The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, February 18, 1905, Image 2

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-The C o lum b ian. . P ublished E very S aturday . If. r. I.AKCOEIt, Editor I RAJK .Si per yearin advance «LpywrriBUto—display—$1. per square mqqthbv Locals 10 cehM per line each lAMUtipn.. opaci9.1 ratea by. contract. ‘ •«nUrad Jfttw 80,1003,.» t Columbia Sails, Mont., as. second, class matter, under Apt q( Congress of- Marcii 3rd, SATURDAY. February 16, 1905. ; ^fpj' jrb u s e n a t o r MIXCIUCI.I.. . J,mlge Alfred H. Tpnnar, law partner ol Senator MitcbeJl, waB.lndlcted on the fitfi of t|iis nwntb, by tbe Federal, grand Jpyy, in Oregon, (or perjury. Tbrw days later, bo appeared in court, and entered* plea ol guilty, as charged- To an Associated .press representative, ha said t ‘‘ No one knows the torture L have endured since January 31, when 1 njade a statement to ihe «rand jury concerning the date of the co-part­ nership agreement between Senator iffitclicll and myself. The last straw came, t\°.wever, when I learned that the federal,,grand jury was |>ropnring to indict iny. son, wbo had written the agreement between Senator Mit­ chell and myself, on the typewriter, for perjury and when I learned that the agents of the government, were in ty&seMion of farts, proving that the document w*s. not signal March 5, 1$01, hB l.haye sworn, but. that it had been- prepayed apd signed last De­ cember.” “ Jndge Tapner, do you intend, to testify against Senator Mitchell?” was asked. VYes, I expect to be celled as a wit- nr8e in the case against Mr. Mitchell, apd will tell the whole truth re­ garding the business of the firm wHhont rpgsrd to consequences.” Senator! Mitohel, after his dramalic denial of guilt.and bitter denunciation of his accusers, in tbe U. S. Senate, went back to Oregon, in Becemher. last, and induced his partner to join him ip pre­ paring and dating bark, a ne,w. partner­ ship agreement and substitute it for the origina) agreement, under whi?h the firm had been working for four years. Judge Tanner was influenced, not only, to do this, but to go before the Grand J.ury and swear falsely to shield hjs partnei. Nothing can. better, illustrate the tr wakfnipg of the public conscience, than the recent work of the federal grand ju-y ip. Oregon,.guided and aided a* it has been by efficient, fearless and honest of­ ficials of the government-, Nothing can hotter illustrate tbe wisdom of the peo- pje (or having-selected a capable, enor* getio, fearless and honcBt man a3 chief ’ executive of their government. Aii outpouring of maudlin sympathy .for\.the' venerable Senator, is now in or- der.and is to be expected, bfc t^ople,.everywhere, will applaud an .administration, that recognizes tinetion,between rogues of high and low degree. The greatest, moat effective and safest “ fence,” for crime and criminals, - -is a Weak, carelees-and ineflicientedi istfation. Us pereonel may Ixvabove, suspicion, but, unless It is alert, zealous. , and “ etrenuonsfy” on the watch, the. mice will play as they would around an over-fed, lazy tom-cat. WKgKE do t h e y STAgnj There is, nat«a,.meittber ol the. present ISgislatiuic who does not know, that, hia- eleclion .woiildJiave been impossible, .ii . during the campaign, he had told his constituents that, if elected; lie would . oppose the submission to tbe people of a, constitutional amendment providing for th* initiative and referendum, substantially .as it baa been enaeted in Oregon. The oaly man. who fear> to trust the peof^e with the powers they wiouldje serve to themselves by this law, are those who. have been successfully exploiting the poople through incompc tent and vengl men,elected to the several legislatures, who either lacked the sense; and experience or the morel strength to resist the arguments, the favors money, of these men and thuir high R. R. COMMISSION BILL 18 AGREED UPON Helena, Feb,' 18—The feature o» the session of t he house today was the rec­ ommendation of the committee of the whole, after four hours' debate, that tho substitute introduced by tho committee qn railroads and transportation for the severer railroad commission bills, intor- duced in that body, be reported favor­ able. A large number of, amendments wore offered, but nearly all o f them wore voted dpwn. The chief topics of discussion wore oo. the salaries, membership ami, methods of appointment of the commissioners. Tbe latter caused a keenly sarcastic wordy war between Representatives Laastrum and.Berry, in which the form­ er charged there w*s a,well defined move­ ment on foot to delay the hill by filli- .buatgripg.tactics. Tbe first board of railroad.commtssion- ers shall lie composed of throe person», thè first of whom shall serve until Jan­ uary, 1907, the second, until 1900 and the third until January, 1911. The salary of tbe commissioners shall be $4,000 a year aud that ol the secre­ tary $2,400. The salaries ol tho com­ missioners and secretary shall be paid from tbe state treasnre. As soon as practicable after the o rga» izatioo of tho board it is niade its duty to adopt all necessary rates, charges and regulations to govern and regulate freight and passenger tariffs, to correct abuses and prevent unjust discrimina­ tion and extortion in the rales of freight and passenger tariffs, on the different railroads in the state and to make the same effective by enforcing the penalties prescribed. The board shall have the power and it is made its duty to fix and eetahlisb for all lines ol railroad in the state reasonable joint rates of freight charges.for various classes of freight and rag* tout may para over two or. morr linee of-sueh tuilroads. B A N K of Colum b ia Falls General. Banking Business Transacted Foreign and Domestic Exchange. DR/lETfvSQLP AVAILABLE IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. RALMAR LEWISi OMhlu F I R E - - E IRE IN SU R AN C E Pacific Fire underwritersembracing. Firemans Fund Insurance Co. H \ue Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Michigan Fire and Marine Insurance J H BOUCHER, Resident Agent ........... .t , A.'SMITH. .................... WATCH MAKER. Colombia Falls, ..................... Montana. Can Fix any watch or; clock and docs work at the following named pric Cleaning Watch 50 cents. Main Spring 50 cents. Glasses fitted for 85 cents. Kickle alarm, c'ocks repaired for 25 UIUUV;. Ul U'CPD ....... • . apleried political agents and attorneys, j *jonn|( ?jo man or corporation, whose schemes; for, ■ and business - methods will bear.' t h e — light of public!tyffoura the people. May.! the day couie. and speedily, when all j other«.and especially members ol the] legislature, will be tilled with such ' wholesome fear that,they will not dare to defy the plainly expresscd wdl of the WOple. _____________ ___ The Cold Wave, The thermometer last Friday and Sat­ urday registered colder weathet) in.many places in Montana, then has been ex­ perienced in many years. At Columbia Falls the mark 20 b“low zero wasreachr *d on Friday morning and Saturday morning 22 below was registered. At the Soldiers' Home thethenometer regis­ tered several degrees colder than here. At Harlem it was 60.below on Satur­ day morning. At Billings the mercury dropped to 30 bqlow on Fridav night. At Avop, tbe coldest weather in 29 years, was experienced on Friday and Saturday, tbe thermometers going down i 50 below aero. At Big Timber the 35 below mark was reached. Tile hljzzard was general throughout, the state followed by the severe cold wave, and.all trains have been running many hours late in \Consequence of the storm. Missoula,. Feb. 10.—All the schools the city were closed today, owing to t severe cokl weather. In several of the buildings it was impossible to raise the temperature to 35 degrees and ra one building, the high school, this tempera­ ture could not be reached. This is the coldest weather that has been experien­ ced-in Missoula for the past three year» and,the thermometer is rapidly falling. Eor tiie Ladies. The Minneapolitan Pub. Co. of Minneapolis have written us that tlvy will give every lady who writpa them this month a whole year’s enbferipiiori to the Woman’s Review for only iff cents, and a free present besides. The Review is one of the biggest, brightest magazines published for Women, and is worth fully 10 cents for n single copy. Over forty- eight column» of reading matter every month. Contains no trashy matter, hot the best aud most timely articles, stories and departments for every mem-, her of the family. If yon will enelose an extra stamp for postage at once and ask them for it, they will send you free of charge a»veiy handsome color barometer. Every lsoy should write nt once and get one.of there handsome weather prophets free. Please mention this paper and address The Minneapolitan 1503, First Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. .Sub­ scribe for your friends too. It wyll lie one of the lamt presents von possibly could gWe them. Every lady should get the February number. I f yob wai' von will, have to pay 50 cents a vea n send a years sit hscrii friends and relative* 7) r . y . ¿rf. T Jiiiett, assira must , C o i a m b ito J ’a lts, Ttyont. P le a s e Grive m e N O . 2 . T h a t is th e S ? . tU / . Tifata T lfercanttle Co. J. K. MILLER ATTORN EY-AT-LA W. NOTARY PUBLIC. Conlln & Miller Block. Practice* hi All the Courtoi Columbia Falls * - Montana J IT S T E V E N ' S ATTORNEY-AT-LAW State and Federal Coart», andibalore the Land Office Notary Public, Poetoffice Block. KaKspell - - Montana. N om d bavt ■ the news that Chester a newspaper. Chester ■theonly town aiojiglixeGigatJlurthern between Summit and Havre, that Ira* a large scoi^of “ field\ for a, paper, and, it is to he hoped that none of them will he overlooked. Tbe majority of the meniliers of the Kansaa legislature have gouc home to consult their, constituenta about oil legislation. What a lot of truculent miscreant« they must be. . And now Standard On is having trouble with Kansu«. Not since the slavery quettiop was up for solution has Kansas blood beep at a higher lemper- ajuxe.than at present. JASKENNEDY] - JDU.TJOG 3BT •rmvrai a > vatj « MONTANA. Dealers in drugs« and med-{ es, paints, nils and glass. (Stationary and fancy goods,1 Icigara tobaccos and confections > J Always open. E. J^PRENDKRGAST SURVEYING; and MAPPING D id you kn o w that they had extended the tim e o f the Greatest Bargain Sale ever offered by an y store before, until F e h . 26 ? W h y , you ta a buy m ore for T e n Dollars there n o w than other stores art holding y o u up for- three tim es as m u ch. T h e y treat you fust as w ell and s h o w you goods w ith the same courtesy if you only b u y a spool of thread. I t e l you M a in is g etting things right n e w , for he has everything you w a n t. A n d , Bargains! M y ! Everything art bargains in that house now . I’ m going to tell all m y friends t o g o to M a in’ s B ig Clearance Safe. It only lasts until Feb. 2 6 , so good bye Central. T e ll them all t o hurry t o the R W M a in M erc C o C u t Price Safe, MAIS’S M is lotti Hr Mr sai to, lit taàj is lotti ¡or Sto ai loo». COLUMBIA FALLS Wood and Poles for Sale. Dry cord wood loaded on care ....... $ 2 75 Dry coni wood in three car lota... 2 65 Poles of all'kinds from 4 to 6 Inch 16 feet long, price each............. 10 Fire wood in poles o f logs, about 21 cords to the car........................... 38 00 Address: H inry D rll , Via Essex, Bear Creek, Mont. Or wire Operator at Bear Creek, il M . 28 .

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 Feb. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.