The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 18, 1897, Image 1

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DR. WALKEM ALONE OPPOSEO IT. NOMINATIONS Washington. March It—The president today sent tbo senate the following nom­ inations: Ambassador extraordinary and minis­ ter plenlpotentlary.Unlted States to Great Britain, John Hay of the District of Co­ lumbia: to France. Horace Porter of New Yorkr secretary of the embassy In Great Britain. Henry White, Rhode Island. Treasury—To be assistant surgeons of the marine hospital service, HU1 Hastings of Kentucky; Claude H. Lavlnder 6f Vir­ ginia; Tallferro Clark of the District of prop : ■ position Iwtlgi-Island. ThU idlcate MatGraeco Is (Irmly it to recall her troops, a s regarded as Impossible In i io strong national feeling. <: os -will-strongly, fortify bis n today London, March 16.—The Rome corre­ spondent of the Dally News understands that Greece proposes to the powers that she should concentrate her troops now In Crete at some spot near the coast so they could be easily provisioned and would bo quite Isolated from the Insurgents, that the Turks should do likewise, and that the powers should then pacify tho Island and the Cretans be given an opportunity to doclure freely how they wish to be gov- War-J. H. C. Dumwoody. ffgnal corps, to be lieutenant colonel; First Lieutenant L. P. Brant. First Infantry, to be cap­ tain. Second lieutenants to be first lieu­ tenants: H. M. Howell. Second Infantry; E. W. 81aden, Fourteenth lnrantry; H. H. Brandholti, Sixth Infantry; Y. H. Fer­ guson. Twenty-third infantry; R. G. Learned, Nineteenth Infantry; W. M. Rowell. Tenth cavalry. Corporals to be second lieutenants: P. Brown. Fifth ar­ tillery; W. D. Contrad, Fifth cavalry; L. H. Cross. Fifth Infantry; G. H. steel. Fifth Infantry; Sergeant Thomas Frank­ lin. Tenth Infantry. Navy—Passed Assistant Engineer B. R. Freeman, to be chief engineer: Assistant Now York. March 16. — Considerable weakness has been apparent In the silver market rocently on heavy liquidations. Bar silver declined today 1 per cent, to 63c. on reports that the London market was disorganised, owing to the sentimental ef- ' Washington. March 16.—In the senate today 438 bills and eight Joint resolutions L-.-They embraced public business. B f bills numbered ab They Included, bills d closure of the govern Union Pacific railroad; atonal lobbying; deflnl ncso government to adopt the gold stand­ ard. Buyers have withdrawn temporarily from the market, and In the absence of support prices sagged sharply. London quotations touched 28%d. Considerable ap­ prehension Is felt as to the efToct on the market Ui the event of the Japanese bid would be IntrocMced so that t: be Incorporated more easily thi present method it coming to i promised to conlSer carefuhy gestlons made In Committee. Scmlln. Cotton ’abd 'Sword, o position, spoke. 8anlin was noi tal. but Cotton vt«h quite comp to the attorney merit] on the henslve nature of '“the measure Adams of CartboJ Introduced day to prohibit Chinese from t ployed on works i f companlet privileges by the Bouse. Canea, March 16. (Noon).—At this houi the admirals of the foreign fleets havt not yet proclaimed a blockade of tht Island. The Greek squadron, with the ex- ceptlon of two vessels, baa left .Cretar waters, and the two vessels referred tc thought Immense stores of silver which may be thrown on the market. The bill introduced is a ministerial measure and has already passed tho lower house and Is now In the upper house, or house of lords. The steamship Paris will take out to­ morrow 680.000 ounces of sliver. Lend and Copper Strong. New York, March 16.—Copper—Steady; broker's price. *11.80; exchange. *11.851)11. ?million of U id should be i Over at Marlon and the adjacent coun­ try MO people are reported to be lined up on the railroad track, over which occa­ sional waves sweep, threatening to carry off the desperate people and live stock that there find a precarious foothold. Along the other railroads leading out of this city Into Arkansas a similar condi­ tion of affairs exists. Down on President Island It Is learned that from 60 to 100 people wero this morn­ ing standing In tho water and praying for MILITARY PRISONER ESCAPED. Walla Walla Guard House Is Minus George Robinson. Walla Walla. Wash.. March 15.-A pri­ vate named George Robinson. Incarcer­ ated In Ibe guard house at Fort Walla Walla awaiting transportation to serve a three-year term in tne military prison qt Alcntrax, Cnl.. for desertion, today evaded tho sentinel and made hla escape. Squads Numerous bills relating to Paclflo rail­ roads were presented. Including that of Senator Morgan to create a board of trus­ tees for tho Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads. . . One of Senator Thurston's bills provid­ ed for the Increase of air pensions. A resolution by Senator Frye, calling for Information as to tho operation of civil service rules to the river and har­ bor work was agreed to after some criti­ cisms of civil seVvlce operations. Senator Cockrell asked If the bill was a step toward abolishing civil service OREGON SHORT |lNE SEGREGATED. upon the publlo debt, wboch had b reduced since March L IKS. *»>.«*, and the annual Interest charges creased *11,684.676.60. Since June 80. 18*3, the receipts for Canea. March 16.—The Russian consul claim .autonomy for Crete, but the other consuls still remain without them. The admirals consider that thjs step has been taken too late. After a conference today the consuls addressed notes to their re­ spective embassies declaring that If any portion of the marines should bo with­ drawn from Crate, looting and lawless­ ness, aggravated by hunger, will increase. Announced by Salisbury. London. March 16.—In the house of lords Washington. March 16. - Senator Wol­ cott said today that he know nothing of any Intention on the part of President Mc­ Kinley to oak him to go to Europe as commissioner on behalf of this govern­ ment to continue his negotiations looking the Island come reports that the s everywhere, that human beings mb brutes are huddled together or shallow water offers a standing The relief committee which hns tabllshed In this city has Its hands lata were filed with , Lake county this deed turning over Ine Railroad com- iches of the Oregon Northern Rallway 1 property, subject, 1 underlying mort- toward abolishing these rules so far as they related to labor on engineering work of the government. The president had ex­ tended the civil service rules to all classes of labor so that an englneor officer, way up on the Columbia river, who wanted a laborer forTlvcr and harbor work had lo apply to the civil service commission. \It Is Interfering with all manner of publlo work.\ declared 8enator Frye, \and It Is absolutely absurd and stupid.\ The chaplain's prayer referred to the devastation of the Mississippi floods, and he sought divine Intervention and public waters lo commence the blockade Crete without further delay. Tho mler added an admirable statemen the policy of tho powers bad been r In the French chamber of deputies torday by M. Honotaux and M. Me in which he heartily concurred. Is payable Jay Gould and Richardson, trustees, securing .yable In 1*06; American Loan and >mpany, payable July. ISM; also payment lo several other par- RAILWAY MAIL 8ERVICE ORDER. mstontlnpple. Help for Homeless. lOmeless. half starved per- from the overflowed dls- n Arkansas are being cared r today. The refugees are . The cltlxonn' relief com- ctlcally backed by unllm- e annual convention of Service Mutual Benevi guests numbering MO, GUATEMALA’S IMMENSE EXPOSITION 1 to the several committees with the ex­ ception of the bill pensioning the widow of Brigadier General Stevens at *60 per month, which was passed, being the first bill passed at tho extra session. Several hours were spent early In the day on the question of admitting Hender­ son, appointed by the governor of Florida Wnshlngon. March 16.—Secretary Shcr- nnn today sent to the senate a note re- elved from Mr. Boatasal. consul general f Greece at New York, transmitting a ablegram from the Greek minister of to prosecute the work of rescuing In­ habitants of the territory 40 miles north and south of Memphis. SscsUJoual stories of wholesale drown- . and technical character, concerning the precedents on admitting senators. The case finally waa referred to the commit­ tee on privileges and elections, where the , cases of Corbett of Oregon and Wood of 'Kentucky are pending. The senate adjourned over to Thursday, so neither branch of congress will be In session tomorrow. At i:M p. m. the senato went Into exec­ utive session, and at 3:37 p. m. adjourned until Thursday. The gauge today roads 38.40 feet. Rail­ way trains arrive and depart without ref­ erence to schedules. All tracks except Kansas City and Little Rock roads use tho Iron Mountain roadway. It Is ex­ land another thousand refugees at Chlck- FORGED AND SPURIOUS WARRANTS. Beattie. Wash.. March 16,-Up to experts making an investigation as peculations of certain republican e^- ty officials have found that forget IMPORT STATEMENT. Lons During February bnt a for Seven Months Prevlou Washington, March 1A - Tho ir statement of the exports and Imp merchandise, gold and silver, fro Into the United States during Fo lost. Issued by the bureau of sta Merchandise exported. *79,773,638 chandlse -Imported, *68,133.868. of nearly J33.0td.000 was free of duty; g ported. *366.697; gold lfnported. *644/ ver exported. *4.660.362; silver lm ltnat the road and bridge second term of Frank A. dltor. and 13000 during the of Nathan Beman. The ON RACE TRACKS. EAST AND WEST. Acting in Conceit. London. March 16.—The decision of the French chamber of deputies approving the policy of France adhering to the con- on the stock exchange here Consols went ce rid cates which were had left the hands of As compared with February. 1896. this statement shows an Increase of about !?,- 070.000 in the value of merchandise export­ ed and a decrease of over *3,250,000 in the imported. For eight months ended Feb­ ruary 28 there was a gain of over *132,000.- 000 In the amount of merchandise export­ ed and nearly *119.000 Incrcaso In the , amount Imported. The gold experts during February were *1.847.000 less than a year ago. and the Im­ ports about *11.000,000 less than February. 1896. The sliver exports were about *700.000 less thnn February, 1896, and tho imports CABLED TO THE LONDON TIMES. Later prices on tho stock exchange re­ lapsed somewhat on the weakness of Paris and Vienna markets. It­ mored the crown prince of Greece had started for Thessaly. According to the Times dispatch from Athena, a tendency toward despondency Is beginning to show Itself In the Greek cepttal, the last hope of a rupture In the concert of Europe having been shattered by the decision of France to Join In co­ ercion. .The dispatch adds: \Thera Is much speculation whether the forces of the powers will proceed to ac­ tive measures against Colonel Vossos' troops. While It Is formally announced that order* have been given both Greek troops and ships in Crete to oppose force by force, it may be doubted whether or­ ders reilly will be given. Brave words, however, are Indispensable In the pre­ vailing popular mood. The king and gov- Walla Walla, Wash.. March 16,-Frank Smith, a tree pruner. died this afternoon at 8L Mary's hospital, this city, as a result of drinking the contents of three bottles of Kings Discovery within 24 hours last Saturday and Sunday to cure a cold. Early last week he was employed by Jesse Foglesong to prune the trees on his farm. He contracted a severe cold London, March It—The correspondent of the London Times In the United States, George W. Smalley, gives bis Impres­ sions today, as gathered from a conver­ sation with President McKinley, with reference to tho arbitration treaty. The president Is quoted as saying: \There Is no subject on which 1 feel more strongly. I abide by every word of my address.\ Smalley adds: \The president Is for the tresre as originally presented to the sen- point; no definite conclusion was reached Three hours were spent in analysis of th bill by sections, tho republican member lo meet the demands upon It, and that bonds would necessarily have been Issued for Its repletion. Bo this as It may. It Is clearly manifest, without denying or af- LOSS OVER A MILLION AND A HALF. above result. Dr. N. O. Blalock attend­ ed him Sunday and brought him to the hospital Since his arrival at the hospital ho had been Ip a comatose condition, rallying but once or'twice ere death re­ sulted. He will be burled Wednesday by the county. TRAIN CARRYING SPANISH FELL IN. affecting Its efficiency. He showed real interest and knowledge of foreign af­ fairs. and does not Intend to'make any new departure In regard to Cuba. He Is still a convinced protectionist, but be recognises that circumstances have al­ tered. and there can be no return to the tariff of 1890. He hns very earnest and strong vlows as to his duty regarding bi­ metallism. will do hla utmost tS pro­ mote It, and exhaust all means to secure an International agreement, believing that prosperity depends upon It. This, however, does not Imply that he Is any less firm In his resolve to maintain the gold standard. The Impression his con­ versation gave was one of confidence.” St. Louis. March 16.—Nothing remains of the big block bounded by Eighth and 8L Charles streets and Washington ave­ nue, occupied by the Ell Walker Dry urably strengthened throughout tbs < affair DEATH OF MRS. E. S. WOODCOCK. Ample 1 o'clock today tho flames had not en­ tirely been subdued. A conservative esti­ mate made today places the loss at * 1800 . .- 000. Ell Walker's stock of goods, valued at about *1.200.000. Is a total loss. The loss on the building owned by John R. Llonberger Is estimated at *300.000. The adjoining building, owned by Liggett A Myers, was damaged about >10,000. On the Versteeg Grant Shoe Company the loss Is *26.000. Gauss Shelton Hat Com­ pany. *20,000. Th'e Insurance aggregates *1.600.000. A defective electric light wire Is supposed to have caused the fire. The Dally Mall says: \The vagaries a certain continental sovereign are cau Ing profound anxiety In his family ai especially to diplomats, who recognl that the concert of Europe may at ai moment be dlsurbed. Pinching guests oj trying to trip them with his sword a among the antics attributed to the I Principal of Kells Acnd- ash„ March 16.-Mrs. E. S. 'Ifc of Professor Woodcock. Bella academy, died at 1 dlnary < for the inuc. duties should orelgn products ai market as far as Brlght'a disease. Both are young people and have been Married about a year. They have a boy about a week old. Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock came to Colville last fall and have firmly established themselves In the good graces of all who knew them. Mrs. Woodcock was a WuIJa Walla girl, and was a Miss Hunt before her marriage. No arrangements have yet been made for the funeral, but It is thought tho remains will be taken to Walla Walla for burlal.- Florlng. the Parisian, who has gained a reputation for long distance riding: Emma Chaaka of Minneapolis, who Is expected to stop the victorious career of Ttnie Anderson; Garret Hursey of Co­ lumbus. Ohio, who has a great repula- hurt In the Madison Square garden race. A WEDDING WITH ROMANCE. NICARAGUA CANAL CONSIDERED. pallon liberal wages and adequate re­ wards to which skill and Industry are Justly entitled. v ■The necessity of the passage of a tar­ iff law which shall provide ample rev­ enue need not be further urged. The Im­ perative demand of the hour Is the prompt enactment of such a measure, and to this object I earnestly recoin- FOR FREE SILVER EDUCATION. polutmeuL Washington. March 16.—Senator Wilson of Washington Is making an effort to co­ cure the revocation of the ordor of Pres­ ident Cleveland setting apart forest reser­ vations In different states. An opinion has been rendered by tho assistant attor­ ney general for the Interior department that President McKinley has power to de­ clare void an order made by his prede- NOT ONE DEATH BY STARVATION. Denver, Col., March 1*.—Senator James K. Jones, chairman of the national demo- cratio,committee, and Daniel J. Campsu, chairman of -the national democratic ex­ ecutive committee, left Denver today for Salt Lake. The object of their western visit ts to confer with prominent advo­ cates of free colnago of silver concerning the measures to be taken to carry on In Northwest India the Government Relief Has llern Ample. Lucknow. March 16.—The special repre­ sentative of the Associated Press In India 'has Just completed an exhaustive tour of the northwest. In an area of 400 by 200 miles, 17b,000 persons are receiving govern­ mental relief. Owing to tho government's timely grasp of the situation, the correspondent did not discover a single instance of death by starvation during tho whole tour. fuel letter against the old Nicaragua ca­ nal bill. Indicated a desire to negotiate t treaty on the old lines, and supported the contentions made In the letter. The probabilities are that In case a new treaty Is made regarding the canal It will be ipon the lines of the Frallnghuysen agree- A letter has been prepared by Senator Wilson, and signed by himself and by Senators Carter of Montana and Clark of Wyoming, In which urgent necessity for nullifying the-recent order la set forth. These matters will be presented to the presidential an early date. C. March 15. 1897.\ __________ NEW YORK AND. THE RAILROADS. election of 1900. Chairman Jones de- i above all to distribute sliver lltora- freely through tho country, partlcu- ’ In states regarded as doubtful bc- the late election. THE RHODE ISLANQ REPUBLICANS. CHINOOK WINDS MELT THE SNOWS. THE CHINESE COMMITTEE OF TEN. Goes to Washington Today to Exer- New York. Morcn is.—The parly of 10 wealthy Chinese merchants of San Fran­ cisco, who are stopping at the Fifth Av­ enue hoteL will go to Washington tomor­ row. accompanied by their legal adviser and secretary. They go to the .capital for the-purpoeo of laying before tho Chi­ nese minister a complaint to the effect that they are being discriminated eimlnst In San Francisco by another faction of men, principally In mercantile ways. They expect to have to remain In Washington some Urns before their an is can be finally HUNTER’S ELECTION IS CERTAIN. Omaha, Neb., March IS.—Two minutes before midnight a bill passed under party pressure wag filed with the secretary of state, giving Omaha a new charter. It, era and gives Governor Holcomb the right to name the new board. The board Frankfort. Ky.. March 16 -In tho senate today a motion to refer the credentials of four new democratic senators to the Judiciary committee was defeated—yeas 11 , nays 19. Six gold democrats voted with the republicans., The new senators were then seated. This Is regarded as remov­ ing all doubt of tbe election of Hunter, republican caucus nominee for United trorck was *6 below; this noon I above. This will probably save ■ of many thousands of cattle that Ing from cold and hunger. election bo hold within JO days. It ins the tray to the warmest political 12 . N U M B E R COLUMBIAN suspended publication on March 18< Your& sincerely, Mabel B. Pace. IE COLUMBIAN. C O L U M B I A F A L L S , M O N T A N A , T H U R S D A Y , M A R C H 18, 1897 S E V E N T H Y E A R . ARE HUNDREDS OF BILLS THE DECLINE OF SILVER

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 March 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.