The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, November 05, 1896, Image 3

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TREASON AND REVOLUTION. WORE money . 1 by the HIS INCONSISTENCY. View* o f Colonel Itobort Cl. In- i 7\ ^ ' ^ U r S ^ I P u t s on the Screws For T W O Astounding Goldbllg 1 the plutocrats, must have changed his ' A n n fY irr A c c e c c m e n f . . . . political prineiple*. At tlio Tabor Opera i \H OU K.I n b i E b b i n e n t . I A d m issions. House in Denver May 22. 1892, ho saiil j ....... ^ i S S i S S i li v — o. 1 .0 M Banka Must 'P r o d u c e $ 2 ,0 0 0 ,- Threats Against Self Govern- tonight on such vulgar thing* ns gold; 000 More. and silver. I am as satisfied ns I nm j UlOllt, that I live that the few—tho few who ' ! control the •debt*, the currency tho ' M,,rk nilllll„ i^jovc-s, of course, in i lu tho course or his speech at j either consciously or unconsciously11 to : !J° “ \H1'1 <lf un*icy. and he thinks that | Detroit recently Senator John M .! make tho debtor pay more .than the crcd- , ho only spendikmiouGh or K.tcMti- Palmer said ns ronortod in the !tor lm* the right to nub. j loy will got cmouiVtdcctoral votes to v v ,n \ r „„ii . Lit llimr m m ,, i \The tendency bus nlwnys been in ' innko him tho noxtpicsldoiit »t tho I New T ork TT orlil, a gohlhug pnpi l . |1|jH wot|,j Imt tho burden on tboso , United States. It has ntVcady cost mil- “ For m yself I \voiil<l p refer to I least nblo to hear them. In barbariun j lions to entry out tbe gigantic bluff of live under n righteous monarchy j countries tbo women have to do tho tho Cleveland iropmnster that tho trusts rather tlinn submit tosueh prill- work simply U-causo they arc the weak- j al!(1 Byildi( .. . . . I or- llmt is all And tin. nlliom |u.i„„ clplcs ns those dcclni Chicago convention.” It is lucky for Senator Pnlnici that lie is living under a govern rnent that permits free speech; other­ wise his remark would be considered treasonable and hostile to the gov­ ernment under which lie holds n high office and to which he owes allcgiaucc. Senntor PaTTncr should i all(, who goes? Tho not I ks permitted to, hold his place corporations} Tho bankers? tho men in the United States senute a single. who preside .over our great vaults of .tnv | gold? Not much. Tho poor go, becauso .. . . . «-u c „ 1,0 r n . 1.0 i » * * . “ “ archy rather than to submit to tin* Tho poor bear tho burdens of this Chicago platform, lie violates his | country and of this world. \Only a fow year* ago our mouey as gold and silver—mouey that had j boon the money of man for thousands j of ye ars. Our silver was demonetised and gold made tile standard. “ There is no mail in tho United State* with ingenuity enough to account for the demonetization of silver in 1873. Tbcnf is not one. Wo need altogether more money than wo have. \I believe that every ounce of silver j - Hint is dug under tho American flag mid In- coined free under tho Amer- li (lug. In my country they are most­ ly on I ho other side. They are with . bankers—with tho rich fellows. They A S f MAIN & CO. Hint is all. Aud the others, being I stronger, do not expend their -strength in working, but expend their strength in making tho weaker do the work. “ This is precisely tho same ill our civilized society today. Bctwccn'tlio 'th e poor, if burden is ‘ ; borne in this country, by tho poor—always. I \They are tliu lirst to suffer. Let tin ! Iilnst of war blow in this country. Win \ \\ 0 - - • borno always . cd in tho.W but tlicro nro more millions to be had, and they are bciuf; called for. Tin- national banks arc interested equally with all tho other corporate monopolies of tho country in seeing the mortgaged Itepnblican caudidateinstali- it presidents of B.vmpn! allegiance to the Constitution should lie imi>cnched as soon senate meets. A senator win expelled for a similar but fni^ less flagrant oflense. Hut this is not the only instance j where the fangs of the plutocrats have been shown nt the possibility I of the rule o f the common people; d Biiniia has isltated to let them know it—nt lliosij iu the easlcru state*. wiicrc Is tiiut iio can defy even thoso who liizo with him, but who believe dollar in hand iH worth two to through an election, national banks throughout tho xml middle slates liavo notified by him that they al west Way lio swung to Mc­ Kinley next month, mid, while some of tho directors and stockholders nro mak- ig wiy faces, scarcely any of them ,ivo so far ilnrcd to refuse. The nssess- icnt is made syslcmatirally, showing le \bnsines* man in politics” in all is glory. Each bank is to pay accord- ig to its capital, anil tho percentage is moneys in flvi i that ho can contract come contract to pay eerlTHli years. I want a law so ay the money when tho itli the mouey Ileccntly the chairman of the Republican county committee for Now York city, Mr. Kthvard Lan- torbach, characterized the men who formulated and nro supporting the Democratic national platform ns “ devils nnd anarchists\ mid de­ scribed the platform itself as “ iufa-! nions, communistic, and socialistic.\ i Ho concluded thus: “ It Is n bloodless light. No blood will be shed—nt least not yet. B u t I f they attempt to s u b -; vert your supreme c o u rt, i f they i should succeed, by any eliancc,! in foisting upon you these hor­ rible doctrines—anarchistic, so­ cialistic nnd communistic — which that platform adopted : by this Fopulistlc brood con­ tains, we will not abide by that decision.” Possibly it did not occur to this plutocratic henchman that the above sentiment is not only anarchistic, but treasonable from whatever point it be viewed. Yet both Senntor Palmer- and Mr. tnutcrbach expressed — per­ haps in an unguarded moment— the covert opiniojjs-of the goldbugs and the plutocrats. They arc really sn'V(. lighting against self government, o f the currency. In the no They nil prefer n monarchical form breath they say that a freesilv. of government, only they dare not law will ilrlvA all the gold out admit it. ’ the country and contract II .... , , 7 ----- 7 T , --------, volume o f currency by $«OC Tlie M exican dollar will b u y as 0()() ((,)() much for the Mexican working­ man in M exico ns the American dollar will buy for the American workingman In America. Wanted Free Silver. Peuusylvaui!!vBepublicau platform, adopted at Harrisburg, Sept. 5, 1877: WII HATH A NEW * AXL» COMPLET STOCK OE School Shoes For Boys and Girls. MEN’S & BOYS’ CAPS For-Fall and \Winter. si lie made the ink the few should have tho right to couibiuc to iucreaso tbo value of what people call mouey ns against the debtor mid in favor of tho J|>° 1 creditor. \I know most people think if requires 'vl* 1 much more honesty to bo ready to re- 11 r\ Ccivo the money than it is to work in rain, snow mul sleet to earn money. They think anybody could do that. And I know another thing about money. It is tho most social stuff oil earth. A dol­ lar hates a poor man’s pocket nnd will get out of it hoiuo way, nnd it will just roll off-into n vault with a lot of com­ panions. \It is tho most social thing iu the world. But I want the free coinage of all'tho gold you can dig out of the mines und crevices of the rocks, and I want the -freo roiuago of alj tho silver you can win from the mines of Ameri­ ca. And if there arc thoso who are not willing to take silver wo will uot trade witli them. It would bo a thousand times better for u* if wo never bought another tiling from Europe.” is estimated ut fully $2,000,000,. which can nt this late stugo of the campaign bo used for only ono purpose outside of buying votes outright—a diflicult thing to do under the existing ballot laws. akc campaign fund at this fylly one tiling, mid. Imt ...... ,... i , uii , knowing that he cannot, rely on a majority of the votes ill tliu j central and northwestern states, intends . to see what ho can do with the election I -officers—at least with thoso who will have the counting to do. Tho News some days ago gave warning on this point, nnd the discovery of tho raising of this new \fund from tbo national banks is proof positive wholesale scheme of tampering Iio votes after they have been cast tcmplatcd ill those states which v Bryan’s, but which nro absolutely :cessary to McKinley’s election. The Democratic managers ut Chicago lonld be nblo to circumvent Mr. Han- i. In both Illinois mid Indiana they ivo the stale authorities on their side, id tliu enforcement of tbe law should i insisted on.—New York News. Silver Means an Era of Higher Prices. And Rising and Well Sus-j tained Wages. While Gold Means Cheap Commodities. With Less Work and Dirain- j ished Pay. Ounof Detroit’s large* niauufactur-j ers assures The, Triliulic’ tliat his com-1 pnny makes nothing- by keeping its work* in operation, hut simply holds its trndo together, hoping for better time*. - Suppose times do not improve, a* reason tenches they cannot-if presont monetary conditions continue, hut, on tiio other hand, grow worse from year to.ypnfr, how long can manufacturers bo expected to carry on their works nt a lost? Will the lime not come when wages will ho cut to tho level of the “ pauper labor\ of tho gold standard countries of Euro]*'? Bow can it bo otherwise? How much will the workiugmeu then bo benefited by tbe cheapness of commodities if tlirir wages arc cut pro­ portionately with tbe prices cf the fruits of their labor? The gold advocates dc- , _ _ _ , W e have received ou Fall and Winter the gold standard, but how loug will it GOLD SEAL RUBBERS, GERMANSOCKS. North Star Mackinaws. RIVETED OVERALLS,50c •e that great purchasing power will j ■old ndvoi that a n A United States senator, who Is now seeking the sullragcs of Jie people lor the highest oflicc. advance if there is a profit to the em­ ployer warranting it? That they wil not is pure nssumptiou, without any basis of .reason. When, employera are in their power to give, says lie favors *n monarchy rattier than the triumph o f the cause o f the people, iS e n a t o r Fnlm cr ever leaves the country — and tiio quicker tlie better—to live under n uiorinrcliy, he is advised lo b e more enrefkil of his speech. In making money, they are- not likely to quibble about wages and incur the haz­ ard of strike*. It is impossible now- mlavsYhok- they can proqierous mid ihoir employee's not share in tho pros­ perity. Employer* may mid very often do as sure their men llmt the gold iftmulard is tbo best thing for their mutual iutcr- some count ries they take si man's bend oil’ for expressing senti­ ments opposed to the govern­ ment under w h ich they live. e*ts. Iu many caso* they aro no donbt sincere, but in more they associate tho silver movement with labor aggression nnd oppose silver to keep labor down. But in-any caso the judgment of tho nf LABOR FOR BRYAN. Straws Show How the W lm l Is Blowing In Chicago. Coercion does exist in the’ big con­ cern* here to a surprising mid an alarm­ ed limn: n the opinions of tho uch worthless corporation pa- kind with which tho wildcat-, to flood tho United Stale*. W h a t M exico Lucks. When goldbugs say that Mexico is ruined by silver, tell them that Mexico Ini* only if I iu silver to the head -of pop­ ulation, while France has four time* as much. The trouble with Mexico is tco ^ muu J<uiug, jobsft.r being littlo silver—too little cosh or rniy kind Bryall advocates. Tho feeling of revolt is general, and it i* doubtful if many vote* will he secured, by this policy, j Tlio schemes, moreover, do uot always A t first the Republican pinto- \'9rlj; The Illinois Str<*t company lock , . . ‘ . , a ballot of its employees. There was a . ruts treated the campaign of box for each cnudidalo, flic people w ith sneers. Sneers (lins j, W11S Hupposoil that a straight linnlly gave way to falsehoods, tip would be obtained ou each employee. land- j Nearly every man voted at the McKiu- * I ley box. When the votes wero counted, —~ much to tho surprise of the company, it stood; McKinley, 235; Bryan, 2,7113. —Frank K. Foster in Boston Labor Chicago Printers For A poll of the leading nn Chicago resulted a* follows: else? The workiugmi a high soldo of. wages, oven if the cost] of food ami clothing also ho high, as by j prudence mid economy he can manage! to save something out of a high wago where ho cannot oat of n lower one. Silver inemisun era of higher prices and well sustained wages, while gold iue;uis cheap commodities, precariously em­ ployed labor mid sooner or Inter dimin­ ished wages. Men may bo satisfied with tlicir pres­ ent condition, hut how long will it last if things go from had to worse, as they threaten to do if the present monetary status i* perpetuated? Tbo interest of tiio workingman, no less than dint of his employer, lies in such a condition of general prosperity that his labor be­ comes profitable to tha employer. Tbe goldite* uro profu> Stock* Of GOODS, will i . although enough to admit that all products of la­ bor will go up, Wiiy Bliould iv: LADIES' AXI) GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, N O T I O N S . / W e always carry a full stock of S t a p le an d Fancy Groceries at Lowest Prices. XV.. ' W . Xv£Ax.XIsr <&. C O ., C O L U M B I A . F A L L S . M O N T A N A . Belmont- Russia lias to ask before he eai so plain an act of sovereignty as to die-1 late war. Tiio advice of the employer is, hence, not always disinterested aud rep­ resentative of his own well considered ESTABLISHED 1877. CAPli INCORPORATED JUNE 16th, II AL, SUOO.OOO. PROPRIETORS OF THE MINNEAPOLIS ■ SHEfePSKIN TANNERY. M A IN HOUSE. SCO to 212 FIRST AVE. N O R T H , MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. DEALERS AUD EXPORTERS Tho nverago workingman is fully as : competent lo form mi iptolligcnt opin­ ion ou tho issues of tho day many hank- ■' or or manufacturer. It i* lii* duty ns a citizen to vote on his own best judg- | SMA SSLMS.SSSS FINE northern furs . employer may thank him for disregard- j uto-olcation advice.—Detroit-' KiLEK-ft, MONT., V :‘3t03IA . 13. C., V.’iHrilPEC, MAM., CHICAGO, ILL., EDMONTON, N.W.T. REFERENCES C C . 8. Hides, Dry Hides, Pelts, Purs, Wool, TALLOW, CINSENC A SENECA ROOT. per m issio n : MONTANA NATION! MERCHANTS' THE PLUTOCR. J f»U,FFAW. - —Sow York Journal -CHICAGO : BEACH: HOTEL, Harvey S. Denison, Manager. A T 5 1 s t S T R E E T A N D L AK E S H O R E , C H I C A G O . ILLINOIS CENTRAL AND RAPID TRANSIT. o Abiding: Place Tbe trade oniouislsimvea silver clob and hold dully meeting* ut noon, which j nro ns large as the hall will hold. There i is not the ('lightest doubt but that the j overwhelming propontlormTco of organ­ ized labor is for Bryan all through ,espalier Men For Silver. ' There urc ntiouT- 2 M reportin' mid-ed- itoriul writers employed ou tho Chicago papers. A careful canvass sluflrs that 265 of tiiem will vote for Biymi. Of tho 61 writers on the stnlT of tiio Chica­ go Times Uuruld 50 are for free silver and nve earucst personal workers for \ 'an mid Sownll. Ifniina’s Spccdics. Iain,a has nmdo ns many speeches as Bryan, but they have been delivered iu \ic bad* parlors of the banks. Free silver will n o t immediate­ ly raise wages, prices or bring prosperity. It will do it grad­ ually. All (rue progress is g rad­ ual. As more money is brought into circulation times will im­ prove. There is no fairy wand xeent iu fulry stories, lu answer to the question wlietnor any country ever coined silver freo at a ratio so far from (lie market ralio it mny bo n*ko«l whether il»e market ratio was over fo far from tho rcinagB ratio when I ho coinage of silver win freo nnd unlimited.—Etrlimigp. Dijliioeraey’s Champion Tiio ^Democracy lias bliosc-u a cham­ pion for whom no apologies are neces­ sary. No apprehension i* excited. Ho can take erne of himself nnd his party's interests wherever ho goes. A* a -.vest- in tho e:mt lie lias iuspiretl ro­ il northern man iu Mfo s^uth on ulfcotlou, a* a young man among veterans lie inis commanded obe­ dience. It is ■ n‘ far-unite xvonderftil achievement than Alexander Hamilton’* iutlueneo in the organizing period of i tiio nation or tliuu Chatham’s part iu i the overthrow of Walpole.—St. Louis Republic. _ Why Bismarck Favors Silver. Bismarck is doubtless aware, a* well a* Professor Boss, that the gold stund- i rd strap* upon debtors mi annual tax eqnnl to more than four times tho cost of tiio Ucrman standing army. That is why lie speaks so well of the white Liberal Alliances Made on Shipments against Original Bill of Lading. SHIPMENTS SOLICITED. WRITE FOR CIRCULARS. P es A. Baldwin & Co., BANKERS, 40 an d 43 W a l l st r e e t , ■ NEW YORK. Accounts of Ranks and Bankers received. Until election day we can furnish the Cincinnati. Enquirer at 35 cents per ye&r to patrons of THE COLUMBIAN. For both THE COLUMBIAN and the Enquirer one year the rate is $1.85.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 05 Nov. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.