The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, September 03, 1896, Image 6

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c Columbian.!„S£:!,£S? X S & Z S lorousnEu n J O H N W . F A C E . TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, alma cc°\ ,anco' T he C olumbian invites its patrons and friends to send items of all kinds regarding improvements, and occur­ rences which aro of interest to fho people of the Flathead. Address- all (otters to T he C olumbian , Columbia Falls, Mont. ENTERED AT COLUMBIA FALLS rOSTOITICE I THURSDAY, AUG. 27,1S96. THE HONEST MONEY TICKET. For President— WILLIAM J. BRYAN, OF NEBBASKA. For Vice-President— ARTHUR SEWALL, ipital flowing away t our bright young men. Kansas, our brightest and most pro­ gressive manhood, is flowing away to Mexico, too. Thoro isn’t a dny that some Kansas young man does not start for Mexico ana thousands have their oyos turned on that prosperous country. Is it not strange, •* ’ sad, that our boys have to loai nativo country and go to live in a for­ eign lund because they cau’t “do as well” at homo, as thoy can abroad? What a commentary this is on the opportunities in this glorious country that produces everything on earth, that is inhabited by the most intelli­ gent peoplo on earth, the laud of the free and the homo of the bravo? The laborers of our southern sister republic aro employed; our money is going thoro; our young men of push and brains are going thore. And yet the paid attorney of a corporation that dofrauded this government out of sixty millions of dollars holds up his hands in horror at Mexico! givo us somo of Mexico’s pros­ perity. If that bo “Mexicanizing” let it come aud come now. Smallest Typewriter What is thought to bo the typewriter in practical use is thus described by a travel- J ingmau: “It is mado of aluminium ; two aud ouo eighth inches ii diameter, throe-quarters iuch deep and weighs complete but tliroo nud t thoir|~ono-half ounces., An ordinary watch ' of about tho sumo sizo and woiglit. Its mockauism is very simple. Fifty characters are on tho watch-fnco-like keyboard while tho typo bars radiuto i rom the center. A single key, which ilaced over tho particular letter to bo printed and then forms the means of operu- A' pieco of felt is used a ribbon. The entire macbino is at- J tached to a writing pad by means of 3 clamp when in use. I I i ^ spoed , i not elaimod, yet it can. bo operated 1 sufficiently fast for ordinary pur- i In Roane county, West Virginia, 0 republicans havo announced themsolves for Bryan. Tho dollar of enough for our ‘iiough for us. >ur dads was good dads—it is good “I may be in error, but in my/ilin. ble judgment, he u-ho would rob man o f hie necessary food or jiollui the spring at which he quenches h, thirst, or steal away from him his at oustouuil rest, or condemn his min to the gloomy night of ignorance. . no more an enemy of his race tho the man who, deaf to the entreaty: of the jtoor and blind to the suffer.'n he would cause, seel.-s to tleshxiy <>., o f the money metals given by the .1 mighty to .supply the needs o f am merer.\- -William J. Bryan. If tho financial question is a soc- ional issuo, then Wall stroot is cuo section and the balance of tho Uuited States is the other. The gold sharks of tho east call silver men “anarchists,’’ “repudia tors,” etc., and then whiue because this campaign is “arraying the masses against tho classes.” Extract froth Bryan’s’ speech at Kiugstoh, X. Y.: “When I call a person, n gold bug,1 dou’t mean to criticise, but J use tho term with the same good felling in which he uses the word lunatic wbou he speaks of SIGHING TO BE “ MEXICANIZED. Senator Thurston, tho blatant at­ torney for tho Union Pacific railway, has been warning tho American la­ borer against boing “Mexicanizod.” That is his chief argument for Mc­ Kinley. He holds up two Mexican dollars and loudly exclaims, “ 1 bought troth of theso with < can silver dollar!\ Ho unwittingly pays a high compliment to i American silver dollar,Hjut be d not go on to show that all A merit ; Tho opportnnity is offered tho | democrats of Flatkoad county to delect county officers, but it will be : necessary for them to place in the ! field a strong and clean ticket. The | peoplo of Flathead county have been jnndo critical by tho conduct of thoir j affairs, aud they care little for party i lines iu the selection of local officials, j Therefore it is the plain duty of democrats throughout this county to insist that thoir convention on next Saturday cliooso the best official timber to be found in tho party, there is any attempt at “ machino work” stamp it out. Tho party of houcst inoaoy can well afford to hoed tho lesson furnished on Saturday, August 15, at Kalispoll. The announcement that tho Mc- . Kin ley managers have hired Bourke !. Cockrau, a domocrat, at theooormous -alary of $250,000 to make speeches , during tho cauipaigu ought to < . . „ , , , , . - , . the eves of Americans to several silver dollars, of standard weigh!— . . - . . . . . ,, .. • T7Sutg.--. One is, that tho Hanna d havo an immense suu oy to uso in the fight against tho people. Another is, that if Bourke Cockran’s convictions, were honest he would uot sell them; as he has sold lii- gab to tho highest bidder his ideas will l>o accepted by tho voters as (hoso which anybody could buy by overbidding Hauim. When Cock- ran bellows about patriotism people will understand that ho is a patriot at so much per bellow. will always bo worth 100 gold. Tkoso who havo gone to the trouble of readiug Thurston’s dia­ tribes against silver have found only abuse—not a word off argument. Only Inst week Thurston was proved to bo a peddler of slander and of falsehood, when he charged that Air. Bryan was in the pay of silver mine owners. Tho talk of men of Thurs­ ton’s stripe would hardly be worth notice if it did not consist of contra­ dictions o f tho statements of bo men. Judge Clark, of the Georgia Blatant ignoramuses of tho Ed- supromo court, visited Mexico. When ward Atkinson stripe are continually ho wont ho was a gold man. When liurpiug upon tho falsehood that tho ho returned ho was for silver. He ; -silver minor wants to got a dollar says plainly that Mexico's financialifljr an amount of silver that costa 50 policy is a groat aud effective protec- j cents or loss.” But they lion; that Mexico is manufacturing! that gold costs, (proportionately to its nearly everything consumed; H at [coinage value) much less per ounce new industries are starting up; that i than silver. The placer mines Mexico is prosperous almost beyond j worked with loss exjiense and less in- belief; nud is rapidly becoming in- j vestment of cnpitnl, dopendmit—all through lief financial j labor than are silvor mines. Does system'. ■ Other men o f .Judge Clark'.-, j any goldocrut over object to tho promiiiouce have verified the state-1 South African gold miner receiving meuts ho mado in the Arena several | $20 for gold that costs *2.56 to pro- months ago. ! duco? Theso “economists” bray Now comes proof of the ordinary j about u gold dollar boing worth 100 ovory-day Bort. Tho Topeka Jour- j cents the world ovor. Tliut is false, nul, says: Tlio gold coins of this country Another big crowd of Tqpaku|only 110 percent fin e -10 pereor o about to invest th< __ n Mexico. It is funny tb. of millions of American money is rushing to Mexico when Mexico is on a silvor basis, is it not? Very inauv of theso identical investors say that if wo want foreigD capital inve . r ! in the United States, in Kansas, iu To­ peka, wo must slay oil a gold.basis. Mexico on a silver basis with her much ridiculed dollars is gelling all the capital there is to invest, and Kansas don’t get a smell. Mexico with’ her shaky govern­ ment, her annually threatened,revo­ lutions, her volatilo and daredevil population doosn’t scare the ’ a little bit. A revolution may o turn the Mexican government forty-eight hours, yet capital is p iug iu I here from America, from ropo and oven Barney Barnato on all tho way from South Africa mu vests *15,000.000 of his ? old in M co. • So instead of gold flowing In a letter to tho Now York Young : Men’s Silvor Club, Henry George I said: “ You aro right iu bolieviug uu (o desire (he election of Bryau. Ai | to this 1 havo no doubt or hesitation 1 shall vote for him, no’t because hi I is tho regular democratic nominee, : nor because i bold his views o currency quesliou, but because i choice non offered us ho clearly represents tho Jeffersonian princi­ ple, a principle of oqual rights to all and special privileges to none, which j is to my mind tho only thing worth struggling for in our politics, nnd tho ,s | only thing by which nud through , which the American Republic can ! preserved in the dangers that i: Twouaco it— ull other conditions Notice for Publication. what I know aud have heard of the , umn, I shall vote for Bryan with jis is j greater satisfaction and firmer coufi- ig\ a ! done© than I havo voted for any pros- The stores of tho uuder signed will hearafter close at 8 o’clock p. in. R. \V. M ain & Co. C abr & Boss. Mothers Anxiously wn'tcli declining licallli of by consumption ill cariv years that there is real cause lor anxiety. In the early stages, when not beyond the reach of medicine. Mood's Sarsa­ parilla will restore the quality and quantity of the blood mill llms give good health. Read the following letter: “ It is but just to write about my daughter Cora, aged 19. She was com­ pletely run down, declining, had that I feeling, and friends said she would not ” re over three months. She bad a bad Cough and nothing seemciUg do her any good. I happened to read about Hood's Sarrapa- rilla and had her give it a trial. From tho very first dose she began to got belter. After taking a few bottles sho was com­ pletely cured and her health has been tho best ever since.” M bs . A ddii : P eck , 12 Railroad Place, Amsterdam, N. Y. “ I will say that my mother has not stated my case in as strong words a? I would have done. Hood's Sarsaparilla has truly cured me and I am now well.\ C ora P eck , Amsterdam, N. Y. Be sure to get Hood’s, because Hood’s Sarsaparilla Isthc One True Blood Purifier. All<lrun:lsts.*l- PreparedonlybyC. I. lloml&Co., lejwell. Mass. H o o d ’ S P i l l s UabkaailbrocOclaiat L I V E R Y FEED AND SA STABLES, N' BEAR OF COLUMBIA HOTEL Centrally Located. CONVENIENT • TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Horses m Rip Attended lo in First-Class Shape. Leads as a Newspaper. It is Going to Lead in MAKING CORRECT RATES, JST E ’W R A T E S . 'Many people believe that $2.50 and $3 for a weekly paper is too much these hard times. It is, no doubt, true. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the price of The Columbian so that every one in Flathead County can have the pleasure and profit of a Good, Newsy County Newspaper. THE NEW RATE, FROM MAY I. If paid in advance, per year, : : $1.50 If paid in advance, 6 Months, : : 1.00 If NOT in advance, per year, : : 2.50 SEND NOW FOE C O X - i U M B I A - I S T , COLUMBIA FALLS. Jke Spokane SpoUesncarvRe^ieW, — -------- CONTAINING THE- ----- - ---- TELEGRAPHIC NEWS OF THE WHOLE WORLD, 1 REACHES FLATHEAD VALLEY READERS 21 hours a h e a d o f a n y o th e rs ! A Newsy, Bright, Silver Advocate, Containing the j Dispatches of Two Associations, and Reaching f Flathead County towns the day o f Publication. PUBLISHED EVERY DAY. M a il, 6 5 C t s .a M o n th . COLUMBIA FALLS Presents More attractions to Mists, ill Men anil Manufacturers THAN ANY POINT ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. Columbia Falls is tho most import­ ant lumbering point- in Northwestern Montana. It is tho chief grain ship­ ping point on tho Groat Northern Ry. betweu Croud Forks and Spokane. Situated ut tho junction o f tho three great logging streams it lias practical advantages ovor any point in Mon­ tana in Lumbering industry. Tribu­ tary to the town along all thro© rivers is an abundance or timber including Pine, Fir, Tamarack, Spruce, Birch and Cedar. With water power that can.- bo easily developed Coiumbiu Falls offers especial attractions to factories*especially llioso working in wood, such ns Wooden Ware, Furni­ ture, ete. The advantages found here for sueh enterprises an passed on the Pacific s!o|>o. Just north of the city are the great coal measures of tho North Fork, pronouuced by experts to bo tho larg­ est coal deposit ou the Pccific slope It is similar to Rock Springs coal in quality, and is tho only smoltiug coal now known on the Paeific slope, and will always be in demand. Columbia Falls is in the great Flat- bead valley, tho richest of tho ricli valleys of the intormountniu region. The crops of 1894 averaged 'approxi­ mately: Oats 50 bu. per acre, whont 30 bu., Potatoes 300 bu. There aro a number of farmers who have raised 80 to 100 bushels of oats per acre. ! Irrigation is not needed. Mho crops found a ready sale. To that class of peoplo dosiring to reside iu the temperate climate of !|in Pacific skqie this locality offers unri­ valled advantages. At an altitude of 2500 feet, situated ou n well drained bench, Coiumbiu Fuils has the well reputation of boing tho healthiest I town in healthful Montana. During j tl o winter just passed the thennomo- l ter reached the zero point on five oc­ casions. Oa uo entire day was tho jO mark reached. Stock wintered on ! the ranges without care. Columbia Fulls bus a haudsomo r bridge across tho Flathead river, a *10,000 brick school houso, a flouring mill of 150 barrels daily capacity, wa ter works, and good railroad facilities Who have tJiod it'day IT PAYS THEM TO ADVERTISE IN THE COLUMNS OF The Columbian When they havo Slock, Seod, Planks | or Anything Else to Sell Or Trado. j T R Y I T O N O E . COME AND INVESTIGATE. Or write for information to inlitnalnllJ o o m f -AJ stst . C o lu m b ia F a l l s , : : M o n tan a -

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 03 Sept. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.