The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, January 28, 1897, Image 3

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TIM E TABLE. >ln#o«>t...leaTeColombia Falls— 1 : star west... loose Columbia Falla... S r Malls closo 30 mloolas bafuro Train 1 0. O. F.—COLUMBIA LODGE S s Meets Every Tuesday Evcniuis at I. f . ‘* . Liwxa.8ee!0P'h\” ,nT,,~l *1' M ethodist episcopal C hurch - ser - sice Beery othor Sunder at 11 n. m. anti 1 p.m. Sunday school r t li. Visitors cordially la riled. P.W. HAYSES. Pastor rUTH 0 UCrCHUECH- 8 BBVI 0 ra AT ST. G A. B.- 0 E 0 B 0 E 11 . McCLE . moots at Kcnnrdy Hall tl Fourth Saturdays of each mot TXTOMAN’S RELIEF CORPS-MEETS AT TV Konnody Mall SeeWond Fourth Satur­ days of oach mrmth.g Vl.itinK members 0 . C laiton , First Sernc TOWN AND COUNTY. Born: To Mr. und Mrs. 0 . F. Sully, on Saturday, a daughter. A dance was given at the residence of Jos. Tetrault on Friday evening. William Lund is out for tbo first aio aftor a long and serious illness. Mrs. J . L. Kerr has been seriously ill b u t is now on the road to rocovory. Mrs. Edwin H. Snyder, formerly Miss Jes&o Schultz of this city, diod at Belt on the 14th inst. The Woman’s Belief Corps id planning a dramatic entertainment for the uoar future. Joe Zorzi beamed upon all man­ kind on Friday morning. The cause of rejoicing was tbo advent of aqoth- ' boy. ________ The Columbia Falls fire depart- mecting last night and the OoaatyQa* udjtoiwnior. m . t . m :: County Attorney, T iiohah D. Loan. Clerk of Dutriot Court, Annuo V.. Sv Couutv Tren.ur.-r. S ami i . i . H u if ii. Cauoty Supt. of School*, ti. T. C om County Maa nr, J. B. Q imox . County Sheriff. W. F. H ibbaut . Public Administrator. H ooh S wank - Coroner. G«o. 11 . MM c ahon . (PoatoffloenddreHof a bore, KALtan County Comralf.ionon.:-, Faso. C ooks . Columbia tails, Monte KsnA A S g U 1 0 , 0 . H i m i n n s Conrad National Bank ISSJ J £ a 4 i s p © l l , M o n t a n a , PAID UP CAPITAL, t - 9125.000 SL'BPUIS, . . . r - - $25,000 ——SJOF-iriCKIltSGu-— Q. E. CONRAD, W.O. CONRAD. President. Vico President. W.O. CONRAD. OEO. PHILLIPS. Cashier. Ass't Cashier. — ® r»irtE c a -O R S G :- .C.E. CONRAD. . J. A* FORD. '• T 80 S-MCGOVERN. JAMES CON LON. W. O. CONRAD. W. A-CONRAD. J. A- EDWARDS. T 1 IOS. COUCH. Draw exchange on the principal cities of the United States aud E u ­ rope. Interest allowed on time de­ posits. - MONTANA. A. H. BURCH, ^ D E N T I S T .= Offices: C o n rad B lock. K A L ISPE L L , : MONTANA. decided to give a g rand ball o 12th of February. Mrs. D. F. Smith and son Harold ent oast ’ on Monday. They will visit relatives at Boston and other Massachusetts points. Miss Gortrudo Phillips is a t home for the remainder of the winter. Miss Bessie Estoy of the lower valley is a t present her guest. Dr. Macdonald was up from Kalis- pell on Saturday in attendance upon J . J . Kennedy, who has boon serious­ ly ill with a very bad cold. The gentlemen who have taken the contract to keep this office supplied wit|i wood are hereby invited to ap­ pear upon the sceno a t once. Frank Browne had a narrow os capo from sorious it jury on Mouday. While felling troes one struck him the bead, iullioting a painful scalp- V ploasaut dancing party was eu a t the residence of Wm. Turn Friday ovening. Several persons from Columbia Falls were Borsouk iu-arrears on thoir sub­ scription to the Soldiors’ Home pump fund aro invited to loavo thoir dues with H . H. G arr or a t tho bank of Columbia Falls. EVERYBODY PLEASED. Ii- Mcl’lice &■ Kiser Cnmpmiy Pre­ sent Uncle Tom’s Cabin. • Harriet Beecher Stowo’a story of ito rebellion times may have lost its pristine freshness from tho point v of tho jaded eastern theater­ goer b u t it is as dear as ever to the heart of tho resident of Flathead valley, if attendance at the play on Monday evoning may bo taken as an .indication. Tho McPhoe & Kiser company is quito above the average of dramatic talent that goes over tho Great North- route, on which good show towns few and far between. Tho star porformors were Mr. and Mrs. Fer­ nandez, Mr. and Mrs. McPliee, Mr. and Mrs. Melville, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar, Messrs. Hoffman and Lock- wood and little Hazel Melville, who played Eva prettily a u d ingonuouslv. Tho performance proper was follow­ ed by a concert in which e n tertain­ ing specialties wore givon. All tho good points received duo apprecia­ tion and flaws were ignored in good- natured silence. Tho ordbostru included six per­ formers and gave some very good music. Tho soatiug capacity of tho as taxed to its utmost aud tho ploaSUro of tho evouiug was thus evenly distributed between players and auditors. IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Old Soldiers Soon to he \ a t Hoim -T h e ir Friends. Tho Hon. Lyman Loring of this county a n d Dr. C. B. Miller of Hel- havo boeu in town during tbo past weok in pursuance of their duties as commissioners of tho Sol­ diers’ Homo. Mesa re. Loring and Miller aro vory much pleased with tho home building as it stands. They find tho carpenter work, painting, well dono aud the fixtures fur­ nished by Contractor'Whilesidoof the first quality. Nowhere is there any evidenco o f a desire to palm off in­ ferior work or an inferior grade of furnishings. The T form of the building gives light in all tho rooms from a ll sides and and is a particular­ ly pleasant feature of thestructi Mr. Loring, during his recen1 visit ig Helena, explained to Gov. Smith detail the itemized list of expendi­ tures for which the appropriation of £ ) R . FR A N C IS J. E W IN G physician & Surgeon. Room) 14 , la Conrad Block, pfflen Honrs From ?;00 to 4:00, Kallsptll, illoiit. T W L - p A. G H E N T , Consulting Physician. Ealispell, Montana, FARMERS Who have tried'it Buy ITAYS P THEMODVERTISE T A IN T H E COLUMNS OF The Columbian When they have Stock, Seed, Plants gr Anything Else to Sell or Trade. T R Y I T O N C E . Wanted. to work by the month. Must uuderstaud logging. E rnest M u ON THE EAST SIDE. The many friends of Mike Dolan will regret to hear that the jlli that has been cqruing on him s last September is gradually confin­ ing him tp the bouse, Mrs. Mike Dolan reooived last Friday that her brother, who re­ sides a t Anaconda, is not expocted to W. J . Stewart, one of Fairviow’ prominent young men, bade adieu to his frionds here last week. He starts o u t in life a t Seattle- Grandma Fold berg, who taken seriously ill a few days ago, has been removed from 4ier homo to KalUpell, to receive medical treal- J . C. Sullivan’s team run away last Sunday but fortuuatoly no ono w hurt. J upiter . quickly ascertain, tire gSSS&BrsSSlt^i^ ___ _ __ la America. Wo hare a Washington a (Ben. Founts token through Muon A CO. noalrr nCIElmFIC AMERICAN, bWhUfnllr 111 nitrated. lontat elrralotion . K on P atknti ant fro*. Xodrcn. For Sale. Ono covered-top buggy, harness, . tc.; one folding sofa bed; ouc frigorator. Inquire a t this office. Thrown Open to Settlement, The Sonato passed a measure known as the free homestead bill, which has l>oon under discussion sinoo. tbo holiday recess. I t is a idure of far reaching importance, particularly in the west, a n d interest was shown by (he fact that a plank concerning it was a feature of the soveral national platforms. The offect of the -bill is to throw open to settlement a ll public lands acquired from tho Iudians free of any payment to the government beyond ihe miuor :o fees and to release from pay­ ment thoso who have heretoforo_set- tled on these lands. Tho Bov. P. W. Haynes, who has been conducting a revival at Hcli Flats, is ill with the measles. M Huy nos. who is with him, sonds word hat ho is ou tho road to recovery but will lie unable to fill bis Sunday ap­ pointments. Mr. aud Mrs. Haynes hope to return tq Columbia Falls early in tho coming weok. Word comes from Fort Steele of tho death of two of the younger children of Jas. Quinlaven. Diph­ theria is prevalent a t tho placo and deutbs are frequent. $5,000 is asked and received in return that gentleman’s full endorsement of the bill which was later presented by Representative Whiteside of this county. I t is anticipated, as the Guests a t tho Hotel Gaylord this week: E . J . Clasen, St. Paul; W al­ governor has sent a special moasage in regard to tho m atter to the legisla­ tive body, th a t the bill will receive Kumodiato consideration. I t is hoped that the homo will be ready for oc­ cupancy by it ho commandant by Feb. 1, and ready for tbo old soldiors themselvos at an early d a te in March. Tho support of tho government’s wards falls heavier an tho counties now than it will on the state later, aiving to the $100 oach coming to the ler Dawson, Havre; J . A. Forbes, St, f a u l ; ' C. J . Wernecko, St, Paul; Jos. J£ipp, Black foot; J, It. Donahue, St, Paul, Tho Falls City Lodge No. 41, A. 0 . U. W., met aud installed offi­ cers as follows on Thursday evo­ ning last: J . 0 . Wiles, M. W; D. Haskill, P. M. W .;F . J . Mart;vets, Foreman; Jqs. Kennedy, Ovorsoor) C. F- §ully, Recorder; C. S. Garrett, Guide; D. Hogue, I. W .; C.'HnPoBs, 0 . W. _______ the homo is iu running ordor. In regard to pensions tho commission­ ers will probably keop out tho full two-thirds (allowod by tho law for the support of the home) whore tho pension is largo but a loss amougt whore tho pension is small, leaving to oach a bout $4 a month as spend­ ing money. This would seem to be iple provision os everything furnished thorn, ovon their tobacco. D uring his visit here Dr. Miller a t­ tended to tho insurance matters nectod with tho homo aud appointed J . Sprague as., custodian. That gen- tloman will a t ouce take up his donco a t tho institution. tgnq Kid, and Freoman, the heavy­ weight champion of Belt, took placo eight miles oast of Bolt. Seven rounds, bare hands and for blood from start to finish. Tho fight was given to Froo-nan in tho soventh WHOLESALE CHARGES. H alf the Election Judges m tlic County Accused of IVrjnry. Ex-Judge Pomeroy has finally filod a notice of contest of the elec­ tion of D. F. Smith to tho office of presiding judgo of tho eleventh dis­ trict. Mr. Pomoroy allegos that in the precincts of.Choteau, Dupuyor, Pondera, Kobare, Belleview, Bynum aud Raymond, Teton county, ho was deprived of twenty votos he was cn titled to while Mr. Smith was^ivon sixty-nine that did not rightfully bo- long to him. In Sholby precinct, Toton county, it is allegod by Mr. Pomeroy that the registry agoht who registered the doctors of that precinct was not a citizen of tho Unitdd States. His s Sullivan. By reason of that it is claimed that tho votes of iLut precinct wore invalidated. Two of tho election judges of that pre­ cinct, named Hamilton aud Farrell, alleged to bavo boon nonrosi- dents and therefore not capablo of legally acting a s judges of election. At Robaro precinct in Teton county Mr. Pomoroy -declares fifty- fivo persons who wore not citizons of the United States were allowod to vote. Thirty three of those allegod llegal voters, it is claimed, voted for Mr. Smith. Tbo most startling charges made •o thoso against the judges of elec- on in this county. In his ct plaint Mr. Pomeroy says that many of tho precincts of Flathead county, notably Kalispoll No. 2, Col­ umbia Falls, Helena Flats, Still­ water, Sedan, Bad Rock, Fairview, Creston, Marston, Demersville, Brocken, Libby, Snowshoe, How­ ard’s camp and Troy, the judges of election were guilty of misconduct ‘ that they refused to count votes that legally cast for him while they countod votes for Mr. Sm ith that should not have been counted He says iu that way it was made to appear to the county board of commissioners, which canvassed the returns, that he received only G votes in Flathead county, while reality, he says, he should have been credited with 696. He alleges precincts mentioned 100 illegal votes for Mr. Smith were counted, making his vot6 appoar*-*o- tHT 538Twh'on it should bavo been, he alleges, only 438. The judges in this particular pre- uct wore Messrs. C. F. Sully, Frauk Lord, Thomas Clayton and J . M. Grist, ruputablo business unchallenged standing, against whom Mr. Pomeroy would hardly allege perjury except a t oasafo dis- If many cooks will spoil a broth then Mr. Pomerbyb gooso is cortain- ly cookod. Tho attorneys signing tho petition arc Ransom Cooper, Sanford & Grubb, C. H. Foote and Carpontor & Carpentor. MONTANA IN BRIEF. Edward J . O'Brien was found guilty of manslaughter at Great Falls and sontonced to four years the penitontiary. O'Brien shot Fra Bixby in 1895 because he w jealous of tho latter's attention to his mistress. B. J . Gcnrltfy, a railroad rnau found doad in bed a t Bully, Bruno Lauzou was caught rapidly revolving shaft a t tho Parrot concentrator and instantly killed. A- Krohuo was awarded a verdict of $15,000 in u dam age. suit against tho Nortborif Pacific. Ho mu the yards at Livingston in 1892, losing both legs. It is thought the Helena First Nt tional bank trials will not come o! till May. All the judges iu th country appear to bs “prejudiced.” Fred Zoegor of Superior was k'lled by boing thrown from his horse. Tho Palace hotol a t Anaconda was damaged by fire to tbo oxtentof $10, *). Ed Stauton, 23 years of age, shot hiinielf through tho heart a t Quite out of work and out of hoalth. Andrew Jenson, d ealer in clothing, groceries aud liquors, a t Groat Falls, RAND REMOVAL SALE^ P r e p a r a to r y to Mov­ ing o u r Im m e n s e S tock to th e SELLS BLOCK W e will close o u t our E n tire Line of Plain and Fancy LAMPS. CROCKERY, GLASSWARE Cost for Cash. W e have a large As­ so r tm e n t. Now is th e T im e for BARGAINS Call early a n d s e c u r e them before th e s tock is broken. MISSOULA MER, CO, Do uot experiment in so important a matter as your health. Purify, en­ rich and vitalize your blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla and thus keep yourself strong and healthy. Hood’s pills are tho best aftor-din- rr pill; assist digestion, cure head- che. 25 cents. Constipation cur; constipation ami a results, easily ami thoroughly. me. / Prepared hy C. I. Hood & Co.. I> Tile only rills to take with Hood's SarsaiariUa. Geo. J . Metzger, 36 years of ago ami n machinist by trade, was found dead in bed ut Nyilmrt. attem p ting to a rrest Frank Mor­ gan Sheriff Frqnsliara, of Roxoman, slightly wounded and Doputy Jack Alton mortally hurt. Tho fight botwoon Egan, tho Mon - Clearance Sale. W i n t e r m i l l i n e r y a t h a l f p r i c e fox* t h e n e x t 3 0 d a v s . Icowool Fasinatora, Trimmed Hals, Children's Hoods, Children’s Caps, Children’s Tams, Children'll Stockinettes, Jufapta’ Hoods, Infants' Cloaks, Children’s Kid glovos. T h e s e g o o d s m u s g o b e f o r e th e s p r i n g s e a s o n o p e n s a n d w i l l b e s o ld a t H a l f P r i c e . Gall Early while the selec tion is good. MRS. A. II. BURNS. Kalispell. Montana. !J1HE TOWN MARK! Has Been Enlarged and Has Added Complete Lines of STAPLE & FANCY —GROCERIES— We Continue to Keep on Hand All Kinds of CHOICE - MEATS Fim,TO?ABmOMRSS 6 UE I N S E A S O N . Ju s t A rrived a Choice V a riety of N E W YORK A P P L E S . Confectionery and Fancy Bakery Goods a Specialty. Also Raw Furs and Hides B o u g h t o r Sold on C o m m ission. W e Deal w ith th e B e st F u r H o u s e s in th e U n ited S tates. SKYLES & MILLER. P r o p ’s . T H E BEE HIVE STORE. 'J 1 CROCKERY. TIN W A R E , W o o d e n W a re, K itchen U tensils, Lam p s, Etc. Call and Look Over Our Stock and Get Prices, □aaaaa | M AIN STREET. U Columbia Falls. Montana. G O IN G THROUGH THE WORLD IN A •sSgfk HURRY He Had no Time to R E A D . THE COLUMBIAN, if Paid in advance,'$1.50 per year. It is tho Best Newspaper in Flat- head County as well as-the Cheapest. This is not the case with resi­ dents of this valley at this season ot the year. Tliey -A.11 R ea d THE COLUMBIAN, It only costs $ 1 . 5 0 a Y e a r if paid in advance. Many of them take the Maga- zines at these rates: T h e C e n tury and COLUMBIAN - S c r ib n e r ’s a n d COLUMBIAN _ - D e m o rest’s a n d COLUMBIAN T h e Bookm a n and COLUMBIAN C o s m o p o litan and COLUMBIAN - McCIiirp’s a n d COLUMBIAN M u n sey’s an d COLUMBIAN -

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 28 Jan. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.