The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 06, 1896, Image 6

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Geo. Irwin Twotb great deal of agony ir republican pres* by' onco which rail o# (no he is at present riding. cja relieve- a iv. the Montana * declaring\ at political-fan cc ’Columbian. KWH of new . \The editor cold, whenco all but him had fled, but ho wished _thnt ovory last dead beat was iu his grave, stono dead. His mind thou wandered fan away to tho fimo when ho should die, and his loyal editorial soul go scooting to tho sky ; whon he'd roam tho fields of paradise and sail o'er jasporsoas, ! aud all things glorious would com- | bine, his ovory souso to please. Ho j thought how, whon he’d look across' 1 the great gulf dark aud drear, that yawned bo tween his happy soul aud those who swindlod here; aud tlieu for water they and in agony they’d caper, nod shout to them: ‘Just moisten your tongue with tho duo that’s on your paper.’ ” Tho uttor absurdity of a silver man Wing foFMcKioloy is dawning upon all western men. Such u position is impossible. All men wbo favor Mc­ Kinley aro for tho gold standard. All silver riifen aro for Bryan. Tom Power’s porsonul organ, ^he; Bruton Pre^s, is suffering uxcniciut-i idg pain. It,«» for McKipley and Ho-j JOHN M. which 8ro of interest to th i of tho Flathead. Address a to Tan C olumbian , Columbia Falls, Mont.’ J.AND8 CLASSED A8 MINERAL. Subdivision. KWH NESt.. NWV4 ............ KWH SWi. .. E* .............. NEW KWH- ALL OF. .............. Jl UN aw ItKOlSTKn'B NOTICE FOR Pl'RUCA-. TION. Notice u hereby Klven In compliance with the llfth section of said nett that any person, corporation or company feellna LANDS CLASSIFIED EVANS. AN1WH1SIS HATHS. ,rt of I.U rials I1A1IRY M. RAYMOND, ‘•That's tho way she keeps tally of the pedestrians sho has run over. She was never known to spare one.” \And why is sho so bitter against them!\ _ \They say that long years ago a pedestrian jilted her!” Tho littlo -1-year-old daughter of a north aider knelt to say her prayers tho other uvouiug. After invoking a blessing on all the members of the family sho wound up by saying: “And blof^ Mr. Hicksworthy. Then sho rose up, but immediately knelt down again. “1 don't mean the Mr. Hicksworthy that thinks fcri. so Hinart, Lord, but the poor old Mr. Hicksworthy that’s only got ouo eyo aud always gives me candy. Amen.” Mr. Houlihan—“Oi dhrempt lasht noight thot Oi died.” Mrs. Houlihan—“An’ how long did yez lay iu purgatory!” Mr. Houlihan- \Divil a minute! Saint Peter said to me, *Yer kin go st.floull-' bronchitis, asthma, throat and lung troubles aro relieved and cured, and all 9kin diseases cured. Parties suffering from rheumatism or other ills should give these baths a trial. Tho price of each bath has bton placed at $1.00. Baths can lie had at rosidenco on Nucleus avenue. Notice We cau Boll you pants from ty-five cents up to $7. Boys from $1 up, II. S. Cau non, Ka roight into houvon ter v han; Oi know yor woifo! The Elder—“ What a touchiug ser­ mon our pastor gave us last evening.” The Deacon—“Yes, I never heard a more beautiful allusion than be used in closing, when be prayed that tho punctured aoul might never lack a bible repair kit by wlvjchto inflate bis tires with the breath oTSElvaAtoW aud scorch on to the celestial road house!\—New York Press. This office has just recoived now pries lists from Jus. McMillan & Co., Inc., 200 21:1 First Avc. North, Min­ neapolis, Minn., tho largest hide und ACKER MEDICINE CO. 6 Ji is Chamber* St., Ktw York. THE GIANT uf the ROCKIES' SJ. EVANS. Tha populist national convention endorsed William J. Bryan and named a caudidato for vice-president in the person of Tom Watson, of Goorgia. Just why such action should have been takon is oxceoding- ly difficult lo understand. Mr.Sow- all 'Is a Successful business man, rated by tho mercantile reports to be worth $100,000. Ho stands for bimet­ allism. It is harder for a man in Maine to bo a bimetallist than for the western man. Belonging lo a class q ( men who are expected to be for the gold standard, Mr. Sewall’s ad- .................... Bra ‘ f.v- WH NEW-. EH NEW-. . KWH NEW. UMOV. I S P A O E S , 7 S C O L U M N S . S3 Sunday Cripple N E W F E A T U R E S ! S P E C IA L vdeacy of silver ing: ’ Mr/Bryau nomination from a convention which denounces bis running-mate. The populists knew that Mr. Bryan could hot bo expected to repudiate Mr. Se­ n-all. Sir. Bryan showed his manly spirit when ho declined to forsake his partner. Every populist koows that this na­ tion never settled hut ouo issue at ono ttuio. All agree that the money question is' the great problem this time. Many- republicans are laying aside ail tenets of their faith until stiver has been restored to its place. Populists can afford to boas patriotic as that. l f ’Tofn Watson is anxious for reform as his party says he is her'will step down and refuse to bo a vice-presidential stumbling- block in. tha pathway of honest k money. There seems to be no eon- '■oitablo chdnco for bis election. He • safs so himself. • W R ITE R S ! Tho Iron grasp of scrofula has no merev upon iu victim*. Tills demon of the blood is often )«>f satisfied with causing drcadlul . ores, but racks the body with the - pains of riieumatlsm until Hood’s Sar*n|.arilta cures. ■ “ Nearly foul years ago I became af­ flicted with ecrolula and rheumatism. W a lk through an old dense forestand you see nothing but trees, and In spring a host of things will shoot from the ground. These did not ap­ pear before- because every thing was not favorable for their growth. S c o t t ’s Emulsion of Cod- liver Oil.^with hlypophos- phites, prevents consumption because it keeps the system in such good condition that things are not favorable for the growth of the germ s of that disease. Cod-liver oil makes rich blood; and the hypophosphites strengthen Made SUBSCRIPTION PRICES: C e n trally Located. CONVENIENT • TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Ernes ail Hits Atteideti to to First-Class Slape. my legs, drawn up out of shape. I lost ap­ petite, could not sleep. I wee a pctlect wreck. I continued to grow worse end flnslly gave up the doctor’! treatment to W e ll ALL of. N e w R ig s are being A d d e d to M eet all Demands. OPEN AT ALL HOURS. A R T H U R H A 8 K I L L , PROP. COLUMBIA .FALLS. MO' THE DUTY OP REPUBLICANS. Tto'Inter Mountain, tho loading republican 'paper of Montana,' cornea MpinrelV out for Bryan and Sewell. Its declaration should Im carefully considered by repftblicans: Upon the issuo of silver as above declared and'upon that issue alone FENCING Hood’s Awarded Highest Honors—World’* Fail D U Sarsaparilla lithe One True Wood Purifier. All dragxbts. ?L Ptfiarcdoul) t.y f.l. Ilood A Co.. Lowell. Mass. H o o d 's P l u s S U S J O X J i \MILPOAO FARM, EABDEg, Cottsn. Lut. Pciiiri ud mull F a r e Kennedy ft Decker, LIVERY.FEED & SALE STABLE Demorost Publishings Co. MOST PERFECT MADE. , pure <Jr=pe Cream of Tartar Powder. P,v om Ammonia, Alum or any other a Ju'.tfflaui 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Hor*os igainst tho fo REMEMBER , -- - - • *EW That you can base tbcCluciooati I At.L o r ..... 8*tni-Weekly Kuquirer and Tag *• * * * C o u s in s tsoth oo* year for ju»t new . $1 75 $1.79. Both aro lude- j kwh pendent I'n-e-SRier I’ap.-r* and i *'» ry them! Begin Nowlj: COLUMBIA FALLS. - a t THURSDAY, JULY 30. 18&C. THE HONEST MONEY TICKET. For President— WILLIAM J. BRYAN, or NEBRASKA. For Vice-President— ARTHUR SB WALL, OF MAINE. “No CVoNA o f Thorn*. “No Cross o f Gold.” —William J. Bryan. \I may hr in error, bid in my hum­ ble judgmmit, he-who would rob a man o f hi* 'necessary food or jiollute the tprintj at which hr quencher hi* thirst, or steal away from W '» hie ac­ customed rest, or condemn his mind to the gloomy night of ignorance, i* no more an encmg of his race than the man who, deaf to the entreaties of the poor and blind to the suffering he would cause, seeks to destroy one of the money metals given-by the Al­ mighty to supply the needs of com­ merce.’’—William J. Bryan. Where in thunder are all those gon- tlomon who-wanted republican state is this fall! bartand Pie and Power and Wool! and Woo. It squirts sickly sarcasm at Mr. Bryan, aud sliugs sweetened1 chestnuts at McKinley. It is one of the middle-of-the-road, to-hcll-with- the-people papers that is now in need of colic medicine. Eastern gold papers are weeping gront briuoy team lost tho American laboring men will, undor freo silver, bo puid iu 50-cont dollar*. Thore is no danger, but .if there was a 50cent dollar is just 50 cents more than he getting today. A hungry man would prefer even a despised 50-ceut dollar than no dollar at all. But^ there never was, is not now and never will be a 50-ccnt dollar. When the American peoplo stamp a coin “one dollar” that coin is always worth 100 Nebraska farmers will this year conquer the chinch-bugs, potato bugs and tho gold-bags. St. Louis last week entertained Cyclone Davis of Texas. Cyclont Davis also ontertuined St. Louis. Charloy Hartman is being kicked by republican papers of Montana bo- causo he is man enough to be n Yery few republican papers of Montana are printing tho McKinley pie ticket—noue of the leading oucs President Green, of the Mutual Lifo insurance couipauy, has issued letter. Ho says if freo ooiuago of silver wius his company will pay losses in “50 cent dollars.” will ho get thorn! Ho will, ho is a thief, pay tho losses in United States money, and if he does every dollar will bo worth 100 cents. However, if the Mutual In­ surance company is run by a man who is hunimgTt moans to dofraud policy holders it should bo let severe­ ly alouo by honest people. Since Mark Hanna assumed com­ mand of the republican party be has become somowhat enlarged. A few weeks ago ho would \consult with of the leaders of his party.” Now we learn that Mr. Hanna has taken a bill of sale of the g. has moved tho party headquarters from Cleveland to Chicago; he says Who shall aud who shall not see Mc- McKiuler, aud Mr. McKinley’s inter and speeches are submitted to Hanna before they ore giveu public. Mark seems to hav g. o. p. candidate, tho party and the campaigu boodle all iu his barrel. Despite a score of McKinley clubs in Montana Charley Hartman will bo returned to Congress by a vote that will make the pie • ounter brigade of Montana feel tired and weak. Senator Tolior aud his confreres issued an address to the indepen­ dent republican voters that deserves close attontiou. They declare that every man who places homo and country aboro party should vote for Bryan aud honest money. Congress­ man Hartman says Montana will give Bryan 30,000 votes. Under the leadership.of such men as Teljer and Hartman the republicans of Mon­ tana can afford to. bo honest .with themselves and vote this year for honeet money. Slowly it is dawning upon tho goldplated brain of the eastern press that the calling of names is no argu­ ment of the silver issue. To call a man a “silver lunatic” does not pre­ sent a single argument in favor of gold. “Revolutionist,\ ‘‘u’narcliist” or “ repudiator” .:may satisfy the of the bond buyer, but it does furnish tho voter with any informa­ tion that will enlighten him upon the great question. If tho gold meu have any argumouts, lot them bo pre­ sented and either auswered or ad­ mitted by the silver men. Those friends of Mr. Bryan who kopt his manly telegram' Trout Wing read to the populist convention must assume the responsibility for the error. Mr. Bryan said: “We cau- not afford to bo other than candid, fair and opeu iu this matter.” 'In Bli­ the incidents of n most exciting sou- son of political turmoil Mr. Bryan has not, by the slighest act or deed, given his most bitter enemies a chance to question his sterling hou esly and political jfrirnass. Bryau is -------- -a ----- who can — -a E X — Z Z § r — Notice for P Land Office. M ^ 7 E r t v - -Inrat of mm Anil a tone Ski^flnaV\mi \ilriS taflh|aiSo£mMreer n for Montana, at Colnmb DOCTOR •essAASA Acker's ENGLISH Remedy AN A C O N D A STA N D A R D ’William J. Bryan is ^winning friends every day and hour. Every utterance has a plain meaning and is to the point. To tho thousands who daily call to pay respects Mr. Bryau is dignificdly hospitable, genial. There ia no puffedoip pride about bim-r-nothing tut a plaii . I,'whom any l car& io- ttattcr Mc- i people are paying to Mr. Bryan J the great DF MO R EST'S AN UNPARALLELED OFFER f f E S c r S ' a S s r J W E i K .■ s i s K — iv A i. =n» nnmhW of returns at afassa DEMGRESrS* MAGAZINE FREE! FARMERS IN THE COLUMNS OF The Columbian When they have Stock. Seed, Plants or Anything Else to Sell or Trade. T R Y I T O N C E

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 Aug. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.