Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, January 07, 1905, Image 2

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SATURDAY; Jan 7. 1905: THE GANGRENE OF SUSPICION. The following is in substance tbe woedaxf on eminent writer and ahould be- reaASad digested at Columbia Falls There is no influence quite so rotten la American life as tbe influence of the active or passive knocker. There is nothing so subversive of honest convic­ tion, nothing so inimical to frankness, mealiness and bold action for the right, as slinking iaduedo, slimy suggestion of ilM oiog and the forestalled acceptance ofgutit before it is proved. Cold justice itself has set an example even to Christanity to the end that each an-shall bo regarded as guiltless un­ til his sin is proved. To damn men bv minor, to approve thelrdamnation upon , Hte flimsy testimony of gossip, to judge /by-hearsay and to condemn without ^ultftnatat* evidence, is typical and ex­ pressive of meanness iguorance and'big­ otry. There are times when accusations corns from seemly high pieces that com­ mand belief by reason of their origin; there is never a time when the debased are not barling abuse and anathemas at those better then themselves. There is ne merit either in accusation or defense except in the truth of either. \The man who does a corrupt act is no more a public enemy thaiv-the man . who charges one without being able 'morally, if not legally, to prvoe it.\ M a tters o f Interest to R eaders o f H o m e T o p i c s . Canyon Homestead, B. A. Y., have purchased a centrally located lot in Columbia Falls and will bnlld thern- b a hall in tbe early spring time. HSERIG-WILKE.-At the residence of the bride’s brother, Gustave Helller, Jan 3, 1906, Mr. Fred Herrig, of Harris- bnrg, Montana, to Mrs. Am la Freda Wilke; of Bad Rock, . Montana, Thomas Carrolll, J.P., offici­ ating. HUNT8INGER--COOK£.-At the resi­ dence of-the bride’s- mother, Mrs. Lou- M. Cooko, in Colum­ bia Falls, Montana, January 14th, NOS, Mr. A. R. Huntsing- er, of Kallspell, Nellie W. Cooke, of Colombia , FaQs, Montana, by Thomas Carrol, Justice of It is safer to affront some people than - oblige them: for tbe better a man deserves tbe worse they will speak of him. A man with a forty-friend power will be a millionarie at the treasury of love. Half of our knowledge we roust snach, not take. Take not away the life you cannot give for all things have an equal right to live. There is no moment without some duty. The way to gain a friend Is to be one. NOTICE. To whom It may concern. Notice la hereby given, that the undersigned, who have heretofore been associated ai co-partners, at Colombia Falls, in the county of FUthead, State of Montana, under tbe Arm name and style of But­ terfield & Pattee, have this day by mutual consent dissolved the said part­ nership. L. C. Butterfield will continue the business heretofore conducted by the said firm, and will- collect all bill* due said firm and will pay all bills against the aame. Dated at Colombia Falls, Montana, this 17th day of December 19M. L. C. Butterfield J. W. Pattee ........... L .A . SMITH ...................... WATCH MAKER. Columbia Falls, ....................... Montana. Can Fix any watch or clock and does work at tbe following named prices: Cleaning-Watch 50 cents. Main Spring 50 cents. Glasses fitted for 26 cents. Nlckte alarm clocks repaired for 25 cents. A woman who can use her eyes with affect is a dangerous rival. W. H. Cl inkunbeard, the mualo man, was here last Thursday and will be hero every Thursday for tbe next flive or six months. He has a large cTasa_ and all are taking a big intrest in the w&rk of learning music and they all Ilka their teacher. LADIES Here U an opportunity to buy your hate cheap. Commencing August let I will aell my .entire ttock of millinery at less than coat. Mas. M. S. FoeTX8t. Columbia Fall*, Mont. METHODBT CHURCH. Bnnday Dec. 18. Sunday SchooLat 10 A. M. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 7:30 B. M- . Epworth League Service at 7 7, M. Service at Soldiers Home atS P. M. W. H. Shoaf. Paetor. B A N K o f C o lu m b ia Falls General Banking Buslneea Transacted Foreign and Domeatlo Exchange. DRAFTS SOLD AVAILABLE IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. HALKAB LEWIS, Cashier rr P A Y S TO B U Y THE BEST FASHIONABLB DRESSMAKING. Everything in the lineof dressmaking Street and tailor suits Evening and wedding gowns, made m my school. Schollars con enter at any time. Mrs. C. E. Ferguson Kalispell, Mont. Rear of Jscobys. CANDY KITCHEN. Fine home made candvs, fine cigars, tobaccos, stationary, school supplies, potions, novelties, snd novels, Fresh finite, nuts and soft drinks. First door west of the bank. ^STUX>EBAKER*~ W a g o n e and. C a r r i a g e s A R E T H E B E S T A “ S T U D E B A K H R \ w ill save you r T E A M , R E P A I R S , T I M E and M O N E Y F o r Sale B y H U T C H I N S O N B R O S . I O O F H A L L , C o lu m b ia F a lls, M o n t . One Has many enemies, that know not why they are so: but, like to village curs, bark when their fellows do. Herman and Mitchel are both angry. U’a a wonder they wouldn’t haveRooee- v»lt arrested. He might stir up more trouble. i often give {lie' beat _ fknne.of the features of the Panama Oanal will be explained and discassed in the next issue provided the same is printed by the present writer. Drinking water neither makes a nick, indcbt, nor his wife a widow. The Colombian joins the many friends of tbe twonewly married couple at this place this year by extending a hearty and cordial congratulatln. May none of them become the editor of tfho B. A. Yv will- hold - public instal­ lation at tbo hall over the bank on the evening of Janurary 11. On account of tbo capacity of the ball each member fha been granted the privilege of ex­ tending but one Invitation. The com­ mittee on invitation have been delegated - And vested with diecressionary powers, 'the offices to be installed are: J. T« Hutchinson W F, Mrs. D/Hogue M C,' Mrs Bessie 8. Coombs Cor, T. A. Butch­ er M A, Mrs. Rose HoKell A, J. H. Boucher Or- .?■ proposition for a new school build­ ing is now on the tapis and being dis­ cussed. Not liemsse Columbia Falls lists not already got a a good building Which is second to none in the county (rut side of Kalispell,-but beeuase i he rearing-populaHoc.-’of’this place de­ mands-inert school room. With 170 nupnite now enroled the present school facilities are inadequate. The matter WUl be placed squarely betoretbe people for-tlifeir consideration ih the near future. And ‘the man,- Wbuian or child who will Opose a fair- proposition for the growth airJ development o^ihie district by eo- forging our school facilities has a growth of hair with a green tinge aud a yellow atreak running down tbe back from the bead to tbe heels. Goloesl, the intelligent WaterSpaniel, owned-by Ward.-Styles, jumped from She hay left of a barn recently without properly gaugeingthedistauceand broke His neck. OdlOuel the owner loss. It given a decent burial. The I k R t f H i f l e r a n l i l e ( o Sell G e n e ral m e rchandise and groceries at the right prices It is the oldest f i r m in Flathead C o u n ty and is still the leader .V SALOON Mwayi keeps in stock the best goods that mooey can buy bonded warehouses and v grow hair on yoor breast and convert old Best Cigars : Imported and Domestic C . S e l v a g e ’D r . J . J r f. V itla ti, P J HOFFMANN B e s t in M o n tan a . WTiltefish- j l *1* M o n tana cm it pass E S BRYANT Columbia Falls, Montana All work gvarantosd Prompt at all timas. flP*-Coi Coi ’Complete Dry Goods Department ’ Complete Furniture department Complete Hardware Department ’Complete Grocery Department ‘Complete Clothing Department COLUMBIA FALLS MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING. Columbia Lodge, No. 43. Tuesday evening at their hall bia Fall*. Mont. Thos. Thornton, S

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 07 Jan. 1905, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1905-01-07/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.