The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, February 25, 1897, Image 2

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C0NTE8T RE8ULTED IN A TIE. SNOW BLOCKADE IN THE CA8CADE8 Am Scnil-omcll.11, Announced V c - tcnlmy a t Berlin. Berlin, Feb. 15.—A semi-official atatm- ment of the Cretan question has been published here, as follows: In reply to the representation! of the ministers of all tbs great powers at Athens, pointing out the. danger to Euro­ pean peace from the attitude taken by Greece, which Is contrary to Internation­ al law, M. SkouBes, minister of foreign affairs, declared that Greece would occu­ py Crete. In view of this fact, the Im­ perial government no longer considers It consonant with Its dignity to take fur­ ther diplomatic steps at Athens. After an exchange of views with the cabinets of the other great powers, the comman­ der of the German warship Kalserln Au­ gusta. which will arrive at Canes within the next few days, has received Instruc- dors of the naval forces of other great powers assembled In Cretan waters, le sagement at the Third avenue theater, In this city, tonight. An Everett special says snow has fsllen to a depth of three feet a t Monte Crlsto. Half a hundred big trees have been blown across the track of tho Everett A Monte Crlsto rood between Hartford and Gran­ ite Falls, completely blockading traffic. A train which left Everett last night pre­ sumably got through to Monte Crlsto. Tacoma, Feb. IS.—Since Thursday three feet of snow have fallen In the Cascade mountains. Increasing the average depth of snow on both sides of the Northern Paclflo tunnel to 11 feet. The track Is being kept dear by use of rotaries. An englno and ordinary snow plow, which were clearing the road, jumped tho track at Cle-Elum today noon. The overland train will arrive In the morning, having been held at Cle-Elum until the overturn- Washlngton, Feb. 15.—The i executive session most of t< The game took place under the auspices of tho British Chess Club. In behalf of England, and of the Brooklyn Chess Club, for the United States. This Is the second International chess match by. cable ba­ the Montana legislature Is now within ID days of the close, and while nothing ham been done In tne way of tne accomplish­ ment of Anal results, some progress has been made In the process bf crystallsg- sharp controversy over proceeding with Senator Morgan s resolution to abrogate the Clayton-Bulwer treaty. Senator Sherman Interposed numerous points of order against Benator Morgan, and when tho chair sustained them, tho .Alabama senator referred to Ms being \victimised\ by the presiding officer and will be brought substitute bills have been boiled, down Into one, the corporation and railroad committees have begun to formulate a plan, and legisla­ tion generally is in a better way to being made than It was a few weeks ago. The number of bills that have been passed by both houses, however. Is as yet only four, one of them being the bill to appropriate money tor the payment of the salaries of the member themselves, another being for the payment of the olerks of the last this one. the third creating the county- cf Broadwater, and the fourth making eight hours a day's ftork for engineers In mine hoists The last named bill, when tnlro- duoed Into the house by Mr. Dee, provid­ ed for an eight hour day for stationery engineers, and the senate amended It to exclude all but hoisting engineers The house agreed to the amendment Friday and the bill needs only the signature of the governor to become a law. Thero Is now pending In the senate a budget of bills that wUl be among the next to go through. It la the usual num­ ber covering the deficiencies of the past two years. They are on the way now. and four of them wore taken up by the senate Saturday but recommitted to the general file to await the coming of more of them, the senate Intending to take them up all at once. They will be made short work of. for the house with all Its oratory disposed of 27 of them In half a day. The appointment of a steering commit­ tee. which will be announced Monday, In all probability, makes the outlook good for the expedition of some of the business of the slats Speaker Kennedy will ap­ point ns chairman of the committee George L. Ramsey of Gallatin, the chair­ man of the ways and means committee and one of the leaders of the house As four other members of the committee, all democrats, will be named. Samuel Lang- Owsley of Madison, David O'Connor of Silver Bow and A. J. Campbell of Fsrk. There will be two other members, one representing each minority party. There will be Mr. Elliott of Sllvef Bow. for the populists and Mr. Mclnllre of Custer, for ttte republicans The steering committee will begin work On a vote. Senator Morgan carried Ms point, and the Clayton-Bulwer discussion was taken up. As It Involved questions of executive business, the senate went In­ to executive session. At 4 o'clock the open session was re- Northem trains arrived terday from the west tlo-up was not days before tra on schedule tl nander of the Austrian ship •received Instructions to oo- nthe fleets of other powers, DECISIONS IN RAILROAD point of officials at Wabslngton. The arrange­ ments a t the Academy gave every one an opportunity to view the games os they were played and to see tho team a t work. Tho trophy for wMch the match was played was presented to chess players last year by Sir George Newnea, president of the British Chess Club, who Is best known for his proprletorsMp of the famous Eng­ lish publication. Tld-Blts. The Nownes trophy Is about 20 Inches In height, and the same width, of solid silver and cost UNO. Tho Brooklyn Chess Club won It popular e.lamor and sent • an action of ejection railroad company to re- f land to wMch the com- IRISH FRIENDS. the royal family The agreement of the powers, will be promulgated this afternoor morrow, provides for the occupa Canea, Herakllon and Betlmo onl they will prevent the landing of or ammunition a t those points. T SUSPECTED TO BE A FILIBUSTER. Philadelphia, Feb. 14.-4be Dra. Galla­ gher and Whitehead, the alleged dyna­ miters recently released by the English government, and since their arrival In this country confined In Insane asylums, so conflned In order that they may not be afforded an opportunity oi wreaking ven­ geance upon thoso who were Instrumental In Inducing them to go to England, and who betrayed them to the English gov­ ernment long before the vesels on which they wore passengers had reached Eng- t'rom Philadelphia. Washington, Feb. 15.—The secretary of the treasury has Instructed the collector of customs at Philadelphia to withhold clearance papers from the alleged filibus­ ter Bermuda, which, was preparing to leave. The Bermuda Is a British veasel, and It Is said her majesty's consul at Philadelphia has given his consent to her departure, but the treasury will require tho captain to mako oath that ho will not of the choir was not debatable. The presiding officer, consulting lh rules again, sustained Senator Sherman stating that an*appeal was not debatable “I think It Is debatable,\ declared Bent tor Morgan, with a perceptible tremor it his voice, os he still held the floor. Senator Quay sought to act as poaco maker and appealed to the senate ti \I must object to that,\ said Senato: Sherman, decisively. Senator Morgan still hold tho floor. road and tho Winona A 8L F Company, the United States vs. Pacific, and tho United States Paul A Sioux City Railroad Involving the validity of the li of these companies. Tho declal favor of the fronted with a fait ill In one opinion. The court, li tplnlon. Involving the Winona chamber today iced the gover-i- The building and loan assocIatloi*b111 will make the trouble has already o: nated In the senate, where It Is a »pt order for 2 p. m. Monday, and f where. If It passes, as It will In s form. It will be pushed Into the la body. known as the Cronin, or antl-lnnei faction of the Irish race are asklr the demand for a definite answer I come so strong and pronounced th probable a demand may bo made committee having charge of the 1 nance of the released prisoners for portunlty for an Interview betwe Ishmael Bey has been appointed gov­ ernor of Crete. succeeding Prince Georgl Berovltch, resigned. Mussulman Badrlos has been elected mayor of Canea. Athens. Feb. 15.—Replying to tho col­ lective note of tho powers, the Grecian government has declared that Its Inter­ vention In affairs In Cretq la justified by the massacres thero and la not duo to n desire to disturb the Islands. The Greek government announces that It Is determined to continue to dispatch troops for the purpose of restoring order. Great excitement prevails hero. Tho re­ serves of 1893 have been called upon In order to rejoin their colors within 48 Ir. Stevenson rose from h sharp tones responded: \T disposition to victimise m Alabama. Tho chair ed by Attorney Oeneral Harmon, and grow out of the recent decision of Judge Locke of Jacksonville, which held In ef­ fect that the Cuban Insurgents wero not governor that those corporations be re­ quired to contribute an additional rev­ enue of <25.000 to the state. The bill pro­ vides for a tax of two and a half per cent on gross receipts, which It is claimed will make a revenue of <30.000. The tax is In the form of a license of <25 for the collection of premiums amounting to <5000 or less, and for each additional <1000, <25 additional. The Insurance companies are already required to pay taxes In tho Irishmen. That Gallighe The vlco preside Finally Senator Morgan withdrew his appeal, and a vote was taken on Sena­ tor Morgan’s motion to proceed with the Clayton-Bulwer resolution. Unexpected­ ly Senator ^Morgan carried his point against the opposition, which was under­ stood to be favorable to going into ex­ ecutive session on the arbitration treaty. The vote was very close,. being <3 yeas political feet In actual death of Dr. Cronin. It Is known, over, that both of the alleged tnson have since their arrival In this o< written several threatening letters dlvlduals whom they r -----’ * haps rightfully so, aa for their betrayal, but have been Intercepted. There It a strong following In New fork of the olement that sent Gallagher and Whitehead upon their mission, and It would naturally bo Interested In suppress­ ing what would be one of tho most atro- ments of agents. The n for revenue In addition contributed through othe political expedition against a friendly >wer. or else was a pirate; her arms and ounted cannon demonstrating that her lsslon could not be a peaceful one. Crowds continue to crowd the room of tho legislative chambers anxious for nows from Betlmo, Candla and Canea. where the Christians are In the minority. Steamers full of Insurgents havo started Tho Christians are commanded at Be­ tlmo by a major of artillery, and In the vicinity of Canea by a captain of ar­ tillery. All tbe commanders are cx-of- fleers of the Greek army. President of tbe Chamber Zalmls an­ nounces that Colonel Jassos, the king's aide de camp, arrived at Platonics this afternoon. Prince Nicholas will start for Larissa, Thessaly, with his regiment to- Tbe license law Is a complicated affair, and will take up a good share of the time of the house. One thing In favor of the house, however. Is the rule recently adopted that limits debate to live min­ utes to each speaker and allows but 15 minutes to a side for the opening and the closing. Formerly there has been no lim­ it of time to the debate, and the flighty orators of the house bad It In their pow­ er to seriously retard the business of the Herakllon today or tomorrow. The ad­ mirals have been In constant communi­ cation with the shore, and messages of Importance are known to have been ex­ changed between thorn and their home governments. All the foreign fleets have been reinforced. More warships aro ex­ pected hero and at other towns of the Island today. Tho Greek fleet has also been reinforced, and Greek troops are ex­ pected to reach here today. According to general report the forolgn warships will these letters tAtt this was a matte Under the rules, s character compelled t executive session, anil les were cleared and The executive sessl o'clock, when tbe doo the legislative work : which, demanded Immediate adjudication was Involved. It Is thought that tho or gumenta can be concluded In one day. The senate during the we postponed the bUl by Senati reduce the salary list of laches about 25 per cent. T sr bills covering Individual In the big bill, but there we the latter and the senate v HAVANA. A LIVELY CONTEST AT PUBLISHER MU8T GO TO PRISON. Boise, Idaho. Feb. 15.—In the house tc day there was a lively contest over tli proposed sheep legislation. All bills r> ferring to the subject had been sent I the live stock committee with Instruction to report a substitute. This came In th A conference report on the bill provid­ ing the times for bolding terms of Unit­ ed States courts In Utah was agreed to. the conference being an agreement to the house amendments. The conference report on the legislative, executive and Judicial appropriation bill was agreed to. A further conference on the agricultural appropriation bill was directed. The senate then turned to private pen­ sion bills, and 24 bills were passed, thus clearing the pension calendar. One of the bills pensions the widow of General Benjamin 8. Roberts at <50 per month. Tbe bill was passed appropriating <10.- 000 to investigate the obstruction of the navigable waters of Florida, Louisiana and other south Atlantic and gulf states by the plant known as the water hya­ cinth and for other purposes. Also tho senate bUl for the revision and codification of the criminal and penal laws of the United States. It provides for the appointment by the president of three commissioners to make the revl- were <2500 a year, are cut to <2000 In bills ■hat have already passed tbe senate and gono to the house. The house has taken care o f the school text bosk bill and the senate has passed a bill regulating teachers' duties, school elections, and the holding of institutes. The Important provision adopted was that tacked a block bouse 10 miles west of this city, not knowing a large Spanish force was near by. They had partially captured the fort when Spanish reinforce­ ments came up. The Cubans were caught between two columns, and so a several hours' fight was waged fast and furious. The Cubans, by a skillful feint, drew off part of tbe volunteer corps, and thon made a furious and unexpected onslaught and offering a passageway for the 1 nsur^ gents. Through this they passed with a Washington. Feb. 15.—Tho supreme court today decided the case of Joseph E. Dunlop of Chicago, charged with sending obscene matter through the malls. The verdict of the district court against Dun­ lop was affirmed. The opinion was de­ livered by Justice Brown, and there was no dissent. Dunlop ' * ' e pillaged nil bishop's pal- publlsher of the > matter charged advertising In that pa- enced to two years' !m- is court below, which for the bonding of the land »e stato capital and the school ent Into the house and senate tbe Greek warships a joint note, colli upon him to conform to the rules intt The Joint forces of the foreign we sMps are now occupying Canea. The st gives satisfaction here. The people here are wild with joy ov the news of the landing of the Qro troops on the Island of Crete Stopping Turkish Merchantmen. ■Cologne Germany. Feb. 15.-A dispat, to the Cologne Gaxette from Canea say The Greek warships are stopping t: Turkish merchantmen. during the bills Introdu week and 1 ! of bills Is or adopted In territory wool hav 1 ipto the house during the though. The rule recently will give the senate th of the session-'to devote Uon of house .bills almo that was defeated. It The senato did yond recommend whole the passag payment of poll tlon for voting. tho two-thirds park under the cose of the United States vs. the steamer Three Friends. Assistant Attor­ ney Whitney, for the government, stated the question briefly.'and then discussed at length the nature of the recognition of •n a t o r QsaJ- gave notice that on Thursday he would call uo the house bill authorising the appointment of a non-partisan commission to collect Infor­ mation and to consider and recommend legislation to meet problems presented by labor, agriculture and capital. The bill was passed providing for pen­ alties for starting fires which may be communicated to inflammable growth on public lands. Senator Davis presented a resolution re­ questing submission of all correspondence with the German empire relative to Am­ erican Insurance companies. The resolution was agreed to. At 5:15 p. m. the senate adjourned. WASHINGTON AND IDAHO MILITIA. Washington. Feb. IS. Lorlmer of Illinois has I authorising tho secretarj make contracts for arm vessels for a period of -20 MISS BEATTIE WILL APPEAL that advertisements for bids be mads all the principal cities, and that each 1 dor deposit a certified chock for < 200 . Representatives of tbe Illinois Steel Cc pany had told Mr. Lorlmer that the oc pany would contract to furnish plate END OF THE MACHINE BOLT TRUST. the Members. Cleveland. Feb. 15.- I t Is stated that the big machine bolt trust has gons to the wall. A. B. Upson, of the Upson Bolt Company, was president of the trust. The cause of Its downfall was sharp competition forced by the distrust and jealousy of some of the members. Manager O. O. BasUngton. of the Chip- In Nut and Bolt Company, said today: \The machine bolt trade has practically gone to smash. The general discount now Is 25 per cent, while formerly It was SOUTH DAKOTA’S SENATORSHIP. Uoodykoonta -Hen Bay They W ill Win la a Few Days. Pierre, S. D.. Feb. IS.—The vote for sen­ ator today, the first time In joint ballot, gave Goodykoonta a lead over Kyle, tho ballot being: Pickier 47, Goodykoonta 24, Kyle 22, Flckley *. Plowman 10. The Goodykoonta followers declare that they will pull their man through this HILL ANNOUNCES THE CHANGE. I.—President J. J. Hill, hern railroad. Issued a nounclng that Russell appointed general au- soe of J. M. Barr, re- circular today at Harding baa beer perintendent In p CAPTURE OF A TRAIN » close of tho afternoon, tho stock exchange, largely duo Mr. Barr's new position Is Norfolk A Western road, with regarded as much more d( era! particulars than the the Great Northern. BRITISH TROOPS ARE RESI8TED. MORGAN WAS ANGRY aimed Turkish transport, which attempt- ed^to leave Herakllon Saturday, by u warning for It to return. It Is understood the foreign admirals havo received in­ structions to prevent any open conflict between the Greeks and the Turks. MONTANA LEGISLATURE

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 25 Feb. 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.