The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, January 21, 1897, Image 1

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She found she had bought a hus- but not the love she was looking her husband she said the other rlth a pathos that must have gone heart! of many other titled Ameri- omen: \Yes he was a kind man; > was cold. Indifferent I longed to IN THE MONTANA LEGISLATURE. Friend's of the Initiative and Refer- Helena. Jan. U.—The frle Itlatlve and referendum we yesterday In the bouse of i The marquis of Salisbury said that In regard to Armenia tho powers had agreed that the present condition of things must be changed, but, ho added, they also feel. deeply what a terrible calamity a Kuro- TIME HONORED CEREMONIES LOWED IN LONDON. S OF ANTI-DUBOIS MF IDAHO'S LEGISLATURE. Continuing, the premier remarked tl one of tho objects of the occupation Dongola was because of Its high road Khartoum. Referring to the arbitration treaty, I marquis of Salisbury said that It was i claimed that It would avert the posslt lty of war, but It would render less prt ablo the warlike rumors which tend create an excited feeling between natlo Tho premier further explained that principal value Is that It Is likely to le Brussels, Jan. U.—A Svengal: case In real Ufo la the reigning sc here, for today the divorce suit of Joseph Caraman-Chlmay again beautiful American wife, who slop ( Hungarian gyoyv^irjollnlst. cam. 16 court at Charleroi. Belgium. Rlgo. tho Txlganl fiddler, makes counterfeit of Svengall. He Is si with piercing eyes. In which seem « hypnotic spell, and his nervous, ■ London, Jan. 1».—Tho third session of tho llth parliament was formally opened by the royal commission at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Early this morning a strong detachment of police moved down White­ hall and stationed themselves at the varl- A large crowd soon gathered. Shortly after 9 today the > eon^n of the guard :tr- Touchlug upon the i an event of International 1m- The house of Chlmay Is de­ em tho Caramans and dates bring aboc have to bo applied. would stand togethe altlon of conslderatlc One democrat, Elde Clagctt on each ba The lovoly Clara: i Detroit. Mich., ist charming wo- s as tall as Du county dlvlslor that they can Maurler's e. the house ibjects pro- plcxlon li fall from At 2 o'clock there i Ing of electric bells, the policemen formed The situation tonight looks perplea to somo and embarrassing to others. The house also took care of three do new bills, tho major portion of wl were Introduced by the committee on proprlatlons, covering the deficiency . ated in the various departments of •tale government during the two y< past, aggregating 122.869. The governor sent In a message acc. ponying the ultimate estimates made attention to tho artjltratlon I can no! speak as freely as arbitration treaty, because playing In a Paris restat her soul leaped Into a flu eloped. The tune she he was the \Rakocsy March, air of Hunggjy. Its effect JAMES RIQO. back to the ancient house of Arrlghettl of Florence. Italy. The prince owns a beau­ tiful chateau at Hainan!. Belgium. The nuptials were held in Paris May SC. ISM. The papal nuncio officiated. Two children have been bom to the princely couple, but they were not able to bridge over the o\ er-widening chasm of coldness between tho parents.. Rumors of Infidelity reached the prince's ears In a year or so. and he threatened to bring suit fovdlvorcc. Feb- rkpary. 21. ISSt she gave a great dinner and ball at Paris to cclehrato her 3st birthday. Her'ata riling beauty made her the Idol of the hour, and poets and artists There of lords. Lord Kimberly on that subject, i ably agrees with mo os heartily body concerning the advantages treaty may confer, and I am boun I am picking up the thread wt from his hands about two years ippeared almost lost. It Is the custom leloct tho youngest peers each session move and second the address In the hou >f lords. Today the marquis of Bath ai Lord Kenyon were selected for that ho eon's Speech. speech, which was tnd Qcntlemon: My the legtalatu ductlona shi a friendly charae res which have taki epic and other par Appalling ico In Con- the Otto- Introduced. nd also bills The elopement took place a The couple went to Budapcsth, of Hungary, where the gyps) playing In tho music halls at |10 Since then stories Innumerable tcld about the princess. One small differences which are caught by the people and press or both countries, and If they are written upon, exaggerated and enlarged, they tend to diminish the friend­ ship between the countries and give birth to a feeling of allocation and resentment. \The power of going Immediately to a tribunal to settle those things wllj prevent will push forward In the province of San­ ta Clara and occupy positions calculated lo compel Some* to fight a pitched battle. In connection with reports of the ap­ proaching recall of Weyler, It la Interest­ ing to note the manor in which he re­ ceived tho nows of the death of Antonio Maceo. the circumstances of which have •«' t lest i w M out from the palace. At first Weyler would not believe tbe ro­ of tho powers signatory of the at Parla Tapers will bo laid before Jwlng tho considerations which !n- penaltles on delinquent taxes tor 18 ! long wrangle over printing senate was brought to a close In a most pec manner. The committee had mad HENRY M. TELLER IN COLORADO. file hoarlng the princess' will plead oxtreme and refused to ratify the mlttco resigned and United Sts l of tho countries of the world whero s are ministers who govern and mtm- of parliament and others whO'Critl- ihcifl, and this body generally con- i ono' class of whom I deslro to apeak all respect. They are known popu- ■ os Jingoes. They are very patriotic, their warmth of patriotism sometimes la the appreciation of details. But iyt iy>d that one of the principal sub- i which preoccupies the ministers is to furnish an account of tho matter :h is satisfactory to this portion of his at. It Is my belief that a well-work- opened for further advance whenever such a step Is considered desirable. \My government has discussed with the United States, acting as the friend of Veneguela, terms whereunder pending questions of the disputed frontier be­ tween that republic and bur colony of Charleroi, France, Jon. 19.- Chlmay divorce case today read letters written by the ber husband. In which she ol Into a Carmelite convent for from whence, the princess would return purlflcd to tl Tho prince replied: from Pi he was going to Chlmay. and Colorado houi r Teller there. le privilege In tiler resided. Ing speeches, highly. The There D more In this case than a mere etrgller. It la a revolt against tho prac­ tice of marrying off American glrla lo titled foreigners. \The American mother stands condemned.\ wrote Monsieur d'Ar- genteull. the famous Paris llterateur, the other day. \Sho la the ono to feel asham­ ed of thla sad display of passion by a woman who Is young enough to be called a girl. The Americana will Judga this unfortunate young woman moro harshly than would we. They look only at the consideration the girl's environment and tho Influence In her home life, and then temper our Judgment with pity. Are not the American girls sold to tltlesT Is the Anglo-Saxon blood too pure for that? will effect an adjustment of the contro­ versy without exposing to risks the Inter­ ests of any colonists whose establish­ ed rights are In tho disputed territory. \It. Is with much gratlflcatlon that I conclude tho treaty for general arbitra­ tion with tho president of tho United States whereby I trust all differences which may arise between as will be peace­ fully adjusted. I hope this arrangement may have further valuo In commending to other powers consideration of the prin­ ciple whereby the danger of war may be notably abated.\ presalon of the rebellion In South Africa The counsel i lowing day the Rlgo, supped ehontant with tho princess m most bitterly ontesled battles In the hls- pnbllcan party In Illinois, ras regarded by “machine\ n Impoeslblllty up to wlth- the time of his triumphant nomination, the cholco be­ lli* selection politicians as itm of trifling with tl itry or surrendering ibmltted the matter to an Impartial al. and, unfortunately, the decision eon against him. It is Impossible feel that ministers could nogollate l freer hand and more determination y were absolutely secure from dan- reference to our country, becauso less than elsewhere, is a minister's would not require proof By witnesses, as the notoriety of the scandal and the atti­ tude of tho princess since the beginning ol the suit proved the principal charge, via., her flight with Rlgo. Maltre Allaln, for the defense, did not deny tho principal fact, but contended or greatly exaggerated. Counsel asked the court not to be Influ­ enced by the \atrocious accusation that the princess had abandoned her children ordered to advance westward the hour for caucus drew near the len shifting of the Cook county forces lason carried the other candidates off ■ feat. The tide turned toward the ex- ■ressman with a rush that carried ytlflng before It. Mr. Maaon'a selec­ ts a distinct defeat for the combina- of politicians known as the \ma- e.\ and a clear victory of tho McKln- Inqulrc Into the sugur Industry of the \It Is with much regret and feelings of the deepest sympathy I hav^ heard that owing lo tenures of autumn crops and scarcity of food a famine affects a targe portion of my dominions in India.\ After referring to measures taken to mitigate the suffering from famlno n'nd making reference to the bubonic plggue In Bombay, the speech says: 'T have directed my government to take most stringent measures to eradicate It.\ \aentlemen of the house of commons,\ the speech continues, \the estimates for the year will be laid before you. While I am desirous of guarding against undue expenditures, I have felt the present con­ dition of tho world will aot permit you to depart from the. spirit of prudent foresight Wherein you have of recent years provided for tho defense of my em- Tbe speech concludes with reference to tho proceed bills for relief of voluntary schools and employes' liabilities; adding to the efficiency of military defense; to establish an Irish board of agriculture, and various commercial bills. Including the exclusion of goods manufactured In foreign prisons, and a Mil to establish reformatories for Inebriates. -.The Irish parliamentary party today re-elected John Dillon chairman. Tim­ othy M. Healy Instated that a detailed vote be taken. This was done and the result was the defeat of the Healyltes. The Healyltes havo prepared an amend­ ment to the queen's address which brings up the subject of financial relations be­ tween Ireland and England. POACHERS RUTHLESSLY KILLED. would perhaps ba beat for him i the contest was quickly settled. In succession were withdrawn tho of Congressman Lorimor, Clark E. Hopkins, Congress- isn Cannon and 8am- wlthdmwals were all nd were greeted with Crown Point, Ind., Jan. 19.—In a pitched battle between tho Tplleston Club game- keepers and poachers on tho preserves of the Tolleston Club of Chicago, near here, today, live men were shot, three of them fatally. The wounded are: Frank Costwlck, shot through thj lungs, will'die; Theo­ dore Pratt, shot In the body, win die; Charles Pratt, shot in the body, will probably recover; Alvin Botwell, shot In the body, will probably recover; John Blackburn, shot In the templo with a re­ volver. will probably die. Sheriff Farley arrested Barney Whltt- lock. the Blackburn brothers and Alfred Taylor end lodged them In Jail tonlgnt. The* shooting was done at such short bodies of each of the wounded. In the body of Theodore Pratt over 160 shot were counted. The bullet which struck Costwlck went clear through tho body. Several other mon will be arrested to- Tho decision wl] light, but accon t Is believed thi tn absolute dlvor man Hitt, Cong rerun uel W. Allerton. Tho in favor of Mason a enthusiastic applaua TELLER BY A DECISIVE VOTE. Does not her moet gracious majesty Vic­ toria betroth her daughters while they are children and doom them to a married life without love? Ia It not only natural that her Imperial example ahould be fol­ lowed by ambitious mothers In England find America? The elopement, much as It Is to be deplored, can not but be consid­ ered as a protest against the vain glory of some American mothers who have so often been held up to us degenerate Eu­ ropeans to bo Imitated llko a holy ex­ assembly, the galleries visitors, who had come London, Jan. 19. — Tho divorce suit brought by the countessof Cowley against the earl of Cowley was opened today in tbe high court of Justice. The co-respond­ ent is Mrs. Charrlngton. Answers were fllod by the earl and Mrs. Charrlngton , denying all the allegations The carl, when Viscount Dansgan. was defendant In a breach of promise action brought by an actress. Phyllis Broughton, which he set­ tled by paying KO.OOO. He soon afterwards i married Lady Violet Neville, daughter of live Blood, populist, seconded atlon of Altgeld. Other addt made In praise of ex-Oovern THE ROSSLAND. BOARD OF TRADE. THUGS ROBBED A SALEM SALOON. ands of acres of plno lands, tho biggest beyond doubt the richest man In Michi­ gan. Clara waa born In 1873, and was two years old when her father —u. Shortly after Clara's mother, who was Captain Ward's second wife, left Detroit, spend­ ing three years In travel with Clara in Europe. Then she married Alexander Cameron, a Windsor. Ontario, lawyer, af­ terward a banker. Clara lived In Toronto nta Fe. N. M.. Jan. 18.-Tho legtsls- assombly of New Mexico organized y by a compromise. The council con- i of six republicans and six domocrats. house of 13 republicans and 11 demo-. change tonight Iloye op tol. Ha it, president, and divided the commit­ 's and employes evenly. The bouse elect- l.lewollyn. republican, speaker, and dl- led employes and committees also ovon- WALLA WALLA'S NEW. AUDITOR. After the reading of I the throne both, houses England to school. Sho waa of a reck­ less, restless disposition, and even In school spent her Income of 140,000 a year, which Captain Ward left her. At the age of 17 she was Induced to marry tho prince, who was 32, by tho arguments of her mother, who was eager to secure a title In her family. Tho girl protested that ehe did not love the Impecunious crest- wearer, but her mother's ambitions were too strong, and she yielded. In order to pr. his debts 8100,000 of her fortune was settled on him before the marriage. To the high strung American girl this \mar­ riage of convenience\ brought no happl- a Walla, Jan. 18.—The county sera today elected Richard , populist, county auditor, t sancy caused by the death of JUDGE REAVI8' FIR8T DECISION. Washington, Jan. 18.—The recent claim of tho Cuban junta of New York that letters bearing the new Cuban stamps have passed through the United States mall, has called forth a denial from Postmaster Dayton of New York. In a -letter to the Washington postal officials he says no envelopes bearing stamps with the Inscription \Republic of Cuba\ or otherwise purporting to be Is­ sued by the Cuban Insurgents have gone through the New York postoffloe. candidate, upon the death of the su­ itor, withdrew this morning. McOahey jras elected by a vote of two ) ono for H. Q. Tobin. McOahey waa de- PACIFIC SYNDICATE. Dillon. The oounty commissioners today award­ ed the contract to a local drug firm for 1000 ounces of strychnine, which will be distributed among farmers for the pur­ pose of exterminating squirrels. time. All the others present were un­ covered. Viscount Folkestone. M. P. for South Wiltshire, was appointed to proposo In Historical “ “ ‘ \ 7 THE COLUMBIAN. SE V E N T H T E A R . C O L U M BIA FALLS, M O N T A K A , TH U RSD A Y , JANUARY 21, 1897. N U M B E R 4. OPENING OF PARLIAMENT THE GUNBOAT WRECKED Raleigh. N. C„ Jan. 11^-Pritchard lacked > vole of bavins a maJoOT In tbe senate and had 10 majority In tbe hslbe. He will be elect­ ed tomorrow In Joint session. renrooc In Pennsylvania. Harrisburg. Pl-^Jsn^ 19.—Boise Penrose (re- Legislature Agiaiost Him! All republicans la each branch of tbe leglsla- Mretejrf.Chester county, who voted for John refused to^peJuSpIm*'SBtPuMr'uo*MoKUUey men^and wUl^probabty refuse to vote when tbe hOTwi'bejioied today forNjmecTgUU^raum him. was re-elected by an overwhelming majority. EVEN DIVISION AT SANTA FE.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 21 Jan. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.