L U M B IA N , C o lum b ia Falls. COME AND INVESTIGATE. O r w rite for inform a tion to o o : M : : p . A . 2 s r 5 r . C o lu m bia F a l l s , : : M o n tan a . •r-n:rr=! O W N S .AJSTD O P E R A T E S : LANDS, MTLLS1TES, WATER POWERS, TOWNSITES, COAL, LUM BER, MINING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES *1 IntbB FMeaHaMKootenai Countries. ^ “Aro DUKUl-JERSEY STOCK FARM. p g e r L e d g e . SAVE WOOD AND TROUBLE BY USING > • MONTANA PRESS COMMENTS. Inter Mountain: We venture the assertion that there is not a the United States where such dis­ graceful proceedings aro tolerated a were witnessed last night in Butte’ very common council. IJelomt Herald: Ono peculiarity of the present leap year is tho yawn­ ing interval that lies between it aud the leap year next to como—1904. Our unmated young women should all understand that, after 1896, tin opportunitv to “ pop\ tho question will > Thinness is often a sign of poor health. A loss of weight generally show s something Is wrong. If due to a cough, cold, any lung trouble, or if there is an inherited tendency to weak lungs, take c a r e 1 Scoffs dmulsieru of C o d -liver Oil, with H y p o - phosphites, Is a fat-food and more. It c a u s e s s u ch c h a n g e s In the system that the gain Is permanent and improvement continues even after y o u cease taking it. Sound flesh; rich rd in Uontnn.,. beaded 1 - RED JOHN SH. a 1*« IX KINO ur.l, I havo rocdinir fur Hal* nt Ten SSrtSShS Besti Vootl Stove in the World! ADVANTAGES: It requires los cam than any other stove. It will burn chipk, trash or chunks. It is absolutely safe. It can lie closed und will keep fire for 24 hours. t again occur for eight long (r^ ‘ A cleanest, cheapest and best l.eatei interne vears • bloo d , strong n e r v e s , good for (|,„ homo, store, office or nursery „ „ d . Standard: I., hi, .d- digestion; aren’t these worth M r f . in tta - I . Call .m l « , nd lonesome; ‘ Anaconda Siouumu. ... ..... - dress before the Presbyterian borne I ^ thought. mission meeting. President Cleveland ' -— JT .dwelt particularly upon “our western J. Piorpont Morgan. Cornelius j frontier.\ where ' hot aud KtuMiora v.d, v*>un.r» of Vanderbilt, Chauncoy Depow, Cor -1 warfare between tho forces of good , cent The,™n,t» nelius Bliss, D. 0. Mills, J. A. Stew- and evil is constantly waged.” Mr.; m ji*.*. ,:htocur..rcna cough or h.HpjvurtMby. : - j - e e % x is fliwaus Full ot interest And This Year Ibe People Fleet Everything From President Down. This Includes Congressmen, Governor * Cegislatures and Almost Everything Else. You Must Have the News. 'Remember, <shc Manta ^VccHln (Constitution !Published at Atlanta, Ga., and Having fa A C I R C U L A T I O N O F M O R E T H A N 1 5 6 ,0 0 0 . chiefly among the farmers of the ^ country, and going to more homes than any weekly newspaper published on the face © of the earth, is T h o L e a d in g C h a m p io n o f th e P e o p le in all the great con £ tests in whicfTmcy are engaged against the exactions of monopoly. ^ T H E C O N S T I T U T I O N IS T H E B I G G E S T . B R I G H T E S T A N D B E S T 5 W E E K L Y N E W S P A P E R published in America, covering the news of the T world, having correspondents in every city*in America and in tho capitals of Europe p ? and reporting in full the details of debates in Congress on all questions of public in- ^ tcrest Price $i per year. It is ^ T H E G R E A T S O U T H E R N W E E K L Y N E W S P A P E R , and as an exponent o Southern opinion and purveyor of Southern news it has no equal on the co AN E N L A R G E M E N T O F T W E L V E C O L U M N S . T o m e e t th e d e m a n d s , u p o n its sp a c e fo r n e w s , T h e C o n s t itu t io n h a s in c r e a s e d its size to Vr 12 p a g e s 7 co lu m n s , m a k in g 8(1 c o lu m n s ea c h w e e k . 9 THE CONSTITUTIONS SPECIAL FEATURES tSSofto p ° p =? h ------------ ■\ A m e r i c a .................................... ^ The Farm and Farmer*’ Department, The Women's Department, The Children’s Department, V s K • specially attractive to those to whom these department v I a 6 SO L D B Y LORD BROS., | COuUM.BIA FALLS. - MONT, j c fill under able direction and 1 arc addressed. Under the editorial management o f C L A R K H OW ELL, its special contributors arc ' writers of such world-wide reputation as Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Frank R Stockton, ' Joel Chandler Harris, Betsy Hamilton, and hundreds of others, while it. offers weekly \ service from such writers .as Bill Arp, Sarge Plunket, Wallace P. Reed, Frank L. Stanton, k and others, who giveats literary features a peculiar Southern flavor that commends it to t , every fireside from Virginia to Texas, from Maine to California. STRAIGHT, CLEAN, UNTRAMMELED, ‘ The Constitution salutes the free people who insist that the servants o f the people J shall not become their masters. By special arrangement the paper publishing this announcement wdl b ; eki’>!>: 1 with \ j The Constitution at the remarkably low rate announce 1 elseyaere iq this issue 05717311

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 19 March 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.