The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 06, 1896, Image 1

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THE .COLUMBIAN. io U s i t T SIXTH YEAR. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA. THURSDAY. AUGUST fi. 1896. NUMBER 32. COLUMBIA FALLS IS SURROUNDED BY MORE NATURAL RESOURCES THAN ANY CITY ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. BANK : O P : COLUMBIA FALLS. Columbia Falls, Moat. A SUICIDE STREAK It latches Two la Butte unit Out* in Teton—A Girl is Accidentally amt Fatally Shot. DEMOCRATS AT MISSOULA AlIG. : A Miners’ Strike About Ornh a t Lump tlulcli—A Big Grist of Mon­ tana State New*. A. J . Davis. James A. Talbott, J . E. Gaylord, B. Tibbey L. C. Trent, Butto, Mt. Butto, Mt. Butto, Mt. Butto, Mt. Salt Lako. of the United States antt Europe. A General Banking Business Trans- acted. W in. R E A D , Costlier. laaaaanacouB C T H E BEE HIVE I STORE. CROCKERY, Wooden Ware, Kitchen Utensils, | Lamps, Etc. | C a ll a n d L o o k Q > e r O u r 1- S to c k a n d G et Prices. MAIN STREET. | Columbia Falls, Montana, j PROFESSIONAL CARDS. D. F. SM ITH , Attomevj-at-LaW, COMMISSIONER U.S.CIRCUIT COURT Mrs. Mildred Mahan, the former wife of a barber wfll known in Butte, is the lateet victim of tho mania for self-destruction now passing that city. She committed suicide by Bwallowing a large doso of morphine. Mahan was u fiyo looking wo- who will bo remouibored by many us tho former casbior of Joyce’s barber shop, where her husband was employed. H er husband, Ed Mahan, left her about a year ago aud is now employed at Auacouda. Since his departure from Butto City Mrs. Muhano has boeo living with Frank Hoskins, a trimmer in tho omploy of tho Butto Electric Co., aud occu- piod room No. 42, Kelly block, East Park street. Driver Dan Lawrence cheated the coroner and undertaker at Biitto. He fuuud in the graud stand of the track in an almost unconscious coudition with two< phinonnd one of laudanum by his do. The men who discovered'him irriod him ovor to tho paddock and i tho way over Lawrence managed i take another sip of the poison, e was rolled around on the ground until tho arrival of Dr. Alvord who Wells' hospital. Ho may recover. A Choteau special says: Louis Miller, ah old resident of Teton county, deliberately committed sui- cido by placiug tho muzzle of a gun in bis mouth and then touchiug the trigger off with his foot His head literally blown to pieces and doath was 'instantaneous. The hor­ rible tragedy occurred at the ranch of E d Donnis, a few miles from Choteau. Miller visited tho ranch to borrow a saddle and, after ebattiug a while, entered a side room of the house, whore he was perfectly at home, took the gun down from the rock and killed himself without indicating by look tLat he contemplated tho act. Miller was an Austrian and had been in the omploy of Sam Mitchell for a number of years. Tillio Gardner, a chambermaid le Hoffman house, Butte, shot her­ self aud is not likely to live. The girl is only fourteen years old, and >ys she had no intention of commit­ ting suicide. She was puttiug the of one of tho guests to rights aw a 41-calibor Colt's self act­ ing revolver. She begau handling it and it was discharged. The state democratic convention lias boon called for September S, at Missoula. The representation follows: Beaverhead... Cascade COLUMBIA FALLS. MONT. A. H. BURCH, ^ D E N T I S T . Offices: Conrad Block* KALISPELL, : MONTANA. DR. J. A. GHENT, Consulting Physician. Kaliapell, Montana. TteDiroc-Jerseys Are til*OSTROFITABLEoe. M P h in *ii.t*neo. bavins boon l)t*U (or turtr- EARLY MATURITY. WMjHIttarewplefc 250 lbs. each at8 Carbon . Choteau ....... Cosier.... Dawson. .. Doer Lodge Fei 10 sihead G r a o ite ................ Gallatin ................. Jefferson ........ Lewie and Clarke Madison . . Meagher Miasoula Park Ravalli .................... Stiver Bow. Sweet Grass Teton ....................... Velley ....................... Yellowsloue Total ........................................... DURUt-JERSEY STOCK FARM, Deer L o d r a . Mont an a . 416 The men at tho Free Coinage,. Liverpool and Little Nell mines ii Lump gulch did not go to work Satur­ day morning at the usual hour. The owners of the properties had been given until that morning to decide whether they would accede to the do- ninnds of tho men to be allowed to iHiurd whore they pleased. When ho time came they had decided not to recede from the position they hud taken, and as a result the miners did not go to work. There are it neighborhood of 40 men at each of the mines. 'All are iuvolved ii striko. The mines will shut down ir an indeiinito period, the ov ly, until the men give in. Thursday afternoon Byron F. Strong, a well-to-do rancher living miles from Cascade, was covered dead in his bed, with the re- sad stato of decomposi­ tion aud already being attacked by To was found .by Harvey Hall, who had endeavored several times in the last few days to see Strong, but bad always found the door locked. Finally he broke tho fastening aud discovered the shock­ ing sight within. Sheriff Dwyer and Coroner Withnm started for Coscado immediately. From all reports it does not sooui that any foul play is suspoctod. _ The office stuff of the Western Union Telegraph company in Helena have forwarded to W. J. Bryan, the democratic and populist candidate for the presidency, a little token of their esteem in the shape of a rabbit’s foot mounted with a ailvor band around the lower part and a silver cap fitting ovor t|re end. The cup vas attached to tlio band by a silver drain composed of sixteen links, fif­ teen silvor and ono gold. It was made by a local jeweler. Mrs. Elizabeth S. Bowdoiu, one of le new contestants of the Davis will id a sister of the dead millionaire, has filed in court a petition for leavo to prosocuto a . writ of error in th« of John ff. Loyson, adminis­ trator of tho estate, in the suit for tho million dollars' worth of First National Bank stock. The Ontario mine, located near Rimini, was attached by the Mer­ chants’ National bank and L. H. Here'll field ou two cli $26,000 and $10,000 respectively. Frank Lougmaid is the present managor of the mine, b u t only took hold a few months ago. The attorneys for Pleasant Draper, tho colored murderer now awaiting death in tho Helona jail, received from tho clerk of the United States supremo court to the effect that at last the case had been set for bearing. It will come up Oct. 19. Tho briof must be filed a t loast six days before that timo. Sorno thief entered tho privato rooms of Mrs. E. Frazier aud her daughters at the Frazier house at Bezeman and earned off all of their pereoual jewelry. A general raid was made upon tho hobos about the city. Eighteen /WPFoTotrnded up, searched and ordered to skip the towu before daybreak, but no clue to the perpe­ trators of tho robbery was obtained. They got $300 worth of jewelry. Eight of the cattlo taken from the Busbby ranch at tho time of the ar- Iho two rustlers near Terry last week' were butchered uuder tho tho slaughter bouse of A. Laney & Bro., two miles south of Miles City. Friday n ight some timo the slaughter house was destroyed by fire aud it is presumed that it was done by friends of tho men charged with rustling to destroy evidence that light have been left a t the place of killing. Probably the largest single order of flowers evor sent from Bozeman 500 bouquets of sweet peas, which wont from there by express Friday night to a prominent Butto dry goods bouse for distribution their customers. Mrs. J. M. Waters furnished the flowers, a number of bushels of beauty and sweetness f the people of the gardeDless city. Abe Hciman, the young man who attempted suicide a t Butte by drink­ ing sulphuric acid, was no better Sunday and the physicians attending him state that bis recovery is impos­ sible and that his doath might be ex­ pected within forty-eight hours. Thomas Rowland, u brick mason thirty years old, died suddenly in Butte in his room at 258} East Park street. Mr. Rowlaud arrival in Butto from Portland, Ore­ gon, and had only boon working short time. Whilo walking aloug Park street on his way to work ho dropped suddenly and soon died of hemorrhage of tho stomach. John G. Currie, through his at­ torneys, Carroll Si Lecbey, has brought suit against tho Montana Central Railway of a third interest in the grouud known as th4 Jones placer, near South Butte, and for $5,000 damages. Judge McHattou held a short ou in chambers to hoar argument the habeas corpus case of Clias. Jones, who was convicted last Janu­ ary of petit larceny iu stealing from the Anaconda trains and sen­ tenced to six months in the county jail and to pay a fine of $500. Jones has about sorvod the six months but there remaius 250 flays of the sen- bo served at the rate of $2 a day for the fine. The writ was re­ fused. We have a big stock of oils aud can supply your wants. Lighting and machine oils a t bed rock prices. Ma­ chine oils are packed in neat and handy cans. M. M. Co, Kulispell. THEINSIDE HISTORY Goltllmgs Try >,<»> Create a Panic Which Gives the \Beal s\ WHY THE BANKERS STEPPED l> The Wall Street Organ is DisgtlMi ami Talks Right Out to the Specnlulire King's. From he New York Journal of Commerce of July JS7: *- A faithfully detailed history of the past-week's transactions ou the stock exchange would make e toresting revelatious. Tho which induced a general decline iu secueities and brought tho stock markot to a verge of high panic are generally supposed to have boon tho rapid decliue in the treasury gold !, the rumored spread of tho with stocks at panic prices. It sorry discouragement to tho true i faithful men who are sacrificing much to protect our fiuaucial inter­ ests to find that even amoug their i ollaborateurs in the cause of sound money, there are those who are ready to turn a great national danger into un occasion for increasing their pri­ vate wealth. It is necessary to call public atten­ tion to these scundulous operations iu order to correct the impreoaion that the events of lust Monday were duo to real upprehensions and dis­ trusts among holders of securities at largo. Tho transactions ofjhat day were a blow to public confidem damaging as the conclusions of the J FROM EVERY CLIME liicngo Sweltered in a Great Hot Wave that Swept a Big Eastern Strip. iGALE OF PAY FOR THE WORLD iews From All Parts of the World t Told in the Briefest Way. Lost week closed with the hottest i, the increasing demand Chicago convention. Fortunately, day Chicago has seen the bauks and tho foreign bankers huve doue all that was possible to re­ pair the mischief intliclcd. But both here uud in Europe there is a largo mass of investors whom no explana­ tions about tho conspiracy will reach; and there is little possibility of re­ storing the shaken confidence of that class. IN NEW YORK AUG. I for loans and higher rates for timo money. These factors unquestion­ ably existed; but their importance proportion to the disturbing effects which have been evoked Irom them. The facts had been foreseen and their effects amply discounted by “bear” operators and iu the free stocks; and this once threshed straw was for a second timo mudo a pretense for creating financial demoralization. The professional “bears\ may bo exempted from blame in this attempt to precipitate disaster. For this attack, men of other caliber were needed; who did uot ncod to borrow stock to make their deliveries, but held it by the million and could sell without stint with no fear of be­ ing “cornored.” The chief operators who, under the late dubious outlook, lmd sold freely of their large holdings aud wished to recover their stock at tho lowest possible prices. They were speculative mil­ lionaires, their co adjutafs uud friends, stock dealers of the b e h e s t grade of potency, and expert manipulators of tho market. Men Controlling large corporations were in tho forefront of the assault. Their uuitod wealth and control of capiftl amounted to hundreds of millions. To those con- witli 'Vail street affairs, it is only needful to note last Monday's transactions in the leading specula­ tive stock' in order to ascertain tho personnel of the operator*. Tho attack appears to have been a vir­ tual conspiracy. The plan of opera­ tions bore evidence of a joint under­ standing and a common purpose. How fur it was intended to carry tho mischief may be referred from tbe fact that the attack was pushed to the verge of desolating panic and was prevented from going to further lengths only by tho intervention of the banks with special arrangements to shield the treasury. It is no secret that among tho ssilants were citizens uncustomed to blend politics with large speculative operations. Men who staud high in party councils, who distinguished thomsolves a t the lute uatioual con­ vention, aud who have figured con­ spicuously before the country us val­ iant opponents of tbe free coinage heresy, are credibly reputed to have been in the ranks of these millionai raiders, both political pnrties having Ix'on equally represented. Herein lies one of tbe most, interesting phases of this extraordinary feat of buccaueering speculation. The facts reveal a depth of financial venality which we had scarcely been pre­ pared to expect even in the moral slums of Wall street. We have heard of members of coogross und of high politiciaus speculating on the fate of sugar bills aud on the myste­ ries of tariff legislation and on the secrets of administrative depart­ ments, b u t it is at least something uew that men w ho are leaders in | tectiug o u r money system should ploy themselves iu creating panics aud cudangeriug tbe ability of tin treasury to maintain gold payments. How hour these high politicians; with thoir millionaire associates, came to succeodiug iu their attempts to create u serious crisis inuy bo fernxl from the fact that, iu order to restore the confidence they have destroyed, the bauks have deemed it necossary to contribute twenty mil­ lions to tbe treasury gold reserve, while tho foreign bankors have in­ tervened to stop gold exports by issuing, if needs be, $75,000,000 of bills of exchange. Tlieso grave pre­ cautions are due almost exclusively to the attempt of this millionaire combination to' supply themselves ryan anti Si-wall Will Receive For­ mal Notification. Mr. Bryan announced Friday that the dato for tho official notification of tho democratic nomination had been finally settled, lie will loavo Lin­ coln Aug. 8 or 9, and ho will meet the notification committee with Mr. Sewall in. Madison Square garden, New York, Aug. 12. “1 have no further plans,” said Mr. Bryan. “I am not ready to give tho details of my trip cast, and it will probably be several days before any; thing is decided on with reference to rents after the-ceremony of notification.\ Tbe candidate has uot solved tho problem propounded in St. Louis, ut least, ho is uot ready to lako the pub­ lic iuto his confideuce. When asked if he had anything to say with roforeuco to tho populist nomination, he replied. “Notyet.” There has boon soino relaxation of the strain occasioned by the magni­ tude of Mr. Bryau's correspondence immediately following his nomina­ tion. Ever since his return from Chicago the greater part of each day has been spent a t his desk in his study dictuting responses to letters and telegrams. A corps q f five clerks and stenographers has aided him, and it was only today that they began to nee thoir way to the bottom of the great mass of material before them. With some expected addi­ tional help they will probably catch up in a few days. The preseut force is just about sufficient lo handle tho daily correspondence. POLITICAL fOIXTERS. Mr. Arthur Sewall, democratic nominee for vice-president, referring to a story that ho iutended to resign in favor of Mr. Watson, said: “Any man who for a moment en­ tertains such an idea is not worthy of an answer. I do uot know whether Bryan will retain a place, on tl populist ticket. He will come l Bath with Mrs. Bryan directly afti the notification in New York. They will mnko.thoir liendquart* house whilo ill Maine.” Republican managers believe that one of the most potent influences \ the coming cainpaigu will be the business men’s clubs, which they propoeo to organizo all over tho county. Merchant*, manufacturers, bankors, brokers and transportation men will be asked to join, ahtj&while thoir work will' bo done across conn ters in personal arguments with cus­ tomers, they do not intend . to ucg- lect the educational side of'tbe paign, and will circulate tons of doc­ uments different in character from ; those sent out by the regular cam­ paign committee. Tho members of these clubs, besides workiug them­ selves will enlist tho services of their employes. Maine’s Mammoth County. There are many persons perhaps living with tho limits of Aroostook county, Maine, who have a faint idea of its size. It is truly a county of magnificent distances and immense forests. It is nearly as large ns tho state of Massachusetts, and larger than some of the kingdoms of tho old world. Its forests are the larg­ est in New England, and places thut have never been visited except by the Indian or hunter. Of the five largest counjjes in the United States Aroostook is second, ono county in California lining a little larger. Only about ono-iifth of the county is midor cnllTt-ntion. Hood’s Pills\'cure all liver ills. re the es­ tablishment of the weather office. At Washington the tbermometor regis­ tered a maximum temperature of 92 degrees. Tho heat for two days was ititeuso, and resulted in two deaths. Colonel W. A. McArthur of Portland, i overcome and died on tho The other victim was Sandy Harris, a colored laborer. Three dcuths from hoaf prostration have reported a t Nashville. At Lou­ isville the hot spell broke tho record for tho past fifteen years. ' Two doaths reported, both victims being laborers. More than twenty-five por­ ous suffering from heat prostration ere treated at the various hospitals throughout St. Louis. A wage scale to govern tbe ship­ ping interesrs of the world has been drawn up. If the shipowners fail to accopt it seamen say a strike will be declared which will be folt whorover non trust their lives to tho decks of 'easels. The idea, having its origin among tho English sailors, has grad­ ually spread, until now it has stanch supporters everywhere. American said to be in thorough accord with tho movement. Dr. Jameeon was sentenced to fif­ teen months' imprisonment without labor for violating tho neutrality law Invading the South African public, Mnj. Sir John Willoughby was sentenced to ten months’ prisonment, Maj. R. White to seven months' imprisonment, and Capt. Hour) F. Coventry, Col. R. Grey and Col. K. P. White to five months’ im­ prisonment. Evidence tending to sustain the wholosalo charges of corruption ii Chicago is in the possession of tho federation. A movement is foot to secure un investigation similar the Lexow commission iu New York. The charges include specific cases of extortion of money from fortuimtes and protection of criminal and semi-criminal classes. Captains, lieutenants, sergeants, de­ fectives and patrolmen are included ‘ . the roll of dishonor. The greater part of the Montreal exhibition building burned, fire started in the power house of the Montreal Park and Island railway, north of the exhibition buildings. Tho loss is about $150,000. The Italian armoured warship Rola, about 5,800 tons displacement, was struck by lightning. The flames spread rapidly, threatening t( tho magazine. I t was found sary to sink the ship by discharging torpedoes. A severe storm like a cloudburst occurred west of Steubenville, O. Thursday afternoon, and within a period of thirty minutes a mighty torrent of water had spread desola­ tion along both Paramar’s and Fish­ er’s runs, in the lower part of the city. No lives were lost, but 200 people are homeless as a result of tbe flood. The damage gregate all of $200,000. Thursday was a very hot day in tho Ohio and Mississippi valleys. Hot winds traversed Oklahoma and Kan­ sas withering vegetation. At Louis­ ville, Ky., tho record of fifteen years was broken, reaching 98 in the shade, and causing two deaths. At Topeka, Kansas, the heat was 100; in Illiuois 101, in Missouri 102, Wabash, Ind. 99. Postmnstor General Wilson has issued an order to railway mail clerks directing them not to take activo in­ terest in the political campaign. At Freeport, 111., P a t. L. trotted in 209, the fnstost heat this year. Up to Friday Klamath took the 2.09 trot at .Cleveland, going one boat in 208}, which beat tho Pat L. record. Dispatches from Melette and other points iu South Dakota i ' Thursday night’s hail storm devas­ tated a stretch of country sixty miles loug and five and six miles wide. Tho duinago is hundreds of thous­ and* of dollars. Aaron, Kuhn & Mosonblalt, who _ composed the firm of Dreyfus, Kulm j & Co., silk and commission r “ chants, New York, assigned to . L. Gans and Oscar E. Rosonheim with preferences. The amount In­ volved is reported' to bo about $800,- They hnvo boon iu business twenty-eight years. Father Martinelli, prior general of the Augustinians, lias been appointed successor to Mgr. Satolli as papal delegate to the Roman Catholic church. ? .0 7 A . Y A H - : : ~ A tornado struck “ South Chlrt®- ton, Sidney, Ohio, and Huntington, Ir.d., uprooting _ trees, unroofing houses and ruining groin. Nebraska goldbugs want Secre- iry Morton named as presidential candidate of the gold domocrmU., . E. F . Hanson of Belfast, will prob­ ably bo named by tho Maine demo­ crats for governor, to tako Winslow’s place on the ticket. Eugene Harrison, who has been traveling auditor of the Northern Pacific, committed suicide a t Tacoma by shooting himself through the iouth. Robert Garret, ex-president of the Baltimore Sc Ohio railroad, died s t Deer Park, Md. AFTER THE BATTLE. The Weight of the Corpses was Esti­ mated a t Eight Tons. A late dispatch from Reading, P a , is as follows: Cosmus Eckenrode, of Pike Township, was in Reading and gave the details of a most ex­ traordinary occurrence which hap­ pened upon his farm. He has a po tato patch of about au acre and a half, near the western line of his farm, adjoijypig the line of Samuel Kenderdine. This place was so in- festod with potato pugs that, several weeks ago, he gavo up any hope* of having a crop, aud allowed the bugs have their own way. The army worms invaded the farm of his neighbor, Mr. Kenderdine, and the worms were crossing over into Mr. Eckenrode’s land. Early one morning he found potato bugs a*- ibled in countless thousand* on the edge of tho path nearest to Mr. Kenderdine’s land, and facing the direction from which the army worms coming. As soon as a worm would come within reach of the bogs one of them would fasten itself upon his back and begin to e at him, soon causing its death. In a short time the worms began to come by the thousands and tens of thousands, and tho battle raged most furiously. Tho army of potato beetlos was ap­ parently numberless, and as fast as the army worms came on they were attacked and killed in the way before described. The slaughter went on at such a rate that in a few hours a atnp of ground about ten feet wide along tho edge of tho potato patch was covered to an average of a foot in depth with dead worms. Mr. Ecken­ rode estimates that the dead worms will weigh probably eight tons. He intends to uso them for fertilizing Typhoid Germs in Eggs. The astonishing statement is now seriously made that there are, under, certain conditions, typhoid bacilli in hous’ egg3. Experiment* have been made recently in Gorman laborato- ies with a viow to getting some definite facts regarding this matter. I t is found that typhoid gorms have difficulty in making their way through the porous shells of the eggs, and that the introduction of such microbes may be accomplished n atur­ ally in several ways. Notice. / ' 'J A will Co- Tho stores of the under s hearafter close a t 8 o'clock p. R. W. M ain * C ash & Foss. I had a pain iu my stomach, my head ached, my appetite w*a poor and I had a bad taste in my mouth. After taking a few bottles of Hood’* Sarsaparilla, 1 was relieved of all tlieso symptoms and feel perfectly well today.” C. N. Deroe, Chico, Mont.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Aug. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.