The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, January 21, 1905, Image 2

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Japanese Papers Criticise Stoessel Tokio.—General 8toessal la being! sharply oritized for destroying the Bus Conquered Army Leaves their Forts Pe-ru-na for Coughs, Colds, Grip and tarh-A Congressman’s Letter. clothes hanging loosely about them. There were some with bandges around their heads, others with theit left arms in slings. A very few of them walked silently. The others whispered among eaoh other, a plajn infringement upoj^disci­ plinary rules. \ There was no reproof, however, the buzz of their voices was as a sigh of relief heaved by a g iant The days of torture and of suffering untold were over. For them the Russo-Japanese is ended. On their horses Japanese offioers rode up and down the columns giving orders to the guards on foot, but there waa no need for the vigilance. They came down the hill, their gait accelerating as they neared the goal. Further down they saw an imposing display of the successful power in the Japanese offi­ oers who had lined up to receive them as prisionera, to call the roll from the depleted lists and then to pronounce their fate. It may be assumed that the generosity of their viotors had spread into every nook and corner oi every fort ere the order to evaouato was given. Mercifully the Japanese offioer in charge of the surrender shortened the business as much as could be done un­ der the circumstances. Then the order to move was given. Then the order to Inside of half an hour every prisoner Northern Securities Company Wins Philadelphia.—The Northern Secur­ ities injunction has been dissolved by the United States circuit court. The opinion reverses a decision of tho New .Jersey circuit court wihch restrained the Northern Securities com pany from distributing certain stooks of the Northern Paoifio Railroad com­ pany. The decision is a defeat for the inter est represented by E. H. fiarriman. and valuable infor- mation about this disease, m ailed those who write us. Tbe Swift Speolflo Company, Atlanta, 6a, ten by Dr. Hartman. The following letter is fromi Held His Wife Down on Ralls. Carbondale. Ill—A. R. Hemphill and wife were killed here Saturday by a fast train on the Illinois Central. Ho had been drinking heavily and had . _ - - Mrs. Hemphill started for this city, endeavored to induce him to return, when he threw her to the track and held her there while the train passed over them. will occupy 10 years. The ships al­ ready decided upon, which are to be delivered within from three to five years are: Eight battleships of the, type of the Slava and eight of the type of the An­ drei Pervosvanni, six cruisers of the type of the Bayan, six of the type of the Novlk, improved, and • six o i the type of the Bogatyr; 60 600- ton de­ stroyers, 100 destroyers and torpedo boats of\ 160 tons, 240 tons and 360 tons; 10 mine laying steamships of the Yenesel type and four floating workshlps of the type of tho Kamchat­ ka. The belief is that the greater part of the new navy will be built abroad. St. Petersburg Hears of Defeat Four Drown While 8katlng. Picked Hour to Die and Died. Akron, O.—Ida Wilson, aged 18. and East St. Louis. 111.—Mrs. Margaret her brother John, aged 12, children'of jTrailor, aged 83 years, who for sev- Thomas Wilson of Lawnsdale, and: oral months had predicted that she Elizabeth Morrison, aged 16. and her would die as the bell heralded the sister Katherine, aged 13, children of dawn of the new year, died at the Edward MArison of Kenmore, were home of her daughter here Sunday drowned while skating. while the bells were ringing. St. Petersburg, Jan. 8—This oity is floundering hopelessly between wildest constrenation and the gloom of despair. For hours the censor succeeded in suppressing the fateful news from Port Arthur, but once the first inkling of it became known, it spread like wildfire and soon the whole story became known. The effect was indescribable. There are those who greet the calamity as a well deserved punishment for the autooraoy, but the majority of the pop­ ulation is too stunned to feel anything but blackest despair. So far as can bo learned, army oirclee consider the fall of the fortress in quite a different light from what it appears in the eyes of na­ val officers. Army men fay that Port Arthur having played its part, may now quit the stage. Its fall will not effect the future conduct of the war, as the czar is determined to oontinue in his attempt to ultimately defeat the • Japanese. Naval oircles, on the other ! hand, regard the surrender as an irre- ! parable disaster, fatal to Russian pres- I tige and far reaching in its effect upon Rnssin’s course in Manohuria. New Zion City in Mexico. Chicago.—John Alexander Dowle, in addressing his followers In 8biloh tem­ ple, Zion City, Sunday, .gave deflnlte confirmation of the report that he pro­ poses to establish a second Zion City. The new Zion City will be located in Mexico. A woman declares toys generate in children a. spirit of cruelty. Now if someone will explain what generates a spirit of Idiocy In some would-be re- New Year’s Day a Balmy One. For the first time in many years, ac­ cording to the Chicago weather bu- |reau, the United States Sunday en- Year’s day without the formers a burning question will have been settled. Occasionally a woman likes to have people talk about her because it gives her such a splendid chance to get even.________________ _____________ It rouses new life and al­ most satisfies hunger. T E A Tea is coarse or fine, tea or weed, harsh or-smooth, keen or soft, heavy or b right; but words are empty. Writ, for o n XnowUd*. Book, A SckOU( * faM V .h.rood«. Joyed a Net. ------- temperature at any point throughout the entire country^ touching zero. Fattens QUICK! Eruptions The only way to get* rid of pimples and other erup­ tions is to deanse the Mood, improve the digestion, stim­ ulate the kidneys, liver and skin. The medicine to take is H o o d ’s Sarsaparilla Which has cured thousands. A GUARANTEED CUSI Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Your druggist will reload OINTMENT fail* to cure you I Cattle and Ht C odd Hogs for market. 8ho ring period one-fourth. Saves 1 FATTEST CATTLE. Mikado’s Day to Receive. Tokio.—The emperor and en held brilliant New Year’s ceren at the Imperial palace Sunday. Losing your hair? Coming out by the tfombfui? And doing nothing? No sense in that! Why don’t you use A y e r’s H a ir .Vigor and The net receipts of the railways of the United Kingdom were greater In 1903 than In any of the preceding 15 years, amounting to 1211,634,295, and this notwithstanding the fact that the working expenses for the year were also higher than during the years named. Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow’» oothing Syrup the beet remedy to u m Hair Vigor Many a man gets a reputaUon for being good natured because he U too Land Frauds in Montana, Also promptly stop the falling? Your hair will begin to grow, too, and ail dandruff will dis­ appear. Could you reason­ ably, expect anything better? P U T N A M F A D E L E S S D Y E S for free booklet, how to dye, black and mixed colors. MONROE DRUO CO., niaaotiri. Unlonvtlle, Your grocer has also our coffee baki ng - powder e x -1 tracts spices and soda. All alike as to trueness and goodness. Information has been presented to the secretary of the interior alleging violations of the l%nd and desert laws in Montana on a gigantic' scale. The information presented glleges that ! great tracts of timebr land in Missoula county, Montann, were taken np and patents procured from the government byjperjnred evidenoe. It is. alleged that many of these claims were taken by Italians. Twelve or 16 prominent citizons onf Missoula oounty are im­ plicated in the frauds. The correspondent is reliably inform­ ed that Information has also been pre­ sented to the department involving W. G. Conrad, Senator Gibson’s prinoipal opponent for the senatorship, in frands committed northwest of Great Falls. Patents were obtained to great quanti­ ties of desert lands whioh have since been transferred to W. G. Conrad and arc inoluded in the lands irrigated by the Conrad ditoh. A special agent has just submitted a report to the secretary alleging whole- salerfauds by land companies operated near Libby, in Flathead county, Mon­ tana. All of these cases will be inves­ tigated as soon as inpseotors oan be sent to Montana. At present practi­ cally the entire foroe is engaged in in­ vestigating frauds in California, Ore­ gon and Idaho. Count Cassini, the Russian ambassa­ dor, on December 28 celebrated the 50th year pf his service In the diplo­ matic corps. He pqtered the sèrvice when a little over 17 years of age, and has since then constantly served his .country In some capacity In that department of government. T h i n H a i r WEATHER. W 15D0M ! THE ORIGINAL 13S ’ The famous Egyptologist who found that it took 120 years and »500,000 to build Noah’s ark might have gone a step farther and told us If Captain Noah equipped his craft with life pre­ servers stuffed with saw dust or weighted with into. T k BRkW* ^ SLICKER \ - ' V . BLACK OR YELLOW * | f ! L L KEEP YOU DRY NOTHING ELSE WILL J I T TAKE NO SUBSTITUTES FIR E PR O T E C T IO N ! r o CURK A COLD IN A DAY Laxative Bromo Quin ne Tableta, [lata relund the money U It (alia to a Grove’« «Hpatnre I« °° lx>*- * ruiahera, with rivetedJoint«', «12 each. A. O. LONG, Portland , Ore. BOYD’S POSITIVE CORN CURE OUR G UARANTEB- If it doee not cure obeolntely anyx»rn or bun­ ion in th'ee days return the box with content* Piso’s Cure U a remedy for cough*, coldt and consumption. Try it. Price 26 cent* at druggiat*. ______________ Life's bric-a-brac makes its biggest burden. The easy solution is the last one tried. SltlEtHb IIIU U IIIIIUI J Howard E. Burton, *S S K .r* The 1. H. Irerill Machinery Co. SPOKANE. WASHINGTON Freight traffic between Reno, Nev., and Goldfield, the \now bonanza,” has increased so much that the railroad can not handle it and mule teams of 12 mules each have been put oi road, the first time in over a quarter of a century that they have appeared on Novada’s roads. By freight train Goldfield is one day-from Reno, mule team it Is 12 days. T E A The modestest thing In the world is tea. It is only tea! The navy department is going to es- tablish a wireless station In the Faral- lone islands, a group of rocks 32 miles . west of the entrance to San Francisco bay. It would be o very Important station in war time. Over In Spain a man who becomes the father of a large family receives a title. But do Spanish titles help to pay grocery bills? ____________ Mayor of Portland Is Indicted Portland, Ore., Jan. 6.—George H. Williams, ex-ohief justioe of Oregon Territory; «x-United State* Benator from the State of Oregon; attorney general in Plaident Grant’* second oabinet and the first choice of the president for the chief jn»tloe*hlp of the United States; mayor of Portland and a man with the snow of 88 winters upon his head, has been indioted by the oounty of Multnomah oounty, on the charge of malfeasance In offloe. MURDERER WA8 HUNG. Newton Allwhite, 8on of Lynohed Man, Confesses to Helping Father. Newport, Ark.—Lewis AUwhlte, the alleged murderer of Mrs. Rachael Kin- kannon and daughter, was lynched at the scene of the crime by a mob of several hundred men. The mob ad­ vanced upon thé Jail, overpowered the sheriff and guards, and took AUwhlte from his ceU. Newton, who Is a self confessed ac- V cessory to his father’s alleged crime, '' •qtas.^ot molested. .Mrs. Klnkannon and her daughter, Mrs. Amelia Mauldin, were waylaid, assaulted and murdered on Christmas morning. They were hurrying to the bedside of the daughter's husband, when Allwhite and his son, accord­ ing to the confession of the boy, met them, dragged the women to a ravine nearby and murdered them. It has been arranged that on May 1, 1906, every French trade unionist will, at the conclusion of the eighth hour of his day’s work, \quietly and HUllfMBUU, J Vil X'HWiWU, VSUW. ------ , ' _ . . „ ». __ » Th. Medictn. Co., C o l„b o ., Î L Ï f S . / S bottles of Peruna a second day and feel greatly ben- duration, efited thereby from [ my catarrh of the head, and feel en­ couraged to believe that its continued use will fully eradi­ cate a disease of David M««ki»on thirty year#> iU n d- ing.”—David Meekison. Dr. Hartman, one of the best known physicians and'surgeons in the United States, was the first man to formulate Peruna. It was through his genius and perseverance that it was introduced to the medical profession of this coun- T E A How much money do w - return to dissatisfied people ? All that our grocers get asked for. „ < Í S 3 * B - W n. Russia Changea Admiral*. Petersburg.—It Is understood T E A Think of the cheer !o i cargo of tea I Have You Tried It ? Moore’s Revealed Remedy for your stomach and liver. Three doee« i rill make you Feel better. Never failed For «ale by your druggist. Stewart and Hoinw* Drag Co. Seattle

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 21 Jan. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.