The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, April 23, 1896, Image 1

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SIXTH YEAR. THE COLUMBIAN. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. THURSDAY. APRIL 23. 18%. COLUMBIA FALLS IS SURROUNDED BY MORE NATURAL RESOURCES THAN ANY, CITY ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. B A N K COLUMBIA FALLS, Columbia Falls, Mout./ DIRECTORS: ' A. J . David, James A. Talbott, ■I. E. Guy lord, B. Tibbov L. C. Trout, Butte, Jit. Butte, Mt. Butto, Mt. Butte, Mt. Salt Lake. i. R E A D , Cashier. T H E f BEE HIYEi 1 S T O R E , t : uuj'juj 'r § WE SELL AT LOW THICES £ § C R O C K E R Y . T I N W A R E , il J W o o d e n W a r e , £ K i t c h e n U t e n s i l s , | L a m p s , E t c . £ i nnncnn Call and Look Over Our t: Stock and Get Prices, E ■ i i H MAIN STREET. g ■H L H Columbia Falls. Montana. fc a n n r r r r r j ir r .t c r n it f i r r r n n n r .r .t PROFESSIONAL CARDS. , D. F. SM ITH, Attorr\evj-at-LiaW, COMMISSIONER U . S . C I R C U I T C O U R T LAND FILINGS AND FISAI. PROOFS ltADK COLUWB A FALLS.^ - ’ MONT. A. H. BURCH, ^ D E N T I S T = Offices: Conrad Block. KALISPELL, : MONTANA. P R . J. A. GHENT, Consulting Physician. Kalispell, Montana. TleDaroc-Jerseys Are tUoMOST PROFIT,Ujl.E^o^n- E A R L Y M A T U R I T Y . Wlutln litter. welirli 2 SO lbs. oach At 8 months, »u'l 1 Mild n .hunt lo*. than lour months old that welshed I 4-2 lbs. I h»>r tho linrnt hard ln _Mtmt»na. header by BEN 369, aaawtad hi Rhl) JOHN h !*< tbs product ..MV ESTEKN KING lira. I ' — JOabnataof cRl-edic brr.diruf for aab- at fraSportation aStia on slf xh- bo ,*-*1 --- - ‘ b o S e e . ..rin* .Mir.-rj a r durum Kobruary and tlntcb. ' d u k u c - j e r s e y ' s t o c k f a r m , MINE HORROR NO. 3. Xrlliarf is this Week the Scene of a Mine Explosion that lulls Six Broadwater Men. GOLDIE PARKER SHOT AT HAVRE. A General Ronnil-Up of the New Mnutuua, Which Iuclplrs the Happening'.of All Murts. Neihart is iu gloom over a fright­ ful accident at the Broadwater mine Saturday morning. By tho explo­ sion of powder six men aro dead and two or Ihrdo more vory likoly to dio. Tho oxplosion occurred a low min­ utes after one* o’clock, just on tho meu were going to work aftor their miduight lunch. It is supposod huvo been caused by powder, which was taken into tho magazine to bo thawed, having become ignited, is tho custom to keep only enough powder iu the magazine for one shift. Frank DoraD, who looked after tho magazine, had just carriod in suffi- powder for shots in tho morn­ ing. He was last seen alive bonding ovor tho box, aud his body found twenty feet away in the tuunol,-the magazine being in adrift. From this it is argi ed that the pow­ der must have becotfio ignited and he, sceiDg the danger, tried to escape. Twenty-two meu wore at work on this level and all had to pass tho magazino in going back to work. When the explosion occurred hulf of them had passed and began going ilown tho shaft, which is thirty feet from tho magazino. Those who had just passed and those approaching re the killed and most seriously rounded. Frank Doran was undoubtedly killed instantly. Hugh JIcKenzie was alive whon found, but died a fow minutes after- D. H. Ross and John Cairns, taken out alive, died a few iiiiuutea after bciDg taken into tho open air. W. J . Morrison lived to reach tho Hospital, but expired a few minutes ifter. Dan Cleary died in tho hospital ut -even o’clock. Besides these, Jas. T. Gallaher is liablo to die at any miouto. Goo. Doran aod Jos. Denven are in a vory dangorous condition. Chas. Smith, Alike Tobao and Jas. Connolly are badly hurt aud quite a number of hers have more or less cuts aud bruises. A special train from Great Fulls brought additional surgeons to attend to the wounded. Of the dead, Frank Doran was the only married man. He leaves a wifo and two little children. All were members of Miners' union. Doran is an Odd Fellow and Cairns a K. P. Morrison's mother lives at Bozemau. Cairns has a brother at Noihart, and McKenzie is said to have a sister in Great Falls. Little is known of tho other two dead, but the Minors’ union is iu communication with their relatjves. _ ___ The Helona land office rwoivod a decision from the secretary of tho in­ terior holding that tho locators of placer ground aro not required to stake or mark boundaries when tho claim is ou surveyed land. Judge Pomeroy has adjourned court at Choteau. . During tho term divorces were granted to John Mo- notta and Mrs. Dodge, and Richard Irvin was sentenced to the peniten­ tiary for eighteen months for burg­ larizing a Dupuyor saloon. \Goldie\ Parker, who was shot by Mrs, Stratton at Havre will probubly die from the effects of tho wound, which is in the abdomeu. Tbe bul­ let hu-* not yet been extracted, and tbe attending physicians darn not probe for it, fearing interna! bom- orrbage. Mrs. Stratton remains in jail und, it is said, expresses no sor for the act. Her husband, who the causo of tho sliootiug, is a Horgoant iu a colored regiment stu- tionod at Fort Assinniboinu. Grant Graves, foreman of Cowell’s sheep ranch near .Choteau, became iddenly insane iu tho depot at Fon- ira, and attempted to cut his tl)rq^ with a pocket kjtifo. He tyipj stopped by spectators before ho intlicted fatal wounds. He will bn sent to tho osy- had shot himself in the btfcd. The body was in a sitting position easy chair in front of the desk, the hands folded ou tho breast. Domes­ tic and financial troubles causo. Kelly was a Mason, K. T. and Sbriner. Ho bad (63,000 life suranee. Johff*G. Shea, a miner at tho High Ore mine, Butte, foil 100 feet through i ore chuto and was killed. Tho-Butto city council has ordered the-removal of the powder tnaga- to a point further away from the city. Oaptuin Jobu Calhoun Shopherd, o pioneer of tbo west, and known everybody in Butte, died at tho county poor farm last week. He a veteran of the Mexican warand Califoria iu 1849. Ho was buried Sunday with military honors. Gen. Lustor S. Wilson, the newly ohsitod department - commander of the Greed Army of tbe Republic for Jfontano, has announced the follow­ ing appointmcDta: B. F. Osborn, of Bozemun, assistant adjutaut general; H. T.. Bevan, of Helena, assistant quartermaster general; Timothy O’Leary, of A n aconda, judge ad vocate; William H. Dickinson, of Missoula, inspector; S. H. Alrnou, of Butte, chiof mustering officer. Tho first Chinese gambling license 'er issued in Butte was giveu by the city treasurer last week to Wah The Mongolian was . as proud as a school boy in suit of clothes as he marched out of the city hall with his scrip of author­ ity to run a fan taa. outfit or a ooker board. The suits commenced some ago by registers and receive Montana land otlk’os undor Prosidont Harrison to recover rent wore tried the UnitwhStutes court. Tho plain- J. B. Catlin, ox-register, and Robert Fialior, ex-receiver o{ the Missoula land office, and S. A. Swig- got t and George M. Bourquiu, form­ erly of the Holona office. The plain­ tiffs ask for about $500 oach. They claim tho law allowed them certain* compensation which they did uot re­ full, as they were compelled to pay out part of it for office rent. The policy of the present admiuis tration allows registers and receivers office rent as part of the expenses of offices. Tho case was taken under advisement by Judge Kuowlea. Missoula is over run with tramps. A sawmill man named McGuire as found dead in bed at Superior. He died of heart trouble. Mary Miller, at Missoula, became inBane ovor religion and was sent to' rurm Springs. While Fred Teuscher, of Great Falls, was away from home bis wife sold the furniture, drew $1,300 from the bank and skipped. W. Cory, a lodging house keep- - Great Falls, dropped dead of heart disease on Friday. The Montana Stockgrqwerq asso­ ciation is holding a meptigg qt SIi|e* City ttys wopk. B«tte was shocked ou Thursday by tho suicide c ~~ - — - the best known VERY PECULIAR INDEED. Rival to the Siamese Twins Born in an Ohio Town. A special from Lorain says: Mrs. Budd McPherson, wife of a Cleve­ land, Lorain & Wheeling conductor, gave birth to a most remarkable freak of nature. It was a double child, or united twins, rivaling in respects 'tho famous-'Siamese twins. Tho children* are both alive ow bid fair to Vgpch the sge of maturity. Ono is a boy and.faces way, and tho othor a girl and fuces in the opposite direction. Tho union, which local physicians regard as a vital link, occurs from a point a little above the boy’s right shoulder and extends nearly to the lop of the heads. Thrro are four legs, four arms, four eyes, two look­ ing iD each direction, two mouths, only one pair of ears. There is a simultaneous pulse n both bodies. When one :bi!d lies on its face iu such a way us to intorforo with its breathing the other crios us if in distress. The boy twin is the stronger of the two and takos nourishment as naturally as any othor* child, but tho female twin ot yet token any food, although it apparently feels no huuger, indicat­ ing that tho boy must take nourish- for both bodies. Substitute for Corn fqlis, lew Iptid qf pipo, which is said |p bp SlYPOter and in many ways superior to tbo corncob or any othor inexpensive pipe now* on the market, is to be made in Novuda county, California, from burrs which grow on the pine trees iu that region. The pipe burr pipes ore said to roroaiu freer from nicotine than any other aud they have long beeu used locally. Kelly, one of j A factory has been started to manu- the'fucture the pipes for the general The body was found in Kelly's, market, souieoue Laving taken o office about ? o’clock Thursday. He ‘ putent on tho pipe. FROM EVERY POINT People, Will Cease to Die if the Fel­ lows With Cathode Rays Keep Up Tlielr Galt. NEWS OK THE WHOLE BIG WORLD Cyclones. Florals, Death. Suicide anil Fire Go to Make Up a Week of World’s History. “Consumption is dea.1. Diphtheria as killed outright. Typhoid wai annihilated. Cholera has been stunned for fourteen days. Pnou- uiouia was barely abki lo resume its work. Anthrax and glanders es­ caped with serious injury. Influonza missod slaughter by its position under the tube.” This is tho bul- from (ho laboratory of Profes­ sors Pratt and Wightman, of Chica­ go, who announced to the world that tbo Roentgen ray is the these diseases. Tbo last and final efforts to revive the exposed colonios of gorms have left four four colonies stooo dead. Tljo investigators raako this positive declaration. Nebraska populists endorse Allen for president. beat Schaffer at Boston for tho billiard championship. Edward Pardridge. the wealthy Chicago speculator who caused many sensations by his plunging, is dead. Senator Tillman was greeted by an immonso throng of people at Wichita, Kas., whon ho spoko on silver Fri­ day. Railroads bavo mado a ra*e of one fare for the round trip to the Cbris- Endoavor convention at Wash­ ington in July. Tho pope has .offered his media­ tion botwoen Spain and Cuba, aud has also urged Spain to accept the good offices of Uncle Sam to gain a settlement. | _ James D. Alsop, under arr^l for | murdering Lena Olson in of 1894, hanged himself in jail at Seattle. Federal officers caught several counterfeiters in Spokane and cap­ tured the outfit. The gaDg is a big headed b$r two ox-convicts of tho Washington penitentiary. The of­ ficers think there are six of the crowd still at large. Dudley Portor ‘ and others of Havorbill, Mass., obtained judg­ ment for $1,000,000' against J. M. Sigafus, who sold them a gold mine Rivorside, Cala., by false repre­ sentation. Charges of peculation and drunk- iness hive boon preferred in con­ gress against Gonural Frankliu, manager of tho national soldiers' home at Leavenworth, Kas. William Dunlop and William Tur­ ner, recently employed in an aristo­ cratic family of New York, were ar­ rester! in London and $60,000 worth of jewelry found iu their possession. J. Towusond Burden, a New York miUionaire, lost part of it. i in a Turner Falls, Mass., tenement five children were smoth­ ered to doath: Josephine and Ed­ ward Courmaine, Lona and Annie Dubois aud Rose Bonmeir. Three Cuban prisoners of war ere Havana by Spanish troops. Thoy belonged to tbo in­ surgent band of Dr. Zayas and wore captured at Managua. The • mercantile ogoncies report that' business is still quiet. Pricos are unsettled and doalers are timid. Failures for last week in the United States were 233 against 241 last yoar. In Canada 36 agaiust 34 last yoar. A storm which swept the western part of Verron county, Wit., de­ stroyed live stock' aod swept away buildings in Bad Axe valley. Tho Cubans made the crack Span­ ish regimeut retreat ut San Claudio, but tho loss was light. Sharkey nmnagod to stand up be­ fore Joe Choynski fur eight rounds, San Francisco, and won a purse. Venezuela will sottle tho Germau claims by puyiug 30,000 bolivars and into rest. Great damage was caused last eok by rising rivers in the wgbirn townships of Quoboc. Track® „ud bridges were washed away. The Untie hall suasou opened on Thursday, Washington 6, New York 3; Baltimore fir Brooklyn 6; St. Louis a, Cleveland 2; Louisville 2, Chicago 1; Cinclnnatti 1, Pittsburg 9. Baron Constantine V. De Grimm, tho noted cartoonist, died at Now York. Maine republicans adopted gold resolutions and instructed delegates for Reed. Suits have been entered against ten western, roads, by tho Interstate commerce commission, to cornpol them to ceaso discrimination in Information coming from tho country around makes it certain that tbo natives aro preparing an offen­ sive movement against Buluwayo. The number of Matabelos reported gathering at points noar by isuiT cient to appall tbo hearts of oven c pcrienced fighters. There is a dread tho minds of many that tho place in danger of being overwhelmed by a rush of hordes of Matabole and the inhabitants put to a whole Tho fear of treachery is added to tbe apprehension of over­ whelming numbers. Many indica­ tions point to a connivance with the parties of supposed friondly es. Thore aro man? of tho lat- i the town itself Bnd no white man feels sure bow far he can trust his dusky associates or servants. The Boers are opouly being drilled undor their imported German instructors pnd are accumulating arms aud am­ munition, constructing fortifications and bringing heavy guns from Ger- George Johnson, a young farmer residing in Jefferson cSunfj^^Pflft has made a discovery which, if as he says, will atartlo the world. ' Ho has been experimenting- with the X ray, by means of which he claims to be onabled to change in three hours a cheap piece of metal worth 13 into $153 worth of pure gold. He is a graduate of Columbia college and has had tbe metal tested. The Spanish troops bavo bad an ODgagnment with numerous forces of the insurgents, which havo been ad­ vancing westward to altompt the re- liof of Maceo, and the official reports show a severe reverse for tho Cubans. Davies, tho embezzler, who tun- ueled to liberty from tho Winteraet, Iowa, jail, is still at largo. The -en- tral part of Iowa is swarming with search of him. James Dona­ hue, a boy, was mistaken for Davis and shot in tho head. He will die. Nine Gloucester fishermen wore lost off Long Islam), while tho fish­ ing schooner G. W. Campbell of Gloucester was sunk in a squill. There were seven survivors. Ezekial Smith, the wealthy Chica­ go contractor who was recently sued by Miss Ella Donaldson for $50,000 for breach of promise, has compro­ mised the suit by marrying tbo plain­ tiff, and has started for California on a wedding trip. At Waterloo, Iowa, Evaugolist Howard is threatened by a mob account of his wild remarks in the pulpit. The local paper criticised the evangelist, who retaliated by call­ ing the author of the articlo a black­ hearted liar. A prominent lawyer who indorsed the evangelist’s state­ ment that “Watorloo is os rotten as ill,” has boon hanged in effigy. Andrew Carnegie has authorized the trustees of the Carnegie art gal­ lery to offer $8,000 for the two beat oil paintiDgs >by American artists. ALL RIGHT, IF IT STICKS. The question of legality of wbat •o known as “gold coin contra ts” was raisod for the first timo in Oma- ame up io the case of Chaso vs. Wren, an action to collect pay­ ment of a $20,000 mortgage on which default in interest has occurred. The attorneys for the defonso raised the point in the dietrict court as to the effect of inserting in a note or contract tho words, “to pay io gold coin,” or the words “to pay in gold coin or its equivalent,” and argued that io eithor form the note would be illegal, being in violation of tho legal tender law and contrary to public policy. It was further argued by the defense that if not voiding and in­ validating the' note entirely, the sec­ tion requiring payment in gold was void. During the argument the court said that it would not onforce that part of the note contracting to pay in gold; that if it came to a question of holding that tho note was payablo in gold coin or coutract was illogal and void tho court would hold that it was illogal and void. One a Sufficiency. Signor Crisp!, who has fallen with his cabinet in Italy, is a man with varied, irregular and multitudinous matrimonial experiences. When bo was first in office, much pressure was broughVTo bear on Queen Margherita to induce her to receive his wifo. long time she declined. At last she consented, with thiB stipula- “I will receive the Signora Crispi, but there must never be more than one, aod it must always be the WASHINGTON TALK v. Russell's Speech Is Taken by the Politicians as a Bid for Demo­ cratic Nomination. CUBAN BONDS ARK NOW ON SALE Capitalists Do Not Appear to Want Many of Them Under Present Conditions in Cuba. ■husetts at Jefferson’s tomb i be other day was intoDded as a bid for tbo presidential nomination. His friends and admirers make no secret of that fact. IJlioy arc anxious that the sound money element of tho democratic party should accept him as its candidate instoad of Morrisou Carlislo, but tho older politicians snoor at Mr. Russell’s aspirations, and suggest that a man of his years hod bettor tako a back seat. He may bo expected to have ,a front pew whenever anything that he is ii ested in is going on. As one of his admirers from Massachusetts markod: “Billy Russell has just good a right president as Secretary Carlisle or Col. Morrison or any other ma the democratic party. It's true ho ia young, but bo bos got lots of brains, and can stand up along with any of them. Billy may not get but it is a big thing for a young fellow like him to bo talked about for president.\ Tho offioials of tho Cuban republic, having exhausted tho generosity of their frieods and sympathizers in tho United States, are now offering tbo publio $2,000,000 in bonds, payable ton years after the date of the evacu­ ation of Cuba by tho Spanish forces, io United States gold coir/ of the present standard of weight aod fineness, with interest at 6 per cent, payable in gold semi annually Havana and New York. All the revenues of the republic are pledged the payment of the bonds, but thore is a stipulation that interest may be deferred until six months aftor tho evacuation of Cuba. These terms of the loan as stated- in the advertisement, with the additional hint that no offer leas than 60-per cent of the face value of the bonds will bo considered. Mombore of the Cuban junta, ex­ plain that thoy havo received as many gratuitous contributions as they can conscientiously accept, and will here­ after receive nothing- without giving a formal assurance that it will be re­ paid. - They feel that their causo has roachod a degree of hopefnlm which will justify them in placing a loan upon the market, with re able expectation of being able it when due. Largo su money havo been offered them for mch security, they say, but until now they have not considered it honorable to accept loans. The fail- oof tl attitudo of the government of the United States, they think, makes Cuban indopendenco certain, and thoy ask their friends to con ward and tako tbo bonds as voatmonti not as a contribution to “Cuba libra.” It is vory likely that a large amouut of those bonds will be sold. Thus far tbo revolutionary committee has difficulty in raising money to carry on the war. Every Cuban cigarmaker in the country gi' percentage of bis weekly earnings, and a considerable amount has boon subscribed by Cuban oxiles in New York. The original Cuban republic, organized in 1868, issued $15,000,000 or $20,000,000 of bonds in three or four years, nnd 6ome issues were sold as high as 75 ceqts on the dollar. Toward tho end of the revolution they were freely offored at 3, 4 and 5 por cent, and thore is now many trunkful stowed'away in New York. NUMBER 17. the useful are tho honorable, aud that they who livo on the labor of othors aro tho cnomies of society. Every child should bo taught that useful work is worship, and that inV telligeilt labor is tbo highest form of prayer. “Children should be taught to think, to investigate, to rely upon the light of reason, of observation and experience; should bo taught to use all their senses, und thoy should be taught only that which is in some really useful. They should bo taught the use of tools, to uso their hands, to embody their thoughts in tho construction of things. Their, lives should not bo wasted in the ac Tho speech of -ax-Gov. Russell of quisition of tho useless or of tho al- Years should not be devoted to tho acquisition of dead languages or to tbe study of history, which, for tho most part, is a de­ tailed account of things that novor occurred. “Real education is tho hopo of tho future. Tho development of the brain, tbo civilization of tho heart, will drivo want and crime from the world. The schoolhouse is the real cathedral aud scionco tbo only pos­ sible savior of the human raco. Edu­ cation, real education, is the friend of honesty, of morality, of temper­ ance. “Man will be civilized when the passions are dominated by the intel­ lectual, when reason occupies the throne and .when the hot blood of passion no longer rises in successful revolt. “To civilize the world, to hasten thecqming of the golden dawn of tho perfect day, wo must cducato the children; we must commence at tho cradle, at tho lap of tho loving rnothor. “The reforms that I havo men­ tioned cannot be accomplished in a day, possibly not for many centuries, aod in the meantime there is much oHrne, much poverty, much want, and consequently something must bo done now. Let each human being within the limits of tho possible be self-support­ ing; let overy one take intelligent tbou’ght for tbo morrow, and if a being supports himself and acquires a surplus lot him use a part of that surplus for tho unfortunate, and let oach one to the extent of his ability help his follow-men. “This, in my judgment, is real religion. To do all the good you can is to bo a saint in tho highest tbe noblost sense: To do all tho good you can—this is to be really and .trolly spiritual. To re­ lievo suffering, to put the star of hopo in the midnight of despair— this is true holiness. This is tho religion of science. The old creeds are too narrow—thoy are uot for the world in which wo live. The old dogmas lack breadth and tondornoss —thoy are to cruel, to merciless, too savage. Wo aro growing grander and nobler. “The firmament inlaid with suns the dome of tho real cathedral. The intorpretors of nature are the true and only prieets. In tho great creed are all the truths that lips havo uttered and in tho real litany will be found all the ecstasies- and aspira­ tions of tho soul, all dreams of joy, all hopes for fuller, nobler life. Tho real church, tho real edifice, is adorned and glorified with all that art has dono. Iu the real choir is all the thrilling music of the world and in the starlit aislos havo beon, and the graudost souls of every land and clime. “There is no darknoss but ignor Bronson & Light hall, tho drug­ gists of Kalispell, have a complete . assortment of tho celebrated Munyon remedies, which aro just now gaining such an enviable reputation. INGKRSOLI.’S RELIGION. 'Ignorance is the Only Darkuess\-- Teacli the Children. Iu response to an invitation Col­ onel Robert G. Iugersoil occupied the pulpit of tho Church Militant in Chicago. The address treated the questions of the day nnd advocated a principle of broad humanity through­ out. In summing up his religion, Mr. Ingersoll said: “Every child should bo taught to bo self-supporting and . every one should be taught to avoid being a burden on others as it would sbuu death. , \Every child should bo taught that POWDER Absolutely Pure. A CREAM or TARTAR BAK 1 NO rOWPRR HlOUEST or ALL IN I.EAVENINO STRKNQTB — Latest United States G o v e r n m e n t F o o d Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO. 106 Wall St., N. Y.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 23 April 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.