The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, January 21, 1905, Image 1

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VOL. I I . NO. 29. REPORT A COUNTER MOVE OF ------------- JAPANE8E AGAINST RAIDER8. SpokanefJan. 30.— After two yean work D. C. Corbin tho well known railroad bnllder o f this oity has orer- Trains Target for Ouna-SL Pets re- cone many obstacle« and U now inpo- burg Believes It Posalbls the Long ••***®n *» bring the Canadian Paejp railroad Into Spokane. The neoeaaary Calm 8lncs the Battle of Shakhe capital to bnild the proposed road from River la to Be Broken— Furious Flra tb« International boundary line baa been pledged by Ur. Corbin Against Trains. and half a dozen wealthy men in New Chief Machielle, head of the Flat- head Indians, if dead, as the result of being pitched from hi* Wagon near Plains. Senator William A. Clark has re­ turned from Europe with hla young _ I,. ..... 1... .1 — nil .nil.. Kn wife, but left their “ million dollar ba­ by” behind In «-aria with nurse«. Mrs. Clark was so 111 on the trip across that ship surgeons were In constant attendance. Simeon R. Buford, pioneer and one of the best known men In southern Montana, died recently in Virginia City after a prolonged illness of Inflamma­ tory rheumatism. Mr. Buford drove an ox. team from Canton, U o , to Vir­ ginia City In ¿865. John Gersotich, aged 1», living with his father In Walkerville, Sunday eveifc lng probably fatally shot his cousin; Frank Lement, in what he claims was self defense and also to protect his father's life from Lement and a gang of six or more others who were bent on attacking the Gersotlcbs In, their own home. P. F. Walsh, a pioneer of Montana, died recently at bis home In Anaconda, at the age or TO years. The deceased came to Montana from Dubuque, Iowa, 20 years ago. Mr. Walsh was an en­ gineer by profession and he served during the civil war on the transports Cahoba and Herman Livingston of the Union. parted; and, having paid a tribute to the gallant dead, General Stqessel abruptly exolaimed: “ Well, gentle­ men, I presume we will fight to the «5x-Governor Silas Garber, the first governor of Nebraska, under the con­ stitution, Is dead. It Is reported that Congressman Ves- plan Warner of Illinois will be appoint­ ed commissioner of pensions. Another consignment of submarine boats, presumably Intended for Japan, recently passed through to the coast George Sutherland has been nomin­ ated unanimously for United States senator, to succeed Thomas Kearns of Utah. The republican members of the Mas­ sachusetts delegation In the house have adopted resolutions favoring tar­ iff revision. lladlson, Wls.—The main feature of Governor La FoUette's message was a demand for an appointive freight al shells burst in the vicinity General IDAHO ITEMS. The Genesee Brass band baa been reorganized. The band of Moscow wants to go to the Portland fair. The Clearwater river Is the lowest known In several yean. The Town of Wallace will get free delivery mail service after February L Freezing weather for a week has formed Ice several Inches thick on the St. Joe river, and It Is how closed to navigation. The low water In the Snake river Is commencing to have a demoralizing effect upon the river traffic. The Moscow public schools are now crowded and the school board Is tax­ ed to find room for all the students. The fight between the Hope Lumber company at Hope, and the employes has settled down to a bitter, unrelent­ ing battle between capital and labor. Each side Is determined to fight to the New York authorities want the man, and It Is probable that he will be turn­ ed over to the police o f the latter city. Tried to Blackmail Kelly. The apprehension o f Rousseau was due to the disappearance o f Owen Kel­ ly, a wealthy Irish American, who Is A furious fire from field guns waa di­ rected against the trains and the en­ gineering party which had been sent to repair the road, hnd a fierce engage­ ment ensued. W lu a long drawn out line the Japanese commander met the Russians, covering the operations of the engineers successfully, and when the work had finally been completed, the trains were rushed through a hall of shrapnel fire. Sixty-two Russians were killed and 11 wounded, the Japanese only losing 10 men killed and 12 wounded. General Mistchenko withdrew his force to a considerable distance and The deoision to capitulate being unanimously reached, eaoh general rigned the reoord, many sobbing aloud. Finally, General Stoeesel stood at In this country. Kelly disappeared on j r . October 25 and from time to time the newspapers have published articles on uabie the mysterious disappearance. On Thursday he called on Patrick Kelly, ineral the brother of the missing man, and isslan offered to take him to his brother In t has Now York for »500. He said he.and b . has Owen Kelly belonged to secret so­ cieties that were organised for the .tlons, purpose of blowing up British ships In Bdlum American ports. The valise be carried, ihells, he said, contained explosives Patrick , 1588 Kelly notified the police, and Rousseau waa taken Into custody. The valise rords, contained an Infernal machine of the clock arrangement variety, but no ex- !,266,- Plosives. About the machine waa wrapped a Washington newspaper, train This gave the polio# the clew that he 65 ; might know somethin* of the explos­ ion at the statue of Frederick the ippar Great, and his picture was taken and ap- *ent to both the Washington and New York authorities. In the meantime, he was also suspected of knowing some­ thing of the steamship Umbria toci- He was evidently ignorant of the relieving party, for he suddenly chang­ ed his plans and made an attempt to retreat when he obtained accurate in­ formation. The correspondents add that the re­ treat will be cut off and that more re­ inforcements are arriving. The attack upon Newchwang and Newchiatum occurred on Thursday last. Three desperate charges were made against the towns, several points being attacked at the same time. It was the evident Intention of the Rus­ sians to burn the stores kept In these cUles, for small parries of Russians were observed towards evening with flaming torches shortly after, but be­ fore any damage could be done the re lief arrived. William Hooper, ex-assessor and tax collector of 8hoshone county, whose term of office expired the first of the year. Is short In his accounts. The ex­ act amount Is not determined, bqt ac­ cording to a complaint^flled In the pro­ bate court by the county commission­ ers, the shortage Is »7111.20. Hooper is bonded for 116.00«. The supreme court holds that an or- from entering saloons and making the proprietor as well as the offending woman subject to s fine, to be un­ constitutional. The alleged Insane man who was reported lOstTn the cedar swamp north of Harrison.and waa hunted for several days, arrived safely at St. Maries. The unfortunate man gave his name as James Archibald and his occupation as a woodchopper and lumber Jack. Thé man found dead In the road near Blaln, six miles southeast o f Mos­ cow, Saturday night proved to be Det­ rick Nelson Instead of Knud Nelson. Sheriff Robbins and Coroner Jjunleon returned today and are of the opinion Nelson came to his death from Injuries received in a runaway accident. At the annual meeting of the share­ holders o f the Lewiston National bank held recently the capital of the bank was Increased from »50.000 to »100,- 000 and the surplus Increased from »50,000 to »100,000. Following the shareholders’ meeting the directors’ declared the semiannual dividend of 16 per cent T. B. Hooper, who haa a wide repu­ tation as a hunter of bear, has set a new pace in cougar bunting. George Frazer and Thomas Whelan accompa­ nied Hooper on a hunt last week on Granite creek. Idaho. Near where the stream empties Into Lake Pend'd’ Oreille the men killed three large cou­ gars one day and a fourth the next day. \A number of entrenching tools, four battleship«, not Including the Sevas­ topol; two cruisers, 14 gunboats and torpedo boat destroyers, ten steamers, eight launches, 12 miscellaneous craft and also private steamers. The above were sunk or otherwise destroyed. steamers which will be serviceable af­ ter slight repairs.” The Japanese achievement at Port Arthur is more remarkable in tho light of further Investigation. The original Russian strength is now estimated to have been almost 65,000 men. It Is an­ nounced at the army headquarters that In addition to the prisoners already reported about 13,000 wounded com­ batants will eventually be brought to Japan. ers, together with representatives of some of the affiliated Industries, re­ fused to agree to the new constitution and withdrew when they considered its adoption probable, and formed a new organization under the name of the American Stock Growers’ association, whose aim it will be to. wield a domi­ nating influence to the Interest of the cattle growers. Roughly speaking, the sheep grow­ ers, commission men and the stock- yards interests remained with the Na­ tional Live Stock «ggacigUon, and the actual growers of aljfltlur animals for the market have gotjrwlih the new as- Two Indiana Odd Fellows Cold In Death. Veederabnrg, Ind., Jan. 16.—John Braqt, one of the publishers of the Veederaburg News, and Charles Eck- berg, a barber, were found dead Sun­ day in a barber shop, where they had gone to balance the books of the Odd Fellows lodge, to which both held of­ ficial positions. In letura left by Eck- berg he declared bis Intention of kill­ ing himself, saying he was short to his accounts, and would “ take Bran I with him.” ; v besmltog «18,74* o f city funds. It is said that Tilly, who has rbeen to the office for three years, has been embez- aling city funds since be entered the office. He was detected some -time ago by a member of the oity oonscll and a trap laid for him. He was confronted with the orime and oonfeased to being «8100 short. The books were then ex­ ported and the above shortage was dis­ covered. EMPEROR WILLIAM DECORATES. Berlin.—Emperor William received the Russian ambassador recently to a formal audience. His majesty express- ed admiration of General Stoesael’s defense of Port Arthur and Informed the ambassador that the emperor of Russia bad given bis consent that Gen­ eral Stoessel should receive the Prus­ sian order of Pous Id Merit#, as Em­ peror William's recognition of his dis­ tinguished bravery. Then Emperor William received the Japanese minister in audience and complimented him on the courage, ten­ acity and capacity of General Nogl and Informed him that the emperor of Japan had consented that General No­ gl receive the same order. Pour le Mer­ its. the bestowal of which waa aa- nounced yesterday. Reputations are often taken for truths. \Olympa Wash., Jan. 19.—The in­ augural reception and ball In honor of Governor and Mrs Mead and the in­ coming state offioert and members of the legislature given by the oirizens of Olympia Wednesday night exoeeded in brilliancy all similar events of the kind ever given In the oapitaL Hundreds of invited guests came from all parte o f. the state. The re- oeption proper waa given In the capi­ tal. In the office o f the governor the receiving line waa beaded by Governor i d Mrs. Mead, the members of the J. P. Morgan B«ys Bonds. Vancouver, B. C.—Confirmation haa been received from Winnipeg of the report recently published on the coast that J. P. Morgan ft Co. have purchased »6,000,000 of the bonds of the Canadian Northern Railway. mb mi mini CULLED FROM DI8PATCHE8 OF THE A8BOCIAYED PRESS. A Review' of Happenings In Both Eastern and Western Hemispheres During the Past Week—National, Historical. Political and Events Tersely Told. Cardinal Rampolla Is ill. Harvey Qrosvonor Forbes Curtis, a well known character comedian, dead. The widow of Caesar Young will soon again be a resident of San Fran­ cisco, King Edward baa signed a procla­ mation convening parliament Febru­ ary 16. : Several congressmen from the west have signed a stalemsat opposing tar­ iff revision. Mrs. Blfhop Potter has recovered »30,000 worth of Jewels stolen elg;ht ■•^TSe vault Wauseon. Fulton county, Ohio, blown up by four burglars recently. They seemed a sum estimated-at from (6,000 to »10,000 and escaped. Berlin.—The death la announced of Prince Karl Alexander of Lippe, the lunatic whoee claims have caused mlxup to the auoceeelim to the throne of Llppe-Detmold some months ago. The Indiana republican Joint cau­ cus nominated‘Senator Albert J. Bev­ eridge to succeed himself and Con­ gressman J. A. Hemenway to fill the unexpired term of C. W. Fairbanks. The president has sent to the sen­ ate the ‘nomination of James D. Yeo­ mans of Iowa, to be Interstate com­ merce commissioner. He will fill to the time until Senator Cockrell tikes office. The Ntohi Nichl. a leading Japanese paper, authoritatively says that there Is no'question as to the rights of the Russians to blow np their warships and damage their guns while negotiations were pending. Reading. Pa—There will be no- veatlgation, for tbq present at^ Jegst, of the charges preferred by\ Dr. I. N. W. Irvine’ against Bishop Ethelbert Talbot of Vi* center-Pennsylvania dl- 00Joseph L. Bristow fourth' assistant postmaster general, has tendered Ills resignation to the president to take effect January ¡M. J^esMept'Roose­ velt haa dealgaated Mr.. JBctotow as a special commissioner to make an In­ vestigation into the present trade con­ ditions and freight rates between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Crazed by Jealousy, Harry 81ater, ex- pugilist, stabbed Ellen Maraton, a res­ ident of the restricted district at Van­ couver, and then cut his own throat from-ear to ear. Slater la dead, but the woman Is not fatelly hurt Brodie L. Duke, th j rich tobacco manufacturer who recently married Alice Webb of Chicago, which result­ ed to his committment to a sanitarium, will be examined by a commjkeion ap­ pointed to toqdlre Into hfa sanity. It is reported that J. Plerpont Mor­ gan, one of the strongest pillars o f the Protestant Episcopal church to. the United States,' tyui offered to AMlst the distressed Qfttholft at Washington by sidvaheinr ft loan of » 1 , 000 , 000 . In the imperial budget of Russia for 1905, the ordinary revepne i* estimat­ ed at »988.522.804, and the extraordi­ nary revenue is »8,794,319. The ordi­ nary expenditure le estimated at »958,- 032,786, and .the extraordinary expen­ diture at »39,284,342. Crowds detract as well as attract FELLOW SERVANT BILL PASSED New Law 1« in Effect This Week In Btate o f Montana. The fellow servant bill, known as )use bill No. 6, which was passed last week by both house and senate became a law Monday. Governor Toole also signed the two appropriaton bills passed by the assembly last week. The fellow servant bill was one of the moat important Introduced at the present session, and provides that every person or corporation operating a rail- railroad to this state shall be liable for all damages sustained by any iploye o f snob person or corporation consequence of the neglect of any other employes thereof, or by the mis­ management of any other employe or employee thereof, and in oonseqnenoe o f any wilful wrongs, whether o f oom- jt omission, o f any othei em­ ploye or employee thereof, when such neglect, mismanagement or wrongs are in any mannner connected with the taae and operation of any railroad on or about which they ahall be employed, and no contract which restrlots snoh liability ahall be legal or binding. N e w S e n a tors E le ct. Congressman Rimer J. Burkett, re­ publican, waa elected United States senator from Nebraska. United State* Senator Kean o f New Jersey has been elected tosnooeed him- .If. T. H. Carter has been elected United State# senator from the state of Mon­ tana, for the term beginning Marph 4 next He soooeeds Paris Gibson. At a canons of tbs republicans of the Nevada general assembly George 8. Nixon was the unanimous ohoioe for the United States senator to auoceed William M. Stewart. Beattie Wirelei Wirele** • establislad between Seattle and Port Townsend by the Paolfio Wireless Tele­ graph company. The first messages were exohanged without a break and the aervioe Is open for business. The oompany now haa stations at Seattle, Port Townsend, Fort Casey, Friday Harbor and on board the revenue outter Grant. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Libel Law Repealed. Olympia, Wash., Jan. 19.—The senate printing oommittee agreed unan- tonight to make a favorable . . . . . . i the morning sn the Tucker bill repealing the present libel law. The bill will probably oome before the senate on final p if it does it will i __________ W. H. Young Killed. William R. Young, brakeman on a gravel train on the new grade of the Northern Paolfio, waa killed at. Ram­ sey, five miles east o f Rathdrum. A resolution asking Senator Buxton ' to resign was introduced In the Kansas house and senate this Monday.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 21 Jan. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.