The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 18, 1897, Image 3

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TIME TABLE, Goingoa*t...IcATo('oluinbiftFaUB— 1:01 a. n Going wort.. .I oato Colombia Falls... 5:07 a. u o r Malta cloaa 30 mlnutaa before Train Tine. A O II. W VAT.US CITY l.OIn.K NO . • Meets Thonday Erening, In hall oror tli PoatolBea. Visiting brothers cordially inritet F eshk Conns, M. IV. • itlnp member* WiLLOtonnr. N. O. L CHUBCH--8ER- uw.» Visitors cordially P. W. HAYNES. Pastor K ev . V ae C lsieebeu . Fourth Saturdays of each comrades In? I ted tc R. K. T ate . AdJ. IcCLELLAN POST *™ -he Second and Jth. Vlsitini GAEE.Com. days of each month. Visiting members In V. O. C- i attoe , First 8ergcant. it of 8ob»ol»,H. T. qraoiYJ. B. G ibson . rnnney nnoriff. W, F. H cbbart . Pubjlo Administrator. Huoa Uw aekt . S S S f e S f e S s e e . S.V.J County Commissioners :~ F eed . C ooee . Columbin Falls, Montana. D avid GEEia.KalUpell. H-f»W W H W W 1 1 W W W W Gonrad National Bank 8513 SC a lispell, M o n t a n a , --- viJOF'FICKRS^:- --- C ■ E. CONRAD. W. C. CONRAD, Prealdent. Vloe President. W.G. CONRAD. OEO. PHILLIPS. Cashier. Asst Cashier. - - i'S D im iiC T o n s E — C. E. CONRAD. W. O CONRAD. J, \.F0HD. W. A-CONRAD- TUQ3. McOOVKRN. J, A. EDWARDS, JAMBS OONLON, THUS, C0V0H. Draw exchange on the principal cities of (be United States and Eu­ rope. Interest allowed on time de- MONTANA. nnnrnnaatiaaauuiiitifjnBnr.r.r.sxu PROFESSIONAL CARDS. A.-H. BURCH, D E N T K S 'i Offices: Conrad Block. KALISPELL, : MONTANA. Q R. FRANCIS J. EWING Physician & Surgeon. Rooms H, 15 Conrad Blork. Office Honrs From 2:00 to 4:00. \Kalispell Wont. DR. J. A. GHENT, Consulting Physician. Kaliepell, Montana. FARMERS Who have triod it say IT PAYS THEMO T ADVERTISE ' IN THE COLUMNS OF The Columbian Wbop they bavo Stock, Seed, Plants or Anything Else to Sell or Trade. T K . 1 T r r O N C E . TRADE MARKS. DESIGNS, COPYRIGHTS Ao riSeSSSSSf TOWN AND COUNTY. Put away the little duplets, Turn the boxlot upeido down, Drape tho tubelets all in mourning, Thero’a a now law in town. H. F. Huger of the C. B. & Q. w in the city on Friday. W. M. Fleming of Helona was tbo Gaylord on Monday. Frank Geduhn came down from Bolton on Saturday last. H. E. Swift of Spokane registered at the Gaylord on Monday.' Mrs. May Niedenboffou of Butto is tho guest of Mrs. Wui. Read. J. I. Smith is celebrating the arri­ val of a bright girl baby at bis home. Val Diebold is reported to bo ser­ iously ill with typhoid fever in Kalis- * 11 . The G. A. R. state oncainpmeut will be held at Anaconda April 7, 8 and D. Henry Neitzling and family are re­ joicing over the advont of a brand >w boy. Representatives Whiteside and But­ ler have returned to their homes in Kalispell. Rev. Dutcher will occupy tbo pul- tin the M. E. church on Suuday, March 14. The $15,000 stone reaidenco of Henry Monroe uear Helena was de­ stroyed by fire. Adam Wise and W. R. Cox‘of Kalispell wero among Monday's ar­ rivals at the Gaylord. Tbo Clionic Circle held an open mootiog yesterday afternoon, mauy invited guests being present. Good boot aud shoe stock at the store of James Kennedy. Pricos .can't be beaten. Give him a cal!. The Columbus school will discuss the Iudiuu question on Friday after- Next week a mock trial will ho huld, Tbo club dauce materialized in apito of wiud and weathor lost Friday night to the satisfaction of all in at­ tendance. D. C. Archibald has nearly re­ covered from the effects of the bad fall which resulted in a severe sprain of tho wrist. Wm. Bead returned to his home in this city on Tuesday's delayed traio after an absence of several weeks at Hot Springs, Ark. Mt. aud Mrs. Froeinan Wodge acted lia host and hostess at a pleas- surpriso parly on Thursday eve­ ning of last week. Martip Toole of Anaconda aud Thoa. Bovey of Hamilton arrived in tho city on Tuesday and will remain here for au indefinite period. From Cripple Creek. After the big fire in Cripple Creek, I took a very aevero cold and tried many remedies without holp, tho cold only becoming more settled. After usiDg throe small bottles of Chamberlain’s Cough Bcmedy, both tbo cough aud cold left me,.and in this high altitude it takos a meritor­ ious cough remedy to do any good. G. B. H enderson , editor Daily Ad­ vertiser. For salo at Kennedy's Drug Store. On the East Side. Tbo-boys who were at tho B. & M. spur returned home. The log roads e Bhort of Show. W. J. Egan's children are down with tho measles. A. G. Beagor is homo from tho Libby country. He reports .deop iow in that vicinity. H. Fordham is expected home from tho • Big Horn mountain country, where ho has inado his home for the past four years. He will be accom­ panied by a marriod sister. The friends of M. F. Dolan will regret to learn that he is not iraprov- g in health. Mr. aud Mrs. J. K. Eastland have moved down on the Wbitefisb. Supt. Conklin has been on tho east side Sparing to make some changes the school districts. Several of our young meu are at­ tending high school at Kalispell. The benefit dance at the Deer Park school last Friday night was a iss socially and financially. The house was crowded. The dance at Fairview on Fob. 24 as one of the successes of the sea- m. ' The proceeds of the eveniug amounted to $10. W. J. aud Miss Eva Beager will arrive from Butte on Thursday. They will visit their sister, Mrs. Wm. Mooring, for a couple of weeks. The old timers of the east side will give a hard times patched ball at Fairview on March 17. Dancers are requested to wear patched clothes. No charges for tickets. Bring youf baskets. J upiter . Rheumatism Quickly Cured. After having been confluod to tbo house for eleven days aud paying $25, in doctor bills without bene­ fit, Mr. Frank Dolsou of Sault Sic, Murie, Mich., was cured by ouo bol- tlo of Chamberlain's Pain Balm cost­ ing 25 couls aud bas uot8inco been troubled with that compiaiut. For sale at Kennedy's Drug Store. For Sale. Safe, valued at $40; letter press, 4. Inquire at this office. Goo. T. Stoddart, who has been employed in making ties all winter iu tbvJVhitefish district, met with fortunate accident. He and bis partner wore engaged in trimming • slicks « lie 11 tb-'iilz flew off !h ; biS right foot. He taken to ;lie Kalispell hospital und Dr. Ghent sent for. Thu doctor found it nee essary to nuiputato u portion (if the St. Patrick’s Ball. At tho Hotol Gaylord on Wednes­ day ore, March IT. DaOCS\ flBJ gtTp- porSl.00. The proceeds will go to Ladies Belief Corps. Dangers or the Grip. The greatest danger from La Grippe is of its resulting in pneu­ monia. If reasonable care is used, however, and Chamberlain’s Cough Bemedy takoo, all dabgor will be svoidod. Among the tens of thous­ ands who have used this remedy for la grippe, we have yet to loarn of a single caso having resulted in pneu­ monia, which shows conclusively that this remedy is a certain preven­ tive of that dread disease. It will effect a permanent cure iu less time than auy other treatment. The 25 and 60. cent sizes for sale at Kon- nody's Drug Store. AS TO TEXT BOOKS. Iiistractious to Veters Relative to the Law jnst Passed. State Superintendent E. A. Carle ton bus issued the following circular letter from his office in Helena: ‘The govoruor bas approved tbo school book bill, which provides for a text book commission composed of seven members, who shall select a uinform series of text books to be used in all the public schools of the stato for a period of six years from J uftor Sept. 1,1897. The bill pro­ vides for wbat is culled local adop- ‘To secure free school books it necessary in each unincorporated town or city for 10 legal rotors to peti­ tion the school trustees at least 15 duy8 before tho 3d clay of April next, which is the tinio of the school elec­ tion. Said petition should request tho trustees to submit to tho district at the oustiing election tho question whether or not the school books shall be furnished free to the pupils attending school. If tho district comprises an incorporated city . .. there must be a petition signed by at least 100 voters in tho district. The school election occur? on tl of April and this petitiou must be presented at least 16 days before said election. Those districts adopt­ ing freo school books will get thorn at least 20 per ceut loss than the books can bo sold to pupils in tricts which do not adopt free books. The dealers chnrge from 20 to 33 1-3 por cent for tho handling of the •‘Tbi* Miiorm-mi p-'ifil .win le The districts adopting frou books « ill haro tho same shipped to the school board, and through the school board they will be distributed to the teach­ ers, and by the teachers to the pupils. \Evory argument of economy, therefore, is in favor of evory district adopting free books. Improved scholarship, belter attendance and larger enrollment always follow tho adoption of free school books. 'Under tbo text book bill, tho isionors will meet in this office at 12 o’clock, noon, on the 3d day of May, 1897, and adopt a uniform se­ ries of text books to be UBed in our schools foe u term of six years.” Superintendent N. T. Conklin of this county adds the following re­ marks: \I earnestly urge all school districts to carry out tho recommen­ dation of Mr. Carleton. After a dis­ trict bas voted for freo books, a tax to pay for tbo same will be levied on tho property in tho district; and this tax, after the pupils have been sup­ plied once with books, will bo very light as the books will be used until THK OTHER FEl-LOWH. Western News: While Mr. White- sides, in hit minority report roasting tho capitol commission, may not have confined himself strictly to that part of the ovidouco submitted to tho in­ vestigating committee, the fact re­ mains that tbe state has exchanged forty nino thousand large, symmetri­ cal dollars for an unsightly holo in the ground that cost a fow paltry hundred. This akrno is pretty good ovidenco that there is something rot- ton somewhere. Inter-Mountain: The name of Grovor Cleveland will not be cher­ ished in the west. In this groat em­ pire in domain it has become tbe synonym for greed, for selfishness, for that hardness of heart and repro­ bacy of mind which damned Ephraim of old, and for thst indifference to tho welfare and happiness of the peo­ ple displayed by the dovil alone. We say tho name of Grover Cleveland is the synonym for all these. If un­ justly, tbo people will see their orror and make all reparation in their power; if justly, may tho Lord forgive Grov- ■ Cleveland, for the Doople never ill. Vale Cleveland! Whitehall Zephyr: Congressman Hartman bas succeeded in getting a bill through tbo house establishing a land office at Kalispell. Whitehall opeds one fully as bad as Kalispell, mid fuuisb more business forit. But people here bavo not the nerve to ask for such au unnecessary luxury. Butte Miner: Now that a begin­ ning has been made in the direction of purer politics, let tbe reform be complete. Do. not punish Martin \Buckley and giffi lUXOTy an ~ giveness to others infinitely guilty. Do not select an amateur for punisbment and wink at the whole­ sale work of tho professionals. Do have one man walking tho streets a respected citizen while another loss guilty is branded and disgraced. Do not have it said that where one man punishod a hundred go free. Strike at the root of tbe evil. Brand all alike. Compel every guilty man to shoulder his share of tho burden. Do humiliate the childreu of ono briber while thoso of another strut with self conscious superiority. Striko at tbe whole baud of corruptionists, for they are onemies of their country and by poisoning the fountain head polluto the entire stream. Standard: If it is the intention to make the public believe that Buckley the ODly sinner, and tho othors 3 all saints, the legislature will find itself badly mistaken. Missoulian: Tho stato will bo represented at tho Omaha exposition and will pay $15,000 for tbe privilege. Marcus Daly will also pay $15,000 for the privilege of having the state represented. A _ fund of $30,000 ight to be sufficient to pay tho sal- ies of three commissioners and leave about $3.60 to bo expended for first-class exhibit. Biitte Minor: With Sherman as secretary of Stato, Gage ia tbo treas­ ury department and Bliss holdiug tho interior portfolio^the interests of all the commoff people—fanners, laborers and miners—will be safely and sacredly guarded. So safely aud sacredly, indeed, that rill ever bear of them. B i l i o u s n e s s Is caused by torpid liver, which prevents tlon and penults food to ftneen: uj U putrify In the stomach. Then follow Clarita**, headache. JPills Wanted-An Idea £—£§ #srsfar;.‘a s A \ :ts . i GRAND REMOVAL SALE^ Preparatory to Mov­ ing our Immense Stock to the SELLS BLOCK W e will close out our Entire Line of Plain and Fancy LAMPS. CROCKERY, GLASSW A R E At Actual Cost for Cash. W e have a large As­ sortment. Now is theTim efor BARGAINS Call early and secure them before the stock is broken. MISSOULA MER. CO. KALISPELL, MONT. W e have received our large and complete stock of New Spring Dry Goods. R . W . M a i n S c G o . laBBtitaaBHrtmBB T H E BEE HIVE STORE. wx SELL AT LOW THICES 1 CROCKERY, TINWARE, Wooden Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Lamps, Etc. Call an d Look Over O u r 1 Stock and Get Prices. MAIN STREET. Columbia Falls, Montana. THE COLUMBIAN, i f Paid in •.LAA'ricei.Sl.SO'par y e a r , it Q the B o a -paper in Flacj head County ns w e ll as the Cheapest. GOING THROUGH THE WORLD He Had no Tim e to R E A D . This is not the case with resi­ dents of this valley at this season ot the year. T l i e y - A .11 IR - e s L c T THE COLUMBIAN, It only costs f 1 . 5 0 £t Y e a r if paid in advance. Many of them take . the Maga- zines at these rates: The Century and COLUMBIAN - Scribner’s and COLUMBIAN Demorest’s and COLUMBIAN The Bookman and COLUMBIAN Cosmopolitan and COLUMBIAN McClure's and COLUMBIAN Munsey’s and COLUMBIAN - & & Is & fe & - $ 5.00 - 4.00 - 3.00 - 3.00 - 2.50 - - 2.30 2.30 V

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 March 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.