The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, September 17, 1896, Image 2

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J O. O. F.-COLUMIIIA. LOIHiK : IfBIHODIST BP1S<X)PAL CHURCH m TlooCrcry other Sundnr at II a. ra. anil 7 p.m. Sunday Scboolat 12. Vlaitomcordially I anted. P. W. HAYNKS. Paato. pATHOLIC CHURCH—8KRVICKS AT S U Sandal’ at 3 p.m. G A.R.-OEORQE B. McCLRLLAN I . meet* at Kennedy Hall the Secant Fourth Saturday# of each month. ' e comrade* incited to meet wit h n». R. F. T at *. AdJ. H.H.O.'ta. I ■ County Supt. of School#, P. N. Itaaviu ■ty Sheriff^h-H. B aldu iis lc AdminUtratoi \ mer. J. M. M etti u. O. Kmr.vTnlca.Col Columbia Falls, Sept. 10, 1896. TOWN AND COUNTY. Read Fitch’s od. Miss Ora Willoughby is visiting in Kalispell. W. W. Andrews, of Cloveland, was in town Tuesday. James L. Freeburn, of Idaho, was in town Sunday. Thomas Reynolds, of Great Falls, was at tho Gaylord yesterday. Sidney Logan and Sam Uilburn of Kalispell were Tuesday visitors ii Columbia Falls. Charles A. Currier and Miss Della L. Van Wagner wore married at Kal­ ispell yosterday. John A. Gibbons camp, S. of Y received forty stand of arms from the governor this week. The delegates to tho state popu­ list and democratic conventions havi all returned to their homes. J. J. Kennedy has returned from i visit to Missoula, whore ho took in tho. convention of tho democrats. For Sale. Now $10 Autoharp, and 50 pieces of music; full instructions. Price S(5. Call at this offico. W. H. Harris has deeded to J. M. Fitzpatrick, one-fourth interest the Olympia claim on Yukh rivei Revival servicos are being c ducted at the Brocken school house by Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, tho The couuty commissioners i regular session, and will probably not concludo their labors before to­ morrow. Buy a bicycle at Main & Cos. for $55. ________ Miss Gertrude Phillips of this city opened school in the Lakeview dis­ trict, commonly known as Bear Dance J on Monday. The Big Three quartz claii fourth mile west of Yakb, has beon located by Charles E. Martin, Walter Olny and T. J. Thompson. A boat race has beon arranged for tomorrow, at Whitehall lake, between M. Rathburn and a New York man. The stakes are $10 and a keg df beer. John Cowell, J. H. Branded, A. Roderick, John E. Schenk, Scott San­ ford and G. H. ‘Grubb have located the Kalispell quartz lode on the south side of Bramlett crook. Several members of the Kalispell Townsito company who reside in tho far east, have been in Kalispell this week. It is said the company pro­ poses to have a large number ot out­ lying lots put into aero property. T. Bi Conner, president of the company, iB the guest of his son, Joe. Go to tho Town Market for your PICKLING SPICES. Bryau or McKinloy FRENCH MUSTARDS. Also u full liue of EXTRACTS. Toilet and Laundry SOAPS. J. E. SKYLES, Prop. . Epworth league Sunday evening at 7-30. Subject, “Enemies of Christ Through greed of gain.” Mark 10:17- 22, Luke 12:13-21. Word for roll-call “Remember.” Regular church vices at I I and 8:30. Sunday school at 12 m. Barley. Parties raising borloy are requested to leave samples at tho Hotel Guy- lord, Columbia Falls, and tho sam­ ples will be sent to the Pabst Brew ing Co., Milwaukee, for analysis. We wish to buy all the barley in tin- valley if wo can brew it. F bed W .D owxrr . Notice. Tho clubbing arrangement bo-' tween Tho Cincinnati Enquirer and T he C olumbia * will end October 1, and tho greatly reduced rates will ond at that timo. This uojjce is given so that all who desire the papors, and especially those readers of this papor who want tho Enquirer should send their names in by that date. Both papers one yoar$1.76. The Enquirer lo Columbian readers for 30 cents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Barnes, William Nel- m and Fred Nelson are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sully. Tho entire party is from Rockford, 111. Mrs. Barnes is n sister of Mr. Sully. Mrs. G. J. Langford took Saturday morning's train for Helena where she will join Mr. Langford for tbo wii M r. and Mrs. Win. Read nro : Butto where Mr. Read was called i jurorin the United Statescourt. B foro returning home they will visit Salt Lnko and other points Notice. All persons owing me for black- smithing are notified to pay samo by October 1. After that date bills will bo givon out for collection. M. S. R ickakd . Columbia Falls, Sept. 7. Main & (Jo. Sell machine oil At right prices. ON THE EAST SIDE. Wedding Bells and ( V Whistle of the Thresher Heard iu the Land. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Coats started c.ast Monday to bo gone thirty days. Born to Mr.’Snd Mrs. J. V. Har­ rington a daughtor Aug. 28 Miss Mattio Ober from Butte if the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William Mooring. She will spend several weeks here. . Tho faruiors of Fairviow through harvesting uud tho thresher whistle is heard. Much to the satis­ faction of the people the grain is turning out better titan was nntici- Fruuk Seek will ontertuiu a fow friends the fore part of the week by showing them tho sights of tho mountains. Mrs. O. Hanson has so far rt ored from hot hccidout os to bo able to attend to her household duties. W. H. Kyther presented his daugh- rs with a handsome organ. Nui berod among the taost thriving farnt- a ho is always sure to take the lead homo luxuries. Will Eckleberry opeus the Cayi school next week for a six months term. Charles Sheldon, ono of Fairvicw’s most promiunut young men, goes to Libby to tako charge of the public -hools for the coming term. It is •grottod that he loaves this vicinity for soldfig a time. Married: Miss Myrtle Davis and Smith Sheldon at tho residence of tho bride's parents on Saturday lost. •They wore uumbored among tho most popular of the young folks. They will remain iu our midst uud good wishes follow them their, journey through lifo. JUPITER LEVEL HEAD. I.i Hung Chang is a iteimhlirnii hut Won Id Vote lor Bryan. Li Hung Chang has been asking great many questions about the po­ litical situation in tho United States since his arrival, and is taking a deep interest iu the campaign, says the ■rrespondent of tho Chicago Rec­ ord. Ho.asks all his visitors what their politics are and for whom tlioy ntend to vote. He says that ho is a republican, because Gen. Grant and Joliu W. Faster havo beon identified with that party, and he knows that they must bo right, becauso they are the wisest and the best men be has known, but ho declared today that he would profor to have Bryan eloetod than McKinley, because ho is a silver and ho would like to havo tho United States join China In the list it silver nations. i lie thinks tho silver nations should ■tund together and trade with e other to tho exclusiou of tho gold . It would be a simplo aud solution of tho commercial prob­ lem. ho says, if such a combination •uld be made. Tho depreciation of silver has embarrassed Chiua vory ■h, for the goverumout is obliged to l>83- tho iotorest upon its foreign debt iu gold, which makes- the pres­ ent charge double tho amount she expected to pay when the loans negotiatod, and it is a burden upon tho people, becauso they (wiled to pay gold prices for all their liorted goods. Tho viceroy thinks that England ino is responsible for tho deprecia­ tion of silver, aud that her policy is purely selfish. He says that ho told tho marquis of Salisbury that Great Britain could sottlo the silver ques- ion iu a day if she chose, and that ho ought! to do so for tho welfare of uaokind. Tho stores of the under signed will icaraftor closo at 8 o’clock p. m. R. W. M ain - * Co. C arb & Poss. SMART TIME” That is \\ hat the ltetmliliraiis of Flat- head County Had inKallspell on Sntm-day Last. The Judgeship Matter Caused tho Big Eight—Mclntlre Won—Those \Country” Delegates were Boau- tlfully Beaten. It Is Said—Some Tho republican county convention of Flathoad couuty met lust Satur day at Kalispell. The story of the gathering is told in several ways, aud this paper has put tho versions a pot and extracted therefrom a general average. Tho chief contou- on tho district judgeship, three cornered fight between Grubb, Mclntiro and Pomeroy. On Friday evening' the Grubb faction, seeing that their contest appeared hopeless, threw 'their strength to the Pomeroy people. This they be­ lieved, gavo Pomeroy a good lead. So it did, so far as delegates num­ bered, but tho .Mclntiro forces hud tho politicians, and to use tho ex­ pression of ono of the Mclntiro man­ agers, \made dubs of tho Pomeroy farmers.” Kalispell was carried by tho Me- Intire forces at the primaries. J. J. Hayes, who is known by no other than “Jimmie tho Nibbler,\ a from Sylranito long ouough to arrange tbo primaries for tho Kal- ipoll republicans. Jimmie formerly hold the crown as tho “ King of the hoboes,” whatover that may moan, was his pleasure in former days to n tho politics of jvalispell. It was during tho exciting mayoralty days that Jimuiio put the frost o:: Mr. Hatcher by electing Mr. AVhipps ns mayor. / Therefore, it is stSWdy that when Mr. Whipps ut>eded delegates to carry things for his judgeship candi­ date Jimmie was called iu. That the work of Saturday was well done is shown by tho polliug of 326 votes at Kalispcll's republican primaries. Tho nost sanguine republican does not -laim more than 225 republican votes for Kalispell. There are some men an enough to assort that iu uroom the bowery there were lightning change rooms where thinly dad oters could exchange hats and •lothiug and thus exercise tho free- uau’s franchise twice or thrice. Anyway tho magnitude of tho g. o. p. primary vote is not worth dis­ it is to tho convention and its results that this story must relate. Saturday dawned with the'“county delegates\ iu tho lead, but not united. A rising vote, in tho abscuce of a number of “country delegates” (every io outside of Kalispell is called •ouutry\) resulted in tho first blood for Whipps-Mclutire, nnd tho selec­ tion of Sam Wallace as chairman. Tho committoo on permanent or­ ganization reported aud their report Adopted. They left out all refer- i to tho judgeship. Mr. Noff- singer then introduced a resolution to iustrucl the delegates to the state convention to choose B. J. Mclntiro for judge. A quick motiou to adopt the resolution, and a sudden whoop of “ yes” by those in ou the play car­ ried the resolution through aud tho dazod majority of delegates who favored Pomoroy had lost tho ton of trumps iu tho game. After that stirriug episode and display of gouernlship the rest was “dead easy.'' Tho minority which hud won tho judgo was willing to concede the majority a few offices. For the legislature ,tbo following on and votes were recorded: Win. Mooring 79. H. W. Reed 63, R. C. Pulmer 61, M. H. Cromwell 37. Aftor Mr. Cromwell’s dump tho others were declared uuauiihously elected. N. T. Conklin then handily beat Prof. Gates for superintendent of schools by a voto of 63 to 31. William J. Breuuan, tho slivcr- tongued lawyer and tinplate apostle, is chosen by acclauiatiou for iuuty attorney. For county commissioners, Fred Cooke and E. L. Prostou were ro- nomiunted and tho lower vulley fur­ nished S. E. Johns as the third. Messrs. Brintnall, Kiiumerly, Down­ ing and Fine also ran. Tho delegates chosen are said to bo six for silver aud six for gold. 'Only God kooni. They are us follows: Delegates. Alternates. H. D. Whiling Fred Cooke. Omar Hoskins. J. H. Foy. E. A. Walker. C. E. Proctor. J. II. Eayers. A. C. Ross. W. C. Whipps. 13. W. Ileaton. I*. H. Pope. R. C. Paluior. F. 11. Nosh. T. A. Churchill. •LA. Coram. D. J. Plume. W. X. X.,(Linger. Win. Read. H. E. VanWyck. Wm. Mooring. •I. II. Geiger. C. H. Brintnall. J. J. Kimmorly. W. X. Herrick. At the close of the convention tho official bard of tho g. o. p. iu Flat- headtyunty collected the clans,com­ posing tbu majority, into tho eellar and there repd the following touch­ ing poem: TIIK M Hill.Kit. 1*1* from Xnij ou tin- imilaiulil train A. W. Swanoy, J. E. Lewis aud .1. R. Eastland were lietoro the conVeu- for elerk of tho district court. Two ballots wore required and though Mr. Eastland withdrew iu favor of Mr. Lowis, tho combination failed to beat Swanoy. Then oaino somo nice easy accla­ mation business which resulted iu thochoicoof: P. X. Bernard, treas- J. B. Gibson, nssessor; E. W. Phillips, clerk nnd rocordor; A. L. Jucqucth, surveyor; H. SvVauey, pub­ lic aduiiuislrator and H. P. Stanford, At the evening session tho cotn- ittee to select delegates reported. A representative of tho majority eil to lay the report on tho table, but a (joint of order was raised ami sustained (hut a' committee report could not be tublod. This gavo the re|K>rt nil adoption and dosed the labors of the convention -that is ended the usefulness of the majority. by. Ji-rc ami I run ton it yc t’HEt’K MATED. Mis, Scorcher—-What do you think f my wheel, Uncle Bob! I ndo Bob Pm not ft phrenolo- Sho Do you know anything worse Ilian n man taking u kiss with- lie Ido. \What for instance?” • Asking for it without taking it.” “ Is Uis where (ley want a IjoyT” “ It ' : butlhe must be nTlky who uoVcr uUcrs an untruth aud does not use slang or swear, aud uover speaks unless ho is spoken to.” “ Well, me brudder’s a deaf mute. I’ll send ’irn ’round.” Ho i’ui going to pay you of .hum,- He I know it, but 1 canto away f. without my pocketbook—can you or t bo price. loan me a dollar until tomorrow! rou. «•»«. \Mercy!” cried the fair young girl tliiotnsll liars: as the umpire walked on tho base­ ball grounds. ''Tako . uto borne. day George. This place is haunted. 1 see a ghost.\ ‘Ghost! Wlierot” ‘Why, that's the umpire.” •I know; Imt ho was umpire last year. 1 thought they always killed i before the end of a year.” j ‘land mines will probably pro­ duce >8,000,000 this year, nearly all •ant Shaw, a well-known team­ ster of Wurdnor, died from the effoet if won in L received by him a land of Haul:. Wilsou, another t IN hi ! Rock Resort. FOR - Fisl . a Hunters, & Renters. J.H.C -—DEALER D R U G S , DEAL IN- Prescriptions Accurately and Promptly Compounded. Mail Orders Carefully Filled. * ' rrjrr.r.r Opposite the Conrad Bank. KALISPELL, : MONTANA. L I V E R Y FEED AjND SALE' STA B L E S . REMEMBER Tiiat wo pay especial Atten­ tion, to Mail Orders from Col­ umbia Falls and other points. LIGHTHALL, KALISPELL. IX REAR OF COLUMBIA HOTEL Centrally Located. CONVENIENT * TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Horses an Rip AtHti to in First-Class Shape. New Rigs are being Added to j Meet all Demands. OPEX AT ALL HOURS. ARTHUR HASKiLL, PRO P . COLUMBIA FAILS. - M0N~ T HI COLUMBIAN, if Paid in advance, SI .50 per year. It is the Best Newspaper in Flat- head County as well as the Cheapest. nnedy & Decker, LIVERY,FEID&SALI STABLE lass Rigs and Good Saddle Horses. Hu..:, ilsarded 117 Day or Minth. B l \ i ; - siitii Sitopy ix ( C onnection 'COLUMBIA FALLS. .- MONT. | a so etent pharmacist ■ACCURATE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE GUARANTEED. Drugs, ' Paints, and Oils, Stationery, and Books. JAMES KENNEDY, COLUMBIA FALLS. - MONT. SMITH VALLEY LUMBER INCORPORATED CO., KALISPELL. MONTANA, Offers Common Lumber at S6.25 per IflOO-tl f.o.b. Cars in Carloads. Our mills ard o f large capacity, including a First-Class Plan­ ing mill equipment. Our timber is principally Pino. W e solicit the Carload Orders of Ranchers, Contractors and Retail Yarilfe. Railroad Rates same as other mills. Mille Seven Miles W e s t of Kalispell* : . Mail will receive Prompt Attention. THE SMITH VALLEY LUMBER CO., KALISPELL, MONTANA. ! veim A w a y . Buy your Clothing OF Hats, Shirts H, S, And Give a Good Guess. Name the man who will be elected President Nov. 3. ’96 and give his popular vote. For the best guess, a Suit o f Clothed. For tho next best guess, an Overcoat. For the noxt best Five guesses, ono Hat each. For the next best Five guesses, one Shirt each. For the next best Ten guesses, one Tie Each. For the next best Ten jfbesses, one Handkerchief each. The names and addresses o f successful guessers, with their guesses will be published in papers o f this county. No guess received after Nov. 2. Guess as often as you please; every purchase entitles you to a guess. * CUT ON THIS LINE. V Name of next President His popular vote H. S. C'AX'XOX, CLOTHIER, Kulispoll: SIR: As a purchaser at your store I am entitled to registration of above guess in compctitiou for prizes offered lo your customers, Name Guess ns qften as you please, using ouo of these blanks. Xo guess received after Xov. 2. Popular voto of 1892: Cloveland. 5.556,561; Harrison, 5,162,874: Bid- well, 264,066; Weaver, 1,055.421; Wing, 22.613. £ r | DO YOU GO FISH IN G ? 1 I f do y o u g o h u n t i n g ? 1 If you do ei'her you cau double your treasure -by owning tbo Sportsman's great dolight, a | ■BOAT. | A delight to Sportsmen. 3 A HAPPY COMBINATION OF ^ IE Safety, Convenience, Comfort, Pleasure. | /ho total weight of the beat i- 18 lo 20 pjuud*. When in- Milted occupies a space 18 inches long by 32 inches wide. When deflated it folds into a space 18x20 inches. Cun bo easily carried by hand, ou horseback or under-lhe buggy Anybody cau —1 handle the boat. Xo oars to contend with. It 4s propelled by —^ tho feet. There is uo splosh, no wake, no noise. It is non- —S capsizatito and the most comfortable boat made. Four uir potq pnrtmouts. ouo of which will hold you. Capacity of AA boat 750 pounds. It is the boat sportsman's boat ever invented. ' ^ The prices of the Layman Ixvnt nro from —« $35 to $15. They are especially adapted to this regiru where fishing and shooting ^ are found a-, any of the nitmorous lakes of r Flathead Valley or thcadjaceut mountains. ^ Within the next ten days two boats will arrive. Examiue them. .Send for circular. » JNO. E. LEW IS, Agent, ^ Columbia Falls, Montana. PRICE: $30 to 847. | f§ THE COLUMBIAN OFFICE, is prepared to do anything in the printing Line. Get our prices. The Best Stock and Good Work.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 17 Sept. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.