The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1891-1897, March 18, 1897, Image 5

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REGISTER'S NOTICE FOR PUBLICV TION. Department of tho Interior. United States TALKS TO THE SULTAN. Tbc diplomuV-viio jnst now hold*. t1:o ! nio:-t cousnicuooB position in European affairs is M. tie Nelitloff, tl:c ltutslnn emlmssarior to Turkey, who lias been se­ lected to act as spokesman /or the con- ert of powers in their dealings with the snltan and porlo in respect to. tho zeferrus demanded. It takes bat little acquaintance with. Turkish politics to realize that thin is a poritiou which re- quires diplomatic ability in n marked degree. Whatever mipleasaut tliiugs- havo been said or aro to ba said to tho ropdrt In dupllcats marked Exhibits ind V. having been Ul<d In this of- on tho Fifth d«r of Dooember. A. D. WOO, bi commissioners appointed for this land SUBSCRIPTION. Hilled C olumbian invites its patrons- ionds to sond items of all kinds ing improvements, and occur- whioh are of interest to the of tha Flat head. Address all to Tnz C olombia :!, Columbia Falls, Mont. LANDS CLASSIFIED A8 NON-MIN­ ERAL. (Unsurvcjed.) lirxliuiine nt |Iio northn-mt corner of section ALL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. thtrti -on • fe liK S ' Sarsaparilla • bcst-Ja fact the One Trv-Jiiood I' LANDS- CLASSIFIED AS (Untutored.) ^Ihwinnlniraf thosouth-mat o ll^SoT\H kSl'i nfnr. i M'iralloU Notice for Publication. Land Office. MLonmin. M. ill tr-threa znltou, M. do Nelitloff ia tho man who has or most soy them, and there aro lota of people who would not envy him his task, for tho Tork is n wily nud treach­ erous individual to deal with. Not that tho embassador need 'fear personal in­ jury, but it would hurt him almost us : publication Fc much to allow a diplomatic gold brick to be palmed off on him as to lorn liis When M. doNelidoff wcuttoTnrkey, it was to succeed General Iguatieff, who had bee a considered very aneccssfnl'in dealing with tboscltau. Vet Russia nud Turkey were thru on anything hut friendly terms. It was predicted, l>ow- ever, that tho czar would lose what lit- tlo prestige ho had within the shadow of the crescent. Bat no such thing hap­ pened. M. do Nclidoff and tho saltan eecm to linvo got along together very well. No: only lias Russia lost nothing, but she lias tutnlo a distiin-t gain. The two nations hold most friendly rela­ tions, tho stronger posing ns n protector of tho weaker, r.iid tho latter leaning trustfully on tho strong arm of tho former. Tho recent developments nil go to show that Rasiia lias a firmer hold on Turkey than any other uatiou, and that tho czar’s representative has won a sig­ nal victor? in diplomncy, which may re- lolt vcrj&iidvautugcously to tho young rnler r.f oil the Rnssias. If it docs, M. do Nclidoff can probably hnvonny place in tho empira f-r which ho. may cliooro to ask. or retire with a reputation which will Inst for many generations. ssisss.’SKssis UssSSsisruE'S, ilm Fotitb *iilo of Mellon thirl! twenty-nine north, ranso tlii which hn. been wlnblUhed 01 standard Parallel: thonej « « PATRICK H. BARRETT, * H. E. No. ail. he the o’i , townrhip till Notloe for Publication. Land Offieo at Mia-oula. Mont o in liorobr given that K i n Commissioner of the United Court. »t Columbia Fall*. Moats ryiH.ISn.vii: THOMAS L.UNO. St EafftMt^B.'1 Till followiu: rvpi-*-\-’- ptibiioati LANDS : l .\ ssified AS NON-MINERAL See- Town- ■lon. tlon. ship. Range. . ................ : ssn aw .............. u »N 8IW First publieatU MR. HANNA’S W INTER HOME. Mr. Mark Hnunn’s wiuter homo amid tho piuo groves of Tliompsville, Ga.. is likely to bo r-pipeiliitip of a political center daring tbo next two mouth*. Many northern capitalists bavo built elegant and pretentious winter resi­ dences there,' in which they live not moro than tbreo mouths of tbo year, and tho sliady streets aro lined with fitfo structures, many of them moro preten­ tions t(jan that of Mr. Banna. Nearly nil of tho members of Mr. Banna's largo family spend at least part of tho winter in this quiet and health­ ful Georgia retreat. J. Wyman J ouob of Englewood, N. «J., a brother-in-law of Mr. Ilnmia, was the first to build a homo there. About ten years ago bo bought a largo tract of laud around Thomasvillo nml built nhandsome win­ ter residence. Then bo proceeded to lay out his grounds in tlio form of o wood­ land park, with charming drives wind­ ing through groves of magnolia, pine nud beech trees. Oil ii lofty elevation overlooking tbc park hobuiltn mansion in which to entertain bis friends, bat rUBLICA- : r - s notice TION. !» hereby give > March IS. >&U viz: AUGUST WEQNER, Ithtn sixty days after the date of 1 ■st publication hereof, (lie In this off duly “ verifled protest against the I placet of said clasalOcatlon. which p. ic grounds of objection an to the p cular (government subdivision of) la , aald protest described,\ whereupon Thnt portion 91 tho report of the oo ilsslonora marked Exhibit B is on ale M. EVANS, Regis ■etary of the I Anal, except The Guide and yonr choice One packet either Wonderful Branching Aster, New Japan Morning Glory or Pansy choice mixed for I B O t S . Two packets S3 e„ tbi-w pockaU Me. JOHN M. EVANS. Register. loinW 10 . iaw. LONDON AS SEEN BY CHARLES DANA GIBSON. Mr. GiUwn has not bc- trupoli* presents ii> emllee.\ variety, j NOVEL BY RICHARD HARDING DAVIS, ■■Soldi-raof Fortuaa.\ Illuatral- ed by Clintles Buna (lib-on. !THE CONDUCT OF CHEAT BUSI- I NESSES. A beautifully Blastratod aorlcs MU. JTANNA'8 HOUSE IN THOUASVILLF- he has flneo turned this over to what Is known ns tboTliomasville Country Club association, und it is now open to friend* of all the lnombcr*. Several years ago Mr. Hniinn visited Mr. Jones anil liked tho plnco so well that for the last fivoyeara lie hns rented a cottage for bis own use and passed his wiuter vacations there. Hi* cottago doe* nof^egin to coniparo in outward.mag- nificenco with those of many of lii* ' neighbors, but it is luxuriously furni.-li- ' td. nud no expense lias been spared iu Ouo Horse, good driver nod work auimal ..... ................. Guido, and One Packet of Seeds, (named above), for 25 cents. Every tenth person sending an Order as above will re­ ceive a coupon good for 60 cents’ worth of Seeds, ■$30.00 UNDERGRADUATE LIFE IN AMER- L ICAN COLLEGES. Touching upon tin SINCE THE croup of article* JAPAN AND CHINA | WAR. Amorti.iurv.liog & JAMES VICK-S SONS iT ROCHESTER, N. Y. THE UNQUIET SEX. Under Mr*. Il.-l.-a Watti-mon Moi-Jy wdl lip , of article, of luto-xul to worn. i\V. D. HOWELLS’ STORY PLAY. Tiro host aovol bp ha ducad in his delightful voin of llff parlor. It was in that very room that the boom which is to laud Mr. McKin­ ley in llm While Houso was started Mr. McKinley wns then governor of Ohio und wns on n to Mr. Ilatiun when tbo latter first declared his inten­ tion of making Ids guest president. Besides Mr. Jones and Murk Hanna, sovorul otbor members of tho Hauim family have houses in Thomasvillo, and thus every winter there is n happy re­ union under the pineffi which this year will be mort joyous than over. Tetter, Snlt-Itlicuui and Eczema. The intense itching and smarting, inci­ dent to these diseases, is instuntly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad pose* have been permanently cured by ft. ft is equally efficient for itching piles aqd a favorite remedy for sore nipples, chapped bands, chilblains, fypst n(te* and chronic sore eyes, 85 eta. per box. Dr. Cady’* CondlUsi) Fewdm, are jnst what a horse needs when in bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. They are not food but mediduo and the best la use to put A horse in prime condition. Price 89 cents per packsgs. BK0M1S INK(tMl' Its Common. Kvery-Hay Name is Rus­ sian Forage (Jniss. This is l bo fumous gross so highly recommended for- tho arid regions of the w<?»t, whore' so many grasses aro unable to mako any growth. \Y. R. Gltiyaa, White Earth, Dak., says: “I think it is ilto jiiostjvaliiab].- udditiou to farm seeds orer made for the fanners of tho United State*. Iu HOW TO TRAVEL WISELY. Mr 1, Murri* t illing*, will odor a v»ri»lj • To auy person interested in humane matters, or who loves animals, we will send free, upon application, a cop* o f tbo “ ALLIANCE.\ the organ of this Society. In addition to its intensely interesting reading, it con tains a list of tue valuable aud un­ usual premiums given by the paper. rude. 1893, tho driest year known in the art Invest, I had u spleudid crop uni the yield of bay this year was >vor four toua to tho acre.” Our-readers will do well to read ho description of tbi-s gross which is mblishod iu the 1897 catalogue of [*. L. Wav'd* Co., St, O i l , Minn., on jage 40. .Their txx)k will he mailed A Layman pneu­ matic boat. . (See lent.) Four air com­ part men to. noncap- sizable. Reduced in price. Inquire at I T he C olumbian . Scribner’s Magr.rlno . a Year. 28 cant* a c JTIONAKT hr Prof J. S C R IB N E R ’S SONS ro U.S MOST PROFITABLE W> in ilatencu. Iiavlog been brsd for Fortr- EA tiona t. H umane A lliance , ..■United Charities Building, Now York. EARLY MATURITY, ICK:S MONTHLY MAGAZINE! lu m b ia n . THURSDAY. MARCH 18. 1897. VALEDICTORY. T he C olumbian sincerely hopes that Columbia Falls and her people will see the glad time that has beon justotiitlo ways ahead for tbo past very much nearer being an o of sweetness and light thau thoso.who posed under that title and his writings, though -never strictly orthodox, wore filled with tho spirit of love and\ faith, touching hearts and inciting consciences that tho old- titno fire and brimstone doctrines could uevor reach. ' President McKinley must bo given credit for one thing. Ho isn’t afraid his person will be a target for the assassin. Ho walks down tho street just like any other citizen and is just about ten times as accessible as bis predecessor at the white house. Twenty of tho twenty1 four, policemen who have been at the white house will bo ordered back to their beats. Fort Thurbcr will also be evacuated and abandoned. Fort Tburber is the sentry box which tho lalo private secretary t the president erected outside the portico of tho white house for tho accommodation of his police guard. AFTER THE HORSE IS STOLEN. Governor Smith asked for tho resignations of Messrs. Bidftord and Colo of tho capitol commission and wbon thoy were not forthcoming tho governor removed tho gentlemen. Then Judge H. C. Smith swore in a special grand jury whoso duty it will bo to investigate fully tho charges of bribery and corruption during tlio foigth and fifth legislative assem­ blies, tho capitol commission matter, and to look into (ho affairs of the county and city officials of Lewis and Clnrke county and tho city city of Helena. The jury comprises: William B. Hundley, foreman, E. N. Brandegee, David Keouan, Frank J. Edwards, John Sturrock, S. C. Gilpatrick, William Johns, all of Helena. Tho Augean stables ought to smell so a rose in tho courso of a few months. LIABLE TO BE ENFORCED. Chandler’s anti-gatnbliog bill.'mak- ing it a penitentiary offense to play any game with cards or dice fpr . money, will go into effect as a law of the fair state of Montana on the first 1 day of July, 1897. It is believed the measure will stan^ tho test of tho courts, some of - the best lawyers iu tho state having given that opinion, and ample, pro- ( vision is made for its enforcement. Peace officers who neglect to per- ^ form their duty in this direction can t bo removed from office by tho county . . . commissioners and aro also liablo to ». , *. “ other .provision .makes iLiw.i.. velopment of tho resources of this section. That can only bo dono with additional railroad facilities. The development of any resources on tho line of Jim Hill’s road is qs likely as a running brook of ice wator in tho hottest part of Hades. During tho six yeais of T he C ol ­ umbian ' s existence it has put forth its best efforts for its town. It did a simple duty. Mon of sense and re- sponsiblity appreciated its efforts. It catered to no clique, party or asso­ ciation. It exposed official dishones- 'ty without fear or favor. The char­ acter of its critics is a recommenda­ tion for any honest papor. Wo feol a grateful appreciation for the support and the unwavering friendship shown the paper and its editor by scores and hundreds of peo pie of Flathead county and to those business men who bare boon patrons of its columns. There thfs community who profess tobeliero that a newspaper is not essential to the welfare of the town. They may be right Time will tell. Personally speaking, it is with tho friend liest fqeling toward all public- spirited mop in, this community we toko our leave. That Columbia wish o f T he C olumbian . patient community is not upon tbo footstool, and the realization of its fondest plans and a full measure of reward will afford tho publisher of this paper pleasure wherever he may be. “I have no uso for a mongrel poli­ tician,” says tho lato chief clerk of the senate. Tho gentleman’s actions havo belied -his words this many day- _______________ Under tho new registration law it will not be necessary for an elector to register at every genoral election. If he voted at the last preceding elec­ tion his name will bo carried for­ ward on tbb registration books other­ wise it is to be dropped. - Cures ,rcs talk” la favor « » B n ft aod’a Sarsaparilla, B 23} M : no other modi- ■ 6 » a UA Ita great cures recorded in truthful, convincing language ot grateful men and women, constitute Its most effective ad­ vertising. Many of theso cures aro mar­ velous. They havo won the confidenie ol the pcoplo; havo given Hood’s Sarsapa­ rilla tho largest soles In tho worldpand havo made necessary tor'Its manufacture tho greatest laboratory on earth. Hood’s Sarsaparilla Is known by tho euros it has S core*ot scrofula,»3)'. rheum and cures o’*-!. neuralgia troubles, catarrh—rur. .- i Members of the Montana seuato are madder than hornets and openly avow that Jack Bloor lost tho county officers salary bill ou purpose and for a purpose. What did the gentlemen oxpect from Billy Ramsdell’s hench­ man I If their digestive apparatuses are not yet filled to repletion ifcay they cqntiuuo to be done up. It has been given out cold by tho powers that be that it is useless for auy x candidate to apply for office without the endorsement of his tors and congressmen, and those senators and congressmen havo got to make up their slate and submit it to the president before their recom­ mendations will receivo his*atteution. Harmony, real or assumed, is to bo the only winuing card in i ho dock. At a mektiag of the Minors’ uni atLcadvillc it was decided by a vote of approximately 900 to 200 clare the strike off. This is u direct result of a recent rigorous effort the part of . E. N. Debs uud Mine iger Tingloy S. Wood. The • was declared Juno 19,189G, lgs lusted over eight months. It ost tho camp fully $4,000,000 jr lives. Wherein lay tho r of ordering it at all none tho county attorney, sheriff, con­ stables or polico officers to file com­ plaints against persona whom they have been informed or havo cause to beliovo aro violating tho law. Tho gist of tho low lios iu tho first section whi^t reads as follows: ‘Every person who deals, plays, carries on, opens or causes to bo opened, or who conducts or causes to be conducted, eithor as owner ploye, wboUmr for hire or not, any game of faro, monte, roulette, Ians- quonet, roug et noire, rondo, tan, fautan, studhorse poker, draw jioker, craps, seven and a half, twenty-one any banking or porcentago game any game of cbanco played with cards, dice, or any device whatever for monoy, chocks, credits, or any representative of value or for any property or thing whatever, is pun- ishablo by a tine of not less than $500 por more thau $1,000, or by prisonment in tho state penitentiary period of not \to exceed five years ahd for the costs of tho prose­ cution, and every person convicted of a violation of this section must bo imprisoned until such fine and aro paid, such imprisonment not to exceed five years in tho state peni­ tentiary.” FOR SALE. Buggy* covered top............... ’Single harness, in. good coudi- Rifle nud ammunition............. Large office desk .............. Ouo revolving caoo chair ......... One revolving office clmir Man’s saddle, almost Wheelbarrow ......................... 2.00 bcantifyiug its grounds. Tlio most a Soytbo.................................... Ono kitchen grind stone.. ---- Threo shovels. 2 picks, 1 buck- »vr, 1 liand saw, I lininmor. sledge, small col, each... . Garden hor. o brushes,ushes, traps, etc. each Inquire at T he C olumbian office. BICYCLES sianaaaaogaaaaaatninaaMSjaMDDaciaainBRnnniaEni We are Agents for the HARTFORD& h COLUMBIA Strongest Wheels in the World. A fu ll lin e , \ M o d e l s o f 1897, w ill b e on s a l e th e l a t t e r p a r t o f F e b r u a r y by B R O N S O N & L 1 G H T H A L L , K a l i s p e l l , M o n t a n a HETOW N M A R K E I T Has Been Enlarged and Has Added Complete Lines of STAPLE & FANCY --GROCERIES-- W e Continue to Keep on Hand All Kinds of CHOICE - MEATS FRUITS, VEGETABLES, OYSTERS & GAME IN SEASON. f Just Arrived a Choice Variety of NEW YORK APPLES. Confectionery and Fancy Bakery Goods a Specialty. Also Raw Furs and Hides Bought or Sold on Commission. We Deal with the Best Fur Houses in the United States. J. E. SKYLES, Prop. SCRIBNER’S M A G A Z I N E - ^ * - A R e d - L e t ter Y e a r for 1897. L I V E R Y FEED AND SALE S T A B L E S . BRRniWBB oooocnEa || A Little Quinine || C e n trally Located. r CONVENIENT • TO • BUSINESS • CENTER Hursts anil Hip Atlenflcfl to It Now and then <$©$> Is needed by The most of men N e w R igb are b e in g Add e d to M e e t a l l Demands. 1 . OPEN AT AL^feoU RS. ARTHUR HASKILL, PROP. COLUMBIA FALLS. - NOTICE. id Office. Mls.onlo.Moi i a The Prescription Druggist, j K a lispell, M ont, i rakes, iTiooV^quayo. r laoturufsIoM to. each ........... '. . . . mos cheerful news from i. The correspondents at the president iapos- will of his: own and thot •k Hanna nor any other wo a* tho power behind Sent Free! nley is

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 March 1897, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.