The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 11, 1897, Image 4

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PUBLICA- lltcatlon c So Nor made Mrs. Slim\ (ou'the oifenn liucr)—Doar mo! Dear me! What makes the ship roll so? Mr. Slim—It's that confounded fat ohief officer walking back and forth oil the bridge way above ns!—Truth. LANDS CLASS (Ur Beginning nt Won n'er on (he t. v. i -.| ii ;. . EARLY m a t u r i t y , that wheat ted to Duroc-Ior-eye par. a trille over a dollar n bnshoL Don’t breed common hog* ante** you believe it pay* to raUe caytuiw. A d d r e s s DUROC-JERSEY STOCK FARM, D e e r X jO d e e . M o n t a n a . THE CENTURY American history make* especially timely A GREAT NOVEL OF THE AMERI­ CAN REVOLUTION system U reached by i: . . Its quality the condition o ’ -.very org; pends. Good blood meant) strong in good digestion, robust health. In blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rhe tism, catarrh or other diseases. 1’he i way to have good blood Is to take 11 Sarsaparilla. ThU medicine purlO* tallies, and enriches ihc blood, and LANDS CL S&VSk” o. :>w l « U j» gN MW §#<,$&. • » 5S hw LANDS CLASSIFIED AS MINERAL. NWSE'iHbc.Drrp.'SrNT.Tran(to :i W. REGISTER'S NOTICE FOR FUBUCA- ho time of the Revolution i* ’ depicted, and the characters on, Franklin, Lafamta ami a in history. 'I t is safe to say iStet V SUF'Jt: I Rovolctionary days, and of Philadelphia classincs •AMI’AIGNING WITH GRANT, •By General Horace Porter, m title of n sories of anticlos which Im* b an aide on General Grant’s staff am nr (government subdivision of) i »ld protest described,\ whorcupor rked Exhibit he Colum b ian. ow n s AXD rOBLMBSD ST J O H N \W. P A C E , _____ _ __ Is to send items regarding, improvements, and reucos which aro of interest people of tho Flathead. Address all fetters to T he C olumbian , Columbia Falls, Mont. THURSDAY, FEB. 4, 1897. Tho state solons have killed tho bill reducing the governor’s salary. That makes a long mark to thoir c r e d i t . _____________ Lyman Gage, tho. Chicago bhnkor aud a goldbug from wayback, will bo aocrotary of tho treasury. And nice job ho has ahead of him. Tho initiative aud referendum bill is dead aud buried. May it r poaco and wait long ip r tho reciion day. ___________ There aro many indications of vote trading in tho Montana legislature. It is commonly supposed that volu­ minous smoko caqfiot hover about a spot whore there is no blaze. Russell Alger ought to bo a suc­ cess as secretary of war if that iy little presidential bee doesn’t got to buzzing so hard in his take up too much time and attention. Tho Aroostook Leader says: “Some of our young peoplo who desire to do some hugging and kissing are talk ing of organizing a dramatic club. Did tho down-oasters ever try skat­ ing partiosT Lillian Russoll said to an inter- viowor tho olhor day that sho had been “knocked about all her lifo like a matrimonial billiard ball.” billiard ball over got the fun out of the game, though, (hat the fair Lil­ lian has. Tho students of the Groat Falls high school havo just purchased a $100 piano with money raisod by socioty duos, entertainments and subscriptions. Those young peoplo will make thoir mark in the world, never foar. Again ’this strange, anomalous stylo of nowspapor amenity comes to the front. Tho Glasgow Record oponly accuses R. X. Lewis, oditor of tho Glasgow Gazetlo and repre­ sentative from Valley eou uty, of parading (bo hulls of legislation in a stnto of beastly intoxication. Tho honso, by an unanimous vote, pro­ claimed tho Record man a villifier and a falsifier, but this action wasn’t noodod. None of us Montana editors get druuk and tho world knows it. NEVADA'S SHAME. Novada has distinguished herself all right. Her legislature has passed and her governor has signed a bill providing that prize fights with gloves not lighter than four ounces may bo hold in Nevada upon payment to tho shoriff of tho county in which tho contest is to take place of $1,000 for a license, and tho pre­ sentation of a certificate from two regular physicians that tho contes­ tants aro iu perfect physical health. Nino-tenths of tho license money goos into tho sfhto 'treasury aud iho balance to tho county whore tho con- tost takes placo. Prizo Qyhtiug lias been forbidden in every olhor state of tho union. It has been driven out of Louisiana, whore it onco flourished, and Florida rofusos to . countonnuoo it. So do Arkansas and Texas. Even Mexico, tho homo- of tho bull fight and of :h licouso iu other matter's, has declared against it. But Nevada hard-up and opouly admits that it tho money sho is after. Sho has mado up her miud to play tho c tosan aud sho rather glories than otherwise in her shame. and tho now chemical engine saved it from destruction. Tho report of tho.stato boiler in­ spector shows that thoro aro 1,219 li- coiiHod engineers of all grades in tho stato. Receipts last year were SG.90G d tho os ponses $7,200. Twelvo boilers wore coudomued and 5,-118 Officers of tho governor’s staff aro I follows: A. Jensen, Cascade couu- -, inspector general; R. D. Lcggatf, ilvor Bow, quartermaster general; . G. Higgins, Missoula, commissary general; \V. C. Riddell, Lewis aud Clarko, surgeon general; John Hallo- n, Deer Lodge, musteriug officer; E. Healey, Silver Bow, judgo ad­ vocate; nides-do-camp, J. F. Firch, Thomas MeTnguo and C. 51. Crutch- ffcld. Tho sonato passed the bill intro­ duced by Ramsdell, providing for lui-ahnual payment of taxes, in May and December, delinquent nftor Tho stato bureau of agriculture, labor nod industry will bo abolished. So Bays tho sonato by a vote of oigh- toon to four. It x$as a good thing butitisw iso of courso to get along without the good things you unablo to pay for. This ono cost Montana about $8,500 a year. HIS MARRIAGE POSTPONED. Young Mr. Seeley, of Now York, about whom so much has appeared in tho pnpors of late, is still unmar- riod. With two friends ho is hold by tho grand jury to account forgo- ings-ou nt a stag dinoor ho gavo nt Shorry’s famous restaurant. Tho 'story in briof is something attor tho fashion of tho Decameron. Herbert Baruum Seeley, grandson of tho great showman, on the occasion of n pro-marital spree, hired Littlo Egypt, Annabollo Moore aud others to dance “in tho altogether,” dition mado famous by tho adorable ‘Trilby.” This doloctablo fact having leaked out, tho Now York police, with a sub- limo disregard of tho rights of monoy without brains, actually made a raid o swell dinner and stopped tho Mr. Seoloy tried to got tho upper hand by demanding tigation of tho police captain’s out­ rageous conduct. This resulted in acquittal and the turning of tho tables upon tho young blood. Shelby Juncti of diphtheria. Tho herder and band of shoop lost Tetoti county during the recent storm hove been found. Tho sheep had drifted thirty-five miles from the sheds and only a few had died from exposure. Tho herdoqjemained with tho flock and when,rescued was weak and exhausted. who gives his nnmo ns M. M. Jones, but who' has her n identi­ fied by nn inmate of tho hospital as James C. Dunham, tho multi-mur­ derer of Californio, was arrestod at Deor Lodge. George E. Osterwind, proprietor of tho Yellowstone hotel at Glendive, diedufter n five days’attack of la- grippe. Tho Butto & Boston Mining com­ pany's property, consisting of fifty- three mining claims, smoltors, con­ centrator, und, in fact, everything be­ longing to the company, was sold by Receiver John F. Forbis to E. Rolliug Morse, chairman of tho Butto & Boston reorganization Tho Broudwator county bill went through the house with a rush. This may bo a wiso and just measure in its olf but thoro aro many more of those division schemes to come up, some of which appear to be of ad­ vantage to office-seokers only. Butte, with open-handed, if mis­ taken, generosity, attempted to food and clotho a batch of Godforsaken Indians campod at her gates, the Indians traded off each and ovory donation for forty-rod whiskey aud agaiti revel' iu filth and fira- wator. President-elect McKinley requests that, “with tho appra&al of the sub­ scribers,” tho $50,(XI) which it was ■ proposed to spend upon the in­ augural ball bo givdp instead to charitable objects. Subscribers deed! They might not object but Mark Hanna would and his objec­ tions go. I hereby challongo William Mad­ den to fight his dog Butto against tho Drew dog at 24 pounds, givo dr take one pouud, for $250 to $500 a sido. This is splitting tho weight on your own challenge.—Denis O’Brien. Right in tho city, of Butte, too, of whoso high grade of morality hear bo much through her uo papors. As a tribute to providence, who saved his Store from destruction by fire, John Wauamaker is goiug to build a ’ now Presbyterian church. The dispatches said:, “Many times total destruction was threatened and the store was saved only by t remen­ dous work by the local department and his own. store iirh brigade.” Funny it never occurred -to, W maker to. reward these faithful ef­ forts. Perhaps that would bo fering with -Providence’! buainoss. Honry Hoit field, ox-democrat, pres out populist,.-farmer and hit man, will represent Idaho it: United Stales floiiato instead of Fred Dubois^ jdppbllcan, and ono of cil- vor’s warmost and most able cham­ pions. Dubois bolted tho St. L convention anej-jinn bmtn'tnrgoi fnr ' \Oct over, since. It i- tbnt the-gentlemen jonsible for his dofenl ' ' w^th gold dollnra and ’ n cqlch. A FEW OF THE BEST OF ’EM. Standard: Dubois trndod for Hoitfold in Idaho; prizo lights licensed in Novada beenuso tho stato is hard up for money; public gamb­ ling likoly to bo licousocMu Montana because tho public treasury noeds tho rovoutio. By tho way, what was that slurring aud unjust goldbug remark made in tho oast about the mental nod moral quality of tho silvor states! Avuut Courior: Tho plan building tho stuto cnpitol with v rants drawn nguiust tho luud grant fund doesn’t appear to be such a dead fuilurc, after all. So far tho ipitol commission hns boon able to dispose of uourly $100,000 of tho wi i, for which tho stato can point with more or less prido to a rangnifi- co ut structure—on paper—and partly completed hole iu tho ground. Butto Minor: Representative Gil­ l’s bill making it a misdomoauor for anyono to pay a whisky bilfts grow ii popularity every moment, course such a bill would work havoc to future generations, but for tho politicians who are behind in oloc- tion accounts it would como ns swoet and welcome boon. Make it misdomeunor for a man to pay a bn bill and a folouy for a bnrkeoper to rofuso a customer credit and tho problem will bo solved. ------------------------------ IN MONTANA TOWNS. * It. A. McLean, working in the Al- tona mino at Butte, sustained a frac­ tured skull aud will die. John T. Harrington was instantly killed by a fall of rock in the Moun­ tain Con miuo at Butti Two hundred tons of hay, a largo number of sheep, together with farm mucliinery and sheds, owued by T. F Strode, iu the Sweet Grass liilh destroyed by fire. Several thousnud sheep were in tho sheds but all 300 were rescued, specials Edward Double Ruuner, a Black- foot Indian, was acquitted of murder la tho United States court nt Helena. Tho duskyt wifo of anotbor Indi was at tho liottom of the trouble. J. D. Dodge, au. invelcrato gnnt- bier and a hard driukor, committed suicide nt Silvor Bow, leaving tho follofing note: “If thoro place ns hell and I fnil lo get theft) then tho dovil is not onto his job.” William Handler, a Livingston Barber, died in jail,” where ho had I yen plucod lo sober up. The Whitehall high school The Dii-Jerseys H S - M - m f-f S Aro tho MOST PROFITABLE ho** i Good every nerve, organ and tissue. It cr- a good appetite, gives refreshing, t and cures that tired feeling. Reim-n Hood Sarsaparilla Is tho best- Intact tho Ono True Btoro! 1’ H o o d ’s P illst* Beautiful Violets. A bunch of the prettiest violets yet produced adorns the cover pago of Burpoo’s Farm Annual for 1897. Tho violet is tho Princess of Wales and tho beautiful-'lithograph' oxact reproduction, of Paul de Long- pro’s painting. The Fordhook Ft catalogue is always free from exag­ geration. That is tho reason (arm­ ors and gardoners tho world send for it. No matter how much is :pended upon its production W tloo Bur poo & Co. never ask ten cents ns a guarantco of faith before mailing. You are welcome to all tbo information tho Philadelphia house can givo you. S u p e r b A r t F e a tu r e s . T h e B e s t S h o r t Stories. r, 35 cents a number. nbacription*. or remittnm be mndo direct lo the publLharsJbr nipncy ;pre*» order, check, draft, or rexutorod T H E CENTURY CO. U n ion S q u a re, N. Y. $l.o<> a yet All dealer* tnko Abandoned Gases A comparatively largo number of cases which aro so successfully treat­ ed by Compound Oxygen aro what tiro kuowu os abandoned ordesporuto cases, many of them of a class which no physician of any school would dortnko to cure. They uro, in part, such as have run the gauntlet of exper­ iments within the-regular schools of medicine, and of quackery without, until between disouso atfd drugs, the patient is reduced to the saddest und most doplorablo condition, and o; from which relief seems impossible. No treatment can Im subjected (oil severer trial than is offered in l|ieso cases. Tho marvel is that Doctors Starkey & Palen can effect a cure it so many instances. If you need tin help of such a treatment, write for information iu regard to its nature and action, and it will bo promptly ir book of 200 B I C Y C L E S We are Agents for the HARTFORD & COLOMBIA Strongest Wheels in the World. A full line, Models of 1897, will be on sale the latter part of February by BRONSON & LIGHTHALL, K a J i s p e l l , M o n t a n a . rpHE T O W N M A R K E R SCRIBNER’S M A G A Z INE-*\- A R e d -L o tter Y e a r for 1897. LONDON AS SEEN BY CHARLES DANACIBSON. Mr. Gilw.n ha* t fora appeared a* a writer. Uo »i*lL-d don lart iuranicr for Scribner-* Maenzii tho purpeae at depictin* with pen and tbo*u *eene* and type* which the ha* trnpeli* pre*ent* in cndlcts variety. NOVEL BY RICHARD HARDING DAVIS, ’'Soldier* of I-’ortuno.\ Ill sent free of charge pages. Homo treatment is sent by express prepai Jo bo used at home. r Office troatmout is administered bore. Consultation, either personally or by letter free. A competent corps of physicians in attendance. Has Been Enlarged and Has.Added Complete Lines of STAPLE & FANCY —GROCERIES— We Continue to Keep on Hand All Kinds of CHOICE - MEATS FRUITS, VEGETABLES, OYSTERS & GAME I N S E A S O N . / J u s t A rrived a C h o ice V a r iety of NEW YORK A P P L E S . Confectionery and Fancy Bakery Goods a Specialty. Also Raw Furs and Hides B o u g h t o r Sold on C o m m ission. W e Deal w ith t h e B e st Fur H o u ses in th e U n ited S tates, SKYLES & MILLER, P r o p ’s. L I V E R Y FEED AND SALE STABLES. IK REAR OF COLUMBIA HOTEL, O e n tr a lly Located. CONVENIENT • TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Hones m Bits Attenfled lo in Fiut-Cta Sliape. N e w R igs a r e b e in g A d d e d to M eet a l l D e m a n d s. OPEN AT ALL HOUPvS,” ARTHUR HASKILL, PROP. COLUMBIA FALLS. - MO.\“ Notice I* hereby *irep that tho followin'; uaraeil *etll-r ha* tiled notico of hi* iutouUoa to make float proof to eupport at lit* claim, and » uaitl proof wilt bo in.ido hofore J. K. r. a Commls-lonor of the United State, circuit Court, at Columbia Falls. Montana,*; Fobniarytt), IMfl, vixi THOMAS LAINO, who mado H. E. No 3M. for tbo wKnoU.oK He'nruno* t£o followin'; witness** to prove Notice f o r Publication. Land Qfllcc, lUwooja^ aam’wY•otUor'htu’flfid'noilc*of jd* intention is r ) foltowtni badly damaged by fire but bard ivork|)»tpnblir.-i ■ Drs. STARKEY & PALES, 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. OHAS. SC R IB N E R ’S SONS 153-157 Fifth Avenue-, Now York. WF.ONER, u c a u a a a a cnnnnnne l - l r.r.r.r.r.r. DOnnODDD L u | | A Little Q u inine [ na a j Now an d then 33 Is needed by T h e m o s t of m e n B u y it of J. H.C. Fitch □3 . The Prescription Druggist, 33 K a lispell, M ont. Tetter, Salt-Ubcuiu ami Ecacmf. Tho intense itching aud smarting, lnc|- deut to these disease^, U Iuitantly uUnyad a applying Chamberlain’» Ey# »v4 n Ointment. Many v«ry bad ouey have been permanently coved by It. It Is equally efficient for itching plica and a favorite raraody for aoro nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites and chronic sore eyes. 23 eta. por box. Dr. Cady’s Condition Powdew, are just what a horse needs when tn bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. They are not food bat medicine and the best in use to not • horse in prime condition. Price 23 penta per package. For Sale. A Layman pnou- uintic boat. (Soo cut.) Four air corn- part monts, nonen p-

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 11 Feb. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.