The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 04, 1897, Image 1

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THE COLUMBIAN. S E V E N T H Y E A H . C O L U M B I A F A L L S , M O N T A N A , T H U B S D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 4 , 1897. N U M B E R 6 . ARE FOR ARBITRATION WiuMnilon. Feb. 8. — The represonta- tivoe of their reepectlve governments. 8lr Julian Pouncefote, the British dor. and Senor Joso Andrade,'t uclan minuter to Washington.. a; 4:37 o'clock thU afternoon at tho state depart­ ment signed a treaty providing for the settlement by arbitration of tho long­ standing dispute ow^ the boundary be­ tween Venozuola and Biituh. Guiana, wblhc has not only ruptured tho relations between tho principals, but has threaten­ ed to Involve tho two great English- speaking nations In hostilities. Some dif- llculty had been experienced In finding the second member ot tho BrltUh su­ preme tribunal who was willing to as­ sume the arduous task of arbitrator apd also could bo spared from tho bench. It was not until this morning that word came over the cable that such a person hod been found In Justice Collins and that his appointment had been ratified by tho BrltUh privy council, a necessary for­ mality. Bo all was already for the signa­ ture of the treaty, and Mr. Storrow for Vcnoaueln called at tho state deportment about noon and arranged that tho signa­ tory persons should meot about 6 p. m. Blr Julian arrived at 4 o'clock. In com­ pany with hU attache, Henry Outram Bax-Ironsldc. Senor Andrade followed In a short tlmo with Mr. Storrow. and the parties were shown at once Into Secretary Olnoy's private offlee. where the secretary was waiting. Mr. Crldler and Mr. Bax- Ironslde raado a careful comparison of the two coplos, and then Blr Julian signed both of them. Senor Andrade placed his name after Blr Julian Pauncetote's. and Mr. Crldler affixed the soaU with the aid of Mr. Blankford. the private secretary to Mr. Olney, and the treaty was an accom­ plished fact, save the slnglo act of raUO- catlon'by the Venezuelan congress. By the terms of the treaty the agents of Great Britain and Ve liver their complete In case they shall fall to agree upon an implre within three months of the date of application made to them In that be­ half by the hWh,contracting parties, or either of them, the umpire shall be se­ lected In the manner provided for In ar­ ticle la­ in article 5 the following has been stricken out: \In case they shall fall to agree upon an Umpire within three months of the date of an application made to them in that behalf by the high contracting parties, or either of thorn, the umpire shall bo seioctod In the man­ ner provided for In article 18.” Wherever the word person Is used, meaning the fifth member of the tri­ bunal. person U stricken out and umplro Artlclo 10. a itrlcken out i place: •If In case tho nominating bodies des- nated In articles 3 and 5 shall fall to ree upon an umpire In accordance with e provisions of these articles, the um- re shall be appointed by hU majesty, e king of Sweden and Norway. Either the contracting parties, however, may any time give notice to the other that reason of material changes In condl- ins existing at the date of thU treaty. It U of tho opinion that a substitute for hU majesty should bo choaon. either for lies that arise under lh6 treaty or for a public specified case already arisen, and thoreupon tho contracting parties itlon tribunal will me Ihs of ratification of tl s additional al- or submission of counter cases, so e entire arbitration will probably Tho treaty provides that the tribunal shall consist of five jurists, two on the part of Great Britain, nominated by the members of the judicial committee of her majesty's privy council, namely: The Rt. Hon. Baron Herschell and the Hon. Blr Richard Penn CoHlna, one of tho Jus­ tices of her Britannic majesty's supreme ezueln, nominated, one by the presl- t of Venezuela, namely, tho Hon. vine W. Fuller, and one nominated by g determined by a majority of all I Each of the high contracting part roll name one person as Its agent s tribunal and to represent generally In ail matters connected with the tribunal. Provision Is made for presentation of printed argument countor-arguments and reports shall available to both sides. The declslo: the tribunal shall, If possible, be mode within throo months from tho close o argument on both sides. The high contracting parties engaj consider the result of the proceedings of the tribunal or arbitration as fall, psi feet and final settlement of all queestlon n either side mons Mr. Curzon. parliamentary secre­ tary of the foreign offlee. replying to Mr. Boules, conservative member from Lynn, said if the latter Introduced a motion ask­ ing that the text of the arbitration treaty bo laid on the table, he would not oppose It In the general arbitration treaty, article ihall a all c specified as may be Indicated by said notice, provided, however, that such notices shall have no effect upon an ar­ bitration already begun by the constltu- n of an arbitral tribunal under artlclo The contracting parties shall also pro- id to name a successor for his majesty the event that his majesty shall at any 10 notify them of hts desire to be re­ lieved of the functions graciously ac­ cepted by him under this treaty either for Alt cases to ariso thereunder or for any 'particular specified case already arisen.\ A MILLIONAIRE TO DIE Joffarson City, Ho.', Feb. t-The su­ preme court today overruled the motion for a rehearing In the case of Arthur Dues trow, the SL Louis millionaire mur­ derer. who 1s to be hanged February 10. The sentence of John Schmidt, convict­ ed with two others of killing B. Atwater of Chicago at Webster Grove, a suburb of at. Louis, a year ago. was affirmed, and the execution fixed for March 10. It will be a great day for justice If Arthur Duestrow, the millionaire who mugdered his wlfo and child, goes to the gallows on the 10th. For onco the god­ dess can take the bandage from her eyes for after a long and hard fight against the biggest combination of brains and wealth this city has ever beheld, she will see Just retribution meted out to one of- the most pitiless of murderers. OREGON LAW BUSINESS'BLOCKED. sm. Or., Feb. 2.-Tho state senate today, by a vote of 10 to If. refused to ed to the election of a United States senator. Tno Benson house, with 30 mem­ bers present, at noon took a ballot and 29 votes for John H. Mitchell and for George EL Williams. The senate a long discussion ovor a resolution Introduced by BrownelL that It should proceed upon viva voce vote to namo a United States senator. The resolution was ruled out of order by President 81- n on the ground that It proposed an contrary to the law. In that tho house I not organised nnd no vote for sen- Tuesday after tho organlzatloi appeal was Immediately tak- itt decision, and a long and tcrimonlous discussion follow- t Senator priver, referring to legislative obstructionists, said ho would soon be one of the men who held train In southern Oregon os the to held up this legislature. When nearly every senator had expressed hlm- taken and the chair was IT n adjourned until tomor- ttae senatorial contest to- ar-old >w. a reputed mllllon- g man of spendthrift beautiful home with his son In South Comp­ ute. On the evening of February he shot and Instantly killed his J fatally wounded his wife, at ne. Mrs. Duestrow died five days t February 18, having been un- ENTOMBED I A BURNING MINE. 'our Men Under Ground With Little Houghton, Mich., Feb. X—Four men are ntombed In the burning North Tama­ rack mine, which caught fire today, and ire ontertalnod for their os- lougbt probable they are al­ ready dead from breathing the gases. Tho bioken out In the North T situated a mile north of the Calun Hecla. An alarm was sent to the : shaft and all hi mplc.'cd ll GENERAL ARBITRATION TREATY. Washington. Fob. 1 — Tho text oi changes made In tho general arbltratloi treaty by the senate committee on foreign relations Is as follows: ^ follows: \Tito high contracting partfe agree to submit to arbitration. In accort onco with the provisions and subject t the limitations of this treaty, all quo- tlons In difference between thcm_ whlc they may fall to adjust by diplomatic m gotlatlons.\ The senate committee to thl added: \But no question which affecl tbo foreign or domestic policy of either c tho high contracting parties, or tbo roll tlons of olthcr to any other state or pow- or. by treaty or otherwise, shall be sub­ ject for arbitration under this treaty ex­ cept by special agreement.\ original treaty reads as to Jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal constituted under this treaty aboil not be token except as pro­ vided In this article. If before the cloee of bearing upon the claim submitted to tbe arbitral tribunal constituted under ar­ ticle 3 or article 5. either of tho high con­ tracting parties shall move such tribunal to deetdo. and thereupon It shall decide, that determination of aucb claim neces­ sarily involves the decision of a disputed question of a principle of grave and gen­ eral Importance affecting the national rights of such party as distinguished from private rights, whereof It Is merely an In- Jve. tho Jurtsdlc- no whan those at the ninth level of No. Ihaft saw a blase on the plat and In­ stead of trying to extinguish It ran away, >lng to tho surface to give the alarm, be men working below the ninth level coped to No. 4 abaft and came to the irfaoe that way. Of the four who were working In tho sixth level, all but two escaped—Peter Llmpea and his 20-year- old son, William. At tbe eighth level eight men were working. All escaped but William Tomacboakl and hla 18-year-old son. Attotns. They could easily have or caped with the others but went back ft their dinner pallz. ThU was the lai seen of them. Tbo other two unfortui atea bad received warning of their dai ger, but failed to reach tbe surface. A rescuing party went down this aftei noon, but could not get within 400 feel of the Ore. The damage to tbe shaft can not yet be estimated. The origin of thl lire la not known. Fully 3000 people gatb. ered around the abaft this afternoon, among thorn relattvoa of tbe men en­ tombed. mltted the murder. He had Intended tak- sletgh riding ovonlng. Arriving at the house. ed the house. Mrs. Duestrow w upstairs In her room sowing, joy Louis was playing on a simple question, he begnn - Ing and abusing her, driving her back ipetalra Into hla wife's room. Arriving yiere. ho turned upon his wife, cu her. He then slapped her. and turning Katie Hahn, attempted to e \ her. Mrs. Duestrow Interfered and CREATE COUNTY OF BROADWATER. Helena, Mont, Feb. T — Tbe Montana legislature today passed the bill crest' the county of Broadwater, the 34th co ty In the state, the bill for which w through the house Friday and wl naased tho senate today by of li Tho signature of tho governor Is ■ed. and tonight the town of Townsend, dch Is to be the county sdat of th< county. Is ablaze with light and glory over tbe celebration of tho winning of i tbat waa begun In tbe legislature of 1885, 12 years ago. ~ senate passed the anti-trust bill by under artlclo tlon of such arbitral tribunal claim shall cca dealt with by 6. article 7.\ aa amended by the commltt- teo as follows: \Objections to Jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal constituted under this treaty shall not be taken except us provided In this article. , If at any time before tho clean of tho hearing upon any matter, except territorial claims, submit­ ted to tbe arbitral tribunal constituted under this treaty, etthor of the high con­ tracting parties shall declare that tbe de­ termination of such matter necessarily volves tbe decision of a disputed quest which The house made the blU to create — county of Rosebud out of the western end of tho county of Custer a special or­ der for tomorrow, and postponed consid­ eration of the school-book bill two days, vhen It will como up for Anal pass provides for a uniform system and nl option In districts as to whether the ooks shall be free or not. The committee of tho whole o louso recommended for passage tb squiring owners of mines who drifted M0 feet to make an upraise i provide for a continuous by special agreement by operation tide L then the Jurisdiction of sue! trot tribunal over such matter shall. The committee struck out entirely, and without Inserting anything In article 10. which provided that King Os­ car of Sweden should have tho ns the umpire In case of a dispute. Condons Considers II London. Feb. 1-In the house m of al BE SET FREE. ARTHUR DUESTROW. MRS. DUESTROW Increased Duestrow's anger and, turning, he rained blow* upon her, Anally g up the little boy and going e room. Mrs. Duestrow followed him Into tbe ball. Imploring him to g e child back to her. With an oath opped the boy and drawing a pistol ed two shots point blank Into her face, le woman sank unconscious to the Boot id the now thoroughly craxod husband picked up tbe 'bmid, and pinning its the wall with one hand. Bred its. one Into Its head and the otbi Its breast. The cblld was killed ta­ pping the dead body of his child. Duestrow rushed out of the houso, made his way through the falling snow told t HORRORS OF CUBAN WAR of Commercial-Tribune from Key West. To counterbalance tho Cuban victories > the field. Major Fonsedevlelss' troops night Is or not 8 tlor Mltchc ) legislature to go Into Joint itlon at noon tomorrow for the pur- voting for United States senator. If ho succeeds, he wll return to Wash­ ington with credentials showing that he ected by a majority of tho mem- r the legislature and although both es of tho legislative body are not riy organized, he expects to bo seat- the United States senate. Mitchell and hla friends profess lo bo confident of securing tho requisite number. The op- of Mitchell say that ho can not. italnlng the decision of the president In declining to receive tho reso- tlo to proceed to vote for senator. This te. they claim, settles the matter be- mombers will go into Joint assembly. - week a family named Rudolphe. consisting of husband, wife, Mae sons and four daughters were all killed by the patrols. Old man Rudolphe was accused ng a Cuban guide and tbe patrol :o arrest him. As the troops entcr- i house his eldest son attempted to by a side door, but an outside sen- ins crazy with fury, and they at- I the soldiers with daggers, but ihot. Old Rudolphe was then killed by machete#. Mrs. Rudolpho and tbe girls were then elzed and tied to tbe furniture ta the oom. Tbe girls were stripped and sub­ jected to Indignities all night. In tho morning one of the girls, who seemed half dead, was released for a moment. elzed a knife from the table, and before she could be restrained, stabbod of tho soldiers and the effloor ta command, the latter only slightly. She Two raids wore made In Havana • urbs Saturday night and 10 or 30 bou ned. Tbe Spanish garrison ta places retired before tbe Insurgents. 7 light from tbe burning buildings \ clearly seen ta Havana. STRIKE ON THE ANACONDA ROAD. Fifty Men Threaten to Tie Up Work Anaconda, Mom.,;Feb. 2.—A strike waa Inaugurated today 6n tbe Butte, Anacon­ da St Pacific railroad by a recently or­ ganised union of the employes of the soclatlon. Tho cause of the ajrlke Is tho discharge of YordrOaatar J. W. Corrigan at Rocker, tho company alleges, for in­ subordination and tjie strikers assert that It Is to moke way for a pet employe of Superintendent McCabe. Tho strike Is not tunonlmous. but prob­ ably 60 men are Involved. Tho assocla- Monday night' Issued, on ultimatum TUB CASE OF JULIO SANGUILLY Washington. Fob. I—Julio Sangullly, ; eon condemned by the Spanish authon lea to perpetual Imprisonment ta chain n Cuba, waa the subject of a letter am orrcapondence sent by the president ti he senate today. The report says representations haw ,oen made to the Spanish govommon which. It la believed, will not be wlthou effect, that the case seems to be one ll which executive clemency may be rea son ably exercised. “ correspondence contains letter g that Julio Sangullly nod been or on suspicion of conspiring again* the employ of the com­ pany or refused to work when called would be allowed lo resumo work and that they might consider themselves by that refusal, discharged. The men who quit are ta all depart- Tho engineers and flremt had no grievance. Passenger tr yesterday on time and freight was ed. Manager Donahue has odvt for 20 men, but stated last night' II thought be would be able to run tb mines at Belt, which supply cool, ploying 1000 men, were ordered to suspend work for 10 days and preparation! closing the smelters were ta progress the lumber deportment at Hamilton also be closed. There are probably 6000 men Ir mines and smelters alone. Tbe situation Is critical. FIRE IS RAGING IN SALT LAKE. Hardware House of Scott A Co. Be Totally Destroyed. lfluencee that hla wealth could set ta motion ware brought Into play tbo murderer. Soon after Incarcer- l he began to play the Insanity dodge has kept It up steadily ever since. Tbe records showing the delays ta the Interesting, as they show how a i‘s trial can be delayed compared rapidity with which a poor man Is \railroaded\ to the gallows. On Jan- 18. 1887, three years after the crime committed, the supreme court de­ cided that ha should hang February 16. une day three other murderers ced to swing. They are Cbas. F. Freyer. who murdered hla sweetheart. Bertha Hunlcke. because she refused his offor of marriage; Peter, alias \Cotton\ white: and Sam Foster, color­ ed. who with John Schmidt, white, killed Bertram Atwater, a young Chicago srt- ibeter Grove, a suburb of this WOLCOTT 18 VISITING IN PARIS. Interviewing High officials on the ^Paris. Feb. L—Under the auspices ot M. W°lcottot^dolor»do. UNIVERSITY FUNDS ARE ALL RIGHT. Deposited In THE BOY AND FATHER ARE DEAD. >ops Raid the ■PAIN AND THE UNITED STATES. Ilnlster Taylor’s Disagreement With the Madrid Government. Madrid. Feb. L—Tbe Correapoodencla Ispana reports that tbe disagreement al­ leged to bave taken place between Mr. Taylor, United States minister to Spain. ' he Spanish minister for torelgn af­ fairs, tho duke of Tetuan, is due to two it. It Is stated that Minister Taylor wanted the Cuban tariff reforms, which be claimed were of espeolal Interest to United Stole*, published at tbe same 2 as tbe political reforms This the Spanish government opposed. The second adoption of signers generally, goods To this the duke of Tetuan lusly objected, urging that the consent of the other powers could not be obtained i arrangement of this character. ■tely a havo him be was not captured wl hands It waa sought ti id by a civil court Instead of irtmartlaL Tbe captain general. General Williams says, evinced dis­ pleasure when he learned that Sangullly oen recognised aa an Amerleai Ixen by both governments, saying Americana ware conspiring against Spain After some correspondence, the f Sangullly and Aguirre were t (erred to civil jurisdiction, and the delay their trial was attributed to their na­ tionality. and after many offorts to have Bangullly's case come to trial, the seer tary of stats on September I lost, d mended bis immediate trial or release. ■ul General Lee suggests to tl department that the Madrid go rnt be notified ot tbe facta nnd it presented that Sangullly be re­ leased from prison on condition thi will not return until the present w THE CAPITOL IN RUIN8 • the Meellsg P ■Ivanla State Legl for Seventy-Five Yen Harrisburg. Pa.. Feb. L—The Pennsyl- anla state capital was oestroysd by fire this afternoon. Tbe legislative balls are ns and a new struct ore must rise from the ashes ot the structure that hoa I as a meeting place ot the state legislatin' WHERE THE FAMINE IS THE WOR8T. District of Kslpar Is In nn Awfel Kalpur, Feb. 2.—The special correspond­ ent of the Associated Press, who Is In- lulrtng Into the famine ravages ta this, the largest district ot the central prov­ ince, having a population of 1,600,000, finds tho situation grave. Thla la the c the rice growing industry, whh only crop grown and as It has failed re la a total lack ot food stuffs ta this locality and real famine exists. About 1300 villages are affected. The relief works tve given employment and the means subsistence to 60.000 persons. The worst part of tbe district Is ta the Dharma Para, 30 miles from here, when lamentable conditions prevail. Many poo­ lers already died of hunger ' others are dying. The staff ployed ta the work of relieving the aut- ferera la Inadequate to cope wit! enormous area. If tbe work of rellei been properly arranged earlier the tallty would have been loss, as the ratas are Increasing the spread of disease, it will take three years to recoup the dis­ trict. The poor bouses are a fair cri­ terion on tho condition of the people. Besides professional beggars, they are crowded with laborers reduced to the last stage of skeletons. Their bodies are emaciated and the ak’ . la hanging ta large folds. Others have swollen atom* achs. the signs of acute privation. It la found that the cattlemen and field workers, usually lively, are unable tc ditlon. The minimum dole of food 1a onlj enough to keep body and soul together; It does not suffice to build up tbe system again. This Is where private charity wanted. It Is useless to attempt to sei Some horrible sights were » away waa a mass of white scabs others were nearly aa bad. Tho condition ta thla district la worst yet seen. There Is urgent nee funds here. Tho correspondent h that ta the Jubbllpore district conditions ore even worse than here. - If seed la sown, the people will bo Incapable of pro­ curing food and th£ conditions next year will be too awful to contemplate. AMERICAN PLANTERS IN CUBA The State Department Is at Work In Their Behalf. ihtagton. Feb. L—The state depart- ls endeavoring to relievo the Amcr- sugar planters in Cuba from th« embarrassing poeltlon ta which ttaoy art situated as a result of the attitude of th« authorities toward their attempt to grind Probably with tbe Intention of forcing all of tho plantation hands eventing them from giving aid and encouragement to tl ■urgents, tbe Spanish officials have rounded the grinding of cano wll mapy vexatious restrictions as to \ practically Impossible to make sugar a large portion ot the Island. Bo far con be gathered, there Is no general even spedflo prohibition In terms against tbe grinding, but under existing rdera the sugar men find It lmpractlca- The department of state has been om- barraased ta the effort to make a protest by the difficulty of finding official copies order or prohibition by any re­ sponsible person, yet It la necessary to ‘ ta order to have tangible evl- n which to found a claim for damages ta behalf of the auger men. So far the efforts of the department ibtalnlng a removal ipon tbe grinding of burnt cane, wblcb Is of some value, whlli not, of course, equal to ripened cane, but the efforts are being continued, and It It hoped will'result soon ta an abatement of all tbe onerous restrictions complained of by the planters. DON’T FAVOR AN EIGHT-HOUR DAY. BUI to That Effect Indefinitely Poe ponrd by tho Idaho Honae. Boise City, Idaho, Feb. 2,-After an 1 terestlng debate the senate by a vote 12 to 1 Indefinitely postponed Beard bill making eight hours a day’s work mines and mills. An Interesting featu of the matter was the actlon-of Nel» of Latah ta opposition lo the bllL orov Ing the Iro ot hla populist colleagues. Nelson explained that he had against the mining element. •Imply opposed to legislating ta favor of any particular class. Referring Young’ s remarks about hla having been elected on the populist ticket he e and h lleltfeld, ••ked him characteristic lectod o i. He had known tad always found lust as any other ila face white with anger, f he had ever observed fagged appears! RIVER EXPEDITION DEFEATED. Spaniards Lost One Hundred Men TO BE THE ADJUTANT GENERAL. Seattle Sold to Be Killed nnd 1 Key West. Fla., Feb. tar's river expeditions hass b<een Hearing that tbe Insurgents some heights near Paese < Cuanoo. north of Clenfugoes, Weyler 1.—One of *Wey- s b defeated, d fortified the forts. In rounding a sharp bend after proceeding up the river some 20 miles, a. heavy musketry fire waa o: on them, while a six-pound piece threw >d out of their boats, wad- land and charged tbe Inaurgenta. Tho fight was a fierce one, ta which tbe Spaniards wore finally forced to retire. Nelson replied is thought bo bad. The gentleman (Heit- eld) waa a farmer and he thought tl te showed that same appearance. Waterhouse's concurrent resolution i lounclng the appropriation ot COO.OOO engross to pay the expenses of represen- iy a vqta be scnB Young i of 8boahona led . be waa unable to • tuck ees of sheriffs, 1 ompllsh much. ■shed. The business of tbe house wa more routine oharaoter. The bill : a tlon of mines was referred to tl mlttee of tbe whole, after a abo by Its opponents to have It sent SENATORIAL BALLOTS IN UTAH. Tbatebrr Los< Itlng by Salt Lako. Feb. 1.—Only two senatorial ballots were taken today, tbe result of tbe second being: Thatcher 26, Rawllnt Henderson 14. Bennett 6. This is a f one for Thatcher and a gain of or Rawlins, being the highest vote or tbe tatter during the contest On the first ballot Bennlon choi from Rawlins and voted with tbe rei Means, while Cook changed from Thatch- Rawllns. On the second went to Rawlins again, giving him tag the recess It was would be a break ot tl to RawUna on the next ballot Suoh a break was evidently feared by the Hen­ derson and Thatcher supporters, who 'dock when the ftamea were discovered. Smoke could be seen In umee pouring out Into the cap- ids by the house windows. The were not mindful ot It until tbe great clouds rolled by the window*. Ia- :(frets. Fire alarms were sent ta and he senate became a mass of howling non. Desks were being jerked loose and carried out Out ta tbo grounds gnat crowds quickly gathered. Tbe flames then shooting out of the roof over where tbe fire originated. Tbe fir partment waa slow to arrive and ipttol waa doing thetr w had hardly force enough blaze. Rapidly the flame* ropf and ato their way down Into the The men who were trying to aav* prop- •ty were driven oat Thn flames shot long tbe senate roof, wound themselves bout the domo and on to the roof of is house chamber. Although there wa* heavy rain and anow fall the wood During the fire several persona were slightly Injured by falling timbers. For a time It looked aa though tbe adjoining department building* would be destroyed a shifting wind saved t The Departments Horned. The department* In the burned building following: Senate and bouse » librarian's room. committee rt room, room ol school department, house c>lef c ----- . speaker of the bouse room. I rai­ ders'* room, two telegraph office*, room of the Harrisburg legislative eor- respondent assorts Hon. pasters' and fo»d- ira' departments, oioak rooms ta both branches and tho engine rooms. There Is talk of finishing the aeeslon Ither ta Pittsburg or Philadelphia, but tbe senate librarian. Mr. Miller, says a Public Bulldtag* De­ laney. who estimate* the lose to be 0,(00.- 00. sold: \I will fight for rebuilding on be colonial style. We will have a meet- ng of the bulldtag committee aa soon ** ho houso and senate committee* con be ippotnted. I do not thin] MEAN TO ERECT THE IRON PLANT. Pewuylvaala Ea HAD BEEN PROMISED HIGHER WAGE ately after being called to order ta the afternoon a motion was nude to adjourn untD tomorrow and It wa* carried by a decisive vote of 44 to 18.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 04 Feb. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.