The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 20, 1896, Image 1

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THE COLUMBIAN: S I X T H Y E A R . C O L U M B I A F A L L S , M O N T A N A , T H U R S D A Y . A U G U S T 20. 1890. N U M B E R 34. COLU M BIA' FALLS IS SURRO U ND ED BY MORE N A T U R A L RESOURCES T H A N A N Y CITY ON TH E PACIFIC SLOPE. BAD MAH LE&S, BANK COLUMBIA FALLS ■..Columbia Falls, Moot. Kmukt'ole, a Printer, Shot and Killed by mi Oiitrai'f'il H iis I imik I in the City or Untie. L fooukh WOMEN COMMIT Sl'HMDE Mrs. Booth Cotnlnsr-Cott DIRECTORS: A. J. Davis. Jnmes A. Talbott, J. E. Gaylord, B. Tibbey I,. C. Trent. El Butte, Mt, Butte, Mt. Butte, Mt. Butte, Mt. Snjt Lake. xchange Drown ou Principal Cities of the United States an J Europe. A General Banking Businoss Trans- T H E im HIVE! I S T O R E . [ j CROCKERY, TIN W A R E , j Wooden W are. | Kitchen Utensils, Lamps, Etc. £ nnoBoa { Call an d Look Over Our | Sto c k an d Get Prices. s MAIN STREET. t ^ Columbia Tails, Montana. | PROFESSIONAL CARDS. D. F. S M IT H , Attonjexj-at-LaW, COMMISSIONER U.S.CIRCU IT COURT LAND FILINGS AND FINAL WOOFS MADE. QQL|Jk'B \ FALLS. - MONT. A. H. B U R C H , DENTIST . Offices: Conrad Block. KAJiISPELL, : MONTANA, DR. J. A. GHENT, Consulting Physician g& lispell, Montana. TheDuroc-Jerseys M w m m r u H n m s» 4rj- t^ « p ^ r R W I^ B L L l.po- n e a r l y ' MATURITY ■hot . F»huN>*d trnm the At Butte J. L. Bouesteele shot and instantly killed FranJt H. Cole, a ■ter, whom ho foiiDd peaeefullr iping with Mrs. Bonesteylo. Dur jng his residence in Butte Cole ac­ quired the reputation of a man who mnde many frieuda but of a man who knew no friends so far as women concerned. Two families Butte are kuowu to have b< broken up through him, and sere with women of a questionable kind have been credited to him. credited with alienating the affec­ tions of the wife of a fellow printer, who lived in t he \Yeyerhorst block, and ivorce followed. Another ted his wife ami went to Colorado account, it is claimed, of Colo' relatious with his wife. Bouesteele had the reputation among i N i friends of having always abused his wi'e. Blanche McGarvin, proprietress of the Richelieu, one of Butte's places died Saturday supposedly from a dose of morphine. Hor right was Annie Trowitt, and she Texas girl. Hor husband, Price McGarvin, died fire years ago, shortly after their arrival in Butte. A man was found dead near the baso of HighVood peak, about ten ilos north of Geyser He had tho npearauce of having been a cowboy. . is thought he must have been dragged to death by bis horse. Maj. Bluckhurst, of tho new organ­ ization known as God’s American Volunteers, is coming to Montana, nd Mrs. Booth, wife of Ballington Booth, will be here soou as a part of her tour through the entire battalion. That will be in October. The major Butte the 25th Helcnu tho 27th. and at Great Falls the 29th. T. H. Bruce has iustituted suit ii the United States court, against the Northern Pacific for $15,000 damages. Tho complaint recites that tbeplaint- T. V. Bruce, aged 26, killer! by a Northern Pacific freight train at Billings February 13 last, while holding the position of yard- master iu the Burlington yards that point, Charley Chew, a Chinaman, com­ mitted suicide iu a celestial lodging house next to the city hall. William M. Catron, a well known iuer, died in Helena of paralysis, e was forty-eight years old aud leaves a wife and two childron. Tho visiting and local Woodmen of the world had possession of Helena this week. They marched about the streets, ablaze with colored lights, to of two Iwnds. The pro- cossion was a mile aod a half long. Marysvillo delegaiion, 150 strong, hpnded the procession and then the ’oca) camps of about 500 men fo' owed. They also indulged in a sav iug contest. The log wax 19{ inchc through. Neighljors Wilbert of California and Wattrous of Utah made the first cut in 3:16]. The Montana team mudo the second best time; Washington and Oregon came next uuil the Colorado aud Wyoming team was last. Tho chopping hibition resulted in a tio between Neighbor Hawley of Oregon and Neighbor Baldwiu. ' Each inqde R cut im-hus deep in a lug 25! inches through, Montana Boy, the well known tre ter, owned by D. J. Arnold, died the Helena track. He was traiuii for the races and had been on worked. He had made a mile in 220 anil was considered i; promising colt, Sheriff Caldwell of Buzoinau, loft Saturday for Jamestown, N. D., taking willi him a requisition from Goverucr Rickards to the governor of j North Dakota for the return of Dick 1 Middleton, who escaped from jail ou j .1 uly 2. Sheriff ^Caldwell, by offer- i in \* reward vl $3X1 for the appre. i I, -nsiou of N]iddleioq. aud with other | expCpscs, is out $500 iu his efforts I recapture Middleton. The capture j was brought about by photos which 1 bus lieeu scut out with au accurate | description of ‘.Slippery Dick,\ charges against Middleton - At Deer Lodge tho jury iu the Ber- aud rape caso was discharged, seven being for acquittal and five for con­ viction. The impression among those who listened to the evidence throughout the trial and were pres­ ent when Judgo Brantly delivered his instructions to tho jury is that tho prosecuting attorney will, to save tho county additional expense, ask that tho case be dismissed on the ground that a conviction on theevi- >nce given is impossible. John Crounse of Burlington, aired 05, shot himself through the heart aud died. Scrap* of the World's Sews. Wyoming democrats have endorsed tho nutional platform aud candidates, iuated ex-Gov. Osborne for congress. Pittsburg, Pa., aud vicinity was on Thursday visited by an awful down­ pour of rain. It was a flood, carry­ ing death to six persons and de­ stroying thousands of dollars worth of property. 4 Dr. Nansou has returned to Nor­ way. -Ho failed to reach the North Polo, but got four degrees nearer than any former explorer. Tho Farmers Loan and Trustcoi pany, of New York, has filed suit the United States circuit court Sau Francisco to foreclose a moi gage executed iu their favor in 1889 by the Oregon improvement com­ pany for $15,000,000. John Zozak, a farmer, aged 25, liv- g near Virginia, committed suicide. He dug a hole iu a straw stack and tho straw, aud then shot himself through the head with a The Spanish government is p paring a big bill of damages to be proseuted to the United States on account of the numerous expeditions alleged to have gone from our shores to the relief of tho Cuban insurgent! There is a great deal of yellow fever and smallpox in Havana and the surrounding country. The tary conditions are terrible. The whole city's sewage emptied into the bay, and the tide is not sufficient carry it to sea. Consequently the bay is a constant breeder of yellow fever, especially around the Regno docks and military hospitals. While a force of twenty-five work- en were engaged in tearing down i Eau Claire, Wis., music hall, a four-story frame structure, the build­ ing collapsed. Twenty-five men ant down iu the ruins. Abigail Dodge, better known as “Gail Hamilton,” died at Hamilton, Mass. MONTANA METHODISTS. They will Meet Next Year at Kalls- pcll-t'oufereurc Report. The matter of indebtedness of the Missoula and Livingston churches considered at the recent session of the Methodists of Montana at Dillou aud the conference, by vote, requested the Church Extension so­ ciety to forego its claim for interest, provided the church at Livingston the principal and that the mon- ow in the treasury of the Mon­ tana branch of the Church Exteu- societv. together with the amount that sh^ll be appropriated during tho onsuing year, be donated to tho Missoula church, provided the oes do alMIi'fheir power to prove the church property. Plans were discussed for the liqui­ dation of the debt still remaiuiug up- the Montana Westeyan University, was decided to issue bonds bear­ ing G per cent, said bonds payable in five years, interest guaranteed by tho Montana conforvuco and the North- Moutaua mission. ( This makes these bonds strictly gilt-edged aud nuros their apeedy sale. The committee on church exten­ sion made their report, which showed that the church in Montaua has raised for this society nearly $5U0 • its inception, but has gotten from it $1,700. It was voted that, begining with the next aunual fereuce, the ministers attending tho conference share alike in the mattor of traveling expense. Kalispoll chosen as the seat of the next UNINTENDED HUMOR. ABOUT THE COMMISSIONERS. FUTURITY STAKES. PARIS EATS OK BONE MARROW. Spread Thinly Upon Bread it has Be­ come a Popular Delicacy. Paris now recuperates on bone marrow. After the failure of Dr. Brown-Seguard to rejuvenate the world the search for the spring of perpetual youth has been taken up again with undiminisbed ardor. The agent with which the faded beauty seeks to bring back the roses to her cheeks sod the roundness to her form is bone marrow, according to r York Herald, marrow is the soft, fatty ap­ pearing matter found iuside the hol­ low bonea of auimals. It has beeti discovered that if bone marrow is not the elixir of youth, at least it is a powerful tonic. Boue marrow is served in Parisian restaurants, spread raw upon thin slices of bread doiuty manner, and it is said to bo a very pulatablo morsel. Every eats it who eau afford to buy it, and butchers are furuished with branch of industry. The long bones of the ox are split open, the marrow extracted, and it is then without further preparation. Dr. Renault of Paris prescribed hone marrow to an uuieiiilo patient as a tonio, with immediate and gratifying results. The news of its wonderful effects spread rapidly, at the preseut time marrow eatiug has become u fashionable fad. Now York is already iu danger of be­ coming a victim of the marrow habit, and medical rneu ou this side of tho water are discussing the subject with great tuterest. Tumblers that have been used for milk should never be put water until they have first been rinsed iu cold water. Thy heat drives tho milk in and gives a cloudy «p|ieiiriinyo to tho glass which not lie removed. One <5f the oddities which the i paign of 1896 promisee to develop js the use qf the. phonograph in politics to tako the place of soino of the human talking machines which hith­ erto have had a monopoly of the business of rolling off words iu praise or derogation .of the froesilver policy. Pupils of Public Schools Make Some Astonishing Slateuiei ' Since wit has been defined by Noah Webster as the “felicitous sociation of objects not usually c nected so as to produce a pleasant surprise,” may uot the pupils of pub­ lic schools who gave the following answers to their examinati tions lay claim to it! asks Hie Phila­ delphia American.. The r^ird hero given is bona fide, having been read reeenCy at the graduation exercises of one of the leading grammar schools of Boston: “Who were the pilgriqf f\ “A dirty, filthy set who lived under the ground.” ____ “Name a domestic aDimal useful Marcl, ; for clothing and describe .............. \The ox, He don’t have any habits because he lives in a stable.\ •If you were traveling across the desert n here would you choose to restt” “I would rest on a stool.”' “Meutiou five races of men.\ \Men women, children and babies.” “Describe the white race and show that it ia superior to other races.” A white man will nod at you when he meets you on the street.” “Of what is the surface of the earth composed!” “Dirt and people.\ “Name a fruit which has i the outside.” “A seed cake.\ “Name five forms of water. “Hot water, cold water, faucet ater, well water and ice water. “Name and locate the five set “The eyes are in the northern part of the faoe and the moutli in Hit southern.\ “Who were the mound builders!’ “History canuot auswer this ques­ tion. Science only ca 'Define ‘flinch’ and 'ho pathway of tho average mty commissioner as all who have held down the job can attest, is not, rule, strewn with the proverbial j. Those who have served n i or so do not usually fall over iselves to secure a renomination, says tho Helena Herald. “One term is enough for me,” i* tho common ex­ pression of those who have admin­ istered tbo affairs of a county for four years and listened to troubles of constituents from the rural and town sections. But a ease has just come the surface wherein a board of commissioners are very anxious to ro- rse the rulo and hold office as long possible. The commissioners of Flathead county, Fred Cooke, W. G. Fitzpatrick and E. L. Preston have addressed a petition to Governor Rickards askiug that in the proclama­ tion that be will,issue for the coming election of officers state and county, he omit tho words county cornmis- ioners in that county, as they be- igvethat according to law they hold office until November, 1897. The petition recites various reasons why the opinion of tho petitioners they should hold office four years from the time they were elected, Nov. 1894. The petition while not open­ ing up the much mooted county commissioner question which has been so extensively ventilated of late, bound to bo a fruitful subject for discussiou in all the so-called now counties. As has been pre­ viously stated in these columns the commissioners in all the old counties hold until Nov. 1897, while their successors are to be elected at this year’s olection. The constitu­ tion provides that they hold office four years. Au effort was once made to auieud that document so that one should hold two yoars and the other two four years and although the peo­ ple voted for such amendment it failed to become legal through technicality in regard to the time of advertising. As the state milted November, 1886, at which time of course the constitution went into effoct the four year term of office would run as follows— 18S9, 1899, 1894,1897. In relation to Flathoud nty tho commissioners appointed served until January Marcus Daly’s Ogden Wins His Oww the Neat Little Sniaof *4,290 at Coney Island. THE ENSENADA GOI.I) BAR FOUND. T iki Much Whiskey Abroad the Land- Railway Managers Give Ont Obnox­ ious order*-Other News. ‘Flinch, to shrink. Flannel flinches when it is washed.” “By what is the earth surrounded and by what is it lighted!\ is surrounded by water lighted by gaa and electricity.” \Name six animals of the i “Three polar beam, and three sals.” “What is yeast!” “Yeast is a vegetable flying about ■ the air, bitchiug itself onto any­ thing.” “ Why do you open the dampers stove while lighting a fire!\ \To let the oxygen in and the i trngeii out.\ ‘‘What did the constitution do for the country!\ “It gave the president a bead. \What are the lost teeth that \False teeth.\ Good for the Brain Too. Miss Clara Howard is workiugher way through the University of Cali­ fornia by selliug newspapers. “I be­ lieve ip work,\ she says. “I think that any woman does not need to allow any pecuniary obstacles to in­ terfere with it. She can always reach an intellectual object through manual labor. It ia a means to an end, and, besides, it is conducive to clearness of thought.” habits. 1,1895, at which time they coeded by the present board elected ‘The present board elected to fill part of a term so they will hold until November, 1897, the lawyer who was asked about the As the governor cannot chaugo the statutes or the constitution by proclamation, it is more than proba­ ble that he will write to the sioners to the effect that there term expires in November, 1897, along with the balance of the commission- the state, and that their suc- s must be elected this fall. The matter caunot be determined by proclamation by the executive, but ist be relegated to the courts for settlement if the commissioners por- it in their desire to hold over. .Six ou Guard. Devil’s island, ou which Ex-Capt. Dreyfus, who sold military secrets of tho French government, ia confined, formerly inhabited by lopers, who raised poultry, which they sold hospital. Those lepers were removed to the Island Maroui to make room for Dreyfus, and a house built for the six officials who guard the spy, and who live there with their families. for the Six Companies, Is In Spokane, aays the Spokesman. Be­ neath the sod in Spokane cemeteries o Chinamen who passed in their checks over throe years ago. will be uncovered, the bones scraped, and all that ia leit packed neat little box, branded with Chinese hieroglyphics, and shippod to San Francisco. With about 500 similar bundles, the whole gruesome tho charge of Fang Chung, will be taken back to China to bo re­ buried. It is a part of the religion of the Chinese, although uot original with Confucius, but rather' the l oming Onr Way. An ingenion machine for scrub­ bing floors has been invented, which is something like a lawn mower, runs upon four wheels, and above tho two front wheels is a tank which contains clean water, which may, of course bo heated, if desired, says Fcarsou’s Weekly. The water is supplied to rotary brushes at the bot­ tom of the machine, and those, rotat­ ing in an opposite direction to the motion of the machine itself, scrub the floor. At the back of th brushes and over the two buck heels is anotbor tank in which tho dirt and water is carried. The wiping apparatus consists of i endless baud of absorbent ma­ terial made especially *Ior tho pur poso. This baud is pressed upon tho floor by rotary brushes, so that the doth accommodates itself to the i equalities of tho floor. The cloth rinsed out mechanically as it leaves the floor aud passes through tho taukat'lbe back. It is not n sary to sweep the floor before scrub­ bing,' The great futurity stako of Coney Island Jockey club is over and the ninth renewal has gone in|p history with an outsider as the winner. Marcus Daly’s Ogdeu was the victor. Ogdeu slid past the judges with $14,- his reward, while Ornament had to bo contont with second place by half u length and $3,666.66. Ho- dermond was third with $1,833.33, •bile the others were away out of it, badly beaten. Wholesale liquor dealers from all parts of the country will Clevelaud on August 31 to organize a national liquor dealers' as The chief object of the couvention will be to devise plans to prevent the ^production of whiskey. The wholesalers say there has been overproduction for the past five years, aud a gradual decrease in consump­ tion duriog that period. The great Bessemer steel works Pueblo, Col., have shut down cot pletely and it is said will not resur operations iu any department ur after tho presidential election. T shutting down throws about 2,000 en out of employment. At four o'clock Thursday morning Nogales, Mexico, was attacked by Yaqui and Temocbi Indians, who wanted arms and ammunition for (he Mexican revolutionists, repulsed them, losing four killing seven Indians. A | lowed the Indians to the mountains, where a fight resulted in the death of two more citizens and two more Indians were killed. Excitement is high. Three masked men held up the bank of Montpelier, Idaho, in broad daylight and got $10,000. Great Britain has accepted the de­ cision of Portugal and has acknowl­ edger! the sovereignty of Brazil the island of Triuidad. Tho dis­ pute has been a long one. The heated term has not come a close in the east, but the violence has subsided appreciably. A state­ ment prepared by the bureau of vital statistics of New York city, covering the period from midnight Saturday to noon Thursday, shows total of 1.200 deaths, of which 43 are attributed to the heat. The estimate of the number of deaths from heat in New York, Brooklyn and neighboring cities am New York state and New Jersey, from August 5 to 12, inclusive, is 621. The prostrations for the same period t > said to have been 1,255. According to the weather bureau Philadelphia suffered the unenviable distinction Thursday of being the hottest city in the United 1 breeze tempered the air slight­ ly but the suffering was as great as any day since tho torrid spell began. According to data nllected by Secretary Parsons of roe Colorado Mining Exchange, the gold produc- of Cripple Creek in the first six months of the year was $7,256,000. Ho estimates the total production of 1896 will be $15,000,000. The camp 1895 produced $9,199,000. The director of the Lick observe tory has received a letter from Mi Caroline W. Bruce of New York city inclosing a check for $1,000, to be pended in purchasing needed appar- us for use at the observatory. Much iudigoution is expressed er au order issued by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad to the effect that free-silver literature of any character whatever shall not be ributed ou thetrains orat stations by auybody connected with tho trail ice. The order is interpreted to ,0 that news agents shall not soil silver publications. Li Hung Chang submitted to a Roentgen ray examination at the Charlottenburg Polytechnic, atBer- It showed the truck of the bul- firod by the wouldbe assassin of tbo Chiifaao statesman, when the treaty between China and Japan was being arranged. The bullet eutered tbo loft cheek and buried itself in the tissues slightly below, where it is now encysted. Fang Chung, the chief scraper and gatherer of the bonea of dead China- land. At Adel, Iowa, the corn crop was learly ruined by hail stones measuring lour inches. Hundreds of sparrows ere killed. George F. McConnel, keeper of rec­ ords and seals of the grand lodge of Oregon Knights of Pythias, who ran away from Portland a month ago, to ipe prosecution for shortages in his accounts, amounting to over 1000, is under arrest at Rossland. Senator John L. Mitchell of Wis- msin, who thus far has beeu classed with the gold standard democrats, has authorized the announcement that he will support Bryan and Sewall and the free silver platform. At Portland, Ind., a hjg natural gaa enterprise, with big capital, has been formod to buck the Standard. The attorney-general of Illinois xs ruled that women can hold ap­ pointive offices in that state. Under the law the “ national dernc- cratic party” cannot be reproeonted official ballot of Indiana, so the goldbug convention will have a fight to get their ticket on. A fierce riot at the Brown Iron orks in Cleveland, resulted in the »ath of two nonunion men aud a bystander. Harmon Beach, who went to In­ diana with the first party of white settlers, died at Valparaiso, Ind, aged 78. The St. Paul broke the record on a voyage across tho Atlantic. Tho Plant railroad system with headquarters at Savannah, Ga, has issued an order to all employes to for McKinley or be discharged, men are mad and propose to as they please- if they can af­ ford it. A flood at Bombay drowned 200 people aod did immense damage. Baroness Tennysou, widow of tho late poet laureate, is dead. She was a daughter of Henry Scllwood, Esq, and was married to Alfred Tennyson Her son, Haliatn Tennyson, is the present Baron Tounyson. Mrs. Pabst of Butte committed suicide by swallowingvnorphine. Sir John Millais, president of the royal academy, died at London on the 13th. At San Diego, Cal, James E. Gar­ rett and three companions were caught in the act of unearthing tho famous Ensenada gold bar, valued at $12,000, which was stolen from the office of M. Rivoll at Ensenada on the night of March 20, 1895. rhe captors of the party were Mexican officials headed by Govornor Augus­ tin Sanginen iu person. After hia arrest Garrett showed tho officers where the bar was buried and the precious metal was recovered. Gar­ rett spent sixteen months in tho En­ senada jail uuder suspicion for the robbery, but it could not bo proved against him and ho was released on July 25 last. Duriug his confine­ ment Garrett, who is an Englishman and has wealthy relatives iu Montreal and England, made a strong com­ plaint to the British government- be­ cause of his alleged wrongful deten­ tion. _ _ _ _ _ The stores of the under signed will hearafter close at 8 o'c lock p. m. R. W. M ain & Co. C abs & Poss. POWDER Absolutely P u re. A CREAM or TABTAB BAKING POWDER HlOHKST OV ALL IN LEAVENING 8TRE8GTB —Latest United States Food Report. _ _ _ _ _ _ ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 W a ll St., N . '

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 20 Aug. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.