The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, January 28, 1897, Image 1

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FARO GAME CASES AT The Injured men are: Jeremiah O'Rourke. fireman. «truck by falling walla; John Workman, fireman, fell Into the building- when the roof collapsed, body badly crushed; Patrick Patterson, fireman, struck by falling bricks and leg broken; James Barker, captain of engine company, badly burned about the head: Sherman P. Quinlan, fireman, leg broken and body badly bruised by falling wall; Harry Oeoghegan. fireman, fell from building, leg badly wrenched; Jeremiah Elliott, englno company No. 7. both an­ kles broken by fall! Hanley, cut and bruls. lnjurle- — 1----- Newport's trial, which n young badly cu The lire origin) few minutes It less for the fire the building, 1 managed to coni of the Williams Lc^dvllle, Col.. Jan. 26.—The cases of George Amburn, George Amber and George Dewey, officers of the miners' union Indicted for murder on a blanket Boise City. Idaho. Hcltfeld has been nomlt ullsts for senator, and .. — ..... — belief that he will be elected. The caucus adjourned soon after 10 o'clock, and It was shortly afterward known that Helt- fcld was the nominee. It caused aston­ ishment, while the apparent unanimity of belief that be will be elected has caused the friends of all *6—Hoary ipldlty that within today before Judge Owers The block bounded ground that several Important witnesses were absent and the fact that the steno­ graphic notes of testimony takMubefore the grand Jury had not teen extended. The motion was supported by affidavits from the members of the late grand Jury, reciting that witnesses who appeared be- Uvea and the safety of their famlllos and property, and that a continuance would give time for the excitement to die away. Judge. Owers denied this motion,.where­ upon the district attorney asked for the substitution of another Judge to try the cases, supporting the motion with a numerously signed affidavit of leading clt- * The signal service today reports the cold wave extending all over the west and northwest, and no prospect of a ma­ terial let-up In the Intensity of cold for at least M hours. All trsdns today were delayed by snowdrifts and Inability to make steam. The proclamation of Mayor Swift met with a hearty response. Be- aldesWjver (13.000 In cash, hundreds of tons of cool and an almost unlimited supply of provisions havo been sent In and promptly distributed. Seven hundred more desperate cases of destitution have already been relieved, and the work Is be­ ing carried on without cessation. Fully 1000 people were given shelter last night at police stations and Solvation Army barracks. The new Isolation hos­ pital was thrown open. The county appropriated 110,000 for the purpose, and it will be used for cases of also relieve the congested condition of the city and county hospital, which are so crowded that no case of contagious dis­ ease has been taken In since Friday. Thlrte slve'cUy'hS’i ‘ a r o u n d ^ the Pennsylvania railroad dlreotly across the way Jo ocrats and populists to make t< ballot final. It has been intlm a dargb horse would carry off at the right moment, and the ments tonight Indicate that the keen shrewdly planned. Heltfeld has been a leader of ett forces, and his nomination any effort that Clagett'a frlen afreet. . So fierce was the fiume and s syong the wind which aided 11s destrut live work that even this building, dlstar the width of Market tUeet. was save almost by a miracle from total dcstruc tlqp. and Mr. Wanamaker tonight place his loss at 3100,OCiO. The total loss Is van ously estimated at from 11.000.000 to 32.500 Imperfections and this taoompletenoes at­ test Its Integrity, Its earnest purpose and noble aim.\ Chief Justice Fuller of the United States supreme court' followed. He said, although he was eoratstly In favor of the pending treaty, he would not trespass In the slightest degree Upon the prerogative of the senate to carefully and thoughtful­ ly consider ft in all Its aspects and to ac­ cept what was good and to rajoot what Chicago. Jan. 26—The large ator of the W. H. Purcell Mi n. The election of Heltfeld would le a storm, and there Is no doubt that rerful Influences will be brought to x upon the democrats to recede from ' agreement to abide by the result of TRIED TO TUNNEL OUT OF PRISON. Jqdge Owers was prejudiced against the people and unduly biased In favor of the defendants In the case. Affiants swore that they were well acquainted with the Judge, and based their belief upon re­ marks made by him In their presence since the strike, and particularly since the murderous riot which led to these today’s caucus Heltfeld Is a a good dtlxen. heavily damaged by fir to arbitrate our dll Other brief adf Thomas Nelson Ps The state then filed a nolle proses as to the defendants. The defendants objected to this, and asked for a continuance for arguments, but the court refused thu and denied the motion of the district attor­ ney for a nolle prosse. Judge Owers say­ ing he would coll the cases tomorrow for trial. Attorney General Carr has secured a temporary writ prohibiting Judge Owers from trying the cases, and ordering him to show cause on Saturday why the writ of prohibition should not be made perma- t building ras visited is portion Junction li reen 300 and Junction a The Indian commenced wall five fo he umbrella n the largest Ir Joined . ipped by »e A RECEPTION BY LILIUOKALANI. The quick response of the clttsens to Mayor Swift s apeal has resulted In the relief of suffering In Chicago with rapid­ ity and to an extent fai*’ beyond expecta­ tion. Through the systematic canvass of Ihe police and the prompt attention to the cases reported by the officers. It la safe to say that but few persons suffered tonight In Chicago from cold or hunger. Wiring the past 48 hours not less than 1200 families were supplied through the police with food and fueL The work of the police was today reinforced by that of the letter carriers, who, acting on Post­ master nosing's orders, gathered the names of the unfortunates on tholr routes and turned them Into the sub-sta­ tions. the superintendents of which then reported to the police. Mayor Swift was busy all day receiv­ ing subscriptions to the relief fund. The Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee WITH SUSAN B. ANTHONY PRESIDING populists that they wonted om they (the populists) would . building, between 1309 ruid 1301 Market street, were the following tenants: Mlx- |Mh restaurant; Sterner & Ball, cigar fac­ tory; A. Nlckol.ikly. confectionery, and the Mg drag store of H. Hillman. No. 1301. the upper story of which was occupied by Potter Bros, as a photograph gallery. Jumped Across the Street. North of Hlraoh Bros.. Immediately across Silver street, stood the new seven- story building of Dunlap Bros. This build­ ing extonded from 1303 to 1310 Filbert streot and was 100 feet deep. The first floors were occupied by the Collins Carriage Com­ pany. Tho names swept through this structure, gutting, tt completely. The small buildings of Sliver street, whleb wore all gutted. Tho’ehop of Contractor nunl convention of the National Suffrage association opened this morning, Susan B. Anthony presiding.' The following states wore represented: Colorado. California. Illinois. Iowa. Idaho. Kansas. Kentucky. Minnesota. Massachusetts, Missouri. Mon- Una. Michigan. Nebraska, New Jersey. Now York, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Utah, Wisconsin and Washington. In the afternoon the large audience rom was crowded with men and women eager to hear Mias Anthony ^deliver the months, dkl Junltc freedom of the yart NEW YORK’S BUSINESS SECTION. Nelson again. agreement on tho financial question. As Introduced It simply criticised the appro- 6ERVICE3 OVER ALBER1 S. WILLIS. «fe?r^oriarai*ld0n-rn <neSn?Dw*~ll2iIa the adjoining building, No. *7. were oc­ cupied by Percy Kent, dealer In cottons, pucklng and belting. The loss to tho lat­ ter la 340.000. covered by Insurance. Wal- don & Company's loss Is said to bo about 330,000. partially Insured. Fire Fighters Frosen. Munctsi Ind.. Jan. 26—While fighting fire at ‘the reeldence of C. E. Wiley early She reviewed the irork during the past nen and women, and muse In Idaho, first tlon and afterwards est contribution to the fund officials and employes of the egraph and Cable Company. spoke at considerable length of tho cam­ paign wblcb was made In California, where they failed In only two places. Ban Francisco and Oakland, and thero they hoped to overcome opposition la tho next two years. Sbe advised precinct organisa­ tion and a house to house canvass! Miss Anthony said that the time had come when the suffragists must reoognlse wise poll Pool methods and not depend up­ on generalities. She said that the oause cycle exposition, now being held here. The list Is headed by the Pope Mahutac- turlng Company with a contribution of 31000. and will amount to a large sum when completed. Fully 333.000 has been raised for relief work In the last two days by volunury responses to Mayor Swift's proclamation. Lincoln. Neb., Jan. 26—In the senate today, Mr. Canady, from Kearney coun­ ty. Introduced a concurrent resolution ro­ of St. Paul Eplscopffi I the service. The burial, Mrs. Willis, was private Reply to Idaho Democrats Washington, Jan. 26—Senator Jones has replied to the Idaho democrats as follows: \To Hon. J. C. Rich. Chairman Demo­ cratic Caucus. Boise, Idaho: My atten­ tion and that of prominent democratic members of the national committee and others Is In no sense an Interference In local affairs. Prominent and leading re­ publicans abandoned their party and gave hearty support to the platform and can­ didates of the Chicago convention, and and their clothing bad to b heir bodies, Chief Shepp an, Chief Buchanan aro amoni re. Mrs. WUey. while trying 1 caught In tho tower which i handsome Mock and ohlmos he entire tower collapsed, the through to tho first floor, hose were then gotten on top remains Honolulu. REVI8ION OF THE CONSTITUTION. tho work to which her life has boon given she hoped to see Che stare on the suffrage flag multiplied fourfold or more, and In tho end tho triumph of the oauso. A largo number of commit lees were ap­ pointed. The reel of the afternoon woe devoted to hearing reports from the states. TENDERED A BANQUET TO PLATT. exists in Chicago; that the people of Ne­ braska contribute of their surpluses of food products to tho relief of the needy The resolution names John P. Altgeld as the person to whom supplies are to be principally al Laws Needs Fixing. Denver. CoL. Jan. 26—Senator today offered a resolution requestl gross to call a convention for vision of the constitution of the States, and soliciting other states similar action. The preamble say GOVERNOR’S PAY WILL NOT BE CUT. Montana Legislator* Think *15000 a WHERE FAMINE IS WORKING HAVOC prevent any Improper yjdl- ,ments and abnormal growth their way almost directly northwest from tho roar of Blum Bros.' building, gutting tho rear of 8bowell A Fryer's big grocory. Tho roar part of 23 to 25 North Juniper, used as law offices and private residences, was completely, burned out. While Che fire was at Its height flames were discovered on the window sashes of tho big olty hall. The olty1>all fire depart­ ment ran a line to the roof and In a few minutes had Che structure free from sll The -walls of HIrech Bros.' factory col­ lapsed soon after 3 o’clock. The othor walls left standing reeemhje huge Icebergs. thought ited another drop NO WAR ON ENDEAVORER RATES. San Francisco, Jan. 26.—The funeral of Fong Chin, better known os \Little Pete.\ the murdered leader of tho Bam Tups, took place today. Tho funeral procession was about a mile long, and the atreets were crowded with curious people. Af- - ----- •-•“ rate ceremonies the body was the receiving vault at Laurel ___ ____ further services, which will be held next Thursday. ____ , Feud la Los Angeles. Los Angsles, Cal.. Jan. 26—The killing of Little Pete In San Francisco Saturday night has stirred up the old feud between the rival factions In this city and trouble Is looked for at any moment. The Bing Kong Tong and the Hop Sing Tong arc ready to do some killing. The old time dispute between the See Yup and the Sam Yup companies la also being agl- F1GHTING A WATER PIPE TRUST. Jorlty In lead tho i tactics in the committee of Jut It Is yet a question whet .1 master the two-thirds nocesi . constitutional amendment car placed TRIED TO POISON A WHOLE FAMILY. UNION PACIFIC REORGANIZATION. San Francisco. Jan. 26—Private Detec­ tive Callendun was fined (100 today for malicious mischief. Callendun was hired by the local Chinese consul to destroy, the meeting places of the Bee Tups society, and Ms action In destroying about 35000 worth of property Is one of the causes that led to the murder of Little Pete. Suffering at Plttsbarg. Pittsburg. Pa.. Jan. 16—Last night the mercury In the signal service thermom­ eter dropped to 5 degrees below xero. but nore exposed thermometers registered 10 degrees lower. The cold caused great suf­ fering among tho poor. Mrs. Mary Mqr- ris, colored, was overcome on the street and died In a fow minutes. Frost-bitten hands, feet and ears were frequent among The heaviest losers are HIrech Bros,, who suffered for about 3400.000. They bad an Immense stock on hand. Walter Hlraoh. a member of the firm, said that the stock was fully covered by Insurance. HIrech Bros occupied the top floors of the building whloh extended from 1309 lo 1319. Inclusive. The building was owned by the ostate of Henry C. Gibson, the well-known distiller, and was valued at about 3600.000. Baum Bros, lose about 3150.000 on stock; Hanson Bros., 125,000 on slock; Dennett's restaurant, stock and fixtures. 375.000; Stern A Ball. 350.000; Mlspah's restaurant, 315.000: Hillman Drug Company. 375.000; Marshall’s restaurant. 325JXJ0; George B. •Wells. 325.000: Showell A Fryer. 360.000; James Goodwin, stained gloss. SIM,’00; James Dickson, heater* and ranges. 35000; Dunlap Bros.. 3300,000: Fuertong's. 310.000: John Wanamaker. 3100.000; Nlckoktcky'e. 315.000; A. McCune A Co.. 340,000: 8. H. Hull, drugs, 315.000: Bndd A Kite, 35000. Tho loss on tlie small buildings trill roach Into the neighborhood of 3400,000. Nearly all the sufferers from today’s fire aro fully protected by Insurance. SENATORIAL DEADLOCK IN UTAH. ADJUDGED NOT GUILTY OF MURDER lee Bridge at Niagara. Niagara Falls. N. Y.. Jan. 26—The cold Is- Intense here and the glittering Ice bridge has formed In the gorge. The frosen spray upon the trees of the parks and the faces of the cliffs present a daxxltng spectacle and the trains are bringing many sightseers Destitute la St. Loals. 8L Louis. Jan. 26-6lxty-slx destitute families have applied to the police for Olympia. Wash.. Jan. 16—The First Na­ tional bank of this cKy closed Its doors this morning, and tbe following notice was \Owing to unexpected and heavy with­ drawals of deposits, this bank Is compell­ ed to suspend until we caivreallse on our assets Depositors Hill not toes one dollar. \A. A. PHILLIPS. Preelder ft\ The last statement made by this lnstltu- DECIDED AGAINST THE SAILORS. FATHER OF MONTESANO IS DEAD. last ballot wat 16. Rawlins If. violated the THE COLUMBIAN. S E V E N T H Y E A J L FIRES IN PHILADELPHIA C O L U M B I A F A L L S , M O N T A N A , T H U R S D A Y , JA N U A R Y 28, 1897. m i RELIEF OF THE N U M B E R 5. Chicago. Jan. 26—Seven firemen . ant »o spectators were badly hurt at a fin Ms evening which destroyed the WU1 FOR HEITFELD IN IDAHO

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 28 Jan. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.