Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, October 17, 1903, Image 1

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W E E K L Y E D I T I O N . J. M . Grist, Tonsorial Parlors The Pioneer Shop. BEST EQUIPPED SHOP IN THE COUNTY. BATHS. LAUNDRY AGENCY. In the Bank Block. Thomas Carrol, J. P. Real Estate, NOTARY. Renta and Collections. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT. J. K . Miller, . ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. NOTARY PUBLIC. Conlln & Miller Block. Practices’ In All the Courta. Columbia Falls - • Montana CULLED FROM DI8PATCHE8 OF TH E A880CIATED PRE88. F. J; Combs, Blacksmith, WAGONMAKER AND FEED MILL. Strictly first-class professional horae- shoer will be always kept here. COLUMBIA FALLS. B A N K of Columbia Falls General Banking Business Transacted Foreign and Domestic Exchange. DRAFTS SOLD AVAILABLE ON AN i PART OF THE WORLD. WM. READ, Cashier. When at Kallepell Remember the Red Barn, JAY RAKESTRAW, Proprietor. Beat Equipped Livery In Flathead County. J. J. Miller, HARNE88 MAKER. Columbia Falls. Carries a complete stock of reliable goods In the harness and saddlery line, also whips, robes, gloves, etc. He has no poor stock. The best Is always the cheapest and his Is invariably the best O. M. JUNKIN8, Proprietor. Fresh and Cured Meats __ _ Fancy and Stample Groceries Game, oysters, fish, etc. Produce, veg­ etables and f r u it Wholesale and ^ Retail. • COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT. A Review of Happenings In Both Eastern and Western Hemispheres - During the Past Week— National Historical, • Political and Personal Evens Tersely*Told. A monument to President McKinley, erected by the town of Adams, Mass., was unveiled recently. The Chinese minister la at Essen, Germany, where he la buying arms and other war material. The Alaska cable from Juneau to Sitka has bee* completed and an of- flce established at the capital city. Uncle Sam's statement of the treas­ ury balances shows: Available cash balance, *229,112,27*; gold, *106,770, 76*. Charles Hllty killed a man named Massey at Fort Gibbon, Alaskq, re­ cently, In a druskea quarrel. Hllty In Jail and claims self-defense. Six persons .were hurt recently In a collision betweea a streetcar and a freight train at Third West and First South streets. Salt Lake. Ife ’fatal- “ Ids. Ths World's Sunday School execu­ tive committee has officially an­ nounced that the fourth world's Sun­ day school convenUon will be held In the city of Jerusalem, PalesUne, April 18-2*, 19*4. Thieves broke i f to a hoarding house in the Avenne Victor Hugo, Paris, dur­ ing the lunch time recently, and stole $140* In money, besides some jewelry from the room of an American named Miss Maude Wolllwood. Governor Peabody of Colorado has announced the appointment of a gen­ eral court-martial to convene In Den­ ver October 19 for the trial of the officers against whom charges of the regularity have been made. The Kansas supreme court has re­ versed the case of Cory versus Spen­ cer froln Leavenworth. This gives the 360* veterans in the National Mili­ tary home the right to vote as citi­ zens of Leavenworth county. General.Henry M. Duffleld, the um­ pire of the tribunal appointed to ad­ just the cases of Germany against Venezuela, reports the findings of the commission. The total amount of the claims presented was 6,*49,*0* marks. The claimants, however, were awarded 1,67*,0** marks. Abraham H. Kohn, son of the late Henry A. Kohn, a millionaire banker and merchant o f Chlcago.died recently at San Francisco, under circumstances which have aroused grave suspicions throogh the mysterious and secretive conduct of those who attended him during his last hours. A special election was held In San Francisco recently for the purpose of deciding upon an issue o f *710,000 mu­ nicipal bonds for the purchase of the Geary Street railway. It was pro­ posed to operate the road by the city. The Issue was defeated by 14,481 yeas 10,745 nays, two-thirds being re­ quired to pass. Rear Admiral Louis KeihpfT has been retired from active service. He was bom in Illinois and has seen ac­ tive service In all parts of the world since his appointment to the navy in 1857. His last sea service was In command of a squadron at Haku,' China, during the recent difficulty when the forts were bombarded. At Chicago recently Mrs. John Fisk, 2* years of age, and her 13 months old boy, were found dead from as­ phyxiation. A yeunger child was gasping for breath when discovered, but a heavy cover over Its face had delayed the actlen o f the gas. Mrs. Fisk had been In ill health, and Is believed by the police to have planned the death of herself and children. At Knoxville, Tenn., recently, Har­ old F. Gribbles, a professional ball player, smashed the world's bowling record on regulation alleys for ten­ pins, making 29 successive strikes and a spare on his thirtieth ball. He con­ tinued to roll strikes until he had rolled 50 balls, his record being 49 strikes and a spare. The best pre­ vious record claimed was 27 success­ ive strikes. From figures gleaned from appar­ ently authentic sources, It Is learned that during the past three years *104,- 148,369 have been spent for better­ ments and equipment on i the lines of the Harriman railroad systems. In­ cluding the Southern Pacific, the -Union Pacific, the Oregon Short Line, the Oregon Railroad & Navigation com­ pany. Chicago & Alton and the Kan­ in City Southern. The American Association of Trav­ eling Passenger Agents will hold Its annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, next year, and the 100* or more dele­ gates will visit Spokane, Seattle, Ta­ coma, Victoria and Vancouver, In a body, If plans adopted unanimously at the recent meeting at Spokane by the first district o f the Pacific Coast As soclatlon of Traffic Agents are carried out successfully.- Elljah Slocum, aged 69 years, com­ mitted suicide at Seattle recently by drinking carbolic add in whisky. Ill health and despondency over the death of his wife, are given as the causes. The steamship Ning Chow sailed from Tacoma recently with one of the largest cargoes ever taken from •^Puget sound. It measures over 17,000 tons and weighs over 10,000 tons. She has over 60,000 barrels of flour, near­ ly 77,000 cases of salmon, besides a lot of general merchandise, the total value being *636,841. She sails for Liverpool via the Orient Robert W. Baxter, general superin­ tendent of the Nebraska division of the Union Pacific railroad, has re­ signed. Luclle Mulhall, 18 years old and a friend of President Roosevelt has won the *1000 steer roping contest at McAIester, L T., defeating the best known cowboys In the southwest The conditions were that three steers were to be roped and tied In the fastest time, and the contest was open to all. Miss Mulhall threw her first steer and tied It up In 43 seconds. The second required 1 minute and 11 sec­ onds, while the third was roped, thrown and tied in the remarkable time of 40 sooonds. CHINA 8IGN8 TREATIES. Many Drops From Trapeze Bar to Hard Pavement San Francisco, Oct. 18.—William Beals, an aeronaut, was’ almost In­ stantly killed Sunday. He made an ascension and descended safely In a parachute to within 40 feet of the ground, when he released hlB hold on the trapeze bar. He fell on a hard pavement In Golden Gate park and soon died. Madge Heeney, aged 17 years, was riding on an electric car at the time of the ascension. She leaned far out of the car to get a better view of the pnrachute descent and her head That With America Settles Vexed Questions. The state department has been In­ formed that the Amerlcan-Chlnese treaty has been signed at Shanghai and that the Japanese-Chinese treaty will be signed also. The cablegram announcing the signing of the treaty was sent from Shanghai and was signed by Minister Conger, Consol General uoodnow and Mr. Seaman, the three commissioners who negotiated the InstrumenL An Imperial decree by the Chinese government has made the treaty effective so far as that gov­ ernment Is concerned, hut it must be ratified by the United States senate before ratifications can be exchanged and the treaty put In operation. Great satisfaction Is expressed at e state -department at the outcome, makes certain that the two ports Manchuria will be opened to the United States, no matter what outcome as to tho negotiations for the evacuation of that territory by Russia may be. The assurance that Russia had previously given, and which this government would Insist upon adherence, Is that the treaty arrangements made with China cover­ ing Manchurian ports will be binding i the Russian government The principal point* of the treaty are briefly as follows: First the settlement of the long vexed question of Internal taxation In China. Second, recognition of Americans’ right of residence throughout the em­ pire for missionary work. Third, protection of patents, trade marks and copyrights. Fourth, mining rights, fcifth, opening of new localities to International trade on the part of the empire in which the United States has vast commercial Interests.’ Sixth, the right to carry on trade, industries and manufactures In all parts of China. MONTANA ITEM8. Captain Hanna of Company C of Big Timber states Company C will not be able to attend encampment at After eight years of ldlen#ss*the big coking plant of the Livingston and fi Coke company, Helena Coal Oakesdale, will resume operations. Officers of the Butte Clerks’ union emphatically deny ;hat their organi­ zation has^tken any action, upon the question of withdrawing from the American Labor union. Officers of Anaconda have arrested man who says he Is John Kelly, but who they believe Is Frank Case, one of the escaped convicts from the Fol­ som, Cal. penitentiary. Kid Fredericks of Buffalo knocked out Jack Clifford of Butte In the 17th round of what was scheduled to be n 20 round fight at Helena recently. Fredericks was the aggressor all the way, and after the eighth round bad all the better of It John X. Sullivan, an employe of the Washoe smelter, met with an ac­ cident recently that nearly cost him his life, and at the present time he Is lying on one of the cots at the hos­ pital suffering Intensely from a num­ ber of scalp and other wounds. A clever piece of detective work on the part of W. H. Campbell of Havre and Chief of Police White has resulted In the breaking up of a gang of box car thieves, who have been plundering Great Northern freight, and the recovery at Minot of a cache of plunder valued at *3000. General John A. Leggatt, aged 71, territorial governor o f Montana under President Grant, twice mayor of New Haven, Mich., and one o f the found­ ers of the republican party, having been closely associated wtth Abra­ ham Lincoln, died at Hunter’s Hot Springs recently. He had been ill for nearly one year. Judge Smith of the district court has denied the motion for a new trial of James S. Keerl, one of the prominent civil engineers < northwest While drunk, Keerl shot and 'mortally wounded Thomas Crys­ tal, a barkeeper. He was convicted of murder in the second degree and given a life sentence. Unless the su­ preme court Interferes, he will have to serve the sentence. ‘The bricklayers employed on the new federal building at Butte have struck for higher wages. They ask­ ed for *7 a day. They have been get­ ting *6 for eight hours' work. It Is the contention of the strikers that the work on the federal building Is dangerous. The contractors state that they will not pay the wages de­ manded, and are now looking for bricklayers to take their places. While working his placer mine on Spring Creek, a tributary of' Bivens gulch, about 2* miles north of Vir­ ginia City, W. T. Aaron and his 3 year old daughter, who was playing were caught In a cave-in, the child being killed and the man se­ riously wounded. A woman saw the accident and summoned aid. Men hastily came to the scene of the cat­ astrophe and commenced digging out the entombed couple. The little girl was found dead, while Aaron was unconscious. BLACKFOOT INDIAN RESERVA­ T IO N 8CENE OF CRIME8. FATAL FALL OF AERONAUT. FOUR MINER8 KILLED. Caught By a Blow of Gas In the Mor- rlsaey Mine. Morrissey, B. C., Oct. 16.—A blow of gas occurred In No. 1 mine this af­ ternoon resulting In the death of four mlners by asphyxiation. Their names are: Alfred Heriblnaux, Tony Mar­ coni, John Rogers and A. Slovonion. Only 20 men were In the mine at the- time. As these rushes of gas have oc-' curred before, the men-took warning on hearing the crackling roar of the oncoming gas and most of them made thplr escape. Four, however, were un­ able to reach the opening. BREACH OF PROMI8E 8UIT. W. A. Kesupkst and Family and Two Others Foully Murdered—All Black- foot Indians—Cause of Assault Un­ known— Four Indiana Placed Under Arrest—Great Excitement Prevails. Browning, MonL, O c t 13.—Word reaches here that as a result of a drunken fow on the Blackfoot Indian Ion, In western Montana, seven people are dead ■ and two wounded . The dead are W. A. Ke­ supkst and Mrs. Kesupkst, their three children and Susaw Big Road and Mrs. Little Plume. The wound­ ed are Alice Big Road and J- Little Plume. All are Blackfoot Indiana. The attacking party was composed of four or five Indians. The cause of the quarrel which was followed by the tragedy has not been fully ascertained. A number of In­ diana held a carousal. In some ner It is said Kesupkst incurred the anger of several of the Indlans-oml, after he left the scene of the carousal, they continued to .drink and finally started to massacre the Kesupkst family. The Kesupkst family, who oc­ cupied a large house, were all asleep when the slaughterers began their work. The fiends broke Into the house and fired upon the husband and fath­ er as he lay In bed. He was shot through the head, dying Instantly. Mrs. Kesupkst, awakened by cry. jumped from the bed before a second Bhot could be fired, and, seiz­ ing her youngest child, ran scream­ ing from the house. She was follow­ ed and captured. She struggled to keep possession of her child, when of the attacking party placed a revolver at tbfe head of the Infant and fired. The ball crashed through the child's brain and entered the mother's heart, killing both instantly. In the meantime Susaw Big Road id J. Little Plume, who attempted to defend themselves, were over­ powered. Big Road was shot through the head and Little Plume’s throat was cut badly and his arm stabbed. The other two children of the Ke­ supkst family were shot through the head and Alice Big Road received a bullet In the leg. Mrs. Little Plume was apparently the • last victim, her throat being cut from ear to ear. Of the victims, Alice Big Road will recover, hut Little Plume is in a criti­ cal condition. It Is Impossible to learn the truth of regarding the cause of the assault. Four Indians have been placed under arrest, and the greatest of excitement prevails on the western part of the reservation near where the massacre occurred. Son Born to Belgian Prince. Brussels, Oct. 13.—A son has been born to Princess Elizabeth, wife of Prince Albert of Belgium, In whose favor his father, the count of Fland­ ers, some months ago was reported to have abdicated his claim to *he Bel glan, throne. The Fight at Grove. Lima, Ohio, Oct. 16.—A running fight between residents of the town and eight burglars, following the rob­ bery of the postoffice, occurred at Co­ lumbus Grove early today. So far as learned, no one was injured. TERRIFY TOWN, LOOT THE BANK. Robbery at Berwick, IIU Nets the Ruffians About *2800. Peoria, 111., Oct 16.—Soon after 2 o’clock this morning four men drove Into the little town of Berwick, eight miles west of Abington, Knox county, and picked the lock oi the front door of the Farmers' State bank. Then they drilled the door of the vault and forced the combination, securing *2800. The explosion awakened a number of residents of the town, who appeared on the scene, only to be covered by guns in the hands of the robbers, who held them at bay up til they had load­ ed their booty Into the rig and driven toward the east. Alt surrounding towns were notified, lit no trace of the robbers has been .jund. W. C. Tubbs, president of the banks, says the loss is fully covered by Insurance. MINING N0TE8. Shipments o f Republic ore over Ket­ tle Valley road last week were 108* tons. About 100 mere Missourian miners have lift the Coeur d’Alenes to replace the strikers at Cripple Creek. The machinery at the Zala M. mine, near Republic, Wash., was started last week and Is working smoothly. The coal mines north .of Colorado Springs have been opened with non- , union miners. About 1*0 men report­ ed for work, which Is about one-third the usual number. The bride of less than a week of John Mellse, a widely known mining man of the Coeur d'Alenes, has dis­ appeared and everyone disclaims knowledge of her whereabouts. The Mammoth Mining company paid Shoshone county *10,000, being Its share of the compromise agreement of the disputed 1902 taxes. It Is the first company to make the payment All the shafts and other openings In the Bullion Beck, ureka Hill, Cen­ tennial Eureka and Gemini mines at Eureka, Utah, about 30 in number, have been sealed up on account of the underground fire. The Injunction proceedings involv­ ing the claim qf F. Augustus Helnxe to large stopes of valuable ore In the Leonard mine were ended by Jndge Clancy ruling that plaintiff Helnze had not made out a case. The Springfield property, near Mul- lan, Idaho, after being closed down for several months, has resumed operations. The Springfield Is con­ sidered one of the best properties in the Stevens Peak country. During the past week ore shipments from the mines of Republic camp were: Qullp, 12 care, to Tacoma; Mountain Hon, 8 cars, to Trail and 7 cars to Nelson, B. C.; Knob HOJ, 2 cars, to Nelson; total, 29 cars; or 870 ns. The National Miners’ Executive committee has given the national offi­ cers full power to Inaugurate a strike In the Colorado district if a confer­ ence Is not arranged with represent­ atives who have refused to meet mine workers’ representatives. Miles McMalley, an old Spokane mining min. Is back from Nome. He states that he saw there a number of old Spokane men while there and that they are alL doing well.' Among this number were I. Barlow, Qua Self- fert and Mike Bamuels. The motor and air compressor are running at the Mountain Lion mine at Republic, Wash., furnishing the power for the machine drills which now employed above the 300 foot level, where some prospecting Is be­ ing done and ore Is being stoped. The plant of the American Sheet Steel company at Strothers has been closed and the employes paid In fulL The only statement made Is that the volume of business is not sufficient to have the mill continued in opera- le mill employs a large num­ ber of men. Montana Mines. Tho receipts of gold at the United States assay office in Helena during Septemoer were *276,655. Mulvahlll & Ely, lesses of the Daly properties at Wicks, 20 miles from Helena, recently shut down, the mines, as ore was accumulating faster than their concentrator would handle 1L The Liverpool, nine miles from Helena, near Clancy, has been mak­ ing remarkable showings lately. In production of Montana gold Fer­ gus county leads. The product from that county Is almost free or cyanide gold. President J. J. Hill and Senator Paris Gibson have a group of 26 Iron ear Wicks which they have been developing with a large force of men during the Bnmmer. A splendid strike of manganese has been made, the vein being over 20 feet wide and showing on all the claims Is good. p s i B N ^ / s * ^ / s \ v / A v a * N a B s a « B S ! a ^ | WHITEFISH, j f MONTANA, \ T h e Coming Metropolis o f the Flathead Valley, Senator Platt of New York 8ued by Mies Wood. New York, OcL 15.—Two days be­ fore the announced date for his mar­ riage to Lillian Janeway, Senator Thomas C. Platt of New York has been made defendant in a breach of promise suit brought by Miss Mae C. Wood of Washington for *25,000. Miss Wood Is In New York with her lawyer, having obtained a leave of absence on Monday from the money order di­ vision of the postofflee department, where she is employed as clerk. | Take a trip over to the new “ town by the lake ” and see the new terminals ana yards going in, which will be the largest west of bt. Paul. This will open your eyes and convince you that you ought to be there too. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by any mem­ ber of “The Knocker’ Club” but go up and see the coming town for yourselves.- . | Whkefish Townshe Company, W HITEFISH , MONTANA.

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1903, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1903-10-17/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.