Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, October 03, 1903, Image 1

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|H W E E K L Y E D I T I O N . VOL, I . NO. 14. COLUMBIA FALLS, M ONTANA, OCTOBER 3, 1903. iinniHiiHsiiiiniiiHiiion CU L L E D FROM DI8FATCHE8 OF T H E ASSO C IATED PRE88. A Review of Evente In Both Eaetern end Weetern Hemiepheree During the Past Week— National, Hletorl- Last— She Wae Formerly Mlea WII- cal, Political and Personal Events Tersely Told. A compromise put an end to the noisy demonstrations In Chicago by the messenger hoys. W. K. Vanderbilt’s Quos Ego, with Johnson up. won the PrU Juxy Suis (hurdles) recently at Paris. Gen. Bell declares he will bankrupt * the state of Colorado If necessary to preserve peace at Cripple Creek. At least four Urea were lost In the fire which destroyed the Hotel Brunswick at Rochester, N. ecntly. A sharp earthquake shock was felt at Santiago de Cuba recently, Ihe fourth within a month. No damage was .done. Mrs. Jefferson Davis, widow of the president of the southern confeder­ acy. is seriously 111 at Castle Inn In Buffalo, N. Y. William Gillespie Wylie of New Or­ leans, Justice of the supreme court of Louisiana, aged 72 years, died o f pneu­ monia recently. Curtis Jett, sentenced to be banged December 18 for the assassination of James Cockrill, has been taken to Louisville for safe keeping. A son was recently born to Gen­ eral and Mrs. FUnston. The second son is to be called Frederick. Jr. The older son was named for General Mac- Arthur of Philippine fame. Lieutenant .Oliver S. Eskridge of the Twenty-seventh infantry, at Ma­ nila, P. 1.. has just been sentenced by court-martial to tnree months’ con­ finement in quarters and a fine of $75 for being off guard without leave. Because ho found his master Intoxi­ cated when' he ran out as usual tore- ceive his caress, a setter dog belong­ ing to Willis Boomer, a carpenter of East Portland, appeared deliberately to commit suicide under the wheels of a car the other day. Three protests have been file- with the board of control of the Irrigation congress, contesting tbs arvani of-the Havemeyer $500 cup for the best sugar beets to A. Rhoades of Garland, Utah. The principal protestor Is A. B. Gor­ man of Colorado. Admiral Lambton has sailed for South America to assume command of the South Atlantic station. Under instructions from the navy department at Washington, he will prepare me squadron for the winter maneuvers In the Caribbean sea. ■ Jack Johnson has accepted the of­ fer of the Century club of a purse of $4,000\ for a 20-round fight with Sam McVey In Los Angeles October 27. The battle will be for the colored heavy weight championship of the world. Judge Peter S. Crosscup of Chicago says In a statement* Issued a .short time ago that be will not resign irom the United States circuit bench to ac­ cept the position of general counsel for the Northern Securities, or rep­ resent the company In the pending liti­ gation against it. At Providence, R, I., Geo. C. Can­ non broke the worlu s record for - steam automobiles at iNarragansett park. He cut the mile record of[ 1:02 4-5 to 1:01 flat. Then he went\ after the five mile record of tabllshed by himself last year, and made a new mark of 6:36 3-5. At a recent session of the Farmers’ National congress, the resolution com­ mittee adopted resolutions favoring government ownership of railroads and a postal telegraph system. - Unre­ stricted agricultural reciprocity with Canada was voted down by the com­ mittee. A resolution favoring the ad­ mission of Oklahoma as a state was indorsed. The big event recently at the Em­ pire City track was the effort of the champion gelding. Major Delmar, to beat his own record of 2:001-4, and to beat the world's record of 2:00, held by Lou Dillon. He trotted a moat wonderful mile, and In a game but tired finish, shot under the wire in the record time. A high speed trial over the Sossen experimental electrical railroad at Berlin resulted In attaining a speed of over 117 miles per hour. Every part of (ho 100-ton car was intact and the roadbed was not affected. The fact that the machinery and roadbed \Were not Impaired gives every nope of attaining a speed at the rate of 125 miles per hour. A murder and robbery occurred re­ cently on the Middletown road, about 15 mlleB from Washington, Pa. Sam­ uel T. Ferguson of the Ferguson Con­ struction company of Pittsburg was instantly killed and his secretary, Charles L. Martin of Cincinnati, was i fatally Injured while driving along the road in a buggy, carrying $3,600 In cash with which to pay off some of their men, when suddenly an explo­ sion of dynamite In the roadway liter­ ally tore the rig to pieces, killing Fer­ guson outright and throwing Martin 200 feet, tearing bis left arm almost from the socket In consequence of the recent anti- Jewish rioting, the government has proclaimed martial law at Gomel. son of New York City— President Roosevelt Sent Condolence. London, Oct. 2.—Sir Michael Her­ bert, the British ambassador to the United States, died at Davos-PlaU, Switzerland. , . A dispatch from Paris on Septem­ ber 12 said that Lady Herbert, wife of the British ambassador ‘at Wash­ ington, was devotedly nursing her n us band back to health at Davos- PlaU. With the hope of restoring her hus­ band, Lady Herbert was lingering at Davos-PlaU, thougn the resort was iserted at that time of the year. Lady Herbert was formerly Miss Leila Wilson, daughter of Richard T. Wilson, the New York banker, and Is related to the Vanderbilt, Ogden Goelet and Astor families. Roosevelt Is Grlevq^. Washington, Oct. 2.—President Roosevelt was .deeply grieved when Informed of *the death of Sir Michael Herbert, the British ambassador to this country. He and Sir Michael and Lady Herbert were personal as well as official friends and he has sent personal message of condolence Lady Herbert BRITISH AM B A S S A D O R TO T H E UN ITED STATES. Died at Davos-Platz, Switzerland— His Wife Nursed Him Until, the T R A IN PLO W S INTO HUM A N ITY. Kills Five of a Party of Merry­ makers. Philadelphia, OcL 2.—A merry party composed of about a dozen per- was run down by a passenger train at Sharon Hill, seven miles south of this city on the Philadelphia, Balti­ more ft Washington railroad, killing five and injuring three others. The dead: David Farren, Sr., aged 6 9 years; David Farron, Jr., aged 12; Jane W. Brown; James Brown, aged 26; Jane Clark. The accident occurred In front of the Sharon Hill sUtlon while the par- ras waiting for a train. There had been a family reunldn at the Far­ ron home, and several members of Farron family had- accompanied the guests to the station. The Lamo- kin accommodation, for which the par­ as wfUtlng, usually passed the sta­ tion on the fourth track. This was known to sonfe of the party, and when the train was heard coming the distance nearly every one pass to the third or fourth tracks. Before any one could give a warning the accommodation train came rapid­ ly down the third track and plowed Into the group. TW O M INER8 KILLED. Powder Magazine Exploded in Mam­ moth Mine. Wallace, Idaho, Sept. 29.—At an early hour In thC morning two miners Instantly killed and two others were injured by the accidental ex­ plosion o f an underground powder magazine at lower tunnel No. 6 of the Mammoth mine, between thq towns of Gem .and Burke. The two men TtBiea ««, F. Frost and Ed Wing. A miner’ Rekles, wonting a short' away, had his a«n brokad, and his companion was also severely, injured. The -two killed were literally torn to atoms. The largest piece of either found was a foot, which had been torn off the leg close to the ankle. All the remains found of both the miners only\ filled three powder boxes. The magazine was located some dis­ tance underground, and enough pow- deWs kept there for the day’s use In the lower tunnel of the mine—several n all. The two miners were enter the magazine and a few minutes later the fearful explosion shook the mine. The exact cause of the explosion will never be known, hut it is thought the men were en­ gaged in attaching caps to the fuse, and In crimping one of the caps It before the expiration exploded, causing the powder to ex­ plode also. HOTEL BLOW N UP. Gas Plant kxploded at Lind— Only One Man Injured. Lind, Wash., SepL 29.—An explosion ’ an acetylene gas plant In the Com­ mercial hotel at about 6:45 p. m. to­ tally destroyed the building. A num­ ber of guests were eating supper, but fortunately no one was seriously In­ jured except Mr. Merrill, who at the time o f the explosion'll ad Just finished filling the tank with new carbon. Preacher Accused of Assault. Ventura, Cal., Oct. 2.—A. F. Allen, a wealthy Free Methodist minister of Santa Paula, is under arrest charged Mrs. Larsen with assault. It is alleged that Allen assaulted Drusilla Larson, aged 11. At midnight a mob attempted-to lynch Allen. A rope was secured and the mob marched to the city jail and demanded the prisoner. The deter­ mined stand of the officers prevented the mob from breaking In the door. Dickens’ Home 8old. The birthplace of Charles Dickens, 387 Commercial road. Land port, near the Portsmouth dock yard, was sold by auction at Portsmouth recently and was bought In for $6625 by the mayor, representing the city of Portsmouth It was announced that a Dickers museum would probably be establish­ ed In the house. Balloon Crossed the Channel. London, SepL 28.—Count db Vaulx and Count de 'Outremont de­ scended Sunday in a balloon near Hull, Yorkshire, having journeyed from Paris in 17 1-2 hours. This Is the first time that a balloon has successfully traveled from France to England. Situation Better. Sofia, Bulgaria. SepL 29.—The situa­ tion here la much brighter and the war clouds appear to have lifted. LATE NEW 8 ITEM8. Serious riots have occurred Budapest Archbishop Kain of St. Louis con­ tinues In a critical condition. The federal grand jury has resumed le taking of testimony in new post office Wak Pasha, the Turkish ambassa­ dor ht Berlin, has sudoenly been call­ ed to Constantinople. Colonel Andrew C. McDrew of In­ dianapolis was recently elected com­ mander in chief of the National Army and Navy Spanish War Veterans. An Imperial trade has been issued calling out 50,000 recruits In the dis­ tricts of the second and third army corps. In order to compete the effec­ tiveness of the Nazim (regular) bat­ talions in Macedonia. Cosmo Morgan, agent American Beet Sugar company, his received a. telegram stating that K difference of 20 cents 1 t ana beet of 10 cents for the beet producL .. peculiar flflRure is that only a dif­ ference of 15 cents has been made in the San Francisco territory as against 20 cents In Los Angeles. The Union Pacific Railroad com­ pany has taken over the entire com­ missary department ’of all the lines from Omaha to Portland, Ore., which for 40 years has been operated by the Pacific Hotel company. The transfer includes all dining cars, eating houses and six large hotels. ‘Con” Coughlin, popularly known as the “Irish Giant,” was to have fought six rounds with Bob Fitzsimmons at the Washington Sporting club, but he was so greatly outclassed by the form er pugilistic champion that he quit the first rouhd. The secretary of the interior has iformed the department of Justice that the Creek Indians have been sell­ ing attytted lands without the approval of the secretary, which Is against the the treaty. The attorney general advises that the deeds are void and should not be put on record. Coroner Hoye of Seattle declares his belief that William S. Thomas, the alleged.^ murderer of Policeman Aloert C. Schaneman, was murdered unnecessary surgical operation, performed on him in the county Jail Thomas died In jail, refusing 8 TH E 8EA80N PR0GRE88E8 EVERY 8ECTION IMPROVES. Items of Interest Gathered During the Past Week— B. C. Mine* Busy— , Coeur d'Alene District Making a Wondemil Showing— Accidents and Personals— Mergers All the Go.. them are Missourians from canyon mines, who were taken then during the last labor troubled. Nearly 500 people have stampeded Into, the scene of the recent discov­ eries of rich gold ore on the 8L Joe river above the head of navigation, and people are now flocking Into this district from all directions. The land for*mIles above and below the moun­ tain on which the discovery was made about one week ago has been staked ouL The territory between this river and the Bunker Hill A Sullivan mine at Wardner has also been wen cov­ ered by mining locations within uie past few days. It Is expected that the mill of the New Jersey Mining company at Ward­ ner, Idaho, will commence crushing ore next week. The mill has been practically completed for some time, but Its operation has been delayed on aacount of the noncompletion of the tramway. This Is now in a con­ dition that will allow a limited amount of ore to be transported over It, and therefore the mill will soon be put operation. Tunnel No. 5 of the Willow Creek coal mine near Heppner, Ore., is prov­ ing to be a great coal producer. A force of twenty men Is now employed in this tunnel boVb day and nlghL j A great gold nuggeL valued at $3276, largest ever found In Alaska or te British Yukon, has been taken >m a Nome claim. It was seven In- long by four and a quarter In­ ks* wide. The beautiful specimen the produce of a bench claim, No. off Discovery on Anvil creek. It felghs 182 ounces and was discovered jptember 8 by a miner In the employ the Pioneer Mining, company, which a lay on the property. The rich lid piece nestled In a gravel bed >vered with two feet of glacial Ice the ice lay three feet of luck. The ice and muck were re- They are mining coal In good quantl- loveu by ground sluicing. ties; A string BRITISH C,OLUMBIA MINES. H Shipments for the week from Ross- ld, B. C., are 9,660 tons. Last week’s Boundary ore shipments exceed even the new record made the previous week, the total being almost 17,#i Coroner Foster impaneled a jury to consider the death of Archie Conner, the miner who was killed by being 'covered with tons of ore in a chute Jn the Emma mine. Summit camp. The Injuest was held at Denora City, near the scene of the fatality, ihe jury returned a verdict of accidental death. M INING NOTES. William Wright has returned to Lewiston, Idaho, from a three weeks’ trip to the Buffalo Hump. Mr. Wright states that last week the whole Hump region was visited by fearful storms, the snow falling to a depth of four feet and the cold being so Intense that la coming out the party suffered se­ verely. Mr. Wright says that the prospects v“ “ * T m all the mines In the Buffalo Hump :' to £S*.,5S; **“ *>\\• ,'2* Junb° ■ „ pany now has about 60 -men at work, and expect* to start up the new 14 stamp mill in a few days. The Crack- erjack company had just completed Its first run with the new 10 stamp mill Ezra Baird of Lewiston has reached Grangevilje with five gold bars valued at $8000, the result of cleanup. . A stampede has started for Goose creek, 40 miles northeast of Baker City, occasioned by a recent strike the Red Bell mine. The attention the Ladd Metals company has been attracted to the district, and an option to purchase was taken by a represent­ ative of the company upon a group 12 claims. The consideration was merely nominal, which gives rise to a belief that the Ladd company will adopt the Goose creek divide as a route for the railway which It win build to connect Its Homestead smelt­ er with the producing mines of the Panhandle. Ore from the Red Bell, on Goose creek, Is rich In' free gold. A locating party of 15 men nas left Ba­ ker City for the new dlstricL Sam I. Silverman has left opotcane en route to his southeastern Alaska home. J. M. Jamieson and C. L. Maine’ of Spokane have secured an option on the Green Hill, a mining property In the Coeur d’Alenes, lying between the Mammoth and Standard mlnes.A -leal may be made for the sale of the prop­ erty to the new Federal company else to eastern parties. Mr. Sweeney lid to have made offers for the : teams Is on the Osceo filed a libel i. sunken ship, in t! court at Jacksonville, I assistance of a chart in Captain Jennings has t for this vessel from t many years. It Is s gone ashore in 1835, li from the Mexican n in 25 fathoms o f \i Its cargo, which has c examined, has been, 1 of silver ore. The orders for a restrtc Jon c anthracite coal output has - nearly all the colliers In the 1 barre, Pa, region. Oveej 43.1 tons of coal have been t January 1, which la ,seV tons more than war ever prod like period in the bla;>ry of the mining industry. The present glut In the market and the effort Tr. prevent a break in prices are the cause of tbe restriction. General Charles X. Warren of Butte and Tonapah, while In Sumpter, Ore., recently, organized a $200,000 c tlon to work the rich placer d which underlie the property of the Sumpter Townslte company, of which he is presldenL The general says that under the surface of each lot in the toad continuously hauling'out the fuel Sumpter Townslte company’s Second and placing It on the local mukeL It addition t^> the town of -Sumpter lies Is being sold at Lexington, lone |md other places in the valley. Arrange­ ments are being made to ship some to Pendleton and other points along the main llntf of the O. R. ft N. The Cornucopia Mines company, capital $5,000,000, was Incorporated recently. The object of the company is to purchase and acquire all the mines in Union county, near Baker City, Ore., known as the Cornucopia mines. The Incorporators are Charles M. King, Raymond M. Lowqy and Richard E. Dwight, all of Jefferson City. “The Hogan group, near Elk City. Idaho, will probably be taken over by the capital represented by William Acre. The American Eagle is work­ ing night and day, each of the 10 stamps In the mill working about three tons of ore daily, of which the While out hunting three miles from Anaconda, Frank Wright was acci­ dentally Shot in the shoulder by George McGowan. He may recover. Ralph Pulitzer, son of Joseph Pu­ litzer of the New York World, was to • have had a hearing at Choteau recent- ‘ ly on the- charge of killing a moun­ tain sheep out of season, iue couh- 1 ty attorney was not ready and the case was put off until December. Pu- > ... __ ._____o Thomas F. Bennie andThomas son. A negro from Seattle, who located a claim a year ago and named it after his Seattle sweetheart, Carrie Lizzie, has sold his property for $25,000. A new district has been discovered near Elk City, where the ledge has been staked for two miles and a half and locators are shiking prospect holes. In every one of which free gold is found.” These are the good things told about the Elk City district by W. E. Cullen of Spokane. Judge Morrow of the United States circuit court of appeals*has handed down a decision In the case of Sen­ ator Sanders, J. V. Sanders and L. P. Sanders, of the firm of Montana at­ torneys. against Maitland E. Graves of New York, affirming the decision of the district court of Montana. The plaintiffs sued Graves for $25;000, al­ leged to be due for professional serv­ ices. They were instructed by him to report on the condition of the Ruby mine In Montana. They sent an ex­ pert out and then forwarded his re­ port to Graves, together with their fee claim. Graves considered the lat­ ter excessive. A Jury awarded the attorneys $4,000. Judge W. P. Seeds of the district court at Cripple Creek, CoL, as de­ cided against the military authorities in the habeas corpus cases of Sher­ man Parker and three others, who were held prisoners by the military for about two weeks without warrants and with no formal charges against them. General John Chase, in com­ mand of the troops, declined to rec­ ognize the authority o f the court until ordered by the governor to do so. Gov­ ernor Peabody has Instructed Adju tant General Bell, who is In Cripple Creek, to Issue an order to General Chase -to turn over all the prisoners to the civil authorities hereafter. Rumors of the finding of a treasure ship off Miami have been confirmed when Captain Jennings and three of the crew of the wrecking schooner enough gold to- pay the original cost of tbe IoL If It could be gotten ouL Work on these deposits will be started at once, according to General Warren, atlves of the United Mine-Workers of America and .officials of the principal companies operating in Montana. M O N T A N A ITEMS. F. Bennie and son, prom­ inent capitalists of Edinburgh, Scot­ land, and Robert Livingston of Chi­ cago, a well known financier, visited the noted Bitter Root valley recently and later Invested $100,000 In Or­ chard Homes property. It is under­ stood the Bennies have $4,000,000 In­ vested In property this side of the Mississippi. Colonel Sam Word, one of the pion­ eers of Montana, died recently of par­ alysis'at Helena Because the Northern Pacific lull- way company refused to comply with tbe demands of a gang of dynamiters to deposit a large sum of money be­ tween Garrison and Missoula, four at­ tempts have been made wluln the past two weeks to carry out the threat to \blow the property of the company in Montana off tlje map,\ as expressed In the ultimatum. W. A . Smith, of the firm of bmlth ft Mattingly, and one of the beat known business men of Butte, was killed recently near the water com­ pany's reservoir about -a miies from Butte. One of the wheels hit a rock Just as they were on a steep embank­ ment and the tallyho upset, uirowing Smith under the side of the coach, crushing him to death. A thorough understanding, which is an assurance that there wiH be no trouble at any of the coal camps In Montana for at least 12 months, has been arrived at. This understanding was reached at a friendly conference held In Helena between represent- Word has been received of the drowning of the youngest Child of Charles Thexl In a dam at Ottar, a small stock town near Miles City. The child was playing on the edge of the water when it fell In. The mother witnessed the accident and fearlessly plunged into the water, and searched frantically for her babe, but the lit­ tle one failed to come to the surface. Five hours later the body was recov­ ered. It appears when the child went down it caught fast among some snags ' ' fast. • end to divulge anything com^rning property. the crime of which he was charged.*, A carJoad of mlner, left Wallace re- A coroner s jury has been Impaneled cently for Cripple Creek. There were to Inquire Into cause of death. |«5 In the party and they go to take Five persons were killed and a the places of strikers. Nearly all of score of others were injured In a col-1 \ ~ * lision between the Wisconsin Central • ___ ____ ___ ____ Iss-jsrar. viss. avenue, Chicago. The streetcar crowded with passengers return­ ing from the Harlem race track and every man In the car was Injured. The motorman had received the signal to cross and had Just reached tjie l ] center of the track when the train crashed Into his car. Not one of the 92 passengers had time to escape. ~ Dynamite Stolen. Bozeman, Mont., SepL 30.—Twenty- five pounds of dynamite, 75 caps and 25 feet o f fuse were stolen from a con­ struction camp at Chestnut. It Is be­ lieved the robbery was committed by the same gang that has stolen dyna­ mite elsewhere in the state and com­ mitted dynamite outrages along the j j J Northern Pacific railroad. W 8tock Market Easier. New York. SepL 30.—With concert­ ed support by leading international bankers here and abroad, all of the stock markets closed with material ad­ vances. Superintendent John L. Smith, of the Spokane Interstate Fair, Is judging the stock this week at the Moscow fair. i WHITEFISH, I f MONT ANA, i? The Coming Metropolis of the Flathead Valley. ^i Take a trip over to the new “ town by the lake” and see the new terminals and yards going in, which will be the largest west of St. Paul. This wilt open your eyes and convince you that you ought to be there too. Do not allow yourself to bo intimidated by any mem­ ber of “ The KnOcker’ Club” but go up and see the coming town for yourselves. W h i t c f i s h Townslte Company, WHITEFISH, MONTANA. \

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 03 Oct. 1903, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1903-10-03/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.