The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, September 10, 1896, Image 1

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THE COLUMBIAN. SIXTH VICAR. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. 1896. — NUMBER 37. — - COLUMBIA FALLS IS SURROUNDED BY MORE NATURAL RESOURCES THAN ANY CITY ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE. FAILURES GALORE COLUMBIA FALLS.: C o lum b ia Fallo, M o a t. A. J. Davis. : Butte, Mi. James A. Tall>ot(, Butte, M . •1. E. Gaylord, • Butte. Mi. B. Tibbey Butte. M-J L. C. Trent, Salt Lake, i 1 icipal Cities ,, ill.I Europe, j usinestiThiu.s-. FUSION TICKET I its labors. T. E. Collins for trefcsnr- | or, O. B. Nolan for attorney general, 111. If. Buell for associate justice of I the supremo court, were'nominated | by acclamation. For auditor there was a lively% light between G. It. Mjimi of Yellowstone, Charles Hall of Valley and F. \V. Fbindexter of Dillon. Two ballots wcio required for l’oindexter to Win. I Tom Long was secretary of the I convention; J. W. Mporc >vas a mem- j her of the conferquco eomuiitteo; W. D. Hill was a member of the com- tfttoo on |H-rrunueut organization. I billhead county received ample rcc- j (ignition, Tbo fusion left Ly y lie a Great Thing lml I TuWhril Making TIHH'SAX! AUK OUT OF WORK. Luring out for t a a a a a a u it jjjj'jju ju a a a a a a u a ^ , I T H E i' The long-bilked stuto ticket by deli if fusion upon a ocrats aud popu- i the selection ortho ove. That it is satis- parties must be stir- ecisivc majority given tance,* in the populist Smith forces, witV for fusion; the Rams- •tnry of lu the distribution of offices over the state, Helena gets one olector, attorney general, associate justice, governor and superintendent of pub- lie instruction; Butto gets two elec­ tors, Anaconda gets secretary of state, Groat Falls gots tress Meagher county lieiitenunt govi and Beaverhead the auditor. Missoula handled tin? convention admirably. A building was erected for tbo purpose, aud the garden city contributed lavishly .from its won­ drous Dower gardens ,putil the hull was a huge bower of beauty. The bauds were in evidence‘\and ovei visitor felt that he was welcome. STANDARD NOMINEES. STORE - fdemocrati.- (Miifoutioii tit H majority.if over .eighty, iu L i.400. for fiusiou. The lirsi «■ {: j each com Jjfvjlicslion. £ Oil Fritlay morning n co. [ ] > . m i r id V^Miesouln couviutiob-^at l pl'ic J CR OC K E RY, T IN W A R E , W o o d e n W a re, K itch e n U tensijs, from the Helena, for .afwauetHilLU •O to be a].|Kiiuled by The populists were the democrat- tod « Lam p s , Etc. fc-L Call and Look Over Our Stook and Get Pricestf i L O B E I I S , ■ 3 M A I N S T R E E T . j; 3 Columbia Falls. Moiitaua. H fi shows th.• r—rrr r r r r r r r r . r r - PROFESSIONAL. CARDS. The democrats II ihu up- i cjiif.-reucu committee of the ten inW and began their division of places ou the kct. The list aliovo given result of their deliberations, adopted by the committee • of eight to two. Col. Flathead aud Bryntop of , dissented from the rnajori- rion was brought about by nee liy the popiflists that d not ' Kaihsdell would be r governor. The result of list vote ou governor showed j the strength of fusion aud of Smith. Tho democrats were inclined front the first to give the populists a fair share o f'the stato- offices aud thoy did so. The fusion agreement gave I tho congressional nomination i dell i that v the D. F. S M IT H _ . j me nomocracy was reopen AttOrr\e\J-At-UaW, ''loiH-d'vitha vigor that -r 1 tho participants them solve .-ally big fight of the convention e lined, aud the old factional Tight tho douiocracy was reopened and do- astouished C O M M ISS IO N E R U .S .C IR C U IT CO UR T LAND FILINGS AND F MADE. C0LUM3 \ PALLS, A. H. BURCH = D E N T ' 1 S T , Offices: Conrad Block. K A L I S ^ E L L , : M O N T A N A . DR. J. A. G H E N T , Consulting Physician. K a lispell, M ontana. TheDuroc-Jerseys The men known ns the follow. Duly, led by J. R. Toole, E. D. Matts i'liliniT and llurkiicr Set up to he Bowled Over in Xofoinhcr. old democrats in session at In- diuuapolis nominated John M. Pal- votornn statesman of Illi- presiilent and Simon B. Buckner of Kentucky for the second of honor. * platform denounces overy- body and everything ill sight with xccption of Grover Cleveland Of thnt gentleman it snys: e patriotism, fidolity ami cour- illi which President Cleveland -Ltev-fulIdled his groat public tr.ust, :io vigorSUf character of his admin- .(ration, its uisifcri. and energy in uiiutaiiiiug civil orde¥-.®nd tbo en­ forcement of the laws, itii'Cdualre­ gard for the rights of every section, d dignified conduct of foreign itIfairs, and its sturdy per- stencu in upholding ‘ the credit and mor of the nation, are fully reog- zed by the democratic party, aud ill secure him a plueo in history bo­ de the father of the republic.” Ono of tho chief denunciatory paragraphs readT thustlv: arraign and condemn tho populistic conventions of Chicago id St. Louis for their co-operation with tho republican party for iu- theso conditions, which arc J in justification of the crease of the burdens of the people, and further resort to pro­ tection. We, therefore, denounce protection and its ally, the free coin­ age of silver, as schemes for tho per­ sonal profit of a few at tho expense of tho many, aud oppose tho two pnrties which stand for theso schemes as hostile to tho peoplo of the repub­ lic, whose food and shelter, comfort and property are attacked by higher taxes and depreciated money. ffirm tho democratic doc­ trine of tariff for revenue only,” The national committee decided to liooFS iug tho oougre.isional nomination Imi o an executive committee of nine bhuik. When his preposition was to muungo tho campaign and W. D. MONT. put before the onvention it aroused By urn was selected without oppo- the orators to a high degree of bril- n for chairman. i.ouiiuntion at democratic hands. Nobody had uskod him to do so, or even dreamed of tomlering him the honor. Tho democrats who bcliuvod that, inasmuch us tho fu: EA R L Y M A T U R IT Y . r. The proposition was plainly o endorse Congressman Hart- who lirnl publicly said a month > tha tould II t had I democrat should plac u t lie emigre, i their purly. of this view ou Editor' Quinn of Butte, -oiiutrymeu, spool Tho oquont Mai Gorinully of Meagher, the and tiros mm* Burnaby of Ige, the earnest Henry .Stiff, logical'. Senator Hill enter- ■ audience f a entire Both presidential and vice presi­ dential candidates will be notified of nomination in Louisvillo September 12. IN THE HOUSEHOLD. Tho uoatest, easiest aud strongest way to rep ir re its iu knitted uuder- Chat ban wear, knee of slocki ■gs, etc., is to arrived a baste a pie.•o ol Plain lace net over tul wreck the hole and darn through its The iv. meshes. When finished the unco jretl edges can bo cut away. juice of fruit pi- “ ir S WAS LEFT TO ROT gold stundard. Iu the presence of 8,000 spectator*!; ----- , . Fleetwood Park William liiirluir Causes tin •veil Men—News of OK A HELENA BANK. :ugc Death of a bail at East Hele- na-tVns He Foully Murdered or AccidentallyShot? H. Damn-. Ac Go „ Now York irtcisof fruit, have failed, owing it said to '.In- proc-lamalioB of General 'oylor,. which^uojubks tho imports an of fruit from their vast estates in Cuba. At Leudville the Bimetallic smelter, amployiug 2lK) men, was shut down iug to inability lo procure sul -nt ore to continno in operation. The Edgar Thompson steel works of Carnegie closed down indefinitely, ho suspension was a general sur- risc. At least 1,&00 men vfcre thrown it of work. United .Stales Judge Foster ap­ pointed receivers for the J. B. Wal- Mortgage Company of Xaw- , Kas.. the largest concern of iud in tho state. Tho liabilities amouut to $1,250,000 in dobenturo bonds, held iu the east. Tho Michigan Mutual Life associa­ tion, organized in 1875, for the bene­ fit of members of tho Masonic fratcr- ipplicd to tho court for a The directors have trans­ ferred llio policies outstanding to the Home Life Assurance company of U-troil, aud will go out of busiuess < soon as lho court will allow. Captain Albert Dreyfus, sentenced i be publicly degraded aud con­ fined for life in the fortress, after having been convicted by acourt- jmartial of selling plans of the French fortification.- to a foreign government, has escapi d from tho Isle Do Grand John K. Gentry defeated Robert J., Frank Again and Star Pointer in tho fastest harness race on record, the gullant little son of Ash- id Wilkes stepping tho first heat 2:03$, the second in 2:03$ and the third in 2:03$. Harry Jlijl, who for many years occupied a promiugnt and unique po- ion among tho sporting fraternity Jvbw York, died at his home, at Corona, L. 1. His death wds caused by malaria. Tho action about to bo'taken by The bloody, rain-soaked and the Seat I lo bunks in discriminating burned corpse of Valentine Wagner, against Canadian money, both silver j left to rot on tho earth byhismur- bO followed by jdc: < ;s. was discovered by Charles T. the Spokane banks. ' ' (Gardiner on Saturday on tho old Reports are in circulation at Shatlg- j Brown’s gulch road, near Butte. Tho bai which if correct, show that tho j motive of tho killing was apparently travels of Li Hung Chang in Europe that of robbery. The turning wrong in the immediate future will have J sid.- out of tho trousers pockets of the most importaut effect upou the policy (dead man gives this aspect to a case of the Chinese government, aud the j v>Iiicli is otherwise obscured Chinese empire shortly will lie j found mystery. Another significant thrown opou to- Deo trade with the 'circumstance was the locality rest of the world. 1 which the remains were found— At Cfiadron, Neb., an unknown j unfrequented road which has been fiend saturated the bedroom floor and j lit tio used sinco tbo now highway to beds, upou which were sleeping^*- the Brown's gulch settlement Sub; Pulouse harvest hands Miss Louisa Milfson, niece ol Wil­ liam J. Bryant was married >alAleffer- souville, lud., to John L. Martin. Th,-young peoplo resido in Salem, III. Tho bride left homo qptensibly relatives aud was met ou the train by her lover; Tbo mother of y is a sister to Bryan. The groom is in the lumbor business and,a son of Gon. G. L, • business portion of Monmouth, was destroyed by fire. Loss, Ore.. ning out i i tho o straw or a tiny tube of white paper perpeudicularly in tfco upper crust; ft will carry off the steam, acting ns a safety vent, and tho juice will uot boil o -1 Word, who looumont to William I. was un- iu the city of Breslau with l>omp aud ceremony ou Friday. Nebraska the democratic and populist electoral ticket now stands eight for Bryan, four democrats lor Sowall and four |x>pj!ists for Watsob. bus, O., Central Street puny las thrown into the hands of a recover ou Saturday, -hbishop Ireland has issued a , announcing that hereafter at the Catholic parochial schools iliou would be charged, such tui- in being considered an obstacle to (•growth of tho schools. The Northern Pacific is cutting ox- •attos right aud left aud it is said that tlie cut will average 33 per cent. officials, it is claimed, have all had their salaries ciit down aud one of the queer ■ points is that those who were promoted went into their now positions with tcut of salary ii some places as high an 81,000. Dr. Thomas Gullighor, who iva: liberated, last weel, after serving rs petal servitude d Portlmd prisons, has •iv Yorj. He n's Chrtffinn temperanco union of Oshkosh, .Vis., is very mad. It is out iu a eirelAr declaring that thtTisale of jintoxic.tiug liquors, gam­ bling and induced exhibitions,have been permitted oT the grounds dur­ ing the great Noth western fair, mak­ ing ! lie fair uu .iisufo place for the youth and childra of the city. The commit!,• appointed to try the case against tov. Thomas Cooper, the dep.i-:, d p.uior of St. Joseph’s church, at Haul bai, Mo., found him \ross|mmornlily slander A c t d r o o o DUKUC-JERSEY STOCK FAR:' D e e r L o d c o . i l o r . t a i . u delicate lacos have readied to of soil which soap and | water alone can remove, roll tho luce j smoothly around a battle, aud put it ;K„i|| j i into a basin of warm borax suds; it i amj j)r,,f;,iiity. ! irs or pier j -p|1(1 .Hickson [county, Wis., bank ioil, should j c|0Sl.,i iin, -. tit ion of Thomas R. vo or three clear Mills. The | dlioner alleged that aud loft to dry ||1(. , |,,Jllk l,,, ,.(| ,.posit0rs on demaud to exceed-8i5.0,1. null 'is insolvent. is«\\u | _ i . , , I John C. Sheliftn, tho loader of , ..... . o »,p o »- o leave | r]c|| IIII(j vitalize vour blood with j lively for tho bdorsement of Bryan demo-.1 Hood's Sai saparillu aud thus keep and Sewujl nndjlie Chicago platform, ipleted j yourself strong and hoalthy. What determiud him finally, ho said, y soak for a few In ul i iiMfht, ortxjr.ling to the I boiyhed tbo « o n - r , I aiiicd Corpse of Valeiitinc found ou an Unused way Near Butte. sistaut Postmaster W. A. Daudley, wife aud two children, with kerosene, then sot firo to tho room. When the- mien succeeded in rcuioviug the -upants both babies were dead and; tho pareuts uuconscious. •lily's Ogdeu won the groat east- handicap at Shcepshead Bay. It a fiue victory, in fast time, and I run from a very bad start. 'usiou failed in West Virginia, esse Grunt has joined the popu­ list party. Tho forces of tho triple alliatiee made up of democrats, populists aud republicans will confront the gold opened. It would seem that Wag­ ner was lured to tho spot and mur­ dered for some other purpose than mere robbery. Tho several bullet holes through tbo head aud a heavy welt on tho fofehcad bear out this idea. The First National bank of Helena has suspended. A notice, posted on the door said that heavy withdrawals had caused the suspension, and that the depositors would be paid in full. The bank has a capital of over a mil­ lion, and was reorganized after the panic of IK'S, when it was forced to dose. Among the heavy depositors , with $200,000, but it is plete fusion of all the silver forces ! M ciircd by an indemnity bond. Presi and insures a solid vole for Bryan j dent S. T. Hauser, of tho bank, presidential electors, aud a division j Nciv York, but Managor E. D. Ed- by which Watson will got three of j gerlon says tho bank will pay all de- tbo twelve names ou the electoral positors in full, and a dividend to ticket. Tho fusion agreement cm- tin- stockholders. The suspension ticket, tho populists 1 caused little excitement. There getting tho secretary of state and iu- j no run ou the other banks, aud they kuranco commissioner, and tho silver j did only Iheir ordinary business. Captain Geo. S. Hovt, assistant quartermaster of the United State* army, was stricken with paralysis at Helena. Captain Hoyt bad charge of the construction of Fort Harrison at Helena, and is one of the best known officers in tho army. A man whoso nutuo is supposed to be Oscar Tweet, killed himself in­ stantly at Anaconda by shooting him- tho head with a 38-caliber re­ volver. He was found restiug on the though ho hud sat upon the edge of it when ho fired the fatal shot. Tightly held in his clenched hand was the weapon, his fingers so firmly bolding it that with difficulty was it removed by tho coroner. The dead man was a comparative stranger in Anaconda having arrived there from Tacoma only about one week jo. Cascado county republicans in­ dorse Chas. S. Hartman, but elect several McKinley delegates to the state convention. Sam Roberts, a range ridor former­ ly iD tbo omploy of Con Kohrs was drowned while ongagod in driving a herd of drifting cattle to this side of tho Canadian line. Roberts was a •phew of the commanding officer at Regina. He was a graduate of Ox­ ford university and had been en­ gaged as a cowboy about a year. His body was shippod to Regina for in­ terment. Tho body of I. Paulin was taken from the river Missoula. Mr. Paulin wmi an ohl and .highly respected resident of Grass Valley. ComiDgto town Thursday with a load of hogs, ho disposed of them and spent tho eveuing with convivial friends, after which ho backed his team into the rivor. The Granito county silver club has been organized with 200 members. Tho sheop sheds, barns, hay and graiu stacks belonging to H. D. Evans, of Truly, wore burned on Saturday. Twenty-live stock bucks perished in the sheds; loss $2,000, no •publicans the lieutenaut g< The democrats retain the governor­ ship and the rest of the ticket. Yores opera house at Benton Harr bor, the finest in southwest Michigan, was entirely destroyed by fire. Fif­ teen firemen were buried by the fali- ug walls. Eleven killed. Five dead belonged to tho St. Joseph depart- Tho Eveuing News plant aud stores in thu opera house block wove destroyed and a store adjoining de­ molished by falling walls. Total loss $60,(XX), insurance $25,000. The dead are: Frank Watson, John Uoff- Tboinas Kidd, Frank Wooloy, Ed. H. Gage, Scott Rice, Will Milieu, Louis Hoffman, Arthur C. Hill, Frank Seaver, Robert Rofe. The body of a train robber who os shot by Engineer Ingles was found lying near the track not far from Sucrameuto. In his hand was grasped a loaded pistol. Tho man’s is though to bo F. J. Morgan uud he probably came from The trial of tho first charged with tho murder of Sheriff Joseph Rogers at Gloueoo, Mil resulted iu a verdict of murder in second degree, followed by a double lynchiug bee. The two men lynched were Darmen Musgrove and H. A. Ciugmare. Will’. J. Bryan was formerly noti­ fied of his nomination for presidout by tho natioual silver party at Lin­ coln ou Tuesday. Tho labor organizations of Chicago celebrated Lubor Day wjth a parade in which probably -10,000 men partici­ pated, practically every trades union in the city being represented. The chief attraction was tho speech of William J. Brvun at Sharpshooters' Annie Livingston, for years the immon law wife of John L. Sulli-jkci iu, died at Now York. Sho was an j Bu •tress, ami mis 30 years of age. She ! .- o« married to a Boston candy; Sp manufacturer, but left him twelve j tio ago to accompanv Sullivan to! I -lically every department of ft'- tho Cambria works ut Johnstown. I’j , ,f down for nu imlefiuite time, - nm throwing 2.(XX) men out of employ- j hit Lack of orders is given us tho j . of suspension. % j \ Hawkins Eggen, a lad of fourteen, i killed near East Helena. I a companion named Joseph icmukcr started to tho hills hunt . An hour later Shoemaker came ning into town, breathless aud iscil from falls, and reported that Eggen had been shot by an unknown slaughter house; He said lie uud Eggcu became separated mu distance, and as ho happened look urotiud ho saw the straDger jerk the gun from Eggen’s hand, fire and tbeu make for tho hills, maker, in groat alarm, at once started running for Eust Helena. Soon - was collected,' and went to the and fouud Eggen's body, the folded over the breast and his crossed. His head bad been filled with bird shot. No trace of tho alleged assassin was found, and •picions that Shoemaker killed his companion while shooting thrown in tho air and told tho ttory to cover up his terrible tuko. Patrick Cronin lost his life and Mike Burns and John Donahue, were seriously injured in a wreck ou tho Pony branch of tho Northern Pacif Castle believes she will hear tho whistlo of tho railroad engine ou Oct. 1. Geo. B. Barker, o f Billings, is dead. The immediate cause of his death was cirrhosis of tho liver. He well Jelly wu to all old time Montan- •i. lie leaves an estate ostiinatcd at about $20,000, all of which good securities. He was a stock­ holder iu tbo Galt mine at Neihart. Doeito Fountain was struck by lightning Tuesday afternoon while at i a ranch near Race Track, instantly killed. Hurry AVing, the defaulting book- r of tho State Savings bank lo, who pleaded guilty to grand . was sentenced by Judge -- I-, three years in the pooiten- ul bard labor. s Ren miner, dead in a prospect bole about : •« -oath of Helena at the head U-.dfalo creek, by Peter Gagnon : .1 bn Rice, who were out grouse H. Katell, tho demented painter, was adjudged insane Senator Voorhees is vory^ll, and I day and will bo removed to the failing c. rapidly that his friends I a.ivluin at Warm Springs, fear ho will bo unablo to take part iu i John Anderson, employed ou io campaign. j Peterson’s ranch, near Kibby, is ly- Senator Teller mndo his opening! in-.; dangerously ill in Bolt from an campaign speech at Morrison, 111., j electric shock received during a audience of 3,000. j storm. Big Democratic Majority. Tho weather throughout Arkansas on the 7th was cool and pleasant, and from special dispatches rocoived by the Gazette the indications are that large vote was polled. It is be­ lieved that the majority of Daniel W. Jones, democratic nominee for gov­ ernor, will not bo less than 50,000, and it may possibly reach 00,000. Tho Commercial-Appeal’s Little Rock correspondent telegraphs that tho democratic majority in Arkansas will reach 60,000. This is a demo­ cratic gain of more than 35,000, as compared’ with tho gubornational election two years age, and the larg­ est majority ever given in the state. Vice-President Stevenson will take the stump in defeuso of free silver. Gauaaur, tho Canadiau oarsman, defeated Stansbury, tho Australian, at Putney, winning the worlds cham­ pionship, tho sportsman's cup and $2,500. Baltimore is first and Cincinrati second at present in the national league. Copenhagen has 300,000 cyclists. Yokahama uow has its school for cyclists. President Krueger of Booidom now rides a wheel. __ The Salvation Army in England is using bicycles to some extent. The charge for carrying a bicycle to Europe and' return is $7, and it must be crated. Parisian cabmen claim the bicycle and telephono have destroyed their businoss. The Bicycling World says that ac­ cording to reports there have been 14,006 bicycles stoleg this year up to July 11. . . _________ Last month of Tin: C olumbian and Cincinnati Enquirer rate. 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The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 10 Sept. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.