The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 26, 1896, Image 5

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R ohm . Th» conversion of 8 t Ignatius Loyola from a skeptical worldlOg to an ardent^beUever baa often been told. In 1634 be and a number of companloni, Including St. Francis Xavier, pronounc­ ed the vow which constltutedthem an order: \To renounce the world, to go to preach the Goapel In Palestine, or. If that were Impossible within a rear after their novitiate ended, to ofTer themaelvew to the pope to be employed In the service of God In what manner he should deem best.\ In 1640 the order was formally approv­ ed by the pope. Today the mission to Palestine Is no longer required, nor does the order, at least. In this coun­ try. mix In political life. In Europe Its activity In that direction led to its tem­ porary suppression by the pope. The main work of the Jesuits has become educational. Only after a long course of study and discipline Is a member per­ mitted to take the Anal and Irrevocable declared operative; new general lien, m per cent; preferred stock. CO per Consolidated mortgage bonds, cash 1M per cent, payable CO days after the Plan has been declared operative; new general Hen. 6614 per cent; preferred stock. 6214 per cent. Collateral trust notes, cash 7 per cert, payable 60 days; 4 per cent, January, 1897; new prior lien, 100 per cent; pre­ ferred stock. 20 per cent. Northwest equipment stock, cash 100 per cent, payable at any time In the discretion of the managers before com­ pletion of reorganization, with Interest been signed by President Grant. The state department had on the request of the president prepared a draft of a proclamation of belligerency. Some tlmo after the president signed It he went on a Journey to the west and on the way wrote the following letter: \Kane Pa., August 14. 1869.—Hon. Hamilton Fish. Secretary of State— My Dear Sir: On reflection I think It advisable to complete the neutrality proclamation which I signed before leaving Washington and to issue It It General Sickles has n ot received an en­ tirely satisfactory reply to his propo­ sition to medlato between Bpalh'snd the Cubans. Not that Spain h as not Ih.per- fect right to prosecute as vigorous a war ns she pleases upon her own soil, observing the rules of civilized warfare, but that the tights of our citizens have been so wantonly Invaded by Spanish troops or volunteers that such a course would nrouse the sympathies of our citizens In favor of the Cubans to such a degree a s to require all our vigilance to prevent them from giving material a White Habit and Long Black Wantle. Announcement of Proposed Plan of Reorganization. ARE STRANGE AND SAD LIVES Interest on new prior lien bonds Is­ sued for present general first mortgage bonds wiU start from July 1. 1896, and will be paid quarterly. Interest on all other bonds will start from January 1. 1897, payable on or before completion of the reorganization. The present general first mortgage bonds mature In 1921, but are redeem­ able by compulsory drawings a t any time a t 110 per cent from the proceeds from land sales or the fixed annual con­ tribution by the company to the sink­ ing fund. A syndicate of 845.000,000 has been formed to provide the amounts of cash estimated as necessary to carry out the terms of the plan of reorganization to furnish the new company with working capital and a sum estimated at $6,000.- 000 for early use In the betterment and enlargement of the property. Poverty, obedience, chastity. These are the fundamental laws which govern all of thamany monastic broth­ erhoods of the Roman Catholic church. Each order has Its own laws, but the three Just named are lnoluded In all. A study of the origin o f these brother­ hoods Is interesting, as many of them are conducted on the same lines which prevailed hundreds of years ago. In the Albany, N. T.. March 16.—During the debate on the Cuban question In the United States senate many allusions were made both by Senator Sherman and Senator Hill as to the attltudo of President Grant and tho then secretary of state, HamUton Fish. Senator Sher­ man declared there was a conflict of opinion over Cuban affairs between the president and his secretary of state. The Bpeakcr of the New York assem­ bly. Hamilton Fish, son of the late sec­ retory, Is In possession of information upon this subject contained In the dia­ ries kept by his father that Is of great Importance In the controversy. On the authority of these diaries It Is shown that President Grant had at one time, under the circumstances of a pending negotiation a t Madrid, been In­ clined to recognize the belligerency of Cuba, b»> on June 13. 1870, the opinion New York. March 14.—The World to- morrow will publish the following: llallington Booth has named his new religious organization God’s American Volunteers. \Eureka.” he exclaimed. \I have found I t The now movement The father can possess no real estate or revenues, either Individual or In com­ mon, but the colleges enjoy revenues and rents for the maintenance of mem­ bers and students and the spread of education. They wear no distinctive habit, adapting themselves to the ordld nary cleriool gk»J» of the country iff which they happen to be. ODD LAWS OF THE FRANCISCANS. One of the harshest orders Is that of the Franciscan Monks. The order was founded by St. Francis In 1182. Its members take the three usual vows, and live a life' of a lternate labor, fast­ ing and praying. They wear no llnrn. only a coarse woolen cassock tied around the waist with a rope. Origin­ ally a medlcant order In this country. \Except the Issuing of the proclama­ tion I do not give this as Instruction, but a s something to think of whether it Is not sound. If deemed so the policy of acting upon It will be discussed a f­ terwards. Yours truly. \U. 8. GRANT.\ •On July 16. 1870, In a conversation In which Fish had expressed to the presi­ dent his desire to retire from the of­ fice. Fish was strongly urged by the president to remain through his term. These are the words of the diary up­ on tho subject: \The president said: W ithout re­ ferring to other Instances on two Im­ portant occasions a t least, your stead­ iness and wisdom have kept me from mistakes Into which I should have fall­ en. On one of these occasions you led me against my Judgment a t the time, you almost forced me In the matter of signing the Cuban message. I now seo how right you were and I desire most sincerely to thank you. The mcaspre was right and the whole country ac­ quiesced in it.' “He.repeated that he wished to thank me especially for these two occasions. They were, one preventing the Issuing, last August and September, of the proc­ lamation of Cuban belligerency which he had signed and which he wrote me a note instructing me to complete (which I did) and to Issue (which I did not), and second, the Cuban message of The life of the men who make up i orders Is an enigma to those of outside hustling, bustling world, yi of the brotherhoods keep on gro Volunteers, all amca and for God.\ he| added. \Patriotism for our country and faith in the Lord will lead us to victory.\ The volunteers will bo governed by a military constitution, with Mr. and Mrs. Booth as Joint presidents. The lo- Ellensburg, Wash., March 16.—Dis­ patches sent out from Yakima In regard to diphtheria here arc grossly mislead­ ing. and have scarcely any foundation in fact. At no time has there been much apprehension of an epidemic, the schools having been closed a s stated In these dispatches as a precautionary mentioned. The proceeds of the lands applicable to these bonds after the re­ tirement of the general first mortgage bonds will be applied one-half, but not in any one* year exceeding $600,000, to tho purchase of the prior Urn 4 per cent bonds a t not exceeding 110 per cent and their cancellation; and the remainder, under carefully guarded restrictions, will be used for the betterment and ad­ ditions to the property pledged a s se­ curity for the bonds. Whenever these bonds can not be purchased at the maximum price, the unapplied land proceeds for that year will be used lo purchase the general lien 3 per cent bonds at not exceeding 100 per cent and their cancellation. Colonel Nlcol, who came to this coun­ try with Eva Booth, sailed for England yesterday In hurried *rcsponae to a ca­ blegram. As showing the true state of affairs, the following ofllclal bulletin Is aub- \Health Office, Ellensburg, Wash., March 16. 1896.—Since the first case of diphtheria was reported to the board of health, on the 7th Inst., there have been five cases In the city, only one of which proved fatal. The other four were mild cases, and all have been dis­ charged by the physicians. (To new Washington, March 16.—Several members of congress interested In the Rloux City & Pacific railroad appeared before the house committee on Paci­ fic railroads today to give their views upon the proposition recently made by Coombs, the Sioux City banker, regard­ ing that branch. Representatives Meik- l^John of Nebraska. Perkins of Iowa. Fletcher and Towno of Minnesota, pre­ sented petitions from many towns ask­ ing the construction of the road south­ west from Sioux City to the North Platte, contemplated in the original Pa­ cific railroad acts. The advantages such a line, as presented by Mclkle- John. are that it would diagonal three systems, the Northwestern. Burling­ ton & Missouri and Union Pacific main line, giving an outlet to farm products and the benefit of like rates These members requested the committee to include provisions for building this branch In any general bill it may re­ port, and for that purpose ask that $4.- 000,000 bo used from the sinking fund established by the Thurman act and cases have been reported since last Tues­ day. and there Is every reason to believe the disease Is under control. \P. P. GRAY. Health Officer.\ The names of those who had the dis­ ease were Mabel McDowell, aged 14. there being three other children In the family but none took It; Orln. Craig, aged 14; Maud Coble, 17: Hattie Coble, 14; Mark Mudd. 18 months old. died. This list Is submitted for the reason that many friends 6nd relatives of the normal school students throughout the i of the special message. Some le entries have a peculiar interest light of recent events, and were *\day * ....... i the correspondent of the shown to i __________ _ ___________ Associated Press. Under d ate of February 19. 1870. there Is a suggestion of a rift In the unity of the republican party In defense of that policy respecting foreign affairs, which policy the president had announced In his annual message of the previous De­ cember. The entry Is as follows: Third—Preferred stock 4 per cent non- cumulatlvc. limited In amount under the plan to not efreed $76,000,000. which amount can be Increased only with the consent of preferred and common stock­ holders, a s provided In the plan. Each share of this preferred stock will be en­ titled to non-cumulatlve, preferential dividends out of surplus net earnings On Thursday last ormal school h as not been closed The excitement has nearly all vcstlgatlon of the office. Upon their arrival Mapes showed'no uneasiness, but as they pursued the Investigation through Friday and Saturday he be­ came nervous and depressed In spirits. The Inspectors finished the w—\ ---- night, and their investigation the postmaster to be an embezzl subject of tho unit of coinage. After conversing on that question I referred to his resolution Introduced In the sen­ ate and his speech in favor of recogniz­ ing the belligerency of Cuba, and asked If he had recently examined the treaty with Spain of 1795. He said ho had not, and was not aware of the existence of such treaty. I referred to Its provisions and to the probable consequence of the exerclso by Spain of the right of visit or of search, thought our people would not submit to It, and that the consequences would soon develop In war; said that fighting was not belllg-' crcncy; there Is fighting but not bellig­ erency In Cuba; there Is no government of the insurrectionary party; no politi­ cal organization, etc. He admitted he had not examined the subject closely, but said there Is a good deal of excite­ ment in the country on the subject Ad­ vised him in connccllon with the pass­ age of his resolution of belligerency to prepare bills for the increase of the public debt and to meet the Increased appropriation which will be necessary for the army, navy, etc.\ An evident solicitude among republl- ferred stock all the shares shall partici­ pate equally In any further dividends for such year. After the termination of the voting trust, the preferred slock will have the right to elect a majority of the board of directors of the new company whenever for two successive quarterly periods the full and regular quarterly- dividends a t the rate of 4 per cent per annum are not paid In cash. The right will be reserved to the now company to retire this stock In whole or In port at Cincinnati, March 14.—The father and two brothers of Pearl Bryan and ten friends of the family were In court tor day to.attend the hearing of the appeal from Judge Buckwalter's decision, re­ manding Scott Jackson and A. W. Walling to Kentucky to answer for the murder of Pearl Bryan. The points relied on by the attorney for the prisoners, R. M. Case, presented by the bill of exceptions. Is that It does not charge directly the commission of the crime In Kentucky, and no proof has been presented that t l ^ prisoners ever were In Kentucky, therefore they are not fugitives from Justice. Judge Ermston, for Jackson, began the argu­ ment, picking flaws in the indictment. The arguments were concluded and the court adjourned until Monday.’ oral questions were asked upon the right of congress to divert the sinking fund to such purpose. Melklejohn con­ tended that the sinking fund was al­ ready Invested in railroad bonds which would bring fifteen millions If sold In the New York market and the prop­ osition was merely to Invest $4,000,000 in Mopes undoubtedly knew the condi­ tion of his trust, and It Is evident that he feared arrest. He decided upon death. His manner of ending his life was sensational in tho extreme. At breakfast time he com­ plained of being 111 and retired to his Soon afterwardB he had his wife send for three men who had been friends of long standing. When these men a r ­ rived a t the house Mrs. Mapes met them a t the door. No sooner had she swung open the door than a pistol shot rang through the house. Mrs. Mapes and the three men ran to the postmaster’s bedroom. They found him In the agonies of death. He had blown out his brains and died almost Instantly. The deceased was appointed postmas­ ter by President Cleveland three years ago. He had long been prominent In local and Kansas politics. He was un- Denver. March 15.—A special to the News from Creede, Colo.', says: \Great excitement prevailed In Creede today caused by Anton Frank and O. H. Mayatt bringing In several rich sam­ ples of ore containing large flake* of free milling gold. An assay showed $4926 In gold to the ton. No Informa­ tion can be obtained as to the where- Kansas City, March 14.—Under the caption, \Republican Delegates From Kansas Want Sound Money,\ the Star this evening prints Interviews on the currency question had with those dele­ gates already elected to the national the approaching autumn election, should be divided on the Cuban ques­ tion by reason of representations to the country In regard to the president's real attitude. Is indicated on June 10 by this \Judge Orth and General Butler called in the evening to urge the sending of a message by the president on the ques­ tion of Cuban belligerency. Orth says the vote will be close. Banks will make the closing speech, but there are some 20 or SO members who may bo decided by h is speech, but wotild not go against the president's views.\ On June 12 there Is this entry: \Stay a t home qnd prepare a message on the Cuban belligerency question, to be submitted for the president's consid­ eration In case he agrees to send one. He has not yet returned from his fish­ ing excursion.” Of the discussion In the cabinet on the 13th, the day on which the special message was sent to congress, tho diary says: \It was generally admlted that If war Is to be resorted to. It would be by di­ rect declaration and not by embarrass­ ing Spain by a declaration of belliger­ ency; agrees unanimously that no con­ dition of facta exists to Justify belliger­ ency. Finally the president amends his sentences by referring In general terras to seizures on the high seas, embargoes of property and personal outrage. Robeson adds the concluding sentences, claiming the question of belligerency Is distinct from those questions of wrongs which are being pressed for lndemnlfi- ported as having declared themselves unalterably opposed to the free coin­ age of silver, three for It, while 'one, ex-Mayor N at Barnes of Kansas City, Kan., says he will stand on any money platform the republican convention may adopt and branching out and, in proportion to the Increased population of the world, more than hold their own. One of the most Interesting of the brotherhoods Is the Order of Preaching Friars, or Dominicans, which was founded In 1216 by S t Dominie. They were known In this country a s far back as the 16th century, when they watered the soil of Florida with their sweat and their blood. More recently they were Introduced into California, under Span­ ish domination. But their first perman­ ent organization In the United States was made In 1807, at Springfield, Ky.. by Father Fenwick, of Maryland, who had Joined the order In Finlanders. Their original rule enjoined perpetual silence, no time for conversation being permitted without leave from the su­ perior. complete abstinence from meat, and fasting from September 14 to East­ er Sunday. They also had to wear Included In Denver, March 14.—A special to the News from Sawplt, CoL, says: A strike was made In the Commer­ cial today which eclipses anything yet discovered In the district. A shot put in the crosscut opened up an enormous body of high-grade lead carbonates, which, according to survey, is 45 feet wide and three feet thick. An average value of the ore Is In the neighborhood of $600 to the ton. James Blake is the principal owner of the property. Washington. March 14.—Secretary Lw- mont has written a letter to Senator Hawley, chairman of the senate com­ mittee on army affairs, advising against Helena. Mont. March 15.—Rev. John H. Elliott, who held a series of revival meetings In Spokane Immediately be­ fore coming here, held the first of a series this evening in the Auditorium, the largest public building In the city, which has a seating capacity of 2800. The standing room was all taken and several hundreds were turned away. A choir of 200 voloes took p a rt in the ser­ vices It is estimated that 3000 were first years of the 16th century- They were not recognized by the church until 1627. when Pope Clement VII. officially established the order. The Capuchins confined themselves largely to mission­ ary work and have been In this country for many years. A LONELY BROTHERHOOD. The Carmelite Brotherhood dates back to the time of the crusaders, when it was established by a union of all the convent^ of the Holy lauid. Perpetual abstinence from fresh meat was for a long time In force, but It Is now per­ mitted a t certain seasons. Each broth­ er lives In a separate cell himself, and silence Is enjoined. From September 14 until Easter a rigid fast Is observed. The Passlonlst Fathers rival the friars of L a Trappe In the rigor of their religious devotion. The Passlonlsts, In addition to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, bind themselves to endeavor to excite In the hearts of the faithful the remem­ brance of the Passion of Christ. , Their founder was Paul Francis Daniel, known a s St. Paul of the Cross. A Genoese, he was In 1720 Invested by the Bishop Piedmont with the habit he had seen In an ecstacy, consisting of a In tho mortgage for new construction, betterments, equipments, etc., $4,000,000. Total issue In excess of prior lien bonds estimated a t $60,000,000. Reserved to provide for the prior lien bonds at their maturity In 10) years. $130,000,000. Maximum amount of both mortgages $190,000,000. The preferred stock Is to be appro­ priated approximately as follows: For conversion and adjustment of various This rigor has been slightly modified In the United 8 tatea They wear a white habit and soapular, with a long black THE BENEDICTINES The oldest and most extensive order la that of the Benedictine Brotherhood. It was established by SL Benedict in the early part of the sixth century. Its rules are founded on those of the old eastern ascetics. They hare regulated the monastic world for more thin 1400 years. Next to the Jesuits It Is the most numerous religious body In the United States. Originally the order was open lo everybody without distinction, even to The common stock Is to bo appropri­ ated approximately as follows: For the purpose of reorganization, os provided In the plan, $76,600,000; estimat­ 'd amount which may be used for reor­ ganization purposes or may be availa­ ble a s a treasury asset of the new com­ pany, $3,600,000. The basis of exchange of existing bonds and of sale of new stock la as follows: General first mortgage bonds, cash t per cent, payable April L 1896. repre­ senting the coupon duo July 1, 1896; new practiced in Lent and Advent The first benedlotlne monastery in United States was established a t Latrobe. Pa­ in 1846, and erected Into the Abbey of 8t. Vincent In 1866. It Is still the head of the American congregation. THE JESUIT FATHERS. In nearly every history of political changes In Europe much la found relat­ ing to the Jesuits. This is the order of Why Ho Did Not Recognize the Cubans as Belligerents. DIARY OF SECRETARY FISH MR. BOOTH'S NEW ARMY \God’s American Volunteers\ the Name Adopted. SON BALLINGT0N THE LEADER Local Branches Will Bo Called Poste. the Various Titles W111 Be •Military. m e w

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 26 March 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.