The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, August 20, 1896, Image 4

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KANSAS O o l - , - . - m -i-»i cv-i-i W w w b S A 3 - ~ O T x L e a = c t e o r L 'b DEATH’S LENGTHY ROLL FATAUTBS A. 1APRF.CEDKVTF.I). r HIS JOURNEY IS ENDED t Latrobc. Greenaburg and umber of pereonffitdriven Insane by t eat will probably never be known, .> a effects In that direction may be e« uted from the fact that during the we 1 persona have ben locked up In the >1 .ntlon hospital, all of whom had h craxy by the heat. e are about 800 hundred horses M Doe. Nelson, Charles Churchill. Ethel soon, Jennie Lyttle. Billy Erickson. Coffey. Robert Bnlller. ____________ ts though Birlckut by ague. New York factories have bee: oeed and outdoor workmen have Itee* impelled to drop their tools and tin teller during the hours when the sui Particularly amon, ohn McKee. Christian Wahl. Hairy McCourt. Mary M. Merta, George William Attken. Joseph J. Ca- ,-. Charles Kaumer. Johanna SneU. Fred -tltx. John Tonkey. C. S. 1L Waterman. Fiederick Welgand. Samuel Wlckersham. ■1TTI.E ABATEMENT AT CHICAGO the limits registered during the part of the day. The heat y night held almost stationary il 4 o'clock on Tuesday mornl did likewise, until previous records fc ken. The highest i te humidity., which w registered 78 at, the lop of the Auditor- T ofclock 11 wtut “ .degrees: at 9 o'clock ten reported to the health depart Earnest Bohso. Myrtle Itrinch . W. Ojechowltxvellenburg, Austl e mercury registered 82 degrees. >f about to degrees by night. A SEVEN KOBE \ degrees warmer. Following is the r Kate Dreesler A. Guthrie, Morris O lev pic, Emil Brdtman, Patrick Menlo i, : pblc Brand. John J. Hagerman. Mi garet Walbrick. August Blox.-r. Augi Lag rondo. Michael O'Toole. Golaa Krltta. Patrick Ash. Michael Borlty. He Ailrlhoff. Edward McQuIrk. Charles lips. lands Slegart. Charles Krss Robert Stolienberger. Bridget O'Hara. John Scantan, Charles P. Lumph. k. Henry Orosael. » Boyle. Alice Ernest. Michael Duffy, K. Rttlar, August la-grand. 8. P. Fits- gerald. John DowUng. Barnard McCorm- Ick. John McGongle, John Topuch. Mnrsden. John Veall. Jacob Bel John O'Leary. John Hogan, John M, ly. Patrick Mulligan. Torrance Ande Mary Frodel. Marsell. Bridget Mull Jacob Cross. Mary Martin. William North. William King. . Powers, Charles ' Flannlgan, Thom Creamer. William Williams. Walt Scdgemonde, George Zcyer. James l'l negnn. Patrick Bryan. Jacob Ault. Rob. Sayres. August Wydorf. JuUua Arroln John McGee. John Murphy. Leo C. Hay Charles Helstrolch. Charles 3. Hal loth J seph Jelka. Henry Wolf. Nellie Dcl.n. Daniel Lyons. Louis Ochlln, an unknot Italian. John Goodwin. Andrew Tlttmi Charles Rltxentbol. Thomas Wind, Lot Bruniter. WlUlam L. Knlghl. Chare! 8 phenaon. Pat Peters. F. A. Morrisla: John Kehoe. Herman Ludwig. Dietrich Pruasen. Henry McKann. John Taaf- Patrlck O'Neill. Mary Kerrigan. Mirt' Donohue. John W. Haggerty. Brooklj Patrick Gallogh. Mary Fawcett. Cliosi Lancaater, Penn., i it ran across the turnpike, struck ind toppled over into the ditch. Henry Smith, an Iron worker of Coium- s Instantly killed by a piece of ehlch pierced his head. Albert Fellnger. the motorman. was crushed lo ( prostrations; Hoboken. 7 deaths an- prostrations. The lotul prostrations New York and Brooklyn Is estimate the oast and central states with last 24 hours. It Is with some prli Major Dunwoody tonight referred off the Rockies la , valley, dragging the high 1 ke. Then eame the fall of for which humanity had bJ central over the Ohtc ir lake region h the Atlantic DRIVER CRAZY BY THE HEAT Twenty-Eight la Chicago A Insane. Chicago. Aug.-U.—A good br pered the heat to the suffering people this city, although 1 tered 22 , being only Huntington. To., Aug. ll.-*Vhen th llryau train arrived here 600 people wer at the depot to wolcomo the preSWentU _ andIdate. Mr. Bland ryoke as followi: ' It a- •My Friends and Fellow Cltlsohe: little There are people who claim that l anything without the ald^of _Lngli m Is able to maintain its own policy without waiting for tl onsent of i ------ - ------ - --- ' ly had at Iruasels. 1 bimetallism, t ll.LIAM J. BHY^N ON Till THE GREAT YlMPIRB W Pittsburg, Aug. 1L—Jan Mrs. Bryan aw newspaper repr nsburg. Po.. Aug. 1L at Orecnsburg at 8 the rear platform, c lght K will materially affect Ms m tlclputed speech at Madison Bquaro gx Mrs. Bryan i£o shows evidence < •xcrtlon. She Is worrying over ll e would be accomplish id fallacious affidavits. J silver. (Great applau* any speaking o hustled and Jostled the people to clear « pilot oablna. whll rt slip, kept shouting , principles. When the boat reached Us In New York. Captain Cross, with a l. Pa.. Aug. ll.—Approaching Bryan and Bland were te­ le rear platform by the coiA- the purpose of permitting Itroduce Bryan to the Urge wnbYed. Shouts and ertee Bryan. During tl hand shaking, fra tern Indulged In. Tl it enthusiastic a r this country. It a I ask you to organise here were loud cries for Bryan, but ind explained that the nominee nad m speaking day and night for three cr ir days, and that he was too tired lo speA. although manifestly pie Bis ml n against Frederick S. Gibbs, t York, and the regular organisation of iblican party in this city and sti It'reviews with much detail the alleged wrongdoing of the organisation, discuss; the political r- --------- * 1 if Gibbs, wl vo of Th< ethods ad< e last election. league and olher republicans party rights, and declares: \Wo belli n a majority of slates, the party ighly and highly desirous of I in of McKinley and Hobart, but In places the machinery of the party ____ lor the control of - ----- - unscrupulous traitors, n Attention is called In the letter mall plurality by which Blaine i tested in New York, and a suggestion or possibility of the ohange of o lYHEMIHBi ‘C‘l . Who Won the d s of the American e unlimited coinage o forward, sod the people surged it for Bryan and chee i the noise had aul •‘We propose to put (Great cheering.) You h silver club?\ said Bland. (Cheers tries of \Yos.\) \How many have your (Cries. \Oh body.\) Well, get to work and or country Into free silver club tallroad yards waved t and iTyron, Pa.. Aug. U.-Aboi nil- 1 - Ind women waded through m , ter In a ditch beside the tra I the hal\uta of Mr. and Mrs. Bi ng with spirit Again Blani o calls for a speech, and BRYAN KE ACHES NEW YORK CITY >1 Jersey City by Seirall, Bryan stepped upon tl through the Pennsylvania ratlroud gate here, when the train bearing W. J. and hla party tolled Into the sU- I 5:17 this evening. Tl;c regulations of the railroad company permit having tickets to pass througl congested condition In ind Mrs. Bryan platform of th- a Philadelphia and tl railroad officials tl STARTED AGAIN FOR N Bryan Parly Takes aa ! will evidently, both Hepped from the tral land of Senator Jone democratic commUti d not ono lots but rather the Unge of bravery The crowd that gathe e Bryan party v Mt of their abll- o'clock, and live minutes later the , ual darted for the depot. A good- 1 of in front of the hotel ehoered Illy. He looked tired and . [ along the route to the eta- withered tho greeted ' \ “ lows: First prise. Lasker; si lleroni': third and fourth ......... . . — — - --- - — - ..... - --- tween Pillabury and Tarraach: fifth. Jan- A crowd gathered at tho depot, and ow-ki: slgth. Stelnlts: seventh, divided distinguished J>y Schleller and Lasker 13D games Plllsbury wen >*■ Mrs. Bryan alighted, To send-off. Tho day exp roes Is a font ir hearty ’ her along a private p -molnder of tho party followed b THREE MEN ARE BURNED J - ---------- I the carriage*'In walling. - i they got outside the ferry gates d although tho police made all dill- Torts to allow tho carriage lo pro- . t was stopped several times, tho time being when tne horses. nnnojffiil cared hy tflh applause and shoung. io elevator was sent i . aUndlng opposite the burning ai it he saw four persona fi flames while trying to re re escape on the fourth floor. Mrs. Bryan were accompanied -ado contingent who came to e notification meeting. They -n and John F *n .Selected by Denver. Aug. 10.-The Rocky Mount News recootly tent to the leading mli Itlng men of the country the lowing latter: »r. Aug. 11.—Dear Sir: Wo >u have noticed Senator Thura- wliters, and that W i tho receipt of a ■ \Kindly reply to \L Do you know of any if Bryan receiving charged or Intimated that Bryan : such remuneration, or do you k any poaslblo foundation for : Byron E. Shear, all < existence of any bure leged by Thurston, a ROBBERS AT LARGE nted Saturday Night. Missoula, Mont.. AUfc H - lo the Jail at noon today, consisting e campers' outfit, trunks, boxes, bar and provisions; 16 pairs ladles' Trilby shoos, an endless quantity of ad two gray horses. ,f fish were Identified by Charles Russel. Northern Pacific _ the goods taken from his place Saturday night. __ n, claims they Beattie. The three robbere large Joined them ir d'Alene Clt7 n on Judge Logan and afterwards eel, occupied by A. K. Warren New York electrical repair shops I to *87 and 488 Greenwich street, nen are dead on the Are escape. re liberal Interpretation ol tho admlnlatraUon of Gover- for chief Justice without a chief Justice stood: David Martin, pres­ it Incumbent. 27)4: Judge T. F. Garvcr. “ j: Judge Nelson Case. U8: C. B. . Graves, 140)4. Martin would have been ronomlnoted without opposition but for recent decision In regard to the fa- s Kansas mortgage redemption law. an candidate. Judge Qarver gained In the secor ballot w peals. Governor E. L. Morrill « LATER ACCOUNT Property Destroyed. s afternoon. Several operators i DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE MEETINO erytblug Reported Ready for the w York. Aug. IL-lt was after 11:16 i the democratic national committee logether. and with Senator Jones In :hair declared Itself ready for busi- A discussion Immediately arose es « selection of the place fc isan anufacturing Jewelers. Th's ceedcd In making their way down loor landing, and from there . the sidewalk. Those who foUowed WUllam Gray. He sc by another man. who wai n on the roof shouted to him tske hold of a wire which they had lUt they either did not hear thi ■ too frightened to do anythin*, mes suddenly shot up and dre _____ ick. When the flames shifted I ihsrred and naked bodies of tho two m , .een on the Are escape. Another i jwn man appeared on the same Ore c above Grays body. For an lnxu cased directly on the crowd below, leet of flames swept the windows, i •n he fell back, his dead body was gratlnfr. The flames made their way through the I at No. 485 quickly. l the top to the o P turned In. and fc t everything In- the the traffic In that at railways hut well. The eight or ten e: ____ Jly and a total of O80.000 mated. Warren A Co.'s loss, as all the others, was total, and Is estlmi *26.000. ___ _______________ DILEMMA OK A NEW YORK ,e tabernacle tonight. Tomorrow _ __ • Will Visit the bathing rraort Garfield Beach. Interesting exhibit* ;csta of new appliances were made evening. ________ . ______ _ TAKEN THEM BACK AT OLD WAI was the posting hy tho manager o pn mine of a notice stating th ready to start the mine et th rale nf wages. UJO per day. This « Monterey, Cal.. Aug. lA-The I Bi. Paul, which went ashore Ir terday. Is .till Arm on the ycks, probably be a total loss . having boon withdrawn, and tho es of S. R. Psters and T. M. Hetter. otbef opponents, not being presented » the chairman of the national members hailed this as a happyjo- ed with hut little debate, uurer St. John reported that ar- ments had been made for a notlflca- meetlng tomorrow night, and tho liUMIT SUICIDE Washington. Aug. dngton. aug. u.— rH“.?E£s^ lm of knock-out drops ot a gambling re- ,t this Is discredited by the fact tted that Pllo hnd beer, drinking et seen on Tuesday night a week e was fond of games of chance. ,o evidence of foul play ' ' SHOE DEALER DISAPPEARS Fargo A Co.'s Fjnouolol Troubles Aug. IL-C. E. Fargo an,l Fargo, president and sccre- ictlvely.- of C. E. Fargo A Co.. aoe doalera. who failed last s left ho city. Diligent Inquiry has failed to elicit any trace of the miss­ ing shoe dealers. Friday evening C. E. Forgo accepted a summons and also a ena. issued by the master In chan- and testify aa touching u,o __ of the defunct compcny, and the condition of tho corporation. Fargo failed -to appear. h^ever.^and Mm'io came'why'he* should not he prose- tor contempt. It was when they to serve thle upon Fargo that they d of the miter's absence. D NOT MAKE COLLECTIONS rk. Aug. II.—The following no- d by F. D. Kilburn. superin- f banking, was posted at the Lehdlng Duluth Bank Suspen Duluth. Minn.. Aug. ll.-Tho S« capital Of POO. 000 . o

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 20 Aug. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.