The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, November 05, 1896, Image 1

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COLUMBIAN C O L U M BIA FA L L S , M O N T A N A , TH U RSD A Y , NOVEM BER 5, 1896. SIX T H YE A R . Ijorllr of »,000. Th« 1 not exceed 10000 , . porch and re several, representing a V of Interests. Idaho. Utah have nil gone for Bryan by he rnia has. on the strength of at hand, undoubtedly gone ;y. Delaware, where tho rep apparent plurality, counties heard democratic lossi some of the cc lubllcan by at least 40,0(0. Llltlo Bock. Ark.. Nov. S.-A Ives 25,000 majority for Bryan. South Carolina—Bryan, 45.000 to Georgia—Bryan. 35.000. Florida—Bryan 10.000 . INDICATIONS POINT TO THE PE PLE'S PARTY BEING VICTORS. Jorlly oi INDICATE THAT TIIE 5N HAVE TRIUMPHED. Addlcks-Hlgglns tight, ^hs Chairman Gowly claims lha McKinley by at least 25,000. lt\ say that McKinley’s plurality Ir will not bo less than 15,000 nor ir 25.000. Chairman Martin has Just re Indianapolis. nicy. (Signed) J. K. [•publican state comm the democrats have carried Virginia by San Francisco. Nov. 4.—Seven hundred and forty-three precincts. Including 119 In San Francisco, give McKinley 50.S11; Bryan. 45.476. Butte. Mont.. Nov. 1—Bryan’s majority In tho state may reach 15.000. Hartman, sliver republican. Is elected to congress by SOOO'to 10.000 over Goddard, regular re­ publican. The entire democratlc-popull,’. fusion stale ticket U olected with possibly tho exception of associate Justice of the supreme court, treasurer and secretau BEGAN CELEBRATING AT CANTON. C reversal In tho 21.130, nn.l this y irallty of slightly Marshall county saying that In tho os- nates sent from that county the demo- a Is and populists worn not aggregated. Wallace. Idaho, No ly has probably cast election. Of theso Bt Jorlty. Gunn, popull CHAIRMAN JONES STILL hopeful ns tho day tlon'ot McKinley. offset ths plurality of McKInls lUbllcnn, SO); Stcuncnberg. popullst-dem- •crat, for governor, leads Moore by 1500 n the precincts already reported. The Dubois legislative ticket Is elected xcept that Young may poaslbly beat I'Ncll, and Fuller may have enough to >cat Hammond. The populists have the K«t of It on everything else, and the fu- lon state ticket will go out of the county rlth a good plurality. Moscow. Idaho. Nov. t.-The entire peo- ile’s party ticket Is elected In Latah ■ounty, with a delegation of legislators Is uvor of W. H. Clagett for senator. hopeful will be house about 5 o'clock, after .i n.ip brol by the demonstration. At 4 o’clock had stood on the roof of the, porch viewing the Tippecanoe club 1000 am from Cleveland. Then. In order thal ! Jqr end Mrs. McKinley might have r the local reception committee were co on hand to keep away visiting-- dele lions. In a general way the returns and pending su will be In doubt. Delaware.... Illinois ..... ., Nov. 3—4:30 a. 3123 precincts In 9679. Bryan 3336. i ey of 343. Morrill Maryland. Chicago, Nov. 4—As If by a preconcert- rathered In front of the Auditorium An- icx tonight and organised a ratification Icmonstratlon on the strength of Chair- nan Jones’ claims of Bryan’s election, rhe crowd carried transparencies with ho words: \No ’76 this time. Bryan clect- 1. Kentucky. Michigan, Indiana ours.’’ They were well supplied with tinhorns light hideous At democratic hcedquir- iadcnoch had been consulted over tho elephone. that he was told lhat this was Trenton, N. J.. Nov. 4—Revised rctur at 3 a. m. give McKinley a plurality 68.600 In New Jersey. Austin. Tex.. Nov. A—After a card count of all election returns at 3 a. It Is undoubtedly a fact that the dc: egarded as probably for McKinley and 13 oubtful. Those regarded certain are: « Hampshire. Ohio. Oregon, land, Vermont, New York North Dakota Ohio........... Oregon..,. . Pennsylvania. Rhode Island South Dakota 1 Vermont ...... Boise. Nov. A—It will be noon to before they finish counting tho McKinley Philadelphia. Nov. 4. plele gives McKinley 1 a republican plurality -AS If the people'e-democratic party had made a clean sweep on state officers with the possible exception of Gunn for con­ gress. Tho Bryan electors carry the state by at least 15,400 majority. Steunenberg's The total voto of the stato Is about 15.000. The straight republican ticket geta noth­ ing except here and there a county olllce. Twbniy-elght precincts taken at random throughout the state. Including Halley, uoda Springs, Rath drum. Hope. Payette. Keichum. Welser, Volhner. Jullaetta and, Idaho Clly give Borah 12S7. Gunn 1432> Morrison 668. This Indicates fairly wetj how things are gtong. Borah is tho enly one on the silver republican ticket that stands any show of election, and his chances are about even with Gunn'a Bo­ rah will beat Gunn In this.-the county where they both live by 300. Borah has also carried Owyhee county by 250. and Canyon by ISO. In Boise county all but I wo precincts give Borah 388. Gunn 377. Morrison 187. He has also probably car­ ried Shoshone. Washiagton. Idaho. Ban­ nock and Kootenai by small majorities. In nearly every precinct heard from Bo­ rah runs considerably ahead of his ticket Chairman McGee of the pcople's-demo- cratlc party claims tho elec Mon of the entire ticket by at least 6000 plurality, with the exception of Gunn, whom ho thinks Is also safe. Tho plurality will probably be less than half this number, and It may take official count to decldo between Borah and Gunn. The chief tn- GERMANS PLEASED WITH jnd parade. Another deull n also frustrated fhls effort. 81. Louis, Nov. 4.—Governor William J. Slone was askcsl today what. In his opln- llver democrat, for The republicans cl Iross In the Eleven n the election of district and pop i of B. Gibbs In 1 Jlnclnnatl. Berlin. Nov. 4.—Tho German the result of the election, with exception of the Lokal Anxlcger Montana . Nebraska Nevada'... Noflli Caro ryihing. Third. McKln- Assoclaled Press: Wo will mi I by 16060 . . and eleel all of I non, entire slate ticket and 1 e. JAMES C. DAHLMAN. Utah ...... Virginia . Washington unkind. It will nol be aollh ottled right. The battle' wo as not been In vain, since It l separating tho democratic lie chaff. The party will gr if presidential elocili epubllcan plurality a celebrated by liberty through IcKInley victory ccratlc political candidates h< polled less than 67 per cent of vote of the city. In 1845 the di Van Buren and the free sollcra the democratic vole to less it cent, but left a small plurality, assembly, out of 160 members I publicans, tho democrats elec lhat on Joint ballot of the legl elect a successor fo Senator Hll ability McKInt free silver i blessings ■lllsm will repeat the mburg corrcspondc md Germany In pa m of McKinley, sir expected, give K,n’.l7: ,Th?j from Is safe. California. Or Ington. Wyoming and Mlnne ported by our friends to be New York. Nov. 1—McKlnley’s pit illty over Brjan In Now York city plurality. Topeka. Kas„ fleient returns i bo counted wli IcKlnloy.j The n plurality of between *76.6 To these states Illinois Is a Us plurality for tho wlnnln If the percentage of gain o dentlal election of 1892. tbr Men'chosen, continues to tl give a plurality of not’far fr , Alfgreltl Until) Ur In the gubernatorial ract beea badly beaten, but.Is deep, and la probably abou circumstances which brought h this position may keep him froi The FrclBslnlgc Zcltung says common sense of the Americans United States open fusion wi of both pa e by small t d votes. Tho republicans claim d the populists 4006. Bryan elec VC carried tho state By approxlm: 0 majority. 'ho stale legislature la hopelessly the republicans, and a populist r. ■ will again likely be sent from Kar election of senator i aresoerenely con- 1 control the legis- THEY COULD NOT LIVE SEPARATELY I ttckgt. -There > vote through- nnd Alter Id. give^Bryan 23.535 majority. The no general claims, •esult was absolutely Canton. Nov. A-At 4 a. m. Major M Klnlcy reviewed the Tippecanoe civ 1000 strong, from Cleveland. It was a oilier scene of unbounded cnthuslaa; fireworks, marching and banda A rou; general estimate based upon private d patches gives McKinley 265 electoral vol as certain and SO more as probable. THINK INDIANA SARK have approxlr Is not disturbed by Jones' predict! •Tho result was known last night.' said, \and as then announced Is subs llally^eorrecL Indiana, Minnesota California are safely In the ropubl column. Mr. Hlrsch. chairman of s^ln doubt. Chicago, Nov. a —At 3 o'clock the re­ publican officials at headquarters closed their doors for the night, satisfied that Il­ linois had gone between 100,000 and 150.W0 for McKinley and about the same for Tanner. Chicago, Nov. 3.—Chicago, with one pre­ cinct missing, gives McKinley 193.836. Bry­ an 138.530. Palmer 1795, Levering 1174. Mc- about 61000 , . . Secretary Hi. 38. Necessary reckons he has a! Is claimed McKinley. Ohio, which has all along been claimed by Chairman Jones as u stall- in wlilcn Brynn would push McKinley close, has given the republican candidate an over­ whelming plurality. In Michigan the election has resulted In a heavily reduced votfi for the republican ticket. The free silver papers of Detroit concedo tho state for McKinley by 25.000. Tho last previous voto lh tho state was In 1896. when Moore, the republican can- dldate for Justice of tho supreme court, had » plurality of 71.487 over McGregor. West Virginia Is confidently claimed by the republicans, nnd the chairman of the democratic committee has conceded the predictions reliable. Several counties that were counted safe for Dubois have gone agslnst him. He loses Canyon county, four members, by 75 votes. The county will elect four antl-Dubols members. The pcopte’s-democratlc legislative ticket In Lemhi Is elected by 600 majority. Blaine ble to state with definiteness that 1 late would give Bryan 6000 majority. iana was made at democratic hen barters, tho Associated Press report sked Colonel Haskell, sergeant at an I national republican headquarters. SENSATIONAL REPORT IS DENIED. s os follows: Republicans. 235; IS; republican majority. 113; republicans. 232; anti-silver Republicans 42. it and populists ■ lOVpopullsts for silver, 119: sound ney majority. 113. lesxo. Nov. A—The Chicago Tribune at 1:30 i . claims the neat coegreee will eland: Re- .Irene XXX democrats 111. and IS Independent. 11. doubtful 5. On the currenc; tho sonafl: undoubtedly will hav Silver- majority. The doubtful the legislature Is In great doubt, wll tho chances slightly In favor of Dubois. solutely certain had advices wl announced JJile m . 000 . Is practically feature^ o! the campaign. Patterson, the gold standard democratic candidate for congress In the city of Memphis, is running neck and neck with his opponent, and the official count will' bo -necessary to decide between them. The state at large IS claimed by both parties, and be­ cause of the length of the ticket, the neither . side seems entirely Justified in South Dak ed 46 with e republic presldcnl out at republican head- 120 precincts in Indlann from outside of Marlon r give McKinley 62.092 Tbo same precincts I 1892 62,979; Cleveland, epubllcan gain of 47S0. Louis platform Rathdrum. Idabo. precinct official com Bryan. 153. Bryan republican and dem (Copyrighted. 1S96. by Associated Press.) Berlin. Nov. 4—The result of the elec­ tion In the United States was received throughout Germany with great satisfac­ tion except by blmelalllsts.'A high official of the foreign office said: •The government Is pleased with the result, and congratulates the American ’people on ridding themselves for good of an Incubus and the danger of financial' upheaval -which would follow the unset­ tling of the currency. The civilised na­ tions will profit by the outcome of tho election, especially Germany, owing to Intimate. .'Important and economical rela­ tions wltn the United Statoo.\ North Carolina Is claimed by both par­ ties. but. as In Tonnesseo, tho returns are slew, and no definite conclusion Is possible- at present.. South Carolina. Georgia. Mississippi. Alabama and Louisiana are all.-for Bryan by about the normal democratic mnjor- The.Virginia electors will without ques­ tion bo (or Bryan, but they havo boon elected' by . heavily reduced democratic majorities. Tho republicans have aban­ doned all hope of Texas, and the state Is conceded to Bryan. The fusion botwocn the populists nnd the republicans In this Chicago, Nov. 4.—Governor Altgeld gave out a statement today addressed to tho democrats of Illinois. In which he says: \Although defeated. I desire to thank you for tho loyal support you have given me. and congratulate you^on the months ago our party lay prostrate. It had been betrayed Into the hands of the stock Jobbers and monopolists by Presi­ dent Cleveland. It was confronted by everything that money could buy. thal boodle could debauch or lhat fear of Storer. 92: Regan. 64; Bagley. 36: McFar­ land. 89; Parsona. 61; Forscman. 41: An­ derson. 109; Cowley. 36; Brown. 17: Hos- 4Inge, 133; Farmer. 37; Standrod. 39; Ralph P. Quarles. 90; Wilson. 61 Legislative tlckot: Benator-Ryan, 21; Callow. 109; Donnelly. 67. Representa- Talt. 137: Stark. 120; Bradbury. 172: Sis­ son. 65; Gray, 66: Keat. 19. (The names nnd figures are given In the order of Mc­ Kinley republican first, people’s-demo- cratic second and silver republican third. lion of 5 the exception give a majority being received from Indians a which may odd them to itc and give him a majority.’ Bryan, notwlth- tlve ticket Is elecl- -popultat. will be er republican, ounty tlckqt Is so yot said practically nothing, s show democratic gains In CIS, and these are offset by jllcan gains I d other parts of l majority re of so Indefinite natt - claims, no matter by uncertain character. HE SHOT AT THE AMERICAN FLAG. allellns in 1*61. and It will devolve upon the great common people of this country to save a free government In 1900.\ ABE GETTING SCARED AT CANTON. Yankton, 8. D.. Nov. 4.-A delayed returns, which are McKinley has 2600 majority. Council in enormous plurality. which was regarded ns both parties, has surprised cKinley majority Is Independents Republican d McKinley will ht 30.000 to 40.000 more 1 ■an Bryan. Clough, considered doubtful. plurality, -ar proxlmatcty Canton. Ohio. Nov. A—At 2 Payne wired Major McKinle publican- headquarters as fol. Chicago. Nov. I 6150. or 6380 plurality for McKln- cKlnley’s plurality in the state as : Is 4600. This will be cut down by block xdlannpolls. nlng Chain Michigan and Minnesota, and re no Information except what tho dispatches sent out. to the coa- . The only southern state wo con- Is Maryland. JAMES K. JONEa lakota will be found m although the result Is claim Wyoming and the probabilities seem jotli slates. ie for McKinley, and i was expected, given plurality, and Adams It Is certain ’carried California. N juth Dakota, with 29 \Kentucky Is surely doroocr The opposition has resowed tt • a plurality for McKinley of J not Include Marlon county. Increase McKinley’s plurali­ sm riartln.'however, chargee that middle etectlor

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 05 Nov. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.