Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, November 05, 1904, Image 2

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heartily in favor of voting to bills. It would be a poor would oppose the paymen of debt. In all fairness, what else could hsvi been done with the timber belonging t these Indians? Would ii have heen the fair thing t< have sold the Indians’ timber to thi lowest bidder? The money bo received from the sale of both farming and timher lamia goet to the Indians. Every Indian Reservation recently opened to settlement by 'he Govern meat, that contains timber lands, pro videa for the sale of timber under th< same provisions st contained inn the Flathead Bill. In keeping lultli with the indians ,how else could it bo done' The section relating to the disposal o! timber was written at the instance nl of the Indian Bureau, who safegnaid tin igbts o f'he Indiana in every wav pus- Yon have got to teach some people the second time' that the uiute mule kirks the hardest. FROM HON- JOSEPH M. DIXON To the voters of Montana llh.acom e to mv attention that , some of the opposition speakers and newspapers in the State have been seek­ ing to make political capital over the ( provision in the liitl passed at the last- sea-ion ^f Cniigrebs^pening up to set- j tlement the Flathead Reservation, which provides for tlie sale of timber to the , highest bidder. They have most un \ justly mnde the assertion that these lands should have been opened to entry under the stone and timber act and that because iIds was not done I was to be censured. The insinuation has been also made in this connection, that the sale of the Flathead Indians Timber to the highe-i bidder was for the benefit n! “ the corporations \ As a matter of fairn—s l submit the following state­ ment ol the actual facts in the case; Instead of a million acres of timber has seen fit to urge politically teld that this it' proportion's ol tim'iev lands HKKIt R E G I S T R A T I O N LIST S and true. list o f a ll names rem a ining on the official r egister o f the election pre- named at the close o f registration, alphabetically arranged. P R E C I N C T NO. 18 C O L U M B IA F A L L 3 ■\•Si! ■e F Abbott John B Ackerman William _ ______ Buckhorn Rudolph tiltam H Burgoyne Charles n P Bailey Mark W ’ Bannon Michael Bischbff Wm ti F Bender William F Baker William Baril Joseph Brinkerhoff Jake A Burk C C .„ ______ __ Bailey Eugene ■n Frederick A Bunn George G nutter Millard Brown John F Bouchrr Joseph H Cruger Edward J Coombs Frank J •Roller John Christy Thomas S Clark George E Cutler Thomas R •Carver Robert F ’ Clayton Fay Conroy Patrick Casev James Cowglll Latham Curtis John ChriBtenben Theo. Curtis Clarence A Carroll Thomas .Cunningham Har- Main Robert W Matins Joseph Muller Joseph J Miller Jesse K Martin Edwsrd Martin J W Morrison Honry Coslev Joseph'C Conner Louis Chaffin George W Carpenter Alvin S Cratzman William Clark George Jr Carver Francis Christensen Charles Costln William Clayton Thomas Dcspin Joseph Deesen John Drolet ffclix Darcy Peter Darrin Clifton A Dobee Phillip Dupuis Medard W Downey John Elies Leg rand Evans James £ Eckleberry William F Klsethagen Thorvale 0 Emmons Charles L Endz Edward B Ellsworth George Elton Oscar M Foster Arthar G Fitzpatrick Joseph Feeley William H Fuller John Pales Squire Ford Owen Fiahburn Benjaiman F Plower George Forsythe Robert Finnegan Timmotby •Grevea Dave Gretzinger William Cviat James M Garr Henry H Carr Sal ph T Garvaia Stephen Greenwood John Gillispie Joel W - O rosewood Samuel Goes Leonanl S Censman John P Gillbpie Charles N . ___ Geeslfa Thomas E | Neitzllng Jaro Hanson Frederic Hawkins DeWilt P | Nevm b .muel J Roland Hall Jot Haakill Arthur Hogue William Hudon Thomas Hunt Robert Harbin William Howell Horatio 8 Higgins Frgnk Hiliier Frederick HoglwnffTTelt Hanson Louis Haskill Dallas Header Martin Hauert Henry Hamilton Frederick Hendrirks David A Haines Orlando Haines Thomas Hoi tel I Alonzo Jones John W Johnson John Jack Albert D Jordon Charlie E Keast Richard Jones M Tienan Junklus O M Jensen Magnus Kessner Eliphsz Kennedy HenrvSS Kennedy James Konnecke Emile Kennedy Andtew Kieeler William •King George W„ Kenyon Thomas Kmi^cfkJohn Lning Thomas Lord DSiJf H I-aeuger Christian F Lord Franklin Lyon R6sin E Lewis Hslinar Lund Axtel. Leffler Coitlieb Land Benjeman K Lowell Warren Lilf Joshua Littlefield Joeh. M Lunday Fred K Lewis Theodore Lenon George T Leighty 8amuel Loveall William J Langworthy Dwelli* M Myers Quincy A Miller Charles 0 Matthews L A Morley Newton H Mansfield George N Miller Charles A Martin Jasper Miller Henry A Morton John O' . Morgan Alexander Mills John Mondon Joseph Morse Averilf Motichka John Moore Francis M Motichka Frank Matejka Frank McCarthy Patrick McCarthy Charles McGilligan Joseph H McBain Uum an McFalls Charles McDonald Janies McOolbm Monroe Gordon F Motichka Joseph Moilchka Fred Mosher Frank Nappy ---- .. NoursV Matt E Nutter Henry L Olson Samuel Olson John Ootns Edward Peterson Lewis Paquett Napoleon Peterson John E - Poes Charles H Pogue George Phillips Irwin Pelikan Vaclav Parker Andrew Qneenan Russell J Roflengmi Louis Reed William Ross William Ross Ira M Reed Herman E Roberts Charles Robinson John T Snyder Daniel A Olson Louis Olson Cnailee Owen Outer V Purvian e Alb-'t I Poll er John F Polhainas Frink Parker Harvev Patteagfhhn W Prend-rgaal E l. J ■II J Redman Albert Robideau John A Ku-h William U Reed >V urren P Ross David D Reese George 8 Rico Hiram __ , ............ . _ Selvage Herman C Sprague Jeriuiab E Saaiistoii.John N 8«cord Napoleon Swefli Robert H Spaticcr .Washington Skinner Henry 8 Shannon Mi'b iei 8anry Robert Stanton Oliver Sullivan Jerry Snatluck Fred Snyder Edwin H Smith Lew A Slocum Cyrus Smith Andrew N Sands E H Stewart William J Snider Barney Stanley Henry A Sellman Benton Shander Jolin Smith John Stinson Richard Spearin John W Strouf Euiile Shepherd Charles M Smith Waller V Trumbull Andrew J Thornton Thoms Taltiott James A Tallman Freei ng Tway Kiza Tway David R Taft Victor F Thorpe Atnasiab Valentine William H Vestal Thomas E Ward Barney >Viegand Albert Winneit S Finley Walker William Westherg A 0 Wells George A White Cliiuoii Wallerbick James M Zorzi Joseph Zuizi Stephen Walsh Patriek J Warner William Wedge Freeman Westherg John E Woods James Well. Harry Walleit Thomas Hendricks’ Columbian P oblwbxo E vzby S aturday . REPUBLICAN MEETING. One evening this week a fair sized aud­ ience assembled at Main’* hall, in Co lumbis Falls and for two hours were enterained by G. W. Huntley, Jr. and JB. J. Melntiro of Kalitpell. The Hon. B. J. Melniire is at home 'Wore a Colombia Falls audience. His talk w m characteristic or the man. Hia faith In the republican party and its policies and few men are better able more willing to state the reasons for the faith that Is In him. Tbs Columbian regrets that it is not able to publish even a synopsis of what »aa said by the speakers. - ’The Columbian, as an indeoendsnt newspaper, will support the men and policies it believes in. It will fight for It6rights, and wifi not tamely submit to a political -censorship by any \D o r bery\ Federal oflJcial, who holde his Job by and through the grace of the Hon. J . H. Carter or otherwise. Joe Dixon, when here last Saturday, •truck a soft spot in the hearts of the people of the Flathead Valley, when he promised if re elected, to do hie best to here the agricoitual lands embraced Within the Lewis and Clarke Forest Swerve thrown open to settlement. Joe hat proven that bq, like Roosevelt, i* a mau of deeds as well a« words. IIOIK HID S I M MOTS Politics at Kallsptll mutt have been warm this week. Wm. Brennan. it appears, attended, democratic meeting. That’s what a fellow gets by getting, in­ to the wrong pew. Becuase the Columbian pursue an independantcoi the local land ofllce has he paper is not entitled and -hall trieve the fedaral patronage that belongs to this paper. In making arbitrary ruling Mr. Swaney, of Kaltspell land office should and will cieve the ill will of a large majority the people of Flathead County. Th' Columbian was material in bringing about the scceptsuce of the Bickei and Filer surveys at ibis time and the sat piKlnct in th, h0,„t, .hohld b. o» thtr j When the fog raises the Kalispell Land office boys may be able to see that tbeii is a crowd fishing just the opposite side oi the river from them. The voters of this and every other guard against reports that are likely be printed and circulated right on the eve ol election day. /This will lie the la-t issue of the Columbian previous to the date oi elec­ tion. Dr. A. D. MacDonald whose photo ap­ pear. In this issue, is one of the most eminent physicians in Flathead County. If elected to the office to which he aspires be will not vote (or the return of .Tom Carter to the D. 8. Senate. He is in favor of the initiative and referendom, the eight hour law, and will vote for a railroad commission. The non support ol th« Columbian as solicited by the candidates on the Republican Oonuty ticket. They all resident* of Kalispell and are there­ fore against every enterprise that is started at Columbia Falls. DIXON AT COLOMBIA FALLS. On Saturday lag', practically unan* nonnc'd, tho H n. J o Dlxbn dropped in o uif sleepy little town. Word wa> buirl—llv pissed around 'h o h-'was to speak 12 M. the hour at which inoit people in this- land ot plenty are generally to be found at their mid-day meal. In spire of th-*a fsct», how-ver. Main’s Hall * y fl led with >eipla who wanted to -ee the mao.\ who had been abl- to do t£jng* In Congress. ih«t i The P W (lain ItatileCo Sell General merchandise and groceries at the right prices It is the oldest firm in Flathead a t County and is still the leader There Is But O n e Dave Grove D. F. SMITH. One of the principal reasons why Tom Carter’s agents refused to allow the Columbian the federal patronage which it is justly entitled to i« the fact that this paper made some complementary remarks concerning the nomination of Hon. D. F. Smith whose record as dis­ trict judge certanily merit all the good things that cmh be raid about’ him. Were this paper one of those hide bound republican organs we would deem it good politick to complement good men on their success. D. F. Smith fire* pra<v .tiend law in Flathead county at Colum­ bia-Falls and l»e haainauy f.iends here regardless of the politics who would re8entany tincompleiuentgry renn.[k« concerning his career. The Ladies AM Tea at Mrs. Boucher ist Wednesday a.ternoon war « b - - - - - - ----- . people wished to reciprocate the efforts o' thi* paper by desiring that their final proof notice* be printed in their hums paper. The law regulating the matter of printing such notices states that the notices shah be printed in the newspaper ol get circulation publiabed near the l«pd- be advertised and a contest of the right- of the Columbian in this matter ie like ly to further delay the proofs of a tber of innocent settlers. Therefore the matter becomes one of public coq- It is for thi* reason that the Colombian is compelled this week u> tell the public its troubles for our troubles in this matter is a public trouble in this case. When the I a mi office disciinu against the Columbian it i* ilmrn.:i - ing against the pc \pig of ltd.- nd l Flathead County. Bv so doing And' w W. Swaney tells you and s ru - notice upon yon that unless you b ih,- kiic- *nd worship at the shrine of tire Horn. - able TbomM Heuery Carter yunr right* and liberties- will be tukeu Your honest effort will be jeopardized and. your 'and* may be taken from you by reason of the will of his agents in office. Honest competition will not he tolerated and life, liberty and the pur­ suit of happiness will become a thing of the past. Gentlemen this is not a ap­ peal for sympathy. It is a matter that concerns you even more than it does tiie, Colombian. Are you^Olng to endorse such rash measures'rEven though you might hate the Columbian w o w than a yaller Jog and denounce the editor as you would denounce, common drunkard the Columbian ia never thc-loa* your paper. Your paper that has ever stood lor right and denounced wrong and politically has been honestly indepen­ dent. speax a Sun -• i< the \V*niog and tha'Jt would he ne-'ea-ary for him to drive 38 niilea after his ape-'Ch h»re to keep uo his engag-m in, and that being •o, not'much wa- expected of him here In this, hnwer-r, th- people agreahlv disappointed He, talked rapidly, re­ iterated nothing, made no effort at ora­ tory, hut did make one of the most comprehensive, including both the leading issues and men involved evet delivered In this part of Montana. Mr. Dixon treated ids political adver­ saries wiih great i-qnrteav. His criti­ cisms \f the oi'And their policies only rrnnehed •• mild and temperate language, hut. Inyaiiahlv when he had oeejedon to snnp-irr a suttenen' made, apo«ition iaken by him self, he pro­ duced the very highest democratic au­ thority He made Judge Parker, William J. Brvan and the New York World his witnesses in \upport of different statements m ule bv him. He h*ad little to say (or hlms-if, hut, if his talk here had its effects, is a fair crlte- aian by which to judge his campaign throughout tbe state, he a ill surely '■need himself as Mont-ha’ -hext Bep- untative in the lower house of'.Con- Onr readers have been sppra'sed in the last few Issues of the paper that there are paid bills against Flathead-County. It appears to ns that these bills'are for money that was honestly spent and t^at thed-btaare honest debts and that the bills ahoold be paid The Columbian is to pay these poor man who.\ Insiead of a lands on the re*erva'lo ere ie not to- ex.-eed ■rrbaniahle «aw timber on reservation. The Patterson hat and e very- other article in the gents furn­ ishing: line are for sale at the right prices at T>R. A.. R. M A C D O N A L D One of the Nominees on the Democratic County Ticket for RepreMPtati' are estimated in forty acre trams and the Secretary of the Interior authorized to sell to the timber to the liigbesf cash bidder: Notwithstanding the cri'ciacs now being made b * certain genth-men and partisan newspapersIw poUtiesI effect in the present campaign, I have the personal satisfaction of knowing that when the Flathead Bill had passed con- t to , gress, both Pr«-ident Ron«--veh and the Commie-inner ol Indian off dr- persou- allp caplimented me on the lam that It was one of the most just and equitable Indian measures that had been Jnacted into law. I know the old adage that all thinsa are counted fair in poll'ivt, bnt I yet labor under the heHef-tbnt is la usually under the! tbe heat io th\ end to plav the game i the s-iuure and honeai. in politics aa in the with bnsines-affair* \ f life, and that al'hough he done? i temporary aum-es* may eoraeliini-s he. of j at'itp-d by falaehivd and miareprasenta instance '*( tlon, tn the long tnn't moan- diaasterto on recently iW , ‘ LDEST SALOON « Imported and Domestic Good old goods from bonded warehouse* and winea grow hair on yonr breast and convert old age to yodth Best Cigars J IL S T E V E N S ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Practice in State and Federal Courts and before the Land Office Notary Public, Postofflce K a lis p e ll ----- Montana. comm Dii U I BROS., P.’opriite, I' is under stood th it Tom carter left Fresh milk all the time, big bundle of money with the ri publi- : can campaign coiurinttes. Did yop get ‘ anyoi it? COLUMBIA FALLS, - Delivers twice a day. Dr. A . Howe Columbia-Lodge, No. 43, meet* every 'uesday evening at tlieir hall in Colura- MONTANA l»ia Fulls. Mont. Tlios. Thornton. Sec.

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 05 Nov. 1904, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1904-11-05/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.