The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 11, 1897, Image 2

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MONTANA LEGISLATURE of without debate, and probably all on or day. Each of. the county bills mention* — take a day tc n* Th* w book bills In tho h The Senate Dispose , of Flfty-Tbr* Ins Passed— Ion Bill. of the sosslon of tho UorHaru^gWatur legislation. although It waa tbo aenal S ildld all the work In the pawing < bills. That body reeled off Che work t \ rate when it did get down 1 business, and as a result, out of 53 bills that havo been Introduced. 26 havo dcllnltoly disposed of. 10 having been --- * * y lndeflnlto stheads and a fow othe as to permit Indians to f please when in tho custody policeman. Mr. Sanford s . . . ---- v.r of hours a sti work out of St bill providing tt ■act cannot tesll f Is dead; Y tho ot e bill r The first I 10 housoholdot felony to steal cattle, regard I < value of the animal stolon. Th* Metafil e bill to croote tho omc Inspector in cities of tho first «_.. . class throughout tho state went through without dissent and Is now awaiting in action of the house. Senator Ramsdell bill to provide rcappralsem* lands upon tbo petition of ,n In any school dlstrlot w land is located. Senator S'iE or the beads of famine*, and to provide S u n o w m n or no piece of property Should bo exempt fromoxecutlon ror t • wnxos of any servant or laborer or Sstasi»’i5sar“ state, although the bills reach a vo different class. Senator Hoffman's bill to chango t name of the College of Agriculture oi Mechanic Arts to-Tbo Montana Sta College, for the reason that people oft attached the Impression to the Institute that it was for the education of farmc Two bills relating to the sto were passed. They were the bt - ---- - -------- rmed by the senate*. Th. were: From Beaverhead county. Alb. Oraoter of Dillon; Cascade. John Sell Carbon. J. N. Talman; Choteau. C. McNamara, of Big Sandy; Coster. O. C. Cate, of Mllf ~ — ---- - T w T'\'- • City: Dawson. J. I Wllbaux. Deer Lodgo. Johr of Deer Lodge; Fergus. 9. 8 Hobson, of Utica; Jefferson. Edward Ryan, of Boulder; Lewis and Clark- John T. Murphy, of Helena; Madlso Alox Meuel of Puller Springs; Meaghi Len lewis, of Fort Logan; Park. George W. Wakefield, of Livingston; Sweot Grass, J. N. Kelly, of Hunters Hot Springs: Sliver Bow. Levi Cartlor. le payment of annually was passed by the senate with out a dlseentfhg voice. Tbe bill provide ' a payment of ope-third of tho taxes for the payment of unpaid portion Is n further penalty of 10 o succeeding date two bills by Senator Sllgh. one relatlr to tbe time of filing oafhs of ofil<u» t newly elected olficfts. Formerly the tin was 10 days and the new law seeks make It SO. The other reduced the fe­ tor filing and recording. notices ot loo tlonfl of mining claims frta 8 to 8. ur the fee for each declaration of annu labor performed on a claim from 71 cen to 26 cents. Senator Hannah's bill to r quire tho clerks of school districts to cc led certain vital statistics for record the offices of the county recorder, was 0 subled of some discussion, but It w; passed by a unanimous vote. Indeed tl senate did about everything unanimous! With the exception of the bill to oham the namo of the agricultural college, the abolish It FOR M’KINLEY’8 CABINET le treaty In- tribes ant oMm'lndlar io registration ol e proper fund; h ___ e cannot b< Issued out of Jus and a bUl by th< n tho board of ________ of dispute b« Slates and England. • i of Us passage li­ re. tho day foil* i Washington that t o considered In commltleo of tl nd favorably oote<| upon, they b norials to congress to submit « in Francisco. Feb. 1.—In local polltl- circles there Is now little doubt that Judge Joseph McKenna of the United ■ circuit court will be tbe P representative In McKinley's cabl- Judge McKenna was asked I If be bad formally accepted a ca \That Information must first om Mr. McKinley.\ replied Mr. McKen­ na. \The positions of Senator Sherman Gago differ materially from * rn. and until the president-elect 1: •st authorised the statement. 1 an ake neither affirmations nor donlals.' It Is known among McKenna's frier at the Judge has recently been dost > somewhat hurriedly his private bu *ss Interests, alleging as a reason tl * would bo absent from the state United States se Q fjftgo t le committee on labor. le central place In the oou ; limiting the days on which cxpl re* may bo carried on trains In tl ate; to simplify the form of the boll nond the laws relating to asslgnmen Id executions, to correct clerical erro tho present code*; to provide for lie; * saw logs; to prevent trespassing < fvale proporty; tr - --------- “ *— *' i Ucu of warrants; reducing county officers throughou > exempt f as follows: Declaring f trusts to be unlawful s of notaries public: 1 printed statement a shall bo supromi small pox. when havo authority li s of tho candidates will elr offices Instead of will arty follow 1 m of numbering. «* erms of office of cot nd relating f creditors. counting ti been fairly preparatory f war mbor ol f Maryland came up morning, and had a th National Chairman Cho Associated Press ; ator Wolllngtoi I be had of Mr. fpblnet pool- proposed International : He believed thal an agreement wbl io leading nations Togo, Feb. 1.- \Tho Associated 1 A TRICK TO VIOLATE THE LAWS. An Opinion by the Interstate ton- Washington. Feb. L — Tbe Interstate emission. In an opinion by Prouty, today announced a i matter of alleged unlawful In tbe transportation • the Atchison, To po­ lo Chicago & Oreat This company, own- of the Iowa Develop- - had been organised grain products b: kn & Santa Fe; t Western and outers. C the entire stock mt Company, whl for tho purpose of holding lands of the railroad company, d grain to bfi purchased In Kansas City In the name of the Development pany. transported It over the lines of railroad company to Chicago, and s sold It upon the market . CANAL AND THE TREATY Neither the railway co Development company p aln for the purpose of os ershlp. the whole transaction, the opln being simply a device to secure i. and the only rato paid was tho profit upon the transaction, which varied •th 1 each shipment. The commission held that this consu­ lted a violation of tho second, third and Ixth sections of the act to regulate com- lerce, and an order directing the railway ompany to cease and doest 1 from lolatlon has been Issued. ECKELS WANT8 GREAT CHANGES. Says the United Stale* Mast Have a Sew Banking System. Washington, Feb. L—Comptroller of the Currency Eckels bod a second conference with the house committee on banking and Currency today. Eckels expressed an opinion that the only remedy for the existing financial troubles waa a com­ plete revision of ttas banking system which would amount almost to a new sys­ tem. Tho discussion was an lnforma. one. In which all the mombers took part Mr. Eckels thought no more gold foi redemption purposes would be needed un- mado toward a final vote. Senator Morgan. In charge of the measure, sought ure an agreement to vote tomor- : Thursday, but the opponents ot ensure, led by Mr. VUas and Daniel, realstod any agreement. While iclainffng any purpose of obstructloi bustcring qgalnst tbe bill. the oppoel- n Insisted that It was of such ( intent as to demand a complete dlscus- tny quarters. Senator Hoar added fh tributo to the Wisconsin scnatoi d said It waa hoped Senator VUas' terx ibout to close—would not develop an ot ruction calculated to defeat not onl o canal but, DUt also the bankruptc II. and many other Important question: Senator Davis. In a similar appeal, said e sentiment In the northwest was m gent for the speedy conslderaUon The only use for metallic n n than nent of comptrolli o. I havo much regretted the early :lty which has unavoidably attacV glven rtao to on Inference that I had desire or expectation of succeeding Mr. Eckels prior to the expiration of nls salon. In 1898. I can say tor myself, think I speak for all concerned, sincerely hope Mr. Eckels may cplratlon of his com- igulshed services as r of the currency, rendered iany embarassments and cora- have earned hint the gratitude Ian for Agriculture. e his slUon uni Representative 1 the principal representative o er on the committee, asked u In response. Eckels said tho countries •hlch had the best developed ays; credit were England, the United e and Germany. Banks d need such largo resorves, so tr protect their currency as their deposits. - a hod been hindered In Its endea ) reach the gold standard. Eck< by adverse business conditions ai heavy taxation. The characteristics cf Wilson of Iowa h; telegraphed Senator Allison that he h. acct »ted the agriculture portfolio In M Des Moines, Feb. L—James Wilson .mes, Iowa, professor of agriculture agricultural college. I the SUPREME COURT’S DECISIONS. IhIo and Indiana Win Important Washington. Feb. L-In tho United State* supreme court today the Ohl were decided In favor of the :ee Field. Harlan and Browi sented. There were 10 cases brought by Ulcers of the Adams. American Monday. gainst^ It. e recommendations of the governor, was reported lndefinl\ poetponement by tho commltteo on labo but tbe senate tabled tbe report of tl committee and placed the bill on the HI -where It will be disposed There were but four vol those of the three populist that ot Senator Hannah, ol county, the author of the biu to require school clerks to gather statistics. While the senate unostentatiously and without debate to amount to anything disposed of those bills and sent them to the house for action, but one bUl came from the bouse to the senate, and that Is now being considered by the labor committee. Which will send In a favor­ able report. That was the McNally eight-hour Mil, which passed the hoi Monday by a vote of K to XL It provk that no laborer or mechanic shall be e ployed upon any public building or ott ------ ---- — eight hours a dr.. ' ‘ “ a application BURGLARS CLEAN OUT A BANK. Used Hltro-Glycerlne and Esi Ottumwa. Iowa. Feb. Bradly's bank at Eldon was burglarised at 8 o'clock this morning. The safe eras blown open with nltro-glycorince and all tho funds taken. Tbe banjc officers refuse to stale how much was taken, but they usually kept *5000 to *8000 on bond. Tbe burglars cs- bod been offered and accepted relaryshlp of agriculture. Des Moines. Feb. L—Ex-Congressman James Wilson of Iowa announced tonight his acceptance of the cabinet portfolio recently tendered him by Preelden Associated Press Mr. Wilson sabl: \It Is true that I have been Invited Into President McKinley's cabins copied. That Is all there Is portfolio ha* Washington. Feb. L—It Is under long Massachusetts republicans in dered and ncccpted the office of secretary _ , _ ____________ _ populists Hear* h Noee—Democrats XI. republicans I. The totals, aye* 4L noes tl. The Mil lot dead for the en\ e Is already a plan reseataUve Loot). One of the principal county division Mils wu discussed all of one day—Frt- r and Jefferson counties, lying or the railroad and make Townsend, a urtshlng little railroad town, the coun­ seat. Th* vote for division was 48 to Th* Mil ha* been before various leg- aturo* of Montana, stale and torri- ry, 1] years. The advocate* of the bill 91 confident of their ability to carry It rough tbe senate. Tbe lieutenant gov- nor Js a Broadwater county man. and e senator from Meagher oounty, Sena- county division s illandsburg. Pa was made early thl bank building li Morrow & Co.. : tely occupied by i city. A stick of dynamlto of every establishment on the square were shattered. The bank door was burst open nnd tho entire floor torn up. No damage was dono to the bank vault or books, however. The crime Is ascribed to the resentment ot somo depositor. The^bank failed last September. An assignee was appointed, and It was found that tho as­ sets were Insufficient to pay 10 per cent of the indebtedness. The police think tbey TO TEST AND EXAMINE COINS. Washington, Feb. 1.—The president has examine the weight and fineness of coins reserved at the several mints during the calendar year of 18 S«. pursi ; Sparkman A. Bnowden. Phila­ delphia; William D. Bynum. Indiana; Professor Bollcs. Philadelphia: Francis Bartlett. Boston; Joseph W. Richards. Ixihlgh university. Pennsylvania; Hon. Gustave Endllch, Pennsylvania; Professor Chandler. Columbia college. New York; Professor Rem sen. Johns Hopkins uni­ versity. Baltimore: Cabo! White of the bureau of mints; W. C. Little, 8L Louis. Mo., and E. Rosewater of Omaha. Neb* The comptroller of the currency Is by law a member of the commission. The com­ mission will meet at the mint In Philadel­ phia the 19th Inst. NOMINATED BY' THE PRESIDENT. Appointments to the Departmrn Justice—Henry F. Davis. United States attorney for the District of .Columbia; William H. Munger, Ujiltcd Slates dls­ trlot Judge, district of Nebraska. State-Martin A. Knapp. New York. In­ terstate commerce commissioner, reap­ pointed; Frederick W. Klckbusch, Jr. “Wisconsin, consul at 8tettin, Germany. y In tl Bingham. Mai might refused to connrm tne sat he had been tendered and the office of secretary of the I that he bad heard nothing Jor McKinley on the matter. L—John D. Long WORLD INTERVIEW. ENDORSES Chicago. Feb. L—An Associated Press representative saw Lyman J. Gage took time to say regarding the New Y World's interview, sent In these * patches last night: \Those are my views, subject to si modification as further thought n seem to require. I must decline Io vanco the Interests of the country.\ Galveston. Tex.. Feb. 1.—In regard tho statement sent out last night by the Associated Press giving an Interview w ‘ Lyman J. Gage. William J. Bryan said: \Mr. Gage Is a daisy. Tho greenbacks B & r s : Ihould. he says, be retired, and lurchased under the Sher be sold, and the treasury ■celled. Then we ought to havo redeemed and cancelled. The we ought to have bank notes tbat are n deemablo only In gold. And be also saj the government should not act as a war* house for either gold or silver. There I no doubt about Mr. Gage being a daisy, wender If he would like to Inaugurate system by which we should have to ol tain his permission each morning to llv throughout the day.” SURGICAL OPERATION ON THE CZAR T.vo New Phy* ANNUAL FEAST OF MOHAMMEDANS. Great Alarm Is Felt by Wealthy Turks la Constantin* \ London. Feb. L—The Paris corespond­ ent of tho Standard learns tbat great alarm Is felt at Constantinople because of taxes under acts of tho general imbly of Ohio for tho taxation ot ex­ press. telegraph and telephone companies. o decided the tax c ’extern Union Telegraph Company it the state of Indiana, Involving r questions. The state woi t today granted ed by Attorney Gea- case of the si MOSCOW NATIONAL BANK CLOSED. r* w n .o n . B a n k i. Feb. 1.—The Moscoi •a* closed this afternoon by Bank Examiner Eugeni rnptrol t under orders of e bank' The last published r* condition at the close of buslne* er 17. Included the following Cash on hand and In 'banks. tix.0M.71: loans and discounts. im.M9.68: deposits, object to check, 87.463; f deposit, 87,014.97. R. C. Brown Is president, and C. M. Bruno cashier. The bank had a capital 176.000, and a surplus of 80.000. last statement Its real estate an* Ing were valued at 860000 . . THE SWANHILDA IS OVERDUE. waa spoken on the Australia coast by th steamer Taupo. The police and detectlv* have been now watching for three week Thera was a flutter of excitement amon tho officers today when the ship King Edward from New Castle was reported outside. The wind changed, howov- the veasel was lost In the fog. St get In late tonight. The bark Santiago FOR THE MURDER OF HIS FAMILY. Arrest of a Man Answering the D crlptlon of Dunham. Helona, Mont., Feb. L-A man anas Ing minutely the description of June* Dunham, wanted for the murder of family of mix persons In Fullerton, Cal.. May 26 last. Is under arrest at Deer Lodge. He was Identified by a barber formerly employed In the town wh* can not be mistaken. Tbe prisoner at fin said be knew Dunham and knew whei he is, but later denied all knowledge < him. He admits being In Fullerton when the murder was committed, although an Odd Fellow's card In his posses: mads to show he was In Helena four days before the crime. ARE FOR BETTER WAGOfl ROADS. Resolution Adopted by. the Wall* Commercial Club. Walla Walla, Feb. L-At a moe the Commercial Club today the ma securing a better system of wagon roads waa discussed at length. The following resolution was Adopted: \Resolved. That we urge our sentatlves at Olympia to Introduce encouraging the use of broad tin farm wagons upon county roads.\ rmy to whom medals of honor have been warded by placing IW letters \M. H.\ Iter their names In the army registers. Extending to persona attached to the rmy the privilege of being made the re- tplcnts of medals of honor (this In addl- on to officers and men). Aftor tho completion of tho call of tho ommlttces, the epeoker recognised Mr. Ivans of Kentucky to move tbe passage ndcr suspension of tho rules of the bill for the relief of ex-Commsnder of the •Navy John N. Qunckenbush. The bill re- I the officer with the rank of com- tfer, as of date of June L J896. The has been before congress for many After a brief discussion It was passed. While a bill to reduce Senator Daniel reinforced 8 is In saying that no present or a vote was possible. Many lomotjc questions connected wit i debate become general, tbo Call- x senators. White and Perkins, ui ■poody action, and Senator Caff* and Senator VUas opposing a preclpiu J. W. M’NAUGHT’8 SUIT administration. Payno of New York, who ot the bill, said tt was earnestly mended by the secretary of iry, who thought It would sav* Milwaukee, WU., Feb. l.-Tho North­ ern Pacific Railway Company today tiled Its answer in tbe United SUtes court to lUlt Instituted by J. W. McNaught. afterward counsel for the receivers. Col­ onel McNaught U suing to recover 8M0 for services rendered tho receivers and also for an unfixed amount for services as a lobbyist before the North Dakota legUlature. present administration all takli ruction of reducing salaries and is Impressed with the pec that the recommendations can the admlnUtratlon was going out of pow- In Justice to Secretary Carlisle. Mr. Payno called Mr. Grosvenor's attention to tho fact that ho modo thU recommenda­ tion In May. 1896. Mr. Grosvenor said hU observaUon would apply also to tho state department. He spoke satirically of that \Massachu­ setts spoilsman, the president of a civil service reform association, who had como to Washington at the beginning of this admlnUtratlon and who had assaulted, rifled and looted the consular service.\ \In 60 days.\ sold he. \he turned out SO per cent of the consular officers and filled their places with untrained, unex- amlned and Incompetent men. The slate department has now discovered the emoluments and fees of our consuls are high, an it alleged o only denies the liability, I there U more than 885,000 d the company from co:oael McNaught. which U sjpclflbd In Items as offsets. Among th^ltcm draft of *2500 or receivers; a voueher for *3500 signed by or expenses and special counsel fees for which on Itemized account has not furnUhed; an excess of 88 In com- one on Issue of collateral trust Answering ippeaU made to him, ienator VUas said the opposition was ln- iplrod by ho personal motives, but re­ garded It os a grave public duty that recklessness of tho canal project should be eUboratoly presented to the senate and tho country. Tbe senator an­ alyzed and criticised U^blll, section by He regarded seWbn 7 as dtsclos- \mouse In the meal.\ It prorld- Cunal Company for all expenses, cost of oil on, sic., up to 84.500.000. with lnter- ThU section was positive In terms, and would go Into effoct. though all the property of tbU company, aocord- hardly worth J5W.OOO. Instead of offering United States, tho canal was a dangcr- S It would expose our west attacks of tbe navies of Before Senator VUas bad concluded hU emarks the senate went Into executive esslon and the arbitration treaty be­ tween tho United States and Great Brit- 18 Been Issued a of U ____ until the compensation Is now hardly respectable.\ The bill was passed. The following additional bills were passed under suspension of the rules; . To amend an act entitled \An act to repeal the timber culture laws and for othor purposes.\ The act relates only to entry of lands In tho Sioux Indian resor- convey the Fort Lyon military res­ ervation to the state of Colorado for use soldiers' home. ending until January L 1899. the time hlch parties entitled to purchas* Northern Pacino forfeited lands maj To pay tho heirs of Albert Augustin* r Roaehlll. Idaho, 1360 for proporty tak- i by the United States In the Cayuso To authorise the entry and patenUr f lands containing petroleum and oth* ilneral oils under tho tows relating ■ placer mining (the purpose of the b! In tl i foreign relations. It io printed as amonded. eaty was to go over. Insisted upon c ibjcct. He made It very plain tbat he iposed the treaty. 8everal senators c eased the opinion that amendments id also took tho stand that the disci on should be public In order that t topic might see the advantages or ( icta In the Instrument. Several set ire announced the Intention of giving ■ much publicity to the treaty as ble. Tho senate thfn ratified tbe Japai treaty with reference to trademarks. When the open session was resume (solution by Senator Stewart waa agreed > requesting the secretary of th ■rior for Information as to the progress f the survey in Alaska during th* \s a result of recent allegatl* leal Irregularities In Delawa r Chandler offered a resolutl e senate committee on privilege* and elections to Inquire Into all the cir­ cumstances of tho recent Delaware elec­ tion and particularly to Inquire whethei there existed for the benefit of the dem­ ocratic party a conspiracy among cer­ tain ovll-mlndod persons to overcome reg­ ular election results and establish a dem­ agogy In the state. Tbo resolutl* At the request of Senator H1U. bills pensioning the widow of tl Joseph B. Carr at *75 per month o widow of the late Brigadier Genen Hough at ISO per month were pas: Senator Hoar introduced a bill f* solldatlng the United States circuit and district courts. The senator said tho bll was of great Importance and was intro­ duced to Inaugurate consideration of th* subject wltbout expectation of speedy ac- At 6 p. m. the senate adjourned. The senate In executive session con io following nominations: Way- McCreery, collector of Internal revenue. First district of Missouri; Mary Klrtley, postmistress THE HOUSE PASSES MANY BILLS. Washington. Feb. L—This waa corns tee suspension day in tho house. Imi dlatcly after reading tho Journal, committees were called. Tho senate bill to provide times I places of holding United States court Utah passed. o committee in Interstate commorc called the \anti-scalp* railroad bill. Half a dosen members Jum consideration democrat, of A deration it a time be fixed fc f that bill.\ said Terry, of Arkansas. \It Is a ver insure, and should not pi a Jack-in-the-box wltbout no- W. A. Stone, republican, of Pi nlo, raised a question of cons against tho bill, and the house. I of 34 to 88. refused to consider tl. Bills were passed to authorize the Co­ lumbia Sc Red Mountain railroad struct a bridge across tbo Columbia river at Northport. Wash. To prevent tho carry _ craturo and articles designed for Indecent and Immoral use from one stato or terri- To permit a street railroad to occupy the lower portion of the Rock Inland bridge. To simplify tho system of making sales the subslstencedepartment of ~ e secretary A U bill t< ty. Ky.. 1 y P. J. PI tier of Knox couc 0 for two mules taken by th McNaught was surety on his bond. Col­ let McNaught'a liability, tho answer charges, is 80000 , , which hoi never been paid. Further than this. Colonel Mc­ Naught Is accused of conveying to him­ self, while president of the Northern Pa- 61 Manitoba company, valuable prop- ■ In tha city of Winnipeg, for which company paid 83.73L the answer It Is asserted that In tho McNaught was entitled to re- lobbyist, his claims ■ of th<j os ana not valid as against the pany. No accounting Is demand- Colonel McNaught. Iho company simply asking that the claims be dls- over;for services as I roul* ftkiTje prior t ind was finally defeated. Thereupon the house went Into eo of tho whole, and took up ildcretlon of the diplomatic iui* ar appropriation bill. Mr. Hitt, chairman of tho commtttoo >n foreign affairs, explained tbe provl- ilons of the bllL Tho changes, he sai l. Mr. McCreary of Kentucky followed of which Mr. Turner or Georgia askeo icro was not an appropriation In tbe that made the United States a party lalntenance of a king of the Samoan ids. M 5 Creary sold that while ho did approve of that provision of tho Berlin treaty that the treaty bound tho United Slate* to pay annually *6000 to­ ward tho maintenance of the king of Samoa and the government there. W. A. Slone of Pennsylvania created laughter by asking the protection of th. Mr. McMillan of Tennessoe protested that no treaty obligations should compel tho people of the United States to old In tho support of a kingly government. \Not even tbe queen of HawallT\ put In Mr. Morso of Massachusetts. Mr. McCreary said the treaty was made during the administration of Mr. Uarri- Whon this Item was reached In the bill Mr. McMillan moved to strike It out, but the house, without division, declined to do so. After completing 10 of the 27 posies o ' ......... . . ..... ‘ SUPREME COURT REVERSES ITSELF, A*la County Warrants Can Not Re Cancelled. Boise. Idaho; Fob. L—Tho supremo court today overruled Its former decision In tho ense of Ada county against tho Bullen Bridge Company and against tho First National bonk. Tho cases were brought foi cancellation of a warrant issued for building tho Broadway bridge and for cancellation of warrants Issued to D. B. P. Pride for work on tbe river, ^hey woro decided In tho district court against tho county. In the supreme court the lower court was reversed at tho lost term, but the supreme court now reverses Itself and decides that the county has an adequate remedy at law and tbat the warrants can not be cancelled In oqulty proceedings. Tho holder of the warrants will have to bring suit for their payment, when the county can moko Its defense. In a unanimous opinion tho court sus­ tained the action of tho board of county commissioners of Blaine county In em- Johnson In tho Utlgu- r the creation of tho ___ __ \When i validity of an act creating a county U be litigated, the board of commlsalon- j of such county. In tho exercise of a reasonable discretion, may employ pri- LIVES OF CHRISTIANS IN DANGER. Murder and Rapine by Mnasnl London, Feb. L—A Dally News dispatch from Athens, dated Sunday, says tha rlous news has been received from rakllon. It Is stated that 10 Christians were murdered Thursday while outsldo tho gates of the city, and that armed bands of dally for tl burning the villages of tbe Christians. Tho dispatch adds that these outrages are evidently In accordance with hints re­ ceived from Constantinople. The situa­ tion Is so serious that the foreign consuls havo wired tho governor i calling for the adoption stringent measures looking to the protec­ tion of tho people. Foreign worships are now arriving at Herakllon with * view of offering protection to the Christians there. The Christians In the districts In the vi­ cinity of Herakllon are arming and occu­ pying strategic places forth* purpose of preventing an Influx ot Mohammedans to tho towns, and a collision is feared In tho WHERE 'PANIC REIGNS SUPREME. London, Feb. L—A dispatch to Dally News from Athens says that Is on the verge of a fresh Insurrection. Constant firing can be heard at Canea. where panic reigns supreme. The Mussul­ mans are reported to be preparing for a general aaaault. but thoy evidently fear the approach of bonds of Christians from outside tho town. Skirmishes on plains and In tbe vicinity of Canea wounded. HILL AND THE NORTHERN PACIFIC. Tla Said He Will Have MM Important Voice In Its Affairs. Chicago. Feb. L—The report that Hill, of tho Great Northern. Is to bare an Important voice In the affairs of Northern Pacific road Is again going tbo THE MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Metal Quotations. New York. Feb. I.—Bar silver. J4Se. Copper—Eaey; lake, teokers* price. ID; ex-

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 11 Feb. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.