The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, September 24, 1896, Image 1

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THE COLUMBIAN. SIXTH YEAR. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. 18%. NUMBER 3<J. C O L U M B IA FXLLS IS S U R R O U N D E D B Y M O R E - N A T U R A L RESOURCES T H A N A N Y C ITY ON T H E PACIFIC SLOPE. B - A . 3 S T K : COLUMBIA FALLS, ibia Falls, Mcut. A. J. Davis, •James A. Talbott, . •)-E. Gaylord, B. Tibboy h . C. Trent, Butte, Mt. Butte, Mt. Butte, Mt. Butte, Mt. Salt Lak{. T H E 1 ELEVEN ARE THUR 'nlllsion Between Union 1‘iu-iflc Ex­ press anil Montana UnioirMixi Train Near Bine Bird Mine. HKI.HNA STARTS A BALL ROLLING Bimetallic Club With Membership of Two Thonsaml in the Capital City -Other State News. BEE HIVE I STORE. aaa’jaa ILL AT LOW PRICES J t CROCKERY, TINWARE, Wooden Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Lamps, Etc. r.nnr.m 6 Cajj at$ L>qk Qvep 0 yr g and Get prjoas. VWBfN) g MAIN STREET. g ! Columbia Falls, Montana. K n c HiaiawtgwBBnBniiam iBBHtiaBe SSOFESSIONAt CARDS. P, F, S M ITH , Attomevj-e-t-LiaW, COMMISSIONER U.S.CIRCUIT COURT LAND FILINGS AND FI MADE. COLUMB \ FALLS. A. H. BURCH, W p E N T l S T L ^ pfflees: Conrad Block. gAf.fflB EiLL. ; M O J IfANA. BR. J- A, GHENT, Consulting Physician. Kalispell, Montand. EARLY M A TURITY. M chfao* er trniuinortation alonr. on all (lie boi that 1 ahlppod from the .tnlee, Ai Inn onion for waanUnae for apria 9S each. Ha.o M eowabred toob A d d r e s s DUROC-JERSEY STOCK FARM, D e e r L o d g e . M o n t a n a . By a collision between the Ui Pacific oxpress from Salt Lako and the west, and a train on the Afontnim Union, bouud for Anaconda, Kockor, four miles west of Butto,*lbe engines of both trains and express and smoker of tho Union Pacific train wero wrecked, and the follow­ ing wero hurt: John Murray of Leadville, Col., both legs badly bruised; Dan Green of Leadville, Col., leg slightly hurt; Quinn Mur­ phy of Bed Cliff, Co)., slight bruises on tho legs; Joseph O'Brion of Butte, injured iotcrupljy in the lower part of the abdou|en; Charles J. Justice of San Francisco, both feet badly bruised, loft sido contusion; Juli Jacobs of Butto, logs slightly lacer­ ated. The abovo are all passengers. M. M. Burdick, a nows agent, ceived a slight contusion of tho left cheek and several bruises on tho legs. H. E. Fisher, baggageman, slight bruises; A. B. Jones, mail clerk, fractured forearm and head bruised. Two thousand citizens of Helena at the Auditorium took the initiative stop in a movement that will spread throughout Montana, by organizing the Helena Bimetallic Club, with e*- Governor Joseph K. Toqle as presi­ dent. Thefo worn speeches by Mr. Topic, Sampc| Word and others that were received with wild applause. Threo bands of music added to the outhusiBsm. The general plau of the club is to aid in evory possible way tho cause of bimetallism, will bo nou-partisan so far as locul politics are concerned, and dollar raised will bo spent outside of It is proposed to form leaguo of clubs throughout the state with headquarters at Helena. Tho chiof object of tho league is tp bp the raisipg $f funds' fpr ai(iipg the cause of bimetallism in tho doubtful States. Drummond was the aoouo j>f shocking affair when Herb Morse, the Ifl-yoar-old sou of Mr. aud Mrs. P. Morse of the Windsor hotel, at­ tempted to kill Miss Verna Layton, a dining room girl at the hotel, the result of jealousy on the part of the young man. After midnight Morse effected au entrance to the girl' chamber, which is o(u (lie ground floor. Wbon she saw him draw s rbvolvorsbo jumped out of tho win­ dow leading into au a qlloy. Ifo fpj- IP.ffpd: Khp attempted to get into the next window leading into an old mau’s room pud if was when alps was crawling in the window that ho shot her in the back, betwoou the shoulders, William Momlllan, of Great Falls, found guilty of rape, was sentenced by Judge Benton to imprisonment for lifo. A peculiar feature of tho ouo that has attracted wide alteution,says a correspondent of the Standard. boon t|io porsiste't declaration of Mrs. McMillan that her husband was innocent. Sho (Lit ly contradicted t^a prosocuting \iit- iu Important'details aud testified to incidents alleged to have occurred n the night of Tho tending > pfoyo that her husband was not iu physical condition tQ havp upfQiii- plisjied Q jp deed, From first to last sho has champi­ oned bis cause and asserted his inuo- Hi-r evidenco was tossod aside by tho jury os unworthy of serious consideration, or ho would uow be enjoying Lis liberty. Mrs. McMillan bright appearing, inmlpof |i(tlt) woman Of ptfthapsM'yra'rs. 8ho is the duughtor of a reputable lamily Eastern Montana aud her marriage to McMillan led to estrangement from her relatives. She has a child of ago and will become a mo­ ther again within a few mouths. Her husband is tho .reverse 'of bis vi'ifo in ■spect, has a bad shaped head, a cowardly, cunping, snoaking appvuvani-u and ereute^Jvtfd leaves a .lisagrceuble impression on all whom lie meets. His reputatiou for im­ morality is woreo than bad, and bad ho evidenco boon porniissible it rould have been shown in the trial A man is supposed to have been drowned in the Jefferson river, oppo­ site the Point of* Rocks, two mile* above Whitehall. His identity has uot l>eon fully established, but it belioved to be James.Edgerlqp. who is missing from the camp of Winters, Parsons & Boomer, and was last seen struggling in the water by H. New­ kirk, who immediately gavo tho alarm but could render no assistance. Curt. George S. Hoyt, ass quorjik’inasler-goneral United States army, who was stricken with apo­ plexy La!>or day, died at Helena. Tho body was sent to Louisville, Ky. William Hamilton ploadod guilty nt Butte to burglary in tho second degree and was given or hard labor iu tbo penitentiary, the shortest term that can be gi tho stato codes. The uuusually early and heavy snowfall of last week has lieen I ho cause of serious loss to the farmers of Granite county. All of tho grain unbarveslod was weighted down to tho ground, upich of it lyi that it will bo impossiblu- to harvest it oxcept by cutting one way only. Butto's record; There were 412 arrests made during August, 259 males aud 154 females. Of this num­ ber 344 were for violating cit/ordin­ ances and 69 under the slate laws. Convictions obtained in city cases, 319; dismissals and complaints with­ drawn, 25. Convictions obtained state cases, 49;-dismissals and cot plaints withdrawn, 20. Mr. Tborne, a merchant of Pbil- lipsburg, was held up by two high- about threo miles ont of Combination and robbed of £200 mouoy. narrowly escaping with his life. Qovornor Rickards has offered f 100 reward for Rio arrest and delivery to the authorities of Jefferson county, of Bert Belli who shot and killed Thomas Deuney at Whitehall, Sep­ tember 1. Mike Farney, a well-known Butto miner, Was found dead in bis cabin. The supposition is that death war iuperiudmvd by a debauch of sev­ eral days’ duration during which GoTook but little nourishment. The Park county creapiery at Liv- igston was destroyed by fire; loss, $3,000; insurance $2,000. A little daughter of W. I,. Allard of Laurel died iu great agony after drinking the water from fly paper. Gustave Nissem, ox-publisher of ‘Moutaua Illustrated,” was 4 years for grand larceny by Judge Beutou. John Lamoy drove off a l-ridge tho Rimiui road, naar Helena, aud as crushed uuder a load of wood. Nich JubJ was killed by a bank of oarth falling on bim while he was placor mining near Helena. tyqud Sense from BLsmarck, Iu a speech at Dallas, Tex., Gov, oyuor Culberson road tho correspon­ dence between himself and Prince Bismarck on (he money question, iu whioh the latter said: 'Friedrichsruhe, Aug. 24, 1896.— Honored Sir: Your ostomed favor has boon duly received. I hold that the very hour that it would bo advisable to briug about between the nations chiefly engaged In the world's commerce, a mutual agree­ ment iu favor of tho establishment of bimetallism. The United StgtQJ aw freer by far in thoiv muvooiouts than any nation of Europe, and hence if the people of the United States should gnd it w.iiipatlblo with their interests to tako independent action in the direction of bimetallism 1 can noi hqt believe that such action would exert a mast salutary influence upon tbo eousummaliou of an inter­ national agreement. ' “ B ismarck .\ FIVE ARE SLAIN Lciulrflli1 Strikers Employ Dynamite and Buckshot ns Weapons of Atturk Upon the Corouado. FIItK SOON ADDS TO THE HORROR Troops are on Hand hut Great l ueasi- e> Still I’rcvaUs-All Sympathy -fur the Strikers is Gone. ing to accomplish similar crimes other children in Great Falls. Cascade county democrats and populists have fused. I’oor Rerompeusc. Troy Times: J. C. (“Jock”) Smith has commenced suit at Spoksfifi against tho GroaJ Njorlhfirp Railway duel \Patrick Gorham for $7,793 damages, on account of personal in­ juries received in au accidout. Mr. Smith was engineer of tbo |~yu which Struct-; b boulder slido eleven miles west of this place on Nov. 30 of last year, the engine aud buggage car rbllmg down tho cmbankinont for thirty feet to tbo riyer shore. Mr. Smith aud his fireniau, Goo. Mc­ Donald, wero so badly scalded and bruised that they recovered only alter a long and painful illness, and the fonnor only partially, his injuries boing such that ho will probably never recovor his full health. It would seem that tho amouut asked for cau lie but a poor recompense. Mrs. Sidney Lanier, widow of the poet, is giving readings fftmi her hus­ band's works. The work of dyawtfTte^ aud buck­ shot is iu evidence at tho Leadville morgue, reads u dispatch of the 21st, where are five bodies yesterday full of the of tbo mountains —one shot full of bullets while doing his duty, two horribly mangled by tho dynainilo they wero usiDg to destroy life, and the others full of leaden pellets, received whili^ thay iro fighting in the shadows to de- roy tho lives of the men who were earning bread by honest toil. An addition to tbo death list was made at 6 o'clock tbis evening by the dis­ covery of the body of Michael Daugh­ erty ou the ground near the Emmett whore ho fell during the attack upon tho Emmelt mine by the riot- flushed with their victory at (he Coronado. Boyond assaults upon the working- on seen comiug from tho mino at divers times, no overt acts of violence been attempted against the Coronado till this morning at 1 ’clock, when a fow bullets slruok tbo barricade, aud the men ou guard prepared for net ion. Shots came scattering at first, then faster aud faster. All tho struts west of tho Coronado wore deserted, with tho ex­ ception of threo or four persons at­ tracted by tho shooting. Suddenly, nfter twenty-five minutes of fighting, a sheet of flames burst out, followed by a terrific detonation. Evidcn^y tho attacking party were using dyna­ mite. East of tbo engino house -'oral tuuks of fuel oil.' The attack was concentrated on this point, und finally succeeded. Tho engiuo room was soon iu flames. Firo ougines came, but armed men hold the firemen at bay. Meauwhilo the flames grew fiercer and fiercer. Tho men in the shaft house wore finally driven from tho fort, but fought to the last. As thoy ran over the trestleadozen shots wero fired, but thernon reached the dump safety hud escaped. Bert Moir and James Benson, both raiuers employed at the Coronado, killed by an explosion; identified by papers found on the bodies. Jerry O'ftoafe, foreman of -hose company No. 2, was turning on water when bullet eutered his side. He is dying at the hospital. An unknown man taken to 612 Eighth street dead: killed by dynamito. Another man it at tho point of death, being mortally wounded by dyuamite. Johu Maho­ ney, miner, employed at the Big Four, who was uear tho Emmett shot, the bullet entering the stomach- Ho fell in tlio arms of companions. -;\t 3=05 au attack was made on the Emmet mid there were over 100shots fired. A telephone messago from t ho mine stables states that the attack was rppuLwd without loss of lifo or damage to property. Tbo strike bagau on tlio 19th of •bin?. It has paralyzed business, caused hunger and suffering In hun­ dreds of fuipiliea, aud has cut down tho mineral output of the«au)p raoio tliau one-half. This morning’s bloody battlo is believed to bo tho last dcs- porato attempt of tho radical ele­ ment of the strikers to force a stop­ page at tho minos for not paying the increased scale of wages demanded by the uniou. Many strikers have assorteii qty along’ iliut they would, clean ont tho stale, aud oven govern­ ment troops if brought here, rather than see outsido labor come to the Aoout (be same time tire Coronado was fired the foreman of tho Maid nf Erin discovered aqd put out a fire. Near by was enough yiaat powder to blow up oil tlio buildings of the mini,'. Tho daningo at the Coronado rifles in tho hands of tho strikors, whoso repeated boastings os to tho way they would do up the 1 litia are recalled with fresh alarm. Tho majority of citizens, howevor, think that there will be no further trouble unless tho managers begin iporting minora. BURIED ALIVE FOR TWO DAYS. Successful Outcome nfthc Hypnntisi Tfrxt at Lexington, Ky. A special to tha Chicago Record from Lexiugton, Ky., reads lows: Edwin H. Boone, a Paris'boy, Wednesday hypnotized John I. Doug­ lass before a committee of citizen: and Undertaker Milwood buried him tho saino day iu tho Loxiugtou base­ ball park. The interment was made at 5:30, and at 4:30 this afternoon the subject was exhumed in the presence of 2,000 peoplo. Tho oxcitemont intense and the police were uuablo to -nrauugo the crowd. After the dirt had been taken off and the ail tubing removed tho crowd became sc excited that tho undertakers eatnc boing pushed in. Clods of dirt, trash and dust poured into the grot DONGOLA IS DOWN •cos of the Brltiah-Kgyptians t Warm for a Gent Ionian iamul Wad Blsliara. FAILURES BY THE WHOLESALE. Sain Small Elortrilirs Illinois—ltyunn •Proven to lie a Hog--Stiff Breeze in Utah-Other News. Dongola has fallen and the nal objective point of the Britisb- Egyptiau expedition, has bean reached. Tho river forces of the British-Egyptian expedition, pushing up the Nile from El Hafir, landed a force at Dongola and occupied that place before tho Dervish forci treating from El Hafir reached that poiut. El Hafir and Dongola are therefore both in tho hands of the podition, whilo tho Dervish forces covering the ' face of D o o g l^, «ho' \ * ■ » “ lay apparently lifeless. When tho lid was taken off the coffin thoro wc signs of any movomeut having been made, the blanket iu which ho had been wrapped remaining just left, the impression showing that the body had not moved in tbo least, Before tho dirt was removed, a ther­ mometer lowored into the grave registered 92. The face of the sub­ ject was warm, the extremities al­ most cold. Tho heart was beating very slowly and tho pulse was weak. Boone claimed that Douglass was the sixth stugo of hypnotism, aud quickly chauged him into the catulep- tic state, whou ho was dressed, liftod out and taken to the street car ou tho coffiu top. Reaching the city, physiciansexamined Douglass. Boone tho heart beat at will down to 45 and then up to 120 a minute. He loft him at fivo o’clock in what ho torwed tho fourth stage of hypnotism. The muscles would move, but still the subject was unconscious. At 8 o’clock ho awakened the subject in the presence of a crowd in tho opera house. Booue will bury Douglass days iu Cincinnati, and if successful will try a ton days’ burial iu New York. Douglass says he remembers nothing, is not liuugry or tbirstv. Ho is very weak. THE POLITICAL BOT. The independent candidacy of Judge I’omeroy does not seem to have surprised his intimate frinds. The action of the late republican county convention made Mr. Pome- candidacy a certainty. There ones ou the Pomeroy petitions of republicans who are against Mc- Intiro for no other reason than the way tho convention was managed. Ono republican said: “ When a resi­ dent of Sylvanite cau como to Kalis­ pell aud round up votes of men who uot recogoiaKl by our party as u who own their own votes, and kill tho will of business men aud tax- paying republicans it is time to call a ' alt. Judge Pomeroy’s run will be rebuko to such party methods, and icU u rebuke is now seriously nooded. 1 spoak as a republii ardent republican of twenty yoars association with the party. “Another thing I do not liko,” said the samo gontloman, “ is the fact that tho republicans of Flathead county wore represented as being for tho gold standard. Tho fact is, that less thau thirty per cent of tho ro- publicaus of this county are for Mc­ Kinley and gold. I know that if ’publicans should vote this county would go for Bryan and honest money, I have always con­ tended that when a few men assume run a party that party’s usoful- ss is approaching an end. The silver mou should control every con­ vention in Flathead county—that is jirovaiilng sentiment in all par- Ues.\ (Opposed amendment to the constitution wilj l)o submitted to the voters Nov. 3. At present, wholo colonics of foreigners may be naturalized nt any time before tho by the burning cf tho oil tanks, boil- j p' oc,‘° \ 8,M* ■* J1® proposed !,„„™ , , . d machine*, i. tinted '» ^ be $25,000, on which there is $12,500 insurance. Tho houses burned be­ longed to J. McCall, M. Gregory, D. Burns, and oue empty house, ownor unknown, and were valued at $3,000, with no-insurance. Despite the presence of troops and tho unusual quietness of the streets, there is a very unoasy fooling preva­ lent among the more timorous classes; who assert that there are 500 Win- uot naturalized nt least days before (he election ho cau uot vote. As candidates are not named niuety days before tbo election, there will bit no inducement, if tho umond- incut shall bo adopted, Jo wholesale naturalizations. A girl usually announces her en­ gagement to a-*young man to her friends by picking • the lint off his coat in public. Ono of the most striking things noted during tho fight was tbo long range of tho enemy’s Remington rifles. At a distance of 1,200 yards thoy wore able to do a deal of dam­ age, and some of thoir bullets struck 2,000 yards from tho point of firing. Wad Bishara, tho Dervish commander, was woundod at about immediately (tarried out of rango of tho fire, repeatedly oxclaiming to those who surrounded ;in: “Allah is against Whitecaps have created another seusatiou iu Ohio by whipping a named Huutsman, who lives at Hol­ land Station, ton miles from Toledo, and burying him alive. Louis Gallott was arrested at New Orleans for aiding and abetting Bookkeeper Louis Colorab in d- fraudiug tho Union National bank. Francisco totally de­ stroyed tho large box factory of Hobbs & Co. Night Watchman Ross, 85 years old, perished in tho flames. Hon. Janies M. Ashley, ex-con- greSsmau and territorial governor of Montana, died at Alma, Mich. Tho iinmodialo cause of death was un uric poisoning froOTkidnoy disease. At the democratic state convention in Connecticut the resignations of tho gold standard mou wore accepted, with thanks and silver presidential electors wore then selected. Tho convention cf the national campaign clubs of tho silver party, originally called for the 23d of Sep- tembor at Chicago, will bo post­ poned until October 6, at St. Louis, where the democratic clubs hold convention. Herbert F. Plympton, phairmau of the executive committee of the re­ publican state control committee, committed suicide in his father’s house, at Wellesley Hills, Mass., by shooting himsolf in tho hood with revolver. For governor, John Boyd Thacher, tho present mayor of Albany, oj stato senator and Now York's world' fair commissioner; for lieutenant governor, Wilbur F. Porter of Water- town, ex-commissionor of tho court of claims aud political loader in north- Now York for many yoars; for judge of tho court of appeals, Robort C. Titus of Buffalo, judge of the premo court and former district at­ torney of Erie county. The platform: An unequivocal indorsement of the Chicago platform and ticket, aud a denuuciatjon of tho republican state legislature. This is the work of the democratic convention, which closed its labors at Buffalo last week. The Midland State bank of Omaha closed its doors and requested the banking board to take charge. Tho Rev. Sam Small of Atlanta, Ga., addressed au audience of 1,200 peoplo under the auspices of the a, III., Silver club. Thonddress tbo most logical campaign ad­ dress delivered in Pans this year. Fully 4,000 people were uuablo tc ob­ tain admittance. At tb» conclusion of tho address a number of McKin- •nt forward, shook hands with Mr. Small, tore off their badges and declared for Bryan aud tho douiocratic ticket. William D. Bynum, chairman of tho uational anti silver democratic >n)inittee, is wanted in Chicago im- ediatoly. Tho 16cal leaders of the party have been reading his speeches delivered in tho east, and declare that ho is putting in two strokos for his nomination by tho democratic convention iu 1900 to one stroke for the Palmer aud Buckner ticket in 396. The house of J. W. Northern & Co- Chicago wholesale dealers in wines aud liquors, was closed by tbo sheriff on a judgment for $2,500 in favor of tho Atlas National bank. The fail­ ure is attributed to the action of a Now York firm suing out a replevin for $6,000 worth of champagne, forc­ ing tho bank to refuse its securities. F. W. Humphrey & Co., heavy clothing dealors nt St. Louis, have executed a deed of trust to Attorney Overall to secure fivo leading credi­ tors whose claims aggregate almost 8100,000. Tho private banking houso of Gardiner, Morrow & Co., the oldest bank in central Pennsylvania, closed its doors, owing to tho general de­ pression of business. Thomas F. Suckling, clothier; Henry I. Bunker, moat dealer, and Charles F. Rood, grocer, prominout merchants, failed oa account of tho closing of the bank. According to the official returns the number of men suffering from yellow fevor in tho military hospitals throughout Cuba is 1,155. The death rate is said to be under fifteen per cent. The Noue Freie Presso says the in­ spection of the forts of tbo Darde- nellos by the Russian general is the sultan’s reply to tho English effort to force him to abdicate and also the response of Russia, which has taken the sultan under its strong protectAh, to England's face. A severe wind storm swopt through Salt Lake valley, but no serious damage was done. Trees were up­ rooted, several buildings were un­ roofed, and telegraphic communica­ tion was temporarily interrupted. At Ogdep firo broko out in several places, but all were controlled with­ out loss except ono, which burned the warehouse of A. J. Kiesel & Co. Loss about $50,000. BOODLE DID THE WORK. H od . M. P. Frank, the defeated democratic candidate for governor of Maine, said over his signature: The democratic party of Maine had adopted a platform which provecTto be in direct opposition to the Chica­ go platform on tho currency issue, and nominated a candidate for gov­ ernor upon that platform. After the national convention thoy wore obliged to change their position and put in nomination another candidate. The republican party had a thorough organization, and mean­ while had taken advantage of the situation and committed substantially all their votes to their policy on the currency question before the demo­ cratic party was organized on new lines. Tho disaffection created in tho party by tho change and the dis- rgauizud condition of tho party en­ abled the republicans, with their thorough organization and the un­ limited moans at their command, whilo tho democrats were without funds to pay oven tho absolutely necessary expenses of the campaign, to mako the gains they have over their vote of 1891. Considering tho condition of the parties, the short time and the limited means that tho democrats had, the result is fully as good as could rea­ sonably have been expected. Indeed, thoy fought u gallant fight against adverao couditions aud tremendous odds. Iu view of the above facts, the result cau have but little effect upou tho national contest. M. P. F rank . Notice. All perilous owing mo for black- smithing are notified to pay same by October 1. After that date bills will bo given out for collection. M. 8. R ickard . Last month of T he C olombian and Cincinnati Enquirer rate. Got there. Hm6 POWDER Absolutely Pure. A CREAM OF TARTAR BAKINO POWDER H ighest or all in i . kavenixo strength —Latest United States Government Food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall St., N. Y.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 24 Sept. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.